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  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • L0cky 12/08/2014

    @mkreku Nope, no sound here either... Reply 0
  • Twitch vows: we won't bring audio recognition to live streams

  • L0cky 08/08/2014

    @Stoatboy Video On Demand.

    In the context of live streaming it means old streams that you can watch again, ie not currently live.

    I'm making the assumption this is the same definition for Twitch as I've never used it.
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  • Microsoft's latest Xbox Live Rewards birthday gift is a paper cake

  • L0cky 06/08/2014

    They probably had a brainstorming session titled 'what can we give to users on their birthday that costs less than 25 cents'? Reply +33
  • Where literature and gaming collide

  • L0cky 27/07/2014

    Three of the best stories I've taken from games are Another World, Fez, and Journey. Barely a line of dialogue between them, yet I felt I'd taken something away from all of them.

    I hope designers can continue to come to grips with the medium and learn how to use its own merits to be expressive, having less reliance on aping or shoehorning in other mediums like film or the written word.
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  • Watch the first footage of live-action TV series Halo: Nightfall

  • L0cky 24/07/2014

    Seems a bit BBC... Reply +2
  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • L0cky 17/07/2014

    Good to know that video is the real deal. My point was really more general though, if the capability is there to do better screenshots and video (for any game) than you would realistically experience, it must be tempting to do so.

    Elite: Dangerous is coming along very nicely though :)
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  • L0cky 17/07/2014

    @George-Roper You can record videos at 1fps and render them back at 30, you don't need to record in real-time. Reply +1
  • L0cky 17/07/2014

    The problem with targeting hardware of the future is that you will always be tempted to take screenshots and record videos at those settings, which would be misleading.

    I'm even looking at the embedded video and wondering if the game would look anything like that on an average gamer PC, or was it recorded at 'future hardware' settings?
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  • LOL: Riot offers new hires a pay-out to quit

  • L0cky 20/06/2014

    There a saying though...

    Find a job you enjoy and you'll never work a day.
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  • L0cky 20/06/2014

    @CaimDark There nothing stopping people finding new work before accepting the offer. I imagine that would be the expected process. Reply +4
  • Amazon unveils Fire phone, bets on 3D

  • L0cky 19/06/2014

    Please stop using the word "Solus" just because some marketing knob told you that was the new word for unlocked or sim free. Reply +4
  • Mercenary retrospective

  • L0cky 15/06/2014

    Damocles was fantastic. Glad to hear I can play it again. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @JayPea Vodka and Super Mario Kart, those were the days :P Have fun. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @janishewski Exactly. I bet you there are young designers at Nintendo who go home after work and complain to their partners about their managers :P Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @JayPea That pretty much sums it up. I'd like to see them learn and do something truly awesome again.

    Maybe next year...
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  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    It's all about demographs, and while I've defended Nintendo in the past about their 'kiddy' image, it becomes clearer year after year that it's a fair point, they do target new generations of gamers.

    But they also target nostalgia...

    Is their demograph actually parents?
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  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @JayPea Unfortunately that might be the reality of it :/

    But by "grow up", I don't have a problem with Nintendo's worlds, it's their game design.

    Nintendo should be looking at indie developers who are obviously inspired by Nintendo of old, who now make better games than they do to see how their game design could mature.
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  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Zelda and Captain Toad looked good. I'm wary about Zelda because every time Nintendo do a 2 second untitled teaser of Zelda, it never turned into a real game. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @Toaster05 "It's awesome just because it's Nintendo" is just as tedious btw. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @Toaster05 Really I just come back hoping they'll pull me back in, but I'm always disappointed. That's a far cry from being a self entitled whiner.

    They're out of touch and dwell on the minutae of their limited game design like they're doing something innovative and new, but they never do.

