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  • Sonic Forces will let you play as Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Kremlik 19/09/2017

    Shadow is the 'anti-Sonic' huh?

    Nope, Shadow is furry Vegeta, Sonic is Goku, Tails is Krillin, and Big the Cat is basically Yamcha..

    The Chaos Emeralds are Dragon Balls, and ofc the 'Super' form is the Saiyan form (ala LOOK AT THE HAIR)

    Puts on mask You really didn't see it coming did you?

    Hums the Persona 5 battle theme and leaves
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  • Here's Raiden and - surprise! - Black Lightning in Injustice 2

  • Kremlik 18/09/2017

    Next year's "Injustice 2: Complete Edition" is shaping up to be great!
    Pretty much this, I bought MKX on release ended up trading it in after finishing the story mode and doing not much else with it. Ended up buying XL some time after it's release and saved a LOT because of it.

    I think after this I won't be buying the first version of a Neatherrealm title and wait on the 'complete' versions.
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  • Kremlik 18/09/2017

    @spamdangled it's cheaper for them to just 'port' Raiden and his moveset over and reskin, than completely animate a new character..

    TBH I still feel a little ripped off with him considering.
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  • And that's that for Battleborn

  • Kremlik 18/09/2017

    I don't blame gearbox. I blame the publisher. 2K thought it'd be ok to release this game around Overwatch
    If I remember correctly it was Blizzard who announced OW release after BB had it's beta/release dates set...

    It's good marketing by Blizzard ofc but this isn't the first time Blizzard 'wait' to announce stuff - Many, MANY, WoW expansions get dates just after new MMOs get release dates and 'major raid patches' dates seem to get held back for other game's expansion releases, most recently 7.2.5 only really got a date around FFXIV's Stormblood date announcement to keep players subbing.

    I'm pretty sure if Blizzard didn't think they 'owned' the market with RTS and Diablo-like games we would have seen content drops around DoW III and Path of Exile's expansion too
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  • Recent disasters hurry World of Warcraft to release this year's charity pet

  • Kremlik 13/09/2017

    Considering Blizzard tend to flip between 50% and 100% of profits when it comes to pets, in light of recent events - *old knight voice* they chose wisely Reply 0
  • What Destiny 2's post-credits teaser means for the series' future

  • Kremlik 11/09/2017


    aye GGEG, the game is barely out and your have already spoiled the ending for people WHO CAN'T BUY THE GAME YET AT ALL (ie PC users)

    Why don't you just post about GoT and say you would guess who dies while posting a character picture?

    Post the logo next time to completely cover the ending or something, and really a 'tagline' like that REALLY helps hide the ending
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ now available on Nintendo Switch

  • Kremlik 07/09/2017

    Despite owning a Switch and liking the game - No sale for me for the simple reason of dead/broken Switch = 1000+ hours of Isaac lost

    For something that is meant to 'hybrid' between handheld and console it's got a key feature missing - save data backups.

    This game and Desgaia 5 are two games I'd buy in a heartbeat for the Switch if it wasn't for a lack of a simple update to the OS
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  • Oh my god Secret of Mana is being 3D remastered for PS4, PC and Vita

  • Kremlik 25/08/2017

    The possible reason for the lack of Switch version is because the original is been re-released under the 'Mana Collection' in Japan, perhaps Square Enix didn't want both versions competing for now.

    Seeing as it seems we are not getting the collection over here, at least having a remake of the second game isn't too bad (the first WAS good and needs a remake more but, eh, I'll take what I can get)

    Edit: and now you've updated the article, like you already remembered this, Bert :P
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  • Sony apparently "won't allow" Ark: Survival Evolved PS4-Xbox One cross-play

  • Kremlik 20/08/2017

    But why no cross platform play with PC? FF14 does this and it's fantastic!
    I think this is the only game with the reverse situation - Yoshi-P (the lead dev) has gone on record before and stated MS wanted their own 'Xbox exclusive' servers, login, subs and perks, along side the main server base.

    Ofc this has been flat out rejected by the devs considering there isn't a platform or region lock on any of the servers, plus the admin required to separate the system to 'allow' Xbox controlled servers would just be costly..

