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  • Disgaea 5 is a video game drunk on itself

  • Kremlik 26/05/2017

    Question to those PS4 version owners: I'm thinking about getting a copy of this for the PS4 however is the season pass/DLC stories worth buying into or is the core game fine on it's own.. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 15 survey hints at possible future updates

  • Kremlik 24/05/2017

    @cakelawd Agreed, the biggest issue with FFXV's story instead of making good subplots that tie back to the core plot, the devs stretched the plot so thin across everything it's pretty much broke, and that is even IF you find every bit of lore hidden and do 100% of the optional content.

    The characters are good (Ardyn is close to my top 5 in villains you JUST want to punch) and the world is worth exploring the issue is the motivations of the characters outside of the core 5 characters are a bit muddled and lost, certain twists come out of nowhere and a lot of characters could just as easily not been part of the plot.

    Ironic that the devs have been reported to have played Witcher 3 which still tells a good core story but have enough written content to fill out the world with sidequests that matter...

    FFXV has glimmers of a REALLY great game in there and it WAS an experiment (hence the reason why it was a side title and not part of the core series originally), but it's still not the worst game of the core series, it's a high middle.

    I'm hoping going forward they don't abandon the ideas put forward in the game completely as FF7R seems to be learning from what was good about the combat, and the open world nature of the game CAN be a positive for the series as long as the core story isn't lost trying to build it (If anyone has played FFXIV's story up until the current patch you know that they CAN do worldbuilding well with a LOT of arcs in the air at one time).

    I think FFXV gets a bit too much flack (although understandable) along with FFXII and FFX (and technically FFXI and FFXIV) as SE tried to do something new with the series outside of what FF4-9 did for a lot of what drew the fans to the series, but I think people forget that many of the games WERE risks. FFVII was a risk as it not only changed from 2d to 3d but changed platforms for what was considered it's 'home', heck even the first game itself was a risk for them.

    All in all, FFXV had a bad development run and the story is telling of that, at least they own up to it and try and fix those issues. Like I said the core takeaway from all this is that if they learn from it then all the better from it, despite FFXV's 'averageness' I'm still looking forward to whats next
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  • Shadow Warrior 2 is fine on consoles but lacks key features

  • Kremlik 23/05/2017

    tbh I still think the Pro is a reaction to 4K rather than an attempt to get existing customers to upgrade.
    That is probably a good reason too, however, Sony is looking to bring out 8k TVs by 2020, lets assume that the PS5 will support it....

    The issue is here that the Pro is technically 'outdated' in Sony's eyes by 2020, which means in the next 2 years the Pro games NEED true 4K support. Currently, according to reddit , is 37 titles, however only around half of them are 4k/60fps.

    The core issue is are people happy with JUST up-scaling, if so, some 4k TVs can do that without needing the system to do so, after that are the remaining titles in true 4k worth the switch for many? Considering some of that list are remasters or indie/digital titles, I kinda doubt they are systems sellers for the mass market.

    It boils down to those buying the 4kTV and then the Pro outright for their first PS4 system (possibly at the same time), and those replacing their old/broken TV but still have the base system, and there is definitely more of the latter than the former
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  • Kremlik 23/05/2017

    The biggest issue with the Pro/Scorpio (more so the Pro) is they already have an install base of users happy on the base platform and the Pro/Scorpio is really just a sidegrade, as everything supported for the higher tech MUST be supported on the base system.

    It's not like Sony and MS are alone in this, Nintendo has done this with the 3DS and the 'new' 3DS. The 'new' version had it's exclusive title (Xenoblade) and was met with a slight backlash, then Nintendo attempted an 'enhanced' title (Hyrule Warriors) but due to the condition of the base version, it was met with REALLY bad backlash. Plus it's not like Nintendo hasn't tried this before, anyone remembers the DSi?

    Neither Sony or MS want a 'new 3DS' situation but then want to get people to buy into the 'upgrade', so they are stuck, either push exclusive support and piss off the base install base, or continue to offer small enhancements that really do not warrant a big reason to upgrade.

