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  • Hearthstone leaves beta and launches proper on PC and Mac

  • Kremlik 12/03/2014

    @Kaprikawn almost - some now active cards 'bounce' back to the owner's hand until cards move on the board, added to that spell cards that summon minions like Animal Companion still can't be placed where you want them Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/03/2014

    @Atmey Actually the servers you are thinking of are the regional ones, your local (EU) data will be accessible on all formats as normal as long as you play from an EU server. Switching to Asia/US servers that is when you have to start over, much the same with Starcraft and Diablo.

    Hearthstone is a blast once you get used to all the terms, it still needs to throw in more sets to allow the game to vary from current meta-builds (iirc Blizzard planned to release new cards at launch and/or release a new set soon). It's a shame the 'PVE' content hasn't come with the launch as we were expecting but the current game should be good for new players for a while (older ones will be getting bored as it's been in beta FOREVER with not that much change)

    Oh, don't forget your mount ppl! :)
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  • Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer DLC detailed

  • Kremlik 05/03/2014

    @Chickenzilla Eye of the beholder Reply +11
  • 17-minute video of Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm

  • Kremlik 04/03/2014

    Technically speaking didn't Blizzard class this as a 'Hero brawler' not a true MOBA at some point?

    I agree with the above posts with MOBAs, it's a love/hate situation for me, I WANT to love them but the highly toxic communities put me off with not only the fanboisum but also the in-fighting when people believe THEY are the expert and basically trash talk their own team because THEY aren't winning with an easy ride. Also the 'need' to use a third party website to find tactics and optimum builds that you 'have to learn' before any games to not get your head kick in by the other team, THEN by your teammates over chat is quite stupid.

    I'm not saying Heroes will fix all that but I do love the fact you level as a team instead of alone, helps massively if you want to play a support type and really helps against one playing being out leveled and being constantly picked on by the other team for easy exp/cash.

    Also if I'm correct more focus is on the team combat then farming, and with the objectives in play makes the first 10-20 mins of a MOBA moot and it seems actually more fun just to get stuck in there and actually play. Sounds better then instead of just standing back and attack only to get your level and cash up before you feel like you can actually do anything.

    I'm kinda glad that 'Blizzard DOTA' went into dev hell for a while the team have got from a throw away side game for SC2 to a new take on the MOBA genre, hopefully this will push it in a more positive direction as it certainly needs looking at in places
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth review

  • Kremlik 04/03/2014

    @jimdove76 installed, legit on pc?

    I'm still MASSIVELY torn on which version to get PS3/PC the censored screen even tho we don't see it on consoles (Youtube fills in the gap, so basically it's all moot regardless) the covering screen actually increases the funny as you are left to make it up in your mind with the descriptions.

    Edit: Caved and got the PC version
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  • Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer free for a week

  • Kremlik 28/02/2014

    @Darren Oh Titanfall will be a system seller considering it's now been thrown into the base package for free for the UK.

    The issue is will we be talking about this Titanfall still after 6 months? Unlikely, from what I've seen it's quite a candle burns brightly situation with the limited offerings it has, it'll be played to death for a month or two then it'll drop off for hype about Destiny or Halo 5, Titanfall is just to fill the void for MS considering they blew their first party load early and there isn't one due till 2015 or late this year at a push.

    All that said that is dependent on how fast they want to punt Titanfall '2' out the door so they can sell it on Sony's systems too, considering the first Titanfall is the only one 'exclusive' to Xbox.
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  • Kremlik 28/02/2014

    Do XBOne owners get Killer Instinct for a free weekend, before Second Son hits? Probably not.

    Don't look a gift horse on the mouth people.
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  • This is what the Transformers MOTA looks like

  • Kremlik 28/02/2014

    So it's Smite/End of Nations mixed with the Rise/Fall of Cybertron multiplayer 'switch mode' systems? Actually sounds pretty cool.

    Two points will be a turning point tho: 1) How will they deal with the Air types, if it ends up just 'hovering' above the ground thats a massive shame and always 2) how will they deal with their business model.

    Other then that, I'm actually looking forward to get my hands on this.
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  • The character ageing system Warhammer Online nearly had

  • Kremlik 27/02/2014

    @markjacobs First off thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

    I'm glad that you are taking from what you learnt from WAR and turning it into a positive with Unchained. As you said whats done is done, and yes I will be keeping an eye on Unchained over the development process, and we will see what happens.

