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  • Quarrel

  • Kiigan 02/09/2011

    The XBLA version actually never came out. I'm sure it will eventually though.

    Nice review Mr Donlon.
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  • Splinter Cell HD Trilogy release date

  • Kiigan 09/08/2011


    That is incorrect.
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  • Konami wants to "re-imagine" MGS in HD

  • Kiigan 11/06/2011

    It should not take much effort to fix up Twin Snakes and make it a more authentic remake of the way MGS played, if that's what you want. The point is that most of this work with respect to visual fidelity etc has been tackled already with Twin Snakes. Why start over? Reply -5
  • Retrospective: The Acorn Archimedes

  • Kiigan 07/02/2011

    Don't forget Saloon Cars Deluxe Reply 0
  • Rock Band 3

  • Kiigan 28/10/2010

    Looking forward to seeing mums bringing their kids' guitar controllers into GAME to get the truss rod adjust / action set up nicely / neck refretted!

    As for RB3, the omission of a free jam mode for guitar & keys seems like deal breaker to me.
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  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • Kiigan 26/01/2010

    "frat-buddy chat"

    I really don't think any of the cast of Bad Company went to university.
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  • Splinter Cell: Conviction - Personality

  • Kiigan 07/11/2009

    Is Sam using Just For Men? Looks like he's lost the bit of grey. Reply +1
  • EA's Jack the Ripper will be a hero

  • Kiigan 07/10/2009

    What. The. Fuck. Reply +1
  • Halo 3: ODST

  • Kiigan 20/09/2009

    FWIW I have no complaint about Tom's review, which was excellent as always. Well, perhaps it was a little spoilerific... Reply +3
  • Kiigan 20/09/2009

    In fairness, the inclusion of the Halo 3 multiplayer diisk with all the post-release maps represents quite a bit of added value... after all, some of those maps are still paid-for downloadable content on Xbox Live. Considering ODST is abuot 2/3rds the price of Halo 3, this seems like a bargain to me overall. Reply 0
  • Activison predicts console-free future

  • Kiigan 16/09/2009

    Many excellent, well-considered points guys.

    If I worked at Activision, like most of you here I'd be disgusted to think that the execs at the top who make the financial decisions for the company (let's call them "money men") are so concerned with things like profitability, keeping the company in the black, ensuring salaries get paid and future games get funded. What a bastard! What does he think the games business is, a business or something?

    Personally I'd like to see game devs granted charitable status. My idea is that Lenny Henry, Jonathan Ross, and a token games guy (Peter Molyneux?) could host "Games Aid", an event that sees people all over the country raise funds for our ailing game devs. Perhaps occasionally they could cut to some clips of Billy Connolly welling up on camera as he travels the country and sees for himself the tragic state of various games studio's balance sheets.
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  • Kiigan 15/09/2009

    In fairness, there are some importants parts of the Gamespot piece that are omitted here, and it changes the meaning somewhat:

    Gamespot said:
    "The executive said that he has tried to instill into the company culture "skepticism, pessimism, and fear" of the global economic downturn, adding, "We are very good at keeping people focused on the deep depression."

    Makes a bit more sense with the bit in bold, doesn't it? It's hard to tell from a sentence taken out of context like that by a gaming site, but he's speaking at a Deutsche Bank tech conference about how his company is focused on the bottom line and being mindful of the global economic climate.

    As for "taking the fun out of making games" my interpretation is that he's talking about being thrifty as a company - ie they aren't like fucking Google with a bunch of child-men zooming around on segways and pissing about with nerf guns or whatever. He's trying to make his company sound like a serious business that focuses on the bottom line. Sounds about the right tone to adopt when speaking at a Deutsche Bank event, no?. If only he'd known that mouth-breathing gametards would be poring over his every word, perhaps he'd have mentioned a new rifle for Modern Warfare 2 or something. Speaking as a mouth-breathing gametard, it seems clear we weren't the intended audience.

    But carry on with your righteous indignation by all means chaps :)
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  • Saviour Machine

  • Kiigan 13/07/2009

    I don't understand why this article seems to suggest that game developers should be researching AI. Fundamentally, "AI" is a very different field to what is sometimes termed "videogame AI" , with very different goals. For any company who wants to create entertainment, there isn't always a lot of overlap between the two areas.

