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  • The Witcher 3 could take over 200 hours to complete

  • Kendalf 01/04/2015


    Yep, fair enough point, UW. I don't think CDPR have been pushing the "overall" length, and agree that no dev should. The Main Quest is the priority.

    This just strikes me as another case of a "straightforward answer to a straightforward question" that some are trying to get some mileage out of.
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  • Kendalf 01/04/2015

    Arse to cynicism. This is very exciting news to my ears. I spent 148 hours sucking "Dragon Age: Inquisition" dry and that felt huge. If "Witcher 3" really can break the 200-hour mark for me, it will be the first Western game to do so. My thumbs are ready...

    (Final Fantasy XII - 200, Final Fantasy X - 250, Final Fantasy XIV - God knows!)
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  • The Witcher 3 will have a second playable character

  • Kendalf 06/12/2014

    "Dragon Age: Inquisition" is really floating my boat at the minute but I seriously cannot wait for this. "Witcher 2" was one of my favourite gaming experiences in years.

    As for the second playable character, I'm guessing it's Yennefer. She features on the banner of the YouTube channel and would seem a more natural playable partner for Geralt in the search for his (more obviously NPC?) daughter...
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  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Astrarium solutions

  • Kendalf 28/11/2014

    Yep, true. I've only encountered some of the lower-end ones so far but am loving the idea. Excellent rewards, too. Reply +2
  • Kendalf 28/11/2014

    Loving, loving, loving this game and these excellent little puzzles are just the very tip of an enormous iceberg of stuff to see and do.

    I emailed my mate last night, who was a little uncertain about whether to buy. "What if Final Fantasy XII was actually Skyrim by the Mass Effect people?" I asked.

    He bought it immediately.

    Top notch RPG, my favourite in a long, long time and Bioware back at the peak of their powers.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • Kendalf 11/11/2014

    Wow. Eight out of ten is the lowest score I've seen yet...which, if you don't mind, I'll take as an extremely good sign.

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  • EA teases Mirror's Edge ahead of E3

  • Kendalf 09/06/2014

    @43n1m4 They may just be saying that considering the sales of the first game.

    Hopefully, it's not true at all!

    (Although I could do with a more forgiving jumping / climbing / grabbing mechanic - the original infuriated me at times)
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  • Square Enix trademarks point to new Tomb Raider game reveal

  • Kendalf 09/06/2014

    "Guardian of Light" was fantastic, one of my favourite downloadables ever.

    The graphics were gorgeous but, more importantly, the puzzles were puzzles, proper brain teasers.

    More of the same, please!
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  • The next major PS4 update is out now

  • Kendalf 30/04/2014


    My launch model fat PS3 died last night and I didn't buy a PS4 because of its lack of 3D support. I bought a cheap second-hand PS3 instead to tide me over until it does...
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online review

  • Kendalf 26/04/2014

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn says "Hi"!
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  • Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta test open to all

  • Kendalf 04/04/2014


    Thanks, Vanmunt! And thanks for the offer, too. I'm on Phoenix and have found it an equally pleasant environment.

    Great character name, by the way :-)
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  • Kendalf 04/04/2014


    Yep, the pressure on the Tank can be really off-putting if you end up with some impatient, intolerant team members.

    Luckily, 99% of players aren't, but you're right; there are far less stressful roles to choose to ease your way in.
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  • Kendalf 04/04/2014

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous game. I'm still agog at the amount of stuff to do and I've barely touched any of the extras that have been patched in since launch.

    A couple of tips for any MMO noobs (like I was) thinking of picking this up on PS4:

    1) Buy a wireless USB keyboard - it makes typing to your team members, messaging your friends, searching the Market Boards etc so, so, so much easier and quicker

    2) Stick (mostly) to the main story quest for the first few days - it's that way that you unlock dungeons, airships, chocobo etc and it also means that when you do complete the quests, their rewards are still useful (because you haven't been off super-levelling elsewhere)

    3) When invited, join a Free Company that suits your approach (hardcore end-gamer, casual drop-in) as it's a convenient source of team members that you'll become familiar and friendly with (rather than always relying on strangers you've never met) - but don't be afraid to leave it if you change your mind (I've left three in my time and just co-established a new one)

    4) Starting with a DPS class (pugilist, archer, lancer, thaumaturge) can prove the least nerve-wracking and least stressful entry into the world of MMOs. Tanks (gladiator, marauder) have a lots of pressure on them to keep the "aggro" off everyone else and healers (conjuror) have lots of pressure on them to keep the Tank (and everyone else) alive. If you're not familiar with how this whole MMO thing works (as I wasn't), a DPS class (whose role is simply to cause as much damage as possible while the enemy is focussed on the Tank) can be the most accessible entry point.