    On one last note the Collector's Edition of WAR in the EU (GoA's version) was one of the best I've ever seen not only was it great to look at but the presentation and the details like the custom game DVDs/Box and hardcovers of the books were great touches, I would love to see that quality again.
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  • Kremlik 26/02/2014

    @makeamazing Basically with WAR Mythic overreached with what they wanted to do and what they could actually do.

    Between ageing system and other systems like 'Dogs of War', an AI replacement player system of instance PVP, they simply spent too much time adding new systems instead of building the core game first. They ran out of money, hence EA buying them and ran out of time because EA got fed up with them spending even more money on these systems.

    EA just booted out the game with only a third of the core game made (for instance the game was meant to have 6 cities you could capture and actually keep not 2 that reset after a while), so everything half done was scraped to make way for damage control on launch. Considering the game was full of 'ideas' and not core content you can see it was doomed the moment it went live.

    This is partly the reason I didn't Kickstart Unchained, not only did Mythic with Jacobs involved take a great idea (Warhammer + DAoC was basically a match made in heaven) and screw that up, but it's the unneeded influx of 'good ideas' being put above just basic things like getting the base game sorted first...

    From reading this I fear it's going to happen again
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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Kremlik 24/02/2014

    @ziggy_played_guitar Hmm... would agree but... incoming wall!

    Dead Rising 3 WILL be on PS4 at some point, DR2 'was' an exclusive for 360 then Capcom got around that with Off The Record. It's happened the other way around too Demons Souls is still a Sony IP, FROM just made Dark Souls, work around done. Unless it's first party you can't say anything is locked and 'only found on X' as the PR LOVE to spin that way.

    With that said saying 'no games on PS4' there are more games then you think if you include the free titles as well, I can't play Blacklight on One or Warframe, but I know what you'll counter with 'oh it's timed' yes, but as explained above so is a lot of One's games. Even Titan Fall '2' has already been said to be multiplatform by the devs at some point. Then you have the 'oh well a lot of games are cross platform, so they don't count' - then you've just discounted over half the 'launch titles' for BOTH systems.

    So with all that said I think to be fair NEITHER system has many 'that one game is the only reason I'm buying it as it's only on that system' until at least after Spring when it's up another 2/3 titles
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  • Tengami review

  • Kremlik 20/02/2014

    Another to add to the 'is this a game or 'interactive art'' box then it's getting quite full atm, not that it's a bad thing, it's not like Stanley Parable or Gone Home were bad, but as always this may split the pack.

    If the devs sold it as 'a game' then its a shame but still worth the £3 punt - for the PC version not so much then.
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  • Lightning has a Lara Croft costume in the new Final Fantasy

  • Kremlik 05/02/2014

    It's not like this is anything new, the N7 armour was in XIII-2, and that wasn't even from a SE product. Reply +3
  • Remember Me developer files for bankruptcy - reports

  • Kremlik 31/01/2014

    The game had far more issues then the protagonist being female or it being a new IP, the marketing didn't help as the best and most praised feature,the memory 'edits', were shown often and to be a key feature of the game but yet it was heavily underused. If the game focused on giving more of the memory edits in the game they probably would have faired better.

    They shot for the moon and missed, there is a reason why Indie titles are becoming the new 'AA' between multi-million pound AAAs and the cheap mircotransaction cow clickers, indies can at least toy with new ideas on a budget then become the starting block and the financial backbone many startups need these days
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  • EA launches free-to-play Dungeon Keeper for iOS, Android

  • Kremlik 31/01/2014

    @alexandertrust to be completely fair you can't pan the game for 'always online' considering its got an active pvp system to it, it's basically a tower defence in a management game cow clicker.

    To have an offline mode would cheat the system as everyone would be offline until they have the maximum level then compete on the leaderboards. Added to that this isn't the only cow clicker app with always online and active pvp, Clan Wars and others already did this before hand and are quite popular on mobile.

