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  • Super Mario Run now has an Easy Mode

  • Kay 01/02/2017

    @jabberwocky FE on Android is out tomorrow, I believe. Mario Run is out on the same day as the Switch - 3rd March. Reply 0
  • White Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle cut to Ł279.99

  • Kay 02/03/2015

    @grassyknoll just looked and it seems to be Ł275 on there. Reply 0
  • How Xenoblade Chronicles scales down to the 3DS

  • Kay 24/02/2015

    @Bratterz Ah, cheers. I thought that, but was still concerned at how muted it looked. Reply +1
  • Kay 24/02/2015

    Any reason why it looks so washed-out compared to the Wii version? Aside from that it looks to be an impressive port. Reply +2
  • Nintendo adds paid DLC games and hats to 3DS StreetPass app

  • Kay 18/06/2013

    All those people criticising Streetpass Quest (a freebie that came built-in with the console!) - you do realise you can use play coins to buy heroes, right? Even past heroes that you've used in the game. And you can generate play coins just by moving when the console is in sleep mode. Reply +2
  • Nintendo won't fix Mario Kart 7 track glitch

  • Kay 17/01/2012

    They should reset all times for this track, patch it, and force users to update before they can next play online. Simple, surely? Reply +12
  • Nintendo giving away 3D Classics: Kid Icarus free

  • Kay 02/12/2011

    @Lee_Morris - erm, how are you going to be penalised exactly? Are Nintendo going to come round your house and demand some money? Is the free soundtrack CD that you should have received for registering the game straight away not enough?

    Considering the offer covers games registered from 1st November, I'd say that anyone who's already registered Mario 3D Land - which came out on the 18th - should be fine.
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  • Why Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn't coming to 3DS

  • Kay 01/12/2011

    Yep, article headline is extremely misleading. Almost tabloid-esque journalism here nowadays. Reply +8
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 denied EU launch

  • Kay 12/10/2011

    This is a bit of a kicker. Oh well, just the excuse I need to go back and finish VC2. Reply +5
  • The life and times of Dylan Cuthbert

  • Kay 22/09/2011

    He's actually Miyamoto's son-in-law too. Married his daughter recently. Reply +12
  • Nintendo preps huge 3DS overhaul: report

  • Kay 23/08/2011

    More 3DS scare-mongering, and clearly bullshit. Reply +10
  • Wilshere and Rooney on cover of FIFA 12

  • Kay 28/07/2011

    Wilshere. Reply -2
  • New Zelda: Skyward Sword footage

  • Kay 21/07/2011

    EG seem to be a bit behind the times. This trailer came out during E3 2011.And yes, the theme is awesome. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil: Revelations

  • Kay 30/06/2011

    Is this preview of the same demo that's included in Mercenaries 3D? I'm guessing no, since that one is apparently ridiculously short.

    Really looking forward to the full game. Old-school Resi would be a perfect fit for handhelds, I reckon.
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  • Double Dragon for Nintendo 3DS eShop

  • Kay 22/06/2011

    I was under the impression that SNES and NES would be released as well... I can't understand why they aren't?

    The 3DS' VC will only do handheld games, unfortunately. So far support for GB, GB Colour, Game Gear and the PC Engine handheld have been confirmed, and I'm guessing GBA games will also be on there at some point.
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  • Miyamoto: "It's fair to turn 3DS 3D off"

  • Kay 22/06/2011

    Whats the purpose of buying a 3DS when u're gonna turn the 3d off?

    Because it's a brand new, significantly more powerful next generation DS console with higher-resolution screens, widescreen display, and analogue control, amongst other things? The 3D is just a bonus - evident by the fact that it's fully adjustable, or turned off even, in real-time.

    I know, stating the obvious here but it seems some people still can't seem to grasp this fact.
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  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Kay 19/05/2011

    Not too impressive when a console's biggest and most anticipated title is a slightly prettier re-release of a 13 year old game.

    Going to get negged to fuck for saying this, but it's true. I wouldn't ever buy a console (in this case, a 3DS) for a 13 year old game. To each his own though.

    I'll consider getting a 3DS when Nintendo move away from all the sequels and re-releases.

    Usually I'd agree, but when it's a game still regarded by many critics as the greatest ever, it's most definitely worth re-releasing and getting excited about. And the little tweaks (3D, improved graphics + frame-rate, MQ) will mean I'll be more than happy to experience it all again.

    Besides, the 3DS is still only a couple of months old, so for such an early release this is fine. I don't understand why people are complaining tbh, it's not as if there's absolutely nothing else of interest over the next few months.
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  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D pics blowout

  • Kay 14/04/2011

    It's a freakin' remake that's supposed to stay faithful to the beloved original, by slightly updating the things that needed to be updated (i.e. graphics and frame-rate) and keeping everything else intact. Even the music will be exactly the same.