    Although NOW we may see a change of heart by MS (blame Joker) considering the numbers of the game and the amount of requests for it before they lose players to another platform just to play it.
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  • Blizzard to livestream Gamescom "Reveal Ceremony" on Wednesday

  • Kremlik 17/08/2017

    @UKRaver1980 Pretty much SOMETHING WoW expansion like will be announced, thats for sure.

    I'm more in the part of 'Diablo 4: We are sorry for Diablo 3's story' and 'Starcraft 3: more about the fight, less about the shipping'
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  • It looks like Capcom's fixed Chun-Li's face in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

  • Kremlik 17/08/2017

    @CrashOkami Well it's more FOX refusing the join the hive mind and conforming to the House of Mouse.

    Remember Netflix's roster is absent too and wasn't 'Monster Hunter' considered? Or is he now gone/DLC?
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  • The Amazing Eternals is the next game from the people behind Warframe

  • Kremlik 16/08/2017

    Considering the state of Warframe (ie DAMN good for a F2P 'Spaceninja' game), it'll be interesting to see how this does.

    It's a massive gamble considering it's getting fairly crowded already with 2K already failing with Battleborn and CliffyB basically wondering why people aren't buying into his game when he's basically competing with himself (ie Quake Champions vs Lawbreakers)

    Considering they directly call this out at being a 'hero shooter' If DE release this game at near the same quality Warframe is now (not when it first started =/, it was a mess) then we may see the first real chance at dethroning Overwatch.

    TBH which is great for both sides then Blizzard WILL have to up its game again and deliver something special for OW
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  • Johnny Depp helping produce The Secret World TV show

  • Kremlik 15/08/2017

    Depp aside, a show like this could be interesting, the issue is that many would see this 'cloning' shows like Supernatural, Buffy, or Stranger Things - added to that Defiance didn't set a great tone for games/tv crossovers...

    I would watch this as I'm a sucker for this kind of thing tho if it leans more towards X-files/Stranger Things the better for it
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  • Nintendo hit by lawsuit over Switch design

  • Kremlik 11/08/2017

    Oh what's that a popular device/game/meme? Let's try and make money from something I/we had nothing to do with by taking them to court over it!

    Anyone else releasing this is becoming the biggest 'get rich quick'/'my media presence has slipped I MUST hit the headlines' method in the past few years?
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  • Destiny 2 has exclusive sparrow for Virgin Fibre customers

  • Kremlik 10/08/2017

    All this money spent on 'promotions' and R&D/sales for other 'products' around the game (ie FREAKING CANDLES?) for Destiny 2, you would hope the same amount was spent ACTUAL development and content for the game...

    I doubt it.

    Publishers FYI if you actually cut down on PR/media for your games you wouldn't need to have X million sales to just break even.
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  • Flood of new Steam games following Direct introduction

  • Kremlik 09/08/2017

    But we all knew this would never fix the problem with greenlight. The $100 fee is an entire order of magnitude too low.
    The fee really is moot to a person just making flips to make money on the trading card market or attempting to hide money via digital assets.

    You could make it 10 grand and shit still will end up on the store.
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  • Kremlik 09/08/2017

    Valve promised it would "be keeping an eye on new submissions and making adjustments as necessary".
    The biggest load of BS Valve has ever said - EVERY game summited is pure profit for them, that's before the 30% cut. Jim Sterling (thank god for him) pointed out last week a series of FIVE games where all that was changed as the background and zero effort was actually made to create them as it just was a demo package of software.

    Added to that during the Co-optional podcast last night TB and co pointed out it's near impossible to find games to highlight because 1) Game names are bad and 2) having to go through 200 upcoming games a week is just nuts. As they pointed out it's MORE important for ACTUAL devs to get the word out about their games now (insert can of worms of fake 'journalists' asking for keys to help promote things) or get utterly buried under the flaming trash heap of asset flips.

    Either Valve have REALLY got to moderate this PROPERLY and make sure the correct titles make their way into the front page, or Steam itself may implode due to the weight of the flood - we may see a new Indy/AA platform rise out of it actually willing to help put their foot down and stop flips at the door.
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  • Over 10m people have played Final Fantasy 14

  • Kremlik 08/08/2017

    @UKRaver1980 I would say FFXIV's combat is on par with most of the early MMOs in terms of GCD times, it's actually WoW that's faster than average. Also in terms 'time to kill' they are both about the same; WoW ends up doing more attacks but lower overall white (basic) damage but FFXIV carries more weight behind it.