    Where I totally agree that sitting on the IP for this long to return as a cow clicker is bad for long time fans, it leads itself well to the tower defence genre, it's an ok game for what it is, it's just a shame this isn't just a side project to promote the actual dungeon management series.
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  • Vita Slim UK release date, price announced

  • Kremlik 30/01/2014

    Whats the betting Sony wanted to sell it at £150 but GAME wanted to slap another £30 in increase their profit margins, plus yet again VAT is a bitch...

    Import away people, it's not locked, sales may go down in the UK for the Vita, but we'll still get the games right...? NAH! Dumb move Sony 'Slim' will die out quickly the OLED 'Slim' will be out next year over here, we hope.
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate heading to Europe in early 2015

  • Kremlik 28/01/2014

    @7M7 I think it's save to assume Capcom and Nintendo have a deal working for X number of titles exclusive to them - Seeing how MH IS a system seller in Japan no matter which platform it's on, it wouldn't be too far fetched (gets leak out) to assume Nintendo threw Wii profit money at them to do so.

    Plus seeing how the Vita is only just going to hit it's stride, I think Capcom are playing it safe, although there isn't anything to say that Monster Hunter Ultimate 'Complete' won't be a future Sony title, much like Dead Rising 2 was MS only but DR2: Off The Record wasn't.
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  • PS1/PS2 games heading to PlayStation 4

  • Kremlik 28/01/2014

    Cross-Buy on existing purchases on PS3 to PS4/Now, and Sony will have a sheadload of money thrown at them - Seeing as Flower to PS4 and the PS3/Vita purchases it's completely possible.

    It's a BIG USP for Sony right now as MS desn't have much reason to cross buy between 360/ONE and Nintendo seem to want us to buy each version AND software to transfer data right now.

    Sony, Cross-Buy, use it.
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  • La-Mulana 2 explores the secret depths of Kickstarter

  • Kremlik 21/01/2014

    Just a heads up the remake of the Original is on Steam for the next 46 hours of this posting for £1.20 if you want to support yet still try the first game now is a good chance to do so Reply +8
  • The Android version of Final Fantasy 6 is out now and costs £11

  • Kremlik 16/01/2014

    Sadly I'll agree the design choice for the 'FF gamer' is terrible, but I think it's got more to do with the mobile game market itself, sadly to 'chibi' (sp?) characters is quite normal there. So it SE's eyes they have no intention to market the game to fans it's more to widen the sales to the 'new market' on mobile.

    However the 'soul' of FF6 is still there and to have one of the best Final Fantasy games out there again in the hands of people that haven't touched the game or even a JRPG before, I can think of very few examples to enter the genre with....

    and that is still a good thing.
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  • Pokémon Bank app launches this month

  • Kremlik 13/12/2013

    OR just use Player Trading (offline or online) and/or gamble on Wonder Trade both are within X and Y for free!

    People are BOUND to trade the 'X game only' ones at some point, the bank is for the REALLY hardcore.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online release dates announced

  • Kremlik 11/12/2013

    Hmm.. That soon? Not completely sure weather to be happy or worried.

    More considered if the player base expects to have 'the next Skyrim' or an 'Elder Scrolls themed' standard MMO, hoping the latter or the backlash will be an issue.
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  • Hearthstone patch tweaks cards, ranked play, adds gold cap

  • Kremlik 11/12/2013

    @blackpaladin105 I'm actually considering putting IN Unleash the Hounds replacing my buzzard/snake trap combo for the card draw buzzard/hounds just works so much better.

    Throw in other cards like Wolf, Hyena and Houndmaster the options of what to 'do' with the hounds just opened up a lot.

    OTK it may not be anymore but as a utility card it's just become VERY useful
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  • Kremlik 11/12/2013

    *Reads Starving Buzzard nerf* NUUUU!
    *reads patch notes to see it's only a health nerf* fair enough but mages are a bitch still..

    Happy with all the changes TBH and I am liking the fact you get a 'full refund' of the changed cards if you so wish, barely play Hounds at all with the Hunter, I don't see why people 'required it' to win so much, just basic Beast Swarm/early control still does the job.

    @zebramatt - not all daily quests are 40 I've had some win 5 of X ones that give 60 and some that give 80, I don't actually know if they unlock via Arena/Rank play or it is just complete random.

