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  • The truth about Doom's "ProTip" meme

  • KingDom 28/06/2016

    I don't understand a word of this news article. But then I haven't tried that hard but I did try to read it and I read much of it. I'm not trying to be smug or anything... not much. I suppose the self-celebratory games industry advertorials aren't of sufficient quality these days to keep my attention. Reply 0
  • Free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle headed to iPhone, Android

  • KingDom 29/06/2015

    "A thinly veiled take on puzzle and dragons"

    No, the sequel to pkmn battle trozei, itself the sequel to pkmn trozei released in 2005.

    Puzzle and dragons (released in 2012) is a match-three puzzle game.

    An early tile-matching puzzle game was tetris, released in 1989.

    The thing about being disingenuous (like you are with nintendo) is that once its been smelt every effort to remove the stink will make the stink worse.
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  • Crytek announces VR game Robinson: The Journey

  • KingDom 15/06/2015

    OK so as others have stated the partnership is officially skin deep but methinks it deeper.

    If I was Microsoft I wouldn't go into a duel without a weapon. Perhaps it is because I am a vr believer but I think I smell cordite. This duel is underway already.

    Edit: Microsoft exist to achieve a strangle hold on all software it is their raison d'etre. They use money like a blunt object seeking this outcome. See loss leaders and nintendo vs microsoft resulting in the wii for reference. Perhaps you have a different narrative in your head, perhaps you are a Luddite with a ban stick but I think this deal was struck a long time ago and Morpheus is the reaction not the other way round.

    If I could I would be knocking together a headset and a storefront as fast as possible right now too the fact that Microsoft hasn't tells me everything.

    My two cents.

    Edit2: to avoid sounding like a fanboy (I am a fanboy) I will clarify: immediately seemed like a canny move from Microsoft. The kind of canny move that bridges Xbox and PC and tightens the noose around PC gaming. Classic Microsoft stuff if I was them I would too. Its a shame, its money, its toxic but its also good sense and foresight. Im surprised at everyone. It sounded just like the 2 year old thunderclap from one of Microsoft's cannons.

    Remember valve and oculus? What happened to that? If valve had the money they would have made it exclusive to steamOS and killed it. But they don't. Nintendo don't. No one can beat Microsoft and its destroying Sony trying to stand up to them. As soon as it was revealed I slapped myself for not seeing it coming.

    I dunno... oculus will be big fb will ensure that. Mums, kids, grandads. All will know. Trust.

    I'd start playing with your bits and get something on that storefront if I were you, kids.

    Edit3!: did anyone else notice how long dx12 is taking? No one notice the glint in the Microsoft robot's eye when he mentioned it? Something along the lines of "dx12 is being built from the ground up with vr in mind to ensure oculus has great support from the start"...

    Maybe I'm constructing my own narrative here out of loose ends like some conspiracy theorist but I'd rather that than have it framed for me by big brother and his telescreen.

    Sorry just wanted to have myself a giggle there. Oh fine!
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  • KingDom 15/06/2015

    Doesn't Microsoft have oculus? Also: I didn't notice any coverage of that oculus conference. I was expecting the Microsoft partnership to be the talk of the town but not a whisper. For my money the oculus will be the best of the bunch. Being that I am no fan of Microsoft or fb this is a source of consternation. Oh well, thank god for valve.

    Edited (grammar)

    Edit2: or thank god for Sony. Its 50/50 who gets my money. Since the cheque for ninty was written and cashed when I was 4 around the time of the first world championships in 1990 there is a noticeable lack of "cash for vr" right now. I want a ps4 more than a PC I think. I'm sure you're not listening any more.

    E3 guys!

    Edit2.5: unless oculus and steam get on well together. Who knows? Exciting times.
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  • Pokkén Tournament gameplay shows off critters, controls

  • KingDom 27/01/2015

    Looks awesome. Exactly what I've wanted for a long time. Like naruto ultimate storm but with more precise, sensible movement. Now watch this not even come to the west, let alone Wii u.

