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  • No flash or daily deals during Steam autumn, winter sales

  • Kremlik 20/11/2015

    Another thought - maybe to do with the new refund policy? Perhaps they're trying to avoid people buying at one price, then requesting a refund when they see it cheaper in a flash sale the next day.

    Very good point, although Valve have reserved the right to refuse refunds (too many fucking Rs!) to people they believe are abusing the system.

    Still, I believe you're right - this is almost certainly a big part of this decision, although I suspect the desire to spread server loads around a little more and what I said below about industry antagonism towards deep discounts also have played a role.
    It also wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think this may have something to do with the automation process in the sale system, they are trying to void another 'blip, but not really' with the likes of GTA again
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  • Don't Google it: What number EverQuest expansion do you think we're now on?

  • Kremlik 18/11/2015

    EQ is proof that no GOOD MMORPG can really die of 'old age', only really by the hand of the dev/publisher. Where it be because they are finished telling the story they want to tell yet continue supporting the servers and want to move on to new engines that support modern ideas (Guild Wars, FFXI) or some dumb arse of a bean counter thinks shutting down a game will be good in the long term (CoX, SWG).

    The old guard of the MMO industry are still going to this day, hell even UO and AO have had expansions and/or updates this year! Most publishers only really see MMORPGs in the short term, hence the reason why most of the 'nu age' MMOs kinda died quickly when the WoW bubble happened, they wanted X millions in X years - it doesn't happen. W

    oW was the exception to the rule not the defining moment in the genre, planing for the long term and smaller expectations is more likely to net you an 'EQ' more then 'the next WoW-killer' - thankfully I think we are heading back in that direction with Crowfall, Unchained and the others coming from the kickstarter MMO lot.
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  • StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void launches same day as Fallout 4, emerges unscathed

  • Kremlik 18/11/2015

    Your assumption is wrong when you assume everyone is going to buy FO4 and only FO4 - you know there is a chance, a bit small chance that, someone may not even like Fallout as a series...

    Like me.

    *hears the pitchforks and torches coming from Twitter*
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  • World of Warcraft: Legion release date leaked - report

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Whelp 'Summer' it is then, it's a long wait...

    PVPers aye I still think will be around for season 3, raiders not so much, like I said before it's June when we had the last one and it's June next year maybe? 12 months is a long wait and aye we can say 'well they've done it before', but they've done it before and many are sick of paying for a game with nothing to do...

    With the reports of Blizz not reporting subs anymore, it makes COMPLETE sense to announce that before Blizzcon, there IS going to be another drop in subs but we will never know how much. TBH thats a good thing, I don't think anyone wants to know, they will play it if they love it or not play it until they want to NOT because a number tells them when.

    With people burnt over Flying and X.1 in WoD I think this will be the nail in the coffin for people on the fence with their current sub.

    May the Legion bring you home - it's going to be one HECK of a fight!
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  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    @Bladderfish WoW has always been 'new is always better' in terms of content, it's a major issues it's always had.

    Hence the reason why Timewalking is probably their best idea coming out of WoD - it repurposes the old content in a new way
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  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Sixth World of Warcraft expansion Legion will be released "on or before" 21st September 2016, according to small-print on an image dug up on
    BAHAHAHAHA! It's is going to be BEFORE then it's 100% for sure.

    All that is left in WoD is the 'leading up to event' which is the main attack on the world, considering Legion is dealing with the aftermath of the attack. I kinda doubt Blizzard will try and pad this 'event' out over a year unless it's bring new raids and high end content to the game, which they've already stated it's not. Unless it's a 'twist' and it's another raid, which atm they best not do as PR wise they already are on shaky terms with the playerbase over the whole 'communication issue with flying', it would piss off the playerbase leading them not to trust a word Blizzard say.

    Legion is going to be out early next year, it's already too big of a void in content not to. I doubt it'll be any sooner then that because SC2:LoV is out next week and Overwatch needs all the hype it can get atm, Blizzard can't risk Legion 'stealing' player's interest from them. They kinda have enough of Hearthstone and Heroes cannibalising their other games as it is.

