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  • Darkstalkers Resurrection for PS3 and Xbox 360 next year

  • Kantaroumiya 12/10/2012

    I can see why Capcom wants to do this. A) Profit from old games with a re-release to B) See if there is a big enough interested audience and if so C) Then consider Darkstalkers 4.
    Why do I say this? Because Capcom clearly stated they only focus on products that make money. And this is pretty much fool proof.
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  • Console Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss DLC out on 24th October

  • Kantaroumiya 20/09/2012

    @Golgo Rescue Dusk, talk to Dusk, get the Lord Vessel, place it to open the gates, find the blue crystal golem in the Duke's Archives after the first elevator (you cannot miss it), get the item from it, go back where you did free Dusk from the golem, at the back of the lake. There is your entrance. Yeah, it works on existing characters. Reply +1
  • Sony's TGS 2012 press conference

  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    Just wait for next year, when they announce the Vita being their Wii U controller. Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    I wonder if God Eater 2 is coming with a Japan only collectible God Eating Cook Book. Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    Your eyes aren't ready yet, that's why. Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    No Sonic Singstar Adventures with touch controls for the PSV? Awww... Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    I'd be nice if they would reconsider to take "Copy Saves" out of PSN+. Such a dumb idea to begin with. Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    I'm honestly only interested to hear from the new PS3 Slim. Reply 0
  • Sony shocks world and announces PS3 super duper Slim

  • Kantaroumiya 19/09/2012

    The question now is: Is this model now actually quiet? Let's wait for the reviews. Reply -14
  • Wii U launches in Europe on November 30th

  • Kantaroumiya 13/09/2012

    @GingerNathan I agree, when Nintendo remains the publisher of it. Nonetheless, from an economical standpoint they gonna lose a good 2 million sales by doing so. (Bayonetta 1 sold around 2 mio worldwide) Without taking into consideration how many copies they gonna sell on the Wii U. Reply 0
  • Kantaroumiya 13/09/2012

    Be careful with "exclusive" these days. It's often used as temporary exclusive and I hardly believe they won't go to other platforms with Bayonetta 2. So don't fret over it too much. Reply +5
  • Capcom wants less time between sequels, so is shortening development

  • Kantaroumiya 05/09/2012

    To quote a certain game: "Capitalism, ho!" Reply +7
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

  • Kantaroumiya 17/08/2012

    This gives me an Odin Sphere vibe, which is a good thing. Now, when do we get that one for PC? Please ^^ Reply -1
  • Dead Space 3 gained co-op because gamers didn't fancy facing scares alone

  • Kantaroumiya 21/07/2012

    So much fuss about a "Feature" that you don't have to use if you dislike it. Play the game first, when it's released and then judge if it lost its appeal. (horror) Then you can write your thoughts. Reply -1
  • Nintendo's Iwata: "we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce"

  • Kantaroumiya 21/07/2012

    Looking just at Nintendo consoles, then I say yes it is an improvement if you can give us stable 30/60 FPS with AA in your games. Sure, I did rant on your hardware decision at some point as well. I would ignore it if you actually could hold true to your words.

    You learned from the 3DS launch? You offer more games at the start, that's true but how many of them are really useful? Not many to none (depending on your taste). So, for the first time I won't buy a Nintendo console at its launch or probably not at all. The only point where I might think about it is if you offer enough interesting games to make a purchase worthwile.

    I feel bad to say this, but Nintendo disappoints me for the first time. I wish them a success nonetheless.
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  • "It's been a poor, poor five years for fiction in the video game industry"

  • Kantaroumiya 19/07/2012

    The Crossing had a brilliant idea when they first showed a teaser of it. Then it was put aside, which is sad. Then Brink came out and I mistook it for The Crossing, but it was a disappointment and luckily, it wasn't it. I still hope they will bring it back to life at some point. Hopefully, the time passed, didn't kill it now completely. :/ Reply 0
  • 18-year-old dies after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight

  • Kantaroumiya 18/07/2012

    Let's do it the easy way and a lot of dumb people will blame a game for the death of person. The article didn't do that, but I see enough thinking that way. Because it's not the responsibility of the parents of minors or the usual common sense a normal person should have by taking a break, drink water and eat. I already see the bs articles popping up in news sites/newspapers/magazines. Reply 0
  • "Exclusive" Battlefield 4 beta will not be exclusive to Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Kantaroumiya 18/07/2012

    I like how the industry uses "Exclusive" so frivolously lately. Reminds me of the exclusive games, which then turn up on other systems 6-12 months later. Reply 0
  • The entire E3 Metro: Last Light demo on video

  • Kantaroumiya 17/07/2012

    I did like the first game and like just watching this video makes you feel uneasy all the time. And suddenly it came to my mind, this uneasy feeling is what we miss in the RE games lately. All the thumbs up for 4A Games and THQ. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 6 ESRB rating details nude "human-spider" boss lady

