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  • Hasbro and Jagex's Transformers Universe to close down next month

  • Kremlik 16/12/2014

    @Uncompetative Wasn't this a MOBA? Reply +1
  • Destiny jumps seven places in UK chart following price cut

  • Kremlik 15/12/2014

    @ncBadrock Simple more money has gone into marketing then the games themselves, more then enough buy off marketing hype well before they see the game and EVERY time they still fall for it Reply +3
  • Persona Q review

  • Kremlik 05/12/2014

    Having only briefly touched the first Etrian Odyssey game this was still a first day purchase for me purely on the basis of both Persona 3 and 4 casts interacting.

    It was further driven forward by the fact that is game is in fact canon to the series despite being placed just before the final events of both games respectively, from my brief playthru of the Persona 3 cast version there is only mild references so far so it's mostly spoiler free,

    Finishing at least Persona 3 and 4 on a basic level (The Answer and Golden endings will certainly not be spoiled in Q) if you intend to complete either may be required for maximum fan service, but not required for those first timers (unlike the Arena series which is a direct sequel to 4 Golden)
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn hit by DDOS attack

  • Kremlik 19/11/2014

    @Psiloc No servers must be still working the 'official' Reddit page is still up Reply 0
  • WOW's executive producer apologises for Warlords of Draenor launch issues

  • Kremlik 18/11/2014

    7.5 million players X price of game = more than fixing broken crap.
    True, IF every copy was bought at launch, a lot, if not most of the sales were sold well before launch, most of that money was most likely spent on other projects, eg re-branding Project Titan into Overwatch, that intro was not cheap to make.

    People tend to forget Blizzard's income from WoW does not just cover it but four other IPs too, and that is assuming Acivision doesn't take a cut.

    YES I 100% agree the game didn't work on launch, which is annoying. HOWEVER to be fair between the MASSIVE influx they had coming back and the DDOSing no server system could cope, nothing is designed to handle that much traffic, if there is it isn't cheap.
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  • Kremlik 18/11/2014

    Reality check: 5 free days is around £1.7 to deduct form the cost the monthly/year subscription fee.
    £1.7 x around 7.5 million players + share price dropping during the issues + overtime paid for staff to fix the issue and keep communication between media and players over the issues = a HECK of a lot more then what we 'save'.

    THAT is the real Reality Check
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  • Kremlik 18/11/2014

    Sadly all the whining lot will take this as 'winning via making Blizzard 'give in to pressure'' and continue to act like an entitled child on the forums, comment sections and certain Reddit hubs, and not the wise business and PR move Blizzard would be doing anyway in a massive fault that prevented people playing their game. (ie the fact the zoning to the Garrison in game was heavily broken and players needed to use in to progress past the starting content)

    Props to Blizzard on this, most wouldn't do this and call it 'part of modern day gaming' and may offer us a free skin intended to be DLC anyway - I wanted a new Murloc plushie but gametime is ok :)
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  • WOW: there are plenty of level-100 players already

  • Kremlik 13/11/2014

    To be fair the level curve in this one is a HECK of a lot lower then before. just by doing the intro quest and gaining the garrison which is an hour and a half at busy times took my char to 91 and I was just casually playing...

    90-100 is piss easy this time, probably to 'encourage' 90 boosts because THAT it still a pain to get to :)
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  • Don't rule WildStar out yet

  • Kremlik 12/11/2014

    Wildstar would have had a chance if there wasn't better on the market already even if you ignore WoW (and the 'pre-WoW' games not because they are bad it's just to highlight the best of this latest 'era'), post-WoW this is what I normally recommend to people, if they want a 'WoW-like' experience.

    For your free to play options you have either Rift or Guild Wars 2. Rift I consider 'WoW if you want a darker/mature tone in style', it's pretty much it, the class system and the Rift system sets it apart from a lot of F2P titles, the quality dipped a little in Storm Legion but is finding it's feet again with the current patches.

    If you want to throw money down Guild Wars 2 is your best 'buy to play' game so far, it's weakness was the way content was delivered the end of and during it's 2nd year but I think ANET may have found their way, and for open world PVP, that is just worth the box price alone. Both have 'fair' F2P systems where you don't feel pressured into buying into progression from base level to endgame however it is an option still but at least they both offer game cash to premium cash if you are willing to grind for it.

