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  • Call of Duty WW2's Gun Game is awesome, but it has a serious AFK problem

  • Kremlik 14/02/2018

    It's this just the rub with most 'modern' gamers these days - why put any effort at all in games when you can just leave it and amass 'gains' without doing anything....

    Oh wait this HAS always been an issue since we all discovered to rubber band a controller
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  • Dynasty Warriors 9 review - long-awaited reboot falls flat

  • Kremlik 14/02/2018

    @bad09 Probably because when people tend to do open world they FILL it with stuff to do - all DW9 did was take the existing scale of the series and just stretch the map size without upping the NPC numbers to compensate the size...

    For a game series known for basically falling over an enemy NPC every step, it's completely the opposite direction.

    Oh and to add to the pile of BS; It seems the 'iconic' weapons that the characters are known for are likely to be behind it's season pass - until then hope you like ball and chain, rings and swords, you'll be seeing those a LOT
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds details long-awaited new anti-cheat measures

  • Kremlik 04/02/2018

    @FromTheHalfWayLine As a former healer/support class in many online games (including WoW) I know full well how bad it is on PC as well...

    Funny thing tho; it's not normally the 'top end' players that are 'elite', it's the bad players who 'think' they are top end players that are the true 'elite'. Generally the best players are the ones that are carrying those by countering SO many bad habits and 'this is what X does so copying it means I'm good automatically' - not that I'm bitter about having to heal a tank that plays FAR too aggressively or anything :)
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  • Kremlik 03/02/2018

    The quality of comments really reflects the reason why I avoid these type of games for the time being; between the childlike bitching and the 'trending' nature of these games, cheating and hacking is kinda expected because being 'known' (ie to make money from sponsorship) and 'top dog' seems to be a do or die attitude to a player, so anything goes..

    Playing 'for fun' isn't an option.
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  • This War of Mine follow-up Frostpunk will be released by the end of March

  • Kremlik 02/02/2018

    @whizzedout Think Banished meets Reigns but with MUCH harsher choices; do you let people die in hospital to keep the food reserves stable for the next year and/or to you force children to work to keep the heat going probably killing a few due to over working them...

    There is already a demo floating around it's a damn good game already - I'm just hoping they make it to the finish line
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  • World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth will be released this summer

  • Kremlik 31/01/2018

    So much for the 'no more content droughts' pledge Blizzard made after Warlords, sure, the allied races and the revamped leveling system may pad out things for a bit, but it's basically paying more to extend reasons to play right now, it's a good idea but it's not a 'possible 8 months away' idea.

    There is one good thing though; after 13 years and 6 expansions, the 7th one finally releases within 12 months of the last expansion's raid drop...

    Baby steps, Blizzard.
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  • PSN woes force big FIFA tournament to play matches on Xbox One instead of PS4

  • Kremlik 30/01/2018

    Well it's not shocking to understand the fact that Sony can't handle these many people using the service; with Monster Hunter, Dissidia and Dragonball Fighters(Z) all 'requiring' on online connection to play (with Monster Hunter really ironically the only one with an ACTUAL offline mode) add to the fact FFXIV just had its update with the new Kefa/FFVI dungeons..

    This week is a busy week for gamers despite the platform, yet as always Sony run PSN backend on the cheap, it's a good system for 1st party stuff but DAMN sometimes the service needs way more putting into it...
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds passes 4m players on Xbox One

  • Kremlik 25/01/2018

    I think PUBG has an advantage of being one of the few FPS titles on the Xbox One atm worth playing, I doubt it would have done as well if Battlefront or Destiny didn't faceplant themselves in the media by doing what they did, the lack of any meaningful exclusives on the system also is a factor...

    It's a good idea but it's 'alpha' nature lets it down, it's done well either way, lets hope the profits actually go back to improving the game (unlike some)
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  • Subnautica review

  • Kremlik 24/01/2018

    @Karmazyn not quite it's getting there but there have been a few issues crop up post launch..

