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  • Hazard joins Messi on the cover of FIFA 15

  • Kami 21/08/2014

    @drhickman1983; I'd watch it!

    But yes, odd names are rife these days. I'm sadly in no position to mock...
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  • Kami 21/08/2014

    @drhickman1983; Oh, there are some hilarious footballer names. Danny Shittu. Danger Fourpence. Ralph Minge...

    Although it's nothing compared to some of the historical ones. Like Norman Conquest (whose claim to fame was being goalie to a 17-0 mauling in the fifties!).

    Sadly, it turns out Ars Bandeet, a Nigerian midfielder, may simply be an urban legend...
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  • Star Wars: Commander is your next Star Wars game

  • Kami 21/08/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25; No no, the way it works is if the next page on rating the app is split into two; "1-4 Stars" taking you to a place where they request your feedback in order to improve the game...

    Still, ominous developments are ominous.
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  • Robin Williams NPCs spotted in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

  • Kami 21/08/2014

    @Canyarion; I'd hope Nintendo put more effort into it than that. Okay, I get that Blizzard are busy people but still. As someone who does like WoW, this feels... I dunno. Lazy somehow. Reactionary. "Let's just stick a reference in there on a basic NPC and people will be happy" kind of thing.

    I mean, a Mrs. Doubtfire reference needs in my eyes a house (faction neutral, somewhere nice), two kids and an NPC that looks like a man dressed as a Scottish nanny. A female NPC model with a male voice isn't really good enough I feel. A recycled Djinn model? Oh, how clever. Hue it blue, clever. And boringly predictable. Come on, Robin was NEVER predictable on stage. (edit; Mind you the djinn/Genie thing might not be appropriate considering the animosity that Disney and Robin had for so many years...)

    Of course, they are quite probably placeholders right now for something better. The danger of datamining is that sometimes you only get a vague fuzzy view; kind of like Bigfoot footage. In their current form, no. They're not good enough. The money Blizzard make and the staff they have, I'd have preferred something a little more... inventive. A memorial you find in the jungle, a statue if you will of a lost human who fought against the odds and disappeared mysteriously. How's that for a concept?

    This isn't 2004 any longer. Times have moved on and so have expectations. Honouring our absent friends should be more than a five minute hack job knocked together by the janitor in WOWEditor.

    I dunno. I agree with the idea of honouring him. But not if the effort put in amounts to somewhere between "shat out in five minutes" and "done whilst asleep at the keyboard"...

    edit; thanks for the negs. I'll take them. I'd much rather see a human male model on his knees pretending to be a dwarf female nanny. Somehow just seems funnier...
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  • Watch six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay

  • Kami 19/08/2014

    @landlock; Well, they do still have two more DLC packs to release for Dark Souls 2. But I agree, they'd be crazy not to already be contemplating a Dark Souls 3.

    Still, I'm happy with spiritual successors and spin-offs of this nature. Okay, it's a bit chuggy in spots but so was Dark Souls. Was still one of the stand-out games of the last generation. A few rough edges can be overlooked when the rest is sheer quality...
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  • Watch Dogs is Ubisoft's last mature game for Wii U

  • Kami 19/08/2014

    @Macdaddy41; I think you're confusing two different things here.

    The Wii U sales problem is on Nintendo, that much is certain and I won't argue that the onus shouldn't be on UbiSoft or any third party to really push sales of a console. Nintendo fumbled the ball - badly - and that has led to slower sales. Easy enough.

    But UbiSoft is talking of software sales here, and that onus is VERY MUCH on them and is where your argument bites back; I am a multi-platform gamer. Explain why I'd buy a version of Assassin's Creed on the Wii U that doesn't come with all the content, or good DLC? Why would I buy a Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist when the whole multiplayer was cut to save time and money? Why buy Watch_Dogs on Wii U when it releases when I've already months beforehand rented it for PS4, played it, found it somewhat wanting and returned it in the same week?

