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  • There's yet another new trading card battler

  • Kremlik 26/05/2016

    I think the main issue is here with CCGs/TCGs on mobile/digital is it's yet to be categorized properly.

    For one Rabbids Heroes, Skylanders: Battlecast, and similar are NOT card games, they are strategy games that use a card/deck skill system that boost heroes already in play; 4th/5th D&D and Warhammer (mostly Fantasy with magic but 40k does use them from time to time) use cards to show different skills but they aren't classed as card games, they are still strategy games at their core.

    The 'true' CCGs are currently, MTG Duels, Hex, Hearthstone, Spellweaver, etc these remain true to a tabletop experience, you still need to draw out monsters and spells from the deck and you don't start with a pre-set field has with the above games.

    There are hybrids of course Chronicle and in some ways Clash Royal start out with a pre-set characters/field but the game is modified via your deck/hand and the game evolves from that; Pathfinder Adventure and Malifaux are great examples of this.

    When you break this down you kinda release the 'TCG' boom isn't as big as some publishers make it out to be, however the amount of sub-genres is definitely growing
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  • Overwatch fan with cerebral palsy thanks Blizzard for custom controls

  • Kremlik 25/05/2016

    As a fellow sufferer of the disability. On the PC side key bindings are a godsend, I can't use the left CTRL or Shift while using WASD nor can I time jumps with movement that well. The fact that the mobile characters have auto climb and the general personal toggles to each character free up choice a HECK of a lot more for me then a general shooter (although I use a keyboard with keys under the space for easier use). Reply +9
  • Sega warns of Total War: Warhammer server issues

  • Kremlik 24/05/2016

    @Chewbaccasdad it's more the case of Sega branding things - even the devs think Total Warhammer is a great name Reply +4
  • Kremlik 24/05/2016

    They tied the server connection TO the loading of the game, why couldn't they just allowed people to connect to the main menu THEN have the option to login for the DLC packs/multiplayer side?

    They can't really say 'but piracy' as 1) it's linked to Steam and 2) JUST by turning to offline it bypasses the 'online connection check' completely..

    To further frustrate matters with Steams 'new' review system it's turned into the Apple App store with a LARGE chunk of the 'reviews' will less then 1 min playtime complaining they can't even load the game, despite the game running great past that problem - to be clear it's a VALID complaint but it could have easily been avoided by simply NOT wanting to connect to a server just to load a game...

    Did no one learn from Simcity/Diablo 3?
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  • The new Doom campaign turns around Steam user reviews

  • Kremlik 18/05/2016

    @Jynxa Well the MP was some misguided market suit's idea for what they 'think' console gamers wanted - I never said it worked :) Reply +7
  • Kremlik 18/05/2016

    @TheChimpy TBH I was expecting a slower movement speed and a less mobile Doomguy, but the 'flow' of the game is amazing add a E-AAA kill counter to the UI and I can almost say it's the spectacle fighter (ie Devil May Cry) of the FPS genre ATM.

    I also agree the marketing team needs firing, it was clear from the get go the 'multiplayer/season pass' side was just for the console crowd. Someone didn't believe the game would sell by just having a single player campaign, despite having The New Order doing REALLY well a few years back.
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  • Blizzard, Twitch plan to act on abuse in livestream chat

  • Kremlik 18/05/2016

    @Jimjamyaha I agree with not having chat during major events, however that said I honestly do think the viewer number will dip quite heavily as a lot of 'viewers' are there to either troll or to bot..

    I hate to say it but that is what the culture is ATM. People hiding behind at avatar have made a few generations bought up in the internet era think that their 'impact' on the internet doesn't effect anything in real life. It wouldn't be too shocking for me to find out most 'trolls' are between the 11-15 range on Twitch right now - it's just a game to them which when they leave the keyboard 'all is forgiven' and the 'game ends', very few are being shown the consequences of their actions on the internet sadly.

