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  • Here's how Michael Fassbender looks in the Assassin's Creed film

  • Kremlik 27/08/2015

    Fassbender plays modern day Assassin Callum Lynch, who relives the genetic memories of Aguilar, a 15th Century Spanish ancestor

    This has been a pet peeve of mine with 'game movies' on known IPs for a while - attempting to 'clone' a game in the series 1:1, but putting 8-20 hours of content into a 2 hour experience. It simply can't be done, cutting plot down to the basics, skipping the little things and just showing the 'best bits' and/or changing things around to suit a wider market...

    Thankfully the mess that was PoP: Sands of Time highlighted this to Ubi completely, they've done the best solution that could possibly be done - Make a standalone title set in the same universe, with new characters. This 1) allows them a LOT more freedom in the process, 2) allows them to create something new for existing fans and not have them picking out what is 'wrong' spending most of the time comparing and not just enjoying and 3) allowing a new gateway for new fans to the series without bogging them down with the wider plot, while still teaching them the core of the series...

    PLEASE be a good movie, if it does well there is a bigger chance to get others to understand game movies shouldn't have to mimic a game just expand on it's universe
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  • One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike

  • Kremlik 11/08/2015

    @alimokrane "As for Sony's price increase, it's expected. Arrogance/Greed comes with success. We saw it with the xbox one reveal following the success of 360 and now we are seeing it with the PS4...."

    I wouldn't call it 'greed' as they haven't charged anything more then the 'base' price, it's still 40 a year.

    Plus you have to factor in MS set the price for 3 months way back when and Sony have only really just really gone full hog with the pricing, it's been a bloody good deal for a while now.

    All this really has done is insensitive a years payment over other payment options and shopping around as I've said above SAVES you more money then before, it's still a win/win overall
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  • Kremlik 11/08/2015

    Been on the 3 month cycle since the start but even still it was costing me more then just getting a full year - this is the push I needed to stop that and with prices bouncing around 35-38 online per year no issue from me. Thanks Sony I'm saving more money now :)

    Either way this has been due for a while, it's more in line with MS and I don't see anything wrong with that, hopefully Sony will invest it back into the network again, 20+ million people trying to get thru the door all the time now, it needs to be a bit bigger..
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  • Square Enix working with Just Cause 3 developers on Final Fantasy 15's airship

  • Kremlik 07/08/2015

    @Daikon XI, XII, XIV, FF7:CC, and the Crystal Chronicles series all say hi.

    Technically speaking the 'classic' ATB system was only ever used in IV-IX, that is still only a third of the numbered series, excluding spin offs and sequels, but including all the named FF titles only just under half have actually been turn based.
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  • World of Warcraft: Legion expansion adds new Demon Hunter class

  • Kremlik 06/08/2015

    What a LOT of players wanted in a while

    Demon Hunter Class - check
    Use of Legendaries at max level, like Ash Bringer - check
    Legendary class quests, like from Vanilla - check
    Illidan not dead - check
    PVP with some meaning - check
    PVP only skills - check
    Emerald Dream/Nightmare access - double check
    Content NOT focused on Horde/Orc - check

    and STILL we get 'not good enough' from the net? Hell I was jaded before WoD yet alone after (thank you 'twitter major patch'), but this is still a big brining for Blizzard. It's made me take notice at least.

    That said it's pretty shakey on the 'day one' mostly due to the lacking of content support post 6.0, I'll most likely check it out after the dust has settled at least
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  • Skyforge giveaway two!

  • Kremlik 27/07/2015

    facebook really? then again due to the amount of bot accounts that spammed other give-aways it's better then 'just submit your email' and do that 9000 times in incognito mode..

    The game itself it's basically PSO meets God of War meets the sphere grid system, which so far is fun and damn hard at the later stages
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  • Square Enix pulls Mac version of Final Fantasy 14 from sale

  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    @mouseymouse well if you take into account 'Japan doesn't do PC' considering PC ports are normally outsourced (Koei) or end up like Dark Souls 1 did, where it's brand new for the core team to even think about it - this was kinda bound to happen more so on MACs.