    Also in the early stages FFXIV's combat feel depends HEAVILY on class Monk and Ninja feel faster as they use a combo rotation whereas Dragoon Warror and Paladin are slower but do more damage. All evens out in the end as FFXIV is heavily in favour of movement based bosses and rarely you 'run out' of skills to press by time you've finished dodging everything.

    To answer the other question: the 'lack' of seemless world is console limited however the zones are far larger in Stormblood due to the lack of PS3 support. That said it's no different than Guildwars and Everquest anyway
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  • Persona Q2 announced for Nintendo 3DS

  • Kremlik 02/08/2017

    Q2 - you mean Quinn right?

    *points to people who get that*
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  • Guild Wars 2 expansion Path of Fire announced and out in September

  • Kremlik 01/08/2017

    They threw the baby out with the bathwater with GW2. I like that the healing job was divided equally amongst all classes. ArenaNet should have done the same with tanking and aggro management.
    In defence of the game - they did.

    It was BECAUSE everyone could heal they did what they did; The issue they saw with other MMORPG's combat (ie WoW/FFXI's at the time) was that many fights were just 'tank and spank' with the tank completely holding aggro and the DPS just wailing on the mobs, not that interesting and pretty boring to watch. Note that this was before Tank swapping was considered a major thing and before WoW got inventive with it's battles, and ofc FFXIV:ARR's movement focused battles came into play.

    GW2's solution was to allow the mobs to 'bounce' between players with certain skills trying to liven up the combat a little by not telling who was going to be next, to counter that was the dodge system, which completely negated damage and a few 'hard taunts' in case people wanted to 'be a Tank'.

    The problem was players were (and still are) too used to taking blows expecting their support classes to heal them, thus not dodging and taking heavy damage, and most of the playerbase opting to go 'pure DPS' and not taking the correct skills in dungeons designed to help stop that.

    HoT kinda tried to create specialised 'holy trinity' roles with the new class specs in their push for raid focus but they were unpractical in most other content, or in some cases unbalanced in PvP and WvW combat.

    Once you get used the whole 'avoid damage as much as possible by dodging EVERYTHING' the game's combat isn't that bad, it's one of the more action based ones I've encountered, and it's one of the strongest points of the game..

    It's a shame it falls over on my above post's reasons
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  • Kremlik 01/08/2017

    @whizzedout it's a shame post-launch of content outside the launch of anything GW2 is spotty at best.

    It's that which has put me off the game for the longest time - I've only really logged in to get the living story content for free before it locks behind a paywall.

    The devs really have never supported and committed to any side of the playerbase; HoT was 'for the raiders' at launch basically kicking it's base game's 'it's casual fun as there isn't any goal in the game' players in the teeth after they spend a whole 2 years building them up as they wanted to chase the raiding playerbase numbers from the other titles to try and tempt them over.

    What's really funny is the devs really didn't support raiding in the end, leaving that side of the playerbase waiting on two raids, one which was only less then half the size of the first and basically rushed together to set up this expansion.

    Most of the time they have spent bouncing between 'supporting casual play' by adding more outfits to the cash shop and half-arsed supporting WvW which pushing eSports in the instanced PVP flag.

    If anything I'm damn well hoping they either commit to the HoT playerbase or the original game playerbase with this expansion, and not attempt to push yet ANOTHER half baked 'overall goal' for content - as it's very frustrating to really know what to do in a game who's 'core focus' changes every 6-12 months.
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  • Pokémon Go developer postpones European events after Chicago problems

  • Kremlik 31/07/2017

    @Brainflowers I was going to write the same - the issue is it's lose/lose for everyone anyway, even when they delayed the event it's not soon enough; people have probably booked rooms/flights/time off work to do this.

    The only Go event to be deemed a 'success' in a way are the smaller ones, the one in Chester went really well tying the cities attractions to a stamp book/vs event between the three teams - which was also free and they worked with the city to pull it off, I think the city made £3 million off the event (despite complaints from the locals complaining amount the amount of new people in the city, which TBH as a tourist driven City is a little silly).