    It's great that Twitch are cracking down on this sort of that, but this should have happened a LONG time ago without Blizzard needed to step in and force the issue further. I know of Twitch streamers needing 3-4 mods JUST to keep the chat in order and life events I agree ARE just a sea of text just being flooded with little context behind it..

    TBH IF Twitch want to keep the numbers up but trolling to a minimum - having a better channel management system for chat would be better. If after lets say 100 users chat then breaks off and creates a new 'room' for the next 100 users having 'slow chat' active as well it WILL cut down of the trolls at least as it's harder for them to hide in the 'sea' and get moderated a lot quicker then before - they wouldn't run the risk if they stick out that often..
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  • Assassin's Creed movie mostly set in modern times

  • Kremlik 18/05/2016

    So far this is ticking all the right boxes.

    As much as people didn't like the modern day content in game, it needed to be told to keep the continuity going for the series. With the film mostly dealing with that in a 2-ish hour chunk, this means the games can now purely focus on the content people liked (being an assassin in history) without slowing down or stopping the game to force feed you the modern arc...

    Also with the film featuring a new character, it kinda makes the film optional for fans in a way, it doesn't try and retell already established arcs (which is when fans will destroy it for being wrong aka Warcraft and Dalaran flying is still a major complaint with some before the film is even out), but also can be treated as a side story if it flops or core canon if a success. The film can have as little or as much impact on the series as needed.

    If anyone remembers the .hack games on the PS2, that anime that came with each game that told what was happening in the 'real world' as you play the game - this film is AC's version, and TBH I like the direction UBisoft are going with it.
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  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius heads west

  • Kremlik 16/05/2016

    Well at least it's NOT All The Bravest again, interesting to see this NOT a 13 title on mobile as well - kinda expecting it's 'free' in the feeling you get the first episode tho..

    Plus any word on Kingdom Hearts Chi coming to the EU?
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  • Disney Infinity's demise blamed on mismanagement, inflated sales expectations - report

  • Kremlik 13/05/2016

    The franchise's 1.0 figures sold out - which caused Disney to freak out about lost sales - so its 2.0 range was overproduced. 2m Hulk toys were reportedly made. Only 1m were ever sold.
    THIS is the core problem overall with the whole toys to life 'genre(?)', you can never really know how many of each toy is going to sell until it's actually out there. Added to this it's either go with 'batches' of toys or continually produce the figures to demand, both have their drawbacks.

    I hate to say this but Nintendo may have been in the right on limiting it's Amiibo figures on the first batch and figuring out how well the figure sold on the speed it old out when to create a second run. That said however it's most likely going to end up the same way for Nintendo as Disney had a HUGE line of different figures to choose from even before v3 came out, as think about it, is Nintendo really going to keep making 'Mario vX' over and over again when ALL the Mario Amiibos basically do the same thing?

    Either the market is flooded with their own creations (Amiibo/Skylanders/Lego) or the demand is SO high that there is backlash over not be able to obtain the required product to use in the core software..

    It's the plastic Guitars all over again
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  • Blizzard responds to WOW Nostalrius pirate/private server closure

  • Kremlik 26/04/2016

    @Bertie This is kinda the core issue I keep saying to people when they say 'we want Vanilla WoW' - fact is they really don't.

    What they want is a hybrid server, they want all the benefits of things like low cost/multi spec switching, classes a kin to what it is/was at a certain point (ie no race/faction locks on classes they own now for one), heirlooms for twinking in pvp, MUCH less on the grind from 50-60, gold grinds for mounts lessened/changed, not having to fight constantly to KEEP your pvp gear wearable..

    As Blizzard pointed out a 'pure' experience would be without a lot of GOOD things added since the release of the game going forward - a LOT loved the old games' content, however a lot probably hated the systems in place.. TBH I VERY much doubt Nostalrius was actually a true 'vanilla' experience anyway.