    It doesn't excuse the situation tho, which Yoshi-P admits he wanted MAC users to enjoy the game at the same time everyone else did and it ended up more mess then it was intended.
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  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    @Folant Aye, many a person would run screaming away from the thought that you can't easily pick a class and race to the current 'end game' content to show off their status in iLVL gear, but that is precisely why I love the game. It just drips in story and lore and doesn't shy away from telling you it in pursuit of 'accessibility'.

    XIV breaks the mold by using the old school way of MMORPGs, by actually using the RPG, and not turning into a arcade hack and slash that is mostly single player with multi-player tacked on at the end
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  • Kremlik 06/07/2015

    Between this and the mess with the Heavensward CE (pricing being $=//etc no matter where you were, damaged statues), it seems outsourcing hasn't done Yoshi-P any favours to keep the quality on par with the actual product given by the core team.

    Regardless of Steam Refund Yoshi-P takes pride in his work and most likely would have offered refunds despite current events. Between the detailed posted on why the MAC version failed to live up to the quality (despite some oddities in the reason, could be down to translation) and him actually breaking down live on cam over his 'failure' towards the EU launch of ARR - it clearly shows he doesn't take is work lightly and is passionate for the project.

    The game itself still screams of quality, it's a massive shame all this happened.
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  • Valve will no longer return items lost in Steam trade scams

  • Kremlik 29/06/2015

    @Spuzzell Yes but that is how the G2A 'user seller' system also works. All that G2A deals with is the transfer of payment all the rest to done via the Steam gift/trade system, hence the reason why they can so easily wash their hands of anyone scamming.

    Sites like G2A are more likely to be the source of a gifting scam then within Steam itself as Valve can't track money exchanged - All they see is user trading an item for nothing else.
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  • Kremlik 29/06/2015

    @arty This is less to do with scams within the Steam network per-say and more to do with third party sites.

    Take G2A for example, it's already the grey market area selling retail keys, but it's further down into the darker areas of grey when it's allowing users to sell their own keys via the site as Steam gifts, there is nothing to stop the 'seller' from claiming a scam trade and asking for their game back from Valve, thus walking away with both the game and money on G2A to repeat again.

    G2A washes it's hands of any people attempting to scam by offering a 'shield' for a price and just claim they are just a 'medium to help people sell their unused games' - that doesn't help at all as it falls to the end user and Valve themselves to prove otherwise, this hopefully starts to fix the problem and at least prevent the above from happening.

    Some like the above post never get keys at all it's best to avoid third party sites that don't sell to you directly, there are lots that do, but G2A barely counts as one.
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  • People are struggling to log in to The Elder Scrolls Online on console

  • Kremlik 09/06/2015

    @riceNpea To be fair Destiny's server system is more lobby based then 'everyone in the same zone/node', hence the reason why it held up better, added to the fact you didn't really encounter more then 5 people per map outside of the social hubs, for THAT to fall over these days is highly unlikely. Reply +2
  • Everyone thinks Fallout 4 is out this year

  • Kremlik 04/06/2015

    The fact that it could be out this year is a GREAT thing.

    For one the simple fact we may/are seeing a AAA product announced at/around E3 that ISN'T is pre-production means that 1) we aren't seeing a product we want that is still 2-4 years away we want to play like Uncharted, Halo and BATMAN. 2) we are more likely to see content thats pretty close to the final product and not a 'vertical slice' PR fluff prettied up to the eyeballs with effects most likely scaled back due to performance issues on platforms.