    I really think going forward the paid 'big' events should be scrapped, and events like Chester should be the focus, as at least it's in an area KNOWN for high mobile traffic and high populations.
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  • Square Enix really wants you to know Ashly Burch is involved with Life is Strange: Before the Storm

  • Kremlik 18/07/2017

    It's good the devs to try and keep the same style/direction with the character despite the circumstances - I mean it's not really their fault Ashly can't work on the game, not that it's hers either really, as it looks like she REALLY wants to be involved in the game just that her hands are tied due to her union.

    Plus I hate to say this but it's not like Ashly's 'known' for the role as it's only been the one game and with her advice, we could barely notice unless listening to both at the same time, which will be well done on all fronts...

    Unlike a certain series which had been ONE person the whole time to a jarring change to a more high profile actor who sounded very little like the original.
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  • Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age review

  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    Does it still have that dumb thing where if you open a random and nondescript chest in the first part of the game you can't get the most powerful weapon at the end?
    Last time I heard that was 'fixed' you don't loose access to it in this version
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  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    @scuffpuppies The games can be played as standalone games (if not direct sequels ie X-2, XIII-2/Lightning Returns), there is no direct stories between them, running themes, yes, like Cid Moggles and Chocobos but that is all mostly...

    HOWEVER that being said there are mild connections within the universe as a whole; Gilgamesh is considered the same character between games as he is aware of certain events from other games in the series he's been in. He travels through 'The Void' something between realms which is also considered the connection between games; Darkcloud and Exdeath mention this a lot and Lightning in a semi-cannon story in XIV ends up in its world after being sent through it (Shantotto and other characters *spoiler reasons for both games for omitted name* end up in XIV too at certain points).

    That said it's only in the very loose terms the games are connected, more a nod to one another with Gil being the strongest tie. Only Dissidia series is considered a crossover of the games and that is highly debated to be cannon at all

    There are other connections but the base answer still holds true you can play them as standalone games, and yes Number1Laing, I am that loon :)
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  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    This game is not 'pluto' of the series for sure to the numbered series but this is basically a nod to Ivalise itself, it's just as said the story isn't as great as it should be but still carries the world really well...

    FFXIV sort of helps this game a lot now with ARR onwards, as not only the combat system follows the design (note the pings in XIV do the same as the combat lines in XII) but XIV takes heavy design ideas from the tactics series in general; The Empire armour design is basically the Judge design from Ivalise - really the only real missing thing from XIV is the Viera which I'm half expecting them to be featured in the upcoming raid, and possibly the third beast tribe (if not a race unlock, as they were on the table to be a race within XIV at one point).

    Perhaps like I said with XIV being popular many turned off by the drastic change from IX mostly, XII is given a second chance to be 'understood'
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  • Watch out, there are convincing fake NES mini consoles about

  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    The funny thing: there is barely any difference between a 'real' and 'fake' Mini - isn't the real version just a raspberry pie (or something akin to it) with an emulator and roms basically? This isn't really anything new, there's a metric tonne of Sega console emulated systems out there being sold in actual retailers.

    The only real difference between Sega and Nintendo is the fact Nintendo made official versions and throw a heavy hammer at anything they didn't officially brand
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  • Netflix Castlevania gets second season

  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    Am I right in beliving an Assassins Creed one is next?
    Yes, and it's a new story too, so don't get your hopes up for *insert character*
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  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    'season' is a loose term for this series it's more 'part 1/2' it was always intended as a full story by the end of it, so you wouldn't get the 'complete season' until next year...

    Still can't wait for it tho
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  • Mercy me: in praise of gaming's greatest healer

  • Kremlik 10/07/2017

    Please - Mercy is just an avatar of our will, it's the people behind them that warrant the title.

    Go to any MMORPG and find the real heroes that can turn a wipe with all but themselves dead to a full blown kill with the whole party standing. Sure Mercy could do the same but try doing the same thing WITHOUT a 'mass res' on hand - then get back to me.

    Being a 'healer' requires damn good situational awareness, even a bad dps player can be saved if a good healer is in the team (see that thing on fire for the love of god don't stand in it - it's been 20 years now you should all know it), badly geared tanks still feel like gods as well with healers bouncing their health between 1% and 60%..