    TBH I don't really see the issue 'free' players can still access arena play every other day if played till cap limit - either way the game isn't meant to be 'farmed' till completion, otherwise who is going to play it once 'everything is done'?
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  • Final Fantasy 14 update 2.1 release date announced

  • Kremlik 06/12/2013

    The update is a HUGE welcome to the game and Yoshi stated that these will be the standard size of the .X patches, I can't wait to see what expansions will be like (if it adds 2/3 new classes alone it'll be worth it)..

    Sadly all in not good news Crystal Tower will NOT be a raid dungeon in the normal sense of the word. Due to issues SE's end you can only create a party of 8 and the other members will be found via the Duty Finder.

    They hope to get this sorted for a fully made 24 man group later on however this is going to lead to a LOT of issues with random teams and if the dungeon can actually be queued up for quickly or not, seeing as one major issue with the DF is queue times if you are a certain archetype. Thankfully loot isn't an issue as Yoshi has said each party of 8 will have their own drops.

    Lets hope they can fix that issue sooner rather then later considering the patch cycle is 3-4 months.

    Other than that bring on the patch!
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  • Heroes of Dragon Age out on iOS, Android

  • Kremlik 05/12/2013

    @Byzanite It's a tactic iirc called 'whaling' the business model is built for those people who can buy everything 'just because'. As long as the 'whales bite' once or twice then job done as far as the devs/publishers are concerned.

    Take Guild Wars 2's forums when the events hit during it's peak and people complained about spending 2 GRAND and not getting a rare pet via the prize boxes..

    This isn't new TCG's have been doing this for ages, and sadly the practice still works
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  • PSN buckling under pressure of EU PS4 launch

  • Kremlik 29/11/2013

    Well considering the LOOOOONG queue out of my GAME store at midnight JUST for those that had pre-paid, it's hardly shocking news that it was bound to have issues on PSN despite the cutting of features to 'help'.

    I can't wait to see the launch numbers on this.
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  • Editor's blog: Important note for Eurogamer account holders

  • Kremlik 28/11/2013

    I won! Wait...

    Joking aside thanks for the heads up EG, it's not really a bother to me as the information on my account is displayed on the site anyway. They can't really 'steal' the account nor is it linked to important anything in any way. No one had posted under my name during that time anyway, although this isn't facebook..

    So they 'know' my name, email and twitter contacts - join the queue.
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  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has Japanese voice-over

  • Kremlik 21/11/2013

    Bit annoying that EG only talk about the DLC and not actually comment on the video itself, the amount of customization options half way thru the video look ridiculous. XIII-2 was a very fun game and LR seems no different, it's a shame the first game was harmed with the lack of the feeling of freedom, thankfully from this and XIII-2 SE completely understand what went wrong with XIII. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 14 relaunch exceeded Square Enix's expectations

  • Kremlik 05/11/2013

    Well the launch may have been better then expected however the content is still the make or break of the game, Coil since being 'tuned' is now being beaten leaving little left for the playerbase to go for outside leveling the other classes.

    2.1 needs to hit soon, however with the major content updates being 3-4 months apart, sadly player nature these days new content never lasts that long, unless Free Company housing is heavily tied to raid progression as the raid side will not hold the players too long as it'll be 'consumed' within weeks without more 'hoops to jump thru'. Even though 2.2 and 2.3 have already been planned out PVP, the chocobo breeding and racing, plus the other 'planned mini games' NEED to hold the attention of the playerbase, which I hope they will as they sound awesome.

    With Wildstar and ESO offering similar content, SE NEED to pull out something special before the next 'flavor of the month MMO' release hits, and people jump ship 'because it's new'.
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  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix revealed for PS3

  • Kremlik 14/10/2013

    @metallicorphan the control is remapped yes however the camera turn speed and sensitivity is too high you can just flick the right stick and have the camera almost 180 around, much like how I remember on the original version.

    In Re:CoM the camera was much tighter - I don't see why both versions have such different cameras when they could have easily used the same (and improved) engine
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  • Kremlik 14/10/2013

    This is a shocking announcement...

    Said no one ever - I can't wait for it as sadly KH:FM HD was just a texture update and didn't fix the iffy camera issues, despite Re:CoM HD having the KH2 engine (fixing said issues).
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  • LOL boss' Twitter account hacked, reveals card game

  • Kremlik 14/10/2013

    It's SO a thinly vailed PR promo, why would the hacker have access or 'leak' this sort of information when clearly the 'hacker' has access to an employee's account - it would be more logical to not announce the hack and attempt to infaltrate his other accounts.