    For the subscription side there is only one other game I can recommend and that's FFXIV. To me it's the best contender against WoW, despite having being built off the shell of a financial failure, it's pure value for money when it comes to content on a patch by patch basis it has no equal, something that Wildstar and even WoW have yet to offer. The options for content outside of just raiding are great and personally I think it has the best crafting content in the post-WoW era.

    The biggest highlight is the story and THE MUSIC, it's normally the standard fair but closer to the endgame it breaks out some awesome tracks to get you really into the fight and how epic they are meant to be, lately the Primal fights have just broken out some great J-Pop/Rock tracks during the last half of the fights, that is no to say the orchestral stuff isn't great too (go listen to 'Answer' and tell me you don't have 'feels' :)). The weakest element of that game is low end progression, you HAVE to follow the story to level and unlock content you can't power thru and just get back to it later, however once you've done it, the pay off is worth it.

    Between those three games alone I'm pretty happy to rule Wildstar out for now in terms of 'post-WoW' titles, it's a shame but I think devs forget there is more then just WoW to contend with on the market
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  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Steam release date announced

  • Kremlik 11/11/2014

    It's sad really as the XIII series only sold well in Japan (see XIII vs TR sales (mis)quotes from SE) and someone in Square Enix thinks they are a marketing god but effectively 'whoring' Lightning out in every title since, even shoehorning her in FFXIV to 'promote' Lightning Returns which lore wise, in either game, she had no reason to be there (ironically FFXIV is the only game she actually felt like she had depth) and treating this series as 'the new VII'. Only XIII-2 I would class as an 'OK' title, despite having cool game systems LR's writing and reasoning was just horrid, and felt more like fan fiction then a real game.

    I keep hearing that the lead dev of XIII basically made Lightning as his own power fantasy hence the reason why 'she must be in every game going forward' - but it's 100% clear the lack of care porting the games over show it's just out there to make money, hell FFVI for mobile despite it's chibi style looks to have had more care in it.

    The XIII series has bombed and some people at SE are too proud to say otherwise and are desperate to show it can make them a profit, and that Lightning is a good marketing tool. Thankfully most of the FF games and spinoffs post-XIII look to revive the series, and I think most are just glad to see the back of XIII
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • Kremlik 10/11/2014

    Some people just want to know if a game is worth playing, they don't care for reading through pages and pages of somebody elses opinion on each tiny aspect of how it plays.
    This is why video reviews are becoming increasing more popular to use, you get to see the game fold out, see tech options for PC versions and get a score/recommendation at the end all within 5 mins in some cases.
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  • Kremlik 10/11/2014

    Yawn, I hate these comments.

    READ THE REVIEW, not the score.
    Welcome to another reason why 'scores' should be ditched, I'm sad to say that a good chunk of comments on any site these days are 'reactions' to headings/subheadings and 'numbers', this mostly being scores in this case but it can be things like sub numbers and sales totals.

    In some cases the 'score' doesn't reflect the actual review for example one site, I think it is IGN, takes the average score of a number of staff members so if the reviewer is negative but everyone else rates it higher there will be a mismatch between score and review, I know Famitsu does this but at least they show everyone's individual scores.

    Also if a score is used 99% of the time people will scroll to the score THEN maybe read the review, thus making all the work to justify the score in the first place pointless, which in that case why waste the time writing about it why not just slap up a JPEG with a number as it seems like that is what some comments only care about - the number is what most people take away from an article the most, which is a little sad considering at times the length of these articles.

    Personally I like Kotaku's version it's a recommendation which reasons for and against clearly in the box, yes I know it's not any clearer then a number however that said what could be a 8 in an FPS doesn't reflect the same quality of an 8 in a RTS, added to that there is barely anything that isn't 7-9 scores these days so is '7' really the worst out there considering in the scale of 1-10 that is still quite high. With only really 4 numbers really used in general these days There is basically nothing to stop it from changing to 'Yes, No, Maybe, Definitely'
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  • Blizzard details Overwatch, its upcoming competitive first-person shooter

  • Kremlik 08/11/2014

    On the other hand it looks like a pure frustration where you will die alot, from somebody who press one button and whipe out half of your team. Sounds like MOBA, with a crosshair.
    In a sense then COD and Battlefield are MOBAs due to the strikes and kill streak bonuses. I wish people stop using 'MOBA' as a term as if you use it as it's full term 'Multiplayer online battle arena' it's really a blanket term that can cover anything - it was really only marketing from Riot to work around the DOTA copyright..

