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  • Pokémon Go's latest update gives players more of a reason to unlock medals

  • Kremlik 13/10/2016

    @Fergal1982 *below* fair enough, I don't look into the meta data of the game I always thought it was a timer on capture, not in general spawn times, updating above but it doesn't change the main point..

    Can't give cookies, so have a thumbs for giving me a source (not many do, I wish they did)
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  • Kremlik 13/10/2016

    Meanwhile, Pokémon Go's latest update still does not offer any way to hunt down nearby Pokémon which is the very core of the game itself.
    Except it does, in fact it's closer to the 'core' game then people want to believe..

    The issue is that there is a massive difference between the expected gameplay, in which people want 'it's directly there' to the actual gameplay with it's general location.

    The latter is more a kin to what the actual series is like, you are told the route number a Pokemon likely to be but never the place. Go shows you the general area where something is and despite general belief the game does update to say if you are walking away or towards the Pokemon - the fact it disappears means the timer ran out before you got there and it's not because the game told you the wrong information.

    As said the game is 'hide and seek' in a way, and I suspect most complaints with 'not good enough' are from people who just want to run to the location collect what they need and move on quickly focusing more on the training to gym fight then the capture itself.
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  • Eve Online goes to war with gambling sites

  • Kremlik 13/10/2016

    @chucklepie they can't 'kill' trading as 90% of the game IS trade - ships are built part for part and industry (both gathering and craft) make up a large part of the sandbox, very little in the game isn't made by the playerbase.

    The market system is basically as big in EVE as with fleet battles.
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  • Kremlik 13/10/2016

    @Dizz Actually CCP have been clamping down on these things for a while now. The third party game time sites have been gutted to a handful of vetted sites, the RMT battle has been ongoing for the longest time and the multiboxers have thrown a fit a few times when CCP changed the client and ToS at least twice now I think..

    It's not the first time 'gambling sites' have been targeted by CCP either, this one just happens to hit the news sites because 1) gambling site take downs are topical right now, 2) one site is saying they'll sue CCP (not going to happen they have nothing to stand on) and 3) it's close the the launch of EVE's 'free with limits' account system (which is news in itself but has already been posted last week this is just an excuse to remind people of that fact :))
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  • Watch: Final Fantasy 15 is making great strides

  • Kremlik 10/10/2016

    I don't get the hate for the combat system.

    It's not turn based, sure, I agree people's 'childhoods' and love for the series are with the ATB system, it's a good system I'm 100% not knocking it 5, 6 and 9 are still my personal top three. However bare in mind that only 4-9 had that actual system (having a modded version in 10-2), where as the rest of the series as a whole either used different systems of turn based or just dropped them for action based - in fact looking over the whole series as a whole it's still 50/50-ish on turn based systems. Even with 13 and 13-2 they tried to meet people half way with the system off the hate off 12's 'automation' with the gambit system, but to be fair not that many turned off the 'press A to fight' system in 13 to realise some part of a turn based system was in there...

    Also remember XV was originally a spin off, with (and still) the Kingdom Hearts team behind it, I think this was to see if they could sell a 'pure' FF title or if KH simply was just because of the Disney aspect, which I think many can agree it was a strong sales point. Anyway most 'spin offs' of the FF games don't follow the turn based formula (Crisis Core, is more Devil May Cry then FF in a way). While 15 was still Verses 13 I can pretty much guess most didn't care about the combat, that was until the switch was flipped...

    I think the core issue is people have so many fond memories of the older games they worry about it's future, heck I agree with the fall of the original 14 and the first 13's misstep in 'what gamers wanted', I kind of agree the worry is there, but it shouldn't turn to hate. The thing is the series has always been about evolution, it's one of the first games change how RPGs played out, one of the first to make 3D gameplay fun, and TBH if 'Verses 13' DID come out 6/7 years ago, it probably would have been what we see The Witcher 3 as today for it's time.

    *warning mild spoiler for Kingsglave* To put a spin of one of the movie's themes: Don't chain yourself to the past, make a change to set the future for others. We consider the ATB system 'our childhood', but we shouldn't deny this current generation their's in this system. 15 IS a modern system, if you look at the gaming generation as a whole, action adventure RPGs is the current 'norm'. As mentioned before when we get games like Witcher and the Souls series coming out and setting new standards for the genre, is it wrong for one of the bigger RPG names to take note?

