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  • Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

  • Khari 22/03/2012

    I really like female Shepard having the same animations as male Shepard. Other than during the Kasumi DLC mission it works wonderfully.

    It's the future. She's a soldier. I don't see why she would be sashaying about. Think Starbuck in BSG: her body language was always the same as the male pilots and that, for me, was just perfect. I hated female Hawke's girlie flapping handed run cycle.

    Female Shepard head butting a Krogan and slapping down the Shadow Broker was brilliant.

    My female Shepard is a soldier class only because female player characters hardly ever get to be the brutish lug kind of combat role. The options are so often just a magic user or Amazon ranged class. I just wanted the relative novelty of a 'normal' female Shepard. No biotics, no tech prowess, just a tough female soldier through and through. And she's awesome.

    Ashley's armour was indeed white and a pinky red.

    Her original concept art is also white and pinky red:

    There is a pink effect on the white which was an unfortunate side effect from the Eden Prime post processing. The script pages refer to the pinky red as pink, not the white, I agree.
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  • Mass Effect 3 trailer details voice acting

  • Khari 09/01/2012

    Despite the disappointment of DA2 I'm still fond of Bioware. However, the slimey push to shill their DLC and the cringe-making 'Bioware Pulse' format are just embarrassing.

    The marketing department need to reign it in and get some class.
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  • Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

  • Khari 06/01/2012

    I was incredibly excited about this until I saw that this is available for consoles.

    Not wanting to sound like a PC gamer snob (love my 360 and PS3) but strategy games - real time or turn based - don't tend to work very well with a controller for me. It's a personal thing; I just like the precise control of the mouse and keyboard. I would hate to see a shoddy PC interface (see Skyrim for a prime example of this) just copied and pasted from the consoles.

    On the other hand Firaxis are one of my favourite developers so I should have more faith that this will be good.

    There's something about turn based strategy games that I really enjoy. I think it's that I can spend more time mulling over my decisions with less of "Quick, build another barracks, queue a shed load of units. Oh crap, they're attacking my anti-air towers. PANIC!"

    SMAC2 next please Firaxis. SMAC being one of my favourite games of all time; the opportunity to crush Sister Miriam and Chairman Yang in a sequel would be marvellous.
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  • Suzuki: "We can obtain Shenmue license from Sega"

  • Khari 04/01/2012

    I'd like a XBLA/PSN port of 1 and 2 first. Tart up the sky boxes, hack in widescreen support and I'd buy it like a shot.

    Even a Vita port might work nicely. The graphics would hold up better on the smaller screen and they could add in touch control for picking up items and the mini games etc.

    Sigh. It'll never happen. Shenmue III is but a dream *sobs*.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2011 Voting

  • Khari 14/12/2011

    Deus Ex: HR
    Skyrim (PC - sorry to all PS3 owners)
    Ghost Trick
    Portal 2
    Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (probably the only person voting for this, but I loved Lords of Chaos and Laser Squad on the Spectrum and this brought me right back)

    If I could have had a 6) it would have been Uncharted 3.
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  • Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

  • Khari 07/12/2011

    @LiamK Re: The Avengers poster. Scarlett's pose on that poster immediately brought to mind "Strong Female Characters"- Reply 0
  • Khari 07/12/2011

    I'm female and I had a look at the gameplay video. My verdict is that I'm not actively offended.

    I tend to think this kind of thing is mostly for the 14 year old boys and just shrug and move on. See also armour bikinis/nude mods for Skyrim etc. etc. Honestly, would I prefer to see a little less cheesecake in gaming? Yes of course. On the other hand my sister-in-law is hooked on WoW and thinks it's hilarious to outfit her characters in the skimpiest armour possible.

    Sometimes context and the manner of presentation matters though. For example the over-the-top ridiculousness of Bayonetta is quite amusing to me, but I'm not keen on the faintly creepy Dead or Alive real-doll look-alikes.

    Also "our lead animator is a woman" doesn't really wash as a decent comeback. Why not just say "We like boobs. Our target audience for this game likes boobs too. We recognise that this game might offend people, but hey! Vote with your wallet and don't buy it if that's the case". At least that's honest.
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  • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus: PS2 vs. PS3

  • Khari 02/10/2011

    After waiting what feels like forever for this remake to materialise on PS3 it made me die inside to see Papyrus as SOTC's subtitle font.

    Complaining about that makes me a total font pedant, but I cannot unsee it, or suppress my revulsion every time I see that font. It's like a hairy wart appearing on an otherwise beautiful face.
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