    Point being I think when people ask for a 'vanilla server' they are asking for they old style raids back before LFR made it basically a non-interactive experience with players, class skill and epic weapon quests, travelling being an experience again, skill trees, crafting that actually mattered - TBH I could go on more as they DID do a lot right when Blizzard first started.

    'Vanilla WoW' as it was is probably unlikely to happen HOWEVER say using the Cavens of Time to create an 'old school' Vanilla world/server using the new tech is more likely to happen - anything to pull on those nostalgia heartstrings we have would work.
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  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs 40

  • Kremlik 26/04/2016

    Remember guys we aren't paying for actual content any more we are paying for a 'service' more than anything else.

    I wouldn't mind so much if the price actually was justified, but it's not AT ALL it's just unlimited access to map packs YOU ALREADY HAVE ON DISK, and a few bits of fluff that have no bearing on the core product at all, on top of that non-fps titles offer better value for much less....

    Witcher 3 offers most likely TWO FPS titles of game time on top of the already large amount of game time you got on the base product for half the price, and other titles like Pillars, Dying Light, and others still offer far more value than Gears 4's pack will do

    Modern gaming isn't dying, just the FPS side is about to implode under the weight of trying to sell us 'services' over actual games.
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  • Ubisoft's The Division glitches made the headlines on Fox News

  • Kremlik 25/04/2016

    Slow news week for Fox, was Trump not doing anything? Reply +35
  • Eve Online set for big changes

  • Kremlik 21/04/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Yes and no, 90% of the time ALL combat footage is taken in game (well mostly from the test server universe), HOWEVER that said the game's UI is more for a lack of a better term 'spreadsheet' based, and despite you actually going at speed it feels a heck of a lot slower then it should..

    IF CCP take what they've learnt from valkyrie and put it in the main game SOOOOO many more players would be willing to play
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  • Ubisoft threatens to "punish" The Division players who use a popular exploit

  • Kremlik 18/04/2016

    While I'm in the camp of this should have been tested before release and it should have been dealt with a HECK of a lot quicker, the responses given on the forum are out right crazy.

    You can see right there in the picture 'class action lawsuit' as a topic title, not only is it an overreaction of the highest amount, but are people really throwing around anything whilst swearing these days thinking somehow a publisher/dev is going to somehow respond to 'that' type of comment from the playerbase?

    Although I do think many 'reactions' on the forum are from younger gamers, we shouldn't be supporting that kind of reaction at all, vote with your wallet sure, but swearing at a publisher and threatening a CAL? Nope. The worst thing is once Massive/Ubi DO fix these problems, the people who think it's 'OK' to post that think it's the only way to deal with issues they have with a problem on any level.

    To anyone thinking of posting the same in the future, first CHILL, and second construct your complaint in a respectful matter, you'll get a better response then going in with pitchforks hoping to burn the company to the ground 'making them pay'...

    If talking to a dev like shit and CALs are the response of the future gamer to problems... Enjoy the ash.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4 Remote Play on PC

  • Kremlik 14/04/2016

    Remote Play on the PC is a translation of what was available on PS Vita already, nothing added, nothing taken away.
    Considering I own a Vita for this reason (FFXIV), I'd say it's a pretty big gain considering you don't need to drop any money at all for a 'service' they didn't even need to go out of their way to support.

    It's not perfect sure the input lag IS noticeable in games like Blazblu or Bloodborne, but I can see myself playing more tactical games or turn based JRPGs (P5 for one) with this plus ANY improvement will be a great gain in the long run.
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  • Blizzard games hit by DDoS attack, Lizard Squad claims responsibility

  • Kremlik 14/04/2016

    10. Scriptkiddies DDoS game for attention
    20. Media takes note of this and reports on this
    30. Scriptkiddies feel validated in their actions
    GOTO 10
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  • The Division's big Incursion update has got off to a very rough start

  • Kremlik 13/04/2016

    @SirTimAlot those changes I can deal with as it's to counter the fact nearly every named sub/main boss at 30+ drops a gold item now in hard and challenging. You don't really 'need' to upgrade green/blue to gold parts when you can easily just farm and deconstruct gold gear.