    On the plus side it's not like SE have abandoned the turn based system on the whole, the Bravely series is good, heck despite being mobile games Brave Exvius and Record Keeper are fun games.

    In the end the combat may be not 'traditional' for the core series, but damn that game looks good, I can't wait to see where it goes.
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  • Elite Dangerous has a "heat meta" and Frontier just poured cold water over it

  • Kremlik 27/09/2016

    *puts on flame heat shield*

    It's funny really as a lot of people where expecting so much from NMS when ED was already out, and basically destroyed the game because it was a shell of the expected content.

    Now ED is what people expected from NMS and yet it gets passed over by the masses because of 'reasons', despite the ED devs actively working on content, talking with the playerbase, owning up to mistakes (the season pass/expansion fuck up really hurt them but they at least admitted they messed up)... This is EXACTLY what people want from NMS right now, yet ED gets ignored (or hated on for things they are doing).

    Why NMS but not ED? Was it just hype or the fact ED isn't bright colours and looking like Minecraft in space? It seems the space sandbox can't win fans either way.
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  • Super Dungeon Bros out 1st November

  • Kremlik 26/09/2016

    Feels like yet another twinstick shooter combat system with the 'arrow pointer' thing, I wonder what it has to set it apart from the ones we have.

    I honestly would like to have seen Baldur's Gate: Dark Allience's combat system again, theres only really a few (D3 on console does kinda get close but it's PC counterpart is far better and it doesn't have it) - someone buy the IP please, it's for sale.
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  • Blizzard doing away with the name

  • Kremlik 22/09/2016

    Seems to me it's more the legal department tying up a few loose ends, as if I'm not mistaken the original creator of Mike O'Brien left the company to form Arenanet - this forced Blizzard to remake into 2.0 by Greg Canessa.

    Now to seems to me either the name '' is about to expire costing them money or Greg Canessa is planning to move on soon which could lad Blizzard into a messy situation with who owns what when it comes to
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  • Paladins boss speaks out over Overwatch clone claims

  • Kremlik 21/09/2016

    @celopoff I actually forgot about GA, but sadly we live in the world where the 'popular/known' title is the 'original source' for ideas.. (in this case it's 50:50)

    It seems like Blizzard and HiRez liked ideas from both companies and just made their own spin. It's funny really as we get up in arms with these games Yet the whole Pokemon/Digimon thing is almost forgotten despite Yokai Watch doing the same thing. (yet Megami Tensei series beat them ALL to it 10 years before hand and is considered by some the 'adult clone' of Pokemon)

    Either way it's not like Blizzard's fanbase has 'reacted' to these things before. Remember when certain players treated WoW like it was the first MMO ever and dissmissed any idea that it could have taken ideas from other sources and my personal fav Warhammer: Dawn of War was a DIRECT rip of Starcraft, both in gameplay AND lore... It'll calm down in the end, all Paladins needs to do is ride out the storm, being a free title will help it (as did doesn't have to slash it's prices a month in to scramble to break even)
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  • Kremlik 21/09/2016

    This first, isn't Paladins closer to a MOBA then Overwatch, which is more TF2? so the 'rip off' claim is almost moot on a game play level, so like with Battleborne people are only going 'skin deep' before writing the game off.

    Seeing as Blizzard has the original MOBA the character 'archetypes' and then LoL basically expanded massively on them so there isn't much room to not clone ideas - perfect example is all the chain pull characters are basically Stitches, no matter how you reform them. The Reinhart 'clone' I'd agree is also almost 1:1, but does Overwatch have a Tree as a tank? Or my personal favourite the 'Ratchet' (from Ratchet and Clank) clone.

    I own both and they aren't the same game gameplay wise; in fact it will probably help HiRes in the long term, as people firmilar with the OW characters can probably slip right in the characters with Paladins - bottom line is for me Paladins is a Battleborne replacement NOT an Overwatch one
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  • "We got caught in a s***storm"

  • Kremlik 20/09/2016

    As a long time Vainia fan LoS did something nothing else is the series did; prove that it CAN work in 3D.

