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  • Here's how Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Remastered looks

  • KingFunkIII 20/07/2017

    @MizarMizar I see what you did there... Reply 0
  • City of Brass looks like Prince of Persia meets BioShock

  • KingFunkIII 07/07/2017

    Include the ability to kick! Reply +2
  • How does the new Morrowind measure up to the classic version?

  • KingFunkIII 04/07/2017

    Morroblivion is somewhat more complete than Skywind and I've had a blast with it. Still has the obvious Oblivion limitations, but a darn sight more playable than Morrowind on its own - RNG combat just doesn't sit well in an action RPG now (although I believe there are mods to address that to some degree) Reply +1
  • KingFunkIII 04/07/2017

    @Gazz I still have mine - and I would never sell it... Reply 0
  • PayPal's £5 off Steam sale offer reminds us to always read the small print

  • KingFunkIII 28/06/2017

    The irony being that if the offer hadn't run out, then I'd have probably spent more money on Steam and used PayPal to pay for what I did buy. As it turned out, neither of these things happened, so both companies lost out. Seems a little silly to me... Reply +4
  • Persona 5's translation is a black mark on a brilliant game

  • KingFunkIII 19/05/2017

    @goraemon Perfectly true and if I implied that, I didn't mean to.

    What I meant was that the amount of effort the author has put into denouncing the localisation means it's safe to assume that it irks him when he plays it.

    Personally speaking, I have not been irked and therefore I would imagine that I'm more chilled and in a greater state of suspension of disbelief and escapism during my time playing the game.

    I'm not referring to a relative quantity of enjoyment - it's more akin to the difference between watching a great film at the cinema with someone rustling sweets, chatting or using their phone next to you, as opposed to that not happening.
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  • KingFunkIII 17/05/2017

    I played P4G and loved it. I then played P3P and loved it too. I also really enjoyed P4D as a chance to get to spend more time with the P4 gang. I'm now over 90 hours into P5. I am a professional pedant who works in the QA team for a company involved in the education sector, so I think about language a lot.

    I can honestly say that in the 90+ hours of P5 so far I have not thought once about these sorts of issues. My enjoyment of the game has not been marred in any way, I have not felt that I did not understand any situations or narrative and I do feel that the huge majority of characters are conveyed with strong individuality in both the written and voiced sections.

    Probably the closest thing to this that I did notice (and this might be included in the author's opinion) is when a character has repeated a sentiment in very similar wording not long after first mentioning it. As far as I can recall, this has happened twice.

    Arguably this happens in actual conversations all the time and whilst that does not necessarily justify its inclusion in a well-written narrative for realism purposes, since I have no way of knowing if it's a direct result of the original script or the localisation, it registers at the lowest possible end of my personal Richter scale of botheredness.

    I don't wish to call the author out and appear to be some sort of Persona fanboy, but my general conclusion based on his argument versus my own experience would have to be that this is all a little bit soapbox. I can accept that the author may well feel that the issues he raises have marred his enjoyment of the game, but in that respect I feel a certain amount of pity because he sounds like he's not enjoying it as much as I am.

    Each to their own, but I do not feel that I've lowered my own standards to allow me to enjoy P5.
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  • Let's talk about Persona 5's menus

  • KingFunkIII 19/04/2017

    @n0signal Agreed - this game works perfectly for Remote Play. It even gives me that warm fuzzy feeling I used to get playing PS4G in bed... Reply +1
  • Persona 5 is series' biggest launch to date

  • KingFunkIII 10/04/2017

    I'm just waiting to see if there's a character I'll fall in love with as much as I did with Chie Satonaka... Reply +3
  • Atlus isn't keen on Persona 5 streaming

  • KingFunkIII 05/04/2017

    @redcrayon Again, a fair point and definitely some truth in that. As children most of us were time-rich/money-poor. To be honest, I still don't have enough money to play all the games I'd like to, let alone the time!

    But if I did have the time/money, I'd probably still play Games Workshop (for example) but I don't think I'd watch Let's Play videos.

    Regarding watching sport, the only sport that I actively watch is snooker and (aside from the skill involved) I think a large part of that is the level of gentlemanly conduct involved. I watch big international football tournaments because they tend to be more unifying whilst seeing first hand the animosity league football can generate turned me off that long ago...
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  • KingFunkIII 05/04/2017

    @Ranger101 You make some fair points, but I think in general my answer to your initial question is 'no'.

