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  • Doom's six multiplayer modes revealed

  • Katsumoto 24/03/2016

    It is a bit surprising to see no straightforward DM. It's what MO Doom was all about back in the day. Maybe it will get patched/modded in later. Reply 0
  • Get a glimpse of Doom's nine multiplayer maps

  • Katsumoto 17/03/2016

    So excited about this I'm compelled to leave a comment saying so for the first time in literally years. 2016 is shaping up to be pretty special. The video has an immediate Quake3 vibe to it. I don't even play multiplayer games anymore (too old and creaky) but this could tempt me back for a few sessions. Reply +2
  • Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings dated for Xbox One and PC

  • Katsumoto 29/07/2015

    @null local MP for 4 players apparently - really looking forward to picking this one up. Reply 0
  • A closer look at the new Deus Ex

  • Katsumoto 17/06/2015

    This looks very similar to the last one - so i'm in! Just get rid of the boss battles etc and what could go wrong. #cantwait #omg #blimeyguv Reply +2
  • App of the Day: Forbidden Island

  • Katsumoto 10/06/2012

    Aww, someone corrected the article. No fun! Reply +1
  • Demon's Souls goes offline on 31st May

  • Katsumoto 14/04/2012

    Cheers for the responses guys, think I shall definitely pick up Demons ASAP. Reply 0
  • Katsumoto 11/04/2012

    I was just thinking about finally getting round to buying this the other day! Shall I skip straight to Dark Souls, or will this still be worth getting through first? Reply +4
  • Microsoft Flight Review

  • Katsumoto 09/03/2012

    @UncleLou haven't played it, but Tim Stone just gave it 88% in PCG. Hi, btw! Haven't been on here for yonks. Reply 0
  • Katsumoto 08/03/2012

    Lack of ATC is sorely disappointing. Reply +4
  • Valve announces Steam smartphone app

  • Katsumoto 26/01/2012

    It think the point is that you have to download the app and log in so as to register your interest for an eventual place on the beta.

    This app is very appealing to me just for the chat: I'm not on my pc anywhere near as much as my iPad these days so I'm often missing out on the rare moments when a few of us are online at the same time and available for a quick game of Left 4 Dead or whatever.
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  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • Katsumoto 07/11/2011

    Foo was someone I used to love sparring with on the F1 thread back when I was a more regular forumite. Never felt this sad about the passing of someone I never met. Reply +4
  • Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

  • Katsumoto 11/07/2011

    bla bla bla sofa bla bla bla £300 every 6 months bla bla bla FHM tits tits tits. And so on. Reply 0
  • Katsumoto 11/07/2011

    bla bla bla sofa bla bla bla £300 every 6 months bla bla bla FHM tits tits tits. And so on. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 box has lady Shepard

  • Katsumoto 17/06/2011

    Jennifer Hale's voice acting is so massively beyond the male actor it is almost unbelievable. 80% of gamers are missing out drastically, it seems! Reply +6
  • Apple taunts E3 rivals in keynote

  • Katsumoto 06/06/2011

    I must say I really don't like the Apple approach to advertising/promotion, which always seems to be about pointing out shit the competition is. The whole "i'm a mac" thing being the obvious example.

    "350 miles south in San Francisco" - North, surely? Heh.
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  • Xbox.com gets a revamp

  • Katsumoto 20/10/2010

    Tried removing debit card: "This payment option cannot be removed at this time" - grr! ;) Think I will have to set aside a day of teeth-gnashing and ring them up. Reply 0
  • Katsumoto 19/10/2010

    You couldn't when I last tried it a month or two back! They did allow that for a while but then reverted back to you needing to call. It may have changed back again now... We can but hope!

    edit: Nope, just checked. it says "Automatic Renewal: ON" and there is no option to do anything to change it. Rarrr!
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  • Katsumoto 19/10/2010

    "Will they finally allow me to turn off automatic renewal?

    No? Silly me."

    Grr. This is one of the most annoying things about the xbox experience there is. I should not have to sit on hold for an hour just to cancel a pissing subscription! Utterly ridiculous, and utterly cynical.
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  • Metro 2033 Ranger DLC out now

  • Katsumoto 03/08/2010

    I thought this was utterly, utterly brilliant. The atmosphere was just SUPERB. SUPERB I tell you. Have to play it with Russian voice acting, natch. May use this as an excuse to revisit it. Reply +4
  • Metro 2033 sequel will be 3D

  • Katsumoto 29/06/2010

    Don't really understand some of the criticism. My PC is from 2007 and ran this brilliantly on high. Also, the game really must be played with Russian voice acting, available at the flick of a switch in options. It drenches the game in atmosphere.

