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  • Nintendo postpones plans for sleep sensor launch

  • Kami 09/02/2016

    @vert1go; Then it promotes another Nintendo game for you to buy and the cycle starts anew.

    Man, that'd be an abusive relationship...

    edit; Or it could "speak" that message in the voice of Bayonetta. Actually I'd probably buy that...
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  • Kami 09/02/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77; Jeez, if I get four hours of unbroken sleep a day now I'm high-fiving the dark bestial were-hallucination that lives in my wardrobe!

    Basically, there's not much a sleep sensor can tell me about my issues with sleep that I don't already know about and am already being medicated for. I don't know how far this RedMed deal would have stretched (and chances are it wouldn't extend beyond the USA), but I wonder just how well it would have collated data, and whether the advice would have been practical or not.

    People willing to spend actual money on a psuedo-medical device like this are usually the ones with an actual problem that they should already be seeing a doctor for anyway...
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  • Kami 09/02/2016

    I'm not surprised this got shelved. It kind of harks back to their success with the Wii and Wii Fit, where Lifestyle Gaming was a big thing and made the company crap-tons of cold, hard cash. It was kind of a fad, we've moved on and that market shows little to no signs of coming back even IF Nintendo could nail such a device. Nintendo rode that wave and maybe it's time to accept there may never be another wave like it, tied to a console or not.

    Goodnight, Sleep Sensor. And hello NX! Can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store... but then, I always like the build-up to new hardware reveals. "A Wild Speculation Appears..."
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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • Kami 08/02/2016

    @GuuR - I think the reason that Wii U is getting them all now is that there is a suggestion that the NX firmware will be built on the Wii U firmware - therefore it'll be much easier to re-release or convert prior VC releases from the Wii U to NX than it would be from 3DS to NX.

    Which kind of makes sense. Having to completely re-do VC releases because of wildly different firmware was a dumb idea and I'd be happy if Nintendo is making the process a damn slight easier on themselves.
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  • Feast your eyes on these glorious new Dark Souls 3 screenshots

  • Kami 28/01/2016

    Mmm... nice. Gonna warm up for Dark Souls 3 by doing a No Bonfire/No Death trip through Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin! Reply +4
  • It's time for Destiny to show its hand

  • Kami 25/01/2016

    Caption - "have led". No need for the "a".

    Sorry, I keep doing this to you guys... I'm trying not to be such a stickler, but it's more difficult than I imagined...

    edit; Thanks for the negs, whoever you are. Such spellings ARE important; "He LED them to a LEAD quarry, before proclaiming, 'They will LEAD you to your doom!'"
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  • New Paper Mario game coming to Wii U - report

  • Kami 23/01/2016

    @man.the.king - You guys crease me up. Reply +4
  • Warner accused of abandoning Mortal Kombat X PC players

  • Kami 21/01/2016

    WB Interactive, the Golden Turd Award for Worst Company In America isn't a title you want to win. No matter what the likes of EA might tell you! Reply +10
  • Splatoon's final new map rolls out tomorrow

  • Kami 21/01/2016

    Splatoon has been a really surprise hit; and it is thoroughly deserved too. I echo the sentiment that Nintendo would be crazy not to have an NX sequel lined up already.

    I also personally think this is a game Nintendo needs to start somewhat aggressively pushing into the eSports sphere. It's a blast to play, but it's also a blast to WATCH, and there are surprisingly few games out there which seem so perfectly tailor-made for the eSports sphere; skill matters, but each match feels FRESH and unpredictable. Might need some tweaking for this, but it would be time and effort well spent.

    It's been a blast, and I await the NX and a Splatoon sequel reveal with eager anticipation...
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  • Satoru Iwata to be honoured with posthumous DICE Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Kami 14/01/2016

    @WilhelmvonOrmstein; I will neg you - but not because you're a cock. Rather, because I believe that you are wrong.