    That said it's totally worth buying without VR; the game itself is one of the best balanced 'survival' systems but still requires a little bit of time and luck finding the upgrades without issue..

    Dropped 28 hours into the game already and no where near close to finishing it
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  • The World Ends with You is headed to Switch

  • Kremlik 11/01/2018

    @Barkotron No it's not like TMS, whereas that was turn based, this is action based; the original used the stylist to move and attack the bottom character and the directional pad (or the buttons if you are a leftie) to control the top support character...

    It's Battletoads hard combat, with Kingdom Hearts level of WTF storytelling (in a good way)
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  • Paladins is getting a Battlegrounds-inspired mode and it is named Paladins: Battlegrounds

  • Kremlik 04/01/2018

    All this proves is how fragile the pedestal PUBG is currently on; With Fortenight and Paladins already being free titles and spinning off 'Battlegrounds' as a MODE on top of their existing game, all it would take is Blizzard to go at the next Blizzcon 'Here's OW:Royal!' and poof PUBG is basically fighting to keep relevant...

    PUBG is a popular game for sure, however, it'll need to do a LOT to keep the AAA devs from sniping their playerbase (and attempting to copyright the genre isn't the way to go about it)
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  • Christmassy Destiny 2 event The Dawning kicks off next week

  • Kremlik 15/12/2017

    @SyruM The 'content' is basically done, the main dev team has moved onto Destiny '3'; The game is in the Live Team's hands would are basically the one's that made the most fixes to the game with Destiny 1 - they still have to have a nod from the main team tho to do any major fixes...

    Don't expect any actual additions to what is due to be unlocked with DLC, we are just gonna get what we are gonna get.
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  • Jelly Deals: GAME's winter sale is now live

  • Kremlik 14/12/2017

    How is £33 for Pokemon a deal? Isn't it that price anyway!?
    Pokemon normally sells at GAME for £39.99, only hits £34.99 if it's not current gen when pre-owned, otherwise it's £37.99.

    £33 is considered a bargain in their eyes - remember this is the company who stuck with £59.99 for Zelda:BoTW the longest (and that was BOTH Switch and WiiU prices)
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  • Dean Hall's spaceship management sim Stationeers is out now on Steam Early Access

  • Kremlik 13/12/2017

    @F10XDE haven’t played myself in a bit however the devs updated the physics engine resently so it’s probably worth dipping into during the holiday lull Reply 0
  • Kremlik 13/12/2017

    @F10XDE It's still very much going in EA right now it may have dimmed down a bit but Space Engineers isn't dead yet. Reply 0
  • Kremlik 13/12/2017

    You say Dean Hall is developing this game?

    "We've had a great deal of fun at the studio in the development of Stationeers," says Hall

    TBH he probably stopped working on it the moment it hit the steam page 'his team' will continue work. On to the next project then Dean? Yup? No shock there.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins gets 3GB patch today

  • Kremlik 12/12/2017

    Funny thing, publishers have been wanting to push 'games as a service' for a long time and then you get games like AC Origins, almost nailing the post-launch support (season pass content withstanding for now) - We have had micro events and game modes and tweaks for free, while yes it IS paid content the optional skins are upfront priced NOT needing a loot box to buy, and well fixes that I don't have to wait for a paid content update to get.

    The games that have done have done this have been (mostly) singleplayer titles with Horizon, FFXV and R6:S just continuing to pile on content way after launch both paid and not (FFXV, yes debatable with the 'core' content with fans it's still good to see more content).

    THIS is the 'service' I want to see it my games, adding more past the core of value and not locking features core to the experience to try to squeeze more money out of me, my money is a reward to the devs, not a ramson.
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  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • Kremlik 12/12/2017

    @Eraysor I'm enjoying Destiny news, just because it's a comedy of errors with PR these days.