    Sure, you can throw about 'God of War clone' (despite the fact it's closer to DMC, which came out before GoW) bit although true in this era, the 3D Vania games were kinda there own GoW games for their time. All that really held them back was combat, the animation wasn't as fluid as 3D combat was still new back on the N64 and later on the PS2 with what RE coined as 'tank controls'.

    A lot of people also panned LoS for being linear, but looking back the series outside of 2, the Dawn series and of course SotN were actually stage based and quite linear. The other 3D titles did try and create open world experiences, but LoS was more true to the core series. Irony is really that with many calling clone, GoW itself is quite linear but somehow that's OK and Los it's not.

    Vainia will always be known as a 2D series with SotN the jewel in the crown, but LoS on the whole is the best of the 3D branch, and is far closer to its roots than people realised
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  • Blizzard to ban some of Hearthstone's most popular cards from arena

  • Kremlik 09/09/2016

    @Pasco_ You know EG consider them 'good' to justify the click bait title, how many would click to read 'Blizzard bans bad HS cards'? Reply +1
  • World of Warcraft: Legion day-one sales match series records

  • Kremlik 08/09/2016

    @SweetMrGibs They say that but remember they've said a lot in the past and it's never worked out for them..

    WoD being only a year till the next one, the ORIGINAL Path of the Titans (which the class weapon basically is now), flying content in Wrath world PVP which actually made it to the box..

    I play a modded version of 'when it's done' it's the 'content is real when I'm actually playing it live'.

    Not to knock Blizzard but we don't really know how long the current content is intended for we kinda know it's late October when the last LFR wing hits and the Suramar content is meant to be for 9 weeks. Past that however we really don't know, Mythic raiders have only Kharazan and that mini-raid to do after clearing the Emerald Nightmere and no real information on world content past what we already have.

    I'm really hoping it isn't till 7.3 we actually have more World content and I'm REALLY hoping 7.1's content isn't eaten up in the first month only for another 3-4 months of little information. Personally speaking I think Blizzard should look at Square Enix's content rollout, it's one of the better ones out there and if they can stick to a similar pattern then the game wont be another burn bright burn quickly like it has done in the past
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  • Kremlik 08/09/2016

    3.3 Million 'day one' sales? Is that including the pre-purchase orders, as that information really could be handy to know.

    As a person burnt by Blizzard many many times (D3, WoD, OW season 1), I can honestly say Legion is the best thing Blizzard have done for WoW in a long time, it's basically what Reaper of Souls did for Diablo - in fact it's got a lot of Diablo's DNA coming into it (Mythic+ and the world loot drops have a Greater Rift style in mind).

    Part of being the 'Best thing' is that Blizzard have upped their game in world building, the world feels alive again not just because there is more out there to do but Blizz have finally taken notes from others (namely Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV). Not only taken us back into the old world and spinning up new content for it but the class quests/halls and even crafting make bring the game back to what the players wanted, it's a Warcraft game again, not just a loot by numbers with loose reasoning to be at a location. Even crafters have questlines and have to actually go out in the world to find their stuff not just spam train at a vendor.

    Not to spoil content but I'm also liking the fact everything may NOT be a 'hero saves the day' moment in the lore. As many already know even from the start we have had some major lineup shifts and lore happen. It doesn't stop there there is actually moments where the outcome isn't 'cheerful', having these darker moments actually helps the world feel more real and less 'Saturday morning TV'. I'm actually doubting if we are going to make it out of this expansion without really heavy losses, that's if we even win at all, which is helping me really look forward to the content updates..

    For those old players looking for reasons to play - Legion is Wrath 2.0, lets hope the content rollout is as good as Blizzard want it to be.
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  • Ark fans burned by Scorched Earth, the Early Access game's "completely finished" expansion

  • Kremlik 06/09/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing It's the most frustration question to answer as the game IS good in terms of gameplay and design; mainly because it's one of the few actual survival sandboxes that isn't just using the 'survival' systems in yet another zombie rouge-like.

    HOWEVER that said it's the team and PR itself that's letting it down, the team have fallen into the 'one more feature' trap instead of focusing on just building the core game just to get it out of Early Access..

    Scorched Earth despite being intended for their release of content model just screams to me they HAD to release another cash injection as they are running low on funds.

