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  • After 14 years John Romero is working on another shooter

  • Kylun 12/08/2014

    God help us all....! Reply 0
  • Football Manager database licensed for real scouting

  • Kylun 12/08/2014

    @DreadedWalrus Sergio Aguero was bought for 23 million euros just before his first european season. He was hardly an unknown, at that time.

    Not to say I don't disagree with you, I just don't think your examples where very good. :)
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  • Video Games: The Movie review

  • Kylun 05/08/2014

    You know what would make a good video game documentary?

    A video game documentary in the medium of a video game.

    I mean - you can have comics that explain how comics work (see the wonderful 'Understanding Comics' by Scott McCloud) - then why not get equally meta? A computer game that explains, and allows you to play, the history of video games.

    Now that would be superb way to legitimise video games as a serious medium.
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  • Atari to refocus on online games, gambling and LGBT audience

  • Kylun 20/06/2014

    Is this the 4th Atari? Or the 3rd? 5th? I've lost count. Reply +2
  • DreamHack's Hearthstone tournament winner accused of cheating

  • Kylun 17/06/2014

    The style and grace of the losing party is positively inspiring...! :) Reply +17
  • Why Madden 15 is allowed to portray an athlete's tattoos

  • Kylun 06/06/2014

    This is a dumb as hell.

    Listening to a song in a game is... exactly like listening to a song, which you are expected to pay for.

    Seeing a tattoo depicted in a game is... nothing like actually having that tattoo on your arm - the thing you'd pay for.

    It's exactly like viewing a another persons tattoo, which is not something you'd be charged for... or at least if my friends started to charge for it, I'd rapidly have less friends... :)

    This is just misguided greed, ultimately. The line "It seems Escobedo is less adamant about getting money from when a tattooed person shows off their ink job on TV, in a magazine, or in a movie" effectively shows the hypocrisy. Trouble is, games have big money, and when there is big money, everyone tries to get their slice of the pie.
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  • The making of Match Day

  • Kylun 02/06/2014

    @BellyFullOfHell zxkop Reply -1
  • Kylun 01/06/2014

    I remember playing Match Day 2 *tons* yet never being able to score. I totally sucked at it. Reply 0
  • Prison Architect rakes in nearly $8 million

  • Kylun 06/11/2013

    8 million in revenue, with 250000 playing... that means each player paid on average $32 each for an alpha product...! Reply +19
  • Spectrum Made Me

  • Kylun 24/04/2012

    @varkdm I had the Spectrum 128K too... was awesome. The only 128k games I had for it was a 128 version of Daly Thompsons (I think!) and Carrier Command. Carrier Command was so immense. God knows how they managed to get it into 128K, even! Took about 10 minutes to load tho... Reply +1
  • Total War: Shogun 2

  • Kylun 16/03/2011

    Well - you're all wrong! The AI isn't bad, or easy - in fact, it's almost criminally hard (that's not a complaint)!

    Have a read of some of the TW forums around, if you don't believe my personal account...!
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  • Batman domains name Arkham sequel?

  • Kylun 13/07/2010

    "I'm BATMAN!"


    You're only the BATMAN.... well, I'm the GODDAMN BATMAN!
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  • Nickelback singer slams Guitar Hero

  • Kylun 21/11/2008

    God I fucking HATE Nickleback, but the guy kind of has a point. If everyone who spent the same amount of time playing real and learning guitars instead of playing what is essentially a poor copy of a guitar, we would have better musicians and possibly more bands to get excited about.

    Replace "playing what is essentially a poor copy of a guitar" with; "watching football", "playing football", "cleaning dishes", "picking their nose", "pulling their thumb from their arse", "fucking Michelle" or whatever the fuck you like, and the point is just as applicable, but highlights it irreverance.
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  • Kylun 21/11/2008

    I'm in a rock band - one of 300 active bands in Brighton. We've upwards of 5 different practice studios which are always booked up to the rafters. Why do I not get the impression we're lacking in bands? Venues - possibly, promoters - definately, drummers - unfortunately. But not bands.

