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  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • Kami 23/07/2014

    Sometimes I hate being right. :(

    That they're doing this straight after the KickStarter suspension isn't helping their image any. If this is a genuine outfit trying to make a genuine game, then like Winterkewl, they look comically inept at best and utterly incompetent at worst.

    But it looks so much like a scam, so desperate is it for money, so eager to give promises and make excuses about why things aren't going its way. I know that the $50k is a ballpark startup fund so they can look for heavier investment opportunities but still, as obvious as it might be to me, I can imagine another person forgetting that.

    Without protections and guarantees in place, those who give their money to this are going, I fear, to have their hearts broken. In a best-case scenario, we'll see a repeat of the Yogsventure thing; they'll get some distance and maybe show off some gameplay screenshots but they will fall apart and run out of cash. Games are not predictive enterprises; unlike other crowdfunded enterprises like music, comics, board games, books etc., the costs involved are not "fixed" like materials and printing/packaging costs.

    Worst case? They'll disappear, there'll be some questions and soul-searching but ultimately it will be boiled down to "fools and their money". I mean, you do know EA's profits are up because of the 'free2play' model, right? Some people, despite all warnings, can't help themselves.

    And no, I don't think Areal will ever get finished. Not with West Games at the helm, anyway.
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  • Kami 22/07/2014

    @Malek86; I don't think it's the end of the soap opera though. I suspect they'll continue pushing forward looking for funding for a while and continuing to drum up some cheap headlines for the gaming media.

    But it does mean, thankfully, anyone who did fund this project as of right now will not be charged. And that's a positive development.
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  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @AvatarIII; Haha, good PR? Whoever thought this was good PR is a pretty poor public relations consultant! Fake or not, my point stands that the timing of this is incredibly poor in almost every conceivable way!

    It'd be funny if it wasn't actively seeking public funding...
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  • Kami 21/07/2014

    ... this has been one of the weirdest KickStarter campaigns I've seen so far.

    Also, doesn't Mr. Putin have slightly more pressing issues to deal with right now than write letters to video game developers? I'd have thought any hint of his involvement here at this point in time would have crippled interest, rather than boosted it...
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  • The Last of Us getting more DLC, but none of it single-player

  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @woodyrulesok; I don't think they've mentioned it yet. I'd hope there was cross-play, indeed I wondered if that was why they put in a 30fps option, but nothing is concrete yet.

    One thing I do know is no saved progress will carry over; although if you buy DLC on one console, it will carry over to the other...
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  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @AwesomeWells; wasn't Ish just a reference to "Earth Abides" or something? I'm pretty sure we've been over that before here on EG.

    The only character in my mind that might be good for DLC is Bill; but it's not that Bill is gay that is the issue there, but that he is such a crappy human being that he drove his partner Frank to suicide (well, there's more to that story but you know, spoilers). In a sense, that's an interesting story to tell; but how much do we really want to know of that? I mean, there's also the problem underneath it all that can be summed up in a question; is the market really ready for a DLC campaign of a successful game focused on two openly gay male characters? I know, I know. I don't have an issue with it either but you know that's a question they're bound to ask themselves!

    (edit; Mind you, it might be interesting to see how two people in a relationship see it fracture under the weight of the apocalypse. I just wonder if Bill is too... unlikable for this to work though...)

    And if they were to think of new characters, I dare say that'd be best suited for a sequel than DLC - new people should equal new game, really. Overall though, I think TLOU really is solid. And any more single-player DLC would have to be a worthy tale to tell, following what we've already experienced.
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  • Kami 21/07/2014

    I can't see where they'd even take new single-player DLC, to be honest; the main game is so well done, and the DLC we have had was also quite final, that it seems that short of a pointless trip to Joel's 'gap years', or a coy and pointless look post-ending, there's not much left for them to say. And I mean that in a good way; it's so annoying when games don't tidy up after themselves and tease sequels that never come *glares at UbiSoft*.