    *praying I'm wrong
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  • Nintendo rediscovers the GamePad in glorious style

  • KingDom 12/06/2014

    I'll just repost what someone said at the end of the conference live feed comments section.

    "Holy shit. Just watched the Direct, come back here to see people complaining? Holy fucking shit, there's something seriously wrong with you, you sad bunch of fucking tossers. I swear to god".
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  • Why Alien: Isolation is the Alien game you've been waiting for

  • KingDom 15/01/2014

    These shit aliens games are coming out of the walls


    Best thing to do is just nuke it from orbit.


    ummm cant think of any more right now

    hope its good
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  • Nintendo sorry Wii U still lacks TVii feature in Europe

  • KingDom 15/01/2014

    @gamefan nintendos online service is free which is good because otherwise I wouldn't have any kind of online service. Reply 0
  • Unlicensed SNES game Super 3D Noah's Ark to be reprinted

  • KingDom 15/01/2014

    @Lateralus2001 er, yes it does come across a bit bitchy scinazi.

    I know you weren't addressing me

    But I will chip in:

    Him: The story was already an ancient fable in Christs time

    You: No, that's just idle speculation on your part.

    It is not idle speculation, it is not even well-reasoned assumption.

    It is historical fact.

    I don't know anything about whether there was a flood or not and for the purposes of this point I'm not interested.

    But the flood story was most certainly an ancient fable in christs' time because the old testament was already ancient in christs' time.


    But lets not stop there.

    Many cultures throughout recorded history have had some kind of flood fable. Many bearing similarities to the old testament example.

    Sure there may well have never been a flood but the old testament, already ancient in christs time, will have been drawn from earlier (and extant) sources.

    This is my idle speculation: that these stories go back beyond that which we can know or verify.

    But one thing we do know with a certainty as absolute as that the story of christ is an ancient fable to us: is that the story of the flood was ancient in his (supposed) time. We can be absolutely sure of that.

    It is not idle speculation it is historical fact and I have done absolutely fuck all research because my internet is too slow right now. I also can't be bothered to cite any sources (and certainly not for you, here, on a games forum although your three names you dragged out of a wikipedia article are cute).

    You: "don't like it when people invent science" huh?

    How about history?

    I don't like scinazis.

    Especially when, like all scinazis, they criticise people for the very same intellectual errors they display themselves like some kind of beautiful metaphor for sciences' limitations and human arrogance.

    Anyway I'm pretty damn sure there have been a good few floods in the last 10,000 years and EVIDENCE for this can clearly be seen in places and stuff and sediments and rocks innit and all that's for geologists to know.

    Which are you then? Geologist? Archeologist? Historian? Theologian?

    My guess? You aint no scientist you're a James Randi fanboy who don't got no science. And you don't know fuck all about ancient history or the historicity of the bible.

    All you sceptics you do my nut in.

    Watch loose change or zeitgeist. They're well good.

    There is plenty of evidence that many floods occurred and you don't know about them cos you aint a geologist.

    You're someone looking for evidence of GREAT floods.

    Carry on. lol

    OK sorry for being a twat.

    The thing is while it's ludicrous to pretend you're all clever and put someone down because you read a wikipedia article about some "GREAT" flood. I'm going to hazard a guess and try to offer some common ground: you find this stuff interesting.

    So do I.

    Sorry to be so aggressive about it but you were just the same with him.

    And really were all bros.

    We like robin hood and troy and king arthur and giants and neanderthals and great floods and sodom and gomorrah and odysseus and goemon.

    And its all bollocks.

    (goemons real actually)

    Or maybe it isn't. Tantalising. That's why it's interesting. But it probably is bollocks.

    I haven't even read down to your later posts but I know I won't be happy.

    I'm no christian and certainly not a fucking buddhist but I know were gna have to go there with me acting like a pitbull for the christians when I'm not even one myself.