    Funnily enough, Guitar Hero has inspired me to actually learn the Bass, and is now doing the same for Drums.
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  • Dead Kennedys tracks hit Rock Band

  • Kylun 17/11/2008


    Good choice of tunes too.
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  • Xbox 360 Roundup

  • Kylun 30/10/2008

    Warhammer Battle is a table-top game - NOT a roleplaying game!

    Warhammer RPG is role-playing game!

    You can tell as there are clues in the name.

    Why is it game reviewers - people who are supposed to know about games, regardless of computer or not - can't distingish between two massively different types. It's like getting card games mixed with dice.

    This game can't display it's RPG roots, since *this* game doesn't have any.

    ... it's okay - I'm over it now... ;)
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  • 360 instruments also cross-compatible

  • Kylun 20/08/2008

    "Get back to me when GHIII will recognize RB controllers. I'm all done buying plastic guitars for a while. "

    Yes - they should be much better at predicting the future...
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  • Coverage Index

  • Kylun 11/08/2008

    Seriously - can anyone here claim that the lack of mass acceptance of games in the main stream media actually affects them in a non-positive way - at all?

    Otherwise - who cares?
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  • DC Universe Online

  • Kylun 06/08/2008

    "With great power comes great responsibility, as a certain superhero once learned. "

    Not exactly very topically considering the game!
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  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy: Video Roundup

  • Kylun 24/06/2008

    You might've mentioned the *other* Bourne movie - starring Richard Chambermaid...! Then I'd have been impressed! Reply 0
  • Xbox boss speaks out on ratings issue

  • Kylun 06/03/2008

    Lets invent a new rating system for every single different type of medium avaliable... having done that we could invent new rating systems for every time of delivery mechanism. Then after that, we could invent different rating systems based on genre, or possibly the type of art used on the cover of each box. Or maybe one based on the primary colour used on the art of the each box. And then, and then, and then....

    Or we all just use the BBFC - have a single source, with universally recognised symbols and standards.
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  • Riff: Everyday Shooter

  • Kylun 09/01/2008

    The tagline should be; (yeah!) Can U dig it? Reply 0
  • ZX Spectrum Classics

  • Kylun 26/11/2007

    Target Renegade

    International Karate Plus



    The Double

    Basket Master

    Commando (the game auto-fire was invented for!!)

    Turbo Espirit

    Bomb Jack

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  • Jumper film gets game

  • Kylun 15/11/2007

    "Didn't he say he was giving up acting after Star Wars? Bloody liar."

    Seemed to me he gave up acting before Phantom.
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  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

  • Kylun 25/10/2007

    Playing...! Playing with the boys...! Reply 0
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

  • Kylun 16/10/2007

    So - if you like this sort of game, you'll like this sort of game. And if you don't like this sort of game, then you won't like this sort of game.

    Thats sorted then. *phew*
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  • MacGyver launches Halo 3

  • Kylun 26/09/2007

    "[..]like Master Chief. Both are ordinary individuals who, despite in surmountable odds, have stepped up to the challenge to come out of extraordinary situations."

    How can the last of a group of genetically engineered super-soliders be considered an "ordinary individual".
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 4

  • Kylun 21/10/2004

    Never having played the PES games before - what teams to what time period are included? For example are Norwich included in the Premier? Reply 0
  • Football Manager 2005

  • Kylun 17/08/2004

    Nice to see some Binner bashing in a review! :) Reply 0
  • Halo 2 slips to fall 2004

  • Kylun 03/02/2004

    As gamers, who ever owns an X-Box AND a PC will buy Halo 2 for the X-Box and Half Life 2 for the PC. Can't see why you think it'll be more complicated than that! Reply 0
  • SOE to revamp Galaxies Jedi system

  • Kylun 26/01/2004

    "Thing is you could end up with everyone following the rules and become jedi and you would end up with one very very pointless experience..."

    I expect they will keep it as difficult, but more relevant.