    Mercy may be the poster child of this article but this can easily be extended to ANY healer type in any game as long as the player behind it knows what they are doing
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  • Paradox offers free game or two DLCs after price hike kerfuffle

  • Kremlik 07/07/2017

    @Ironlungs_76 After reading through the forums, yes, this offer does include DLC purchases IF you have paid in any currency other than USD. - source:

    However the Humble Bundle Stellaris copy may be exempt from this rule as you do pay in USD for the bundle which is converted
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  • Hearthstone's next expansion turns heroes into Death Knights

  • Kremlik 07/07/2017

    Boooooo no ACTUAL Deathknight class, BOOOOOOOO!

    Converting the existing classes is cool and all (AH!), but it's going to be yet another gimmick of a set to be buried in wild in a year or two
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  • Here's what is and what isn't in the Destiny 2 beta

  • Kremlik 07/07/2017

    I wanted to make a joke about 'that's half the game in the beta', but I'm worried it may be true...

    That is kinda the main question here: what content are we actually getting in the base product, I know Bungie has said the standard 'we've listened, there will be more', but define 'more'...

    Yes, we DID get 'new' content in the form of events but most of the time it felt just thrown together and half-arsed plus the main content (what little there was) was ALWAYS behind a paywall in the first year. Yes, the expansions did offer more but when I can actually use the phrase 'WoW produced content faster' it's not a great sign...

    The story is 'confirmed to be bigger', but I worry it's just basically more quest loops hidden behind rep grinds, they HAVE been in talks with Blizzard before over content (and loot system) ideas, looking at Legion's 'world quest loop', it's probably going to burn out players if that system appears, there aren't THAT many quests to do in WoW's system, and looking at the originals bounty system can they do more that 'kill X' and 'don't get hit'

    Added to this the RNG is apparently getting removed from the game in a way with more' meaningful drops' at the end of the raid - this is great, however what IF you got a good drop after the first/second run? You are really stuck for choices if Bungie sticks to the original content rollout design, PVP/Iron Banner shouldn't be the 'be all and end all' to the gaming loop to fill time between (paid) updates...

    I want to jump in on launch but considering these questions won't be answered until at least their first expansion, I may hold off until the first 'GotY' version and buy them together - leading to the question how many will do the same concerned about how the content will roll out.
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  • Evil Genius 2 in development at Rebellion

  • Kremlik 04/07/2017

    Evil Genius 2 will be a fully-fledged sequel and it won't be free-to-play.
    That is really all you needed to write - thank god they took note of Dungeon Keeper's backfire and all the quite shitty city/hospital builds on mobile and said 'NAH'..

    Gaming needs more management/city builder games!
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  • How internet trolls became Mass Effect fans' public enemy number one

  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    NB: This isn't directed at EG persay, just the whole 'media' (be it blogger YTer or general media overall) I think this highlights a greater problem overall: The use of sites such as Reddit/Neogaf for sources of 'news'...

    This issue is spread further in the 'news rush' to be ahead of the curve and sites parroting other sites assuming 'their source' have done the fact checking without doing any themselves.

    Further compounding the issue when Devs and PR teams are normally contacted about rumours instead of 'no comment' which will then lead to only speculation - they either give half truths or flat out lie to capitalise on hype for the product whether true or not.

    This leads to a mess ACTUAL of journalisum being called out as lies (Rabbit + Mario, and BG&E2 bing large highlights of the past weeks) and hoaxs being 'comfirmed facts' (as above)...

    All in all IF fact checking and cross checking by the media was done by EVERYONE then we wouldn't be so so distrustful AND trustful at the same time
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  • Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood review

  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    @nakedfalafel Ouch - Well I know Blizzard DO ban accounts for chargebacks, but I understand SE's side of the system as well - If I remember correctly Japan is really tough on credit card fraud (a reason could be the strict banking laws), and charge backs are counted as part of that over there - Considering it's a Japanese company they tend to follow Japanese law despite being hosted in different places

    It's just a flat punishment of ban with gaming in general, if you recall recently due to an error at Sony's Paypal end, a lot of accounts where banned due to chargebacks via Paypal - With Mogstation you could say the system was at fault, however, I would be am messy process to try and prove so at the time over 'user error'.