    I really think this will be the only generation to attempt to offer 'mid-gen' systems on this scale (I do think Nintendo will continue to do so, hence the reason why I'm seeing if the 'new' Switch gets announced in the next few years), although 'slim' systems will continue, I think that is the best we'll get outside of the generation jumps
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  • Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

  • Kremlik 23/05/2017

    I wonder if it is just the PC version ported over, it seems to happen a lot with 'enhanced' versions.

    I'm kinda hoping this is to fuel the fire of reasons to have a sequel, and not them milking it to then turn around and say 'not enough interest on X version'...

    Much like a growing list of games they have (*cough* monster hunter *cough*), THERE IS INTEREST IN THIS IP, let us hope they don't try to limit themselves to one region's/platform's sales numbers
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  • The Lizardmen are angry in Total War: Warhammer 2's first in-engine trailer

  • Kremlik 11/05/2017

    All this needs now is Tomb Kings and I'll be definitely getting this day 1, well I will be anyway Skaven are my kin next to Orks :)

    For basically a standalone huge race DLC pack, considering they aren't changing anything between games outside races/story and basically works with the original, this is shaping up quite nicely..

    (On a side note this 'zoom' function on EG right now doesn't work right in Chrome, kinda clips the rest of the UI)
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holds off Prey in UK game chart

  • Kremlik 08/05/2017

    I'm going to foolishly put my copper in on the whole 'soft boycott' of Bethesda.

    Bethesda's legal team have done something scummy, I agree, considering it's a 'known word' and it's targeting a smaller dev who won't impact their sales in the slightest.

    However, this is the legal team and has nothing to do with the dev team or the game itself, added to that why no boycott for Nintendo, or Atlus atm over their continued treatment with streamers and YouTubers? Zelda, Mario Kart and Persona 5 if I'm not mistaken are the best selling of each series to date...

    My point is you can't really boycott one publisher for one bad thing but give a pass on another publisher for something else just as bad. Bethesda's PR/legal team isn't great right now I agree but neither are Nintendo's or Atlus', heck even Totalbuscuit has coincided his 5-year boycott of Sega for similar reasons as them, simply because publishers do not care about anything but sales numbers.

    Am I saying give Bethesda a pass on this? No.

    What I am saying if you are wanting to say something about the legal practices of publishers, target it at ALL of them, not just single out one while supporting another. Boycotting doesn't work because there is very little chance you'll boycott everything, either from that publisher or the industry in general. Considering many bought DOOM, Dishonored and/or Fallout 4, but boycott Prey, despite Bethesda's practices of this in the past with 'Scrolls'...

    You know what will send a better message, support Preay to the Gods, make sure that game doesn't get bullied out of existence.
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  • PlayStation Plus free games for May detailed

  • Kremlik 26/04/2017

    TBH I prefer Alienation over Abzu, no offence to Abzu but it's not got that much in replay value, it's a great experience but it's something of a 'one and done' title. Reply +28
  • Eight new characters confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

  • Kremlik 25/04/2017

    Captain Marvel wont be part of the MCU for a while yet.

    She already is, 2019, played by Brie Larson, this has been in the works since 2014.

    Considering most of the current MCU, including Thanos, have already been in MvsC games, Captain Marvel and Ultron are the only new characters on the Marvel side so far
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  • Kremlik 25/04/2017

    @bigmith It's because it's the MCU characters only - expect Strange, Black Panther and the Guardians to take up most of the roster Reply +2
  • Kremlik 25/04/2017

    Just thought of this (sorry dad joke incoming):

    Capcom, with this DLC; Are you taking us for a ride?
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  • Kremlik 25/04/2017

    Did they just kill off Chris?

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  • Persona 5 ships over 1.5m copies worldwide

  • Kremlik 08/04/2017

    I have a horrible feeling from the opening that P5 might make me endure days of tedious interactions at school before the game starts happening. Not looking forward to that or navigating public transit, which sounds a bit too close to my real life
    Welcome to 40% of what Persona is, hence it's draw.

    The series is great at storytelling from that part; teens thrown into situations FAR beyond the normal (hence the reason why the 'metaverse'/realm of shadows is so crazy) while trying to balance their real life problems and relationships. Think of Persona as Power Rangers (or super heroes is general) but instead of just having the 'high action' moments constantly but the daily lives in a year.