    Adding golds in hard mode post-cap now also corrects an issue I had with the 'endgame' layout to begin with. Considering the skip in difficulty in some missions between hard and challenging if you didn't have your eye on the dev reports NOTHING in game said not to do them until you gained a set gear level. Coupled with the fact outside credit and DZ grinding the only place to gain golds was the very place you needed them, challenge mode.. Which by the time you had them, what was the point..

    Other than the incursion itself, 1.1 is an OK step forward, but seeing how many really did believe the media hype over Falcon Lost, which to be fair the topic does point out the devs never stated it to be a 'full on raid', I understand the backlash. People just assumed as much seeing as for some reason Division is a 'poor man's Destiny clone' in some people's eyes in which a two game sub genre throwing clone about is a little much.
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  • Blizzard closes popular vanilla World of Warcraft pirate servers

  • Kremlik 07/04/2016

    @RPMcMurphy Hence why I said 'lets go to Wrath again'.

    I utterly agree the current LFR system doesn't help either, in fact I'd say it's the other end of the scale completely. No one talks, everyone follows the zerg and nearly a third of the raid dies due to them being AFK and STILL you can manage to complete a raid - and even now people are asking for a SOLO RAID experience....

    Wrath was when the game hit it's peak, I'm not saying that was the best either but it's a close to a 'middle ground' the playerbase ever got.
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  • Kremlik 07/04/2016

    You know, if Blizzard did add an old vanilla WOW server, I'd be tempted to go back.
    Nope, I doubt it, Vanilla WoW is heavily a rose tinted glasses nostalgia trip.

    Lets break this down, classes are no where near what they are today for one. Sharman and Paladin are faction locked for one, Hunters NEEDED ammo and spent most of their time AFK at the back of most raids as 'white damage' for them was optimal, also EVERYONE bitched how OP Rogues were with stun locking and how underpowered Paladins were at basically anything but tanking.

    Elemental resistances made Mages switch specs every other raid JUST to do DPS, otherwise they were just a portal/water vending machine. Speaking of raids trying to organise your guild to 1) get past the 50-60 hump which these days would take longer then getting to cap TWICE 2) make sure they have the correct tier/'anti instant death to one move in the raid' armour 3) had spend MOST of the day farming for matts for potions which more then likely they didn't have time to do or didn't bother... Times all that by 39 and that is IF everyone showed up on time plus the added hour to get everyone to be ready and organised for at least 2-3 hours of hitting that one boss wall.

    Lets not forget the all important unlocking of raids in the first place, have they attuned to MC? No? that is a whole dungeon romp thru another dungeon fine... but Naxx, oh Naxx.. If you though rep grinds are bad now, back then, sigh....

    That is JUST the raiding side, there was a LOT more annoying parts to the game, like PVP in which to KEEP your gear you had to basically play it constantly due to others botting/account sharing to keep those top ranks, and plus EVENTS taken hostage by players preventing raid unlocks IF you even got in the server at the time and it didn't fall flat on it's face every other week.

    The only thing that was good in Vanilla was the fact you needed raid matts to craft items making crafting basically mandatory for the game and the Class/Legendary item quests were epic..

    If you want something to go back to, lets have Wrath with ICC just opening.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition eBay scalpers criticised

  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    Considering SE have only taken a small holding fee for the product re-selling something you don't even OWN yet is low....

    I think it's more than scalping of a few editions here.
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  • Black Desert Online expands for free, future content plans revealed

  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    @siluro8x8 I normally go with 'if it moves, kill it' - hence the reason of many times going rogue in Division :P Reply 0
  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    @ramshot Hence the issue with modern MMO gaming - other then tech upgrades EVERYTHING has been done before, yet people always expect the 'next big thing' to be something left-field and brand new.