    I had the same feeling with the 'arena content' split, it's not great to feel that the game may never truly be released as the team just cannot nail down the core game issues as the game is just now 'too big' with systems and features - if the core game 'worked' like many said most of the criticisms of the game and this content release may not have been so forefront.
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  • Kremlik 06/09/2016

    @josepm.pons So the short hand version of it is they spend all the money for the roof on say a REALLY good shed and expect you to pay for it. Yet the house still gets flooded.

    Early Access as houses, I like the metaphor.
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  • Final Fantasy 15's Ł190 Ultimate Collector's Edition doesn't include season pass

  • Kremlik 19/08/2016

    I get why people are pissed at buying this and not getting the season pass included it is advertised as the 'ultimate ed' and yet it's STILL missing stuff...

    However I don't get the outcry of the season pass in general, it's basically fluff, yes it does come with 'stories' with the other three characters playable, but will it add 'missing story content' to the overall plot, probably not.

    Noctis is STILL the central character of the story, once his arc ends everything else is filler - we STILL get the backstory of the other characters from the anime, we STILL get the reason behind them leaving and the over-arcing events with his father from the movie - hell in a way we still will get decent plots from the other three characters most likely DURING the game itself..

    Will the season pass be another 'true ending' FFXIII-2 had (Despite the fact all that did was explain why Lightning was in Crystal)? Unlikely as Noctis isn't the focus of those stories - all they will most likely do is flush out a few arcs that weren't completely told in the main story ie like with Locke and Rachel in the extended versions of FFVI. With it being this late in development to announce it, it's hardly be a key plot point or ground breaking enough to be essential to the story.

    The season pass is there for the die hard fans of the game, and most likely only really worth buying once you've finished the game and thats IF you enjoyed it.
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  • Monster Boy's Gamescom trailer shows off six playable characters

  • Kremlik 16/08/2016

    Between this and Dragon's Trap remake, I'm in heaven!
    Wait... THERE IS A REMAKE?

    Sorry but I hate to say that Dragon's Trap is the best WB game going it's a shame the series went a bit odd after that with the rebrand of just 'Monster World' dropping Shion completely (although Wonder Boy in Monster Land/World was still good)
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  • Final Fantasy 15 delayed by two months

  • Kremlik 15/08/2016

    Well there goes my birthday present but then again a broken mess of a game will surely ruin it Reply +2
  • Something massive just happened in World of Warcraft lore

  • Kremlik 10/08/2016

    Anduin is the obvious choice for the next King, however, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else will try to take the throne. Anduin might be found weak by some Alliance members.
    Watch his video on Battlenet he's become quite a badass and he's got the leadership skills to boot, he shut down Jaina's rants like a pro in the conversation after the Broken Shore. He's going to do fine, I think he's going to be pissed when they DO find out about Vol'jin considering his history and respect they had.
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  • Kremlik 10/08/2016

    Kinda pissed they chose to kill off Vol'jin for 'balance' for many reasons.

    1) Vol'jin was the sole noteworthy troll within WoW's current lore, Blizzard didn't set up anyone to replace him as representative of the troll faction, unlike Varian who had Anduin to replace him, who has also been set up for the longest time to do so. It feels like a big FU to troll players considering the second reason..

    2) Metzen refuses to kill off 'his baby' Thall. Thall's story is done, twice, his story sorted ended by the end of Cata, got involved in Panda which again ended in Draenor.. He's done being Warchief, he's cleaned up the mess he made from choosing Garrosh and he finished his 'vision quest' with Deathwing. IF Blizzard NEEDED to kill off a Horde character why not him? Speaking of killing off...

    3) The Horde side are 'forced' to watch Varion's death (although it is quite epic), but the Alliance only get told of Vol'jin's death in passing. In fact Vol'jin's death is almost shrugged off, even in the Horde arc as just a plot point for Sylvanas, as she gets more time on screen. Compared to Varion's death his is quite weak, gets impaled sure, but it's mostly 'Yup, I'm done' and just gives up. It really did feel Blizzard didn't really care about Vol'jin to make the HORDE LEADER'S death just as epic, why didn't they just allow Vol'jin to join Varion for the final blow?