    Even when it's simple stuff SOMEHOW they mess up
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  • PlayerUnknown apologises for Battlegrounds' inappropriate female character model

  • Kremlik 11/12/2017

    With the way PUBG is built 'outsourced artist' could easily mean 'assets from a model pack'

    Don't get me wrong the game still holds up but either way, if it was an artist or a pack they didn't properly vet it before putting in the game, that's really bad - If 'art direction' is the weakest part of a game, your design and QA HAS to be the best.
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  • Ryan Reynolds cast as Pikachu in live-action Pokémon movie

  • Kremlik 07/12/2017

    Deadpool 3 - DP electrocutes someone screaming Pikachu! Reply +5
  • Bungie on why it takes so long to fix Destiny 2

  • Kremlik 30/11/2017

    I'm sorry but when games like Warframe and Rainbow 6 Siege can turn around hotfixes and changes within 48 hours of messing up something - 3 months is no excuse.

    Bungie is working with a HUGE company that doesn't JUST have experience with FPS games on this scale (which Bungie should have anyway) but basically down the hall access to the biggest known MMORPG dev team. How the hell did things go wrong so quickly?

    Easy answer; the 'game' is only secondary, the 'business model' comes first.
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  • Bungie pulls tonight's livestream to confront Destiny 2 criticism

  • Kremlik 29/11/2017

    @bad09 Nintendo HAVE dipped their toe into the pool a few times with the 'free to download' games on the 3DS...

    Add the Amiibo's 'DLC' locking with Zelda/Mario titles, the whole 'mini NES/SNES' situation, even if they DO truly limit production to feed hype/want of a product.

    Nintendo aren't 100% saints however the 'core' game play experiences aren't really changed from the 'classic' model (the fact that I now have to say 'classic' not standard makes me ill)
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  • Kremlik 29/11/2017

    I think the core reason why the drop of 'live' content is the fact it's most likely a scripted event; when they get to certain points of the game they are supposed to say a given line, hence the 'most rewarding event' gaffe. They had zero control over the game then and there seems to be a complete disconnect between PR, Devs and Publisher, the events are scripted hype content and where never really designed to address actual live interactions.

    The blog is most likely filtered thru the company at least 2/3 times checking off what they WANT to say vs what they HAVE to say, it's purely controlling the message so they 'reassure the playerbase' but yet keep to the game design wants of Activion-Blizzard's needs to the shareholders that the game WAS worth investing in.

    I highly doubt major change will happen in Destiny 2 to correct the main flaws of the game as the main team has handed over the game to the live team (going to work on Destiny 3 most likely), which from what has been said still needs to nod from the main team to change anything that is 'core' to the design, but we'll see how it goes.

    Sadly I will not be buying into the post-season pass content (considering mine was a bundle and can't refund the pass) until after it's release as I'll have to wait for the playerbase to find what 'methods' have been put into the content this time.
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  • Hearthstone to get three more big expansions in 2018

  • Kremlik 28/11/2017

    @Spuzzell welcome to what MTG competitive has been for years - it least there is a small resale value in MTG Reply +1
  • Marvel Heroes shuts down over a month earlier than planned

  • Kremlik 28/11/2017

    RIP to the best pet class in video games; Squirrel Girl. Reply +8
  • Destiny 2 fans find new XP issue as Bungie bids to calm growing unrest

  • Kremlik 27/11/2017

    @its-iNewton Strongly disagree with you there; Even if you took out the whole Eververse system, the game itself still has glaring issues in regards to loot.

    The engram system itself is still flawed, your gear 'progression' is still tied to your LOWEST light levelled gear, I may have level 290 weapons and armour but that ONE chest bit at 280 will only give me 285 at MOST with general rep engrams, and drops.

    There is a way around that yes, 'powerful engrams' will give me an upgrade for sure, however 1) they are only once per weekly 'task' (that's even if you want/can do said task, hello Nightfall and Raid) and 2) there is ZERO chance for me to know I'll be getting that item which will be 'that' upgrade which boosts my general engram lvl going forward.

    The whole game is just 'do your weekly and hope you get lucky with your drops'
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  • Kremlik 27/11/2017

    @R74NN Avoiding the AAA industry is the worst thing you could do right now, ALL this BS right now is just three companies; EA, Activison-Blizzard, and 2K games (WB doesn't get a free pass either BUT do we actually consider them AAA?)

