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  • Sony's E3 conference: an artful blend of nostalgia and big business

  • Krakatoa 16/06/2015


    You're absolutely right, but this is EG prepare for the worst!
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  • Bloodborne review

  • Krakatoa 27/03/2015


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  • Major Xbox One update rolled out

  • Krakatoa 05/03/2014

    Still no friends have come online notifications!

    Microsofts answer to this is now you can have a 1000 friends it would be annoying to have notifications popping every second!

    Absolute horseshit!

    They have giving us the option to set favorites so why not give us the option to see when favorites come online?

    You can play on the XO all day at the moment and not know a single person has come online unless you ver VERY annoyingly check your dashboard and friends list every five minutes manually whilst playing!

    How the fuck Microsoft think this is more convenient than a favourited notification system beggars belief!
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  • Microsoft invites Xbox One owners to test next update

  • Krakatoa 21/02/2014

    Well i'm in and looking forward to it, would do exactly the same thing on my PS4 if Sony offered!

    I'm going to block any fanboy troll commenters from now on, hopefully it will make this website a better place for a more civilised conversation.
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  • Twitch Plays Pokemon is so popular it's breaking Twitch chat

  • Krakatoa 20/02/2014

    Let's be honest, it doesn't take much to break Twitch chat! Reply +14
  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • Krakatoa 19/02/2014

    Getting pretty sick and tired of the moronic fanboy war going on at the moment. I own both consoles and i'm ashamed at how the cretins who perpetuate the ongoing console "war" are allowed to run rife on this website.

    It's time a lot of you grew up, and it's also time that Eurogamer started exercising moderation in all comments sections, anything from time outs to complete bans would silence the untermenschen!

    If you can only find enjoyment in trolling/hating or acting like a dick then you as a person have failed, yes i know it's the internet but coming to this website lately feels like being back in kindergarten.

    We are all gamers, we all enjoy the same hobby and more or less we all play the same games, i remember a time when we were unified in our love for all things video game, now we have a divide and rule situation that would put even the best Tory spin doctor to shame.

    I hope you are all very happy with yourselves..morons the lot of you!
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  • A league of their own

  • Krakatoa 24/10/2012

    Did they all greet each other at the front door with "fuck you noob" and other expletives? Reply +10
  • War of the Roses review

  • Krakatoa 01/10/2012


    I was introduced to plate by a friend, we were both members of Regia Anglorum

    My friend joined the dreaded sealed knot and eventually ended up with a medieval group who jousted and put on tournys etc, just for fun i went along one day and joined in and ended up in the group for five years, i forget who made the armour now, it was a long time ago, but he was situated in Scotland (Skye i think) and was a self taught blacksmith/armourer.

    I don't have any pictures here at work but i'll see what i can find later, my first suit (we never called them harnesses) was a light Cuirassier
    build and my "real" suit was an elborate gothic monstrosity and it all cost a small fortune!

    My chainmail i still have somewhere, though it's a little bit rusty these days but my armour i sold on years ago

    As i mentioned earlier, fighting in my gothic suit was incredibly hot and tiring and i was a fit 20 something then without an ounce of fat, though the odd pint or two was par for the course :P

    Great days and great memories, who'd have thought a quick look at Eurogamer would bring back such feelings. :)
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  • Krakatoa 01/10/2012


    Having spent a lot of time in re-enactment in my youth, i can safely say going into combat in a full plate is extremely tiring and incredibly difficult!

    I had two suits made for me one was a lil hollywood in the weight dept granted but my dress suit was authentic, i fought in my authentic suit six times, sometimes wearing full chain underneath (which was just ridiculous) as for knowing guys who do cartwheels and acrobatics outside of hollywood, well let's just say one of our guys tried leaping from a moving horse on one occasion and ended up very very poorly indeed!

    The point being made here is that the combat in 95% of these games is too lightweight, none really portray the clash of steel on steel properly and i have yet to find a game that does, though tbh Dark Souls came very close!
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  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review

  • Krakatoa 22/03/2012

    Would it be worth upgrading my intel core 2 duo with something like this? I ask because i know nothing about pc's and really can't afford to spend hundreds on a new gaming machine. I know this is expensive but it's still less than Ł800 Ł900+ for a gaming pc.

    I would like to build my own, but i have trouble just changing a plug :redface:
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