    No no Blizzard had to force the Horde vs Alliance conflict in somewhere which even most of the NPCs turn around and say it's pointless as there is more pressing matters (guess who doesn't Miss Dreadlord.. erm Proudmoore). Also NB Tirion is a neutral faction and if it wasn't for a certain Hearthstone card we probably wouldn't have seen his fate, and TBH I HOPE that wasn't the real end of him either as that was weak too.
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  • Persona 5 is coming to Europe on Valentine's Day

  • Kremlik 09/08/2016

    would it be fair to say having a release date is PURRRfect? Reply +8
  • Elder Scrolls: Legends launches PC open beta

  • Kremlik 05/08/2016

    @Tomo no it was the general Scrolls Licence, this was designed after the Hearthstone hype exploded Reply 0
  • After a flood of negative feedback, Pokémon Go's developer is finally ready to talk

  • Kremlik 02/08/2016

    Looks like a community can't criticise a developer anymore without being labelled "toxic".

    What a time to be alive.
    You CAN be critical of a dev - it's the WAY you go about it that is the issue.

    The silence wasn't great neither is the servers going down or the Pokemon account link being practically dead. Talking about them and saying you are wanting change and/or stopping buying and using the product is the best way of doing so.

    Mass 1 star reviews, threatening to go to certain sites and requesting DDoS of the product, hate being thrown over Facebook/Twitter (leading to death threats) - THAT is what the 'loudest' have been doing, that IS toxic.

    Lets add on to that the ACTUAL faction hate, the 'need' to use outside apps to 'progress' because people have been GPS proofing and hacking, leading to 'haves' and 'have nots'. The fact that people have done stupid things in real life JUST to get a digital 'thing'?

    Sadly it's not like Pokemon Go is a sole case in this. Whenever a game (mainly competitive ones, even if the game has it in a small way) reaches a certain point of player base size, it's bound to happen and get Toxic in some way either to the devs or other players.. It's just that Pokemon Go is THAT big right now it's imploded on itself so fast and harsh the devs couldn't react any faster without backlash either way.
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  • Kremlik 02/08/2016

    No real shock how toxic the 'community' of Pokemon Go actually is when it's a given the larger the market range of players, thanks to a growing pool of people, the more 'elite' and 'entitled' the feedback gets as certain people shout the loudest and 'react' more.

    That is gaming 'communities' these days, some people have no filter and react to anything faster then they can think and shout the loudest, others just jump on the bandwagon to be 'part of the solution and effect change', despite not knowing what they are supporting or even the effect it's having on the product as a whole.

    Add that the mobile market which is known to spam the 1 star rating as soon as a product hits the stores as the product doesn't work on THEIR phone despite having a product range as large as the PC market and phones that practically go unsupported and out of recommended specs within at least 18 months after release on average.

    Anyone expecting Pokemon Go to have a great ride of success didn't factor in: hype + mass market + known IP / days active + mass market = a bucket load of toxic
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  • Kremlik 02/08/2016

    This always makes me laugh as it sounds to me as 'God, you are making me PLAY a game? I need to get better at it to progress? GOD! WHY DON'T you let me just BUY everything (despite me going around Reddit complaining about season passes and DLC) so I can go to my friends and say HOW GREAT I am at the game and how they are not despite me not really playing it... ME LIFE NEEDS MEANING!'

    Perhaps clicker games are more their genre?
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  • Another month goes by and Fallout 4 mod support on PS4 is still MIA

  • Kremlik 02/08/2016

    The problem I have with all this is blame will be pushed to Sony by Bethesda at some point, most likely due when Skyrim hits as it's most of the reason to buy the game YET AGAIN on console.

    Personally I think Bethesda should just bite the bullet and admit they should have just tested this on BOTH formats before going all 'look what we can do, aren't we cleaver' at E3 not once but TWICE, even when during Skyrim this issue was known with Fallout.

    This gen consoles didn't enter it with mods in mind, much like last gen didn't have free to play and cash shop integration in mind (DUST 514). It's going to be a LONG time for this 'fix' to happen, perhaps next gen the PS5 may opt for mods in mind.
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  • Doom paid DLC dated, and Free Update 2 and double XP this weekend

  • Kremlik 28/07/2016

    Remind me again why the worst aspect of the game (by far) is getting all the expansion content?
    That's easy: It's because some suit thinks that considering all 'leading' FPS titles fall more towards a 'service' of an online multiplayer platform. You know with the season passes on top of extra micro-transactions outside of the season pass which you would think would be part of it but aren't, that kind of deal, because that is where the money is apparently..