    As I keep saying 'announcements' these days feel like more to build hype, PR and MOSTLY pre-orders to products not even out of the alpha stages yet. IF games got announced closer to their releases then hype would actually be a lot greater and not fall off by time it releases so even more money is spent trying to remind people about the game out the years instead of investing it into the game itself.
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  • WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

  • Kremlik 28/05/2015

    @Chewbaccasdad the sub model works fine, IF the devs show the playerbase it's worth doing so.

    Square Enix have shown it's possible to do so even with just throwing a few dungeons and side content every 3-4 months, compare that to WoW's 5-6 months of 'just one raid' and Garrison 'farming', which is looking like a core reason people left again, even before this whole 'flying mount-gate' atm.

    Offer people 'value' and they will sub.
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  • Kremlik 28/05/2015

    Shocking, not...

    All the signs were there based on ESO last year, I say 'signs' more like big huge flares. It still just tickles me that the devs were saying 'NOPE' even tho it was so clear.
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  • Splatoon stock swiped in Nintendo lorry heist

  • Kremlik 27/05/2015

    Anyone actually wanting to point part of this blame to Nintendo themselves, I wouldn't blame you.

    'Limiting stock', weather intended or not of all the Amiibo figures has made this situation happen... Amiibos are now considered SO rare people are willing to steal them, even BEFORE released and popularity has even been measured? Are we going to expect this with the Wooly Yoshis too?

    If this doesn't slap Nintendo into sense on how to produce the Amiibos better nothing will - no 'toy' should be marketed as a rarity at all, otherwise THIS extreme happens...

    I'm REALLY hoping stealing is the furthest it goes for these things...
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  • Final Fantasy 15 demo to be updated early June

  • Kremlik 18/05/2015

    @pigsy2400 I would class this demo as a beta product - if optimising the demo leads to better frame rates and combat balance, this could be easily transferred over to the full product pre-release...

    I'd rather them mess with a demo then gamble with a day 1 patch that may or may not break the game followed by months of patches and/or waiting for X to be fixed (MKX and Bloodborne spring to mind here)
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  • Makers of infamous World of Warcraft bot Honorbuddy admit defeat

  • Kremlik 15/05/2015

    @Porcupine_I I know playing games is SO 2006, today it's ALL about armchair deving and complaining about games people barely play, if at all. Reply +16
  • Hearthstone and Diablo make up for World of Warcraft subscriber slide

  • Kremlik 07/05/2015

    @George-Roper 'It's always the way with expansions, spike of subs and then a rapid fall back down because frankly theres nothing in them to keep people subbed beyond the short-term.'

    This is totally why Blizzard are trying to opt for a year on year basis now. Sadly it's going to utterly backfire as they have offered basically little outside of the raid content, which has been spread out to keep LFR/casual players subbed longer and I utterly agree that the garrisons are nothing more then a way to keep players logging in on a daily basis, if that...

    Compare that to FFXIV's past year, their release cycle basically wipes the floor with WoW's - some of XIV's QoL content have basically been what Blizzard consider 'major updates' - heck Blizzard considered BAG SORTING expansion level content when most put it in on a whim.

    Blizzard have left WoW on a slow burn to die out at some point, which is a shame has if they put as much effort into the game as they are doing with HS/HoTS/OW then they could easily players interest high - Right now I'd happy play the game but I'd rather use the Token system then sub, as it's not value for money anymore
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  • The Witcher 3 PC is 32.49 at Green Man Gaming

  • Kremlik 07/05/2015

    @Darakin care to explain? I'm quite interested to know what other issues outside this as GMG done Reply +8
  • Kremlik 07/05/2015

    @ChiefGB the 'season pass' news is fine, remember it's not just skins and 15 mins of content they are offering it's 10+ hours worth of content - think of it more an expansion which even they say it is, mostly because the actual DLC is free Reply +4
  • Kremlik 07/05/2015

    I DO see CDPR's PoV over the source of the keys, HOWEVER they should NOT have publicly said not to buy keys from GMG.