    It really sucks that happened to you, I want to say I hope there is a way to sort it out for you, but the way the law is in Japan unless they admit fault sadly it's not going to happen =/
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  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    @nakedfalafel True, but that currently is still not under the FFXIV team's control - I remember Blizzard's support being JUST as bad at times in the early days when it was just a flat 'nope', GM control was given, then taken away and it's only really after 10+ years it's somewhat OK now they have more tools to use without 'complete power' in game..

    The Blizzard (and FFXIV's) forum support is still a infinite loop of hot linking to FAQs which give little information other than 'see support' - then again that is true of ALL support system these days
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  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    @The12thMonkey Another thing popularly held, which was sort of changed during the documentary was the fact Yoshi-P broke down during the launch due to the fact he felt that he failed the US and EU communities over the server issues during the launch.

    While technically true, we find out he also met a young player on the way to the press event who then thanked him for 'saving their game' which made him so overwhelmed. He also states he doesn't remember much during that time, but I want to believe both events are true due to the amount of contact he has with the playerbase directly and them with him (due to the amount of fan art shown on his office wall and his 'Birthday Gift' from Reddit's community with a book of players thanking him for the game).

    The Documentary cemented the fact that not only is he respected by his team for the amount of work he did for XIV, but continued to prove he gets well deserved praise from the playerbase as well
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  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    7. Exploration, there is very little of this, it's a themepark MMO and never really strays from that.

    8. Crafting, no idea about this, as I don't do it.
    I can cover these two.

    Actually Bob with point #7 - there are systems in place to warrant exploring the game, whereas I agree there is basically no 'hidden areas' in the game, systems like the Sightseeing log (introduced late ARR) rewards players when they find certain areas hinted at a kin of Zelda's BotW photo memory system.

    Added to that I would technically class hunt logs and hunting as a form of exploration, I know people generally shout out the locations of the hunts and also can find timers on websites it still requires the playerbase to look for them on the maps, I would also include fishing as a form of exploration due to the fact it has a log book for fish in the game you can only obtain in certain places and to complete this is a huge task in on itself..

    As for crafting it's a beast on to itself, as mentioned above Fishing as a gathering class is deep and is required for a lot of crafts not just cooking. The other two gathering 'classes' are Mining and Botanist which aren't as deep as Fishing but require planning at high end in terms of skill and time (for example certain nodes to gather only appear at set times during the in game day).

    Added to that it isn't as simple as 'click to collect' as like each combat class the gathering and crafting classes have their own stats, armour skills and even stories behind them.

    Without going that deep into Crafting itself (as I WOULD be going on forever with the amount of detail), it is one of the deepest crafting system in a 'themepark' MMO, outside of Sandbox types like EVE. There are 8 disciplines, which then can be specialised into 3 classes in later Heavensward for extra bonuses, with their own systems and bonuses - the system also requires planning, gearing and skill as it's possible to fail at the craft losing the materials in the process...

    A lot of players sink a LOT of time into Crafting itself within the game and barely touch the combat/raid side of the game due to how deep both gathering and crafting systems - if you are a fan of crafting and love 'market pvp' you can easily spend a LOT of time just making Gil and profiting in XIV
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  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    @Radish Valid points for new players, this is sort of the reason why expansion 'reviews' to MMOs are so rare, it's interesting to see Stormblood being heavily reviewed in the media when Heavensward was skipped..

    To go into full detail about every function in a MMO for a 'new player guide'would be pages upon pages and not an interesting read (bit of a shameless plug - I did ARR's review on BlastProcess, we had to split it up into two parts as I went into the systems just in the base product, and that was me trimming it down), hence the best place to go is the community itself, normally we would say it's a bias source, but MMO players tend to be the most critical about their games, so it's good to read the reviews THEN get to the real meat of the systems from the players.

    Another issue with expansion reviews (and MMO reviews in general) is that at launch and going forward you never really get a complete package from day one - you can ask about raids for example but these don't get put into play later on, yes, they do exsist, but for example, Omega (the high end content dungeon) only gets rolled out this week, and the 'true' end of the Stormblood's content will not be released for another year and a half at least. WoW is another example for content rollouts; a major chuck of it's expansion only just got revealed and is on the PTR something we never knew about during the launch of the game.