    It is liking breaking into a funeral of someone you don't know (none of you actually knew this man), and then balling your eyes out. It's tasteless. But then, the vast vast majority of people are extremely simple, and never think about anything deeply.
    This is a bit of a false equivalence though, isn't it? Mr. Iwata was also a 'celebrity' and invited viewers and fans into his own little world with his work, his presentations and his sometimes extensive Q&A sessions. People got a feel for the man, his work ethic and his personality and now he is gone, and they feel sad. We were strangers to him; he was not a stranger to us though, and I don't think this would have escaped an intelligent man like Mr. Iwata. Whether he liked it or not, he had become a public figure and the figurehead for an entire company - thereby inheriting its fanbase, in a sort of Whovian-esque manner.

    It's likely just how and who we are as a species. We build bonds, sometimes even distant ones of admiration and respect - fleeting and misguided as they may sometimes be. We have much better tools these days than we used to have too, and as such are now afforded a much better vantage point to build such bonds, no matter how stage-managed it might be. Technology affords people today more immediate and sometimes more intimate "relationships" with these people - musicians, authors, actors, athletes, celebutantes (hell, even TV Shows and movies!) - and as such has allowed more people to build some sort of connection, even if it is only one-way - though with the way the world and social media is now, that's a hard thing to pull off.

    Also, what is a "stranger" anyway? Have you been to any funerals? I've been to a few; my grandparents and some friends now departed. And you know something? I saw strangers there to me - people I absolutely didn't know and probably will never meet again. Be they from a different friend circle, distant family, work colleagues you didn't know about... people can, amazingly, have these different aspects of their lives. It's not that we're strangers to each other, but that we're connected by this person who was important for some reason in our lives that brings us together, however briefly. And then we move on, usually away from each other again. Such is life; a long, protracted series of completely random encounters. And people complain about old-school JRPGs...

    But I'll tell you what seems weird to me; those who'll barge into a thread about awarding a posthumous award to a man who did have an impact and influence on his craft and industry, unzip their trousers and proceed to urinate all over the discussion and discourse. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Definitely don't do this at a funeral. Or wake. Or... well, in general, really. Do I really need to say that? I always assumed that was kind of a given...

    There's something that is just human about coming together in grief, even in the impersonal world of t'Internet. And like always, we connect briefly and then move on. It's just nice to have these moments. Why think deeply about them? Just take them as they come and for what they are. Sheesh, do we need to over-think EVERYTHING?

    But hey, you do you. Just, you know, I think you're wrong.
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  • Kami 13/01/2016

    @Der_tolle_Emil; You'll probably need to Google Translate but try this from Japanese site 4Gamer (from some who worked with him).

    Mr. Iwata sounds like a machine...
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  • Kami 13/01/2016

    @Mr.Spo - I remember The Pokémon Company were astounded by Iwata. Firstly, Iwata optimised the code sufficiently for Gold and Silver that they could stick the original Kanto region in as well - something they thought was impossible.

    Then you had Pokémon Stadium, which was hitting some brick wall with the battle system. Iwata reverse-engineered the system and put it back together again, single-handedly, in a week, putting the project back on track again.

    Iwata was a coding genius - his abilities in industry circles are legendary, and this is why the INDUSTRY universally (well, almost) saluted his memory in his passing. We should all accept that whatever the Wii U's ailments now (and I believe time will be a lot kinder to the Wii U than we are now), Iwata was simply an irreplaceable talent and the industry is a poorer place with his passing.
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • Kami 23/12/2015

    @LittleRiver - Well, I agree with that assessment of course. But we said the same thing about the Kinect, and look what happened there. Sure, it ended in a ditch, but no denying its early years were pretty damned successful... Reply 0
  • Kami 23/12/2015

    @MattEvansC3 wrote;
    What's happened here is that history hasn't repeated itself and sales of Xbox360s and PS3s has dropped off quicker. There's no stand out reason for this and while both PS4 and XboxOne sales are stronger they are not that much stronger to cover the drop.
    I think the problem is that the majority of sales in Generation 7 happened in the twilight years of the generational lifespan.

    The Nintendo Wii hit 45 million units sold in the same time that the PS4 has been on the market - but we all know, really, that such an instance was a commercial fluke. Pinning your future business model on an anomalous result is very poor business strategy, after all. So let's skip over that one.