    Everywhere else it's been a DAMN good year, Mario, Zelda, Wolfenstein 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Persona 5, Neir, FFXIV Stormblood, Starcraft remastered, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Total War Warhammer 2.

    It would honestly shock me if ONE of those games listed doesn't end up on someone's GOTY this year - and that is only a small sample.
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  • Kremlik 27/11/2017

    @DrBeardface Sadly you are right by that remember the delight and praise EA had over 'removing season passes from future titles'.

    After SWBF2 it wouldn't shock me if they 'looked at the data' and went back to them stating 'it's fair on the customer to have the OPTION of what to buy'.
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  • Kremlik 27/11/2017

    *flips a table* Don't worry Eververse gave me the emote.

    The most frustrating thing is there IS a good game in this mess - The story (although just as bare bones as the first's 'core game' before updates) is good, the world building is good, the combat is good, and DAMN the game LOOKS good even not on PC.

    Then Activision-Blizzard pipped up since the first base game sold REALLY well and said 'how can we make more PROFIT' from this? Bungie allowed them to give us these 'systems' in place to fudge and 'sell' those loot boxes, considering 'Silver' isn't new in Destiny 2.

    Notice how there are few actual static numbers in the game outside your 'light level' which is just a small gating system, damage and health scale, XP 'scales', loot is RNG which then weapon and armour power scales based on your light. Oh, there is stuff you collect, but then that's about as useful as tokens for the arcade, one week you may need two per game, next you could need four...

    As just proven by all this all Bungie need to do is alter a number or two and you wouldn't even notice the change if you weren't looking.
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  • How Final Fantasy's biggest failure changed the series for the better

  • Kremlik 24/11/2017

    @tmsmyth4 It depends what you really class as content, which leads me to ask what do you consider 'valid content', as I do see the 'progression' side of the playerbase wanting more dungeons and ilvl drops, the devs did add Lord of Vermillion and Place of the Dead during Heavensward (both still supported), as well as revamp the PVP maps (before doing the skill system in 4.0) features which sadly many either don't realise are in the game because (like most side content) it's not unlocked during the main story or consider 'not content' as it's not dungeons which rise their gear level.

    I agree Diadem's changes is kind of a misstep and I believe Eureka is due next patch as it's tied into the 4.X Relic system, but like the rest I would consider it 'side content' as well as it's an optional grind to get a new weapon at a similar ilvl to an EX boss in the end.

    As for having more faith in Yoshi-P, I would say honestly yes. The main reason is at least they try to keep the community in the loop as best they can, DO take on board the community's feelings, hence the constant housing issues are a hot topic and they've at least tried to address it multiple times, the next patch will be another test on that. The jump potion situation as you stated was because the playerbase asked for it over here despite it not being originally intended for us (as China's version runs VERY differently to ours), from what I've heard it's not been used as much as expected...

    All that said, at least as stated before at least FFXIV respects my time and gives enough for me value wise to sub - Unlike another MMO with HUGE voids of content but still expects you to pay the monthly sub, or other mmo-like games although without a sub, still expects you to pay 'expansion price' per time for less content.

    If at any point I felt the dev's of FFXIV wasn't giving their all for the game, I would certainly stop playing - there is too many options now, in fact I still have a massive backlog to do.
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  • Kremlik 24/11/2017

    @tmsmyth4 Funny you say 'F2P by 5.0' but yet when interviewed Yoshida (I think it was him or at least a higher up) stated they will only EVER consider it if 98% of the player base want it.

    To defend the 'significantly less content' bit; you do know Yoshida's also gone on record that the time during 2.X almost broke the team, in fact the team HAD to take a break from developing the game AT ALL for a while after the release of Heavensward, delaying the major content updates.

    By the number, yes we do get less BIG updates (although they still go for the X.0-X.5 cycle), and yes, we did lose one 'newly designed from scratch' dungeon, but we have had more steady released patches and updates going forward - in fact going to a more staggered release of content than one big lump may have helped the game as there is more 'something new' each month than getting lost in a whole load of new systems - to the point many didn't even realise they existed (ie many still don't have the challenge guide and a LOT didn't know about the npc squad system until recently).