    For one it's now poisoned the waters with CDPR dealing with GMG again, (not only that be damaged GMG's rep EVEN IF it all ends up fine in the end) as GMG where basically ready to hand over everything for just a handful of keys again then being slapped in the face, Steam and Origin get keys they don't? Assuming some number cruncher thinks that giving out a string of codes to 'less known' platforms somehow cuts profits?

    This has also shown EVERYONE not matter if you dealt with CDPR/GoG before hand they'll quite happily 'stab you in the back' publicly without dealing with you over the issue behind closed doors before hand IF you haven't played to THEIR terms, CDPR should have delt with the matter first before even allowing comments to be placed on the forum, thats really bad form - it's basically the reverse of damage control.

    Whats next, suddenly they 'can't confirm' Valve/EA as a partner with Witcher 4 - All use Galaxy then guys!
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  • The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one

  • Kremlik 28/04/2015

    @Ramza completely disagree with both FF7 being 'the last good FF' and XV 'not being a true RPG'..

    Everything bar the XIII series has been a good game, yes X had 'terrible' voice acting but that WAS the first FF to have it (and lets ignore the 'laughing situation', as thats ALWAYS taken out of context), and XII is considered the 'Black Sheep' of the series, but if you consider that was SE's 'test' seeing if they could bring a more action/MMO like system into a single player series, and if you know the Tactics series it was kind of a love letter to that world. Finally XI was the 'WoW' before WoW even made it to TBC, and XIV despite it's VERY slow opening ARR has ended on a HUGE high leading on to Heavensward.

    As far as the 'not being a true RPG', well buy that logic EVERYTHING in the video game industry 'RPG' wise isn't a 'true RPG' then, as few games allow you to create to the scale D&D has done or has the tools to give you an unending world, we've gotten close, but not yet..

    That said FF was never about the ATB system or turn based combat, that was purely due to system limitations it was ALWAYS about telling an 'epic' story and pushing gaming further.

    If XIII proved anything the ATB system doesn't work going forward with the series, in the end it just was 'hold button to win' and we were just watching the game play itself out and not really being a part of it, XV fixes that a lot by just going into an action style of combat.

    Yes, turn based combat has been standard for FF for the longest time, but to stay that way wouldn't put SE ahead of the industry, it'll just be rehashing old ground, and like I said the series and company is known for pushing things forward not staying the same. If demand is great enough for turn based PERHAPS then it's a great time to re-boot the Tactics side of the series.

    All that said, with the fact SE used a great team with experience to make the system (KH's combat has grown into a beast of a system), the fact they did actually release a TRUE demo not a PR hype wagon and ARE using feedback from it and patches to further fine tune the game, gives me hope that the series can be great again after falling so far with XIII's series.
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  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

  • Kremlik 23/04/2015

    @Dorlingus 'So an average script then?'

    Rhianna Pratchett wrote the original two games, to bring her in is the logical move..

    Also if you actually read up on her interviews outside the Overlord series she was either brought in at the last second to write a story 'around' the game play or it ended up heavily edited due to content shifts - this is the life of a story writer for games, having your 'complete and original' story in the final product is rare thing
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  • Infinite Crisis review

  • Kremlik 23/04/2015

    @FortysixterUK 'Maybe it's time for a U- turn on review policy EG ?'

    No the system is fine it just needs effort put into it no matter what the rating is/should be, not just go 'the game is meh IMO so why bother'. This goes one step further and just goes basically into a rant about how MOBA haven't changed and it's too crowed, a good read IF this wasn't advertised to be it's review.
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  • Kremlik 23/04/2015

    OK am I now right in assuming anything without the big Recommended sticker I should not bother reading at all?

    The first two chunks of the 'review' are pointless and just seem there to pad out the article for word count only. IF you are going to compare MOBA fine, but it's missing key points:

    1) Business model - how does it fair up to others, how may characters you get per release, are the skins value for money (ie does it change the skill animations as well as the character, whats the free rotation like...