    By 2010 - four and a bit years or so on the market - the XBox 360 had 40 million units sold, and the PlayStation 3 had something like 35 million units sold. Now, that sounds terrible - but by the end of the generation three years later, both had hit around 80 million units.

    Why was that? Perhaps the costs had come down significantly enough to sell to a broader market. Perhaps the PS Move and Kinect fads had something to do with it. Really, I think Generation 7 is and will be a fascinating little study project in the future.

    Either way, I wonder if the industry - and GAME themselves - are expecting too much, too soon. As for the drop of interest in last-gen hardware, THAT is surprising to me. However, if the Kinect and PS Move (narf!) drove more mass-market sales, we'll have to wait and see if VR Tech will do the same for this generations twilight years.

    Having said that, that's a lot of hope and expectation riding side-saddle on VR.
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  • Keith Stuart on violence in crime fiction and video games

  • Kami 19/12/2015

    @Mooglepies - Personally, I'm not sure Ludonarrative Dissonance is a problem; I think it's a narrative device, and like any device - it can be used to great effect. But it can also be used really badly, and therein lies the distinction.

    BioShock, for example, is a game that I found was built on its LND (abbreviating, sorry). The crux of the plot twist half-way through was founded on this very concept, and conceit. Sure, I know lots of people found it jarring - I did too. But ultimately in a narrative about free will, choice and conflict - oh by the way, a whole article about violence in a fictional sense and not ONE mention of "conflict"? SERIOUSLY?! - I found its use justified, and I enjoyed the break in tone.

    Similarly, Gears of War did the same thing - here, however, I found myself on the other side of the fence. The more sympathetic I found the Locust, the more I found myself questioning why the story wasn't doing more for them. However, as much as I hate the game - and yes, I HATE Gears of War - it did give context to the conflict, even if the gameplay ultimately wasn't impacted by it. It was my decision ultimately how I digested that information, after all, and it left a nasty taste in my mouth. Perhaps chewing before swallowing was a mistake...

    Then you have those really left-field examples that just about fit the device. Silent Hill 3 left a lasting impression on me, and it did so through one single line of dialogue from Vincent. It changed how you looked at the game and ultimately, how you looked at the main character. I have always marvelled at how Team Silent pulled that off - it really puts the horror component into perspective, and makes the player feel uncomfortable - I sure did. But I appreciate that Silent Hill 3 divides opinion too.

    And Haunting Ground - holy mother of mercy, that game still haunts me to this day. What we ultimately had to do to "best" Daniella felt... ludicrously excessive. And I've never, ever felt worse about an action in my gaming life than when the fight with her is concluded. You have no choice - but that doesn't mean you get to feel good about it, right?

    However, I appreciate all these games and others who dare to attempt what is an awkward narrative device at the best of times. We, as people who play video games, Gamers or otherwise, think video games should be 'more'; they can be, but not all video games achieve that. They run out of time, or money, or talent, or something, and they fail at key points. But some succeed - and they live on in you, whether you enjoyed it or not.

    In an ideal world, all video games would be brilliant and do everything brilliantly. But I don't have a hovercar, haven't won the lottery, not all games run at 1080/60 and I'm not dating Keira Knightley, so this isn't an ideal world. So you just have to hope that video games keep moving forward and keep trying.

    Rather than blame a whole medium for not getting narrative 100% right, I prefer to see it on a game-by-game basis. Broad strokes paint the fence faster - but it's just rude to paint over an individual because you're not paying attention.

    Whew. Sorry about that. As you were, people. As you were.
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  • Eurogamer says farewell to Dan Whitehead

  • Kami 18/12/2015

    Aww, take care Dan! Reply -1
  • Bayonetta is final Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U DLC character

  • Kami 17/12/2015

    This is my fondest SNES memory! God, that music takes 20+ years off me...
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  • Kami 16/12/2015

    @Calverz - I suspect you may be right about Snake... on the other hand, take a look at Konami right now. I don't think Konami is thinking straight at all, meaning Snake now was always a big ask...