    Good to see the multiplayer is still being kept up, it's not that bad. And right now, any venture back into single-player is going to require a seriously good tale to tell. If they can't find one, I'd much rather they didn't... we don't need (or want) it following Silent Hill and/or Resident Evil...
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  • Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, original programming

  • Kami 17/07/2014

    @Bauul; Makes sense, though they need to take a little more care with their wording.

    I don't envy Phil Spencer in the slightest either; it cannot be an easy task to be turning the XBox One around, and though I sort of agree with most of these decisions, it's always considered somehow "negative". I guess it's just seeing how much went wrong, I suppose, and/or how much needs to change.

    That said, still plenty more years in this generation yet. Hey, if I can give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, I can spare Microsoft some as well...
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  • Kami 17/07/2014

    Surprise to no-one, though I'm getting increasingly irritated by their comments about "mobile-first world" or such nonsense. It doesn't exactly spell out confidence, for me, in the XBox One. Which isn't a mobile device. You know. Just thought we could point that out to these people...

    Still, "XBox TV... Off."
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  • Autobiographical adventure Coming Out Simulator 2014 sure is tense

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @dean0null; It's very difficult to come out over anything, be it sexual, religious or even as simple as switching football team support. I think that's what this gets at; coming out is, at its very core, about honesty. Honesty is actually quite hard when you think about it; it challenges the status quo, and changes the dynamics of relationships with other people. So often, the lie is easier to live with, because you're not upsetting anyone.

    Still, that said, is it fair to string anyone along longer than you need to? I said this in another thread, there's never a good time to deliver bad news and, typically, most of us make a right meal of it, even when it should be so easy to do. The truth shall set you free, and freedom can be a scary proposition sometimes.

    I know what you mean though. My extended family have never really forgiven me, but that's the course one insignificant life took. The only thing I can do is forgive them. After all, nobody is perfect.

    And hey, as the old saying goes, let he without sin cast the first stone...

    edit; @Jayja - Yeah, but it's about respect. You are free to believe in whatever you want, as I am free to believe in nothing at all. It's accepting that we're all different and when it comes to things like death, the afterlife etc, no-one actually knows. I stopped fighting it ages ago, when it occurred to me that actually, I didn't particularly care (in a nice way!) what others believed in, especially when it affected me in no way whatsoever.

    I'd offer at some point to come back when I die and give you the lowdown on what the great beyond has to offer, but really, if you're going through the trouble of a damned sťance, you probably don't want me showing up to dump all over your evening... :P
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  • Wii U version of Project Cars out in 2015

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @christopherdorn; Ahh, the old "you can't just do a straight port" thing. Funny how people forget that port work needs to be done to get it onto PS4 and XBox One as well. Come on, they're not THAT similar. The process may be easier, but that doesn't mean there's no process at all...

    Look, if SMS knew a while ago the Wii U version was flagging behind a little, why didn't they say something? What's with the waiting, and then doing it behind a new wall of security with Bandai-Namco? It looks seedy.

    But then, I am aware there is no actual Wii U footage; simulated trailers, sure, but no actual footage or even screenshots. At this point, some probably were getting a little curious and I guess there is no good time to announce a delay. Still, they probably haven't helped themselves with sensationalist claims like they would show how powerful the Wii U really was.

    I am more interested in the consumer-side of it though, as always, because developers have to make these decisions sure. But they sometimes do make a meal of it...
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  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @liveswired; Problem with that is they've had the Wii U version in development the longest, and it was the first to get on board with the Wii U as well. They've promised a lot since then, talking at length about how things were going great, they'd got more power from the Wii U than they expected etc.

    It's not a case of power or performance (according to themselves, anyway). As mentioned earlier, do they have an obligation to Wii U owners, seeing as it is the console left from the original funding drive (not even taking into consideration it's the version people want most)? To me, the crux of this argument isn't if they could, it's if they SHOULD, after all that has been said and done.