    It's not going to happen again for a WHILE now the AAA publisher isn't going to risk a lot of money on world building and consistent content..

    Last people that tried that where Square Enix and EA, FFXIV v1.0 almost killed SE plus EA has taken massive hits from Warhammer and SWTOR, one is dead and the other took a few years to recover. Lets not forget Funcom are running on fumes right now and and Sony dropped SoE/Daybreak which in turn just dropped their next 'main' title for basically a minecraft clone.

    Best we are going to get from AAA are the hybrids with Destiny and Division. It's the smaller devs are going to be the 'next gen' of MMOs and it's looking like sandboxes are coming back with AA and BDO leading the charge, Crowfall and Camalot Unchained later on. They are all taking risks and at least it's going to be interesting.
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  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    @CosmicGypsy Only just bought the game myself (downloading now)..

    The Cash shop IS an issue, the gillie suit as it's commonly called by some actually hides your nameplate in PVP, up until a few days ago there was no counter to this (it's a craftable item), which up until then it was pretty annoying.

    The issue is now is that not only did the gillie suit offer an advantage to whole guilds for a price, a LOT did buy it for the feeling of 'power' over others, no doubt now THEY want their money back because they can no longer 'pown' others...

    It's just lead to a huge mess PR wise, but I've seen more positive then negative about the game so far, it's worth at least 40 hours of my time to start with just on the PVE side and 1 per hour is certainly value.
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  • You can play Tracer in Heroes of the Storm before the Overwatch open beta

  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    'Pseudo-British' is the most apt I would call her, it's either 'that', 'London cockney' or 'posh' in which the latter is ALWAYS considered evil...

    I miss Warhammer at times.
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  • Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy 15 Platinum demo

  • Kremlik 04/04/2016

    IIRC this game started as a Playstation (3?) exclusive back when it was VSXIII did it not? Only to jump to multi-platform quite recently. If so the fact it's running better on the PS4 isn't a shock, SE have had more time working with the engine on that format.

    Either way more formats, more people get to see how SE does when they actually try and put out their best work, not just look at catering to a market they didn't need to..
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  • Star Fox Zero adds invincible mode for beginners, internet reacts

  • Kremlik 14/03/2016

    In a world where people get mad at optional transactions of cosmetic gear for 3.99 - this does not shock me.

    The issue is that I think the game NEEDS this option either way, as looking down at the pad to shoot the looking back to move THEN looking back to shoot again would get some getting use to. Plus it's not like many will be holding the pad up at eye level for long term play as demoed..

    I really hope the control system works, as the game WILL live or die by it.
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  • Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover confirmed for the west

  • Kremlik 04/03/2016

    The moment the game was announced I felt it was going to be more towards Fire Emblem with SMT monsters, now we've actually seen that it's a J(POP)RPG, so it's neither really...

    Basically it's the opening of FFX-2 as a 40 hour game - I'm actually ok with that.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review

  • Kremlik 01/03/2016

    This begs a question. If Twilight Princess is considered an improvement over Ocarina of Time, why has its standing diminished so much more over time?

    Shouldn't OoT be remembered less favorably instead, exactly because TTP now exists as a better point of comparison? And if that can't be held to a game released 10 years earlier because standards were different, this criticism should at least apply to the 3DS remaster.
    It's probably fair to say OoT was many gamers first Zelda, despite the fact Zelda 3 is considered much the same, the peak of the series hype didn't hit critical mass until OoT..