    5) Enjoy! I really wouldn't be typing all this if I hadn't found FFXIV to be a most welcoming, accessible and enjoyable ride for noobs like I was...however many hundred hours ago!

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  • Tomb Raider's reboot "exceeded profit expectations" after all

  • Kendalf 06/03/2014

    Great news and well deserved. Tomb Raider was one of the finest action-adventure games of this (sorry last!) generation. And one of the finest I've ever played. Reply +4
  • Ryse's previously announced challenge editor mode has been canned

  • Kendalf 22/02/2014


    Quite correct, good sir! :-)

    But their heyday was the sixth to fifth centuries BC, wasn't it? And in Greece. Whilst Ryse is set in first century AD Britannia, if I'm not mistaken. By which time, Sparta had been reduced to little more than a theme park for Roman tourists.

    Anyway, nice point :-)
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  • Kendalf 22/02/2014

    Spartan? Spartan!? Only 500 years and 500 miles off target ;-)

    I'd have thought the whole "Son of Rome" thang might have given that away!
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  • Final Fantasy 14 out on PS4 on 14th April

  • Kendalf 27/01/2014

    @scuffpuppies I could have written your post word for word :-)

    Great game, loving it.
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  • Kendalf 27/01/2014

    So, it's mid-April I'll finally be buying my PS4, is it?

    Nice to know :-)
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  • Bethesda reveals starry Elder Scrolls Online cast

  • Kendalf 24/01/2014

    @number1024 Well, by the sound sof many of the comments here, I'd say FFXIV. Apparently ESO isn't all that great (I didn't play the beta so I'm relying on the general vibe in this thread) whereas FFXIV has had nothing but acclaim since its release. It's a highly-polished, highly-accessible, highly-enjoyable MMO. I'm a total newbie to the genre and I just got my Warrior to Level 50 last week.

    Great game, and a stunning turnaround from Square Enix. Give it a go!
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  • Final Fantasy 14 update 2.1 release date announced

  • Kendalf 06/12/2013

    Fantastic news! Not that it affects an MMO newbie like me - I've still a bazillion hours of original content to get through! :-)

    Congratulations again, Square Enix, on this gorgeous, engaging game!
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  • Final Fantasy 14 out on PS4 April 2014

  • Kendalf 03/12/2013

    Catastrophe! Reply -20
  • Final Fantasy 14 relaunch exceeded Square Enix's expectations

  • Kendalf 05/11/2013

    Fabulous, fabulous game. Never touched an MMO in my life before this (and never even thought of doing so, either). Now, I'm a convert.

    Square deserve all the plaudits and success they can handle for this game; what a turn around.
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  • Rockstar: lost GTA Online characters are gone forever

  • Kendalf 14/10/2013

    @darkmorgado "...and, receives a list of articles as long as your arm."

    ...none of which, yes, none of which have resorted to the kind of histrionics and mis-reporting that FFXIV was subjected to.

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  • Kendalf 14/10/2013

    @Chibi-Kibou "Is it a catastrophic launch yet?"

    I'd say way, way past it. But then EG seems to hold FFXIV to a much higher standard than GTAO.

    The former launched with not a single bug in sight (smooth as the proverbial infant's posterior straight out of the gate) but proved so popular that the servers couldn't cope with the influx. "Catastrophe!" yelled Wesley, over and over again, even going so far as to (willfully?) conflate the issue with a completely unrelated story (remember the "Sony offers refunds" headline?).

    The latter, however, launches with a list of appalling issues as long as your arm and...
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  • Final Fantasy 6 is heading to iOS and Android this winter

  • Kendalf 10/10/2013

    @Renato84 "People get genuinely more excited over re-releases and remakes of FF6 and FF7 than for anything related to FFXIII, FFXIV or the upcoming adrenaline-pumped next-gen FFXV."

    Whilst I think you may be right about XIII and XV, I think you're a little off the mark with XIV as the near-universal critical acclaim for the relaunched version and the packed servers would attest.
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  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • Kendalf 03/10/2013

    @breaking_good "People just brown nose R* and accept it. Really puzzles me."

