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  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix gets UK release date

  • KnuckleZRP 07/05/2013

    "neither of which have never before been released in Europe"?
    English is not my first language, but isn't this a double negative, essentially saying "both of which have been released in Europe"?
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  • Dynasty Warriors 8 coming to Europe in July

  • KnuckleZRP 03/04/2013

    I find it a very confusing marketing strategy for a company to start promoting a game so late after launch...

    "Dynasty Warriors 8 launched in Europe on 12th July and in North America on 16th July, Tecmo Koei has announced."
    (may want to correct that eg)
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  • Square Enix boss leaves as company announces "extraordinary loss"

  • KnuckleZRP 26/03/2013

    Ah Squeenix, I know it's the market you're weakest in but stop worrying so much about catering to the western audience. You're a Japanese company, stick to your strengths and what you were so good at.
    Focus on the passion of creating an epic game, not on collected customer demographic data and on consumer behavior analyses. Follow the passion and the great games will make themselves. Great games sell, not wide mass appeal.
    And if all else fails, just shed off the Enix part in this restructuring process and become good ol' Squaresoft again.
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  • Golden Generation: How FIFA Won the HD Era

  • KnuckleZRP 23/08/2012

    For me, FIFA has the better on pitch experience. PES has everything else going for it. I'm talking menu, navigation, music, tactics/formation. Game modes like the master league has pulled me in a lot more than FIFA's alternative.

    In FIFA, I usually don't even bother changing my formation or tactics; the furthest I may get is making a change to my starting 11 before the match. In PES I can easily spend a solid 5 minutes meticulously setting up my formation, strategy and game plan and enjoy every second of it.
    I owned both PES and FIFA 10 and made the switch to Fifa with FIFA 11, but I ended up not buying either PES or FIFA 12 last year. I hope this year will be different for me
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  • New Skyrim patch, PC dev tools incoming

  • KnuckleZRP 02/12/2011

    haha, love the mp3 analogy :) but I honestly think that you should give skyrim a test before you start bashing Bethesda for the state of the game that they delivered it in. In such a massive open world game where literally everyone who plays experiences the game differently, there are bound to be a countless list of issues that the millions of end consumers will run into that the developers (in their limited numbers and time) would've never come across. Some issues are insignificant and there are a handful of gamebreaking ones, but the amount of users that actually experience these issues are few and far between.
    My point is: Yes, there are bugs. Could they have ironed out the game by delaying it? maybe, it depends on the opportunity cost, how much better would the game have been by delaying it by however long, we will never know. I've had a handful of bugs in my 20 hours of gameplay so far, they were annoying, but regardless I have loved every minute I've spent in the world of Skyrim and while it is a shame that these bugs exist it is by no means in such a the state that it can be classified as "a glorified public beta" (let's remember the BF3 public beta shall we? :D)
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • KnuckleZRP 06/06/2011

    oooh no, it's the puffalopes.... Liiiightsaber OOON Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII street date announcement

  • KnuckleZRP 14/11/2009

    I don't like the way this video feels like it has been cooked up by some cliche american marketing company that went buzz word/phrase crazy
    and Leona Lewis?? singing her own version of the song? that just doesnt sit right with me
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