  • Kantaroumiya 17/07/2012

    Ah, the whole America fears nudity & sex VS EU fears violence and gore.
    Wasn't it an unwritten rule if you hide the nipples of breasts then it's totally A-OK to expose the rest and it's not nudity anymore? /monotone clapping to those who make up those rules
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  • BioWare Mythic: "the key" to next-gen console success will be migrating community

  • Kantaroumiya 11/07/2012

    That means Nintendo is out, because they never had an online community to begin with. But hey, Friend Codes+. Reply +2
  • Documents appear to show PS3 Super Slim

  • Kantaroumiya 05/07/2012

    If they do this, I hope they put some ideas behind their cooling system to make it less noisy. Cause the PS3 Slim is far from silent, sadly.
    I own the PS3 Slim and in comparison to the Wii and the latest 360 it's the loudest console. It's a fair critic to say.
    And I just saw that for $3 you can turn it almost silent, but you lose your warranty. Why would Sony not do that themselves to begin with?
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  • Dead Space 3 Preview: Hell Freezes Over

  • Kantaroumiya 20/06/2012

    Thank you Visceral for seperating the experience between single player and co-op. I actually suspected something like that. You have to give them a fair plus point for this, most other devs wouldn't even bother to change content. And you are given the choice, so no point in complaining.
    Despite I dislike EA, this is the only game I can make an exception to buy.
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  • Okami HD coming to PlayStation 3 this Autumn

  • Kantaroumiya 20/06/2012

    The only fear I have, as for every HD remake, that they could mess up the FPS. I hope they will bring a stable 60 FPS version. Want more money? Include the complete OST and call it "Okami HD: Issun Edition". ^^ Shut up and take my money! Reply +1
  • Carmack: next-gen visuals "will be what we already have, but a lot better"

  • Kantaroumiya 20/06/2012

    He's absolutely right. We won't see much of a visual difference with the upcoming gen. But that's alright. They should focus, from a performance standpoint, to run games at 720p@60FPS or even better 1080p@60FPS all the time with occassionally drops around 50FPS. Next would be to remove aliasing if it's there. You either crank up the resolution or activate AA. If they can get this right, then move on to actually another visual step.
    And yes, even today retro and/or indie games have a high tendency to be more fun. But of course I do enjoy a visual firework as well.
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  • Eurogamer.net Podcast #116: Wii U hands-on impressions

  • Kantaroumiya 19/06/2012

    I agree with the guys. I do wish that Nintendo will do it well, but all I've seen, heard and experienced so far about the Wii U frustrates me as well.
    I had so far every Nintendo console, but for the first time, I won't buy the new one. It "might" happen at mid to end of its life cycle, when really a few awesome games will be released, but otherwise nothing could convince me to want this console. It just feels like a minor hardware upgrade that even lacks some fundemental things.
    The line up were +25 titles (which we now know will be released over a 4 month timeframe after the release of the console) and exclusive ones had no bite at all. Pikmin isn't my thing either. I also don't understand why anyone would buy games which are good +1 year old on an inferior system, for probably a full game price.
    Why was Nintendo saying they did want to avoid the disaster of the 3DS by giving us a great line up for the Wii U and then scrap it?! I also cannot feel any joy from NSMB Wii U, cause this series has some awkward physics. Which I don't get, cause Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 and old Super Mario World had real good physics. I assume it's a different team and by my view they do not a good job at it.
    All the best to Nintendo, especially Shigeru Miyamoto and hopefully they will deliver later some great titles so people like me want to buy their console in the end. Otherwise I hope they survive the next 6 years and come back with a real, new, innovative and better console.
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  • Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

  • Kantaroumiya 14/06/2012

    It's true there won't be a big step in visual quality for next gen or just the upcoming years. But something consoles can work on is to provide native support for 1080p with stable 60 FPS and if necessary anti-aliasing. Those are still weak points of any current console.

    Why are people simply assuming that the new generation will be released in the next couple of years?
    Because current gen consoles struggle to keep up with times. Developers have to trick since years already to hold stable FPS while rising the quality. Examples are bigger weapons, more up-close cams, bigger UIs to render less on screen etc.
    Besides there is competition that can put pressure up with a better new console.

