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  • Most played Xbox 360 games of 2011 revealed

  • KingOfTheC 08/01/2012

    This list is exactly what you would expect, surely. Sports games and shooters are pretty much built for online multi player, so it makes sense they would be the most played online. There's still been plenty of decent stuff released this year which sold well, so an xbox live list doesn't really mean anything. Reply +4
  • Saturday Soapbox: The Madness of Release Date Congestion

  • KingOfTheC 14/11/2011

    VP was amazing, I absolutely loved every second of it (it is also one of my only 1000 gamer points games, along with Oblivion)

    I didn't understand the second one though, because it was the exact same game again with barely any changes - I got bored of it after a few hours because, well, I'd already 1000-pointed the first one!!!
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  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • KingOfTheC 08/11/2011

    Rest in Peace Foo.

    Really amazing of EG to do this I think - perhaps EG might be able to help with Santino's idea / enquiries too?
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  • The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • KingOfTheC 20/10/2011

    The trailer is so overly sweet and perfect - but instead of putting me off, it really pulled me in.

    Looking forward to this - next summer is going to be a big "bargain bin" catch up on all the good games from the end of 2011 I think!
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  • 3DS Circle Pad Extension

  • KingOfTheC 16/09/2011

    I'm annoyed a bit by it, because they should have seen this coming.

    I'm not entirely surprised though - Nintendo have been doing this for years - Rumble Pak, Motion Plus etc.

    I doesn't bother me too much as I play my 3DS either in bed at home, or in hotel rooms when I work away, it's a portable for me insofar as it fits in my bag to carry to said places - so I can't see this making a massive difference for me.

    For those who play this on the train or bus on their way to work, however, I think they will be the most annoyed, as it turns your relatively sleek looking gadget into this monstrosity, and makes you look even more of a dick playing "kids' games" on the train.
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  • Deadly Premonition Xbox Live price fixed

  • KingOfTheC 12/07/2011

    By the way, the link to the review takes you to the "Don't buy Deadly Premonition on XBLA" page. Reply +1
  • Where does my money go?

  • KingOfTheC 10/01/2011

    Surely a game which is discounted and sold 9 months later is the retailer taking the hit?

    I think the article puts it as the £40 being divided up between them all to make it clear to us where it all goes, but in the end the money that goes to the publisher and developer will be decided when the game is sold, by the publisher, to the retailer, just like any purchase. The price that this game goes on to eventually sell is essentially irrelevant, it is just retailers selling their old stock at a price, because any revenue (even a loss) is better than just scrapping their old stock.
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  • Portal 2 co-op fully revealed

  • KingOfTheC 10/09/2010

    I am genuinely excited after seeing that now! Reply +2
  • Valve teases with mystery Portal patch

  • KingOfTheC 02/03/2010

    The transmission is a lie Reply +26
  • Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

  • KingOfTheC 01/03/2010

    I have a week off next week with absolutely nothing planned.

    Think it's going to be a Mass Effect / Borderlands DLC / Bad Company 2 week.

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  • Games blasted for "satanic" themes

  • KingOfTheC 01/03/2010

    "I've always seem Eurogamer as a liberal left wing labour supporter who likes to put the boot into Christians while supporting gays, minorities, islam, abortion. "

    If a joke, this is really funny.

    If not, this guy is a nutcase.

    I've given you the benefit of the doubt and clicked + for you just in case.
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  • The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom

  • KingOfTheC 17/02/2010


    "Should I get this, Battlefield 1943 or wait for Perfect Dark. Decisions decisions. "

    Might be a bit late to get battlefield 1943 in honesty, it's been out since last summer and it lives and dies by the amount of people playing online with it.

    I think PD might be your best bet (obviously) if you're looking for a shooter. If not, get both, we're talking about £15 for both in total from the sounds of things.
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  • L4D2 free for XBL Silvers next week

  • KingOfTheC 08/01/2010

    But subscirption services, like Gyms, make their money from subscriptions because people pay for a year and barely use it.

