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  • Max Payne 3 and the conflict at the heart of Rockstar's game design

  • Kovacs77 11/02/2018

    I loved this game, the descent through the favela is one of my most vividly-remembered gaming sequences ever. I've tried to go back to it a few times over the years but the unskippable cutscenes mean I get as far as finishing the first level then I give up. Reply +4
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens review

  • Kovacs77 30/06/2016

    @homerramone £10.99 just now. Reply 0
  • How Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens expands the film's story

  • Kovacs77 08/02/2016


    1. Who cares, it's a film about spaceships.
    2. Who cares, it's a film about spaceships.
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  • XCOM 2 guide

  • Kovacs77 06/02/2016

    @varkdm you get a steam code in the physical copy, so you get a disc that saves you time and bandwidth vs waiting for the steam download, and you get the code to add it to your steam library for future use. Best of both worlds, £5 cheaper with free next day delivery if you have Prime.

    £25.99 on cdkeys.com is a better deal than even that though.
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  • Ubisoft polls public on future Far Cry settings

  • Kovacs77 05/01/2015

    Far Cry 2000(AD): Cursed Earth.

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  • Demon's Souls, ICO & SOTC, and Kingdoms of Amalur free on PlayStation Plus in June

  • Kovacs77 15/05/2013

    Trading my Xbox in for a 320gb PS3 was a great move. Reply +2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 review

  • Kovacs77 11/05/2013

    @Tallon4 what are you basing these opinions-presented-as-facts on? You prefer the HTC but you're apparently on some crusade to tell every s4 owner what a bad choice they made.if you value looks over performance get the HTC, and if you want the fastest, highest spec phone and don't care about a plastic case, get the s4. Horses for courses Reply 0
  • Kovacs77 11/05/2013

    @lucifon "Blows the S4 away in almost every regard".

    Apart from the specs. All the specs.
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  • EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

  • Kovacs77 06/06/2012

    Fine then EA, you keep charging RRP that nobody in their right mind would actually pay, and I'll keep spending less than 60 seconds Googling for cheaper alternatives. 40 quid for BF3, or 13 for a scanned photo of a product key from some Russian website that I can use on Origin to download the same game. You're happy, I'm happy, the Russian Mafia are happy. Reply +5
  • Assassin's Creed 3 trailer: blow-by-blow analysis

  • Kovacs77 05/03/2012

    @Dr_Wookiee : good job that "the game is said to offer both New York and Boston to explore" then, isn't it...

    It probably takes less time to actually read and understand the article than it does to log in and post kneejerk dumbass-ery
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  • Bulletstorm dev making Gears prequel trilogy - rumour

  • Kovacs77 29/11/2011

    @TheGuvernor It was called 'Gears Of War' mate. Fuck knows how you managed to get through a whole generation of console gaming thinking it's called Queers Of War, maybe some subliminal self-projecting freudian slip? Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations Review

  • Kovacs77 14/11/2011

    Great review. I don't think any critical review of anything has ever been more in sync with my opinion, than this paragraph;

    "Here is what I regard as an ideal level of Desmond: I want him to show up at the opening of the game and say, "Hello, folks, I'm Desmond Miles. I'm about to step into my magical history machine and pretend to be a fabulously fun and likeable Italian fellow from the Renaissance era. Won't you join me on this thrilling adventure?" Cue title screen, and Desmond goes away. I would also allow him to appear in the credits giving the thumbs-up sign with a word balloon that says, "Thanks for playing!""

    I'm pretty sure I've said this, verbatim, before now!
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  • Saint's Row: The Third dildo gimped in Japan

  • Kovacs77 14/11/2011

    @Cobalt_Jackal Even with the anonymity of the internet, some things are best kept to yourself. Reply +4
  • What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

  • Kovacs77 01/11/2011

    That's the first time I've ever seen in game footage of an Uncharted game. The way everyone goes on about it I was expecting some genuinely incredible visuals, way ahead of anything else, but it's just... normal. The gunplay looks shit too. Reply -5
  • 49% of gamers don't buy DLC - report

  • Kovacs77 20/10/2011

    Anyone who posted that dlc sales are trending down didn't read the article properly. 66% didn't buy dlc in 2009, not the other way round.