    Nintendo has its share of blame and problems; but it shouldn't absolve UbiSoft of responsibility to its own poor business practices, which may have negatively impacted its own sales on the platform. As always, this is a company hiding behind Nintendo hoping that the majority of the anger will deflect onto Nintendo.

    Sad thing is though, it works. It works every time. And that kind of reflects badly on UbiSoft...
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  • Meta Knight return confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

  • Kami 14/08/2014

    I'd like to see some more characters. I'm kinda hopeful for Bayonetta; admittedly might be hard to tone her down a little for what is otherwise a relatively family-friendly game, but still... plenty of fun could be had there!

    Meta Knight was kinda cool though, if a little cheap, so hopefully a little tuning will do wonders here...
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  • Sonic Boom has a release date on 3DS and Wii U

  • Kami 14/08/2014

    Turns out Shadow and Metal Sonic are confirmed as the "fan-favourite" characters being wheeled into Sonic Boom.

    Personally, neither of them do anything for me - least of all Shadow. I'd have much rather seen BiG the Cat and Froggy; I always had a real soft spot for BiG. He's got a one-track mind and has an unhealthy fixation on his not-intelligent amphibious companion, but it's also the sort of old-fashioned trope that could kind of work, getting him and others into a variety of scrapes and adventures.
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  • The Evil Within reveals Season Pass and three DLC packs

  • Kami 14/08/2014

    @vast; The difference is do consumers stand up for themselves and say, "No, we refuse to be treated like this", or bend over and go, "Oh please Mr Games Industry, we're all lubed up now! Go ahead!"

    There is nothing wrong with the concept of DLC - in much the same way there is nothing inherently evil about microtransactions. They are there to help the industry make more money, or to keep a product in the public eye longer and generate more revenue. But, like any device, you can become too reliant on it - and the industry is becoming hugely dependent on DLC and microtransactions.

    Asking consumers to trust you enough to order a £20 season pass on top of a £40 game is... well, I'm sorry, it's a little extreme. First of all, who is to say the game sells well enough to even justify DLC? Not every game needs it. And yet more and more we're seeing it, because... well, because it's just what they do now. Spending money to develop DLC before the game is even a success is an idea that makes no sense to me, especially for an industry constantly moaning it isn't making much profit. No shit, because you're wasting time and money on content for games that either can't, won't or aren't that successful!

    If the industry has a finance problem, then it needs to look at WHY it has a finance problem; what has happened in the last twenty years, and what can the industry - collectively - do to help ease the burden? This is expecting more money from us; with costs rising exponentially, it's clear the bookstore model isn't going to be sustainable indefinitely - but it's got to find a model that works for both itself and consumers.

    I feel this will very seriously damage consumer relations if kept up like this; at a point where they want and need our cash more than ever, anything that could potentially turn off a buyer should be avoided at all costs.

    And I won't buy the DLC. I probably won't even buy the game, sadly. As nice as it looks and sounds, there's plenty of other stuff I'd like to support over poor DLC practices; Bayonetta 2, for example. Nintendo took a big gamble financing that, and then letting Platinum have all the time it needed to make it right. Bold risk. So far, sounds like it was an awesome plan, with awesome results and a remastered original in the box to boot, and I'd like to reward them with my money.

    The industry keeps being shocked pre-orders are down, and money is tight. What shocks me is that they're shocked about it at all. Cynical business practices = cynical consumers...
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  • Kami 13/08/2014

    I worry. I mean, don't these season passes rely on trust? A new IP needs to build that trust with the consumer first before trying to abuse it, no?

    It's like they're skipping the part where they make something worth investing in first, and that feels a bit lazy.

    The only scary thing is knowing people will defend this...
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  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • Kami 08/08/2014

    @Sunjammer; Really? I own a Wii U. I like my Wii U (edit; It also gets way more use than my PS4). I see the potential in the gamepad as much as anyone; but we went through this yesterday in the Godus thing, potential is nothing until it is realised.

    The Wii came in right away with two killer demonstrations; Wii Sports, and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The latter was a unicorns and rainbows moment for me, a genuine epiphany of "Holy crap I see everything and it is beautiful!". I haven't had anything near that yet with the Gamepad; although some games have indeed used it very well.