    Consider OoT the 'FF7' of the series the game being an entry point for most thus it was many a gamers 'first time' with the genre, also it was one of the better Zeldas at the time - everything will be compeered to it regardless and it will never be beaten in their eyes
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  • It looks like Naughty Dog used Assassin's Creed artwork for the new Uncharted 4 trailer

  • Kremlik 24/02/2016

    Stolen or cleaver Easter Egg? I'm leading towards Easter Egg otherwise a LOT of people will be having words from Ubi TBH Reply +3
  • Elite Dangerous: Arena launches standalone, priced 5

  • Kremlik 16/02/2016

    @Fourfoldroot IIRC 'solo mode' still uses the world faction/market data from the live server, but 'online only' doesn't equal a requirement of talking to other players it's completely possible to play the game without interacting with live server players. I tend to use solo mode to get to grips with the game and/or chill session Reply +7
  • The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy

  • Kremlik 01/02/2016

    @Badoink when I created the name I was far too young to know what the Kremlin was.. It was actually randomly generated by the character screen in EQ2 when making a Frogloc, it's stuck since. Reply +14
  • Kremlik 01/02/2016

    Between Publishers (King), Corporations (Sony) and Youtubers - is no word safe any more?

    Don't get me wrong copyrighting your 'brand' is a given thats what you do to keep clones from snipping at your business, but trying to take words or terms already is the wide media/culture is just plain dumb.

    What would have been better if your copyright actually INCLUDED a brand name not just the sole word 'Sony/Playstation's Lets Plays' would have go across FAR better then just trying to horde the term to yourself.

    Pro tip for anyone trying to build something like this in the future: Build on a NAME first, ideally your username or nickname (for example 'Kremlik' or Total Biscuit 'The Cynical Brit') add the terms and adjectives later, it's going to be FAR easier to copyright things under a known brand then.
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  • GOG launches an early access program with "no questions asked" refunds

  • Kremlik 28/01/2016

    Good, if GoG give us a good alternative, then Valve may get off their arses and sort out their systems.. It's like when EA started to refund with 'no questions asked' as well, shock horror Valve finally put something in, granted it was to keep ahead of the new EU laws put in place but still it wasn't an overnight choice.

    Once again people may hate on the other platforms for 'not being Steam' but once these start to overtake Valve they are more likely to notice Steam is actually the worst place to buy games ATM - it's just a dumping ground for asset flips and mobile 'ports'.

    Valve has gotten fat and bloated on their 'brand loyalty' and it's shown for a while, places like GoG and Origin are platforms that shouldn't be spat upon because it's not 'their platform of choice' but rivals meant to push ALL platforms forward by trying to actually do good for the customer - they want your money as much as Valve does, but at least they don't take you for granted.
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  • Helldivers, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax headed to PlayStation Plus in February

  • Kremlik 27/01/2016

    For the first time I own these games, but...


    Helldivers is a must for anyone who ever enjoys the Starship Trooper series, it's basically that as a game. EITHER Persona 4 Arena game is worth having although Ultimax has the better roster.

    If it is Ultimax on offer 2 things, 1) Buy the P4A story DLC it's at least 10-20 hours of game novel about the first title and the second story makes MUCH better sense going forward from that.

    Sadly 2) is the fact that the character DLC mocks you from the character select with locks, they WHERE free in the US but we have to pay 3.50 a pop... Gladly thats the only thing negative about the game
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade due this summer on PC and consoles

  • Kremlik 26/01/2016

    @Dr_Cowley it was the case until Bandi picked them up as publisher. i'm really glad they did - this game needed as much help as it can get.. Reply +1
  • Hitman is now fully episodic

  • Kremlik 15/01/2016

    @JoelStinty Agreed with DLC having such a negative view ATM with 'oh they've cut content to sell us back', there is no income past the box sale to continue supporting a game long term - look at Battlefront for that ATM, barely anyone I know wants to buy the season past and/or is waiting on the GOTY version to be released 'and go cheap'.

    Budgets have been out of control for the longest time, remember that the rebooted Tomb Raider (2013) 'failed' despite selling 3.4 million at one point, most likely due to the budget being too high to begin with.

    If the way to control budgets now is to just make smaller titles or as this is going, so be it.
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  • Kremlik 15/01/2016

    Despite the common backlash on 'not getting the full game, so not buying it', I honestly think MORE people will be willing to drop 12 and take a punt on a title they may not have played before or just on the fence about the title in general.