    But were all bros. Can't we just kiss and make up and maybe have a cheeky grope.

    We could all just unite atheists and christians and hippies against the true enemy: the feminazi.

    I feel that this is my calling: I am like churchill. One day I will convince you of the need to be ready for whats coming even if it's me that has to start the war with these feminazis.

    I WILL take them down.
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  • Watch us play The Last of Us from 7pm BST

  • KingDom 31/05/2013

    Why? Why would I want to watch you play this?

    I'm sorry guys but this game looks so uninspired and well... crap, and uninteresting.

    Considering it also has no pedigree...?

    I despair. I really despair at gamers sometimes.
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  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    Yes! COD and Fifa. I am a happy bunny. i'll get back to my wii U then, shall I? Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    I love it. I love that EA have dropped support for wii U. I love that microsoft have laid their cards on the table. I love that those cards contain only COD and fifa. It's perfect. Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    @dailygeek Oh I know. LETS THANK APPLE SHALL WE? Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    A GI? I HATE TROOPS. Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    I've already made up my mind: IT'S SHIT. Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    I was thinking of saying that microsoft fanboys are the least intelligent members of the gaming community when I realised it's such a close run thing between them and the SDF that it's too hard to call. Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    I don't like that dogmanstar guy. He's a troll with no life. I like data and evidence whereas he likes betraying his ignorance with a good dose of arrogance. Or that bagpuss guy or that spacemonkey guy. probably all the same person. Reply 0
  • KingDom 21/05/2013

    Tea. Being into videogames. I must have something to steel my nerves. A disgusting megacorporation is about to try it's hardest to shit all over my hobby. And then I'm going to have to read a load of comments about how nintendo are evil or something like that. Because they actually make games, I suppose. Reply 0
  • Wii U to miss out on 15 EA games using Frostbite Engine 3

  • KingDom 17/05/2013

    Everyone on this website appears to be quite stupid.

    And the standard of journalism is piss poor.

    Good on ninty for telling EA to fuck off

    (I understand you people are quite stupid and don't understand me so I won't bother catering to your sub-average intelligence and allow you to think it is me that has got the wrong end of the stick)
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  • Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines misses launch window, is it still alive?

  • KingDom 05/04/2013

    @dogmanstaruk if muramasa is a very cheap downloadable wii game already available here for years, why would you wait for an expensive boxed muramasa to come out on vita? desperation? Vita is shit.

    @top poster: obvs wii u version would have been the best: motion tracker alone, but also better graphix obvs.

    therefore you are either a troll or an idiot.

    Edit: clarity
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  • Crytek-authorised TimeSplitters Rewind in development for PC

  • KingDom 16/03/2013

    I don't want this anyway because I have the original disks but...

    No splitscreen? Online?


    Good one one guys.

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  • Lego City Undercover review

  • KingDom 14/03/2013

    @lascala56 not gonna happen, nintendo published exclusive. Reply 0
  • Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3D

  • KingDom 14/03/2013

    @Pwnsweet weirdo Reply 0
  • Sony changes "misogynistic" God of War: Ascension Trophy name

  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    Oh fuck women and all that feminism shit innit?

    Looks like adam sessler is a troll doing very well for himself.

    Everyone wearing a suit is a retard.

    No-one cares.
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  • Miyamoto says Nintendo didn't focus on online because it "would have limited the size of the audience that could enjoy those features"

  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    @SpaceMonkey77 what are you on about.

    yes the DC had online it had phantasy star online and so did the GC.

    What's embarrassing for nintendo then?

    Are you gonna try and tell me the DC's online infrastructure was miles ahead of the GCs? Did you have a DC? Did you have a GC?

    From your comment's my feeling is you know nothing of either the DC or the GCs online service and never tried either.

    What's embarrassing? Wasting your money and time playing shooty with your xbox?
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  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    @el_pollo_diablo if you don't know much about games then don't comment here.