    Bayonetta is cool though. And from what I was seeing on Twitch, social media and YouTube reactions, the ladies are just as - if not slightly more - stoked about this than the guys. And I dig that. Wasn't exactly a bombshell - Nintendo sort of part-owns Bayonetta now. If not now, then it was gonna happen in the next game. That felt kind of inevitable to me.

    With this all over... Sakurai has earned a rest. That is, of course, until Nintendo dump a lorry-load of cash on his doorstep for an NX version with an even bigger cast...

    Plok for NX!
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  • Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster release date set for January

  • Kami 09/12/2015

    @DasManiac - Well, technically both got Wii releases so are already playable on the Wii U (not in HD but... y'know).

    That said, I think if Nintendo get the NX Online thing up to speed sharpish - and the NX is as potent as initial talk suggests - then you'll see these games being sold there fairly quickly, along with no doubt plenty of other games rushing to capitalise on a new online ecosystem.

    That's business for you...
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  • Kami 09/12/2015

    @simpleexplodingmaybe; Yeah, those costumes are rather meh. Certainly nothing I would be upset at missing out on.

    It's not a bad way to whet the appetite for the Resident Evil 2 Remake (Though I confess, I preferred Resident Evil 3... soon, oh so soon...).
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  • Hyrule Warriors' Linkle was originally Link's sister

  • Kami 09/12/2015

    @Frosty840; Not surprisingly, I have. And I'm pretty sure I have a couple of his books knocking about here somewhere.

    (I recall being a little bummed the old Eternal Champions fighting game wasn't based on his work...)

    There's nothing new under the sun, after all. Variations on well-worn themes.


    And I still want Zelda Souls.
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  • Kami 09/12/2015

    @Frosty840; The plotline is that the destined Hero of Time was expected to come save Hyrule, but for whatever reason, his soul wasn't reborn. Which meant Hyrule was on the brink of destruction, and the Goddesses had to intervene - which they did.

    ... by flooding the world. Genius!

    This means that the timeline for the Zelda series is open to interference or is not consistent. It means that the Hero of Time may not (and clearly in the games, hasn't) turned up when expected and/or needed. Or that his soul can go "missing".

    It also suggests that when things go wrong, things don't go so well. I mean, the flooding of Old Hyrule was pretty drastic... in the games darkest self-indulgence, it suggests many innocent lives were taken during that cataclysmic event. Which is a pretty horrid thing to think about; the lucky few who got to higher ground were spared. The rest... *insert Sonic drowning theme here*

    To tie this into Envirasu's point in a different way; the Zelda franchise already added this actually very decent quirk. It's like the Regeneration quirk in Doctor Who - sure, tradition says The Doctor is male. And we'd go along with that. But then you have Missy. You can't really get away from it. That's now a thing.

    The series now has an established mechanism for change in the future; I don't so much think it'll be purely about having the choice of male or female (though I can't say I'd disagree with that if the franchise goes more Open World in future), but say for instance, Zelda and Link switch roles for once. The game universe gets it wrong again, and Zelda is the one born into the "hero" role; the low-born, and Link is Prince (or maybe even King). It's entirely possible - if the cycle can miss the Hero when necessary, what else can go wrong?

    Of course, you don't want the canon to go completely off the rails; to do so would suggest the reincarnation of these souls is comically inept. And since this is the backbone of the Zelda series, and its characters, you don't want to riddle it full of holes. Wind Waker is interesting because of that fault, after all.

    But there is scope; personally, I think Wind Waker proffers the best sort of story for a Zelda Souls. Hero soul doesn't show up when needed, Zelda pleads goddesses save Hyrule, they send it into some time-locked hell, waiting for a hero to save it, so Old Hyrule now calls to souls that could save it through the distant call of an Ocarina. See Nintendo? That's a story you can give FROM Software for this. NOW GO AND DO IT!

