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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Kryon 30/08/2014

    "Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn"

    I'm just wondering who "we" is supposed to be? If you mean game journalists then sure, I can totally understand the sentiment, I mean it must be great having female indie devs who're willing to tickle your pickle for a 8/10, but if you mean "we" as in the gaming community, then I strongly disagree.
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  • Kryon 30/08/2014


    The above game is far better and more realistic.
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Three confirmed

  • Kryon 31/07/2014

    My only real issue with season two is that I find it pretty much impossible to get immersed in a story where a little girl is bossing around adults and taking the lead in such a way. If I were in a situation of life and death/survival I honestly wouldn't take much notice of what a kid was saying to me in this context, it just isn't possible for me to take it that seriously. The first season didn't have this problem... Reply 0
  • The Walking Dead: Amid the Ruins review

  • Kryon 25/07/2014

    I've been slightly disappointed with season 2 so far, don't get me wrong it's still awesome, just not quite as awesome as season 1 was. Reply +1
  • Nintendo reveals Zelda Wii U gameplay footage

  • Kryon 10/06/2014

    Future Wii U purchase confirmed. Reply +9
  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for £349

  • Kryon 14/05/2014

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  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • Kryon 25/03/2014

    £34.99 full-priced release will be £40.

    It should level the playing field between bricks and mortar shops and places like Amazon.
    I would have been in favour of this ten years ago, because I used to prefer buying my games in shops rather than online, but it's a little late now because all my local game stores have already closed down :/
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth review

  • Kryon 04/03/2014

    @Dynasty2021 You sound a little jelly, maybe you need to go to jelly school. Reply +7
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review

  • Kryon 26/02/2014

    It's too much, too early, with too little meaningful context, and it's confused by a distinct hint of sexuality to the violence that the game's not capable of addressing in any meaningful or adult manner. (At least this meshes with the rest of the adventure, which unfailingly hands out many of its most graphic punishments to female baddies.)

    I know others have already cut you down for this nonsense but after playing through well over half the game I thought I'd add my opinion.

    1. The scene in question does not have any sexual undertones whatsoever, which is surprising because in many vampire movies & books they certainly have sexualised this type of scene at times, but not in this game, It was a scene of a hungry beast feeding, nothing more, unless you get a boner when you dish up the chappy to your pet dog I really don't understand how you saw anything 'sexual' here at all.

    2. As for women getting the most "graphic" punishments, I'd love you to elaborate on this because I haven't noticed that at all. The only thing I can say is that there seem to be quite a few female bosses in this game, and bosses always get the worst beat down. It's almost like you're trying to find sexism where there isn't any... I do find it rather amusing that you rip through thousands of male baddies, impaling, mutilating, stabbing them through the jaw, etc, but then you have to kill one or two females and you get your panties in a bunch and start crying "misogyny".

    I've also come to the conclusion that this is just another trashy click-bait article, the score is a joke, the vast majority of those who have bought the game seem to be loving it judging by the Steam reviews. Poor show, Christian Donlan.
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  • Kryon 26/02/2014

    I'm seriously not sure what this 5/10 business is about, been playing for about 6 hours now (PC version) and so far I'd give it a solid 8/10... Reply +3
  • Capcom addresses concern over lack of female characters in Deep Down

  • Kryon 21/02/2014

    @Retroid Yeah, fair play, I totally agree with that man, and as a non-white guy I do appreciate the chance to make my avatar look more like me in the games that offer it, but I don't get upset when it's not offered (which is usually the case) but your stance is totally reasonable and I don't disagree with you, I can also totally understand your Mrs being upset about Fable because for her it was a feature that she liked and it had been removed. You see if you wrote an article about it in the fair and rounded tone you've just spoken in you'd probably get away with it (lol well maybe, you might get one or two death threats but not too many), but I honestly do think Hillier was just on the click-bait bandwagon with her article, it's really a bad idea to ridicule a section of society you're trying to convert to a new way of thinking, even if some of them do deserve it... Reply +2
  • Kryon 21/02/2014

    @Retroid I'm not too sure there was that much sense in the first place really, I mean I doubt we'd ever see eye to eye on this subject, which is fine but I just don't think games aimed at a certain demographic have any real obligation to be inclusive. Just on a personal note, I've made a few indie games in my time and they're my creations, nobody has a right to dictate to me what my creative process or decisions should be. If you don't like my games, go make your own. I feel kinda passionately about that...

