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  • The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf review

  • Killdare 11/07/2014

    Great review. Cry Wolf was a pleasant, engaging experience but (for me, natch) lacked the emotional impact of The Walking Dead. The genius of TWD was that it put you in loco parentis - knowing that any decisions you made could be examples for the child you were looking after - and constantly made you question the boundaries you were willing to cross in pursuit of her and your survival. In Cry Wolf the stakes were much lower. Add in the fact that the "detection" element pretty much amounted to clicking on everything and the sometimes severe limitations on Bigby's available choices and this felt much more like an interactive storybook than Walking Dead. Reply +8
  • Destiny PS4 alpha extended for "dangerous experiments"

  • Killdare 16/06/2014

    I wasn't hugely enthused about Destiny in advance. I played the first 3 Halo games and - though I enjoyed them - never became addicted. But this alpha has me absolutely convinced. The mix of MMO and FPS, allowing me to wander the world as well as taking on missions, is a perfect fit for me. I'd never call this a MMORPG but at times it did take me back to the year I spent wandering Azeroth way back when. Reply +7
  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for 349

  • Killdare 13/05/2014

    All in all, this leaves me pretty disappointed. I've had an Xbox One since launch and, I admit, I don't particularly like it. A lot of this has been down to Kinect, which recognises what I'm saying 1 time in 3 and doesn't operate my TV anywhere near as easily as the remote. That said, I'd hoped that Microsoft would work to make Kinect worthwhile, supporting it with interesting software and putting in the effort to improve voice recognition and sort out the UI. Without Kinect, the Xbone's TV functions become less viable and without both Kinect and the TV functions - even in their rather rough-and-ready state - I'm left with a pretty undistinguished and slightly underpowered black box. Reply +16
  • 1999 adventure Outcast is getting remade, pending Kickstarter campaign

  • Killdare 07/04/2014

    Outcast was an outstanding game, years ahead of its time. I'm keeping everything I can find crossed in hopes this Kickstarter works. Reply +15
  • The Long Dark's glorious first in-game screenshots revealed

  • Killdare 03/04/2014

    Those are the sort of screenshots that make you feel glad to have been part of the Kickstarter campaign ... until they decide to flog the whole thing off to Facebook of course. Reply +3
  • Surprise Bravely Default success sparks Square Enix rethink

  • Killdare 31/03/2014

    I wish this epiphany had occurred before they released Thief. Reply +20
  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Killdare 21/02/2014

    The Stone Prisoner for Dragon Age: Origins because Shale. Reply -2
  • How Thief has changed, for better and for worse

  • Killdare 24/01/2014

    Oh dear. I think I'm going to use this preview as an opportunity to accentuate the positive - instead of buying this game I can use the time I save not playing it to replay the peerless Thief Gold and Thief II yet again. Reply +8
  • Microsoft gives free game to those with faulty Xbox Ones

  • Killdare 26/11/2013

    @Murton see my reply above - you're not covered if (like me) you returned via retailer and, according to the agent I dealt with, it applies only to those with defective Blu-ray drives (understandably - the free downloadable game is for people who've still got their consoles and are waiting for MS to collect and replace) Reply +1
  • Killdare 26/11/2013

    An update: understandably Microsoft are only giving the games to those who process repairs via them. Annoying given that had I known it, I would have gone to Microsoft rather than having to get my Xbox returned to my online retailer.

    To quote MS's customer support agent.

    "With regards to your concern, the free game is only eligible for customers who processed an Advance Exchange order with us due to Optical Disc Drive issues."