    If that's not your draw to the series the rest of the SMT series (considering Persona is a spin off from it) is more about the 'dark Pokemon'side of things is focused more on the collection and combat that story - the PS3 titles are normally pretty cheap right not and SMT4 and 4.5 are on the 3DS if you own one
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  • Eve Online dev CCP has an in-house band - and they're coming to Rock Band 4

  • Kremlik 07/04/2017

    YEA! I'll just go to buy RB4 with that new Madcatz guitar...

    Oh, yea.
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  • Atlus isn't keen on Persona 5 streaming

  • Kremlik 04/04/2017

    I'm at the wrong end of this discussion as 'media' in general is more that likely going to spoil the story (IGN's auto-video for one) - having story spoilers in a heavily story driven game it's fair to say to have a heavy hand on this to keep people enjoying the game...

    However it's kinda moot when as said THE WHOLE GAME has been out in Japan and in the media for a long time now, and nothing was done back then... This is definitely Japan's side not understanding our media at all - if they didn't want story spoilers, this should have been enforced from the start
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  • Heroes of the Storm's 2.0 update adds loot boxes and a familiar face from Diablo 2

  • Kremlik 29/03/2017

    @romelpotter By the same logic Hearthstone and all the TCG lot should be classed as the same then, heck throw in Kindereggs too.

    There is a LOT more than having a random 'prize' in a box to call it gambling.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 free trial ditches 14-day time restriction

  • Kremlik 28/03/2017

    @kamakazilucas aye that is because the moment you purchase game time the character is no longer deemed as a trial character Reply +3
  • Kremlik 28/03/2017

    Level 35 could be reached very quickly via Deepest Dungeon
    Also bare in mind that despite this being an option to level: ALL content systems (class switching/world travel/dungeons/chocobo access) at the start are locked behind the main quest story, you pretty much must do the MQS one your first class choice before you have more freedom to select class options at least.

    The MQS now gives far more EXP than you need since the expansion launched so getting to that point isn't too hard (a few hours if that), however on the flip side of that once you have completed the MQS on on class you do not have to complete it again on other classes if you switch, although you do start at level 1 (but have bonus exp considering you have a higher levelled class)
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  • Kremlik 28/03/2017

    I dislike how I keep getting kicked off of my account and have to change the password if I log into my PS4 after playing on PC
    The one time token system (aka the fob/free app) bypasses the 'requirement' of changing your password due to IP/system change. I highly recommend this be everyone's second thing to do after buying the game, the security system is highly paranoid (with reason).

    NOTE: When you do write down the removal key as soon as it's given to you, you can't remove the token without it (although the helpdesk is really helpful on that the first time you mess up)
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  • Kremlik 28/03/2017

    With a game of this scope (read as: a **** tonne of sidequests) a time limit on the trial never really made sense. Added to the fact the level cap is now 35 (has been while now) at least you can slug through the admittedly slow 'tutorial/story so far' arc without worry and get into the meat of the main ARR arc by time you cap out. Reply +2
  • World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 hits next week, takes us back to the Broken Shore

  • Kremlik 24/03/2017

    @protowizard TBH anyone playing both would probably pick FFXIV's story to be done first.

    Broken Shore in Legion may have given us you shocking moments, but manly tears have been shade MANY times over the story arc of Heavensward.
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  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • Kremlik 03/03/2017

    2 AM TODAY we got told via email on Amazon for my copy of BotW on the WiiU, wasn't happy.

    I wasn't holding my breath on Monday either, as some of the US side have been told the 31st is their expected date. Thankfully I knew some people at my local store that had shelf copies ready to sell and threw one aside for me.

    The brick and motor front sales people should be rewarded with beer at the end of today - the wrath of fans wanting their games from digital storefronts (which they have no control over) will be strong today
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  • For Honor: Ubisoft answers the big questions

  • Kremlik 03/03/2017

    The P2P was a deal breaker for me due to both the connection and rage quitter issues bound to come up on launch, which they did. With them explaining the situation of their choice with P2P (and considering 4H is more a 'fighter' than a DS/action combat game) I sort of understand their reasoning enough to justify their choice.