    I guess you could say it's unfortunate for the minority of women who support the 'hardcore' games market but only in the same way it's unfortunate for men who enjoy wearing stilettos, i.e. it's a minority of men who like wearing stilettos so they are not particularly well catered for within mainstream retail stores.

    OK, I know that's not the best comparison but you must kinda get where I'm coming from?

    I'd like to add, that I have no problem with games diversifying, and if the market demands that then it will happen over time, and that's totally cool in my book, but with the bias & attitudes pushed out by people like Hillier & Sarkeesian, they've already lost the battle as people just turn off and don't want to hear it, and honestly I don't really blame them.
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  • Kryon 20/02/2014

    @Retroid "We still don't live in an equal world, and if anyone points that out they get labeled a man-hater"

    I'm assuming the "man hater" comments were more to do with Hilliers comments about "drinking the tears of sniveling male worms", or whatever drivel it was she came out with. Just a thought.
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  • Microsoft slammed for sexist Xbox One ad

  • Kryon 30/11/2013

    This is really sad, Eurogamer used to be a good gaming site... I'm pleased to see the response to this article is overwhelmingly negative, which at least restores my faith in gamers but the article should never have been published here in the first place, poor show, EG, are things really so desperate that you have to rely on such obvious click-bait? Reply 0
  • iPad Air review

  • Kryon 26/11/2013

    The tablet is truly a thing of beauty, it's just a shame IOS7 runs so poorly on it. My girlfriend is still running IOS6 on her iPad 4 and it's much smoother/less stuttery performance than my Air, hopefully Apple will sort this out with updates but I can't lie, I find IOS7 a massive let down in its current state... Reply 0
  • YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

  • Kryon 26/11/2013

    @alspacka Well, if you actually read my initial comment I did clearly state that Lee's was indeed in the right in this specific situation. My dislike for him and my use of the word 'smarmy' have nothing to do with the views he expresses in regards to KSI (as I said Lee's was right here).

    I've spoken to Lee's on other issues regarding "objectification" in games, etc, etc, and I dislike his viewpoints on pretty much everything we discussed, IMO he's a typical 'team Sarkeesian' twat who I have no time for.

    You're right in that I use the term 'feminist' in a derogatory light, I strongly disagree with much of the ideology and I disbelieve that equality is the focus of modern feminism although that's a whole other discussion.
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  • Kryon 24/11/2013

    @alspacka I have no idea how specifying someones gender in the context of gender politics has anything to do with portmanteaus. It seems you just commented because you wanted to feel included in the conversation, unfortunately it's apparent you had nothing relevant/intelligent to add... Reply +1
  • Kryon 22/11/2013

    KSI is clearly a nasty little twat, but then Matt Lees is an overly smarmy male feminist, so while Lees is actually speaking sense (for once) here, I still dislike both people pretty much equally. Reply -20
  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • Kryon 09/11/2013

    @deez Depends on your phone usage, I got a Nexus 4 last year and simply top up £5 a month with GiffGaff, which gives me 60 mins talk time, 300 texts, 20mb data, and it's free to call anyone else on GiffGaff which most of my close friends and family are, so it works out pretty nice for me :) Reply +2
  • Saints Row 4: a fun game that makes serious points

  • Kryon 08/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Well then my friend, you need a better girl friend, mine loves Terraria ;) Reply 0
  • Kryon 08/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges "Taking the piss out of gingers is deemed 'ok' in the way racial denigration is (rightfully) not. History and context, and even medium here are important."

    I understand what you're saying but I don't buy into the idea that we should give special treatment to people because of historic events, If our goal is equality than we have to treat people equally or at least equitably in cases where treating people exactly the same are not applicable because of physical differences, child birth, etc.

    If we keep saying "well it's OK for women to objectify men because they were historically oppressed" that divide will always remain. We want real equality so lets get that, lets give everyone the same opportunities and the same responsibilities, otherwise you end up with a swinging pendulum of equality whereby nobody is ever actually at the same level in society. It will swing in favour of one group and when people realise things are unfair, it will swing back giving the other group special treatment, it's a self perpetuating cycle of inequality.

    IMO, the only way to succeed is to hold everybody to the exact same societal standards, no special treatment.