    Overall the income Day 1 will probably be the same if not larger then expected due to the fact it's NOT 50, which at 50 a good chunk of people would have turned around and said 'it'll drop in a sale' and not bought the game outright either way.

    People wanted a lower price point on games, this is a way forward for that. Yes it's not 'the complete story' and you can't hammer the game out over the weekend just to trade in later, however with Early Access being all the rage right now on Steam and with Telltale's (and Capcom's) 'success' with the Episodic format, why not for Square Enix? It gives them a cash injection to continue going, plus games can be adjusted on the go, so if 'Ep 1' is weak in some areas perhaps later chapters it can be improved upon instead on having that 'issue' throughout the game.

    If the quality of the product matches the overall price point still, I don't see any issue with this system, and that said if this current price point is SE's prices going forward, I have NO issues paying these prices for FF7.
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  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • Kremlik 06/01/2016

    All Sony and Valve need to do is offer theirs at 350 (or ofc lower) and the Rift is in trouble in terms of the gaming side...

    Although if it gets backed by the porn industry it's not going anywhere..
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  • PlayStation 4 hack confirmed: watch the Linux demo

  • Kremlik 04/01/2016

    Given enough time any console is hackable in some way, the only way I see this going to 'prevent console hacking' is an online required check JUST to turn on the thing in the first place, hurting the legitimate user nothing else...

    All that left atm is to see how quickly Sony can patch it out really, perhaps going Nintendo's 'latest patch on game disk to play' may be a way to slow things down but really that didn't help the Wii.. *update* reading the comments below it seems it may have already been patched out, as long as downgrading is blocked from then on with patches it's less likely to be a mass market issue. Ebay may be having a few 'hackable version' PS4s pop up though, although that itself could be a fake claim just to inflate the price a lot..

    Ah well TRUE fans will support their platforms either way, I doubt this will kill of consoles it hasn't done so far - bad AAA publishers are more worrying then hackers.
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  • Hyrule Warriors' Linkle was originally Link's sister

  • Kremlik 09/12/2015

    I do see Linkle being a huge set up for Zelda WiiU tho..

    If you note in the last Direct when it promoed the next Zelda 'Link' had his hood up this time unlike the original previews, now looking at both Linkle and Link with their hair covered they look the same..

    Heres what I think next promo of the game, 'Link' drops the hood it's Linkle, then Link rides in next to her.. You play BOTH! Link being the sword expert, Linkle being the ranged.

    Also possibly the first Co-optional game, 'Link' uses the nunchuck/gamepad pro for sword play, 'Linkle' uses the game pad to aim (ala Starfox Zeo seeing as that being it's testing ground).

    THAT would be one hell of a swansong game for the WiiU
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  • Final Fantasy 6 is coming to Steam next week.

  • Kremlik 09/12/2015

    Slightly torn in this - on one hand, YES, those 'chibi' characters don't suit the game on a whole. They seem only there to suit the mobile market considering a LOT of games on there use that style...


    That said if you haven't played the game before, get it anyway, the story alone is worth the price.. The GBA version is the stronger version of all of the remakes as iirc it has the most summons, PS1 comes a very close second, but this version still needs supporting (sadly).

    The reason for this is IF FF7:R sells great and they consider another game being 'REMAKE', I really don't want Squeenix to turn around and say 'well we aren't doing FF6:R as it didn't sell well with it's latest version, despite it being marked as one of the best by the fans' it's a dumb reason but I do see sales factoring in.
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  • Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games

  • Kremlik 25/11/2015

    @ReapingAngel I still have a Vita just in case PS+ throws out a good obscure title..