    Guess I just have a hard time letting go of an awesome past.
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  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    @Toaster05 Bought into Nintendo's philosophy? Wtf are you on about? That's not why I buy a games console, or any other product. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Nice mac advert. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    just a cahracter reveal for smash bros Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Kirby Canvas Curse was really good. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Need to reserve judgement on that Zelda too; it was a 2 second tease and didn't even have a soundtrack. Christmas 2017? Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Looked fun. Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    time to pad out the entire presentation with developers chatting to hide the fact there's only 3 games :P Reply 0
  • L0cky 10/06/2014

    Stream on the official site i fine too. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • L0cky 09/06/2014

    Moon was the first decent thing Reply 0
  • L0cky 09/06/2014

    wait what Reply 0
  • L0cky 09/06/2014

    You said games only... NEXT Reply 0
  • L0cky 09/06/2014

    lol Reply 0
  • Looks like Assassin's Creed: Unity has four-player co-op

  • L0cky 09/06/2014

    This might seem strange but making stories about what they build at E3 seems a little like tearing at the Christmas wrapping.

    The gaming press should have an unspoken amnesty and let them have their secrecy just for one day.
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  • Titanfall PC removes CTF and Pilot Hunter from public playlists

  • L0cky 21/05/2014

    @WizenWolfBain "I didn't like it, so I'm glad they took it away from people who did".

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  • Half-Life 2 and Portal go portable on Nvidia Shield

  • L0cky 13/05/2014

    Shield has 5 letters and costs $199. Also it's Tuesday.

    Team Fortress 3 confirmed!
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  • The next Unreal Tournament will be free, developed with the community

  • L0cky 09/05/2014

    @Code_R We could just make it, isn't that the point? :) Reply 0
  • The Way looks like Another World by way of Sword & Sworcery

  • L0cky 09/05/2014

    Looks more like Flashback than Another World. Reply +12
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

  • L0cky 08/05/2014

    @ramshot We can't figure out how to continue this story so... then he woke up! Reply 0
  • In search of the perfect bug

  • L0cky 11/04/2014

    My perfect bug was in Unreal Tournament. The hammer weapon was supposed to be a melee weapon that also had the ability to deflect shots fired at you. An unintentional bug with it was that you could charge it up and 'deflect' your team mates - sending them flying. As the deflection was based on the direction that you last fired you could also prime it to send your team mates in specific directions. The community gave this bug the name 'hammer launching'. You could also charge it up and shoot the ground to jump high ('hammer jumping').

    Assault was one of the game modes that involved one team attacking objectives while the other team defended them. Before the bug was discovered it was a boring corridor shooter where the defense just hold the fire button while aiming at a choke point, and the attackers crossed their fingers while trying to run through it.

    Once the bug was discovered it completely transformed the game; attackers could now cooperate to leap over obstacles and complete objectives out of order. Both attack and defense had to strategise, choosing where to defend and how many players to defend which objectives. The game was completely opened up with diverse tactics, and instead of dying on it's arse a community built up around it with scores of teams playing competitively over the 5 or 6 years after it's release (it's actually still going but to a much smaller degree).

    It's my perfect bug because it added so much that it essentially created an entire game, and a great one at that.

    Incidentally Epic didn't see it that way. Before UT2003 was released they invited some of us to beta test Assault and unfortunately they had "fixed" the bug and made all of the maps extremely linear. We implored them to rethink it but they couldn't see the bigger picture - how we played the game wasn't how they had designed it. They released UT2003 and it's Assault mode was tedious. Needless to say it was unpopular and servers lay empty before finally being removed. A sad footnote to a great game.
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  • $499 Virtuix Omni VR treadmill shipping September

  • L0cky 08/04/2014

    Have to say it's too early for this tech for consumers. VR needs to prove itself on its own first before there can be appeal to large and expensive peripherals.

    Might get by on R&D, but certainly not the consumer market at the moment.
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  • What if someone remade Half-Life 2 in the Unreal Engine?

  • L0cky 03/04/2014

    Sounds strange to say but...