    But there is some small hope as the agent added:

    "I fully understand your side and I know how exactly feels because I even experience what you experienced right now. However, there's nothing to worry, who knows Microsoft might also give free games to customers who returned the device back to the stores where they purchased it, right? You will be able to avail that free game. Everything is possible, if not now it might be in the future"
    Reply +5
  • Killdare 26/11/2013

    Will this extend to Europe? My understanding is that in the US Microsoft handles most of the repairs itself, whereas over here most consumers will return them to the retailer. As someone who's awaiting his replacement box, I must admit the prospect of a free game would do a lot to increase my warmth towards Microsoft, which is running a little lower than usual. Reply +4
  • Xbox One TV integration suffers noticeable judder in UK

  • Killdare 25/11/2013

    @StooMonster Cheers - that's definitely an interesting explanation. Just seen that you called it 2 weeks ago too. Impressive! Reply +6
  • Killdare 25/11/2013

    There's definitely something wrong with Xbox One's passthrough: I've had to switch back to connecting my Sky box direct to my TV due to a distinct "softness" in the image, which I suspect was due to my telly doing its level best to overcome the 10Hz difference between the Xbox and the Sky box. Mind you, as my Xbox is now back at the store awaiting replacement due to the clunking Blu Ray drive problem, that's all a bit academic. I swear this is payback for never suffering a RROD on my 360. Reply +47
  • Faulty Xbox One disc drives emit loud, terrifying noises

  • Killdare 23/11/2013

    @SloppyTurd Interestingly, the online store that supplied my defective Xbox One said they'd kept back some Day One stock as a hedge against this sort of problem and I should have a replacement by Wednesday. The good news is that Blu-Ray and game discs aside, the console seems to work perfectly. Reply -1
  • Killdare 23/11/2013

    @ecco I can confirm my Dreamcast (how I miss that lovely little console) had regular problems. Half-way through a session of Shenmue, Sir? Don't mind if I crash out of the game, do you? Reply 0
  • Beware the Xbox One FIFA 14 controller bug

  • Killdare 22/11/2013

    Well I can confirm the broken disc drive problem. I've set up my day 1 Xbone (suddenly that name seems horribly right), loaded up FIFA, played around with telly, started my free Gold account and then I made the stupid mistake of trying to put the Ryse disc in the drive and got a sound like a marimba falling off a cliff. Bah and double bah! Reply +2
  • Valve gives Black Mesa permission to be a commercial product

  • Killdare 20/11/2013

    I got Black Mesa when it came out but I'll definitely be buying it on Steam, at the very least as a way of saying thank you to the team that created it. It took my memories of one of my favourite games and made reality exceed them. Very glad to see Valve acknowledging such a brilliant piece of work. Reply +1
  • Video: Five Terrible Launch Titles

  • Killdare 14/11/2013

    Call those terrible launch titles? Luxury! Some of us bought Battle Arena Toshinden and (ugh) Kileak: The Blood with our Playstations, you know. Now those were properly crappy games. Honestly, kids today, don't know they were born. When I were a lad we had to ... ... ... Reply +18
  • Limited Edition white Xbox One sells for 5k in charity eBay auction

  • Killdare 07/11/2013

    @Porcupine_I someone took your bid and upscaled it to 5K Reply +3
  • Killzone Shadow Fall: not just a pretty face

  • Killdare 25/10/2013

    I'm not the world's biggest fan of FPSes but suddenly I'm very glad I ordered the PS4 gamer pack. Love the fact that Guerilla have opened up room to do something other than go in all guns blazing. Reply +24
  • FIFA 14 on Vita is another reskin

  • Killdare 22/08/2013

    But what I need to know is will it still have the same great gameplay? If only EA could be a little clearer on this. Reply +39
  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Killdare 20/08/2013

    Well, the audience may not be going wild but I'm loving every moment of this. Great news for Vita and tons of Indie support. Reply 0
  • Killdare 20/08/2013

    Sweet heavens Ustream! what on earth are you using for servers? ZX81s? Reply 0
  • Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One - report

  • Killdare 04/07/2013

    Ah Microsoft: they give with one hand then they do something like *this* with the other. Sheesh! Reply +17
  • Outcast creators buy IP from Atari, announce franchise revival

  • Killdare 04/07/2013

    Fabulous news, this. Outcast is right up there in my pantheon of all-time great games. As others have said, it was years ahead of its time, from the orchestral score played by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra to the backpack inventory to the take-your-missions-in-any-order gameplay to ... oh so many other things. And then there was *that* dance Ulukai ho! Reply 0
  • Code Britannia: Mel Croucher

