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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Keza 15/06/2011

    BECAUSE THEY NEED ME! :-P Reply +16
  • Keza 15/06/2011

    You do have to unlock Master Quest, yes.

    Of all the games in the world, this is the one I would have chosen for my last Eurogamer review. It's been a pleasure!
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  • El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

  • Keza 01/06/2011

    It's not that bad without Japanese - the actual gameplay is easy to pick up, the menus have important things like Save and Load in English. To be honest I can't make head nor tail of the plot even *with* pretty good Japanese, so I don't reckon it'd be a problem. Reply +4
  • Space Channel 5.2 XBLA PSN this summer

  • Keza 12/04/2011

  • Rayman 3D

  • Keza 06/04/2011

    Rayman 2 was good, in 1999. I really liked it in 1999. I still liked it quite a lot when I played it this time around. But it's overpriced, underfeatured, ported awkwardly and marketed dishonestly - and on top of all that, I really don't think it's aged well. Game design has moved on, and it now feels anachronistic, even if there are still some lovely touches. (And from a cursory glance at Metacritic, it seems that I'm far from the only critic to think so, so I don't think I'm flying in the face of popular opinion here as much as Geowolf seems to think - not that I would suddenly change my mind if I was.) Reply 0
  • Keza 05/04/2011

    @HurbleBurble At least they've actually remade Ocarina of Time. New graphics, new systems, ground-up 3D implementation, new controls, all that jazz. For reasons unrelated to Eurogamer I spent the weekend playing OOT on the N64, and I'd also say that the design at its core holds up far, far better than Rayman 2's, 13 years on. There are still things about it that feel fresh, and so many of its innovations have since become industry standard.

    But we'll have to wait and see. I think they'd do well to release it at a £25-ish price point, but I fear that is unlikely. :-(
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  • Keza 05/04/2011

    @Rack: Ah, but that was four games in one, and it was £20, and at least had the decency to market itself as a re-release compilation and not a new game. And it had lovely packaging, suggesting at least some care had gone into making it a collector's item. (This, meanwhile, is just one game, it's £35, and it's presented as something new.) In terms of value Mario 25 was a much better proposition. Reply +5
  • Keza 05/04/2011

    @pinkyrocks: I only found one bug, and at no point was the game unplayable. The camera just makes it rather a lot harder than it strictly ought to be.

    It's a very old game, but then, it's a good very old game. It's always difficult to score re-releases; here, the quality of the actual source game is balanced out by the technical quirks and the fact that it's £35.
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  • Dreamcast Collection

  • Keza 31/03/2011

    @photoboy: that explains a lot! Sega were being deliberately vague about exactly which code these versions were based on. Let's hope for DC emulation next time!

    On the score: it's very hard to score compilations, especially when they're cheap (£15 in this case). Space Channel 5 Part 2 is basically worth £15 on its own. I thought a 5 was balanced; had I been scoring all the games individually there might well have been a couple of 3's in there.
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  • Slapped Down

  • Keza 28/03/2011

    A few people have asked what I or Ellie think of this; as I've not played the game, I don't think it's prudent to answer that yet. I did write something about what I think about the controversy, though, and the reasons behind it, should anyone be interested: Reply +5
  • Nintendogs + Cats

  • Keza 18/03/2011

    @Introvertigo OH MY GOODNESS *runs to printing shop* Reply +1
  • Pokémon Black & White

  • Keza 03/03/2011

    @Tony - you're reading a tone of condescension into my answer that honestly wasn't there (possibly because this is the Internet). I wasn't trying to make you look stupid. That's generally not a very professional thing to do.

    I'm sorry I skimmed and misread your question, but really, your open hostility isn't warranted!
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  • Keza 03/03/2011

    Ah, sorry about the WPA issue - misunderstood the question, I read it as WFC. No offence intended. That'll teach me to actually attempt to answer questions in comments threads, eh? Reply +19
  • Keza 03/03/2011

    @TonyCorleone: I'm sorry, I thought it was self-evident that it's Internet-compatible after Diamond/Pearl/Platinum! Reply +1
  • GDC After Dusk: Episode I - Indie Night

  • Keza 02/03/2011

    God, the chap beside Notch would be an absolute nightmare to transcribe. Reply +1
  • Why I Hate... The Saboteur

  • Keza 30/11/2010


    Yes, but here's the thing: these aren't reviews, they're opinion pieces. This is Why I Hate The Saboteur, not A Balanced Consideration Of The Saboteur's Relative Merits. Again, it's not a review.