    Considering to we have to pay the fee to pay online now for the PS4, the extra stuff is just the bonus NOT the reason to have Plus these days - theres still qute a few games I enjoyed but never would have picked up either way, Kings Quest may also be added to that list
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  • No flash or daily deals during Steam autumn, winter sales

  • Kremlik 20/11/2015

    Another thought - maybe to do with the new refund policy? Perhaps they're trying to avoid people buying at one price, then requesting a refund when they see it cheaper in a flash sale the next day.

    Very good point, although Valve have reserved the right to refuse refunds (too many fucking Rs!) to people they believe are abusing the system.

    Still, I believe you're right - this is almost certainly a big part of this decision, although I suspect the desire to spread server loads around a little more and what I said below about industry antagonism towards deep discounts also have played a role.
    It also wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think this may have something to do with the automation process in the sale system, they are trying to void another 'blip, but not really' with the likes of GTA again
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  • Don't Google it: What number EverQuest expansion do you think we're now on?

  • Kremlik 18/11/2015

    EQ is proof that no GOOD MMORPG can really die of 'old age', only really by the hand of the dev/publisher. Where it be because they are finished telling the story they want to tell yet continue supporting the servers and want to move on to new engines that support modern ideas (Guild Wars, FFXI) or some dumb arse of a bean counter thinks shutting down a game will be good in the long term (CoX, SWG).

    The old guard of the MMO industry are still going to this day, hell even UO and AO have had expansions and/or updates this year! Most publishers only really see MMORPGs in the short term, hence the reason why most of the 'nu age' MMOs kinda died quickly when the WoW bubble happened, they wanted X millions in X years - it doesn't happen. W

    oW was the exception to the rule not the defining moment in the genre, planing for the long term and smaller expectations is more likely to net you an 'EQ' more then 'the next WoW-killer' - thankfully I think we are heading back in that direction with Crowfall, Unchained and the others coming from the kickstarter MMO lot.
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  • StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void launches same day as Fallout 4, emerges unscathed

  • Kremlik 18/11/2015

    Your assumption is wrong when you assume everyone is going to buy FO4 and only FO4 - you know there is a chance, a bit small chance that, someone may not even like Fallout as a series...

    Like me.

    *hears the pitchforks and torches coming from Twitter*
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  • World of Warcraft: Legion release date leaked - report

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    Whelp 'Summer' it is then, it's a long wait...

    PVPers aye I still think will be around for season 3, raiders not so much, like I said before it's June when we had the last one and it's June next year maybe? 12 months is a long wait and aye we can say 'well they've done it before', but they've done it before and many are sick of paying for a game with nothing to do...

    With the reports of Blizz not reporting subs anymore, it makes COMPLETE sense to announce that before Blizzcon, there IS going to be another drop in subs but we will never know how much. TBH thats a good thing, I don't think anyone wants to know, they will play it if they love it or not play it until they want to NOT because a number tells them when.

    With people burnt over Flying and X.1 in WoD I think this will be the nail in the coffin for people on the fence with their current sub.

    May the Legion bring you home - it's going to be one HECK of a fight!
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  • Blizzard's Overwatch is a full-price game, not free-to-play

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    30 is a nice price to play it at TBH, sadly still I think we'll be seeing a lot of 'well I'm not buying when there is *insert Free FPS title*', as most expected a F2P model with skins - TBH I doubt there will be skins if they are going the whole 'buy in' and possibly expansion route (ala Diablo 3) they may be just one offs for the box.

    Fact of the matter is it's a crowded market either way between Halo, CoD, Killzone etc on console, and TF2, CS:GO, Quake (whats left of it) and Doom(?) on PC, I just think the way the game is designed 'buy in' is the only way it could play out and not complete ruin the experience in game...

    I hope it does well but the market and people's wallets will show if they made the right choice to go 'buy to play' by next Blizzcon.
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  • BlizzCon 2015 live report

  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    it's a LONG wait for WoW fans, hopefully the attack of the isle will be great pre-launch content Reply 0
  • Kremlik 06/11/2015

    the CE of OW I'm guessing will be around £80-90 considering Amazon US has it at $120 Reply 0