    The devs (or should I say former team of devs) are most likely already 'done' with the multiplayer content and it's just down to fine tuning the game anyway so it's just drip feeding now..

    What the suit forgot: THIS IS FREAKING DOOM
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  • Hands-on with Total War: Warhammer's newest race, the Beastmen

  • Kremlik 27/07/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing Your logic is flawed as you assume a 'sale' (though it isn't a sale) price of 48%-ish off a base game is the correct price, the ACTUAL price is Ł39.99. The DLC is about a third of the price of the base product not half.

    That said however I agree the price is higher then I expected however NOT as high as you make it out to be considering the Chaos army is under half the price given for Beastmen even with the discount.

    Ł8-10 I'd consider this at as adds a new map as well, something that Chaos doesn't
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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Kremlik 26/07/2016

    A hybrid has always made the most logical sense with the NX - the Japanese market is mobile/handheld heavy considering both the XBONE and PS4 didn't do as well as predicted there, hell even the Vita has done better then the XBONE and the 3DS is basically king.

    Seeing as Nintendo is Japan focused this was the solution. Considering if you think about it going back to the Vita again, it's not a bad bit of tech it just lacked support by Sony, the Third parties are keeping it alive, IF the NX had the same if not better tech it would eat up the rest off that market, and with Nintendo's 1st party I would really be interested in what this can pull off.. Edit: just looked at the tech behind it - All I can say it look at the tech in the XBONE/PS4 it's not that impressive but they've pulled a LOT out of it.

    Finally if all this is true it's pretty clear why we didn't hear from Nintendo's NX until now, it wasn't fears of copycats... It's the clear knowledge that 'new' 3DS sales would tank, sadly it's almost the DSi all over again.
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  • Total War: Warhammer's next playable race, The Beastmen, revealed

  • Kremlik 14/07/2016

    Ł13.99 is a tad steep for what I was expecting, however IF the race isn't just a reskin and does feel like it's tabletop counterpart then I could be tempted. Considering the way the other races play, it's hopeful Reply +4
  • Fallout Shelter out now on PC, here's how to download it

  • Kremlik 14/07/2016

    @Mister_Vimes it's a sim even looking at the screenshot the Dev's call it a sim.

    I don't know why they called it a strategy game here, as 'sim' fits the theme of the valuts to a tea even in fallout itself
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  • Paedophiles, lures and susceptible children: the UK tabloids take on Pokémon Go

  • Kremlik 12/07/2016

    @wyp100 Don't know about Ep1c, but here's my rules on adblock for any site.

    If an ad takes up the screen and disrupts content without needing to 'interact' with it - thats a block'n.

    If an ad plays a video/javascript automatically (mostly with audio) on loading, hence slowing down the page and/or pc - thats a block'n.

    If it's distracting for the page with flashing 'LOOK AT ME' images (ie 'your a winner' - thats a block'n.

    Ads that have very little in common with the site in question and/or clickbait headlines AKA TABOOLA (honestly it's the most distracting set of images in the site) - thats a block'n.

    Just keep the ads suttle, we came here to read the articles, not to be distracted by product placement, this site isn't run by Zack Snyder
    (also bonus hugs if anyone guesses what I suck in the comment)

    Edit: just to point out I block ads individually not site wise unless the site is 90% ads and completely in your face, EG normally is free from the mass block
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  • Richard Garriott selling vials of his blood on eBay

  • Kremlik 10/07/2016

    Not really too shocking from him considering he redesigned his last MMO (Tabular Rasa) as a Scifi and tried to pass a trip to space as a 'business expense' by loosly tying the game to it (submitting beta screenshots so they can be in space on a ubs drive)..

    It's a shame as the game's core was actually good but Garriott wasted that much money on it the game HAD to be released half baked.
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  • Pokémon GO hides Sandshrew at police station with hilarious results

  • Kremlik 07/07/2016

    @PrimalxConvoy He's NOT talkling about Go, he's talking about Ingress..