    But then, if it needs more work, damned if they do and damned if they don't. Getting into this position is very careless in the first place, doing it just after the Bamco deal looks shady, and their lack of response except a cold "we hope our dedicated Wii U fans will wait" is laughably insincere.

    Really, it just looks kind of nasty and dishonest. And that's a pretty awful place to be when your game isn't even on the market yet...
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  • Kami 11/07/2014

    @Cosbuster; How so? There's clearly a market - their own poll shows them that. The Wii U is picking up in sales, slowly but it's early days yet. The Wii U also has no other viable rivals to eat into sales - Sony has DriveClub and GT, Microsoft has Forza and potentially another PGR. The Wii U has an entire market without any foreseeable rivals open for the taking.

    If anything, it's slightly mad to be even contemplating a delay of the Wii U version. If there's one thing that doesn't fly with the Nintendo community, it's being treated like trash by third parties, and here we go again - their own worst enemies, delay Wii U version, "Oh why doesn't anyone who said they wanted it want it anymore?" Uhh... yeah.

    Mind you, after a long time buttering up Nintendo fansites over the last year or so, I'm guessing we'll soon hear WHY it's been delayed, along with a "please don't hate us!" line. Whether a charm offensive will work, I don't know. It didn't for UbiSoft, but then, SMS aren't UbiSoft.

    Project CARS isn't my sort of game though, really. As some have said, the lack of ACTUAL Wii U footage for some time (aside a few 'simulated' trailers) may have been a clue not all was well with the Wii U version.

    Still, from a basic business standpoint, it's an odd decision nonetheless, especially since the Wii U version has been in development longer than the XBO and PS4 versions...
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  • Kami 11/07/2014

    Slightly odd, considering even the poll on their own website puts the Wii U version as the most desired, and it's been that way for some time now. Wii U owners as has been said don't have anything like this on the horizon except here - whereas yes, Microsoft and Sony have their own variations in GT and Forza (plus EA's NFS series) (edit; Also, DriveClub). Perhaps that's why those versions are "less wanted".

    I dunno. It just seems a little stupid, considering...
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  • Maia creator ponders two "game two" concepts, but which will he make?

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    the other an evolutionary life sim.
    And suddenly I remember EVO: The Search For Eden. *wistful sigh* I'd love that on Virtual Console...
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  • Chinese MMO house Perfect World buying Warframe developer

  • Kami 09/07/2014

    @CosmicGypsy; Always happy to challenge your expectations! :P

    As I said, the point of an MMO is business at the end of the day, but there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it, in much the same way that microtransactions as a whole can be done right and wrong. PWE came down quite hard on Champions Online; maybe they learned from it, who can say, but still... what is left is not the Champions Online I knew and loved.

    I must say the two MMO's in my life I genuinely loved were Champions Online ('irreconcilable differences') and Tabula Rasa (Deceased). Tells you a lot about my taste in MMO's. And I quite like FFXIV as well. I dare not fall in love though in case I am cursed in some way...
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  • Kami 08/07/2014

    @CosmicGypsy; Interesting point of view.

    Truth is, microtransactions are a tool; they're as evil as you make them, not an inherently evil thing on their own. It's not about the microtransactions as, when done right, they can add some value for people. I even believe in subscription models for these games too - you can pay money to buy outright or, if like me you tend to bounce around games without wanting to get tied down, £8.99 for a months 'rental' of premium content/services is good too.

    But it's not the microtransactions that make me loathe PWE. MMO's are a difficult thing because ultimately, you have to accept that you need to pay to access servers in one form or another. If you're not paying to buy the game, or a monthly sub, you'll have to pay in other ways. That's the reality; there's no such thing as a truly free MMO.

    But it doesn't need to be all about the money either. When they began breaking the promises to the Champions Online community (which I used to love), it hurt - we won't put costs up (they did), we won't turn off the old forums (they did), we won't ask you to change your user details (they did), we won't take away your forum names (they so did). Stuff like that makes a big impact on the trust between a company and its new customer base.