    Perhaps this is why I also only play single player games and the closest thing I have to a social networking account is a LinkedIn profile.

    That said, I'm not a complete sociopath - I'm happily married :)
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  • KingFunkIII 05/04/2017

    I still don't really get why people watch other people playing games. But I guess I'm just too old or something...

    I think my only threat of spoilers is a Phantom Thief breaking into my flat and shouting them at me...
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  • inXile boss Brian Fargo plans to retire after Wasteland 3 ships

  • KingFunkIII 24/03/2017

    If he wants a bit of quiet downtime I would suggest he takes the train up to Aguas Calientes rather than hiking the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu. There are many, many superb treks in the Andes, but the Inca Trail doesn't give you that feeling of satisfied isolation you can get elsewhere. The other hundreds of people doing it each day and their resulting litter take the sheen off it a bit...

    Personally, I'd recommend a trip to Easter Island if you want a thought-provoking historical/cultural trip.
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  • How to actually enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • KingFunkIII 23/03/2017

    That SAM thing sounds horrendous. If you're going to invest in building optional content, just build a world logical and fascinating enough that those interested will gravitate towards it and have faith that such world-building will lead to sufficient sales so the investment is recouped. Don't put big ass arrows shouting 'Content here! Take this content! We spent precious time and money on it!'. It's been said before, but CDPR nailed this aspect - for example, you don't have to read notice boards, but if you RP as an actual Witcher then you get to find some cool stuff. Reply +1
  • BioWare mulls Mass Effect Andromeda animation, character creator improvements

  • KingFunkIII 22/03/2017

    Hopefully all those with disappointing characters can visit a plastic surgeon instead of starting afresh with a better face... Reply 0
  • Hideo Kojima shows off his fancy new studio

  • KingFunkIII 26/01/2017

    @MasterChiefWiggum Think it was an intentional joke... Reply +1
  • Sony closes Rigs studio Guerrilla Cambridge

  • KingFunkIII 12/01/2017

    I wonder if this will have an impact on WWS QA...? Best of luck to any of those guys as well if it does... Reply 0
  • Bully, Catherine and Raskulls are getting Xbox One backwards compatibility today

  • KingFunkIII 16/12/2016

    When I recently moved house, I finally dug my 360 out of storage and set it up under the telly just so that I know I can play Catherine at any given point if I feel like it... Reply 0
  • The archaeologists of Skyrim

  • KingFunkIII 07/12/2016

    @Bilbur Before you do, head into a shop or something and make a new save. From what I've learnt from PC mods, I believe you're less likely to run into issues with reloading your save minus some mods if there's less mod-related activity going on,i.e. just less in general that could be affected, like NPCs for example. If you still run into trouble, turn off all mods, make a save inside a shop and then gradually add mods back in and test whether it still crashes in the same place. With enough persistence you can figure out which one is causing the conflict and live without it... Reply 0
  • New video shows how the Oblivion in Skyrim mod is doing

  • KingFunkIII 14/10/2016

    I've delved into Morroblivion twice now - once pretty much to the end and the second time I got distracted by The Witcher 3 (still am).

    Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Takes a fair bit of setup, but the guides on the forum are good. It's a bit like actually wearing rose-tinted glasses. Not that the Oblivion engine hasn't aged somewhat, but the Morrowind one has done moreso...
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  • Steam will support PS4 controllers natively on PC

  • KingFunkIII 13/10/2016

    I wonder if that will mean the headphone jack works...? I somehow doubt it, but maybe they managed to reverse-engineer it and get their API to work with it...

    Just to add to the list of people saying they already use their DS4 fine, I use a mix of DS4Windows and Pinnacle Game Profiler. Usually a bit of jiggery gets it to work for everything I've tried so far. PGP also has the benefit of a better UI than DS4W and also plenty of games already have profiles created by other dab hands.

    That said, this is good news considering I've just moved house and was about to invest in a Steam Link for living room PC gaming... I'd heard the DS4 worked anyway (just not 'natively') but full on support plus Bluetooth functionality should mean smiles all around.

    The only thing then is that I'll have to keep syncing/de-syncing every time I want to swap between Steam Link and my PS4

    EDIT: Oh and the trackpad is indeed a great substitute for a mouse in many situations
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  • Mafia 3 review

  • KingFunkIII 12/10/2016

    @gaselite I guess if you were going down that direction maybe you should consider that the protagonist shares his surname with black America's most famous and belligerently charismatic sportsperson of all time, Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay. Reply 0
  • Styx: Shards of Darkness delayed to early 2017

  • KingFunkIII 06/10/2016

    @Isolte This is true, especially if you played on 'Goblin' mode or whatever it was called - the one which removes the combat and makes being caught instakill.