    Added: this is to the people who negged me for this comment: Hellfire Citadel was released June of this year IF September is the next release thats a full 14/15 months of 'non-content' for the playerbase. With the current drop of the subs to the point of they can no longer announce them as positive PR, Blizzard CANNOT afford the players to drop from the game waiting on the next raid/ilvl bracket for something else to peak their interest be it MOBA/MMO/Other. September is just too far away they MUST release it sooner rather then later hold hold what playerbase they currently have.
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  • Blizzard's Overwatch is a full-price game, not free-to-play

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    30 is a nice price to play it at TBH, sadly still I think we'll be seeing a lot of 'well I'm not buying when there is *insert Free FPS title*', as most expected a F2P model with skins - TBH I doubt there will be skins if they are going the whole 'buy in' and possibly expansion route (ala Diablo 3) they may be just one offs for the box.

    Fact of the matter is it's a crowded market either way between Halo, CoD, Killzone etc on console, and TF2, CS:GO, Quake (whats left of it) and Doom(?) on PC, I just think the way the game is designed 'buy in' is the only way it could play out and not complete ruin the experience in game...

    I hope it does well but the market and people's wallets will show if they made the right choice to go 'buy to play' by next Blizzcon.
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  • BlizzCon 2015 live report

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    it's a LONG wait for WoW fans, hopefully the attack of the isle will be great pre-launch content Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    the CE of OW I'm guessing will be around £80-90 considering Amazon US has it at $120 Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Pre-order now just popped up on the livestream.. Advertising! Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Sorry guys, kinda called that early today, there was no way OW could be balanced F2P Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Work, Thursday? I suddenly feel ill around then Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Damn I new Murloc I must own in Plushie Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    FREE CO-OP HERO!!!! Reply 0
  • Overwatch: Origins Edition hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One spring 2016

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    I VERY highly doubt this will be free to play in any form anyway. Considering the fact ALL characters are accessible from the start to keep the balance of character switching mid-match, there would be issues in even considering a trial/free option for this...

    To 'gate' even one character WILL throw off the balance into 'haves and have nots' you CANNOT counter Reaper for example if lets say Winston who would counter him is behind a paywall, it instantly makes Reaper OP for anyone match he can't be countered in. (FYI I don't know the actual counter picks I'm just throwing up examples to illustrate). Unlike Heroes you aren't 'set' as one character per match and you aren't limited to one character per team, so in this example you'll be seeing a full team of Reapers if his counter(s) are gated.

    Buyable skins aye, that is probably the model to supplement the possible 'free' maps/modes, but this game is most likely a standard 'buy the game', I doubt the price will be high 35 PC 40 console, but considering the way this is balanced and designed I doubt there is any other way to do it.
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  • Blizzard will no longer report World of Warcraft subscriber numbers

  • Kremlik 04/11/2015

    @WilhelmvonOrmstein Aye Hearthstone brings in the bacon every set update - mostly from Twitch/Youtube users.

    Not only do the big names drop 200-300 to collect everything, there is also the trend of 'pack offs' and mostly in the case of Twitch a LOT of people give MORE money to the streamer JUST to watch them open yet more packs.

    Considering the amount of Streamers and YTers that do this it covers FAR more then the month sub does in WoW, and thats ignoring the fact that creating a card set is much MUCH cheaper then a raid/expansion for a MMO - their margins must be stupid with HS.
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  • Kremlik 04/11/2015

    The CORE issue I've had with those numbers for the longest time was the fact it's probably the only positive thing to report from Blizzard at times.

    Theres no two ways about it, Blizzard HAS sat back and just done nothing but tout how many players it has over the rest, and I really do feel the main reason players flocked to it over the years was because it was/still is the biggest MMORPG out there...

    However that said the game itself is a massive mess. Sure, the story can be great at times, characters are iconic, most of the systems in place are great. It's just the post-launch expansion support is crap, after mid-TBC it always had been since. I would say ICC was the first massive 'blip' in content when it took a year to finish up the story and ever release since has seen MASSIVE voids in content.