  • Killdare 18/06/2013

    This article has transported me back to my teens like few others. Pimania was one of those games that made me wish I had a Spectrum instead of a BBC B. I remember seeing it at a mate's house and being blown away by how different it was to anything else I'd seen. And when I finally did get a Spectrum, one of the first games I bought was Deus ex Machina. Ah, hitting play on the soundtrack tape at exactly the right moment to fit the game onscreen - who needs Proust's madeleines? Now, time to get over to Kickstarter. Reply 0
  • Mad Max preview: Bringing Just Cause's insanity to the wilds

  • Killdare 13/06/2013

    An irritating pedant writes: jury-rigged, jerry-built Please feel to ignore this pedantry: it's my problem, not yours. Reply +2
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Killdare 10/06/2013

    @BritishBlue1 if it's any consolation, the feed isn't working either. Try gamespot or IGN Reply 0
  • Killdare 10/06/2013

    Does this mean the new MGS is a timed exclusive? If it's just a 6 month window, that'll probably be the same time as the cutscenes. Reply 0
  • The Xbox One and controller and Kinect photo gallery

  • Killdare 22/05/2013

    The design language all works quite well ... right up to the moment you see the button lettering which seems to have stolen its font from Sesame Street. Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider writer discusses Lara Croft's kill count

  • Killdare 21/03/2013

    *dammit* that "who's" in my reply above should of course be "whose". Reply 0
  • Killdare 21/03/2013

    I know this is going to sound terribly po-faced but in the end I had to stop playing Tomb Raider. In almost 40 years of gaming I've shot a gazillion things from Space Invaders to Nazis to demons to undead hordes and, after all these years I've suddenly realised I'm bored with it. For all the talk of making Lara a more mature character with a real identity, she's gone from being an independent, self-confident raider of tombs (if one with quite ridiculous breasts) to someone who's first answer to just about any problem is to kill somebody. I've already got sick to death of Nathan Drake's casual disregard for human life, adding Lara into gaming's overstuffed rolodex of psychotics is just saddening and pretending that the resulting storyline is somehow more "adult" than what went before is self-delusory. Of course shooters have an important place in gaming but watching as shooting is made the focus of every AAA game irrespective of ostensible genre is making the mainstream gaming ecosystem about as diverse as Anne Robinson's range of available facial expressions Reply +10
  • UK government's cultural test for video games revealed

  • Killdare 11/12/2012

    Was just about to type a long shpiel setting out why most "British" games should qualify pretty easily when @aniki summarised things far more elegantly. Reply +5
  • Killdare 11/12/2012

    @SuperSoupy It's not really totalitarian: games designers can still make whatever game they like- it's only if they want tax breaks they have to demonstrate a clear British element to the product. Given those tax cuts come ultimately from British taxpayers, that seems fair enough. Reply +10
  • Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter from series creator David Braben

  • Killdare 06/11/2012

    There are no screens, no videos, precious little beyond David Braben's assurances ... BUT I DON'T CARE. Braben & Bell's Elite did an awful lot to make living in a small village in the 80s acceptable and for no more pounds than the original game cost 30 years ago I can say thank you and get a copy of the new game thrown in. *Hunts through old boxes for original Elite badge* Reply +12
  • Unirally retrospective

  • Killdare 04/11/2012

    One of my favourite games. My wife was scarily good at it, as I remember. I never knew why it disappeared so quickly. Perhaps Disney and Rockstar could come to an arrangement and get this thing revived. A natural for tablets, surely? Reply +2
  • Thief 2: The Metal Age retrospective

  • Killdare 07/10/2012

    Recently replayed the whole Thief series while waiting for Dishonored to arrive. What a fantastic series of games, with Thief 2 the very peak. Despite being divided into individual sandboxes, the Thief games feel far more like a whole world than the sprawling vastnesses of The Elder Scrolls or (revived) Fallout games. And you're absolutely right about the sound - with perhaps the most chilling thing in Thief 2 being the tragic servants, weeping to themselves and praying for death as they're forced to obey their masters commands. Thief is one of the highest high points in gaming. Now I'm just hoping that Dishonored (or Thief 4, if it ever happens) can regain that summit. Reply +10
  • Tokyo Jungle review