    But it does concern me a little that the general critical line for this is going to end up being, "The Pro Controller is the best way to play this game". That cannot help Nintendo who is still struggling to push Wii U sales, and is still getting criticised over its use of the Gamepad.

    Nintendo does need great games to sell the Wii U; but if that comes with a caveat of, "But you'll also need to buy XYZ to enjoy it most", it'll be more fuel added to the critical mauling Nintendo seems to continue to be getting.

    Note; I'm still buying this game though. And I still think the Wii U is a really great console.
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  • Kami 08/08/2014

    @porkface; I think it would have been more interesting to compare Old Lara to New Lara; to show that in some regards, we've gone backwards with female empowerment rather than forwards. Bayonetta feels like the wrong counter-argument in that instance.

    I'll not write a big post about it. Bayonetta is more than a sexualised power fantasy, but it's a different character and a different style of game, if not a different genre of storytelling.

    Would have been more appropriate to hold up Old Lara against New Lara. If anything, that sounds like a great piece for a writer...

    Anyway, on topic; I'm glad everyone who has played Bayonetta 2 loves it. But it's also damning in a sense that everyone also seems to concede that it's a game best played on the Pro Controller; that the gamepad doesn't offer the same precision as an extra controller.

    I am glad it got made though; it's just a bit of a bummer for Nintendo, who is still struggling to justify the gamepad, and here's a potentially amazing game which is likely a very strong argument why the Pro Controller should be bundled with all newly sold Wii U's; because sometimes, the old ways are just better.

    Kinda like Tomb Raider. Ooh, controversial...
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  • Godus is out now for free on iOS

  • Kami 07/08/2014

    @Fiddle-sticks; Everything has "potential"; that's kind of the problem in the video game world. You have to really go out of your way to draw up a truly horrible-sounding game concept.

    It's execution that lets people down sometimes. It's having trust in whomever has the good idea that they have the talent, intelligence, commitment and good old fashioned common sense to take that potential and build it into something good.

    That requires trust. A commodity I worry is in increasingly short supply...
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  • Mario Kart 8 gets three Mercedes-Benz cars as free DLC this month

  • Kami 06/08/2014

    @benfresh76; Oh it's brazen, that's for sure. As for the update, no idea.

    I'm not arguing for Nintendo to go bigger better cheaper; just that things cost money and it has spent a lot of money in the past couple years moving headquarters, opening new studios, trying to sell the Wii U (at least it's outselling the XBox One at the moment. Small mercies...). Mercedes comes along; here's a bag of money/box of coins for you if you can let us jokingly use a burly Mario in an ad and pimp some cars in Mario Kart 8. It's probably one of those "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..." things.

    Maybe I have just stopped caring. But I'd like to think that this just isn't an instance to get worked up over. We'll quickly forget about it and work on a new oh bad Nintendo how awful thing next week.

    I'd much rather they fixed up a proper battle mode and added some decent paid DLC though. And restored Rainbow Road 64 back to its original glory (perhaps minus the shortcut though). Mario Kart 8 could be hugely lucrative for Nintendo in terms of paid DLC track packs, characters, extra kart parts etc. With no real threat of a new Mario Kart until the next console cycle, Nintendo could get away with this without actually garnering too much criticism.

    It'd probably make them more in the long run than any deal with Mercedes, that's for sure...
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  • Kami 06/08/2014

    @benfresh76; Funny thing is, it's no sillier to my mind than buying a toddler a push/pedal car (rich kids got engines in theirs, I had to pedal mine. Capitalist pigs... oh wait, am I vocalising this?).

    I don't see why it's a turn off though; I know we hate advertising in games, but it's happening all the time and it's not always honest. This... well, it's so upfront it really can't be dishonest, can it? As I said, it's old fashioned in its approach because ultimately it's not even trying to hide the connotations! No-one is really having the wool pulled over their eyes here, are they?