    Then there's the huge costs associated with developing new titles to be truly next gen and the fact that the current Xbox/PS3 hardware has such a high install base, that I can't see developers leaving these machines any time soon.
    Transition phase of every new console. No one says the current gen will die out in a year. See the PS2. It's clear there will be still a good amount of games developed for this gen even when the new ones come out. How fast people jump from the old to the new all depends on how many devs will provide platform sellers. You can be assured that the big three pay devs support money so they jump over as early as possible.
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  • Kantaroumiya 14/06/2012

    1) The Statements - Let's look at it
    Fun > Power
    I agree with him. A game should be fun, amazing graphics are secondary (if not lower) in this case. I still enjoy SNES games and see no bad graphics. There is nonetheless a problem with this, which I will comment on in section 2)
    Our competitors can say what they want about some super long cycle, but let's see what their behaviours are.
    And what exactly does this statement tell us about a lack of hardware? There are no super long cycles (which would be good 8-10 active years before a new console). Consoles, despite if layed out (mostly) for 10 years or not, will change to a new console after approximately 6 years. (on average; Nintendo: 5 years, Sony: 6 years, M$: 6 years)
    Behaviours? Aside from introducing similar stuff from competitors to lure new customers in and trying to appeal more to casual gamers for even more revenue, that is mostly the same what Nintendo does. Also selling us old titles everyone already has played and finished for probably a full price seems not useful. Shall I call them out for that behaviour?
    Thirdly, the way development works is that the longer developers work with a system, the better they can tune performance.
    That is true, but for all systems. Nintendo tries here to cover the fact, that people ask the original question, cause they see not enough amazing graphics. True, the titles mostly had not enough time yet to fully optimize for their new console, but you will see in section 2) why this statement is useless to begin with. Despite that, everyone says this at the start of a new console to calm down the raging mob.

    TL;DR: The statements are mostly without a solid basis. See below why.

    2) The true problem lies here

    People point their fingers at Nintendo and blame them for a lack of true competition against Sony & M$. But is that real culprit here?
    I say, it's a little bit truth there (also Nintendo tends to avoid possible risks of any kind which is not always wrong), but mostly we should turn our heads to the gaming industry as a whole, how it evolved and more importantly, to publishers.
    A short look back to the past. What can you see as a major difference between today and +20 years ago? Noticed it?
    In the past consoles had a lot of 3rd party titles which were exclusive to one system. But times change and so does the gaming industry. We evolved into multiplatform. Absolute one console only exclusive titles today are rare compared to earlier. Mostly they tend to be exclusive for a certain time frame or they go multiplatform right away. The reason is obvious; reach more people, generate more revenue. Responsible for this is mainly a publisher, who wants as much as possible revenue from a title.
    For us gamers this is good, because we're not bound to buy all consoles to enjoy most titles. But with variety comes also the desire for quality and here lies the problem.
    Just ask yourself "I really want this game. I can buy it on 4 platforms. I own two of those four. Which is the one I want?" The most chosen and obvious answer is the most powerful one, for maximum quality time, because you already have that platform at home, no additional costs required.
    That is the major problem Nintendo seems not to want to accept. Their statements can be true and valid, but then they need to start and go with the times. They surely have great 1st party exclusive titles, but if they cannot offer exclusive 3rd party titles bound to their system only, then they have to live with it that we gonna cry at them that they fail to invest into more future proof hardware.
    Again, the gaming industry and the publishers are mostly to blame that the true competition fades thinner and thinner. Nintendo plays it always safe, tends to surprise often and has its niche, but they need to change a few things in the future if they don't want to slowly disappear.

    TL;DR: Publishers and the evolved gaming industries create less true exclusives. They offer a bigger choice to us, therefore we pick the most powerful system available to us to play on.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 on PS4? "We must first fulfil that promise" of PS3

  • Kantaroumiya 13/06/2012

    Considering that SE (with FF11) were 2 years before WoW and now have 10 years of experience in the MMO genre; FF14 released two years ago (8 years of experience by then), I can still only wonder why they wrecked their own title so much.
    I honestly wish SE the best with this restart of their current MMO, but like we saw, shiny graphics and great customization (and story?) won't save a game if the game mechanics themselves are broken.
    One point at least we have to grant SE, they're one of the few Japanese developers that actually consider the PC as a gaming platform and put effort into programming for it.
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  • From Software "having a tough time" porting Dark Souls to PC, frame rate issues remain

  • Kantaroumiya 07/06/2012

    It would be nice if Japan would wake up and see that there is more than just Consoles and Arcades. You're not anymore the king of making games on this planet, Japan. And believe me, doing a simple port of a game people actually asked you to port to PC will do no good.
    It will sell poorly, From Software/Namco Bandai will be pissed off, saying PC gamers are ungrateful and will not consider to do it again in the future. Ignoring the fact that THEY screwed it up.

    If you wanna port a game from one system to another, put effort into it and make it work on that new system as good as possible. The gamers will thank you and happily buy it and recommend it to others. (read: win-win situation) How many times have we seen bad ports made and then the devs/publishers point their fingers at us gamers instead to themselves being lazy. We're the mass that buys their games, but that doesn't mean we're brainless zombies.

    I own Dark Souls and I did help to push it through to get a port to PC for obvious reasons. If they keep this up then I will wait until they patch the PC version to a playable and acceptable state.
    I still say they should move the release date and do it properly. I rather wait and get a good product than some poor port. I'll cross my fingers for you From Software.
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