    Unfortunately, the long load times on PS4 killed it for me. I wanted to finish it both times I played it, but in the end the load times were anathema to my play style.
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  • Pokémon Go, mid-life crisis and me, by Ellie Gibson

  • KingFunkIII 03/09/2016

    I was once gabbing to my wife (a non-gamer) about something game-related and she said 'Aren't you glad I listen to you talking about your game stuff?' at which point I said 'Hang on a sec - replace the word game with film, book, literature, theatre, music etc.'

    She suddenly realised that what she'd said was a tad closed-minded and patronising and concedes now to what I was implying - namely that games are just another medium, another hobby, another pastime. There is nothing that makes one objectively better than any other. Hell, social media is just a hobby. I might have no interest in it, but I have no right to question it's validity as something that other people want to spend their own time doing...
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  • KingFunkIII 03/09/2016

    The strength of heart required to face oneself has been made manifest. Reply 0
  • Through the looking glass: Keith Stuart on the irresistible rise of augmented reality

  • KingFunkIII 30/07/2016

    Oh god, if we end up in a world where people won't go for a pleasant walk without some sort of digitally-overlayed incentive I will cry. Although I do find I'm often facing against the tide in such situations, particularly when it comes to the young 'uns... Reply +1
  • Fallout 4's Codsworth just got over 300 new player names to say

  • KingFunkIII 06/07/2016

    Can't believe it took this long for the exit save feature, which people, my self included, called for before Survival was even actually released. If I hadn't just received the Witcher 3 through the post today, I'd probably finally get around to FO4. Well one day I will anyhow... Reply 0
  • Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?

  • KingFunkIII 05/07/2016

    Superb. Egyptology is such an endless source of mind-bogglingness in general, but this was a very nice dissection of one very 'mundane' element. Wish I'd got my shit together and realised as a young un that I wanted to be a scholar at the British Museum... Reply +1
  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2016

  • KingFunkIII 18/06/2016

    The correct singular of alumni is alumnus for chaps. For chapesses it's alumna, but as far as I know, Harvey Smith is the former. Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim remaster announced

  • KingFunkIII 13/06/2016

    Well I'd held off on Hearthfire as I wasn't too bothered but this persuaded me. Steam then kindly offered me an 'upgrade' to Legendary Edition so I got 39% off, bringing my purchase to the princely sum of £2.13. Trebles all round! Reply 0
  • Jon Snow actor Kit Harington will play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's villain

  • KingFunkIII 11/06/2016

    'Actor' Kit Harrington...

    Edit: twas just a joke neg folks. I love GoT as much as the next fantasy nerd, but let's face it, poor Kit can only do 'anguished confusion' and not much else...
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  • Row over "stolen" Fallout 4 mods

  • KingFunkIII 06/06/2016

    @WilhelmvonOrmstein I merely meant to clarify that my point wasn't intended to be pro or anti any platform.

    For the record, I believe authors should be credited and, in fact, that other modders should seek permission to use their work if it is not explicitly stated by the author already. I believe this is how Nexus works in general and I am a big fan of their community.
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  • KingFunkIII 06/06/2016

    No one seems to be worrying here about the propensity for unsuitable mods making it across to XB1. Surely there needs to be some checks going on here - if the mod causes significant performance issues or downright breaks your game, you're now living in a PC world but without the power to do anything about it.

    Personally I'm a PC gamer and a console gamer, so I don't have a side that I choose, but console gamers deserve to keep the non-PC experience they paid for intact...
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  • Persona 5 gets a Japanese release date and new trailer

  • KingFunkIII 06/05/2016

    Ridiculousness. Every moment of that trailer was pure goodness. Can't wait! But unless they've been localising it during development, we'll probably be looking at 2017. I can't bear it! Reply +3
  • Why is video game lore so awful?