    But it was the rampant cynical business opportunities that turned me right off; dumping tons of items into inventories like locked boxes that you couldn't get rid of unless you bought keys (back then, batches of ten as I recall, which cost a few quid each time. That'd keep your inventory cleared up for a couple hours at best...), randomised and essential content (hey, here's come craftable stuff, we're just not going to let you know what you get. Don't like the stuff you got? Too bad. Better luck next time... that'll be more money thanks!). There came a point when this stuff actually began to interfere with the game part of what, ultimately, is supposed to be a GAME. That was the point I left. When so much of this is based on respect and trust, why stay when you are left with neither?

    Most of this I know has been replaced with "earning" tokens via daily quests now, which all adds up. It's better, sure, but I still can't feel the love for it. I don't think it's because someone can simply buy their way to top-end gear; their choice. Money can't buy you talent, after all, and if they can't use that gear to its potential, then hey, it's their money they're wasting right?

    But call me hideously old-fashioned, but I've always liked a level playing field. Knowing if you see someone in awesome gear, you think, "Man, they must have earned that!". I guess I don't believe in short cuts.

    Sadly, that's kind of how PWE makes its money. And we're completely incompatible.
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  • Kami 08/07/2014

    In a perfect world, Perfect World Entertainment simply wouldn't exist... Reply +6
  • PS4 fails to boost Japan console market

  • Kami 08/07/2014

    @melnificent; Yeah, there's plenty of talk that Nintendo is deep in R&D for the next console already, and they're looking to do a "hybrid" machine that's capable of being both a home console when you need it, and a handheld when you want it. That doesn't mean they're replacing the Wii U anytime soon though, because the logistics and technical challenges that will come with that are still enormous (we're talking battery life, display resolutions vs. cost-efficiency, then you need to be able to have content on both devices or one or t'other which means storage is a big deal, it also means Nintendo has to get cross-play and Virtual Console right in the coming years as well...).

    That said, the 3DS is still doing very well considering how it began...
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  • The Bitmap Brothers' 1996 RTS Z hits Steam this week

  • Kami 03/07/2014

    @MrTomFTW; I'd buy GODS again! Man, that was the Dark Souls of its day... Reply +2
  • Video: Eurogamer plays Nintendo's Mario Maker

  • Kami 27/06/2014

    @NeoTechni; That'll be the real challenge for Nintendo I'm guessing; there'll be a LOT of stages made, after all, and we'll need a way to rate, sort and rank them.

    Here's hoping because I can foresee some fiendish stuff being crafted through this...
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  • Have mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

  • Kami 26/06/2014

    @craigm; It reminds me Nintendo is deep in R&D right now for it's next console, which is supposed to be a hybrid of home console and handheld.

    Such tech right now is only for demonstrative purposes, but think about this... four years down the line, it'll be cheaper, more reliable and possibly the gap between consoles and handhelds in terms of power will diminish even more. Nintendo is banking on this becoming normal, the line between two markets blurring. Will it pay off? Well, we already have this tech demo and we've barely scratched this generation yet!

    It might be a smart move. No, I don't think tablets or smartphones will be the true beneficiaries of this technology - the mobile gaming market just isn't quite built for this tech. Instead it'll be Nintendo and possibly Sony, who will be watching this with interest to see if they can't marry their two markets together and get something more from it than they do right now.

    I mean, both sides have a market that doesn't seem to be paying off for them... Sony has the Vita, Nintendo has the Wii U. Both are picking up sales wise, but both are clearly not at the volume what they wanted. Their other arms are doing rather well though - surprisingly well, even.