    I also think if we're talking about games in this context then we do need to be inclusive of the whole industry, including indie and casual games and even social networking games. Of course if we focus only on the games aimed specifically at young guys we're going to see sexualised depictions of women, but if you look at the whole market it is much more varied. I personally spend much more time on indie games than I do on the mainstream, I don't even own GTA V, I've never owned a COD game, etc, I've completely wasted the last year of my life playing Minecraft and Terraria, so I disagree when people say "the only choice in gaming is wiminz bewbs" , I promise you, there is plenty of other choices, just because something is indie or less mainstream doesn't invalidate it as an option.

    Lets not forget that what is or isn't mainstream is basically just dictated by what sells the best, if the majority want the mainstream to diversify then it will do over time, although I'm not convinced that the majority do want that at present (judging by what they buy the most), but that's another discussion all together.
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  • Kryon 07/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Eh, the second quote you made there is not even from my comment.

    "to look at sexualisation as objectification without any question is very black and white"

    I totally agree, although in the context of video games, the two terms usually go hand in hand. It also has a lot to do with peoples specific interpretation of the words. For example, I think most would agree that Lara Croft is sexualised (at least in the earlier games), some would also say she's objectified because her voluptuous form is there to please men, but others would argue she's not objectified because she's strong, intelligent and capable in her own right, etc. So there seems to be somewhat a grey area around this topic.

    I'm not trying to prove anything, I just find it hard to understand you because you keep coming out with contradictions. I know you don't like me pointing it out when you say something flawed but that's kind of the point of discussion.

    You just said "I do happen to consider objectification of women as a form of misogyny", but earlier you said that GTA was not misogynistic, however we all know the GTA games objectify women to quite an extent... so surely you must see why I find what you're saying disingenuous?

    I'm not personally attacking you, just the flaws I perceive in your arguments.

    I know you want more diversity, that's fine, it'll probably come in time. What I want is a cold beer and for people to stop tarring gamers as "mysoginysts" when gamers are no more "guilty" of the crime than a women reading a women's magazine.

    Yet I've never seen anybody accuse a woman of being a misandrist for enjoying pictures of Beckham in his pants. It's the double standard I dislike. I don't think the "type" of media that is objectifying people makes any difference whatsoever, but video games always get a hard time, first crackpots told us "they make you violent" and now crackpots tell us they're damaging to women, frankly I don't believe that and I don't think there is any proof to support the idea that game or comic book characters affect our perception of real life people in a negative (or positive) way. It's all just feminist buzzwords and nonsense, something new for them to whine about IMO.
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  • Kryon 07/11/2013


    "Frankly I'm a little worried that you consider a sexy woman to be an object for your pleasure, with no intent or purpose other than to please you."

    Hmm, yeah, this doesn't actually work because I've never stated anything which could realistically be construed as such, nice try though, 4/10 lol.

    "in short - there's enough choice in magazines to read one without men's bums in."

    And as I've already explained there are plenty of games without girls bums in them but whatever, just forget the format of the media for a moment. You believe that objectification of women in media aimed at men is misogynistic, so do you believe that media aimed at women that objectifies men is misandric/man hating?

    It's a really simple question but I have a feeling you won't give a straight answer to it, which I find perplexing.
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  • Kryon 06/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges What's your point? The fact still remains that misogyny does not necessarily = objectification, likewise objectification does not necessarily = misogyny.

    Regardless, I'd rather take the dictionary definition of misogyny than a Wiki interpretation which is written by God knows who (likely a feminist with an agenda), misogyny is quite simply "a hatred or dislike of women", so as I said a sexualised/objectified female character in and of itself does not necessarily = misogyny. If you think it does, then you must also think media aimed at women like Cosmopolitan is misandric (man hating). It cuts both ways. So do you think all media aimed at women that objectifies men is "man hating" pure misandry filth, or not? I'm not trying to be a dick but I think you're out of your depth here.

    In my opinion, a Saudi woman being put in prison because she was raped could definitely be viewed as "misogyny", an artist creating a fictional character in a way he or she finds attractive or "sexy" is not.

    (P.S. quoting made up stats as fact in a debate is not generally considered "rhetoric", it's called talking bullshit, just so you know for future reference) :)
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  • Kryon 06/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Even with your admittance of making up fake stats you still seem to be using the words "objectification" and "misogynistic" as if they're interchangeable, yet they have very different meanings.