    It's weird to me as well (the ad is well weird too). But in a sense this is where video games are headed; so many people today want their games to be even cheaper than they are already (said in the past, games prices have been relatively static for twenty years; we've had VAT rises and inflation in the interim period people, which means companies spend more and earn less on each sale!). The challenges are how do you fund and/or offset the development of very - and increasingly - expensive video games in a world where every analyst-for-hire dingbat is predicting we're all going to throw ourselves on the proverbial throbbing [censored in the interests of good taste and decency] of free-to-play?

    Games sales are slowing down in a lot of cases and pre-orders are also down, although last years turd-in-a-box Colonial Marines probably didn't help that situation any. Games companies are going to need to find additional funding from somewhere and licensing arrangements like this are a way of doing that. There are other ways, and there are perhaps other things to consider, but someone is ponying up that money.

    As long as it's up-front like this, I don't see the problem. Can't exactly hide it when it's this obvious, eh?
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  • Kami 06/08/2014

    @benfresh76; What's hilarious is people have forgotten the old days when you had games like Cool Spot (effectively an ad for 7-Up), Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators (an ad for McDonalds), Chester Cheetah (Cheetos), Zool (Chuppa-Chups - no, really!) - all of these were actually REALLY GOOD VIDEO GAMES. I'm not even saying that ironically. They were fantastic video games. But... they were advertisements as well.

    Will Mercedes sell any extra cars? Probably not. But I wouldn't be shocked to discover that's not the point; brand awareness is a thing. It's a bit silly, a bit daft, we'll all laugh and it's a bit of a jolly but ultimately it is all up-front; you could even call it old-fashioned! Some of the ads snuck into games today are really subtle and annoying...

    Ultimately, this isn't subtle, they're not pay-to-win additions and it's unlikely to ruin anything. I think some people are overreacting.

    (By the way, nice mentioning Gran Turismo and not talking about the microtransactions...)
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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • Kami 06/08/2014

    @bad09; Oh I know it's been going on a very long time, but there's that old saying; "The straw that broke the camels back..."

    I'm not laying all the blame at its feet. I just don't think it helped, and that it was high profile enough to cast a pretty long shadow.
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  • Kami 06/08/2014

    In some cases I've just started waiting for the "Complete Edition" including all the DLC and stuff for the same price or less than the original release. By that time most issues the games may have had are fixed up too.

    Once upon a time pre-orders were kind of a big thing; I had to go on a 120-mile round trip to my nearest games shop at one point and pre-ordering games like the Resident Evil Remake (which were not in huge supply being a Gamecube game and all) was important; why waste money on bus fares and a train ticket and arguably an eight to ten hour round trip only to find out they didn't have any copies left?!

    But those days are long gone. The Internet means we can find games easier. Digital distribution means even if a game has a limited physical run, it can still be bought and played. The game has changed a bit; pre-orders and the honeymoon box-office opening isn't the be all and end all.

    And as someone else mentioned, Colonial Marines probably didn't help any either.
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Kami 05/08/2014

    @Mooglepies; Pretty sure the item randomiser was also in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Reply 0
  • Kami 05/08/2014

    @Nikanoru; I'm just gonna drop this here. I must admit I was watching it yesterday. It's a REmake Jill Speed Run running on Dolphin. (Obviously, those who haven't played the game, spoilers. As if you care. We all know what happens and how it ends.)

    (yes it's long and yes you should see it big-screen...)
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  • Kami 05/08/2014

    rikid'arbybelmont (I won't @ you since you won't get it with that apostrophe in the way); You can, it's true. It's also true that I've seen the Gamecube original running on the Dolphin emulator (can be done), with filters and stretched to 1080p and I must say, the backdrops look better on the emulator to my eye. Capcom aren't doing much here that fans haven't already had access too for a while now.

    That said, Nintendo got two console lifetimes out of its exclusivity arrangements; most don't even last one console generation these days, let alone two (Revelations says hi by the way!).