    2) GAMEPLAY ITSELF - Match types, match length, are skill shots easy to pull off, skill verity.

    Thats just THE BASIC info MOBA players are looking for. This whole 'review' reads like the 'reviewer' took a whole 5 mins to look at the roster, played at best 2 matches, and just went 'it's all the same, how can I fill 2000 words?'

    EG if this is the direction the site is heading with the 'no effort on games we don't deem 'worthy' of a sticker', please just stop.

    This 'review' need a resubmit, it's got ZERO information about the game on it.
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  • War for the Overworld review

  • Kremlik 21/04/2015

    @kongzi They released it, therefore it's fair game for a review, otherwise games like Halo and Unity by that logic should have gotten a free pass then.

    I kinda feel for the devs, they simply made the mistake of 'this is going to be when we release it' and didn't want to let the backers down..

    If only they did, the game lacked multiplayer from launch and even a fondest supporter Totalbiscuit (the Cynical Imp Achievement is telling how much he supported the project) flat out said in his video the 'idea' of the game is solid it just wasn't finished, after seeing the review the devs even posted they messed up and clearly were regretful on his reddit about letting everyone down.

    Thats the rub tho, even I wanted to buy this game day 1, still hovering over the buy botton as we speak but it's the case of despite the bugs will I enjoy playing this? Yes. Then again will the devs continue to update this outside of the DLC? Thats the sicking point for me - I just don't know
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  • Mortal Kombat X enjoys biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat game in UK

  • Kremlik 20/04/2015

    @omisnad It's a shame without the DLC as the base product stands as one of the best in the series, NR's stint with Injustice has improved the combat flow greatly and the background triggers really help (and I think X-rays are slightly weaker and faster then in MK9 which is a bonus)

    The DLC prices and the Koins scream WB's doing TBH, as there is zero need to charge for something you can get for free in the game. Plus by time you've used ALL the EZF Koins you've either most likely seen the Fatalities to death or have learnt as least 3 or 4 of them as a four button combo isn't hard plus theres a whole practise mode for them
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  • Blizzard announces Timewalking feature for World of Warcraft

  • Kremlik 16/04/2015

    @dingo75 Ah true in my old age I got the five and ten mixed up Reply 0
  • Kremlik 16/04/2015

    @dingo75 If you were talking about the ORIGINAL 5 man Scholo then yes please - although my group ran it 3 man, then again the 'nerfed' version could be easily 3 manned with a priest 'tank'...


    Edit got 5 and 10 mans mixed up - can you blame me it was 10 years ago :P
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  • Kremlik 16/04/2015

    @drhickman1983 'Slightly off-topic but if 6.2 is the last content patch I'm done with WoW. Two tiers and one substantial content patch wouldn't feel like good enough value for money. I'd carry on until the end of WoD and then quit.'

    Petty much my thoughts at this time - I was given sub time by a friend wanting to raid with a good healer, after it expired three month into WoD both myself and him were just going though the motions doing Garrison missions and just popping into LFR on the hope of a drop, so it didn't feel worth continuing (even with BRF unfinished for us) if we are really just barely playing.

    Sad thing is for the content there in WoD it's some of the best Blizzard have ever done - the Story feels epic and back to the game's WC2/WC3 roots, the Garrison for what there is at least feels like you process in influence in the world if not just via gear, crafting FINALLY has some weight to it to be useful and the dungeon bosses are finally a lot more then just tank and spank and actually ARE fun to work out and do (even in an LFR setting).

    However all that said Blizzard themselves are just going though the motions, they have worked out how to offer 'just enough' content and bring it out in a way to keep subs ticking over every month - that is just not good enough when games like FFXIV completely destroy WoW in terms of content value for a moth's sub (well a 3 month sub considering the patch cycle)... WoW is a paradox of good content when it actually finally hits but feels fat and lazy due to it's sub numbers.