    WoD just highlighted this completely when the levelling content I can say was some of the best in a long time, but the wait between major patches, having one 'major' patch have Twitter of all things as it's major content upgrade, and the whole 'will they, wont they' with Flying shows how much they only really care about sub and sales numbers now, nothing else..

    With games like SWTOR and Guildwars 2 finally finding their feet again and bringing themselves back into the spotlight also FFXIV just basically bitch slapping WoW in terms of content rollout, it's pretty much clear WoW in it's current state can't hold it's playerbase on 'we are the biggest MMO' hype alone. Blizzard need to up their game with expansion releases AND post-release content big time to stay relevant for the next 10 years as it's done before.
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  • Hearthstone adds co-op battle option

  • Kremlik 04/11/2015

    @Dysonism Actually some of the base cards still hold their own with the current meta, however I do agree it's about time Blizzard updated the starter decks with at least some GvG cards...

    Nearly every T/CCG updates their starter decks once a year (MTG Core/Origins) it's been 2 years now since the release of Hearthstone and three sets later..
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  • Kremlik 04/11/2015

    Either this is to test the game with co-op play to add it in later OR it's a set up hidden hype to reveal co-op at Blizzcon..

    Either way I'm pleased it's most likely going to happen sooner or later
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  • Warcraft movie reveals first still images and poster

  • Kremlik 03/11/2015

    With the trailer shown most likely during the opening of Blizzcon, I really hope it's not 'the big reveal' for this year, as this is more then likely last years 'hidden area' trailer and it's hardly new for the fans at Blizzcon, it'll be more for the net - kinda really a kick in the teeth for people paying a ton to be there.

    If it is, expect another 'geek is'. Legion is no where near to release, SC2:LoV is out the following week, and Diablo has the smallest presence at a Blizzcon ever, what is left to drop? Heroes and Hearthstone have/had their own event reveals this year and I hardly think Overwatch will get an early release...

    Kinda sad if it's lacking the 'mic drop' moment this year, Legion should have been it.
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  • Destiny raid boss Crota defeated solo using Rock Band drum kit

  • Kremlik 28/10/2015

    I've seen Street fighter being played with a guitar, Destiny is on Drums, vocals basically anything - Pokemon on piano? Reply 0
  • UK tabloids point the finger at Call of Duty, GTA in coverage of 15-year-old TalkTalk hacker

  • Kremlik 28/10/2015

    Has the Mail linked violent videogames with cancer yet? If not, I'm pretty sure that's the only thing they've not blamed them for. Goddamn it, tabloids, get in the f'ing sea...
    No they are waiting for the VR headsets to come out THEN it's a field day for them
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  • Kremlik 28/10/2015

    So lets break this down..

    Child with ADHD and other issues raised by single Mother, Mother can't be to his attention all the time so allows her son to socialise with his friends via gaming, which in turn happen to be COD/GTA players as these happen to be the popular games at the time that they play.

    Child gets involved in a DDoS group, and then gets taken in under SUSPECTED involvement with the Talk Talk DDoS, and under the assumption he is the 'master mind' - which in all fairness could go either way because of his learning issues, could be easily convinced by the group that he is 'their leader', feeding his need for social acceptance.

    Papers find out who the suspect is, rub their hands in glee, go to the Mother and offer her a lump sum to 'tell their story'. Child having already been convinced by the hacking group of 'leadership', wasn't too hard to be pushed by the papers in saying said information, ie with questions 'would you consider yourself a leader?', 'do you like killing your friends in COD?'. Using all the information to fit together to 'target' an audience they want to sell their paper to.

    This is all just manipulation of the Child on all fronts, by the papers and by whatever group he was involved in. I'm 100% not saying he didn't know what he was doing nor their is no chance of him actually doing it because he was either bored or wanted attention and smart enough to do it. I'm saying the 'information' given by the papers is BS because it's only 'factual' in terms of the information they WANTED to try and find. Not the facts as a whole and the possibility the Child had really very little to do with the hack and was just easily lead by a third party we don't know about - all in the name of selling a headline....