    Anyway, it seems you're basically retracting your initial statement and admitting you were talking utter nonsense, so I'll leave it there.
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  • Kryon 06/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges If 95% of games are hateful to women it means that only 5% are not hateful, but you just said "a lot" of games are not hateful, unless you consider 5% "lots" then you can see that you are clearly contradicting yourself. It just seems like you don't really have much understanding of what you're talking about here :/ Reply 0
  • Kryon 06/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges I only keep replying to you because your comments are so inconsistent and contradictory. You claim virtually all games are misogynistic but you think this one isn't -

    So I'm seriously wondering what you define as misogyny, it's a powerful word which you seem to like throwing around but I'm not sure you actually know what it means. I don't think the majority of games have any semblance of misogyny in them (I don't class sexualised characters in and of themselves to be misogyny), all I've done is actually ask you to explain your previous claims but you can't seem to do it, you keep moving the goal posts instead of giving genuine responses.

    This quote:

    "Computer games are 95% mysoginistic towards women"

    Is very different to this quote:

    "I think mainstream games are (on the whole) at best childish at worst downright disrespectful towards women."

    And both seem at odds with this quote:

    "GTA, like a lot of the games, is not hateful towards women"

    If 95% of games are hateful to women it means that only 5% are not hateful, but you just said "a lot" of games are not hateful, unless you consider 5% "lots" then you can see that you are clearly contradicting yourself. It just seems like you don't really have much understanding of what you're talking about here :/
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  • Kryon 05/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges I'm really not trying to win any arguments, I'm just calling it when I see what I perceive to be nonsense. I mean you say you feel that 95% of games are misogynistic (women hating), yet now you claim GTA (a game possibly considered one of the worst offenders in this context) is not misogynistic, just a little childish, now I totally agree with that, but if you don't think GTA is misogynistic, what games make up the 95% that you do believe to be offensive?

    I know that in media aimed at men, women are often sexualised (just like media aimed at women often objectifies men), I'm not arguing that, hence mainstream games are not balanced as they're generally aimed at the people who play them the most (guys). I just don't see it as a problem, it's supply & demand, people are sexual beings who generally like looking at the opposite sex.

    The gaming industry is relatively new and it probably will diversify over time as the audience becomes more varied, I have no problem with that either.

    What I do have a problem with is people throwing around words like "sexist", "misogyny", etc, because I'm sick of gamers (and male sexuality in general) being demonized by the PC brigade who have nothing better to do. I could understand it if we were playing Battle Raper 2, but that's hopefully not the case for most of us.
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  • Kryon 05/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Lol, yes the point you've made is that you're a disingenuous hypocrite, you talk the talk but don't walk the walk. I wonder how many actual feminists, those who *really* care about misogyny & sexism in games bought a copy of GTA V? Probably not that many I'd guess... But hey, you keep pretending :) Reply 0
  • Kryon 05/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges The point is that you're sitting there giving out your airy-fairy, politically correct views and talking about how you believe 95% of games are misogynistic, etc, but behind closed doors you're funding the very worst "offenders" to create more and more of the material you claim embarrasses you as a gamer. Smells of hypocrisy to me, but hey... Reply 0
  • Kryon 05/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges "I for one would be a bit prouder to talk about my hobby to my non gamer friends if every image they saw wasn't of someone being blown up, a man drawn like MR Universe or a woman with DDD breasts"

    That's a very noble sentiment, so I guess you try to push the market in that direction by...

    "I'm off to play GTA"

    Oh, I see... lol
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Again, I can just as easily use the same argument on you, bye, enjoy your new hobby, because I'm pretty sure GTA V and its ilk sell a lot better than pretty much any other type of game out there and seeing as sales drive the market, your pet peeves aren't going anywhere so perhaps you should take up knitting or something less "misogynistic".

    Yes, EG *very* recently have changed their booth babe policies, Good for them, funnily it coincides with their new "feminist EG" click-bait articles, odd coincidence that...

    Regardless, I do visit the site much less since these articles have started popping up, it's a shame, I used to really support this site, but things change over time, and sometimes that change is for the worse, no big deal, Rockstar and others will continue to make games that make people like you cry because it's lucrative for them, so I'll live happily in that knowledge.