    Either way why can't Blizzard break into the FPS market? Sure it's overcrowded with already market leaders but outside TF2 and Quake Live, I really can't think of a free to play FPS with 'character classes' (why I think free to play because Blizzard can easily sell the game with Skins and keys for weapon crate drops ala TF2)... They had to do something with the scraps of Project Titan anyway :)
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Crew in UK Steam no-show

  • Kremlik 06/11/2014

    Even tho I agree that not having the option in the UK to buy from Steam yet everyone else can is 100% stupid, and trying to sell us a game at a 'normalised' price WILL drive away sales...

    The whole 'no Steam no sale' attitude has to stop, first I'm not saying buying solely from Ubi and using Uplay exclusively is good, but solely relying on one platform for your software on PC is a really bad idea. Valve have already proven in the past they basically have the power to kill a title if they so wish by simply making them jump thru more hops then others or just out right refusing sales or trying to make 'deals' - that's the whole reason EA dropped from the service in the first place. Having Uplay and Origin is good for all, I mean look, Valve have massively improved Steam over resent years just because there is actual competition out there now.

    HOWEVER that said again locking us to one service (Uplay) for sales is not the way to go, we should be given more options for platforms to use our games on, not less.
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  • Exploring the economics of suffering in This War of Mine

  • Kremlik 30/10/2014

    Well considering I dumped a few solid months of constant playing via Don't Starve, I can see this doing the same, I love these types of games there should be more. Reply +3
  • PlayStation Plus' free November offerings revealed

  • Kremlik 29/10/2014

    I've basically given up on expecting Driveclub seeing as it's gone from a full release to basically a demo, and even if we did get it theres little hope in getting online. However pretty good month all in all, more games on my 'to at least look at' list on PC moving over to PS4 and Vita.

    Yup they aren't AAA titles but if they were Killzone or Second Son Sony will still get moaned at by someone with 'but I already own this at release, wasted month again', they will never be able to please anyone.

    Basically if you don't like PS+ don't pay for it, and before anyone says 'but online play requires it', true for only PS4, but the rest of the service (ie the games) has ALWAYS been an added perk for 'free' not a requirement for the systems to work as intended.
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  • Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion

  • Kremlik 29/10/2014

    @menage While I agree I was also including the stuff outside of the season pass, and if you exclude buying the pass and total it up it's sort playing for the game plus more just for the DLC, which was even more of a slap in the face when the GOTY version came out at the base price basically giving you all that content for free.

    While Tiny Tina was the stand out content for BL2, really most of it as a series was just padding and fluff - which TBH Destiny's first pack feels like
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  • Kremlik 29/10/2014

    Well thats my copy being traded in today then.

    I did say in the past the game will live or die based on it's content, despite the gameplay being actually quite fun, Bungie have failed to deliver in terms of value.

    With the base content feeling like it stops half way, one of the main sources of progression outside of the ONE raid we get 'for free' being apparently bugged for the longest time it wasn't looking good to begin with. Then the monthly events ended up a mess and with the one thought out event (Queen) being a limited time event with a large grind behind it, it made even ANET's temp content look less 'play me NOW or lose out'.

    So for £20 we get 2(ish) strikes and a raid with a handful of new missions and the level cap bumped up a tiny bit, nope. I don't really know if they think this playerbase can be treated the same as CoD/Halo and £15 for 5 maps 'is ok' or they think everyone was completely happy with (as this is it's main comparison) Borderlands' DLC flood and we all ate it up happy to be overcharged when it finally came to pricing it up for the GOTY version..

    Shame I like Destiny's ideas I just don't like the way it's being delivered to us, I'll buy the GOTY version again at some point (if it hits PC it's a sure thing) but if this is the way the '10 year plan' plays out by the time Destiny 5 comes out, it's going to be barely played.
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  • Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward expansion adds new race, airships

  • Kremlik 20/10/2014

    Anyone notice that the new race are part of the subheading and Jobs are buried as a throwaway line near the end... It should be the other way around EG, Jobs are free but the new race WILL require us putting down money (if you didn't keep your veteran reward), plus if the new Jobs include the likes of Red/Blue Mage it will be a big deal :)

    Also notice at the end the 'lead' of the trailers switched from Marauder to Dragoon now, pure favouritism right there :P
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  • PlayStation Plus' October offerings include DriveClub, Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian Tail

  • Kremlik 01/10/2014

    @feralningen considering PS+ is two titles per platform now it's either Spelunky or Pix the Cat as they are both cross buy, and the other is one of the Vita titles seeing as Rainbow Moon is the only 'Vita' title not to cross buy with PS4 Reply -14
  • Kremlik 01/10/2014

    Rainbow Moon and Dust are worth this month alone

    @AgentDaleCooper another month another entitled person expecting 'AAA' games despite the fact most of the indie titles actually damn good. Again there isn't enough AAA titles on the system that are old enough to warrant just throwing up for 'free' by publishers, it's either an Indie, which btw most you get DAY ONE of it's release on PS4 or Fifa - I'd think you'll be more pissed if it was Fifa.