    I resent it but I'll give you a morsel: zelda. find the rest on wikipedia.

    Also:Edit: nintendo have not been experimenting with online since the 90's, they've been doing it since the 80's.

    The satellaview was for the snes but the nes: the original games console that invented the games controller in all your grubby grease smeared fingers had online.

    Of course only in japan and only for checking the stock markets and what the fuck would you ignorant gaijins know about that. You hadn't even been born when the very first games console was online. When you heard about the internet in 2001 or whatever you were already 20 years late.

    What the fuck do you ignorant gaijin know about videogames? Nintendo have been handling this shit since you were in nappies.
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  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    @DJDog not by me. Perhaps you had a wonderful time but I don't remember wishing I could just pay a subscription for my gamecube.

    God, if only there was a subscription I could pay. And Microtransactions and games that needed patches, games I couldn't even play without having internet and then paying microsoft some more.

    Games I had to wait an hour to play when I got it home. Games with DRM.

    You may be stunned at nintendo, I am stunned at you and those like you in the process of bending over for (of all companies) microsoft.

    I am stunned that gamers are letting this slide.

    Phantasy star online was plenty of online for me and proved how much I wanted online: I didn't buy it.

    Satellaview? Perhaps take a look in the gamer history books? Learn something?

    Are you genuinely telling me that the ps2 and xbox outsold the GC because they were better?

    GET OUT!
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  • Darkstalkers Resurrection review

  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    @IvorB competition maybe?

    My guess is, you're probably not very good at darkstalkers, those that play it are so don't bother.

    Probably best for you to play games not consigned to history.

    Like uncharted or god of war. You know, mature games. I guess you can just about handle that.

    You can probably operate those sufficiently. Stick to that.

    Avoid Monster hunter, it's not for you.
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  • The Last of Us demo that comes with God of War: Ascension won't be available until two weeks before launch

  • KingDom 12/03/2013

    Won't the last of us get a demo anyway?

    Can someone explain to me what the point of these demos is?

    People often use them as ammunition in the console wars (look it has demos!) but isn't it casual gamers who need demos?

    Why is everyone so excited about this last of us anyway.

    Are we not expecting it to be like GOW and Uncharted: shit, easy and for casual gamers (the original definition of casual I mean).

    Please guys wake up. Stop being so worthless and just see, you never know, you may be good enough at games to play monster hunter.

    If you are (and really, you may not be) then it will be worth it.

    It's got really crappy original wii graphics (upscaled to 1080 but still) and yet, you may learn from it and come away with better opinions than the majority I read here.

    You never know, you may be good enough play it. It's actually fun like games used to be

    The only correct opinion: well done nintendo for holding out so long on all that DLC/DRM/F2P/online gamer!/day 1 patch nonsense.

    You held out for as long as you could and we respect you for it.

    All other opinions: void.

    Have fun wasting your time on GOW guys.
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  • Watch us play God of War: Ascension from 5pm GMT

  • KingDom 12/03/2013


    I have a huge backlog of games and I don't think GOW is a good game.

    It's a kids game. Like batman (nolan) is a kids movie.

    It's really weird you think I want to watch a child play with a toy for god knows how long. hours?

    Why? Tell me.

    What's weirder is presumably people actually do watch you.

    I thinks it's already past time to press the red button on this silly rock don't you?

    Do you get paid for this? I can play games better than you but, comically, I'm not sure I would play GOW for four hours for cash.

    There are other, more entertaining and rewarding jobs. It'd have to be a good wage, I'm not being sarcastic.

    I really would rather do a bunch of other jobs first than play a game I don't have any interest in and that would bore me.

    Even if I did really want to play GOW watching you would be like playing with a mate and not getting a go: frustrating.

    It would be the feeling of having a game I really wanted to play ruined. Or at least the bit that I watched.

    It scares me. Really, and confuses me. That there are people not just with this much time to waste, but of such sub-average intelligence, so easily pleased that they would choose this method of wasting their time.