    The devs DID ban players in that game for those reasons, it's safe to speculate they MAY do the same when Go launches in the UK

    It's just a buyer beware thing ATM, if you aren't in a rush to play it, don't, by the time WE get it most of these issues may be fixed
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  • Watch Pokémon GO parodied by Square Enix

  • Kremlik 07/07/2016

    Between this and the banter between them and Blizzard over the term 'horde' a month ago, gotta love SE's humour at times Reply +6
  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • Kremlik 05/07/2016

    @IronSoldier Most of the 'TB hating' is because either 1) it's 'cool to hate' on popular people or 2) They dislike his 'persona' when it comes to his videos (most likely), however his points are valid. I take issue with people mixing the message with the messenger, as even I take issue with some of TB's 'stances' on gaming ala '60FPS or above only' 'consoles are bad' etc, I still trust his content to be honest.

    IMO he is one of the better 'journalistic' channels on YT just because he was one of the first people to start disclosing his deals even before it was in law. As such he closed down his POBox due to devs sending him 'gifts' due to the fact it made it hard to 'review' their games due to bias on that fact, also he stopped producing content on SoE titles at one point due to his connection with Planetside 2 promos. Also he doesn't dance around matters in fear of people hating him or losing subscribers (as he stated many times he would burn his 'fanbase' to the ground if need be to keep honest), he's a straight talker.

    TB isn't the only Youtube personality like this, Jim Stirling is the same and he's most likely disliked for the same reason, but he's just as straight talking as TB. Not every Youtuber needs to be a 'fluffy hug' for everyone to like.
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  • Kremlik 05/07/2016

    @IronSoldier he's not wrong, he's pissed, we all should be.

    Sadly for every 'good' youtube or twitch user that use their talent to build a community and earn their trust, there is another 'hack' with little talent or not interest in building trust and just there to use what followers they have to make money as fast as possible.

    This is the problem when the switch got turned from joining these networks for a hobby and to entertain to one which sad to say starts a channel purely with the goal of making money.

    When it doesn't happen overnight and they aren't the next pewdiepie/TB or just happen to become the next 'wookie mom', then they'll set up other 'businesses' or be prayed upon by said business - this is where the issue lays.

    YouTube NEED to be as heavy handed as possible when it comes to disclosure and scams ( as this is basically a scam) sadly they are too busy swinging the DCMA bat to notice that their biggest downfall is POLICING EVERYTHING ELSE.
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  • Yakuza 5 currently free if you have PlayStation Plus

  • Kremlik 05/07/2016

    @fuzzocks that version has always been a free to play title, I think the replacement was the original PS3 version Reply 0
  • Twitch app lands on PlayStation Vita

  • Kremlik 05/07/2016

    It's a shame Sony has basically left the system to die, however third parties just wont let it - kinda a reverse Nintendo situation here..

    Which begs the question 'why?' if third parties are willing to support it is it PURELY based on low sales compered to the 3DS Sony are unwilling to back it? If so then it's quite the paradox as IF YOU ACTUALLY RELEASED STUFF SONY, then we would have supported it more.. (and and dropped the price of the SD cards or at least allow third party now you aren't bothered with it)

    This begs a second question if the Vita still has third party support on a 'dead' system, is someone willing to take the opportunity and snap up that market with similar tech - say a certain Nintendo platform we have no information on?
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  • Sega doubles down on PC strategy, snaps up Endless Space creator

  • Kremlik 05/07/2016

    Well if anything was to put Sega on the map again as a relevant company, these past years will most likely do it..

    Total Warhammer may have spilt the Total War fanbase slightly but it's introduced a LOT of people to that type of strategy gaming and actually may have repaired some PR damage Creative Assembly made with their last games as they were a mess at launch..

    Relic seem to have gone back to their roots with Dawn of War 3 with more a hybrid base building system. While I see DoW2's combat more true to the table top with squad useage and cover, people did like the base building... With Dark Crusade being my personal highlight of the series with it's 'Risk' style campaign I am leaning towards them may be trying that again further down the line, THAT will be interesting..

    Now Amplitude Studios, whelp that's my trifecta of RTS games under one hub now. IF you wanted a Civ replacement Endless Legend is the title to go for (Endless Space isn't that bad either, oh and Dungeon of the Endless is a good spinoff I hope they do that again.).. This begs the question did Sega by this for that reason?

    Think about it Creative Assembly do grand strategy well(ish), Relic do 'arcade'/twitch RTS well and Amplitude Studios is the 'middle ground' with the turn based strategy...