    Like Tony said, if you want eye candy for the 3DS go check out the upcoming Resi games.
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  • Nintendo dismisses 3DS headaches story

  • Kay 05/04/2011

    binky, I thought you sold yours at CEX? That doesn't really count as a GAME return. :)

    Anyway, not surprised that stories like this are popping up, and I'm glad they're being refuted. Everyone's eyes are different, so it's only natural that some people have odd reactions. That's why there's a freaking slider on there! Always keep the 3D low at first.

    And yes, demo pods have been available pretty much everywhere since before launch, so I don't know where they got this "you can't try before you buy" bollocks from.
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  • Super Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu pics

  • Kay 25/03/2011

    Yeah, those are pics from the arcade version. Evil Ryu isn't even on any of the home console versions, let alone the 3DS. Reply +3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Kay 25/01/2011

    The article failed to mention the single best thing about this enhanced port - as well as the improved textures, you also get the benefit of silky-smooth 60fps gameplay. No more single-digit N64-era frame rates. That, along with the 3D, is enough for me. Three times I've completed the game, but still excited about going through it again. Hopefully Majora's Mask will follow on the 3DS. Reply +6
  • Fan vid shows GTA Mushroom Kingdom

  • Kay 15/12/2010

    "Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!" :DI would totally buy this game. Reply +12
  • Luigi playable in Mario Galaxy 2

  • Kay 06/05/2010

    Well, after the first game it wouldn't make sense to have him as a 'secret' character yet again. :)Hopefully there'll be a different (and better) unlockable for getting 120 stars this time. Reply +2
  • Super Mario Kart on VC this week

  • Kay 29/03/2010

    Toad and Koopa were for noobs. Master DK (or Bowser), and you're pretty much unstoppable. :)

    Until you get hit by a red shell, anyway.
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  • Capcom to bring SSFIV to Eurogamer reader's house

  • Kay 22/03/2010

    David Cage, eh? Is that Johnny Cage's brother? Reply +4
  • Hanabi Festival returns to Virtual Console

  • Kay 10/03/2010

    Rondo of Blood! I still haven't picked up the PSP re-release, but if the VC version's due out this soon then I might not bother. I'm guessing it'll be a straight port of the Japanese version though, with none of the English voice-overs from the PSP version. Reply 0
  • Metroid: Other M

  • Kay 26/02/2010

    I'm not a fan of the whole story element at all, especially if the dialogue and voice-acting is as bad as most previews say it is. Also, romantic interest for Samus? Blergh.

    That's a shame, really, as the game itself sounds really good. Nintendo reinventing one of their franchises yet again - let's hope the same is planned for the next Zelda.
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  • Half-Minute Hero no longer out today

  • Kay 12/02/2010

    @Toothball - it's definitely coming out on PSN (it was out in the US store at the same time as the UMD release), just a question of when. Reply 0
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

  • Kay 11/02/2010

    I don't want to read the review, but this seems to have turned out like I expected - a better 'game' overall, but one that's lost a bit of its predecessor's charm as a result. But that's fine by me.

    Now, time to see if there are any decent pre-order prices around.
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  • No More Heroes 2 dated for April

  • Kay 11/02/2010

    So, two of my most anticipated games of the year - this and Red Dead Redemption - coming out on what looks to be the exact same date... damn. Reply +1
  • Half-Minute Hero

  • Kay 10/12/2009

    I really enjoyed the demo of this. Looking forward to the EU release. Reply 0
  • Mario Galaxy 2 to get Super Guide?

  • Kay 17/11/2009

    beckyh - or you could just skip that level and move on to another one? You don't need to collect every Star in order to finish the game, you know.

    And this is why I think Super Guide won't work as well in a non-linear game like Mario Galaxy. In something like NSMB, fair enough as the difficulty can stop you progressing to another world (which can be frustrating when you take the multiplayer aspect into account), but in SMG, where there's always another challenge to move on to... it's really not necessary.
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  • The Super Mario Bros. Story

  • Kay 15/11/2009

    Actually, Yoshi's Island did have Koopa Troopers. Still... lovely article. :) Reply +4
  • Okamiden

  • Kay 23/10/2009

    Looks great, even if it does turn out to be just Okami 1.5. The whole 'partner-swapping' mechanic should lead to some interesting puzzles.