    Your ultra-PC whining will change nothing :)
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges "Its about young people growing up with ridiculous images of what women are like"

    You see I've heard this argument many times before but I just don't buy it, The vast, vast majority of people know how to separate fantasy from reality. Playing games with unrealistic female characters is not going to change the average persons perception or expectations of real life women.

    It's the same as the whole "violent games make people violent in real life" argument, and I don't buy that either.

    When I played through The Last of Us' I was actually slightly put off by Tess, because there were instances where it just seemed she wouldn't accept any help from her friend Joel simply to make the point that "I'm a woman and I don't need a man's help", it seemed forced and unrealistic in places I felt. I'm also disappointed that the original story for the game was scrapped because people (wrongly IMO) called it "misogynistic", so we ended up with the safe and unoriginal story we have now, it's a great game, but I don't feel that the obvious feminist pandering improved it, quite the opposite really, but that's just my opinion.

    I didn't see the warning from the editor that the site was going to go down hill and become a faux gender politics website, I find it sad really, I had hoped EG would stay a gaming site and stay away from politics, "Hai guyz it's EG here, come check out our reviews and then you can read a few articles shaming you for liking video games, but hey remember to buy a few tickets for our Expo where you can check out all the hot booth babes, you filthy misogynist bastards!"... No thanks.

    I have no problem with the discussion going on, I'd just rather it was somewhere that I don't visit.
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges I still don't get your problem, mainstream games aimed predominantly at young men are not the 'only' games you can play, choose to play something else if they offend you.

    If you check mainstream movies aimed at young men like The Fast & The Furious, you'll find the same patterns, so watch something else if you don't like it.

    I understand that there is more choice when it comes to movies but that's because the target audience is more varied. Games are market driven, if more old ladies start playing then I'm sure we'll get a PS4 version of 'The Remains of The Day'.
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @Ergates_Antius So now it seems you're saying that if a problem is less severe within group 'A' we should totally ignore it and focus only on group 'B'.

    So I suppose by that logic we should halt any help for homeless females because the overwhelming majority of homeless are male?

    You see I believe in actual equality, whereby I think we should help any victim regardless of what demographic they fall in to, you seem to subscribe to the Tumblr feminist version of equality that means we should only help those with a vagina...
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @Ergates_Antius Ah I see, so the sharp increase in anorexia and other eating disorders in boys/men are not "detracting from the quality of life"? I see, that's an interesting view point. Good for you.

    I personally don't know if imagery in the media is the cause of this, but feminists have often cited it as a reason that women have suffered with theses conditions.
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @Ergates_Antius What exact contents do they regularly complain about? I don't think they "regularly" complain about men being sexualised, Hence I fail to see how your comment is relevant in the context of this discussion. Reply +1
  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges "it does become tiresome when people argue for the sake of it"

    I find fake stats pretty tiresome, however, lets move on.

    "if I want to play games I have no choice but to see objectified, devalued women"

    Sorry but this simply isn't the case, there are plenty of games which do not devalue or objectify women, but the mainstream high budget 'non-casual' market is still largely aimed at males, and more often than not, men like scantily clad women, just like women tend to like seeing David Beckham in his pants, that's life. I see no issue here. You can always choose not to play games like GTA and stick to games like Mirror’s Edge or the hundreds of Nintendo titles available. There are also hundreds of indie games out there which don't rely on stereotypes/sexualisation/etc.
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  • Kryon 04/11/2013

    "Computer games are 95% mysoginistic towards women"

    That's an interesting statistic, do you have a source to back it up or are you just making things up to bolster your agenda?

    "why would we complain about sexist magazines on a gaming site?"

    I didn't suggest we should do any such thing. Although equally, why should we discuss feminist politics on a gaming site?

    "Cosmo is aimed at grown women, not pre/just post pubescents"

    Ah, I see, so "misogyny" in games aimed at adults is fine in your book then? You're really not making much sense here... Regardless, according to a study by the ESA, the average gamer is 30 years old. Gaming is no longer solely a passtime for 12 year olds.

    The fact is media aimed at women often objectifies men and likewise media aimed at men often objectifies women. Either both are a problem or neither of them are a problem. I personally don't have a problem with either.

    "Eurogamer is a site aimed at more intelligent readers who are capable of reading opinion without feeling affronted"

    Eurogamer is a videogames website, lets not pretend it's anything else. If I want to read feminist politics I'll grab a copy of the Guardian.