    I'm leaning towards P2P not being that much of an issue long term, but it's still a 'wait and see' moment for me IF the playerbase holds and I can clear the new release list (Nioh, Zero Dawn, Zelda), For Honor is could creep onto my Hardrive at some point
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  • Ubisoft and The Division dev announce new Avatar video game

  • Kremlik 28/02/2017

    Whelp there is Division/season 2 out the window - no wonder they were cagey on giving info on it Reply +2
  • Twitch will sell games this spring, streamers can earn a cut

  • Kremlik 27/02/2017

    So streamers are full on marketing people (remember Amazon is making their own games now designed with Twitch integration). Personally think this is very problematic, how do we determine what's advertising and what's not?
    This part isn't as bad as with other mediums as unlike written/video 'reviews'/promotions, in which you only get to read/see what they want to show you, ALL content on Twitch is live warts and all..

    So if a streamer is saying it's the best game in the world and yet it's either full of bugs, or some glaring issue that is a deal-breaker for you (For Honor's P2P/rage quitters was mine for example), or the game is not simply as good as they claim, you know not to trust them to 'sell' you a product..

    It's very hard to 'market' a title with PR 'smoke and mirrors' when it's being played live in front of people's faces
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  • Disney ditches Pewdiepie after anti-semitic stunt

  • Kremlik 14/02/2017

    I think this is purely a case of Felix being a victim of his own success with the persona of Pewdiepie - I've always considered PDP the 'Jackass of Youtube' with each 'stunt' being basically stupid humour for the sake of it..

    It's worked as his fanbase as grew because of it, in fact a sub-genre of channels has been made out of his type of videos, the problem was the greater the fanbase grew the bigger demand was on Felix to keep that fanbase happy, they came for 'stupid' they got it. This was bound to backfire somehow and it some point with Felix 'crossing the line' of someone's 'good taste'.

    Perhaps this may be a sign for Felix to give up on Youtube or just that style of channel (in fact his last 'stunt' with his closing 'his' channel at 50 milllion subs I thought was his turning point) - this may snowball into something that may ruin his career in the long term being a fan of the guy or not no one really wants that to happen
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  • Valve is removing Steam Greenlight this spring

  • Kremlik 10/02/2017

    Considering it seems like the floodgates opened two years ago on Steam with the often used '40% growth in a year', what relevance Greenlight/Direct has over 'getting to the storefront' when it seems like all you had to do these past years is release on Early Access and stay there?

    Valve aren't fixing a 'current' problem, they are 'fixing' something they should have changed the moment they added EA - Valve have lost control of Steam a long time ago, and it's clear they don't really care as these token gestures of 'fixes' that don't get near enough support after the fact.

    'There are no real 'bad games''? You would think after the whole Digital Homicide (and a few others) issue Valve would release THEY NEED to watch what actually come to the storefront. Putting 'visual novels' aside (as we know they are really talking about the current NSFW games) there are STILL a ton of asset flip titles of such poor quality they aren't really games, they are cash grabs in which the moment the 'game' gets criticised at all the 'dev' goes into a fit and starts lashing out at the community.

    This isn't good for Valve at all, it's dragging them down and they either don't realise, or just flat out don't care that their storefront is turning into a sea low quality because they are making so much money from it.
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  • BBC iPlayer discontinued on Wii U today

  • Kremlik 16/01/2017

    I'm more worried about when the off switch will be for the eShop - there is no mention so far on when or how the system will end, with everything connected with the WiiU being 'ended' with the Switch it's only a matter of time.

    Added to that I'm not really happy that digital content on the eShop is locked to the WiiU (Wii and 3DS as well) and for Nintendo to be 'selling' the SAME titles again under the banner of 'free content' on yet another system to tempt you to buy them again under the minor changes with multiplayer only.

    At least some of the 'remasters' on other systems attempt to bring the games on par with the current gen tech - with the Switch it's unlikely
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  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • Kremlik 13/01/2017

    Zelda, Bomberman, and XBC2 (Spltoon at a push) are really the only games i'll be looking at getting for the system - getting it 'now' doesn't seem really worth it's price tag, unless you plan on getting EVERYTHING to fill in time for the next big release.