    I think the reason why Stormblood got a big media push this time was because Square Enix gave preview access to the new classes this time plus most likely copies of the game and enough gametime to finish the base level of content,ie the Story, considering XIV's story arcs almost rival the singleplayer versions, it's a pretty good bet SE despite being a MMO in design, wanted their non-MMO playing fanbase to be tempted into XIV for it's story arcs alone
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  • Summer Games Done Quick starts

  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    @Toothball Save the FRAMES! Kill the Animals Reply +2
  • Kremlik 03/07/2017

    I know you wanted to show off the content EG in video, but can you do a mild favour: When available, could you update the video to its official source on Youtube -

    I rather the source profit from this (and putting the profits to good use) and not some third party basically ripping the VoD off Twitch (no offence).
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  • GAME hikes price of SNES mini in-store deposit from £10 to £50

  • Kremlik 27/06/2017

    @Hadji_Murad US translation for you, it's Gamestop but with the quality and knowledge base of Target

    GAME is considered the main 'dedicated' gaming retailer, after it bought up everyone else (before it collapsed in on itself like a black hole), there are other gaming retailers but they aren't are nationalised (Grainger Games) or are just as bad as GAME if not worse being a glorifed pawn shop selling 'new' products - CEX stores buy up stock from local stores and resell the products at inflated prices based on rarity of the item in the local area, for example the NES mini is currently £125 in my area (RRP £50) sand thats the LOWEST price CEX has sold it at - covers most of the issue
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  • Kremlik 27/06/2017

    Interesting thing here:

    On part 3 GAME state their deposit price is £20 on consoles - wouldn't this be breaking their own T&Cs to change £50? It'll be interesting to know if anyone in sales law can follow up on it
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  • Kremlik 27/06/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Sad thing is Nintendo KNOWS this sales tactic works - people buy ANYTHING Nintendo when they can out of fear of not owning it...

    Scalpers buy for the same reason to profit from 'the fear', Nintendo still wins from the sale either way, the customers lose out always..

    Nintendo may be the most beloved nostalgic family console however I'm just wondering HOW much goodwill people can give until these shitty business practises break it...
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  • Kremlik 27/06/2017

    Ermmm.. Wasn't the NES mini £50 RRP to start with? Seeing it's safe to assume the SNES mini will be about the same price... (edit after the comments I know it's now £80 but still £50 may be the supplier price, so the point at the end kinda stands)

    This isn't a 'deposit' it's straight up almost paying for the product up front with ZERO assurances you'll actually get it - considering GAME's track record on pre-order blunders and the fact IIRC deposits from them are non-refundable.

    This is two things 1) a straight gamble and 2) probably further proving GAME after years STILL don't have credit with the suppliers and most likely have to buy full price (and possibly from other places) to forfill their orders.
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  • Diablo 3's Necromancer is great, but it can't raise Diablo 2 from the dead

  • Kremlik 27/06/2017

    £15? The News section via the launcher states £12.99/€15 has there been a last minute price hike we didn't know about? Reply +4
  • Square Enix blames Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood connection issues on a DDoS attack

  • Kremlik 21/06/2017

    @bobfish09 correction for you here Bob - I'm still 63 and the changes are still an improvement over the older system.

    Perhaps it's me playing as a 'support the support' role and throwing mana at healers and being a backup res caster while they focus on healing up the party.... I dunno...
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  • Kremlik 21/06/2017

    @Lexxuk most of the 'OMG nerf' complaining was based off the raw data and not the gameplay.

    For one SMN lost ONE DoT and Bane, like ALL spell damage AoEs, have been given deminishing returns on the amount you can AoE at once - that is all.

    In terms of gains, pets don't need to be micromanaged as much (pet buffing is one button) Atherflow/Dreadworm charges don't time out and general direct damage has been buffed thanks to the tweeked stat/crit systems
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  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • Kremlik 13/06/2017

    Lulls are good helps clear the backlog of games already out - which this year there is a LOT.

    Echoing most of the comments E3 isn't the be all and end all for announcements if recent years have been a trend. Gamescon I believe had been mentioned at least once for announcements during the press events and don't forget TGS as well.

    'The big three' may still hold a lot of sway with E3 console wise but the software devs tend to spread info over the summer now, so a few third party platform exclusives (*cough* Dissidia) have yet to be shown in full on a live stage
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