    It's just sick.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is the UK's number one game

  • Kremlik 26/10/2015

    Not really shocked that it's the lowest after Unity, a LOT of people held off from buying until the reviews hit...

    That said Day 1 sales are nothing but PR hype and proof that the pre-order culture is still alive and kicking, I'm pretty sure Syndicate will sell well, it's at a MUCH slower rate compared to others.
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  • Sony reaffirms lack of triple-A PlayStation Vita development

  • Kremlik 23/10/2015

    It's funny really other sites have basically stated 'no games at all', so it's nice to know it's getting supported in some fashion.

    It's basically just fodder from what ever PSN+ throws my way atm - although a few titles a wouldn't have played if I didn't own the Vita in the first place, it's paid it's dues to me at least
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  • Watch: Aoife forces Johnny to play Final Fantasy X

  • Kremlik 20/10/2015

    @MrTomFTW Ah the 'Laughing scene' probably the most used and the most out of context clip to represent something as 'this is bad' in gaming history...

    Aye FFX's voice acting wasn't 'great', but people use that section to say how 'forced' the acting was - when the irony is the characters ARE playing it up as party of the story.

    FFX hits the high middle for me anyway, a new combat system, music as always was fantastic, for the time it looked fantastic.. It was just Tidus, I just wanted to poke his eyes out, as with Vann in XII, neither character felt 'good' and just came across whiny. Irony is I would have preferred them NOT to have voice actors, much like Cloud in FFVII:AC just comes across a douche with a voice when in text only I could at least fit my own tone to the words.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB vs 4GB review

  • Kremlik 18/10/2015

    I actually JUST bought this exact 4gb card a few weeks ago on Amazon.

    It's doing it's job well, bare in mind a did go from a AMD 9650OC 2GB, so it's a pretty good step up.

    I can run FFXIV on maximum (as most know it's not a shy game when it comes to the amount of on screen effects it throws at you) as said it doesn't hold 60fps, but it comes pretty damn close and stays hovering around 58fps even in the most active areas running on 1920x1080, but I think that is more the the weaker end with my AMD Bulldozer.

    Yea it's not for the games that are all flash and meant to 'wow you with pretty', but this card sits in there and you barely hear in even when it's going full pelt, and WILL do it's job

    Best investment I've had all year.
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  • High-profile FIFA YouTubers hacked, scream about it

  • Kremlik 08/10/2015

    Despite the fact this is basically happening on a yearly basis for EA now, I pretty much think most 'hacks' are due to bad passwords on the player's end as well, it doesn't take much to brute force a weak password using common work combos or in most cases 'password1' normally works...

    Again that said I think also it's time EA treats Fifa like other teams treat MMOs and bring in two step systems and app tokens to help stop this. EA already have it with SWTOR so it's not too far of a leap for them to do

    I know the Live and PSN users will go 'but I already login to my system, not more DRM!', but this is no different then being hacked on PC accounts with other online games, you HAVE to be surcure with your details. It's about time the casual console gamer realised that adding any old 'password1' to an account doesn't protect it, in fact it just makes you that more of a target.
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  • Capcom pulls Ghost Trick from iOS App Store purchase history

  • Kremlik 06/10/2015

    Hmmm, I'm wondering if this falls under the laws right now. As keeping this on sale is NOT 'fit for sale' as it plainly doesn't work under the current iOS system, thus refunds may have been possible...

    That said in PULLING the game from download completely, not just from sale (I barely got to play my copy before it stopped working a while back) ALSO falls under a rights law somewhere - if not, it should.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate has learned from Unity's mistakes, but is that enough?

  • Kremlik 24/09/2015

    @grassyknoll People are negging him because all he did was claim a forum had 'insider info' without fact checking first. The Neogaf info was cryptic at best leading to more confusion.

    However now other sites have said they've had issues with their promo build which yes does lead to the original rumour having a bit more light to it, but no where near the situation Scopeh suggested.

    If people want to point out a possible negative situation with a game, at least do more then the posted equivalent of a doomsayer sandwich board with a bell and fact-find first
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  • Kremlik 24/09/2015

    @Scopeh Actually it's NOT clear on what was posted it's just leading to more confusion, it's best to ignore rumours and just look at the reviews if you aren't totally sure you want to dive into the game right away...