    If the hardware in the future allows for hybrid machines, then you can be damned sure they'll go for it. Why have two arms where one isn't strong enough when you can have one glorious super-muscle-y arm? Can't see Microsoft lagging far behind, either...
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Edition spotted

  • Kami 26/06/2014

    @skowhegan; It's a pity a day later you still haven't fixed who issued the refunds (it was Nintendo, not WB). Reply 0
  • Kami 25/06/2014

    @Pandy; Yeah, seems I got the bracketing wrong. Guess that happens sometimes when you rush your fingers across the keyboard.

    Also, from the original GoNintendo piece.
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  • Kami 25/06/2014

    @Pandy I believe this might be what you're looking for.

    But the gist is, yes, it was Nintendo who refunded the season passes. And as far as I know, the game is still very broken on Wii U.
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  • Will EA learn from the terrible Dungeon Keeper mobile game?

  • Kami 25/06/2014

    We get this from time to time. "We'll learn from this feedback, honest!"

    Empty promises are empty.
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  • UK court rules against Nintendo in Wii patent battle

  • Kami 23/06/2014

    @Pandy; Indeed, that this is allowed during a legal process is what amazes me. Uhh, isn't that slightly on the other side of acceptable behaviour?

    That said, I'll repeat myself from earlier; different judges allow and take information from different things in different ways. In front of another judge with such statements presented, it's very possible an appeal would be successful.

    That you can make amendments in such a manner does need to be seen to. Patent law is an ass at the best of times; shit like this just needs to stop, and it should never be allowed in the middle of legal proceedings...
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  • Kami 20/06/2014

    @ubergine; Nah, patents are important but the problem is that rather than encourage innovation and invention, the creep of big business has led to the opposite being the case and that is a problem. There are plenty of calls across the world to start to overhaul the system, but such things could take years to come to any fruition.

    In the meantime, Nintendo can and is appealing the decision. Another judge may have a different viewpoint or stance on the matter, after all.
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  • Kami 20/06/2014

    @GastricTitan; Yes, but not in gaming terms. I understand they use this stuff in medical/surgical equipment primarily, but a patent from 1996 does include that it could cover "games", although it does so fleetingly.

    It's also important because if Nintendo fall, this gives a precedent by which to launch cases on Microsoft and Sony, and reading the patents, Sony and Microsoft are far more guilty of the issue than Nintendo, as the patents upheld involve relaying gestures into a virtual environment via a camera.

    With a precedent set, Microsoft would be a big, big target.

    (edit; although with a precedent set, Microsoft would likely settle in the way they did over the whole controller/dual-stick/rumble technology thing. It'd probably be a bigger settlement though...)
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  • E3 2014: the relaunch of brand Xbox One

  • Kami 18/06/2014

    @IronGiant; In fairness, they were accused of kneeling to Nintendo last week so balance restored, sort of.

    Kind of wish it wasn't always at the extremes but gotta get us commenting somehow, right?
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  • Kami 18/06/2014

    @TekMerc; First up, I can't see this generation lasting as long as the industry want it to. The ideal was around 7-8 years before a new gen reveal, and yet the reality is these consoles were doomed before they got to market. Advances happened after the R&D, which left the consoles arguably further in the cold. Far from keeping pace with the PC, the PC in a bound leapfrogged away from the consoles.

    Microsoft and Nintendo have the same jobs to do; convince people that they're not "behind". Both are actually doing surprisingly well. Will they overtake the PS4? Maybe not. But I certainly would hope that both give the PS4 a good run for its money. I'm tired of people going, "Oh, I want X Company to win!". Unless they have stocks and shares in the company, this attitude is grade-A fanboy and it really staggers me people would defend every single stupid idea. Hell, I like Nintendo. A lot. But look back, and I certainly give the company a healthy amount of criticism. It's good to be realistic. One-sided dominance isn't healthy. This is a market based on competition, and when a lot of that now means exclusive content, timed DLC and other nefarious pricing issues, competition is the best way for the market to get over these things (or at the least, allow everyone to feel they're getting something).