    3.0/4.0 'felt' smaller as it was only '10 levels' of story content to fill 2.0 has 60 to fill and even then it felt like padding for some if it, reminder that the 16-18 story was 'do three dungeons' and nothing else, added to that the backtracking to Waking Sands every other quest was just painful, the story only really picks up during the Titan arc and then only 2.X (2.1-2.5) the story REALLY shines.

    Other than the '10 million players' (BTW they NEVER say subscribers), which I agree in PR spin, the game isn't in decline at all at least not in the state to go freemium - it fact it seems a healthy enough state for SE's stock to go up with Stormblood's release.
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  • Kremlik 24/11/2017

    @freddones Bravely Default? Erm that's already out in fact Bravely Second is already out too, for a while now...

    Sadly without spoiling plot - they aren't great, may I recommend 'I am Setsuna' instead.
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  • Kremlik 24/11/2017

    @Jyzzy-Z ok, fair enough you are 'paying for the updates' via the subscription, however that said the value added every quarter is worth the price, but even then it's still only on your say so.

    Put it this way when DIRECTLY asked 'should I pay for my subscription every month?', Yoshida responded 'No, only pay when YOU feel like you are going to get enjoyment out of the game'. The lead dev himself doesn't want to force you to subscribe to the game.

    Nearly ALL content is still played by the player base due to the systems in place (even the 2.0/3.0 raids offer rewards for 4.0 players) and it's pretty much timed to within a few weeks when the next major content update happens and even IF you only sub when a content drop happens, the devs are perfectly fine with that. In fact Yoshida has said the biggest spikes in subs happen during a release of an expansion and during the last patch of one - they can work with that model.

    I sub to the game because not only is the game good but Yoshida and his team respect MY time in the game and barely try to 'trick' me into subbing just to get my money each month when there is nothing really to do (I say 'trick' likely because the events tho short offer some damn good rewards otherwise I wouldn't sub those months)
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  • StarCraft 2 Twitter account has a pop at Star Wars: Battlefront 2

  • Kremlik 15/11/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 true - in Blizzard's case SO FAR they have kept the older event skins around, but like I said this may not be true for other games or Blizzard in the future.

    It's the 'fear' of an item not returning that drives people to buy ASAP
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  • Kremlik 15/11/2017

    Hearthstone is FREE
    Being free or not in Hearthstone's case is moot; It's a CCG, like ALL CCGs/TCGs there is a clear power gap between getting what is given to you via 'free' methods and owning everything outright - Having the skill to take what limited cards you have and turning them into a top tier deck is a whole different thing.
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  • Kremlik 15/11/2017

    How do the time limited skins effect gameplay?
    Direct gameplay not a sausage; however, talk to the Guild Wars 2 community and they'll agree, adding a 'limited time' to skins is not as bad as what EA/WB are doing BUT is still a little bit not right.

    The issue is the 'limited' bit, you look out how many collectables you see outside of gaming with that limited tag, you bought it because it's something you like, if you got told over the phone 'nope, you get something else instead, try again, it's STILL only for a limited time if you buy now' after you ALREADY paid up front for it, most of the time you'll request a refund and not try again.

    Skins may not be direct in gameplay changes but the whole 'limited time' and random chance can still lead to people breaking at the 11th hour and buying a ton of boxes just to get it, no one but the publishers and dev knows when or IF that skin will be coming back...

    It's pressure sales tactics, it's something you wouldn't tolerate in real life, why should it be allowed a pass in gaming.
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  • Sonic Forces review

  • Kremlik 09/11/2017

    Having finished the story this morning (on PS4): it's a 'safe' 3D Sonic game, it doesn't blow you away, but it certainly rubs shoulders with Colours and Generations, which is good.