    So basically normal advice :)

    Added: Yes more sites/YTers have reported 'issues' with the promo build, some aren't clear on what but it seems more the case with frame rate, only one source actually stated a clear bug, freezing in mid air - all this states is that there will be a day 1 patch, I've yet to hear any face melting going on or NPC gender switching outside the characters intended to do so. So all in all this is not a complete panic
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  • Kremlik 24/09/2015

    I'm holding onto hope that Syndicate is good, from reading this it's most likely to be so. The only thing truly wrong with Unity was the engine, which by now has been fixed, mostly, the menu screen background still wants to send my PS4's CPU fan into orbit... Everything else was either you loved it or hated it, the stealth/last known location system was good IMO but lockpicking 'bouncing' mini game NOPE...

    Going further back to support Syndicate, AC3 was considered really frustrating to play and had it's fair share of glitches. Having gone back to play it, just today I arrived in New York and ended up dropping through the world and had a conversation with Washington seeming completely out of sequence. I've also just come off the game in a 'this is where you put down the control and leave it' moment, it was just FAR too restrictive to play and the failure states are far too often and punishing..

    However playing AC4 and Rogue it was a massive step forward again compared to AC3, and I do HIGHLY recommend Rogue for those jaded by the series IMO it's one of the better stories in the series to date.

    Unity fell flat on it's face, it's clear no one can say otherwise, Syndicate has a lot to prove the series is worth continuing to invest time in, as it's standing it most likely is.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate has a Jack the Ripper DLC

  • Kremlik 15/09/2015

    Jack the Ripper DLC?

    Will this be a great twist in the story where Jack is actually an Assassin killing Templar, but due to the Templar being at a height in their power they twisted the 'media' at the time to bill him as a serial killer? Therefore enforcing the Abstergo/Templar influence in the future we see in modern day Creed?

    Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ubisoft aren't THAT cleaver in their ideas
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  • Wildstar goes free-to-play later this month

  • Kremlik 03/09/2015

    @Binba442 Subscription models ARE sustainable if you manage your expectations.

    Yes WoW has numbers, but expecting to be 'the next WoW' like Wildstar did (most of the marketing was aimed at jaded Vanilla players at the start as the 'WoW as you remember it') is a fools errand.

    If you want a successful title these days offer value for money for the sub, prime example here is FFXIV every 3 months-ish players get content, aye most 'hardcore' would chew thru the dungeon content in a week or two however the other layers mini games, crafting, housing, that is how you draw the committed to stay and hold value to a sub.

    Is FFXIV a massive success? SE hold those cards close and we have no idea HOWEVER FFXI ran for 10 years, so I think as long as SE can make some content and keep the servers running they are happy.

    Thats the rub these days though - big publishers want big money, quick. It's taken them a LONG time to understand and MMORPG market is not the place for that. Subs will be around but only to those willing to play the long game.
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  • Here's how Michael Fassbender looks in the Assassin's Creed film

  • Kremlik 27/08/2015

    Fassbender plays modern day Assassin Callum Lynch, who relives the genetic memories of Aguilar, a 15th Century Spanish ancestor

    This has been a pet peeve of mine with 'game movies' on known IPs for a while - attempting to 'clone' a game in the series 1:1, but putting 8-20 hours of content into a 2 hour experience. It simply can't be done, cutting plot down to the basics, skipping the little things and just showing the 'best bits' and/or changing things around to suit a wider market...

    Thankfully the mess that was PoP: Sands of Time highlighted this to Ubi completely, they've done the best solution that could possibly be done - Make a standalone title set in the same universe, with new characters. This 1) allows them a LOT more freedom in the process, 2) allows them to create something new for existing fans and not have them picking out what is 'wrong' spending most of the time comparing and not just enjoying and 3) allowing a new gateway for new fans to the series without bogging them down with the wider plot, while still teaching them the core of the series...