    I don't buy it because of MS Points. The denominations don't match the purchases, and im not buying surplus. Let me buy it in real currency, in exact amounts, and I'll get involved.
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

  • Kovacs77 06/09/2011

    Ah well, I'll wait a month and buy it cheap, was going to be a Friday purchase for me. Reply -1
  • Notch: is Bethesda doing a Langdell?

  • Kovacs77 08/08/2011

    Why the hell would i want to pay loads of money for this Skyrim game when I can wait a few months and get a similarly-named indie game for much cheaper? I'm assuming they'll be pretty much the same game, as they both have Scrolls in the title. One less sale for Bethesda then.

    I hope the descendants of whichever ancient Roman or Greek who came up with the word "Scrolls" in the first place sue the shit out of these idiots.. it's not your fucking word because you used it in your game name before some other people.

    http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseeki... If I were Steven Pilgrim of East Midlands Software, I'd be keeping a close eye on this case. If Bethesda win, he'll be able to rake it in by suing them for ripping off his "The Wizard's Scrolls" game.
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  • Blizzard "surprised" by Diablo 3 outrage

  • Kovacs77 06/08/2011

    People complaining because they won't be able to play this when they're "on holiday". Fucking hell, get a life. You go on holiday to sit on your hotel room playing computer games? Reply -3
  • Ivy whips up Soulcalibur V shots

  • Kovacs77 04/08/2011

    They're using the increase in graphics fidelity to add more realistic cameltoe. Reply +3
  • Six mins of AC: Revelations gameplay

  • Kovacs77 25/07/2011

    Just finished Brotherhood, loved it. Still never played the original but the last two have been some of my favourite gaming experiences ever,so even if this just offers more of the same but in a different city, I'm sold. Looks like he's a lone wolf again so the only negative about Brotherhood, the ability to call in your mates to do everything for you, will have been toned down a bit. Reply +1
  • Bulletstorm "didn't make money"

  • Kovacs77 23/07/2011

    Shame, I loved it, I'm really bad for not finishing games (still got Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption sat next to the xbox waiting for me to become bored enough yo go back to them) but I played this to the end. Reply +1
  • Darksiders 2

  • Kovacs77 19/07/2011

    Cannot wait. Loved the first one, kinda felt it was how a current-gen Soul Reaver would feel. Reply +4
  • RAGE

  • Kovacs77 22/04/2011

    Arsed. So bored of the post-apocalypse, rusty gas-station,crumbling civilization, tribes of mutants setting now,after Fallout, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, etc etc.... even Portal 2. And this doesn't look like it'll bring anything new to the table other than some tech that you'll stop caring about after 5 minutes play. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War II: Retribution

  • Kovacs77 06/03/2011

    hmm. game itself runs fine on my laptop, nice and smooth on reasonable high settings. however, it takes aaaages to load levels, and to unload them when I've completed a mission, up to a minute between clicking Deploy and even the loading screen appearing. anyone else having problems? the steam forum thread about this problem seems to point towards a Win7 64 issue... Reply 0
  • Kovacs77 06/03/2011

    Can't get Gamersgate to work with my Paypal, I think it's because it's a Swedish address and I've got a UK account... can anyone confirm that [link=http://uk.online-gold.de/Steam-Games/War...">http://uk.online-gold.de/Steam-Games/War... works and isn't a scam site that just gives you the code from a Keygen? Because "online-gold" doesn't exactly sounds trustworthy, Paypal security or not.

    If not, anyone else found a decent code-emailing site selling this for £20-ish? I'm not paying over the odds for it on Steam

    Edit: Just bought a code from
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  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • Kovacs77 16/11/2010

    Excellent, I've not bothered with any of the blockbusters this season apart from Fallout, but I'll be grabbing this at the weekend. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero series in trouble

  • Kovacs77 16/10/2010

    @kangarootoo " last choice tracks nobody has heard of (I was a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan back in the day, but I'll be damned if I've ever heard the track of theirs on GHWR). "

    errr, do you mean Interstate Love Song, the second single from their second album, one of,( if not actually), their biggest hit, 15 record-breaking weeks at Number 1 on the american rock charts, a song Pitchfork rated 175th in their Best Songs Of The 90s, and VH1 rated 58th Best Hard Rock Song of all time? That last choice track that nobody has heard of?? Not disputing you were huge a fan, but are you sure you've got the right band?
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  • Digital Foundry vs. PSJailbreak