    Ahem. Yes, this rant may have been leading up to the Zelda/Hyrule Souls thing. Sorry.
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  • More pictures of the Turok remaster excavated

  • Kami 07/12/2015

    I always liked the fog. I knew WHY it was there - I knew the technical reasons, of course. But like Silent Hill (and Silent Hill 2), there's just something about it that adds to the game. It's right that the fog is there.

    And rather like Silent Hill 2, just because the hardware is good enough that you CAN remove much of the fog, it doesn't mean you SHOULD.
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  • Minecraft Wii U Edition confirmed, out next week

  • Kami 07/12/2015

    Great news for Nintendo.

    But let's be real here, it's even better news for Microsoft. It's got its tendrils in the Nintendo scene now, right at a point where the company is preparing to manufacture millions of NX consoles and reveal it to the public sometime in Q1 2016. And also at a time when a lot of Nintendo patents have been doing the rounds - including a cloud-based gaming thing which allows users to share their hardware/connection and earn some sort of credit for this!

    Not at all suspicious timing, is it? Not at all oddly convenient to get it out there now, before the internal chaos of a new console launch starts in earnest, right?

    I said ages ago when Microsoft bought Mojang that it was a trojan horse buyout. The timing of this is just too coincidental to allay my concerns on that front.

    But hey, not screaming yay. Hit that neg button. Go on. You know you want to.

    edit; Oh, and just for added fun and jollity, the PS4 version of Minecraft in the US is $19.99. The Wii U version will be retailing out the gates at $29.99.
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  • PSN struggling under the weight of Black Friday

  • Kami 27/11/2015

    PSN has had issues all year. This doesn't surprise me, and just a heads up to Sony if anyone from the company wanders by to read this stuff - I get you're trying to cut a few costs, but on a purely consumer goodwill front, your PS4 online stability is not a place I'd be trying to take money away from. If anything, it needs more investment. Thanks for listening! Reply +9
  • Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival review

  • Kami 25/11/2015

    @fabio78 - I agree, Nintendo has made extremely poor use of its IP this generation. I mean, for the love of all that is sacred and bloody good in the world - sure, I like the idea indies are doing a Wave Race-alike and an F-Zero-alike, but I WANT THE REAL BLOODY THING!

    Nintendo has made noises that they're changing with the NX. As was mentioned earlier, the fact is that having two dramatically different pieces of hardware with no unifying firmware meant that the whole company has been trying to juggle two consoles and really only getting one of those right with any consistency - the 3DS, this time around. The NX is more of a unified "platform" than hardware, which means that what works on one Nintendo device will work on another Nintendo device.

    That said however, don't dismiss Amiibo so out of hand. You know that Cloud reveal for Smash? Yeah. Take a moment here - two Cloud Amiibo. One his Solider uniform, the other his Advent Children garb. They'll sell and they'll sell gangbusters, meaning sure. Nintendo gets some cash. But - here's the clincher - so will Square-Enix.

    I'll predict something Pachter never will - Nintendo is likely, in the coming months and years, to start opening up Amiibo for third parties. So they sell a game on a Nintendo platform and can also get in on a potentially lucrative market where they get a cut of the Amiibo sales too.

    It's pure bloody evil. But you look at how Amiibo are selling and you tell me, with a straight face, that the likes of EA wouldn't kill to get in on that with a future Sims title? Amiibo are going no-where, for better or for worse they seem to be a key component of their future plans.

    That said, Amiibo Festival sounds half-arsed for a full priced game with Ł13 extra characters. No excusing that really.
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • Kami 24/11/2015

    Bloodborne is the Alfa Romeo of games right now.

    TechFoundry earlier this year told me what I already knew; this game has dogs, and sadly is a bit of a dog. Frame rate dips, frame loss frame issues in general, coupled to controller input lag, in a game where split-seconds count is a recipe for fucking frustration all day, every day and thrice on Sundays.

    But holy crap when you hit those stretches where the frames are on your side, and the controller is behaving, and the AI isn't being a eight-bit-cheap whore - there's nothing this generation that can match the feeling Bloodborne gives, on any platform.