    Absolutely loved it.
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • Katsumoto 18/05/2010

    Despairing for humanity, again. Reply +1
  • Alan Wake

  • Katsumoto 05/05/2010

    Wow, some really disgusting stuff seeping through here. You're excelling yourself, EG Commenters! Reply +17
  • First XCOM details make contact

  • Katsumoto 04/05/2010

    The latest PC Gamer has a big feature on this too (http://www.eurogamer.net/forum_thread_po... Who needs NeoGaf when you have our very own forums, eh. Reply +1
  • BioShock 2 creators to resurrect XCOM

  • Katsumoto 14/04/2010

    It's a shame my favourite genre seems to not even exist in the minds of devs anymore. I mean, this game may be good (just like Fallout 3 turned out to be good (although not my particular cup of tea)), but why does everything have to be first person nowadays?

    I don't buy the "modern gamers wouldn't get turn based gameplay" line. For a start, i'm sure a lot of modern gamers also gamed in the 90s, surely a lot of people would go out and buy a proper turn based tactical game? And isn't it just incredibly patronising to assume younger gamers only want FPSs? And at least Fallout 3 stuck to the "RPG" aspect, if not the isometric and turn based aspect. I can't see how an FPS X-Com could retain anything of the originals...

    Oh well. Maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised!
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  • Grasshopper's Suda 51

  • Katsumoto 17/03/2010

    As always with Ellie, awesome stuff. Need more Ellie! Reply 0
  • Metro 2033

  • Katsumoto 16/03/2010

    "2 author: You shouldn't get paid for this article, because you don't know what are you talking about."

    It's true. For every factual error contained in an article I recommend EG docks 100% of the pay of the journo responsible.
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  • Eurogamer Expo 2010 announced!

  • Katsumoto 03/03/2010

    Wahey, he made a Birmingham joke! Very well done!


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  • Katsumoto 03/03/2010

    Bah. London ruins everything. I'd have thought an event in the middle of the country would be best if only one was possible. Oh well. Reply +14
  • PC version of Alan Wake officially binned

  • Katsumoto 12/02/2010

    "Don't try and make out you can just spend 500 qid and then you're set for a few years. Cos that's bullshit."

    I suppose my PC must be magic then. Here's an example of an overpriced PC http://www.dinopc.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.as... that is under £500 and is specced well enough to deal with anything out there way better than a 360. I just found that immediately on google, there are much better value and better specced systems.

    Anyway, i'm not arguing that a console or a pc is better. They're both good, and I own both a gaming pc and two consoles. I just wish people wouldn't automatically jump on the "ooo you have to spend thousands of pounds and upgrade every year" thing.
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  • Katsumoto 12/02/2010

    Oh for god's sake, you can get a DX11 PC that massively outpowers all the current consoles for c.£400. I know that isn't the point, as Kangarotoo pointed out, I just feel the need to remind all these idiots whose sole argument against PC gaming seems to be this notion you have to spend 1000s of pounds. The PC I got in 2007 and havent touched the insides of since still runs everything I have tried pretty much flawlessly. And it cost more like £500 than £1000. Christ alive. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup

  • Katsumoto 02/02/2010

    I thought the crash site was brilliant myself - really haunting and did what it set out to do nicely. The soundtrack at that point is perfect - shame it isn't included on the OST. Reply +3
  • No dedicated servers for BioShock 2

  • Katsumoto 28/01/2010

    Gutting. No Hamachi then. At least there's the option for private games, but I do wonder if devs enjoy all this negative publicity they know theyll get by making such a decision. All publicity is... etc. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2009

  • Katsumoto 31/12/2009

    @chukcyQ I presume you want the readers to stop taking bribes as well, judging by this Reply +13
  • Can Consoles Run Crysis?

  • Katsumoto 06/12/2009

    "Care ?"

    Well it totally undermines your point, so i'd have thought you would think it quite relevant.
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  • Katsumoto 06/12/2009

    No matter what you tell some people, they're convinced that all gaming pcs cost £1000 and go out of date within a year.

    My PC cost £700 quid 2.5 years ago and still runs everything perfectly well. It would have been cheaper if put together myself.