    The original has one of the greatest soundtracks ever made, so wonder how the music will fare on the DS...
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  • World of Goo announced for iPhone

  • Kay 13/10/2009

    After playing Tiki Towers I was wondering why World of Goo wasn't already on the iPhone. Still haven't picked the game up for any other platform so this is good news. Reply +2
  • Rumour: PSP2 Features Quad Core Graphics Chip

  • Kay 07/07/2009

    It's a bit worrying seeing all these rumours before the PSP Go has even been released. Considering how expensive the new model will be, anything earlier than a 2011 release for its successor would piss many PSP Go owners off, I would imagine. Reply +1
  • Wii emulator runs Mario Galaxy in 720p

  • Kay 06/07/2009

    Insanely high (1080p+) resolutions would make most Wii games look a little... clinical and empty, but 720p for something like Mario Galaxy would be great - if only because 480p without AA isn't ideal on an HDTV. Not sure about going to all the hassle of installing the emulator, finding the ISO images and configuring the Wii controller just to play it that way, mind.

    Btw, youtube videos are encoded at max. 30fps, hence the slow video. Here's a download link to a high quality 4:3 video (84MB) of the emulator running it, for anyone that's interested:

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  • Space Invaders Extreme

  • Kay 08/05/2009


    How is it crap compared to the handheld version? Genuine question, as I haven't played the PSP version but I love the XBLA game.

    Unlike SIE, E4 on XBLA is not a straight port of the handheld version, but a different game loosely based on the same mechanics - taking away a lot of what (imo) made the PSP version good. EG review here summed it nicely.
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  • Kay 08/05/2009

    E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme) is crap, at least compared to the original handheld release. More proof that adding 'Extreme' to the title will make it worse... except with Space Invaders Extreme, of course. Reply 0
  • Kay 08/05/2009

    I'm surprised at the '800 points a bit steep for this' comment. SIE is just as good as, if not better, than Geometry Wars 2, and this version is cheaper than on the handhelds - plus with extra content. Great for anyone who hasn't played SIE yet, but I still prefer it on the PSP for some reason. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • Kay 12/04/2009


    I don't care about Link, and the other characters never interested me much either. The combat is lousy. There is no reward - more rupees? For doing all of that? There's nothing to buy anyway. I chop down all the grass, I get more rupees. Meh. Ooo look, it's a baddie with an obvious weak spot.

    MM is probably the only Zelda that isn't like this. There's a lot more to the game than rupees and pieces of hearts... there's a whole bunch of different masks to collect for one thing, and nearly every single one is tied to its own side quest. All of which are brilliant, btw.

    The 10/10 score was a bit surprising, I have to say, but fully deserved. There will always be people who don't get MM, to me it ranks alongside OoT as one of the greatest games ever.
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  • PSP-3000

  • Kay 07/10/2008

    Screen sounds nice, but there's no mention of the (apparently improved) refresh rate. Is it noticeably better than on the old PSPs?

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  • WiiWare Roundup

  • Kay 16/09/2008

    Heh - "baby needs more power-ups". :)

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  • Kay 16/09/2008

    What about the all-important controls, ball physics etc. Are they spot-on? And the thrusting sounds a little suspect, but I guess that just needs a little practice. And I'm assuming it's Wii remote only too, no need for the nunchuck.

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  • Kay 16/09/2008

    Dan, what exactly do you mean by 'rough edges' in Midnight Pool? Because I'm thinking of getting it, and I don't know if you just meant the cheesy presentation. I've got Pool Paradise on the GC, that was also cheesy but with a cracking pool game underneath. :)

    Haven't played Bomberman for years, and I'm liking the sound of online on this one. If it works as smoothly as, say, Mario Kart Wii then it'll definitely be worth getting.

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  • Nintendo dismisses rumours of new DS

  • Kay 27/08/2008

    Two touch screens... would be nice for some games, I guess, but it would make future games incompatible with older DS models.

    That's because it would essentially be the DS 2, not a revision of the existing console.

    The DS has been out for nearly four years now, it wouldn't be surprising to see Nintendo unveil, and possibly release, its successor sometime in 2009. Two touch screens would seem like the next logical step I guess (along with better graphical capabilities), but I'm not sure if that alone would be enough of an upgrade.

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  • Tweaked PSP due out in October

  • Kay 20/08/2008

    Indeed, screen ghosting is the biggest issue I have with the PSP. Something a bit brighter wouldn't go amiss either.

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  • Sony GC Conference on Wednesday

  • Kay 19/08/2008

    What about the new PSP revision? Any chance of that being officially unveiled?

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  • MadWorld

  • Kay 01/08/2008

    Ultra-violent gameplay? Rap music? Wrestling-style commentary? Then there's the BBC comment... not surprising that people are worried this might be a trashy, gimmicky title aimed squarely at the juvenile end of the market.

    It's a good job the trailer is awesome, then, and certainly not indicative of a game that takes itself seriously (unlike some games). Not to mention it's by the same team who made Okami and God Hand...

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  • Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse - First exposure

  • Kay 17/07/2008

    I really wish they'd keep the Japanese voices when it's localized to here, makes it even more outlandish for us.


    The English dialogue would have to be done really, really well for it not to ruin the atmosphere. Although I'm not sure how the first three games fared in that respect.

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