    I just don't understand it. It's totally beyond my sphere of understanding.

    Why? Why on earth would I watch you play videogames and of all videogames a totally linear button masher. Of all games.

    If it required skill and you had skill then maybe but I can already operate software of that nature at maximum efficiency.

    I can press all the buttons for that game and miss none.

    With my eyes closed.

    Why? Why on earth would I watch you press them instead when I couldn't even squeeze out any enjoyment from doing it myself?

    You humans are starting to scare me.

    It beggars belief.


    Also@zizou's response to the heroic darksouls guy:


    Zizou:your life must be sad! (ed: lol)

    DS:no it's swell

    Zizou: "judging from your comment history I doubt it"

    Wow, new lows for humanity.

    Did you actually go through his comment history?

    Do I have to explain it?

    Perhaps, you would be happier if I said something like:

    "wow cred to zizou, everyone in the community check out zizou, he's managed to totally undermine DStroll by looking at his comment history!"

    I'll even add to those 8(!) upvotes aswell.

    (I am really unnerved by all this, I hoped, as a child, to be more impressed by humanity I think. Maybe I'm just... I dunno, I don't get it and I don't like things I don't get, they bother me)

    (side question) Did you name yourself after a pizza chain. Why?
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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still coming, Ubisoft boss promises

  • KingDom 26/02/2013

    @Fleisch but, if I may humbly say, your preconceptions are also coloured by the zeitgeist.

    Really, I am not having a go this is in non-immature fanboy mode I say this. A mode I don't often use!

    But it's been known since about 2 days after launch that the wii U is significantly more powerful than current gen. It's GPU has been shown to be, in strict numbers: 3x xbox and 4x ps3 and the CPU must be viewed in the light of modern changing CPU design and the ghtz myth.

    This website for all it's professionalism and supposed tech savvy are clearly also more influenced by this zeitgeist than they are by engineering know-how.

    Helping to perpetuate it in the process. Honestly I have no bone to pick with you you're defending my beloved nintendo but go all the way then. When even the defenders are apologists it doesn't look good.

    Thankfully there's no need for us to be apologists. In light of what we know we can just tell the truth: the wii u is significantly and verifiably more powerful than current gen hardware and can therefore do more: has yet to provide limitations.

    Let us reset our preconceptions then, if the zeitgeist is leading people from the truth then let us defenders not also be influenced by said zeitgeist or nintendo is doomed (though it never is) and it seems you are one of those that would think it a shame that companies that don't make games (even if they make good hardware) should squeeze out a company that does make games.

    A company that may not seem humble or in need of defense and yet compared to something like microsoft: clearly is.

    Let's tell the truth: people didn't support the powerful GC and we may have nearly seen another dreamcast (god forbid both sega and ninty) and now compared to microsoft they can only afford a 3x bump over last gen.

    But let's not accept this nonsense zeitgeist that the wii U is current gen as no genuine tech number supports this.

    With all friendliness.

    (and yes of course I have a playstation and am eagerly looking forward to playing ni no kuni which, as we all know was a nintendo exclusive a few years back when true gamers heard about and started looking forward to it. minor fanboy moment there sorry)

    Edit: oh and good point with the emperor there I liked that, I think a particularly juicy point could be made about sony and emperors and clothes but I'll refrain from making it.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines review

  • KingDom 12/02/2013

    These crap aliens games honestly,

    They're coming out of the walls
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  • Nintendo working on a fix for the Wii U's lengthy load times

  • KingDom 20/12/2012

    @Timotei Weird I'm pretty sure levitate was just joking about the end of the world

    Are you one of those insane people they call atheist who go round preaching about the dangers of preachers?

    You seem very excited.

    I fucking hate atheists easily as much as sdf members. They're the people who gassed the jews.