  • Killdare 25/09/2012

    Ellie - it is more than fabulous to have you back. Fantastic review! Reply +6
  • Sony's TGS 2012 press conference

  • Killdare 19/09/2012

    I used to be worried my Vita would just be host to PS3 ports. Now I'm worried it's going to be host to PSP ports. Reply 0
  • Killdare 19/09/2012

    Wow! My Vita can play Crash Bandicoot! Why is Sony on a mission to bring Crash to every device in the house? Reply 0
  • Revisiting Black Mesa

  • Killdare 17/09/2012

    As others have said Black Mesa is an astonishing achievement. Unlike so many HD remakes, this is so much more than a quick buff and polish. There are so many little delights - pieces of dialogue here, Chuckle Brother mugs there - so many subtle re-imaginings, so much thought and care. If truth be told, I was never sure if I really enjoyed Half Life 2 as much as I did the original, despite its technical advances. Now I know that Black Mesa can sit alongside Portal at the pinnacle of Source-based goodness. Reply +1
  • How to stay stealthy in Dishonored

  • Killdare 23/08/2012

    I've just been replaying Thief Gold - if Dishonored can be a quarter of the game that was I'll be a very happy bunny indeed. Reply +3
  • Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

  • Killdare 22/08/2012

    I bought my Playstation, PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita to play WipeOut. I even had two Playstations at one stage to be able to play link-up. I have got huge enjoyment out of vast numbers of Psygnosis / Liverpool Studio games. I have fond memories of the old Pysgnosis logo and their high-quality box art. Many thanks to everyone who's ever worked there.

    This is awful news. I join everyone else in hoping jobs can be found for the talented, dedicated people who've done so much to make gamers' lives fun.
    Reply +13
  • Spy Vs. Spy slinks onto iOS today

  • Killdare 27/07/2012

    One of my favourite games of all time and here's me with my Nexus 7. I desperately need this game to come to Android - they don't even need to bother with the pointless updated graphics. Reply 0
  • Square Enix will only remake Final Fantasy 7 after it betters original with a new Final Fantasy

  • Killdare 26/06/2012

    I'd love to know how Square managed to get things so wrong so quickly. FFXII was a great game to send-off the PS2 - strong story, fun combat and a well-thought-out world. Everything since has been ... actually, it's too awful to think about. Reply +9
  • Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics discusses its new IP

  • Killdare 25/06/2012

    So is this the Soul Reaver reboot where a young and innocent Raziel is empowered when Kain tries to sexually assault him? I really feel like having all those vampiric abilities doesn't help me identify with him enough. I need the developers to make me want to protect him in some way. Reply +9
  • Gaikai to bring backwards compatability back to PS3

  • Killdare 01/06/2012

    Ah, how much I love my chunky old launch PS3. One of the few times early-adopters didn't lose out to those coming along later. Mind you, given all the other video game stuff I've bought at/near launch I suspect this still doesn't make me even on the karma front. Reply +18
  • HMV: "absolutely criminal" not to take advantage of GAME closures

  • Killdare 10/05/2012

    I remember when HMV (or at least the flagship Oxford Street branch) was a really good gaming store. They had a buyer there with a real eye for a bargain who would seek out slightly older but high-quality PC games and sell them at knockdown prices. It's thanks to him that I got to pay slightly-obscure classics like Hardwar. That's a long time ago now, sadly. Many HMV stores are little better than the supermarkets and most have abandoned the PC completely. As others have said, why should anyone buy from them when you can get goods much cheaper, and with better customer service, from places like Amazon. Reply +3
  • Sony unveils PSN exclusive The Unfinished Swan with debut trailer

  • Killdare 02/05/2012

    This is exactly the sort of game that makes me pray for Sony success. As a company it's done so much to nurture "different" games and broaden the whole gaming experience. Reply +12
  • TimeSplitters dev was working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 and 4

  • Killdare 27/04/2012

    @bad09 it really can be about saving money, especially if - as seems to have been the case here - the game was only part of a deal for a series of games. If Lucasarts had signed themselves up to pay for multiple Battlefronts, they could save a *lot* of money by canning everything before production ramped up on later games in the sequence, depending on how their milestones were structured. Reply 0