    All that said - I suspect a Wii U version is going to happen. There'll be some moral indignation and outrage, shaking of heads, maybe even a petition or two, then Capcom will announce a Wii U port and look like it's riding in to save the Wii U.

    ... me, cynical? Maybe a little...
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  • Nintendo of America indie chief leaves company

  • Kami 05/08/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77; I'd say Nintendo's biggest mistake right now is that it's not monetising nearly enough of its content.

    I still don't want it on smartphones; but seriously, I'd buy Resident Evil Remake on the eShop. Along with dozens and dozens and DOZENS of other games that have appeared on Nintendo machines in the past, from NES to Gamecube. Before Nintendo even gets to burying the Wii U, perhaps it'd be a good idea to actually SELL PEOPLE STUFF THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY!

    This isn't rocket science. It's so painfully obvious that every time I think of how long this digital content is taking, I sigh and shake my head. Nintendo is sitting on a proverbial goldmine; the revenue from some of this content would be significant if not ludicrous. And all it needs is some people to get it running on Wii U - bells and whistles or not.

    What's surprising is that Nintendo isn't reaching for easy money that would also, at the same time, give it larger market presence, increase value and actually silence a portion of the critics who are complaining Nintendo isn't making nearly enough of its back catalogue. Not to mention actually score it some points versus Sony and Microsoft. Which it sort of needs to do.

    Hell, they did it with the Wii - quite successfully, at that. Why they're taking so long to do it with the Wii U is an embarrassment to the company. There's no actual polite way to put that. Every board member at Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves. "Why we no make moneyz now?"

    It'd be hilarious if they weren't holding such key senior positions in the company. Clearly these business people need to go back to business school...
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  • Kami 04/08/2014

    @Sapporodan; There have been rumours that higher up the food chain in Nintendo HQ, there's a war of words going on and fair bit of backstabbing (source).

    Of course, it's just a rumour. That said, this isn't necessarily uncommon in big companies - you just wouldn't expect it at Nintendo I suppose. I still think going smartphones would be a huge mistake for Nintendo, and focusing on mending third-party fences and getting a few important fan-favourites onto the market (Resident Evil Remake HD Remake, Eternal Darkness, hell, why not help fund a Zombi-U sequel?) is a smarter long-term strategy. If Nintendo can't save the Wii U (contentious issue), then it's got to at least fix relations with others before the next console gets to market.

    Which probably isn't going to happen if there's a power play going on, sadly...
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  • Officially-licensed Legend of Zelda Monopoly revealed

  • Kami 04/08/2014

    You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? Go to jail etc.

    I think this is kind of cool though. Although it's too much a hybrid really - I've seen fan-made "boards" over the years with more thought and care put into them.

    Not to mention most of us who want to buy this will never open the box...
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  • Michel Ancel starts new studio, but remains at Ubisoft

  • Kami 31/07/2014

    @sethsez; Oh come now, even I'm realistic.

    Put me down for a tenner on The Last Guardian.
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  • Kami 31/07/2014

    @Pandy; Indeed, I think Ancel threw his weight around a little and the prospect of losing him entirely might have been a little hard to swallow.

    Hopefully this will have forced Beyond Good and Evil 2 up the importance list a little. Not a bad way to get the ball rolling again, but damned that must have been a ballsy move to make.
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  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • Kami 31/07/2014

    @obidanshinobi; You say Gearbox has learned its lesson - if it had, it wouldn't continue to be trying to absolve itself of responsibility of their own awful product, it'd man up and just bloody apologise for it. I mean, bloody hell, Sega has admitted partial liability in the case. Gearbox is still digging the hole. The first rule of holes is the most obvious one; when you're in one, you stop digging.

    It's not just that it was bad; the amount of lies upon lies, the deceit and the review embargo. It's the culmination of everything that is wrong with this kind of video game; the whole sordid affair. Gearbox clearly learned very little; if it had, it probably would be taking some responsibility for its part in this and likely could have made some amends the past year that would have stopped this, no?