    The only thing wrong with wii u right now is that (a scary amount) of retards' unwelcome attention is on it
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  • Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

  • KingDom 17/12/2012

    @NoTheMama No Crytek own timesplitters now and it's not appropriate for crytek to do a kickstarter they should just release it and NOT free-to-play Reply 0
  • "Free-to-play will change everything."

  • KingDom 17/12/2012

    @StooMonster No. Musicians always earned much more from performing. Record labels took most of the money from cds. Musicians didnt switch any business model it was the labels who had to switch to digital to avoid deciling cd sales. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. the Rayman Legends demo

  • KingDom 14/12/2012

    @richardiox I disagree.

    AssCreed runs on anvil 2.0 purported to be very capable in this respect.

    There are battles and cityscapes with a thousand NPCs on screen.

    There are no performance issues with the WiiU version.


    If you need confirmation from EG then their face-off corroborates this.
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  • KingDom 14/12/2012

    No wonder Rayman looks great. People who made it have integrity.

    WiiU GPU has triple the transistor count of either the RSX or Xenos/xenon whatever it's called.

    In regards CPU, Ghz myth.

    The idea that the CPU is slow betrays a lack of understanding of the nature of modern processor architecture.

    Nintendo is the puppet-master of an evil conspiracy. An evil conspiracy.

    Make sure you understand this. An evil conspiracy.

    Nuff silliness EG. And Boo to silly, misinformed commenters. Silly boys. Aw, so angry. But not cute.

    And to EG: looks like a bit of time is about to undermine your tech credentials. Oh dear!

    Nintendo4Life innit blud.
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  • Nintendo Wii Mini review

  • KingDom 14/12/2012


    Oh My God. Please EG commenters pull your heads out of your arses.

    How could so many people be so wrong so consistently.

    Great, so you have this weird conspiratorial hate for nintendo.

    The mac mini, however, probably costs Ł2000

    This? Ł50? Christ almighty! This is not the place for your comments weirdo. Go comment on something you're interested in.
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  • KingDom 14/12/2012


    Amazing. Thankyou. You should do DF from now on.
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  • KingDom 12/12/2012


    "Original Wii hardware is generally quite reliable and we'd recommend a used example of the older model (look for the newer RVL-101 revision) over this cut-down, fuglier revision."

    I would advise not going for the RVL-101 because it dropped GC support. GC support is the reason I will never sell my original wii. It is ideal for playing my GC disks. That is now it's purpose with the arrival of the wii U. I know I am not alone. I am really surprised that as games journalists you were not aware of this. That a lot of people consider their wii essential and valuable kit for perhaps only this function.

    It just shows how out of touch you are with nintendo fans. Not surprising and an inevitable result of how little interest you take (when there isn't a oppurtunity to crticise/troll for page views)

    But this seals the deal:

    "What we have left is a console designed for young children, marketed at a price low enough to qualify it as a toy."

    Has nintendo said this? I don't think it's true. I imagine they'd rather kids were interested in the Wii U. This seems like something for hotel rooms.

    I wonder, I really do. I am left incredulous. Left with only wonder at peoples misinformed, ideologically driven commentary, worse, at so-called professional commentary.

    Ideological hate...for videogame publishers? Weird, I wish I had better words for the idiocy I have seen over the last few weeks. People actually respect you, they trust your opinions, I have heard you described as pros (presumably they mean professional).

    I don't know if you have a degree. Perhaps look up the term: objectivity. Not so much because it is lacking here It's more something to keep in mind at all times.

    This simple: if you guys don't have a wii lying around to play GC games on then delete the wii U section of your website and stop commenting on nintendo because it seems you're just not that into it.

    Leave commentary to those that are. Those that take an active interest.

    Trolling is not professional journalism, irrespective of the number of hacked up wii circuit boards you post.
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  • 3DS has surpassed PS3 lifetime sales in Japan

  • KingDom 14/12/2012


    Wow. Just.


    Wow.? Wut?