    Of course there HAVE been plenty of advances in "videogame AI" over the years, but when it is done well you won't really notice, because that's the point of it. You'll just enjoy the game.

    In my opinion, to date there have been very few examples of "proper AI" actually yielding fun results in a game. If someone wants to piss about with learning systems and neural networks that's great, but such effort isn't always aligned (or even vaguely compatible) with creating a game that is entertaining and fun to play. In truth, often the crudest smoke-n-mirrors / finite state machine approach to "videogame AI" can produce the most fun results. There are always exceptions of course, but until such AI research is proven to yield entertaining game experiences, there's little to compel game devs to piss away money on it.
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  • Live Brutal Legend Q&A today!

  • Kiigan 02/07/2009

    Could someone punch him for that "Meat Circus" level in Psychonauts please?

    Then hug him for Grim Fandango.
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  • Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories

  • Kiigan 25/06/2009

    About 6 hours into it and really enjoying it. I liked Another Code and Hotel Dusk on DS as well.
    For fans of the genre, it is definitely worth playing IMO.
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  • A tale of Monkey Island

  • Kiigan 23/06/2009

    I think perhaps my greatest concern based on the screenshots is that it really does look like a Monkey Island reskin of the standard Telltale formula, which is getting a little stale by now to be honest. To the best of my knowledge, they've never made anything approaching the quality of the original Escape From Monkey Island in terms of writing, puzzles or scale.

    Brave of them to have a go though, I await the results with interest.
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  • EyePet

  • Kiigan 18/06/2009

    It's a bit ugly and creepy looking isn't it? Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta: First Impressions and Video

  • Kiigan 04/06/2009

    Couldn't find a game. Reply 0
  • E3: Trico finally shown, renamed

  • Kiigan 02/06/2009

    Still no release date :( Surely it's been in development for years now... Reply 0
  • E3: Tales of Monkey Island - Trailer

  • Kiigan 01/06/2009

    So the standard Telltale game reskinned in piratey clothes?
    If it plays anything like their Wallace & Gromit game, it'll disappoint anyone who ever loved the Monkey Island series.
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  • E3: Bungie working on Halo: Reach?

  • Kiigan 01/06/2009


    To date, there have been three Halo titles releases over an 8 year period.
    Yeah, it's a fucking avalanche isn't it!
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  • Rhythm Paradise

  • Kiigan 04/05/2009

    The first Rhythm Tengoku game for GBA is much better IMO. Reply 0
  • Prince turned down Guitar Hero deal

  • Kiigan 01/05/2009


    Quite lot of people actually. The man still makes interesting music, and he's still one of the best performers around. He filled 21 nights in the O2 in 2007, and his current album Lotusflow3r got to #2 in the US despite a very limited release.

    Don't worry, he didnt say anything disparaging about Guitar Hero, so you geeks can relax.
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  • Kiigan 01/05/2009

    Prince is an incredible guitarist, one of the best around.

    And I bought my first electric when I was 12, purely so I could learn to play Prince stuff. So he has a point :)
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  • Still Life 2 demo available

  • Kiigan 20/04/2009

    As long as there is no baking this time around... Reply 0
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

  • Kiigan 05/04/2009

    "it's not fun to play and it's less erotic than psoriasis"

    Oh yeah, let's have a go at psoriasis sufferers now, coz they haven't suffered enough!

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  • GDC: iPhone graphics eclipsing DS and PSP

  • Kiigan 23/03/2009

    That's great news about the graphics! How's the battery life? Reply 0
  • Three brand new demos on Xbox Live

  • Kiigan 05/03/2009

    GRIN aren't "behind" games like GRAW and GRAW2. They handled the PC ports. Reply 0
  • 2K boss hits out at "crappy" Wii titles

  • Kiigan 14/01/2009

    Well said Stu Campbell. Reply 0
  • Kiigan 14/01/2009

    When we're all finished being terribly clever... Carnival Games is actually pretty decent. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 20 Games of 2008

  • Kiigan 31/12/2008

    Surprised that Condemned 2 made it on the list. It really was a disaster. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • Kiigan 30/12/2008

    Hey idiots, these lists represent Eurogamer's opinions, not yours. Make your own list if you want to.