    Sega you let them build your strategy money pile and you just focus ALL your work on that new Sonic title you've hinted at, if that ends up good then :)
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  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is out now on PC

  • Kremlik 01/07/2016


    Elements and massive spoilers to the overarching plot are dropped casually into conversions, where as it could make sense, they will drop a lot of 'wait wha?' situations and not explain them as the game assumes you've played the other two first.
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  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius out now

  • Kremlik 30/06/2016

    @johnparkinson Launch day for a popular named title? Isn't this sadly 'normal' these days..

    Shame it's actually a good game once you get in
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  • Kremlik 30/06/2016

    It's nice to have a mobile FF title that isn't Ł13 for once, that said at least Record Keeper is still going as despite being FF-lite it still scratches the JRPG itch while travelling Reply +1
  • G2A and tinyBuild's row over PC game key reselling gets ugly

  • Kremlik 23/06/2016

    I don't get it. If these keys were bought with stolen creditcards, then tinybuild should just deactivate the keys. So why not cooperate with G2A and have them help doing this? Maybe even deactivate and ban those accounts that sold these keys?

    The issue is the charge backs from the credit card supplier not the keys themselves. Tiny Build could easily lock down all the keys however the keys bought with the stolen credit card will still be charged, on the charge back Tiny Build would STILL have to pay fees to try and stop this..

    They NEED G2A's data to prove the keys were stolen and G2A are going to dance around the subject as much as they can because they KNOW this happens at least from time to time, the 'shield' kinda proves this (and BTW the shield is kinda bull - there have been many people messed around and refused money back even if the shield was bought)..

    If Tiny Build gets hold of the data and takes it to court then the court can order a request into ALL G2A's data. IF the data is found a LOT of sales have been from stolen cards (knowingly by G2A or not), it's not only going to look bad for G2A PR wise but I suspect that their 'cut' from the sales may be looked into as well - effectively killing the whole business...

    Guilty of knowing this happens or not - G2A WILL try anything to avoid going to court and gambling on if more sales are from stolen cards then G2A thinks.
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  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

  • Kremlik 22/06/2016

    Already placed my order for this ages ago, thankfully it'll tie me over until Persona 5 hits next year - kinda happy that it did, as FFXV is also on the cards, monster hunter and this; it's a GREAT bookend of the year for RPGs Reply +1
  • Warcraft most successful game-film, Duncan Jones up for a sequel

  • Kremlik 20/06/2016

    Sadface for not showing the fall of Stormwind, though.
    I think Blizzard retconned that ending from cannon themselves some time ago I can't remember when - I assume the second game? The whole of the first game has been mostly changed to suit Blizzard's long term goals anyway - kinda really hoping that since the film did so well a 'retelling' of the first game in 'HD?' is in the works
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  • Kremlik 20/06/2016

    Don't understand why they didn't do Warcraft 3 first, it has a much more interesting plot.
    Where I would agree with the statement as Rain of Chaos and Frozen Throne are the better stories to tell, you can't really tell the story without telling the first war as Gul'dan and the Burning Legion still play big roles in both events..

    I think we may skip the second war in the films and just go straight into the invasion as shown at the start of the film with the face off between factions; that is actually the first FMV of WC3 where the infernal drops in and kills them both. I see them looping back to that at the start of the next film

    I think the second film may just deal with Thrall, the forming of the new horde and the battle at mount Hyjal capping it off, seeding in Arthus' story (explaining why Jaina left Arthus to help Thrall), but leaving Arthus' downfall, the Lich King and Illidan's story for the third film (I'm kinda hoping it 'ends' with the WoW WotLK raid and 25 people just running at Arthus and then cutting to black just to tempt non-players to find out what that fight is by playing it)
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  • Kratos is now voiced by Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge

  • Kremlik 15/06/2016

    TBH unless I played 3 straight before I probably wouldn't have noticed, Judge's voice seems to fit naturally into the role and he didn't seem too jarring with this version of Kratos...

    That said considering this is a soft reboot, why Kratos? Didn't he die proper at the end of 3 SO MANY QUESTIONS!
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  • Warcraft movie trumps Star Wars: Force Awakens in China

  • Kremlik 09/06/2016

    I think the issue with the US is that they take a critic's word as mostly gold, hence the reason why Loinsgate/Blizzard are looking more towards then worldwide market more so - even if it does badly in the US it's topped the other markets, it's a win in their book.. Reply +4