    If the WoW token seems worth the grind they I may play again, but subbing? I'd rather give it to people who seem to be using it to better effect
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  • Kremlik 16/04/2015


    Basically WoW has had a TON of unused content for the longest time, Heroic mode was a good idea but only really utilised current content. Timewalking is basically a fancy way of saying they are testing level scaling, I REALLY hope it's a success as FFXIV has this system down completely and has used and expanded it's endgame tenfold because of it, add to the fact it's also damn easier to balance the player to the content not the content to the player (MC screamed of this a few months ago).

    On the flip side it also says outside 6.2's rumblings of this being the last update of WoD, Timewalking also hints at the lack of content being developed for the game and this is a quick fix to fill time for the next expansion - which I hope isn't true at all.
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  • Apple Watch gets first exclusive game, Watch Quest

  • Kremlik 16/04/2015

    For an idea of what they can do with the systems it's actually not half bad....

    HOWEVER needing both a 200-500 iPhone (thankfully I have that half) and a 200-1000 watch not so much OR wait for the iWatch 2 which would be most likely half the price and much much better.

    iWait for a bit :rolleyes:
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review

  • Kremlik 01/04/2015

    Really they don't use the bottom screen? So the 'system seller' just ends up a straight port kinda...? Even the Zeldas at least switched things around improving on the quality, this reads like it's worse for being on the system. I'm kinda glad I didn't buy into the *new* 3DS system straight away, this was going to sway me, seeing as it's 'only for' *new*.

    The *new* may be solidly faster then the original, but reading this review, it just screams DSi all over again, as that had only a small selection of titles exclusive and there was no solid reason to 'upgrade' if you had the DS. Yes, the *new* at least has more power, but JUST that isn't enough.. Kinda hoping the 'NX' isn't it's replacement then otherwise I'm going to find some pissed off friends next year.
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  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles now a three-part series set in China, India, Russia

  • Kremlik 31/03/2015

    @Triggerhappytel Nintendo have done fine with Mario for 25+ years, this is Ubi's current 'Mario' Reply +7
  • Kremlik 31/03/2015

    Is it fair to say that Chronicles is basically AC's take on 'classic' Prince of Persia thus 'replacing' it? I would prefer a PoP title buuuut seeing as AC is their main IP now, I'm OK with it...

    Smaller AC titles to flush out the brand probably less of a risk then throwing out two AAAs a year, wouldn't mind an updated Recollection as well? :)
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  • Pillars of Eternity review

  • Kremlik 26/03/2015

    @Tait0 Sadly this is solely a singleplayer title looking at the FAQ, I assume they just wanted to get the core product working over feature creep, but they didn't rule out multi-player in the next game.

    The amount of game options/modes (ie Ironman) makes this game a VERY longterm play even without the support of other players
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  • Broken Age Act 2 release date set for April

  • Kremlik 25/03/2015

    As much as I want the game to be good, I hate to say this but I really hope it isn't.

    This is not because I WANT it to fail, it's just because after asking for MORE money after Kickstarting due to bad management of the income and over budgeting what was meant to be a simple title forcing 'pre-selling' half a product just to get funding. Also try to Kickstart two other titles at the same time, then effectively screw over those other player bases just to get this project finished. This game shouldn't really be deserving of any praise at all.

    If it does we are effectively supporting shoddy business work saying 'fail with your promises and screw us over as long as you get the game out in the end', which is massive shame as if Double Fine actually kept to their original design then none of this mess may have happened.

    I wish this game the best still, but it still should be a prime example how to NOT use crowd funding for all time, and hopefully people continue not to make the same mistakes.
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  • Making sense of Steam's refund policy

  • Kremlik 20/03/2015

    @muro it's not really the case of 'oh I didn't like it', no offence but that is down to poor research on the product. Which these days with Twitch, Youtube and sites throwing information at us it's not hard to do.