    Plus don't forget Sony have been throwing item packs into the system as well for Warframe and DCUO so the £4 a month isn't that bad
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  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • Kremlik 01/10/2014

    It's funny how people forgot Birmingham lost the original Rezzed when the organizers merged it with EG's expo - I think the NEC lot saw how much they lost this year by not having it so I think this deal was a big push for them Reply +3
  • Zelda and Sheik are separate Smash Bros. characters due to 3DS limitations

  • Kremlik 01/10/2014

    This is the second game to be 'held back' by the 3DS to give a weaker experience on the WiiU.... It's ironic that Sony have this right with the PS3/4/Vita cross-play and yet the poor Vita is the weakest seller, plus the Vita is a great bit of tech and yet Sony have basically turned it into a indie only platform with software that doesn't need that kind of power.

    The New 3DS is the correct direction for Nintendo if they want to dip into cross-play more, it's a shame they are idiots with naming hardware leading to confusion for the mass market and no doubt lead to poor sales thinking the 'New 3DS' isn't the hardware upgrade level it seems to be - #Super 3DS ppl!
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  • Shadow of Mordor £20 Season Pass gets you Sauron fight DLC

  • Kremlik 30/09/2014

    @CouldntResist Basically this is how the internet goes..

    'My opinion is the only CORRECT one, everyone else is wrong and must be told so'

    'Everyone (ie a selection of friends) I know agrees with me - this means it must be a global opinion'

    'If I agree with this popular opinion I become part of the 'in crowd' and become popular too'

    Sadly this is how over half of the internet is like on EVERYTHING not just gaming - people either come to vent or have their opinion of a situation validated...

    This DOES NOT mean they are incorrect or correct however, it can lead to people meeting half way on something or if we are lucky open up the floor to a good discussion.

    Comments sections only become bad if people forget they are opinions only and not the sole one or at worse circle-jerking happens, which in a 'voting' comment section (like this) were it tends to be about whats currently popular.

    Just pick and choose your comment sections and just leave the stress behind
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  • Kremlik 30/09/2014

    I don't see why people are up in arms over this version of a season pass isn't most of this content only challenge maps and skins? Yes there are 'hunt missions' for epic runes in the main game but it's hardly going to play a major part.

    The only real loss is the Celebrimbor vs Sauron content which isn't tied exclusively to the season pass, THAT I do agree should have been part of the main game (despite the fact iirc it is, as a cutscene).

    While I agree the era of season passes should end (bring back expansions!), this isn't as bad as things like EA's liking (ie the DLC 'vendor' in DA1 and the semi-taunting of missed story content in ME3), vote with your wallet and just don't buy it - just buy what you deem to 'worthwhile DLC'.
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  • Blizzard cancels Titan MMO after seven years of development

  • Kremlik 24/09/2014

    @Wyrm Actually that completely describes WoW these days.

    Every major update it's just really throwing a new raid in that ups the numbers further and with expansions that is a HUGE jump most of the time, you play the game to complete one dungeon to gain more power.. to complete another dungeon.

    The story is barely there at times most of the content is now just seasonal and when it does actually 'progress' it's sorta like a side story, unless it's the start or end of expansion time where they just throw EVERYTHING in at once just to tie things up - it just stops and starts the 'flow' isn't there. For MMORPGs that is kinda key to keep the world feeling 'alive' and just throwing more expansions at a game more often wouldn't fix that.

    Anyway back to the point WoW suffers from heavy power creep and hhas done since TBC and only now they finally thought about roping it all back with Warlords but in true 'Blizzard nerf' style way too heavy handed and too jaring for the people not used to the 'classic style' they are intending
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  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • Kremlik 15/09/2014

    Whelp this feels like a buyout mostly in the vain hope the Minecraft players to Project Spark to me, well they couldn't buy LBP off Sony could they...