    (Edit: what I mean by that is that if this WERE a review, you might have a point in criticising my "brand of journalism". But it's not, and if I had reviewed the Saboteur, I would, as always, have done everything in my power to finish it. The Saboteur is actually the only game I've ever had to give to someone else to write about because I hated it too much to present a balanced opinion.)
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  • Keza 30/11/2010

    @UsernamePending - I couldn't stick it out until the end, but I'm hearing conflicted things about the final mission. Some see it as an emphatic underlining of everything wilfully stupid thing the game does, some as something of a turnaround. Reply 0
  • Keza 30/11/2010

    @jstar: I think I made the point that I really want games to set themselves in wars if they'd only do it with a bit of intelligence and ambition. Reply +4
  • Keza 30/11/2010

    "This article series is pretty pathetic. Whiny reviewer whines about well loved game that he doesn't like much. /yawn"

    SHE! SHEEEEE! Five years I've written for Eurogamer. SHE!
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  • SingStar Guitar

  • Keza 19/11/2010


    Of course attempting to be unbiased is part of the job. But bias is a spectrum, and we're all on it. We're not robots. I love the Zelda series and I'm not a fan of Halo. I'd never put myself forward to review a Halo game, because although my thoughts on it would be entertaining, probably, that review wouldn't be of use to the majority of readers, who presumably just want to know whether they should buy it.

    What really irks me about wobbly_Bob's attitude, aside from the obvious venom, is the idea that you should ignore all other games on the same/other platforms in order to form an "unbiased opinion". That is absolute, unadulterated nonsense. What use is it to review something in a vacuum? If you want to know whether to buy something, don't you compare it to everything else available?

    Reviewers in all other forms of entertainment are not expected to attempt this 100% objective viewpoint. Reviewing is a matter of saying to the reader "Hey, this is who I am, this is what I like, and this is what I think of this," not trying to channel some kind of Objective Correct Opinion from on high.

    Man, I'm more annoyed by this than I thought I was!
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  • Keza 18/11/2010

    "A reviewers job is to be as unbiased as possible" - no it really isn't. It's to communicate our opinions in an interesting and informative way. Reply +4
  • The Sims 3

  • Keza 09/11/2010

    Invent a time travel machine, go back to when she was 7 and give her a SNES? Worked for me. Reply +9
  • Game Dev Story

  • Keza 02/11/2010

    Am I the only person never to have made a game with "bum" in the title? I feel left out. Reply +1
  • Keza 02/11/2010

    @lucky_jim: GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS Reply +7
  • DJ Hero 2

  • Keza 21/10/2010

    I don't think it would hurt to have a "version reviewed" sticker somewhere - I'll definitely ask someone why we don't. I'd presume it has something to do with the content management system.

    Re: the Avatar error - would somebody please point me towards that option? I really can't find it!
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  • Keza 19/10/2010

    @Zeburdee: We've got face-offs for that. Sadly we can't review every format of a game at once. We tend to only get one! Reply +1
  • Just Dance 2

  • Keza 21/10/2010

    Last week I was swinging between playing this and Fallout New Vegas, and enjoying both a hell of a lot. I think this encapsulates how far gaming has come. Reply +1
  • Okamiden

  • Keza 15/10/2010

    I'd actually rather have a great eight-hour game than one twice as long. Possibly, though, that's because I have to play a LOT of games. Reply +4
  • Dead Rising 2

  • Keza 30/08/2010

    @BillyBrush: This is a preview build we we've all been playing. It's highly, highly likely that screen tearing and slowdown (and LONG LONG LOADING TIMES) won't be a problem in the final release.

