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  • Monster Hunter Tri for August in Japan

  • Klayman_k 17/06/2009

    I'm curious to see how Wi-Fi co-op's working.
    The idea was great for Echoes of Time, but every review is pointing that it's slow.

    By the way, I like Wii not because it's hardcore or casual, for pets, children, cockles or mussels, but because thanks to the great amount of installed base and low development costs, they can experiment a lot.

    It's some years that I'm longing for a new ground-breaking IP as were the ones we're still playing right now in form of sequels.
    After all Final Fantasy popped out in such way.
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  • FFXIII to hit Europe in under a year

  • Klayman_k 06/05/2009

    Speaking about Atlus... a simple Baroque took 4 months after Japan and 3 after US without even having a localisation, Persona 4 took 5 months for US and other 3 months for EU.
    It saved 3 months on SE times... And I guess the text is significantly smaller than a FF.

    Koei... big amount of text in a Koei game?
    Sorry, I can't find any... Opoona maybe?
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  • Klayman_k 06/05/2009

    If the games eventually hit Europe from Japan...
    How many "Tales of" and "Shin Megami" never arrived here (and even to US) only because they didn't want to afford localisation costs?

    Then, Okami too wasn't localised in European languages and, well, this is most probably one of the reasons of low sales.

    Audience is getting wider and new videogamers who might try a "hard-core game" out of curiosity would place it on the shelf if it's not in their languages.

    Come on, let's try to think a normal employee coming back from work... do you think that he's going to spend energies to dig out English memories from high school when he can play another game without such effort?

    I'm sure that publishers are well aware of the fact.
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