  • Kovacs77 21/08/2010


    What difference does the spread of Blu-Ray burners have? You'd download your iso's or whatever from usenet, torrents etc, copy them onto a hard drive, then connect it to the PS3, disc burning wouldn't be necessary. Or are you talking about people selling copied games on market stalls? Because those guys already have Blu-Ray burners, lots of them...
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  • Kovacs77 21/08/2010

    If you're the kind of person who'd pirate games because they're too expensive, then you probably currently get the majority of your PS3 games second hand from Game etc. If all those people get one of these dongles and start pirating all their PS3 games instead of getting them from Game, it'd affect the shop's profits but would have little effect on the developer's, unless I've missed the point of the industry's years of moaning about 2nd hand sales? People feel loyalty to developers, fine, but I'm not sure anyone gives a toss about Game's bottom line, do they?

    Also, people are overestimating the power of cutting of PSN access as a deterrent, there's thousands upon thousands of banned, modded xboxes out there that are still used to play pirated games on, they may not be able to get online but there's not many games worth buying for the multiplayer content alone is there. After each ban-wave, sales of 2nd hand, cheap consoles on ebay spikes as people grab something to play MW2 on and carry on using their banned console for everything else. I suppose the difference is that there's no such thing as a cheap PS3 yet, even 2nd hand they're in the £160-range.

    Out of interest, has there ever been a game released that can only be played on a console with a certain firmware? I know people with original 360s (20gb Premiums) that have never been connected to the internet so are still running on the original software, surely Sony or MS wouldn't stop those people playing a game just because of a lack internet access... would they?
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  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

  • Kovacs77 04/08/2010


    when will people shut up about the bloody Alan Wake review? This is a different game, different genre, different reviewer. Did it's review score really effect you so much that you're still dredging it up three months later? Move on...
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  • Kovacs77 04/08/2010


    Yup, I bind my main base to '1', set it's rally point on the nearby crystal, and then every 30 second or so, hit 1-S regardless of what I'm doing on the rest of the map. Can never have too many SCVs (up to a point...)! Also, bind a few SCVs to another number, speeds up building (just hit 5-B-S to place a new Supply Depot for example, then if you hit 5-B-B, another SCV will start a Barracks). And if you build 2 Barracks or Factories, bind them both to one number by shift-clicking to select them all, then any units you build will queue in both buildings, speeding up production. And don't forget to use your Merc units, especially in the rush missions, or for saving your ass if you've left your base a bit undefended!
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  • Blizzard: 80% of effort for 20% of polish

  • Kovacs77 13/03/2010

    Man, I'd be pissed if I was the one in five of Polish gamers that Blizzard couldn't be bothered giving 100% effort to.

    I've not read the article
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  • ACII DLC was originally part of game

  • Kovacs77 23/12/2009

    "We'll remove some stress to the team while giving more to fans and people who like Assassin's Creed"

    I've not read a single comment and I'm sure this has been said a hundred times already but: why the fuck are they asking us to pay for this then? oh boo hoo the poor team, lets reduce their workload ("woe is me, I sit in front of a computer all day and press keys for a living"? get a grip) and simultaneously fist our fanbase. Fuck them, the game was pretty good for £40, but I'm not paying £50/£55 to finance the teams pool-cleaning bills.
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  • Machinarium

  • Kovacs77 17/10/2009

    Most enjoyable 3 hours of gaming I've spent in ages, really enjoying this. Reply 0
  • Rare wanted avatars for Xbox 360 launch

  • Kovacs77 26/11/2008

    Isn't referring to Microsoft as 'M$' a bit past it now? Is it still really worth the extra effort of typing $ instead of S, just to make a shit joke? Is it? Reply 0
  • Fallout 3

  • Kovacs77 28/10/2008

    10 out of 10 is spot on, game of the year for me. Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet: Taming the Burger Monster

  • Kovacs77 27/10/2008

    the writing in this article is the reason i like eurogamer. it's funny. Reply 0
  • Fable 2 Collector's Edition shrinks

  • Kovacs77 04/10/2008

    never mind guys, dolls are for little girls. so you won't have a little plastic man sitting on your telly, big deal.. it's one less reason for women to be repulsed by you. Silver linings and all that!! Reply 0
  • SoulCalibur IV