    Between this and well timed 'leaks' I really think claiming a 'hack' as a PR move should be dealt with as it's misleading and puts bad press on security of things like Twitter and Facebook which is clearly not the case as it's clearly a lie
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  • Now Lightning is in Final Fantasy 14

  • Kremlik 26/09/2013

    They announced this during the beta but seeing the content in full now, I'm actually looking forward to it.

    With the Dragon Quest/XI crossover events as well FFXIV is becoming more a MMO of SE's 'best of' and pure fan service, not that it's a bad thing..

    If they are willing to put crossovers in, I want a Keyblade!
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  • Atlus' message to fans after Sega buyout

  • Kremlik 20/09/2013

    Continuing work on titles != coming out outside of Japan

    THIS is the only thing everyone else cares about right now, Atlus make great games but if they don't publish them elsewhere it's all moot for us.

    Sega PLEASE understand that.
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  • Switch from playing Final Fantasy 14 on PS3 to PS4 for free

  • Kremlik 09/09/2013

    @Oridan well all current MMOs on the PS4 will not require PS+ to play (dust 514, planetside, dcuo) however these are f2p, subs have yet to be 100% cleared however its safe to assume those are also free considering it'll be a mistake to do otherwise Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy 14 removed from sale following server woes

  • Kremlik 28/08/2013

    @karlo87 they aren't technically full, the game currently has the queue systems throttled, thus giving misleading errors.

    Frustrating I know but just bare with.
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  • Kremlik 28/08/2013

    Despite all the server woes ARR isn't a bad game on the whole, it's a damn fun game, the cross-class/skill system just supplements the job system so well, leveling 'alts' is also not 'punished' due to the game giving bonus exp to events and dungeons to 'catch up' to your highest leveled class. Plus the game is just a melting pot of all the best bits of the series so far - Magitec Amour with Materia slots, while wielding a gunblade? Don't mind if we do, wait those are the bad guys? *hides in a corner*

    All that said Yoshi-P has really needed props over this if you read he actually broke down during the launch livestream while talking about how sorry he was saying how he 'personally failed' the US and EU over the Early Access server issues, he's been around the official forums posting updates himself as often as he can.

    Gotta give him credit he's been at the front end of all this taking all the community crap not in a back room counting money while the PR time are giving vague responces, that is kinda the dev I want running games these days.
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  • Diablo 3's first expansion is Reaper of Souls

  • Kremlik 21/08/2013

    If anyone is put off by the AH and online requirement just get the console version it's just going to be flat out better to play, along with local co-op, the only thing 'wrong' with Diablo 3 then is the forced difficulty play-throughs you HAVE to do to actually get to the meat of the game, 'normal' isn't remotely hard, it's scaling is off thus it feels it's on easy the first 3 acts and the game feels too short for a single playthru, and you have to repeat the game again 3 times to actually have the 'full experience' Blizz expect you to have..

    RoS looks to fix most of the issues I've got with the 'content' of the game, however yet again I'm slightly mad I have to put down possibly another £30 which something they really should have fixed long before, then again I'm buying it purely for the lore's sake even tho certain characters/events weren't nearly as interesting then Diablo 2 - but Tyrael being his normal badass self makes it worth it.

    About the PVP: AFAIK it's still not going to be in the game for some time, and it's still just a limited version then the orginal idea, but the only good news is it will be included before RoS
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  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    all those complaining about the wait at least ALL over the EU will be covered at launch Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    money on MS 'announcing' an Oct date and failing to deliver Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    minecraft? wait wasn't that xbox exclusive? Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    the cringe worthy 'chat' - check Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    @git yup Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    @funk Killzone and 2nd Son not good enought for you for 'proper' titles? Reply 0
  • Live: EA Gamescom Conference

  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    Gotta admit it looks fun to play but I can soildly bet players will exploit the game's craft as 'bombs' ruining the experience Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    Notice how there is more trailers for BF then any other game so far? Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    Is someone counting the times he says it? I normally scream each time.. Reply 0
  • Kremlik 20/08/2013

    At least we know the correct spelling of it now... Reply 0