    Microsoft messed up last year before E3, it's true. And they continued to mess up for most of the year. But the advantages of mistakes is companies tend to learn more from their failures than they do from their successes. It's an entirely normal thing though, sadly. You don't change your tune if it's working; you change when it's not.

    I think Microsoft is getting somewhere, and I think part of that is because new staff are involved. New blood means new ideas and surprising new content (did you see Splatoon from Nintendo at E3? New blood = new stuff!). Don Mattrick wasn't the right man for the job, and now Phil Spencer is in the role and looks to have a firmer grasp of what is needed.

    I hope they don't forget how it started though. I hope that the spectre of Kinect 2.0, and Fighter Within and all of that looms much like the early drought of the Wii U looms over Nintendo. Because it happened. It happened and lessons need to be learned. It's not always wise to forget the bad things that happened - they happened for a reason, and that reason is to instigate change.

    I want a good generational fight. We will be the ultimate winners in a good close-run race.
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  • Kami 18/06/2014

    @jetsetwillie; I think when you get away from brands, sales numbers and "peer pressure", all consoles are actually quite good fun and all have some good games and some total turkeys as well. I'd hope this generation is closer than Sony steamrollering everyone else; it'd be a real shame if everyone was doing the exact same thing.

    Sony were just as guilty of the "TV TV TV" thing this E3; and Nintendo did it the year before (and TVii has kind of failed to happen at that, which must be slightly more embarrassing!). All three have given it a go and we've all gone, "Yes, that's nice. Now... games?!"

    On a games front, everyone has something I want to play and I'm looking forward to picking and choosing. At the end of the day, I care more about enjoying the games I buy than I do about the companies making them.

    Unless you are EA. I have my one-year clean chip!
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  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls patch 2.1.0 revealed

  • Kami 18/06/2014

    @All_Good; Actually, most of the spellchecks I've used of late would have highlighted the word as a grammatical issue. I guess I am being spoiled (although they still seem to confuse semicolons and dashes more than I'd like...).

    But even then, proofreading that amount of text wouldn't take more than ten or fifteen seconds.
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  • Kami 18/06/2014

    ...Blizzard didn't quite manager to get it into Reaper of Souls...
    Someone needs to hit Spellcheck with a hammer...
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  • Nintendo reveals Amiibo figurines for Smash Bros, Mario Kart

  • Kami 13/06/2014

    @megatronx; Also confirmed that digital purchases of Bayonetta 2 will come with Bayonetta 1! Yay!

    Of course, both variants come with a separate digital download code for Bayonetta. It won't be on the disc. So... umm... boo?!
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  • Nintendo rediscovers the GamePad in glorious style

  • Kami 12/06/2014

    @ludodown; To be fair, I'd pay damned good money for a Dark Souls/Zelda mashup... Reply +2
  • Kami 12/06/2014

    Splatoon utterly blew me away. And it's not just that it looks great, or looks fun - think about it in terms of eSports. This is a dynamic, balanced game that encourages teamwork and rewards effort and boldness. I wouldn't be shocked that Splatoon makes a huge (ink-stained) splash on that front. It seems designed for that very purpose!

    It's been a remarkably positive E3 for Nintendo. Hopefully they can build on it very quickly.
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  • Nintendo reveals Zelda Wii U gameplay footage

  • Kami 11/06/2014

    Love it.

    Although that's a lot of grass. Who wants to be a rupee millionaire?
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  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • Kami 10/06/2014

    @tenchiruby; Seriously? Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    Have to admit, this Splatoon thing looks like fun. Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    That's impressive! Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    Zelda! Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    One of my favourite bits of 3D World getting it's own game? HOORAY! Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    My Mii in Smash Bros. My body is SO FREAKING READY RIGHT NOW! Reply 0
  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • Kami 10/06/2014

    Well, that was unexpected! And... brilliant! Reply +1
  • Ubisoft holding back an unannounced, finished Wii U game until console sells more

  • Kami 10/06/2014

    @Mr.Spo; Exactly, what is happening - or what has happened - is that business, or how the games industry does business, has changed immeasurably. Not all for the better, granted, but changed nonetheless.