    Don't get me wrong it's a good system, but like the WiiU it's looking like 'give it X months' to see where the prices end up and when we (ie UK) actually get these games without dates, because Zelda isn't worth £300+ just to wait on other titles and even then it's on the older format - I made this mistake buying the Wii on launch with Twilight Princess and after that a good layer of dust built up on it waiting for something else to turn up
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  • Hearthstone celebrates Diablo 20th anniversary with themed Tavern Brawl

  • Kremlik 06/01/2017

    @Dysonism 90% of the game is replaying at higher tiers of difficulty. The story mode is basically set to easy to start with which you can just run thru really (the 'lore' in game is basically throwaway as for some reason Blizzard wanted to charge extra for it in two pretty sweet designed books).

    Adventure mode is sandbox mode that allows you to just do objectives in all of the maps, there is a few 'hidden' objectives and Season mode is just rerolling a class from the start for the latest gear, armour sets and a pet or two. (Sadly after the 6th season nothing of note has really come from the seasons other that 'more loot', although the current event is some bit of fun)

    Diablo 3 if stood alone in the genre is a great title, however that said it's FAR hollow on the lore side than it should be (as stated before Diablo's lore can be really good to look at). Now that other titles have been born from the original devs or inspired by the original games, Diablo 3 is a good starting game in the genre but doesn't really expand itself outside of 'phat loot'.

    If you feel like you you want to play more but have 'done everything' in Diablo 3 look at either Path of Exile or Marvel Heroes both are deeper in scope than Diablo, plus are free, and Marvel Heroes was lead by one of the main devs of Diablo 1 and 2 (now moved to PoE) or if you are willing to put money down there is Grim Dawn, Van Helsing and Titan Quest
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  • World of Warcraft finally has a secret Cow Level

  • Kremlik 04/01/2017

    Moo! Reply +3
  • Diablo 3 players divided on 20th anniversary patch

  • Kremlik 04/01/2017

    Moo, moo mo moo moo Moo moo moo.

    MOOOOOO! Mooo mo moo moo Moo Moo?

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  • Unofficial fresh-start vanilla WOW server launches Saturday

  • Kremlik 04/01/2017

    It's not going to be a 'true' vanilla experience anyway. For one it's going to keep the 'mod cons' of LFG and from the look of things it's getting it's own 'perks'.

    It's 'Vanilla' only in cap and map design only really, I highly doubt most of the 'modern' playerbase could deal with the amount of slog some of the original game was (lack of quests at 50+ for starters and the original 50-60 grind) hell I was there and I'm glad it's changed for the better
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  • Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit gets second and third series

  • Kremlik 15/12/2016

    @camo_kill I think Dara knows a bit more about gaming than you want to think

    Dara is basically a ambassador of gamers to the 'common people', even my grandmother understood this above
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  • Kremlik 15/12/2016

    It's a shame I only got around to watching the first show, really need to go back and watch all of it now - I think the Tekken match is still one of the most tense moments I've seen on TV this year :) Reply +3
  • Here's what Doom looked like when it was called Doom 4

  • Kremlik 13/12/2016

    I think I'll rather have had this as a movie than either the one we got or a game....

    Then again Doom: The movie did have Judge 'Bones' Caesar in it so woot woot :)
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  • Final Fantasy 15's story is being patched

  • Kremlik 07/12/2016

    Where as I agree the whole Chapter 0 and 1's ending was mostly a 'watch the movie to truly understand this part's impact we intended' - all these patches will do is flush out a little of the 'why' with certain characters, unlike how Eurogamer has suggested, don't really change the core of the game's story (unlike ME3 which basically chanced the impact of the ending). Added to that they are just giving Chapter 13 a little bit of a boost to help it be more fun to PLAY only.

    For some reason people want a reason to hate games on release ATM regardless of if it deserves it or not. Where has I 100% agree on this with bad ports and unplayable releases, FFXV is not one of these. Sure the story is a little wobbly in places but then again no FF has truly been a masterpiece in writing, but it sure as heck doesn't warrant the finger pointing and calls that SE has 'conned' people with the game release.