    You start making it pay-per-use and you might end up with a lot of people stopping their subscriptions and just paying for each use instead, cutting the revenue MS makes.
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  • Scrabble under fire from Daily Mail

  • KingOfTheC 11/12/2008

    That is a fantastically funny article, loved it! Reply 0
  • DS Roundup

  • KingOfTheC 29/10/2008

    It's like any really popular console. You get all the shite and that allows publishers (hopefully) to make good games too.

    The PS and PS2 had some great games, but they were about 1% of the total games on those platforms.
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  • GameStation offers gold Gears 2 gun

  • KingOfTheC 14/10/2008

    "a Dom and Maria keepsake photo"

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  • Europe gets Xbox 360 price cut

  • KingOfTheC 16/09/2008

    When did it happen that a price drop suddenly became a bad thing?

    I won't benefit from the price drop because I was an early adopter so price drops mean nothing to me.

    However, for parents who are wanting to buy consoles for their children this Christmas, if it's a choice of one console for £150 and another for £300, and both basically play the same games at basically the same quality (forget exclusives etc because neither actually have many exclusives worth playing let's face it) then they would likely choose the 360, what sort of rational consumer would do otherwise? That is of course unless they were interested in a Bluray player.

    Thing is, people who are wanting one of these consoles at this point are likely not interested in Bluray. We spend our time reading games websites, of course we're early adopters to new technology, those who are buying a console now which has been out for between 2 and 3 years are obviously not that interested in being on the pinnacle of technology.

    On saying that, if PS3 drops its price, my bonus might be spent badly on a third console...
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  • Nintendo winning US hardware war

  • KingOfTheC 14/03/2008

    WHO CARES?!?!? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer France launches!

  • KingOfTheC 25/10/2007

    How do you say "better than halo" in French?

    Mieux que halo
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  • Halo 3

  • KingOfTheC 24/09/2007


    I'm not sure it's really a "console wars" kind of thing tbh. A lot of people just seem to dislike Halo 1 and 2.

    And those people, having played through and completed Halo 3, dispute that it isn't worth a 10/10.


    Edit: meh
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  • KingOfTheC 24/09/2007

    I had a chicken tikka keema at Akbar's in Leeds the other night. I'd give it 10/10 because it tasted really nice.

    Cue 500 people telling me that I "can't possibly be right" because they don't like Indian food, and India have been making similar food for ages.
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  • KingOfTheC 23/09/2007

    It's 10/10, not 100% (i know that, mathematically that's completely wrong but bear with me). It doesn't mean that nothing can or will ever surpass it.

    That kind of thinking would imply that when pong came out any reviewers should've given it a 1/10 in order to leave room for future games reviewers.

    A very good review, has made me very excited for wednesday now. I enjoyed halo 2 an awful lot online so for this to get a better score, well, that's just fantastic.

    See you guys on wednesday night ;)
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  • Murderer's mum blames games

  • KingOfTheC 16/07/2007

    So I suggest the majority of commenters here try to grow up a little. If you can't sympathise with a mother who is effectively loosing her son and a nurse who has lost her life, then you are validating the connection between violence and games. Very few comments in this thread even mention the tragedy of the situation. It's almost as if the majority of you don't even see the situation as tragic at all!

    We understand that it's a tragedy, none of us are making it out to be any less that it is, but if this news story had blamed the fact that the woman was a nurse on the murder, then I'm sure the Nurses' unions would have a vested interest in that particular part of the news story. For God's sake, if people didn't hone in and (I guess you would call it) specialise on particular subjects then there would have been very little advancement in thought.

    Our particular vested interest is in the way games seem to be scapegoated for causing the downfall of society, and so we have commented on it.