    @The_Amazing_Potato: Huh! I could read it fine, but I don't know if it's any bigger! *conducts comparison*
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Keza 25/08/2010

    Oops. *fixes* Reply +1
  • Nintendo 3DS Roundup

  • Keza 28/07/2010

    @neonxaos: One further example:
    Also, the second-to-last desert temple dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Basically anything that involves directing light at something with the use of mirrors. I can't EVER do them.
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  • Boba Fett in Force Unleashed II

  • Keza 23/07/2010

    @EarlBasset: Usually I talk like I ought to be wearing a top hat, but the American game developers' casual turn of phrase proved infectious. Reply +3
  • Mabinogi

  • Keza 12/07/2010

    @sneetch: Apologies for the Celtic mix-up. I'm just an insular Scot. If it helps, Mabinogi doesn't really appear to have *anything* to do with any of the mythology beyond the naming! Reply -1
  • Yakuza 4

  • Keza 20/04/2010

    @zoweewowee: NUANCE MOTION! COOL WET! Reply +1
  • New Monster Hunter PSP announced

  • Keza 16/03/2010

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *Dances dance of joy* Reply 0
  • Games of 2009: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • Keza 29/12/2009

    erp: I would, as the article hopefully attests. Phantom Hourglass didn't thrill me like this did. Reply +2
  • Games of 2009: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • Keza 27/12/2009

    I'll play with you, Dan. I have similar problems in that all my gaming acquaintances are pussies, but I do have one similarly masochistic friend with an urge to end Green Plesioth. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter Tri

  • Keza 29/10/2009

    "To be honest though I've no idea how this has became such a phenomenon as the control scheme was an absolute nightmare and just seemed to be one button to mash for attacks."

    That's very far from the truth - there are two buttons for attacks and a dodge, but it's an incredibly cerebral fighting system. There about fifteen different combos for each weapon depending on timing, dodging, context, et cetera, and it's all about reading your opponent's moves and responding quickly with an appropriate counter. Button mashing will get you absolutely nowhere at all.
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  • Okamiden

  • Keza 23/10/2009

    Chibiterasu is a he, though. :-) Reply 0
  • Alan Wake

  • Keza 29/09/2009

    "A preview isnt a review. Previews are usually paid for by the publisher."

    This should, helpfully, already be self-evident, but that's certainly not the case. Publishers pay for advertising, sure, but never for content, not on any games publication I have ever worked for (and that's most of them).

    Previews are positive if a game looks like it has something exciting about it. There's no way to know whether it'll work out as well in the final product as it does in presentations and early code, but that's what reviews are for. Previews are there to tell you whether a game's worth being interested in, not whether it's going to be worth buying in the end.
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  • Natal patches for old games unlikely

  • Keza 28/09/2009

    I wasn't a seashell, I was a crab. Reply 0
  • Band Hero

  • Keza 02/09/2009

    We were playing it at Gamescom, and sadly publishers aren't exactly fond of letting journalists bring capture rigs into demonstrations. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • Keza 26/08/2009

    The previous demo does indeed suggest that you can't switch between characters mid-battle, but I'm not entirely sure if you can switch outside of battle. Reply 0
  • Rock Band Unplugged

  • Keza 11/06/2009

    seasidebaz: I'd say you're correct. It's good fun but nowhere NEAR the challenge of DJMax - I got through Expert in about two days. Amplitude, sadly, it is not. Reply 0
  • Demon's Souls

  • Keza 23/04/2009

    Krelle: How/where did you manage to rent it? Any tips for people looking to give it a go? Reply 0
  • Keza 23/04/2009

    I feel the urge to pitch in with the other voices saying that if you have any doubts about difficulty, or the amount of time you're willing to put up with a game's punishment in order to get to the good stuff, don't pay £60 for an import copy. It might grab you, but most likely it will just frustrate you. You have to be the kind of gamer that gets off on overcoming a f***-off difficult challenge, rather than getting annoyed by it. Purchasing Demon's Souls is a bit of an undertaking at the moment, both practically and financially, and though I adore this game and would ideally want everyone in the world to try it, right now it's a bit of a risk if you're not absolutely sure you could thrive on the difficulty.

    Thankyou, everyone, for filling in a few of the details that didn't make it into the review - it's quite rare that you get to write about something that you passionately love, and easy to forget to mention things in doing so!
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  • White Knight Chronicles

  • Keza 18/02/2009

    Shame White Knight isn't turn-based, eh? Reply 0
  • Let's Tap

  • Keza 04/02/2009

    Yes, actually, if the past three weeks are anything to go by. It's got deeper appeal than you might give it credit for. Reply +1
  • SingStar Shame - The Gibson Collection

  • Keza 02/12/2008

    MANILOW! Reply 0
  • The Last Remnant

  • Keza 22/11/2008

    Krelle: I do speak Japanese, and I live in Japan. Not quite fluent yet, but I'm working on it. Reply +1