    The REAL minefield is compatibility with your system, optimisation and general release quality of the product. If there is something wrong with the game when you've bought it direct from Steam you are SCREWED...

    It's not like it's not common (ie most Ubisoft titles don't work on launch) but also throw in Early Access programs and hype - there is a massive reason why Valve DO NOT want to support 14 day returns, and it's their own fault for not properly monitoring their content.
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  • Kremlik 20/03/2015

    I hate to say this but this is actually what happens in the current 'Steam or no sale' attitude with the current generation of PC gamers, Valve basically feel like they can do anything because despite everything THEY know damn well 90% of sales will be either through Stream itself or require Steam to use.

    Hate Origin and uPlay as much as you want, despite their shoddy platforms (which I wish worked better) in these cases they are the lesser evils - at least with them GoG and others you deal with ACTUAL support not just automation and red tape.
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  • PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy 11 come to an end March 2016

  • Kremlik 19/03/2015

    It wouldn't shock me if XI's closure on the 360 is a result of Yoshi-P's attempts to try and get FFXIV on the XB1. With MS' stubbornness to share any type of platform with anyone else, either SE and MS finally snapped with XI being a massive exception to that rule, finally closing the door on 'well FFXI did it, why not this?'...

    Unless there is a shock announcement Heavensward is finally coming to the XB1 at E3, which would also explain XI's closure, as not to compete with technically itself on the platforms, the above paragraph seems the most likely
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • Kremlik 18/03/2015

    @drucifer I bought a Wii while the WiiU was announced and still had access to a great backlog of games, a lot at really cheap prices due to the age of the game..

    Always remember buying a Nintendo product at any point is not a mistake due to the 1st party and exclusives STILL are worth playing..

    Hell, if you can buy a SNES, Mario World and Super Metroid still hold up to this day.
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  • Kremlik 18/03/2015

    EG I thought we got past the whole click bait headlines?

    Nintendo has yet to say anything on what the NX actually is all the the press are doing atm (including you) is trying to find news and scoops from nothing at all. All you are doing right now is adding fuel the the fire of the 'death' of the WiiU before it's even needed to.

    the headline SHOULD read 'With the announcement of the NX, HAS Nintendo admitted defeat with the Wii U?', not what you put. You stated a fact, which may turn out to be a lie, Nintendo should in fairness order every site to redact such statements as it's bound to hurt stock prices.
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  • Warhammer Quest dev reveals new Warhammer 40K game Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion

  • Kremlik 18/03/2015

    @Zaiz Actually by proxy Relic DO have the license to make GW games thru Sega Total Warhammer is technically a co-lab. That said however the DoW IP might be still held by EA...

    Personally Total War styled games would be more fitting for the IP then a CoH RTS re-skin purely on scale alone....

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  • Microsoft will allow pirates free upgrades to Windows 10

  • Kremlik 18/03/2015

    Pigs flying over a frozen hell while a blue moon shines, Microsoft basically throwing us a DRM free Windows...

    Whats the catch?
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  • Nintendo NX is "new hardware with a brand new concept"

  • Kremlik 17/03/2015

    @Rogueywon This is exactly what I was thinking when I was reading this, the WiiU had really only just had it's 'killer app' year with a lot of great games and sales - to announce an 'announcement' of something 'next year' and the press touting to the high hills it's Nintendo's 'next console' which most will read as 'replacement console' may have killed off any momentum the system may have gained.

    'Casual gamers' still on the fence with the WiiU and/or 'waiting for a proper Mario/Zelda' may hold off in buying the system until this announcement bares fruit 'next year', just in case Nintendo do a Twilight Princess and release games on both formats, which means actual console sales in 2015 may be low because of this.

    I tend to lean towards a mobile platform/software with the information given I'm more interested in knowing if this ends up leading to the *new* WiiU, thats basically the console and tablet in one so it's truly portable and selling it a kin to the *new* 3DS with Nintendo still supporting both with only one/two exclusives on the new format.