    If you own the game already and don't want to replay the story I'm sure that other media sources will cover the differences.
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  • Surprise! Grasshopper's F2P action game Let it Die is out today on PS4

  • Kremlik 04/12/2016

    Let It Die is on the EU store now - it's an odd duck it's Running Man meets Souls meets Watch Dog 2's memes? (when you meet 'UD' you'll understand)

    Don't really 'get' it's pricing model other then convenience if you REALLY suck at farming - Hope it does well, it's certainly 'unique' in certain areas.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Pass detailed, available now

  • Kremlik 30/11/2016

    Seeing as Ubi has opted to continue using a game for a second year and not just throw out another base version for once, gives me hope that Division may be continued to be worked on past the 'first year' season pass - it may have had a rocky start but it's getting better Reply +8
  • Final Fantasy 15 day one Crown update detailed

  • Kremlik 21/11/2016

    I kinda hope the Kingsglave stuff in minor as it'll be a damn shame if the game makes the whole point of watching it meaningless - it's a damn good movie Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed will resolve one of its biggest plotlines in a comic

  • Kremlik 17/11/2016

    @Bumhug360 Well this comic confirms to me what Ubi have been planning for a while, the modern arc is ending in the game only, leaving the focus on the Assassins in history.

    The comic wraps up the modern day story line for the games, however the movie is intended to continue it - consider that a soft-reboot.

    If it goes well I consider that ending up like the RE films (the CGI ones) as an optional way of extending the universe without really affecting the series as a whole. Sadly we lose the one few characters worth keeping around - Shaun :(
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  • Pokémon Sun and Moon review

  • Kremlik 15/11/2016

    @ChrisTapsellEG Any reason for the lack of in game screenshots? Or is it a Nintendo contract thing?

    I know we've had a ton of combat footage from Nintendo, but things like the world UI would be quite nice to see - ORAS bottom screen 'retro UI' was off putting compared to XY
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  • Kremlik 15/11/2016

    @HotCoffee The corridor thing - isn't that just Pokemon in general?

    I don't think once we've actually had an option to do something other than the direction and order we are told to go. The Gym badges are a set order, routes are blocked off for some reason (normally a Snorlax and/or lack of HM/bike) forcing you down a set route, only THEN to be told 'team X has gone here follow them'.

    You don't really have an options until AFTER the Elite Four and then it's mega bosses/Pokemon collection stuff. It would be nice to be able to do the Gyms in any order, or just go 'nope' to having to fight 'Team X' and just go about being a trainer, not this child hero all the time..

    The issue with FFXIII wasn't the fact it was linear, nearly all JRPGs are. It was the fact XIII made it some damn clear you WERE only just running forward from set piece to set piece, coupled with the fact there is no progression in the characters you get until it's ready to jump you over to a next set of characters - until as everyone knows the game finally becomes a 'game' in it's final acts. FFXIII is more the 'FPS shooter single player' of the JRPG world then anything else.
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  • Nostalrius team throws down gauntlet following Blizzard's WoW legacy server inactivity

  • Kremlik 07/11/2016

    Basically echoing whats been said above but doing this stunt WILL NOT lead to Blizzard going 'oh no, they've done that so we HAVE to do it now', Nost have done Blizzard a favour - now Blizz can slap a C&D on the project, cut ties with them and not speak of the project at all until THEY deem it worth doing.

    Nostalrius was barely a 'Legacy server' it was just the current WoW with the level cap locked at 60 (with 'perks' if you paid them), I could actually write a list of the real differences between that and 'true vanilla' but it'll take too long. As Wizbiscuit stated it's more then likely most were playing as it was free. If the server was true to it's 'legacy' status and didn't have the current 'conveniences' like the LFR/LFG system, Heirlooms and a higher gold gain (2000g these days is an hour over the MONTH you took in Vanilla), and players were asked to pay for it, then it's more then likely for the players to pick current over Legacy.