    You appear to have inferred from the fact that no one has explicitly said "that poor woman for being stabbed" that we feel no sympathy. If we have to have bloody disclaimers at the beginning of posts on the internet then I'll stop using it.
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  • KingOfTheC 16/07/2007

    I was going to write a long and drawn out thing about this, instead:

    "Lorraine Harling is a stupid bitch who is making money out of her son's brutal murder of another human being by selling a bullshit scapegoating story to the 'news' of the world"
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  • Gears music on sale

  • KingOfTheC 09/07/2007

    'yeah bring it on sucka, this my kinda shit' Reply 0
  • EA unveils Wii stabilisers

  • KingOfTheC 06/07/2007

    seems like an ok idea to me, those screenshots look pretty gorgeous too Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • KingOfTheC 08/06/2007


    er, no, 18/20'

    I worry for you.
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  • KingOfTheC 08/06/2007

    18/10?!!!! Reply 0
  • Eidos quiet on Tomb Raider Anniversary for Xbox 360

  • KingOfTheC 07/06/2007

    'Ha-Ha, Microsoft wants more of your money, you're right, lavalant. IF the idiots stop supposing MS money-milking program, this wouldn't happen. '

    What wouldn't happen? What's the big deal? You make it sound like MS are using all of our XBLA points to fund genocide, not electronically release a game that half the people on here appear to dislike anyway.

    The only bad thing about it being released on XBLA only is that the price will never go down, or it will never be possible to buy it second hand, but if the initial price is right I can't see it being a problem. Surely if it's an XBLA-only release it cannot be the same price as a shop-bought game? Maybe this will allow people to buy a lazy PS2 port for less than the £40 Xbox 360 price tag?
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  • Master of Disguise in summer

  • KingOfTheC 25/04/2007

    one to look forward to then ....... :-/ Reply 0
  • The Crossing crosses to 360

  • KingOfTheC 19/02/2007

    "Xbox Live already provides the means to play against hyper-intelligent opposition!!!! "

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  • Secret paedophile armies prepare PictoChat onslaught

  • KingOfTheC 09/02/2007

    Its the same with everything

    Xbox Live - Add Friend - Cock on camera

    How the hech can parents know this?
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  • Gears of War

  • KingOfTheC 17/11/2006

    Sounds like people need to get vocal about it - it's our service that we're paying for Reply 0
  • KingOfTheC 17/11/2006

    @MMUK - ah I did not know that cheers!

    I think really a halfway house needs to be reached then really where there are simply clan matches.

    This seems to be the only real way around it I would guess. Ranked match, Player Match, Clan Match. The clan matches would be ranked and use TrueSkill but only for the clan itself, the results would not affect the actual players themselves.

    It's an imperfect solution but then if there is no concensus on which way it should go, that would be a good compromise.
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  • KingOfTheC 17/11/2006

    @MMUK - you reckon there's any way that public opinion could actually change this?

    There already is, unfortunately, a storm being kicked up on the forums about it, and from the looks of a quick search on the "feedback" part of it, there has been such a storm for a long time, but none of them seem to be listening!!!

    I've actually said this a few times in the last week or so since COD3 came out (I haven't sampled GoW yet - don't have enough cash so my girlfriend is getting me it for christmas instead) that, Does microsoft not wonder why Halo 2, with its online system which no-one is now allowed to emulate in 360 games, is still the most popular xbox live game, not even that, but most popular xbox live game played by 360 owners, even though it is now more than 2 years old, and the nice shiny new games get ignored.

    Most games I buy nowadays, I get excited that the multiplayer might be great and capture the team spirit that Halo 2 did online, playing a ranked team match with your party but, alas, none ever does.

    Maybe a PS3 might be the way to go if they can implement a system which allows gaming with friends without it having to be in the "just for fun" (read as "let's shoot our own team and just generally act like idiots) area.
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  • KingOfTheC 17/11/2006

    Every xbox 360 game on LIVE has been a letdown for me.

    Microsoft's ridiculous policy on not allowing ranked matches with friends on your team is seriously stunting their online service, which was so good circa Halo 2.

    I truly don't see what they get out of it! Apparently, though I am doubtful of this and haven't seen the actual quote myself, only a paraphrase of it, a programmer for the online portion of GoW has said that He was basically told by Microsoft that the game would not ship with clans or team ranked games.

    Microsoft seem convinced that gamers who want to play on a team with friends should be relegated to the lowest common denominator gaming of Player Matches.
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