    This has, for lack of more information, seemingly led to a complete breakdown of communication. That's a MASSIVE issue. I don't know who is most at fault here; but again, no-one gets out of this with clean hands. Not Nintendo, not third parties, no-one. No-one sat down and sort of focused on what was wrong, or tried to move things along. Everything just went to hell in a handcart very quickly.

    Still, I've said it before. We were here in the same position when we bought PS3's on launch day; third parties uneasy, a company struggling to find its identity, hardware not as attractive, lack of support. One might argue Nintendo should have learned from that; but midst its own success with the Wii and the Remote, it wasn't paying attention. Companies tend not to, until they're made to confront it. Usually by falling into the same potholes.

    If Nintendo works hard, settles down and focuses on rebuilding relationships, there's no reason to believe the Wii U can't be successful, profitable and have tons of third-party content. That's what Nintendo needs to do.

    UbiSoft, on the other hand, might need to learn that such brute-force tactics won't change the future direction of the Wii U. It's not offering a solution, or support, it's offering an ultimatum. And in my experience, when someone issues an ultimatum, the general response is - "Get the hell out of my house."

    edit: Although I'll add this as a post-note; I don't think for a second UbiSoft would benefit from porting the game to other consoles. Currently, the PS4 and XBox One are focused on the serious gaming market. It's talking about a family game, presumably a party game, which right now already has limited appeal on new-gen systems trying to find a foothold. Doing so would be spiteful now in the face of this open statement of intent, and would cost more than they could realistically make back.

    It's a bit of an empty threat on UbiSoft's part, really.
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  • Kami 10/06/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77; It's that horrible vicious circle, isn't it? I don't blame UbiSoft for it - their honesty is refreshing considering the arse EA dumped on the Wii U, after all. But at the same time, it's a strongarm tactic that doesn't seem to get to the real meat of the matter.

    All sides need to take some responsibility for the Wii U thing. That so many abandoned the machine so early on in favour of deals with rival consoles is part of the image problem they contributed to. But then, Nintendo itself has often delivered some cracking launch games and solid stuff of its own and these games took nearly a year to come to the Wii U, so Nintendo looked like it just wasn't at all ready (not that anyone was ready for this generation, but still, Nintendo is 'special' in this regard and that's both a blessing and a curse in equal measure).

    Unlike the doomsayers, I think the Wii U is moving in the right direction. Recent firmware updates have been pretty bloody amazing, Mario Kart 8 is doing good business and is a perennial favourite (which Nintendo needs to continue to support long-term) and having a new Zelda reveal later will certainly have us all buzzing. A few choice reveals during their presentation, and the new IP being shown later at the Treehouse Table, will have tongues wagging.

    But Nintendo does have to bear it's share of the blame, as does UbiSoft for gimping its ports to Wii U in the last year, ensuring that no-one really wanted the 'inferior' Wii U versions.

    Someone has to at some point go, "Right, let's start this again because this is going no-where fast." Does that begin with Nintendo, or third parties? Again... I don't know. We've walked into a stupid argument and we're being asked to take sides, and it's childish and moronic and unprofessional.

    I'd rather smack both Nintendo AND UbiSoft upside the head, and then say, "Stop arguing like a couple of pre-pubescent girls, sit down and sort this shit out. Or just stop talking to each other. I'm not getting in the middle of your crap!"
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  • Sony's E3 conference

  • Kami 10/06/2014

    @snafu65; Indeed, let's call it a draw and see what comes in the next few days. Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    I could have done with more gameplay footage in spots. It's not a problem unique to Sony though. Reply 0
  • Kami 10/06/2014

    Do want to see more of Dead Island 2, actually. Call me odd, but I like the games (even if the endings are pretty poop). Reply 0