    I dunno what you lot are complaining about. If the old (crap) system was left in, you'd have something to complain about, but since SOE are obviously making a continued attempt to make the game better....?
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  • Grand Theft Auto III

  • Kylun 30/09/2003

    Yeah, me! I've played GTA on the PS2, but not all the way through, and I think it'll be great.... Reply 0
  • PS2 price cut excludes UK

  • Kylun 28/05/2003

    Well, at least all those Sony fanboys now have the chance to know what its like to be a Nintendo fanboy! :) Reply 0
  • Halo 2

  • Kylun 28/04/2003

    Not joking - walking home at five in the morning (having picked the X Box up at 12 midnight) it really hurt that blinking for the first time in five hours..... viral infections..... grrrr! Reply 0
  • Kylun 28/04/2003

    Can you go into further detail? I've never played Halo but from everything I've read it doesn't do anything new for the genre, although it is supposed to be a mighty fine game.

    Halo is simply a perfection of the simple FPS - no "real" gimicks just perfect gameplay. The AI is very intelligent, and like Tricky says - its more about strategy.... for example - the "little guys" often panic easily, lobbing a genade in their midst often scatters them, and you can then pick them off from cover, before contemplating the less panicky "big guys".... the level design in Halo is appauling, but somehow works in the fact that you spend all your time thinking about how your gonna kill the next lot, and not about the pretty graphics on a wall etc (just follow the arrow!).....

    The AI gives the opportunity for so many unique classic "remember that time when...." moments....

    Also the game is very "sober" - the controls are quite slow in their movenment - it means that while PC FPS collapse into random stuttering messes - the combat in Halo is considered and well thought out. (I know this isn't a great explaination...?!)

    When you play - remember to blink. I got an eye infection (for two bloody months!) playing Halo for the first time as I kept forgetting to blink.....

    It's also the only game that I've completed more than once (I'm on my forth time, now) :) And the co-operative story mode (on Legendary) is quite simply exquisite!
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  • E3 2003: Nintendo's line-up

  • Kylun 23/04/2003

    Oh dear. None of those grabs me

    Not thinking of getting an X Box are ya?

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  • Secret Weapons Over Normandy

  • Kylun 22/04/2003

    Forums??? Wow? You mean Eurogamer has caught up with the rest of the planet....?!? :) Reply 0
  • Kylun 22/04/2003

    Whey hey!

    Hows tings?

    I've just bought an X Box, cool eh? ;)
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  • Kylun 22/04/2003

    Erm.... maybe I am being picky, but since when was a Hurricane a "secret weapon"? Reply 0
  • WWE Crush Hour trailer

  • Kylun 22/04/2003


    I read the title as "WWE Crush Hour toilet"....
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  • Xbox price to drop this week

  • Kylun 09/04/2003

    Fantastic news!

    Having achieved the impossible and convinced my girlfriend that dispite the three computers, a console is necessary - MS then reduce the price!

    lol all the way to the bank!
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  • Championship Manager 4

  • Kylun 08/04/2003

    "I think some people need to realise that properly bug testing a game as complex at CM is nigh on impossible"

    Thats rubbish - proper development and testing would see to it. Some of the bugs are pathetic.

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  • CM4 holds firm at the top

  • Kylun 08/04/2003

    Errol - it already has been patched once! (needs many more!) Reply 0
  • 3D Mark 2003 released

  • Kylun 12/02/2003

    What, like 3D Mark...? Reply 0
  • Kylun 12/02/2003

    Only availiable as a plugin for for Wife v1.0 or Girlfriend v2.3. Reply 0
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

  • Kylun 12/02/2003

    *geek alert*

    Goddammit it's an AT-ST, not ST-AT!!!

    */geek alert*
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  • Codemasters launches career advice resource

  • Kylun 04/01/2003

    lol! Reply 0
  • Kylun 04/01/2003

    Ah, shit! Didn't get the job - bummer huh! :) Well it was my first try.... Reply 0
  • Kylun 16/12/2002

    Cheers, dude. I'm pretty interested too! I soooo want to know one way or another before xmas.....

    I found the advert off their site (although they have advertised in Edge, and I got the company from a local search of companies off :)
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  • Kylun 16/12/2002

    Okay, fair play! I wouldn't have thought that in a testing role they'd be any chance of trying to excel enough to be recognised - not that I have any testing experience inside games.....! :)

    The way I got the interview was simple - I wrote a design for a game! :) I really need to have a crack at a few more. My bloody website takes up all my time.....
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