    Indeed. Where are the "launch catastrophe" headlines FFXIV was tarred with?
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  • Kendalf 03/10/2013

    Come on, Wesley! All together now: "Catastrophe!" Reply +1
  • Matsuno returns: Final Fantasy Tactics creator on his new game

  • Kendalf 20/09/2013

    With Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII, this guy's responsible for three of my Top Five Games.

    A true visionary.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 TGS trailer shows new gameplay

  • Kendalf 19/09/2013

    @SegaBlueSky I could have typed that, word for word. Thanks for saving me the trouble! Reply 0
  • Kendalf 19/09/2013

    @CloudXIV "It's probably a bit like Kingdom Hearts where you had a mix of real-time combat with lots of auto-abilities and AI controlled sidekicks."

    If the system for the AI sidekicks is anywhere near as good as XII's Gambits then count me in.

    Anyway, yes, I probably got a little carried away earlier. I managed to control my Shadow of the Colossus character easily enough...
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  • Kendalf 19/09/2013

    I have absolutely no idea how much of what I saw here would actually be playable. How could I possibly control my character in that way? What am I pressing? How do the sticks work in relation to the camera? Etc etc

    These clips either (a) bear no relation to normal gameplay or (b) herald the dawn of a new era!
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  • Switch from playing Final Fantasy 14 on PS3 to PS4 for free

  • Kendalf 19/09/2013

    "Meanwhile, Yoshida said the PS4 version of the MMO runs in full 1920x1080p resolution, and you can use a keyboard and mouse to play. Alternatively, you can use the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller as a mouse. He said the PS4 version should be indistinguishable from the PC version."

    Talking about keyboards, can anyone recommend one that's easy to use with he PS3? The £7.99 handheld one I bought through Amazon (one of those ones that clips to the controller if you want it to) is quite awkward to use, kind of like texting on a giant rubbery mobile.
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  • Kendalf 09/09/2013

    @SegaBlueSky Yep, there's tons to do in solo play. Tons. Indeed, I've spent the vast majority of time soloing so far.

    And the Duty Finder (as they call it) warps you off to share a party-based dungeon whenever you want and then warps you back to where you were to get on with whatever it was you were doing. Five minutes is the most time I've waited for the Duty Finder to put together my party. Ace.

    Get stuck in!
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  • Kendalf 09/09/2013

    @Arsecake_Baker Sorry, to hear that, mate. Hope if gets sorted out for you soon :-) Reply 0
  • Kendalf 09/09/2013

    @Fallout Thanks, Fallout. So, I could be playing this on PS4 next Spring?!!

    To be honest, with SE's record on development times, I was expecting next Christmas!
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  • Kendalf 09/09/2013

    Great news. I'm absolutely loving the game and, at the minute, fully expect to still be playing it this time next year.

    "A beta test for the PS4 version begins on Saturday, 22nd February 2014 - the day the PS4 goes on sale in Japan."

    As a complete noob to MMOs, what does this piece of news suggest about the game's actual release date? June? July? Or December?

    PS And thanks, Wesley, for a purely fact-based article on the game sans click-bait hyperbole.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 was the UK's biggest video game launch ever

  • Kendalf 19/09/2013

    @darkmorgado "Wonder how long it took Avatar to rack up that much at the box office..."

    It's always tricky doing the whole "entertainment business" coomparison because, as we all know, if someone wants to watch a movie they pay £10; if they want to buy a game, they pay £40.

    The picture gets even more skewed when you take into account inflation over time ie they used to pay only 25p for a movie ticket way back in the 1920s.

    Still, you're right. That's quite a remarkable achievement.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 digital sales resume as server problems ease

  • Kendalf 17/09/2013

    Never been a huge MMO fan until now, but I've really fallen for the world of Eorzea.

    Wonderful game.
    I've never played one before in my life and had no intention of playing this one either until I started watching some of the videos the team and other gamers were posting and realised it was exactly the experience I was looking for after the restrictive, limited XIII.

    I cannot recommend this game highly enough to anyone out there who's a little anxious about MMOs. I made the jump and haven't regretted it for a second.

    Fabulous, fabulous game.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 companion app released

  • Kendalf 10/09/2013

    Just downloaded it and, at first glance, it strikes me as very slick and comprehensive.

    Thank you, SE. Two great bits of news in two days :-)
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  • Dispatches from A Realm Reborn

  • Kendalf 07/09/2013

    @Chibi-Kibou "Whatever complaints I may have had with this article aside, at least it didn't seem to pushing a specific agenda with regard to the game/hyperbolising."