    PLEASE be a good movie, if it does well there is a bigger chance to get others to understand game movies shouldn't have to mimic a game just expand on it's universe
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  • One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike

  • Kremlik 11/08/2015

    @alimokrane "As for Sony's price increase, it's expected. Arrogance/Greed comes with success. We saw it with the xbox one reveal following the success of 360 and now we are seeing it with the PS4...."

    I wouldn't call it 'greed' as they haven't charged anything more then the 'base' price, it's still 40 a year.

    Plus you have to factor in MS set the price for 3 months way back when and Sony have only really just really gone full hog with the pricing, it's been a bloody good deal for a while now.

    All this really has done is insensitive a years payment over other payment options and shopping around as I've said above SAVES you more money then before, it's still a win/win overall
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  • Kremlik 11/08/2015

    Been on the 3 month cycle since the start but even still it was costing me more then just getting a full year - this is the push I needed to stop that and with prices bouncing around 35-38 online per year no issue from me. Thanks Sony I'm saving more money now :)

    Either way this has been due for a while, it's more in line with MS and I don't see anything wrong with that, hopefully Sony will invest it back into the network again, 20+ million people trying to get thru the door all the time now, it needs to be a bit bigger..
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  • Square Enix working with Just Cause 3 developers on Final Fantasy 15's airship

  • Kremlik 07/08/2015

    @Daikon XI, XII, XIV, FF7:CC, and the Crystal Chronicles series all say hi.

    Technically speaking the 'classic' ATB system was only ever used in IV-IX, that is still only a third of the numbered series, excluding spin offs and sequels, but including all the named FF titles only just under half have actually been turn based.
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  • World of Warcraft: Legion expansion adds new Demon Hunter class

  • Kremlik 06/08/2015

    What a LOT of players wanted in a while

    Demon Hunter Class - check
    Use of Legendaries at max level, like Ash Bringer - check
    Legendary class quests, like from Vanilla - check
    Illidan not dead - check
    PVP with some meaning - check
    PVP only skills - check
    Emerald Dream/Nightmare access - double check
    Content NOT focused on Horde/Orc - check

    and STILL we get 'not good enough' from the net? Hell I was jaded before WoD yet alone after (thank you 'twitter major patch'), but this is still a big brining for Blizzard. It's made me take notice at least.

    That said it's pretty shakey on the 'day one' mostly due to the lacking of content support post 6.0, I'll most likely check it out after the dust has settled at least
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  • Skyforge giveaway two!

  • Kremlik 27/07/2015

    facebook really? then again due to the amount of bot accounts that spammed other give-aways it's better then 'just submit your email' and do that 9000 times in incognito mode..

    The game itself it's basically PSO meets God of War meets the sphere grid system, which so far is fun and damn hard at the later stages
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  • Square Enix pulls Mac version of Final Fantasy 14 from sale

  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    @mouseymouse well if you take into account 'Japan doesn't do PC' considering PC ports are normally outsourced (Koei) or end up like Dark Souls 1 did, where it's brand new for the core team to even think about it - this was kinda bound to happen more so on MACs.

    It doesn't excuse the situation tho, which Yoshi-P admits he wanted MAC users to enjoy the game at the same time everyone else did and it ended up more mess then it was intended.
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  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    @Folant Aye, many a person would run screaming away from the thought that you can't easily pick a class and race to the current 'end game' content to show off their status in iLVL gear, but that is precisely why I love the game. It just drips in story and lore and doesn't shy away from telling you it in pursuit of 'accessibility'.

    XIV breaks the mold by using the old school way of MMORPGs, by actually using the RPG, and not turning into a arcade hack and slash that is mostly single player with multi-player tacked on at the end
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  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    Between this and the mess with the Heavensward CE (pricing being $=//etc no matter where you were, damaged statues), it seems outsourcing hasn't done Yoshi-P any favours to keep the quality on par with the actual product given by the core team.

    Regardless of Steam Refund Yoshi-P takes pride in his work and most likely would have offered refunds despite current events. Between the detailed posted on why the MAC version failed to live up to the quality (despite some oddities in the reason, could be down to translation) and him actually breaking down live on cam over his 'failure' towards the EU launch of ARR - it clearly shows he doesn't take is work lightly and is passionate for the project.