    The floor shader in the second screenshot looks really nice :P
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  • Telltale's bringing TWD, TWAU and Game of Thrones to Fire TV

  • L0cky 03/04/2014

    So what measures are Amazon going to take to ensure good games are not drowned in a sea of crap? Reply +5
  • Amazon reveals Fire TV set-top box and controller

  • L0cky 02/04/2014

    @SawnoffSpudgun Just like the thousands on iOS, and the thousands on Google Play. Thousands of games and only a handful you'd actually want to play.

    Once casual gamers realise they are wasting their time and money, that market is going to crash, just like Facebook games.

    Hopefully decent games platforms will rise from the ashes.
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  • Narrative vs narration

  • L0cky 29/03/2014

    The best stories are the ones the players make themselves. I think if the parts of the game that allow the player to play do not lead to interesting tales in their own right then that is only illustrating a problem with the game design. The Stanley Parable was great at illustrating this, I really saw it as a parody of games whose designers try to force the narrative of a game.

    It's the game design - the game mechanics; the rules of the world; the reactions to the players actions - that determine if the experience is interesting and satisfying. If you treat your game design only as a means to connect the chapters of your narrative, or you ever feel afraid that giving the player too much freedom may result in a less than satisfying story, then that points to a problem in your core game mechanics - the game itself must not be interesting enough to stand on its own.

    It is possible to do a game with a strong narrative that also gives the player freedom. I can't think of a better example than Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game has a narrative, but the player is always free to walk away and play; and the world and the game play mechanics are so interesting and satisfying that the game stands on its own. The player is left to discover the narrative by the actions they take - every cut scene and story progression is inevitable based on what is available for the player to do. They are simply waiting to be discovered, rather than being forced upon the player. This leaves the player to feel as if they are creating the story, even those parts that have been written and are predestined.

    Like Zelda, most games take the pretense that you are the protagonist, and a lot of those games then seem to forget that during the narrative. Ever played a game where you are given a dilemma during a cut-scene, and just while you're thinking about the best course of action to take, your character goes right ahead and makes the decision for you? It's especially disconcerting when you disagree with their actions.

    It's also disconcerting when the character knows or remembers something that you don't. There's a section in one of the Uncharted games where you are playing as Nathan as a child. You're walking around looking at things in a museum, trying to find a specific object to steal. You look at things, and he keeps saying 'nope, that's not the right thing'. The character knows what they're looking for, but you don't. That leads to a logical conclusion: Nathan knows something, you don't know what Nathan knows, therefore you are not Nathan.

    I think the most enabling narrative is when the player character starts with a clean slate. Either their past is quickly summarised, or chosen (as in Mass Effect, and other RPGs); the character has no past (Zelda, Fez, Limbo, Half-Life, Portal), or the narrative is situational so that the characters past becomes irrelevant (Another World, Skyrim, Chrono Trigger).

    From there, as long as the rules of the world are consistent, and the game mechanics are interesting; you are free to choose narration that is reactive to the player, no matter how linear or open you wish to make the narrative.
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  • Nintendo and Sega team up for Sonic: Lost World Zelda DLC

  • L0cky 26/03/2014

    @TeaFiend Then its going to come as a surprise to you that he isn't Zelda, he is Link. Zelda is the princess (usually) that he is trying to save. Reply +13
  • L0cky 26/03/2014

    @TeaFiend Zelda is a girl? Reply +8
  • CCP to stick with Oculus Rift for Eve: Valkyrie

  • L0cky 26/03/2014

    @symmetry because Facebook were there only ones to offer them $2 billion. Reply +24
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order release date brought forward

  • L0cky 26/03/2014

    I have a bad feeling about this. Reply -3
  • Talking Project Morpheus with Anton Mikhailov

  • L0cky 22/03/2014

    @ATARI I got slight motion sickness with Turok on the N64 for the first 2 days playing it. Never had it again until the 3ds, again only for the first couple of days. Never had travel sickness.

    I guess it will be the same with VR, just a couple of days to get used to it.
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  • L0cky 22/03/2014

    "Do a barrel roll!"

    Oh god Peppy, please not again...

    "Do a barrel roll!"

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