    True. It's a world away in tone from Wesley's coverage (and very nicely written to boot) but it still seems a little reluctant to just come out and admit the game's quality, don't you think?

    Unlike EG's sister site,
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  • Kendalf 07/09/2013

    @jimmyhill11 "Wow, what a game. The most enjoyable JRPG game I have played this gen. It drips with Final Fantasy fan service, but in a good way, and it is so addictive. You can forget the abomination that was FFXIII, this is the real the successor to Final Fantasy XII."

    Spot on. I could have written this myself. And you're right: this is as close as we're going to get to the XII-2 we all know will never happen. Fantastic game.
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  • Kendalf 07/09/2013

    Did you catch it, people? Tucked away in the depths of what is, undeniably, a well written account of some of FFXIV's features but more the idiosyncrasies of MMOs in general?

    "Final Fantasy 14, which is, server snags aside, a masterly execution of the contemporary MMO form."

    Wow. So, not a "catastrophe" then?
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  • Hunting down fresh details on The Witcher 3

  • Kendalf 06/09/2013

    I never got to play the first one (not being a PC gamer) but the sheer quality of the second makes this my most anticipated game of next year by a country mile. Reply +5
  • Sony offers refunds as Final Fantasy 14 launch catastrophe worsens

  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    Square Enix has pulled off the seemingly impossible: rescuing a disastrous flop of an online game without going free-to-play, and creating an incredibly addictive, satisfying experience for both MMO and Final Fantasy veterans in the process. A Realm Reborn is a triumph for Naoki Yoshida and his team.

    Yep, that'll be five stars from, then...
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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    @coolcoder "Hardly catastrophic. Plenty of people are playing and experiencing hardly any issues. I understand eurogamer have to have "news" but you cant help but applaud Square for what they have achieved. First cross platform MMO that actually doesn't suck."

    Yep, you're not the only one here who thinks EG's coverage of the launch has been a little, shall we say, hyperbolic. Here's hoping they're a little more balanced with the articles they're apparently running next week.
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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    @wyp100 "It's a real shame this is happening, because by all accounts, they've actually got the 'game' part of it right this time.

    Yes there have been frustrations, but logging on last night was simple after their server updates. And the game itself seems to be fairly polished, and lag free. I'm quite enjoying it.

    the game itself is actually really fun and addictive when you're able to get on it.

    But overall, this is a good game and the launch issues are no more severe (though they are perhaps longer-lasting) than those around the launch of other MMOs, or even WoW expansions.

    I played on and off during the evening and experienced zero problems.

    had no problems at all logging on last night

    the game is actually pretty damn good.

    Naoki Yoshida and his people have really done something pretty remarkable with FFXIV; I think this much is obvious. It's a much more lavish game than the bare-bones original.

    The game is solidly good and the servers are stable once you get in - I don't really think that amounts to a launch catastrophe.

    Once you are in, the experience is as good as MMOs get, both on the technical side and on the artistic side.

    Logged in last night and got in straight away. The game is smooth, lag free, and looks beautiful on my modest PR. While it doesn't break new ground, it does the things you want an MMO to do very very well."

    Just a few quotes from this one thread alone to help you put the "catastrophe" into perspective when you run your articles next week.

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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    @Farslain "Also, can we have a bit less sensationalism in our EG articles. I know it works for filthy Kotaku to get them page hits, but you don't need to be so dramatic, EG."

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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    @Jamiesan "I ended up starting over on launch day, on a less populated server (Phoenix) so that I could play with friends who didn't have early access so couldn't get on Moogle."

    Yep, Phoenix was the only server with any space when I finally got on. Have found it a really sound community so far. You?
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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    @Humperfunk "To be fair, it's fucking awesome which is why so many people are trying to get on."

    Exactly. And if that renders it a "catastrophe" in EG's eyes, then I'm lost.
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  • Kendalf 05/09/2013

    "Sony offers refunds as Final Fantasy XIV launch catastrophe worsens"
    No, it offers them to PSN customers who bought it on one of two specific nights only.

    "catastrophic re-launch"
    Compared to what? Thousands upon thousands of us are playing the game just fine, nary a bug in sight.

    "some have contacted Eurogamer to voice their displeasure"
    What about those others praising the game in your Comments sections?

    You don't like Final Fantasy XIV much, do you Wesley?
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