    Well there is a lot more clones out there now, then there's Terraria and Sony'a Landmark to play any who. I kinda feel MS got a bit conned as Notch may have felt the IP has reached its peak..

    Oh and does this mean Scrolls is dead? Most likely
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  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • Kremlik 10/09/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77 'That reviews can be held hostage in the name of money. Very cheeky bastard clever, Actiblizz. (No one else better try this shit again'

    How is this the case when the servers didn't go live until a few days ago? It's not like EG or in fact anyone could play the game until then and IF a 'review' came out at this point there would be a massive cry of fowl play at the reviewer..

    I think you are looking for reasons to hate where there is none
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  • Kremlik 10/09/2014

    @SavageEvil Unsure if your agree with me or misreading what I meant, but aye Bungie never stated it was a 'MMOFPS' that was all the media's doing, I think sadly this will blow up in Bungie's face despite not doing anything wrong.. Reply +1
  • Kremlik 10/09/2014

    The issue with Destiny isn't the game itself, it's the media behind it. With the media screaming 'ITS A MMOFPS!!!' Bungie continually tried to tempter that down and even had articles up stating so - yet the same sites screamed it was the second coming of gaming... Which because of the hype has fallen on it's face a little, it's an OK game but nowhere near what the media was making it out to be.

    Don't get me wrong the game DOES do a lot right, I like the options of leveling, via open world missions, bounties and even PVP (even tho a little unbalanced currently due to skills/level gaps), plus the web/hub content will make me want to collect everything.

    Destiny to me is Halo meets, Borderlands/Diablo meets Fantasy Star Online and that's not a bad thing in my eyes, it's a great vanilla title to a new IP and I think a lot of people AND media set the bar WAY to high on the first title of a known set of games comming, no it's NOT all the Halos and 10 years of WoW in one title, it doesn't have to be..


    For another point of view with media 'hype' I would go look at two videos Totalbiscuit made, I know many people don't like him but he has a point - is about writers making hype articles on products not yet out or in some cases not even in alpha - just about rounds up the current situation in the media in general considering the shitstorm we've had resently
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  • Hyrule Warriors originally much closer to a traditional Zelda game

  • Kremlik 06/09/2014

    @elfergos Well for one it's not like Nintendo replaced a 'Zelda' title for this, they are still working on Zelda U.

    I disagree with you, 'more' Zelda is always good but 'the same Zelda' for this long? Nope.

    Put it this way Zelda fits the DW style to a t, it's about time we had something different from that IP to just freshen it up a bit, and it seems like that gamble payed off, other then the ones with the blatant ''we' just want YET ANOTHER Zelda formula title and nothing else will do' people are taking it as an alternate form to Zelda well, and if it does get a sequel then they can easily start dropping the blatant clones bits and start directing it to a more 'Zelda feel'.

    If games stuck to their 'original style' then we wouldn't have any innovation - We wouldn't have the Prime series has Metriod is an 'action platformer not an FPS', Yoshi or Luigi wouldn't have there own series as they wouldn't be used outside of 'powerup' and 'player 2' status as that what the Mario series originally was, and you can forget about sports games, karting, Parties RPGs and Smash Bros as that is SO far from the original idea it's silly.

    IPs can work outside of their concept ideas they just need a good fit
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  • PS4 version of Dust: An Elysian Tail announced

  • Kremlik 29/08/2014

    @glaeken Oh and Worms and Hedgehogs are perfectly fine?

    Jazz Jackrabbit says hi btw
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Kremlik 27/08/2014

    This was talked about last night on a podcast, it came down to the point, YES it is a good subject matter to talk about, HOWEVER Anita tends to twist certain situations in gaming and take things WAY out of context to push her point across.

    Her method is all wrong and opens it up to a ton of criticism, if she hadn't had done her videos that way, then the backlash from BOTH sides wouldn't be this bad.
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  • Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar for attention, Grand Theft Auto 5 dev says

  • Kremlik 27/08/2014

    People comment about subject - there you go EG more subject matter to pad out a slow news day, I'm sure you can turn this into at least 3 articles plus 2 videos just for the hit count...

    Oh wait, that's IGN.
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  • Mistwalker's F2P Terra Battle to get more content based on number of downloads

  • Kremlik 27/08/2014

    A business expansion model based on the number of downloads for a free to download title?