    Nintendo yet again have shot themselves in the foot PR wise by not being utterly clear what the product is the moment they announce it - it's the 'WiiU: the new Wii controller' confusion all over again.
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  • GAME Marketplace lets third-parties sell their products

  • Kremlik 16/03/2015

    Between their buyout of Multiplay and now them essentially renting out their website to become another, it seems to me the last thing they are thinking about is their actual local retail side...

    Are they seeing something I'm not because this doesn't look good for the stores.
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  • Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth looks like the Warcraft 3 remake we've been waiting for

  • Kremlik 12/03/2015

    @avoidconfusion It's built using the SC2 engine it's not going anywhere, you still need SC2 to play it so it's still 'advertising' the core products of Blizzard hence free PR, plus it's not the only 'remake' Diablo's assets are around somewhere with a quite good remake for the original game..

    Remember MOBAs effectively started from WC3, while not intended as such Blizzard's RTS engines make great game creator software, even Youtube 'cynic' TotalBiscuit is using it to make a WoW themed board game.
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  • Uncharted 4 delayed to spring 2016

  • Kremlik 11/03/2015

    *gets ready for the use of the flame shield*

    Having owned a PS4 since launch, yes it's a bit of a let down, however IF you don't own a mid to high end PC, the PS4 is still worth getting outside of the AAAs.

    Straight out of the box you have access to DC Universe Online, while yes it's a hybrid sub/f2p MMO it's not a bad brawler, then there is Warframe if you like team based objective shooters, throw in a bit of space ninja and it's a damn fine game to play, both of these are free to play and I've yet to throw money at either (despite Warframe really deserving my cash)... Hopefully Planteside will still be joining some point this year, and I'm kinda hoping Smite breaks out of XBox exclusivity to join this list too..

    And then there is FFXIV, THIS is the MMO you should be playing right now, if you don't own a PC the PS4 matches that version hands down, control and KB/Mouse support (with UI switching to suit both) plus it shares servers with PS3 and PC so the servers are definitely not empty due to platform splits, I cannot recommend this game enough to anyone with a passing interest in MMOs, the amount of non-expansion required content thrown at this game this past year makes FFXIV the best #2 MMO on the market to date (as 'free content' is kinda moot because it's sub based), oh and this like the others above doesn't require PS+ to play.

    Finally there is the Indie games, now most would turn their nose up at this part but throw 40 for PS+ at this and you get access to games from RELEASE (not 2/3 years down the line) to some adding Indies out there, Binding of Issac: Rebirth has held my time for most of my sessions on the console, it's bloody hard but it keeps pulling me back for more, and I dare you not to be kinda humming the soundtrack to Transistor once you've finished it. Yes These games may not be dripping is realism and super hi-def images, but after seeing how The Order went, game play is king, and these games have it in spades...

    Of course all this is moot if you own a pretty OK PC, yes we'll have to wait for our FFXVs, Type-0s and Bloodbornes to show this year, but if you don't, avoid the Steamboxes and OUYAs this year - just get a PS4.
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  • Sony signals end of PlayStation Mobile

  • Kremlik 11/03/2015

    PSM's downfall comes from two fronts

    1) IIRC at Sony's end outside of Playstation itself they aren't doing that well so this is effectively 'cutting the fat' to keep the company in check, I don't know fully but don't Sony pay HTC to have PSM on their phones? Surely that isn't cheap.

    2) Outside of the Vita end this service is barely used, not because it's not on enough platforms, it's because mobiles are HEAVILY pirated with games and jail broken, I can't remember which game was it but they had tracking that showed a stupidly high number of active copies of their game on jail broken phones?

    Between both it's probably much better for Sony just to roll PSM under PSN, while I agree cutting off apps completely is a bad idea, perhaps just merging them with the PSN is better as at least Vita users can still access the content?
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