    The problem is asking people to be reasonable when the action perpetrated by Gearbox was so unreasonable is going to be tough. And we should care. Maybe not be over-passionate, but we should care about our rights. Video games have inhabited a very grey legal area for a long time now. They cost a great deal more for us now, and the push into digital could prove more costly still, with no way to get refunds on products or even money for the game as a trade-in. Still think it's unreasonable for us to want consumer law to catch up and clarify the situation before we jump into such a future?

    As for who benefits; that's meant to be the point of a class action lawsuit. It's representative action that's supposed to be to the benefit of all affected parties (reciepts at the ready!). A lot of it also depends on the judge too, of course, as to what any conclusion or corrective measures need to be taken. There's also no guarantee of a win against Gearbox and Sega, of course. They could still state that it wasn't necessarily unlawful, even if it was deeply misleading. And they'd probably be right too.

    But it's getting it that far. And that's what I DO want to see. Changes in the law aren't going to happen during the case; they will happen after it has been heard, and probably concluded to boot.

    The case was allowed to proceed on the merit of consumer law in the first place. A judge allowed it to continue after initial attempts to shut it down. This is Gearbox trying to see if it can shake itself loose. Moreso with Sega admitting partial liability. I don't know how that affects their position though.

    Call me weird, but I'm very interested to see how this case goes in a court. If it turns out it is our responsibility, so be it...
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  • Kami 31/07/2014

    @obidanshinobi; Yes, but there's a genuine thing underlying it all. Most defective products, or missold products, can be returned for a full refund and/or replacement under consumer rights laws. Video games do not currently fall under this; if a game is missold, the onus is on the buyer. Which often means they are left out of pocket as they can't return it, so what happens is many of these games end up on the second-hand market.

    The case was allowed to proceed primarily because of this fundamental oversight: whose responsibility is it to provide a working product? And what is supposed to happen if, as in the case of Colonial Marines, people largely feel cheated or lied to?

    Gearbox made the game and if they didn't realise just how utterly, utterly awful it really was then they really won't be seeing any more of my money. Ever. I will simply not buy their games, the same way I don't buy any EA games anymore. Easy enough. Plenty more out there deserving of attention and purchase.

    As for casting the net too wide; this stuff was used to promote the game in everything from magazines to television; remember the ASA demanded a disclaimer to the trailer footage pointing out it didn't reflect in-game material? I'd say lots of people got to see it. Did it reflect a desire to purchase it? Who knows. By that point we already knew it was a piece of garbage. But no doubt lots of people saw it.

    It's rare I want to punch a company as hard as I want to punch EA, but goddamn, Gearbox have managed it...
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  • Dieselstörmers dev in trademark dispute with clothing brand Diesel

  • Kami 31/07/2014

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Diesel's greatest gaming achievement the alternative costumes in Devil May Cry 2? Reply +3
  • Deep Silver parent company buys Homefront from Crytek

  • Kami 30/07/2014

    Seriously, good luck to all the guys at the studio, and I hope you all get the financial stability to have a happy, fulfilling career.

    *pulls Deep Silver aside*

    Seriously, who the hell do we have to screw around here to greenlight a new Timesplitters?
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  • Shin Megami Tensei 4 Europe release date finally announced

  • Kami 30/07/2014

    Not always happy about this sort of thing. On the other hand, whilst digital-only, it's at a pleasantly lower price point as well.

    I'd make some comment about how others could learn from this kind of behaviour but I fear I'd sound too patronising...
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • Kami 30/07/2014

    @Lemming81; Indeed, EA does seem prone to seeing how far it can push its own limitations, so to speak.

    I'm in two minds about this; arguably, this is where we're headed and someone is going to have to lay the foundations for the future, and make the mistakes and generate the kind of attention that is required for this kind of thing to take root.

    On the other hand, this is EA. Worst company in America winner twice. Most infuriating publisher. It has a history, no-one believes in them to do the right thing and their PR is so devoid of souls that they'd make damned fine boss encounters in Drangleic.

    I am reminded though they have been spiteful in the past too - Steam and Nintendo say hi. EA can be good, but it can be petulant, irresponsible and forget that it's there to provide a service for customers, and that customers are not there to be walking bags of money.