    Personally I probably wouldn't put Braid in my own top 10, but hey. The main titles are all there - Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, World of Goo, GTA IV. Happy days. 2008 was fucking awesome for games.
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  • Kiigan 30/12/2008

    All good stuff, a well-considered top 10 for 2008 if you ask me.

    What's this Trials 2 thing Tom mentions, is it basically Elastomania?
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 20-11

  • Kiigan 30/12/2008

    Quite fun seeing how different the EG staffers' top 50 for 2008 is compared to the readers' top 50.

    I think the readers did a better job of it :)
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 30-21

  • Kiigan 29/12/2008

    Simon Parkin said:

    "That so many readers were unable to parse his thoughts, to appreciate the nuance and contradictions in the experience suggests that Kojima's series primarily appeals to immature gamers."

    Oh please. You seem like a nice chap Simon, so I'll just gently suggest you read your comment again give yourself the time to "appreciate the nuance" of just how obnoxious it sounds.

    Certainly, if you could somehow magically assess the audience for a game based on its Eurogamer reader comments, you'd have to conclude that every game reviewed here is primarily geared towards the educationally subnormal.
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  • POP dev expected "pats on the back"

  • Kiigan 24/12/2008

    Yup, love those new ideas such as:

    - reducing all the platforming and combat to moronic impossible-to-fail QTEs
    - making a game that more or less plays itself
    - lots of other stuff lovingly "borrowed" from Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Okami

    Well done on all that risk-taking Ubisoft!
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  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - Gameplay

  • Kiigan 16/12/2008


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  • Prototype

  • Kiigan 10/12/2008

    I don't think "openworld" is a word. Is it? Reply 0
  • One Life Left makes a music CD

  • Kiigan 02/12/2008

    Speaking of which, is there an archive somewhere of all of Craig "The Rage" 's OLL bits? Reply 0
  • Black Mesa - Trailer

  • Kiigan 01/12/2008

    Looks amazing - much better than I expected
    Also it has reminded me how much I love the original Half Life.
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  • Over 1m GeoWars scores registered

  • Kiigan 25/11/2008

    Excellent taste muscleblade. Those are my two favourite picks on XBLA too. Reply 0
  • Wii Music

  • Kiigan 12/11/2008

    To the tune of Beethoven's 5th:

    Lol lol lol LOOOL

    Lol lol lol LOOOL
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  • Mirror's Edge

  • Kiigan 10/11/2008

    I loved the demo, and none of the negatives pointed out by this review are things that upset me. So that's good :) Reply 0
  • Rare: Banjo display glitch here to stay

  • Kiigan 06/11/2008

    Well I found that even in HD, on a 32" television in 720p, the text was hard to read.
    If they can't be bothered fixing their game, I can't be bothered buying it.
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  • Pic Pic

  • Kiigan 23/10/2008

    Well it depends on how narrowly you define "puzzle game" really doesn't it?

    I'd consider Lemmings a puzzle game. Or World of Goo. Or Portal. Or Denki Blocks :) Certainly they aren't the same types of puzzles as Slitherlink or Picross but western developers are clearly fundamentally capable of creating puzzles. The bigger issue is the fact that the market is less open to puzzle games here, with the DS software lineup being a prime example.

    If puzzle games sold better here, perhaps western developers would be making more of them.
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  • Kiigan 23/10/2008

    Also - there have been plenty of great puzzle games created outside of Japan. Let's not get silly in our enthusiasm. Reply 0
  • Kiigan 23/10/2008

    It's out of stock everywhere. So, fuck it. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake - Trailer

  • Kiigan 21/10/2008

    How can this have been in development for so long, yet they still aren't talking about what kind of fucking game it is, how you actually play it? Still, well done spending money on that fancy CG trailer that tells us absolutely nothing. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia

  • Kiigan 20/10/2008

    The combat sounds horrible. And the presence of QTEs all but guarantees I won't want to play it.

    A bloody shame :(
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