  • KingFunkIII 23/04/2016

    Bravil is in the province of Cyrodiil, not Skyrim. Just saying... Reply +14
  • Everything you need to know about Fallout 4's Survival Mode

  • KingFunkIII 30/03/2016

    I think it would be a good idea to include a 'suspend game' option like I saw recently in Persona 1. You can save the game whenever, but once loaded the save is deleted. This would alleviate the concerns of those of us who are time poor without undermining the bed save system. Reply +6
  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • KingFunkIII 30/12/2015

    Persona 5 will do me nicely for 2016. It'll probably take me most of the year to finish it... Reply +7
  • Mind games: The battle of wits that unites snooker and Hearthstone

  • KingFunkIII 28/09/2015

    @Koozer Actually, this is not quite correct. The first shot in snooker is referred to as 'breaking' or 'breaking off'. However, in this context, 'break' merely refers to a series of balls potted in a row without missing and can occur throughout a 'frame', that is a single game. In fact, potting two balls in a row is technically a break. 12 is not spectacular but low breaks occur many times in snooker so it's not 'bad' per se, just ordinary, probably consisting of 4 or 5 balls in a row. Centuries (at least 26 balls in a row) are less frequent but skilled players can pull them off with regularity. For reference, as a woeful amateur, my highest ever break is 9 (red, black, red).

    Oh and loved the article - Hearthstone doesn't appeal to me but I love snooker and the psychological comparison is definitely interesting...

    Edit: Oh and for further reference, a 147 requires the potting of 36 balls in a row. Plus these tables are much bigger than pool tables!
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  • Metal Gear Solid 2: The first postmodern video game

  • KingFunkIII 16/08/2015

    Personally, I loved the way the game threw in successively more ludicrous and hammy story twists with Rose etc to test the player's belief in the fiction just as it was doing the same to test Raiden's belief in his reality. I really started to wonder what the hell was going on and why it was becoming almost soap-like in its narrative revelations - until I realised Kojima was playing me!

    It was this synergy of player and player-character that really blew me away, but I suspect the story used for this effect is what put many detractors off - even to the point that they would never have played far enough to realise what is occurring.
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  • How to make great vapourware

  • KingFunkIII 20/06/2015

    @geeza2020 I would look into emulation if you have a half-decent PC. A quick Google suggests people have got them both running although I don't know if they work perfectly Reply +2
  • FIFA 15 bug turns fancy sim into playground football

  • KingFunkIII 24/09/2014

    @Esppiral That Andy Carroll one nearly made me cry trying to suppress a LOL in work! Reply +1
  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • KingFunkIII 17/09/2014

    @FogHeart I did read something about that being the fix, but I thought it stopped XInput from allowing games to properly recognise the controller as a 360 one and therefore showing the button prompts etc

    Maybe I misunderstood, so I'll give it a try, cheers
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  • KingFunkIII 17/09/2014

    Or I could continue to use my DS4, as I have been doing for months...

    With the exception of issues with Steam in Big Picture Mode (but not when playing games), works a dream - touchpad integration as mouse controller is a nice bonus too
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  • Free Divinity: Original Sin update adds two new companions

  • KingFunkIII 16/09/2014

    Good news for anyone who hasn't picked it up yet. However, as much as I loved it, I don't see myself doing another playthrough just for new companions since the last one took me over 100 hours and there are other games to play... Reply +4
  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • KingFunkIII 15/09/2014

    I have never played Minecraft. I have no particular desire to do so. Nor any beef against it or people who like it. As such, my comment is pretty irrelevant. But still, the world has not ended. Reply 0
  • Total War: Rome 2 - Emperor Edition release date announced

  • KingFunkIII 04/09/2014

    My first thought was: as Octavian, will you be able to chase down and kill Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium? Reply 0
  • Sega claims Gearbox led the marketing for Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • KingFunkIII 04/09/2014

    @itsnotjohnny Actually, it's an Alien game, not an Aliens game.

    Two very different cups of tea...
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  • Elder Scrolls Online dev confirms lay-offs

  • KingFunkIII 04/09/2014

    @TitusCrow To be honest, you probably couldn't, unless you wanted different people working on it. TESO was made by a separate studio under the same umbrella as TES - TESO was never taking money or resources away from TES.

    I would guess that the TES team are busy largely working on Fallout 4, although TES6 is probably in early pre-prod.
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • KingFunkIII 02/09/2014

    Is perhaps part of the problem that 140 characters is rarely enough to make any sort of meaningful, valid point about complex issues? Reply +7
  • KingFunkIII 02/09/2014

    @Malek86 Since said article suggests that we now have 'players' instead, maybe it should be renamed 'Europlayer'.

    Only, that sounds like the worst kind of misogynistic dating site...
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