  • Kovacs77 31/07/2008

    this is shite online. lag, button bashing and more lag. Reply 0
  • The Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Trailer

  • Kovacs77 27/06/2008

    "from the makers of Star Wars: Battlefront" is as good an advert as "from the director of Bloodrayne and Alone In The Dark" Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark

  • Kovacs77 26/06/2008

    @muscleblade - so you've not played it and you don't know if you'll have time to play it but you might play it if you get the time but you'll only borrow it? mate, if you spent less time posting utterly pointless drivel like that, you might have some more free time on your hands. If you've not played this, Bad Company, or UT3, how are you in any way in a position to comment about what's better?

    you didn't name me but I'm "defending my purchase" too, but because it's a good game. I bought Dark Sector and Clive Barker's Jericho as well, you won't find me claiming they're anything other than steaming piles of rancid piss on the internet though. whatever, i don't know why I'm even wasting my time with this, you won't have time to read it.
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  • Kovacs77 23/06/2008

    I have to agree, the driving section in Level 4 is an absolute NIGHTMARE, and I've stopped playing the game in protest just now (although the old 'one more try and I'll get it' thing is dragging me back, which says something about the rest of the game)!

    Can I just say, I love this website, I only found it after someone linked to it on Gamespot (hence my slightly barbed and nasty first-ever-post. Conversing with those idiots about games is hard work and you expect the worst with every games site as a result) but you guys seem to be a lot more level headed, intelligent and able to enter into a proper discussion about the merits of game without resorting to fanboyism. Any time I try (tried. not going back now!) to discuss why I don't like a game, I was met with 'get lost troll, we only talk about how GOOD a game is round these partsl', or worse. I'm not trolling, I have valid reasons for not liking Clive Barker's Jericho! It's pants!

    Also, the reviews are excellent too.
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  • Kovacs77 22/06/2008

    "It's a side effect of being clever"

    hehe, that made me properly laugh, nice work!

    The fact you're using the reviewers comments as an example rather than your own experience makes me think you've not actually played the game though? You sound quite an intelligent bloke, surely you wouldn't comment on the quality of (or lack of) something before you'd tried it for your self first hand?

    Tom Bramwell may well be experienced, but his "excellent examples" include a few which are absolutely wrong (as I mentioned in my first post) so as I said, I'd take his review with a pinch of salt. I'm 4 levels in and I've not experienced anything like the problems people are to be complaining about. But, each to their own, I personally think that if the rest of the game is quality, I can get past minor niggles. The control system, inventory etc is very similar to Resident Evil 4, which is commonly regarded as one of the greatest games ever. It controls like a tank with one of it's tracks missing, but it's a great game nonetheless.
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  • Kovacs77 22/06/2008

    "Kovacs77, are you saying I must have learning difficulties because I'm not as good at games as you probably are?"

    yes. yes I am.

    Actually no, you've taken that a wee bit too personally mate. I was making a comment about the people who are claiming this game is good but spoiled by the control system, and I added a thinly veiled, take it if you want it, insult in there at the end.

    I mean come on, when Analogue controllers first came out, pretty much every game had a different control method that you had to get used to. If gamers these days (god I sound old) can't deal with a slight variation ("ohmigod I can't believe you turn AND walk using one stick! what were Atari thinking!! without strafe, I can't play this game. 2/10"), if they can't get used to a different way of moving the character, after ten minutes of play... I'd suggest they had some difficulties with learning.
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  • Kovacs77 21/06/2008

    The driving section is easy, it's all totally scripted, you just have to point the car in the right direction. I did it on my third attempt, and the first two ended due to me messing up, not because of anything the game had done wrong. Maybe you guys who're having problems are just not very good at games?

    I'm loving this game, it's somethign new and interesting. So the controls are a bit different from the norm, get over it, it takes til the end of the first level to get the hang of it, unless you've got learning difficulties.?

    Also, there are some major errors in the Eurogamer review, at least two of the issues they say they have with the game don't exist (the 1st/3rd person view being decided by the game (it's not, you press 'Y' to switch between them, and you can do this at any point), and the bit about having to drop bandages, then pick up other bandages, before you can pick up the med spray (this is rubbish, you just move the stick towards whatever you want to pick up), so I'd take that score with a pinch of salt.
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