    LolWut? U mad Bro?
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  • Wii U sells 307,000 in Japan launch week - report

  • KingDom 11/12/2012

    GPU has triple the transistors of RSX/Xenos

    GHz is marketing nonsense.

    Nintendo till I die

    Come at me bro
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  • BioShock Infinite box art intended to entice "uninformed" frat guy types

  • KingDom 11/12/2012

    This website is FASCINATING Reply 0
  • Wii U blitzes PS3 and 360 as the "greenest" console

  • KingDom 11/12/2012

    Ahh so the people here don't know this because they take no interest and it's only when you get round to telling them that they are able to have a worthwhile opinion. I see...

    oh no wait scratch that...
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • KingDom 08/12/2012

    @Gregolution Yes it does affect me. Fuck Vita. Shut up. Reply 0
  • KingDom 08/12/2012

    @toledano123 Really? Can't we just have fun for once without this sickness rearing it's head?

    Praise the sun btw.
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  • Tank! Tank! Tank! review

  • KingDom 06/12/2012

    While Bagpuss may have the magisterial authority of a puddle with a turd in it.

    What's with the life coaching guys?

    "Bagpuss maybe you should blah fucking blah"

    I fucking hate that.

    Sure bagpuss is the clear loser here but at least he's honest. A bit of honest fanboyism never hurt anyone. I'm full-on fifth gear nintendo fanboy and I have fun I'm sure Bagpuss is having a royal time getting fed by you morons.

    But look at you guys, you keeno, teachers pet, grassing, preaching, teacher telling, brown-nosing moralizing, high horse fuckers.

    Bagpuss doesn't need your advice. He's a troll.

    What a bunch of smarmy cunts. You smug fucking bastards.

    You're almost more annoying.

    EDIT: Disclaimer: I know this is all very offensive, sorry. I don't know enough about the interwebs to know if I can get banned for that (never been banned before anywhere) but that was not my intention. I will happily tone it down if you have kids on here or something. Thanks.
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  • KingDom 06/12/2012

    @Bagpuss What? The NDF?

    U mad bro?

    The SDF was genuinely funny. Even if tongue in cheek (though you might not get that it seems).

    It's just a bit weird and sad to start going on about some NDF.

    God, it's just sad, like you take it seriously.

    Even if you do take it seriously don't be an idiot.

    Look, just come up with your own putdown.

    Call us nintenfags or nintendroids or something. Don't just... oh whatever...


    I'm glad the nintendo hate has finally imploded. It was getting a bit intense. I'm glad you've gone totally mental and people have started downvoting comments like that.

    It's like the final moments in hitlers bunker.

    All that's left is the obvious psychos now so stupid people can finally swing the other way and see this fisher price garbage as the nonsense it is.

    I suppose, however refreshing, it will be short lived if my lifelong experiences of nintendo fanboyism are anything to go by.

    But it's nice to see such an obviously retarded SDF member so alone in his hate for once.
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  • Wii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

  • KingDom 30/11/2012

    @Haerger U mad bro?

    Has your 12 year old PC got a graphics card from 2009 then.

    Or perhaps you managed to get a tri core in your 12 year old PC let alone one as powerful as in the Wii U (impossible)

    Oh wait you're lying. You're a troll.
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  • Nintendo Wii U review

  • KingDom 19/11/2012

    @Jimjamyaha All of pixars offerings? Perhaps you mean some?

    Are you a child? I don't generally take advice from a child.

    I'm not sure I'm keen on taking advice from someone who has managed to watch every pixar film of the last few years. And enjoyed them all.

    I'm not sure I can even name more than 10% of pixars output of the last few years and I don't see that changing.

    Ghibli? That's another question.

    Studio ghibli makes great kid's films.

    I think it is also a good comparison with nintendo.

    Lots of stupid people now understand there is believed to be some unknown value in ghibli films.

    So they watch these films and they enjoy them.

    If you're not a fan. Why are you here? Other than to troll with a witty comment.
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