    PC Format this month has an article on building a DX11 pc for under £400.

    But no, if you say something enough times it must be true, so I guess i'll need to go out and spend £1000 upgrading my pc now!

    Similarly, the only elitism or snobbery i've detected in this thread has come from the obvious above named...

    So btw, I own both a HDTV & PS3 -and- a gaming pc. And no, i'm not a corporate lawyer. I "save up". How do I register on your scale? I can't be both a sad elitist nerd and also in tune with the "next-gen" can I?

    Anyway, now is the point where you call me a SAD NERD. I dare you to not use the words "nerd", "elitist", "snobbery" or put any words in capital letters in your next post.
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  • F1 2009 positioned on November grid

  • Katsumoto 02/10/2009

    @Flying_Pig - brilliant stuff!

    I bet codies were really racing against the Glock to get this out before Christmas.

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  • Modder flying Valve boss to Australia

  • Katsumoto 02/10/2009

    Good stuff!

    Anyone who hasn't yet should check out some of the mod community's efforts on L4D. Dead City, for instance, could almost have been made by Valve it's so professionally done. Not quite, though ;)
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  • Blizzard in Diablo III console talks

  • Katsumoto 25/08/2009

    On a separate note, I wish they'd save announcing these games until, say, a month or two before they were ready! These "half a decade" waits are pretty unbearable. Reply 0
  • Katsumoto 24/08/2009

    "Would probably work better on console anyway. "

    ! How do you work that one out? Unless of course they implemented mouse/keyboard support (which I think UT3 is the only game to do on PS3? Only one i'm aware of) in case I suppose it would be identical. Why more games don't support that I really don't know.
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  • Wolfenstein

  • Katsumoto 21/08/2009

    This is indeed disappointing, but I suppose I was being unduly optimistic in hoping for anything better. I loved RTCW, but looks like Raven are taking steps from being "the guys who make slightly worse games than iD" to "the guys who make mediocre games". Gall.

    ("2001 Xbox outing, Return to Castle Wolfenstein" - as Darren points out, the 2001 game was PC only. It was ported to Xbox AND playstation 2 in 2003. Ahh, the good old days!)
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  • Microsoft gamescom conference

  • Katsumoto 19/08/2009

    Is someone just negatively rating every single comment regardless of content? I mean all Siro did was point out that the guy doing the slides can't spell! Reply +1
  • Tech Comparison: Resident Evil 5 PC

  • Katsumoto 18/08/2009

    "...to the posters who sais you can buy a pc for $400 ready built that beats the consoles,rubbish"

    But he actually linked you one?
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  • Katsumoto 18/08/2009


    Wow, a games library argument. That's a new one! The PC has a games library stretching back almost two decades. I don't think the ps3 is really going to outmatch it in that department. Luckily I own both a PC and a playstation, so no worries there for me. Hurrah!
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  • Katsumoto 17/08/2009

    Your 400 quid pc has ps2 graphics? Did you by any chance buy it in 2004... From pc world? My pc from 2007, now worth well under 500 quid, can run the resident evil 5 benchmark at over 60 fps without straining and at high detail. The thought of spending 900 quid on a pc is a bit ridiculous unless you want the absolute cutting edge. Reply +4
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • Katsumoto 11/08/2009

    All this "pc gamers are elitist" stuff is getting a bit old now. Seems to me that the majority of times pc gaming gets mentioned on EG is when people want to make condescending comments about how console gaming is far superior. Who is elitist in this situation?

    edit: very well Glaeken, I suppose you're right. It's not like he didn't back it up with some context though.
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  • Batman: Arkham Asylum - PS3/Xbox 360 Demo Showdown

  • Katsumoto 09/08/2009

    You can always just plug the 360 pad into your PC, it will work off the bat. Reply +3
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • Katsumoto 07/08/2009


    He's done over 50 articles here, plus he's one of the editors of RPS and a long-time writer for PCG, EDGE etc.. So now you know :)
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  • New Battle.net "similar to Xbox Live"

  • Katsumoto 06/08/2009

    Wasn't Steam out before the 360 was even released? Anyway, all this talk of "you can talk to friends across different games!" talk is quite perplexing. Surely we can already do that, and have been doing so for years? Steam enables you to chat to your friends no matter what game you're in, and the same goes for X-Fire which has been around even longer.

    edit: uh, as BuckoA51 has already said!:)
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