    It's just a fucking shame I couldn't and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. You wouldn't though, would you? This is a game for the top tier of self-hating masochists everywhere. Your friends will spend Ł40 and they'll get frustrated and say, "WHY? WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THIS?!" - your friendship will be ruined, they'll be out of pocket... it's just not something you'd do unless I dunno, you really hated your friends?

    To me this makes Bloodborne such an awkward thing. I do love it... but Amygdala in a Skin-Tight Fetching Onesie, there's a thousand and one things to loathe, hate and despise about this stupid game.

    And yet I still come back to it in the hope, the vain hope that I will get to that stretch where everything is working and nothing is ruined and everything is going great and I'm having the best of bestest times...

    This is the textbook definition of an abusive relationship! I wouldn't fucking take this from anyone else, for any bloody reason. So why, why do I still take it up the Old Yharnam for FROM?

    And why did I instinctively drop money on the DLC even though I kept telling myself I wouldn't?!
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  • Payday 2 developer apologises after paid-for boosts blowup

  • Kami 23/11/2015

    @arcam; All too true. No-one likes repeating themselves so eventually the journos just got bored of it.

    Sad really. But yeah, it's why I no longer think people should be silent. Consumers have to kick up a stink instead.

    The good news on that front is that for the most part, angry consumers = less revenue. It's why Overkill apologised here - Overkill has no idea why people are angry, it just knows they are and probably is watching their bottom line bottom out.

    Funny that companies listen when you hit them in their pocket, isn't it?
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  • Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

  • Kami 22/11/2015

    @djm99; I'd much rather a proper HD Update of Shadow of Memories.

    Now I'm going to go cry knowing this will never happen...
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  • Kami 22/11/2015

    A vote for Dark Cloud here. Oh, and Haunting Ground. Reply +7
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's Afterbirth DLC unlikely for handhelds, Wii U

  • Kami 22/11/2015

    @smelly - Indeed. Talking of business lessons we learned when we were younger, here's mine!

    Years ago, I was paying off my student debts selling at car boot sales across the South West (Pokémon was a newly big thing then, which now ages me. FUCK!). One of the most important lessons I got from that was the relationship I had with suppliers. It's easy to forgive a supplier that lets you down, or screws you over. And you should. Forgiveness is good for the soul.

    But you're a fool if you're not at that moment looking for a new bloody supplier - or several. A supplier that lets you down once is likely to do so again. And when your bottom line is at stake, you can't afford such a liability.

    Let's hope Nintendo forgive... but let's hope Nintendo never forget. After all... these third parties kinda lied about the Wii U. I'd still be pretty pissed at them. But then, that thing about forgiveness being good for the soul? I fail pretty bad at that.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @liveswired; Oh, I'll concede that much. Whatever the title, there's no such thing as a straight port; every system is different. And at this point, hiding behind the usual "But Nintendo..." excuse, especially with what we've been getting of late, is cowardly at best.

    I like the game though. It's a great rogue-lite, and there is a lot of fun in making do with the good and the bad of what loot is offered in any given run.

    That said - I play this mobile too, 3DS and/or Vita. So I won't be getting Afterbirth.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @FMV-GAMER - The way I see it is thusly; Nintendo has done twice as much with the Wii U as third parties said it was capable of two and a half years ago, whilst EA and UbiSoft - two of the companies who twisted the knife as it were - have shown they were capable of about half as much as they said they could achieve on rival "superior" hardware in that same period.

    Regardless of the hardware, I'd be pretty confident that history will be much kinder to the Wii U than we have been the last few years.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @Daryoon; That's what I was thinking.

    I think I understand his point; the CPU isn't a huge step up from the Vita (Vita runs a quad-core clocked at 800MHz, Wii U runs a tri-core at 1.2GHz), and for the most part indie games like this utilise the CPU above and beyond the GPU. So it doesn't matter that the Wii U GPU is extremely efficient because Binding of Isaac doesn't really make any use of it.

    (Probably also not helped by the split-screen demanding more resources.)

    However, whilst I understand his point - the way he stated this was hopeless and clueless. There are plenty of ways to tell customers that something isn't going the way they want; those ways usually keep customers on side and hopeful that new developments can occur in the future.