    It's going to really backfire as they WILL get the download numbers as it's free, unless they turn around and say 'well if it's holding 2 million in X' the retention rate will be quite low considering most only play 'stamina system' titles for a week or two at most before getting bored.

    That said considering this isn't the first iOS game made by a former/current SE employee not based on FF itself with most being actually been good (BESIDES ATB) I'll be checking it out
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  • Freedom Wars gets European release date, pre-order DLC

  • Kremlik 19/08/2014

    @karlo87 *looks at the 1st party releases per year on the 360*

    Seems to work
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  • Kremlik 19/08/2014

    @GamerFreak I see one game for the Vita in that list, yea, most likely most of us have the Vita has the handheld with console, but lets be honest half that list is either tat or -re-releases/yearly updates..

    I doubt sales will be bad enough to fail considering as of then most GOOD sales people count sales past Christmas for those titles too considering how close it is
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  • Kremlik 19/08/2014

    @karlo87 Sorry but all I'm hearing is: "Whaaa wheres my AAA titles that I'm demanding to be on the handheld just like the consoles"

    This is all I hear EVERY time a Vita title in mentioned, yup, Vita isn't a 'portable PS3' as first advertised however what it's turned into is a great place for new IP with those bizarre and anime based Japanese titles we would never have gotten on a 'AAA' platform as the market is too competitive on them.

    LOVED Soul Sacrifice and I wouldn't have played Disgaea otherwise, not to mention Rainbow Moon is a great title to have on the platform.

    This and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment I'm really looking forward to the most however theres a metric ton of obscure titles I've never heard I really want to try..

    Tired of the sequel rush on the consoles - get a Vita for something new
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  • The Pokémon Trading Card Game is coming to iPad

  • Kremlik 16/08/2014

    @MikkyX Putting aside the digital conversion titles. Shadow Era is the main one that springs to mind first as it's another cross platform one, it plays not unlike the original WoW TCG.

    The UI needs a little bit of an update but otherwise it's fine and it now has extended itself into physical cards this past year.

    Another cross platform CCG is Might and Magic Duel of Champions, it's got a bit of a learning curve in it's design but it's the most different, however I'm not too fond of the business model as it works on either heavy grinding or the 'normal' payment of set decks and booster packs.

    Also while not unlike the 'evolve and collect' RPG CCGs, Order & Chaos Duels is not a bad game..

    Also I'm not quite sure if an iOS version is planned but keep an eye on Hex, it's got an interesting MMO hybrid going on, also Infinity Wars is due out on iOS at some point
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  • Kremlik 16/08/2014

    I just find it funny that the subheading considers Hearthstone it's sole rival - the way the market is right now neither game can be considered the sole CCG 'leader' on the platform as iOS (and Android) hosts many many digital conversions of actual CCGs/LCG/Deckbuilders and thats not including the digital conversions of board games, and 'evolve and collect' style of games swarming both platforms.

    and Shadow Era says hi.
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  • Kremlik 16/08/2014

    @rt13 the reasons are many but I think the core reason is the fact this that iOS is almost standardized across the Apple platforms, whereas Android not only has different versions but different hardware builds to deal with.

    It's just a heck easier to build a stable version for iOS then Android, and with the amount of phones and versions it's unlikely to become standardized across the platforms - thus it's going to longer to build for
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  • P.T. is more than a teaser - it's a great game in its own right

  • Kremlik 15/08/2014

    @OmegaNemesis28 I've been reading a LOT of people's threads on it - it seems certain 'triggers' they did the first time they couldn't do again.

    I suspect there is a little bit of RNG just to keep people thinking and it's not exactly straight forward, I kinda like that.
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  • Kremlik 15/08/2014

    Got right to the end, but couldn't trigger the ending, which is a shame (or as Reddit thinks only certain playthrus/players 'are chosen').

    Thankfully my Eternal Darkness training helped me thru the fake outs and 'glitches', I really do hope we get the same fourth wall breaking mindfucks in the main game.

    Jump scares are one thing but 'Hideo screens' are another :)
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  • Sony's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    Monster Hunter next gen? Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    They have SHEEP in the name - they already win! Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    Dead Nation Scifi'ed and co-op? sold! Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    sooo basically the only real 1st party for the vita has gone? Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    MM comes out to dubstep.. :( Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    Day 1? don't we already 'own' this :) Reply 0
  • Kremlik 12/08/2014

    thats actually interesting did MS mention Smartglass at all? Otherwise this is the first mention of an 'app' this event Reply 0