    'Rookie' actually controls pretty well for me, being a Ratchet & Clank player it didn't take too long for me to get used to. Rookie's race really doesn't matter and WHY does the media show the worst creations, it's fine, my main issue is 90% of the rewards are just 'stuff' - I basically had my avatar sorted by stage 3, thanks to Joker's Persona 5 jacket, and some of the stuff 'feels wrong' the skin suits aren't really required.

    My personal biggest issue is that with the inclusion of both Mania Sonic and Rookie, THEN this Sonic the game feels too crowded with characters, more so when there are 30-40 stages (that's including hidden ones), and there isn't an option to play each stage with a different character.

    The game should have focused on Sonic and Rookie not even using Mania Sonic, as said there is far too few team up stages, which work really well, or at least keep this universe's Sonic in the background and have Rookie and Mania Sonic are out to find him.

    The SOS stages not mentioned in the review are basically you playing as 'your' Rookie, someone else's with their gun, or if it's a team stage able to switch between Rookies, the catch is you only have one try to beat it - this added to the replay value for me and I'm surpised they missed it in the review (if it was even used in their copy at all)

    Like I said it's a 'safe' game, the story is short but good for once, despite being nearly EVERY modern character featured none really felt overbearing or overstayed their welcome (Liam O'Brien still rocks the villain lines), as it's slightly cheaper on the AAA side it's a good romp for 6-10 hours for maximum completion - Mania this isn't but it's no Boom.
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  • You can battle Anubis, Egyptian god of death, in Assassin's Creed Origins from today

  • Kremlik 07/11/2017

    So.. what happens if you get this at Christmas, or like myself are still playing the other titles to catch up?

    Ubisoft says that there will be future opportunities to take on the gods that you miss or are unable to beat
    Aye yes, but when? will these be 'limited time' as well? Events are well and good but limited to a week? It seems very 'Screw you despite buying our game we are going to force you to play on OUR terms'

    Even single player games want to be MMOs these days...

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  • Assassin's Creed Origins finally confirms Watch Dogs is set in the same universe

  • Kremlik 06/11/2017

    @45709 Until I see Assassins use AKF47s and hack street lights, 'it's just a reskin' is a firm unlikely from me. Reply +9
  • Kremlik 06/11/2017

    @ahac Actually the 'Assassin's Creed' series is fiction within it's OWN universe: Absergo makes the 'games' which we use in the end, just heavily modified removing the Templar/Assassin references and connection. We just see the actual events play out with the 'beta'/hacked versions of the genetic data.

    Absergo are Ubisoft in that universe (considering AC4/Rogue take place within Ubisoft's actual building location in the modern era sections), yes in before the whole ' SEE Ubisoft KNOW they are evil!'
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  • New World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth announced

  • Kremlik 03/11/2017

    Need more details on this - correct me if I'm wrong but did I see RTS-like gameplay?

    But wheres my Voidlords?
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  • Blizzard is officially doing classic, vanilla, legacy World of Warcraft servers

  • Kremlik 03/11/2017

    But it will be the authentic, Blizzard-quality experience
    This is good - none of this 'sudo-vanilla' servers with maps but with modern benefits, no artefacts for quick leveling, level 40 and 60 mounts only that cost a LOT, THAT REP GRIND for Naxx, 40 man MC/BWL management, weapon 'to hit' stats, one spec only classes without paying to respec each time, no flying or quick travel with skills and multiple hearthstones.


    Vanilla was a slog, but no truly, enjoy it, because you asked for it - done it once, don't really care for it again.
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  • Blizzcon 2017 live report

  • Kremlik 03/11/2017

    A Deck Builder Dungeon Crawl in my HS? FOR FREE? much like! Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus November lineup has Worms

  • Kremlik 01/11/2017

    Worms? Fair enough - thankfully the double discount sale makes up for a soso month. Reply -6
  • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis release date unveiled

  • Kremlik 30/10/2017

    @erlinghagen erm - Those last parts of the video have a MAJOR impact for the character overall...

    Putting on the ring for one.