    The main drive for Legacy was the fact that the game wasn't going well for features in the current system, coupled to that patches were few and far between, people wanted that 'old WoW' feeling again. From what came out with Legion's launch and whats coming in 7.1.5/7.2 it's going back what people wanted. PVP is more then just a gear grind again, crafting actually matters, non-raid/smaller group dungeons at high end ACTUALLY are fun, the 'micro events' are going to add more reasons to login other then to run dailies and dungeon locks, MORE CLASS STUFF - heck we are getting a new PLANET as part of a free update, which would normally be expansion fodder.

    WoW doesn't need Legacy servers 'right now' what it did need was Blizzard to fall on their faces because their hubris was killing the game - thankfully WoD did that for us.
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  • Diablo 3 is getting a new Challenge Rift mode

  • Kremlik 05/11/2016

    I'm hyped for both - despite the 'outrage' and 'disappointment' over the lack of a D4/D3 Expansion and the fact they are charging for the Necro unlock...

    The fact is we've had a lot more free content and patches thrown at Diablo 3 since RoS hit, people seem to forget past buying RoS Blizzard have had nothing but good will from us putting that content in - If paying for a class (or hopefully classes, Druid hype!) adds incentive to continue making new areas and features to the game, I'm game to pay a little for something.

    Yes, I'd rather have an expansion to 'fix' this arc like many (Cain actually coming back as the new Archangel of Wisdom would be nice) but if this new model leads to it funding the series to go forward and not be a money sink for them, I can wait.
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  • Eve Online community rallies around family left by passing of popular 37 year-old player

  • Kremlik 03/11/2016

    Finally this is in the news - sooo much goes on with EVE outside 'player hate' and real nasty scams (see last month's one) that do hit the news, that the REAL community of EVE gets overlooked - THIS is what EVE really is, a community, through the good times and bad, people bond and in our 'fake little universe' we've made more friends and connected so many people's lives together it's sometimes feels unreal.

    BC was a friend to us all, and it's shocking and sad to see him leave us.

    On that note Open Comms (moved to tomorrow, Friday) and TWiNE (Sunday) will be talking about and sharing memories of such an impactful person.
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  • Next Tomb Raider game leaks after someone leaves laptop open on the subway

  • Kremlik 01/11/2016

    Considering the team behind this version, wouldn't it be logical to assume this TR May be a 3rd person stealth based title? Seeing as Theif kinda fell on its face it would make logical sense to reboot the idea under a better IP, not to draw direct comparison to things like Dishouned 2 and try to crack into the AC fan base while it's not in media circles? Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 15 is getting a multiplayer mode

  • Kremlik 27/10/2016

    Like with last time I honestly don't understand why people are upset by what is basically side content to the main game, which you CAN wait to buy before playing. As stated in this article, the CORE story is finished, nothing has been cut from it at all, Noctis' arc WILL be told within the £40-£50 part you buy.

    All this extra content is is flushing out the other character's arcs, heck we barely know what 'multiplayer' is - all it could be is running the story bosses/dungeons as a co-op group, or as someone stated chocobo racing. As far as the other character's side story complaints are, were you upset when Virgil had 'barely' an arc in Devil May Cry 3 and 4's remasters?

    Most likely not, in fact many probably bought the games JUST on that fact, and funny thing that we are getting all this for £20 despite putting down more on remakes for the basic 'new character' addons.. The fact that they are continuing to add content to FFXV when they didn't need to and it NOT just skin packs (the XIII series says hi on that one).

    It being optional AFTER the main content is finished is good because IF you didn't like the core game you didn't need to buy the season pass to play it - I think people are upset because they think you have a poor experience of the game if you don't, from the looks of things it's going to be fine without the season pass
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  • Kremlik 27/10/2016

    @bigmalky Multiplayer Final Fantasy... The world just ended.

    Just, why? - Oh how little people know - it's been in the series a LONG time now
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  • Japan getting new Monster Hunter next March

  • Kremlik 27/10/2016

    This version probably will be a 3DS exclusive due to the fact Capcom would have remake the UI from the ground up for the Switch considering that is only one screen.

    However that said it's not the first time we've seen a 'second gen' of a MH title turn up in a different format - add to that the rest of the world only gets the 'updated' versions now so while this may be a 3DS only title, MHXX(squared?) may be released as a cross platform title
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