    The game itself still screams of quality, it's a massive shame all this happened.
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  • Valve will no longer return items lost in Steam trade scams

  • Kremlik 29/06/2015

    @Spuzzell Yes but that is how the G2A 'user seller' system also works. All that G2A deals with is the transfer of payment all the rest to done via the Steam gift/trade system, hence the reason why they can so easily wash their hands of anyone scamming.

    Sites like G2A are more likely to be the source of a gifting scam then within Steam itself as Valve can't track money exchanged - All they see is user trading an item for nothing else.
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  • Kremlik 29/06/2015

    @arty This is less to do with scams within the Steam network per-say and more to do with third party sites.

    Take G2A for example, it's already the grey market area selling retail keys, but it's further down into the darker areas of grey when it's allowing users to sell their own keys via the site as Steam gifts, there is nothing to stop the 'seller' from claiming a scam trade and asking for their game back from Valve, thus walking away with both the game and money on G2A to repeat again.

    G2A washes it's hands of any people attempting to scam by offering a 'shield' for a price and just claim they are just a 'medium to help people sell their unused games' - that doesn't help at all as it falls to the end user and Valve themselves to prove otherwise, this hopefully starts to fix the problem and at least prevent the above from happening.

    Some like the above post never get keys at all it's best to avoid third party sites that don't sell to you directly, there are lots that do, but G2A barely counts as one.
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  • People are struggling to log in to The Elder Scrolls Online on console

  • Kremlik 09/06/2015

    @riceNpea To be fair Destiny's server system is more lobby based then 'everyone in the same zone/node', hence the reason why it held up better, added to the fact you didn't really encounter more then 5 people per map outside of the social hubs, for THAT to fall over these days is highly unlikely. Reply +2
  • Everyone thinks Fallout 4 is out this year

  • Kremlik 04/06/2015

    The fact that it could be out this year is a GREAT thing.

    For one the simple fact we may/are seeing a AAA product announced at/around E3 that ISN'T is pre-production means that 1) we aren't seeing a product we want that is still 2-4 years away we want to play like Uncharted, Halo and BATMAN. 2) we are more likely to see content thats pretty close to the final product and not a 'vertical slice' PR fluff prettied up to the eyeballs with effects most likely scaled back due to performance issues on platforms.

    As I keep saying 'announcements' these days feel like more to build hype, PR and MOSTLY pre-orders to products not even out of the alpha stages yet. IF games got announced closer to their releases then hype would actually be a lot greater and not fall off by time it releases so even more money is spent trying to remind people about the game out the years instead of investing it into the game itself.
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  • WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

  • Kremlik 28/05/2015

    @Chewbaccasdad the sub model works fine, IF the devs show the playerbase it's worth doing so.

    Square Enix have shown it's possible to do so even with just throwing a few dungeons and side content every 3-4 months, compare that to WoW's 5-6 months of 'just one raid' and Garrison 'farming', which is looking like a core reason people left again, even before this whole 'flying mount-gate' atm.

    Offer people 'value' and they will sub.
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  • Kremlik 28/05/2015

    Shocking, not...

    All the signs were there based on ESO last year, I say 'signs' more like big huge flares. It still just tickles me that the devs were saying 'NOPE' even tho it was so clear.
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  • Splatoon stock swiped in Nintendo lorry heist

  • Kremlik 27/05/2015

    Anyone actually wanting to point part of this blame to Nintendo themselves, I wouldn't blame you.

    'Limiting stock', weather intended or not of all the Amiibo figures has made this situation happen... Amiibos are now considered SO rare people are willing to steal them, even BEFORE released and popularity has even been measured? Are we going to expect this with the Wooly Yoshis too?

    If this doesn't slap Nintendo into sense on how to produce the Amiibos better nothing will - no 'toy' should be marketed as a rarity at all, otherwise THIS extreme happens...

    I'm REALLY hoping stealing is the furthest it goes for these things...
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