    This isn't one of those ways.
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  • Resident Evil 6 PS4 and Xbox One listings spotted on Korean ratings board

  • Kami 20/11/2015

    The one thing I remember from RE6 were those snowmobile sections.

    ... they haunt me I can't forget the poor handling it won't leave me alone please make the bad things go away!


    Seriously though Capcom, screw those snowmobile sections.
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  • Don't Starve: Shipwrecked dated for December on Early Access

  • Kami 19/11/2015

    @Zepthire; Thanks for the info. Shame that they sold those double-packs on the back of "Together", though.

    Was a bit of a disappointment. But hey, we then bought Dying Light and co-op'ed the bejeezus out of that instead, so hey. Wasn't all bad!
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  • Kami 18/11/2015

    Sounds like a great expansion.

    But having got a free Wii U copy from the bundle-offerings months ago (Woo friends!), I think we're still waiting on "Starve Together". I wonder if there's an ETA on that...
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  • Final Fantasy 7's Cloud confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; This is true.

    But boy oh boy, I'd like FF12 HD Remaster on Wii U. Pull the menus down to the touchscreen...

    Perhaps FF14 on NX?
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; They'd make perfect sense.

    The question is, how far has this kiss-and-make-up session between Nintendo and Square-Enix gone? Are we still at sharing the kids stage or are we at the closed doors "Je t'aime" stage?

    Either way, I can't wait to see where this goes!
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; Oh, that would be the icing on the cake. "Ohai, you can now buy Final Fantasy 1-12 on the Wii U/3DS."

    It's great to see. And I fully expect Sephiroth to also be added in Smash down the road too. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Daryoon; Consider this.

    Cloud's reveal was the TEASER for the December Smash Direct. Now - what on earth are they going to do for the main event?!

    edit; Also, was Cloud in PS All-Stars Battle Royale? If not, this might seem like a kick in the crotch for Sony...
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  • Kami 12/11/2015

    I did NOT see this coming!

    But I sorta like it...
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  • Nintendo censors skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles X costumes in West - report

  • Kami 02/11/2015

    @Kendrene; Technically speaking, if hypothermia were something Lara Croft could die from in Siberia, she might end up naked as a result. Biologically speaking, the human body often conflates extreme heat and extreme cold as the same thing because it reacts in the same way - rushing blood to the extremities making you feel hot.

    Medically speaking, there are countless cases of hypothermia victims so desperate to get rid of their "body heat" that they stripped naked or near-naked. As I recall, the scientific term for it is "Paradoxical Undressing".

    ... I'm over-analysing again, aren't I?
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  • Rich Stanton on: From Billions to Bedrooms

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    People will be back here in another thirty years asking the same questions and telling similar stories. Well, not me, obviously. The only way I'll last another thirty years is by supernatural means, but I digress. Reply +5
  • Performance Analysis: Batman on PC is still a disappointment

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    @togan - That'd be awesome, but they won't.

    Business is business and by this point, the likelihood is that it simply won't be cost-effective enough to fix this mess. Rebuilding the game in another engine is a great idea, but it is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, and the end results can still remain divisive. One of my friends is pissed at Larian Studios right now for the rebuild of Divinity: Original Sin - rebuilt in the new OS2 engine, but that means the mechanics and flow of the game is radically different. And that matters to some people.

    At this point, I think this just needs to be left alone in the gutter to die. WB Interactive need to make sure whatever they do next doesn't fall into this trap, and budget for it accordingly.

    Some things can't be saved. We shouldn't have to wait around forever, vainly hoping for signs of recovery and life.

    It's hard, but as someone who was hoping for better, I gotta move on.
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  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    @Peddie - And yet, that's what governments across the world have done for hundreds of years. To end wars, to dismantle terrorist organisations like the IRA and so forth. Sometimes to make peace, you need to sit down with some war-mongering bastards.