    "If you want to read about kill counts and grafixx go to IGN"

    Equally I could say, if you believe 95% of games are "misogynistic" go find a new hobby, it's not a particularly helpful argument though in my opinion.
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  • Kryon 03/11/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges Do you really think a sexualised depiction of women in media aimed at males is a bad thing? I don't quite understand why this offends people so much when if you take a look at media aimed at women it does exactly the same thing. Go and have a read of Cosmopolitan, they feature page after page of articles like "Guess the Olympic Bulge","Best Butts of the NFL" etc, etc, which I think we can all agree is the very definition of objectification, yet I don't see feminists or anybody else complaining so vehemently about that, double standards much? I also don't really think a gaming site is a place to push gender politics, personally, I come here to check out the latest games and tech news, not to hear people whine about what they perceive as misogyny or sexism. Reply -2
  • Dragon's Crown review

  • Kryon 09/10/2013

    I'm actually getting really bored of games journalists on this site injecting articles with their feminist politics. Just review the game and get off your high horse. Nobody actually cares about your personal views on "objectification" etc, it adds nothing of value to the review, we're here to hear about the game, not your political stance, we can all clearly see the art style and make up our own minds, thanks. Reply +15
  • The Last of Us devs were originally going to reboot Jak and Daxter

  • Kryon 04/10/2013

    Misogynistic? Really? By that logic 99% of FPS are misandric as you generally only kill men. If Druckmann was pitching a game called 'Super Wife Beater 3 Extreme Edition' then I'd totally get why people might think it was misogynistic but I'm really sick of this ultra PC nonsense stifling what could have been a really interesting story. I suppose the film 'Pieces of April' is also 100% pure unadulterated misogyny as it deals with breast cancer, a condition which largely only affects women. What a load of rubbish, meh. Reply +4
  • Kojima clarifies decision to make MGS5 character "more erotic"

  • Kryon 06/09/2013

    A scantily clad female character in a Japanese game? No, never! Is this really, honestly a surprise or a problem? Personally, I think not. Reply +2
  • Cult high school ninja game Senran Kagura Burst headed to Europe

  • Kryon 21/08/2013

    I'm sure Anita Sarkeesian will be overjoyed at this news :) Reply +1
  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • Kryon 06/07/2013

    @redcrayon It doesn't really make any difference whether it's a feminist who is objectifying men or not, we're talking about treatment of the genders, who's personally to blame for inequality is not really relevant in this context.

    If a feminist claims to fight against men objectifying women whilst watching women happily swoon over pics of Beckham in his pants, there's a clear cut hypocrisy there and I don't think you can argue that. If you're only addressing the issues of one gender then it's really not about "equality", it ends up being about privilege. Equality means "the same", hence yes, male issues of inequality should be treated "the same" as female issues of inequality.
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  • Kryon 06/07/2013

    @redcrayon I disagree, all I ask is that the double standards are addressed. You have to mow your own lawn before you start complaining to your neighbours that their garden is overgrown, otherwise you're basically just a fraud.

    "Do as I say, not as I do" just doesn't cut it if you're part of a group who claim to be pushing equality.
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  • Kryon 06/07/2013

    @Architect_z I think the lack of actual oppression women face in the western world has resulted in feminists starting to nitpick at basically anything and everything.

    The funny part is they don't seem to complain when media aimed at women is full of imagery that objectifies men (check an issue of Cosmo), it's only a problem if it's media aimed at men that is objectifying women, funny how that works eh :/
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  • Kryon 05/07/2013

    I actually found the portrayal of the female characters in this game to be much more unrealistic than their male counterparts. A skinny 14 year old girl besting hoards of fully grown male bandits & zombies...Yeah, OK. Tess actually reminded me of Dwight the wheelchair-bound character from Scary Movie 2 with his catchphrase "I don't need your help, I CAN DO IT MYSELF", I felt the game was trying too hard to pander to a feminist perspective at times and honestly I found it off putting and unrealistic in places, but hey it was still a great game. Reply +4
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 review

  • Kryon 29/06/2013

    @Suarez07 My reply was simply the yin to his yang, hopefully it helped him perceive the idiocy of his own stereotyping. Reply -1
  • Kryon 28/06/2013

    @twot As opposed to PCs being toys for sweaty palmed old neck beard nerds who's idea of a good night out is a trip to Northern Kalimdor? lulz Reply -1