    Remember just because Noct's story ended doesn't mean everyone else's did.
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  • Assassin's Creed: the story so far

  • Kremlik 27/10/2017

    @45709 I'm playing Unity right now, it's a damn shame the engine was SO bad at launch (my PS4 still sounds like it's going to take off in the menus and movies even now) it's a damn good game design wise.

    Having started missions and then wonder off because of a mugging or loot appearing and going back without feeling pigeonholed into a mission in fear of being desynced was a breath of fresh air for the series, even having escort missions WAIT for you to finish faffing before carrying on is a big plus on my chart. Co-op is still active in a way and it's still nice to see higher levelled players helping lower ones out still...

    I'm really looking forward to Syndicate (seeing as that is Unity with the engine fixed) and Origins is waiting too for me - both basically are my fav settings for games
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  • Destiny 2's Iron Banner reward system will be reworked

  • Kremlik 23/10/2017

    I doubt 'Season 2' will be when it's fixed either - the more I look at these 'rep systems' in place for D2 the more I feel like it's Overwatch's system...

    The core of both systems is 1) grind to get 'box' 2) open box for RNG of a select loot list, throw in 'limited time' and 'optional paid boxes' and this is basically a panic buy system - once the 'event' gets closer to the end the more likely people yet to get their desired item/skin the more likely it is for them to have that ich to buy a lump sum of boxes in the hope that their item finally drops. Now, of course, this can backfire and people get nothing thus tainting the want to buy more, like Iron Banner 1, however, if they do get something, the likelihood of them buying into another lot next 'event' gets higher.

    This is how a lot of 'RPGs' run on mobile, like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, with a lot of limited time events and characters only from that event - looking above at the 'Season limited' content this holds true for D2 as well.

    This is marketing 101 for loot boxes, Activision is unlikely to give this profit line up anytime soon - if anything it's going to be 'fixed' by slightly increasing your drops with your first box or likely to be changed come the third expansion/DLC pack as a highlighted feature with 'loot 2.0' again.
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  • Sony to release indie game on Nintendo Switch

  • Kremlik 17/10/2017

    I see. Agreed the replacement and accessory prices for switch are ridiculous but not sure it's a very ironic comparison with vita memory cards
    The Vita branded memory cards prices were the most given reason not to buy a system as they were 'too expense' and a 'rip off' to replace with the core 4GB given.

    The reason why I bought up the whole replacement part angle for the Switch is that despite being cheaper on the memory card front, if used in it's portable state (like a Vita) it's likely to lose/break the Joycons considering they have the option to detach, lose the AC Adpator/Grip, and/or drop the core system damaging it - it's a costly replacement...

    I know 'it's a hybrid' and most will use it as a home device but that's kinda the icing on the cake when you realise the dock is just an expensive USB3 to HTMI switch and the plastic isn't exactly hardened.

    Compare that to the Wii Remotes, other controllers, 3DS ACs, even the core 3DS itself - the Switch's prices for parts if you really look at it are questionable at best, and really I'm kind of surprised that more hadn't noticed it.
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  • Kremlik 17/10/2017

    What do you mean by switch's replacement parts being more expensive?

    Replacement Dock: £79.99
    Replacement AC Adaptor: £24.99
    Replacement Joycon (Left OR Right): £39.99
    Replacement Joycon (both): £69.99
    Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Comfort Grip (non-chargeable ala boxed version): £10.99 (price borrowed from GAME's site not available direct)
    Replacement Core: Full system price (free repair under warranty, loss of data high though)

    mirco SD cards are the cheapest part to replace
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  • Government response to loot box concern is predictably non-committal

  • Kremlik 17/10/2017

    All we need is a few parents looking sad and a poor kid with a controller in the sun and mail
    You forgot the first two stages of 1) Parent buys a device to 'keep my child busy, because I can't be a parent right now' and 2) Parent adds full access to credit/debt card details to device without giving any ground rules to child...

    THEN we can have the 'sad picture' followed by the blaming of the device/game for 'not protecting their child'...

    THATS how you get into the Sun/Mail and get a phat paycheck selling 'your story'
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