    Yes, I'm interjecting some politics into the situation. From what I've seen and read the last year - I may take no sides but it's bloody hard to ignore it - we have people on both sides who are more interested in the fight than the resolution. It makes it easy for third-party agitators to stir the pot when there is no intention for peace from these "leaders" (both sides), who march their troops onto the battlefield (whilst as I understand getting paid rather well).

    Yes, people have been hurt, harassed and scared (on both sides, although it's very easy to self-justify inflicting it on an opposing side). That's terrible and no, I can't and won't agree with it. But repaying that with vengeance only continues the cycle. At what point do we decide that justice has been done, especially when there are no laws and no boundaries to dictate where we stop? Where is the exit strategy? What is the end-game?

    What's that famous quote again... oh yes!

    "War. War never changes..."
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  • The new My Nintendo reward program will let you earn points as you play

  • Kami 29/10/2015

    @DasManiac; Well, from GoNintendo, a proper unified account system has been detailed. It looks like it will completely replace the Nintendo Network ID thing.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to see and hear more about this in a proper Nintendo Direct sometime soon. Nintendo did confirm there is a Direct coming before the end of 2015. I just assume it's something they'll spend some time talking about.

    And yes IronSoldier, Pachter is still doing his thing. I mean, he does still seem to state the blindingly obvious but hey, it's a nice job if you can get it, right?
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  • Kami 29/10/2015

    @IronSoldier; I recall some fuss not long ago about NX Devkits having "industry leading chipsets", because the tech demos were running insanely well. Chances are it could very well be Nintendo looking at a proper new hardware generation (which'd kinda suck for Sony...).

    Either way, I'm really kind of impressed. It'd be fair to say that being so late to the party Nintendo badly needed to turn up with a little more than a basic account system.

    I said it ages ago though; companies often need a good bitch-slap from their market in order to realise they're not doing things right, or well enough. Nintendo got a proper home-console bitch-slap. And it seems the market hit hard enough that it knocked a little sense back into them.

    You don't have to be Michael Pachter to understand that...
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  • PlayStation Now launches in UK, priced Ł12.99 a month

  • Kami 11/10/2015

    Having tried it over the weekend, I will not be paying money for this "service".

    The amount of filler games is a tiny issue - I mean, fucks sake, how many versions of Blazblue does one person bloody need? - but the main problem is the technical side of things.

    Jesus H. Christ doing a sexy Charlston with Marilyn Monroe, waiting 5 minutes for a game to be allocated space is a bit off, but waiting 20+ minutes? Not a goddamned chance in the fiery shallows of Hade's sweaty pits, Sony. I don't care if your network is "very busy" - the same tired damn excuse everyone with a new online component uses. You should know this happens by now. You should be taking steps to ensure it's not an issue. We've done this year after year after year. I will not accept the excuses any longer.

    The menu layout is appalling, there is no search function or filter and I find the lack of decent RPG's on the service already to be quite a glaring omission. Sure, there are some gems that'll eat the time. If you got the patience to load them, of course.

    Ł12.99 a month for it in this current condition? Not in Sony's wildest, wettest dreams. Best thing Sony could do is stick this back into beta and work on it some more, because the service obviously isn't quite ready yet.

    I have no issue with the concept - I actually applaud the concept. I think there's a lot of life in the idea and I think Nintendo should be working on their own variation right now. Just as it stands, PS Now! is just too... damned... sloooooooow...
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  • Watch five minutes of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps gameplay

  • Kami 08/10/2015

    @brider - eSports is a thing.

    But games have to be fun to watch for eSports. Umbrella Corps. doesn't look like much fun to watch. It looks pretty generic and actually, looks like matches could be over in no time. Another thing that makes games like Splatoon, Starcraft, Street Fighter etc. fun to watch is cheering on the underdog, or watching as a team makes an impressive comeback to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. There has to be some kind of crunch-time, an opportunity to stage that comeback, to win the day.

    I'm not getting that from Umbrella Corps. Maybe Capcom can tune it a bit to make it look fun, but frankly I'd much rather be watching (and playing) Splatoon.

    Sometimes you really don't need to complicate a good thing. I think Capcom are trying too hard here.
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