    This could go either way, really. It also brings up a serious point about games as a service - can multiple companies really compete on a hardware front when publishers are looking towards this kind of model? What happens when it's brought under the umbrella of one big company?

    I dunno... EA might think it's pushing for a more independent future and greater control of its work. There's a very real possibility that if this takes off, though, they may lose any bargaining chips they had and find themselves in a worse position than before...
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker delayed until Jan 2015 in Europe

  • Kami 30/07/2014

    @number1024; It is true though that Nintendo has faltered somewhat with the Wii U; it took them less than a year to turn the 3DS around from potential disaster to profitable enterprise. The Wii U - yes, there are games coming, and they look great, and there's plenty of interesting stuff and it's very likely that sales will pick up. But by the time that happens, the Wii U will have been on the market for two years - that's quite a period of time to be finding your feet in a fast-paced market!

    That said, I do somewhat think Nintendo's lead feet have ensured that it hasn't been swept away with some of the most egregious developments in the games market - it's kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other when you come to Nintendo. Because yes, people want Nintendo to move faster, but they also want Nintendo to be different. Those are not mutually exclusive events, no, but at the same time, pushing too hard for Nintendo to adapt to new trends may ensure it learns nothing, and it'd be nice to you know, not see that.

    It's also true that compared to other company losses recently, Nintendo's losses look comically pathetic. Nintendo has spent a lot of money in thee last couple of years, and arguably that is money it should have been spending long before the Wii U hit the market. But it's not haemorrhaging billions annually, and whilst it's shareholders are idiots (the fact a Nintendo shareholder criticised them talking about their video games sales data in a shareholder meeting proof enough), there isn't pressure from within yet to spin off the consoles or force them down a slippery mobile-driven path.

    Nintendo isn't and shouldn't be immune to criticism. It's made an awful lot of mistakes in the last eighteen months, and that's impossible to ignore no matter how hard you try. Pretending it isn't there doesn't negate the reality that the problems are still there. Is the direction it's headed right now looking interesting, healthy and good for us as gamers? Sure. And yes, that's as a result of some of the mistakes they made.

    But Nintendo still has a lot to do to claw back the industry presence it has lost. Fortunately for Nintendo, however, both Sony and Microsoft are also having problems right now and their futures are equally up in the air too. No-one really knows if anyone will get out of this generation without some pretty hefty scars.

    But I will say this; I expect when we look back at this generation, most people will still vote quite a few Nintendo games as the best we had...
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  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • Kami 23/07/2014

    Sometimes I hate being right. :(

    That they're doing this straight after the KickStarter suspension isn't helping their image any. If this is a genuine outfit trying to make a genuine game, then like Winterkewl, they look comically inept at best and utterly incompetent at worst.

    But it looks so much like a scam, so desperate is it for money, so eager to give promises and make excuses about why things aren't going its way. I know that the $50k is a ballpark startup fund so they can look for heavier investment opportunities but still, as obvious as it might be to me, I can imagine another person forgetting that.

    Without protections and guarantees in place, those who give their money to this are going, I fear, to have their hearts broken. In a best-case scenario, we'll see a repeat of the Yogsventure thing; they'll get some distance and maybe show off some gameplay screenshots but they will fall apart and run out of cash. Games are not predictive enterprises; unlike other crowdfunded enterprises like music, comics, board games, books etc., the costs involved are not "fixed" like materials and printing/packaging costs.

    Worst case? They'll disappear, there'll be some questions and soul-searching but ultimately it will be boiled down to "fools and their money". I mean, you do know EA's profits are up because of the 'free2play' model, right? Some people, despite all warnings, can't help themselves.

    And no, I don't think Areal will ever get finished. Not with West Games at the helm, anyway.
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  • Kami 22/07/2014

    @Malek86; I don't think it's the end of the soap opera though. I suspect they'll continue pushing forward looking for funding for a while and continuing to drum up some cheap headlines for the gaming media.

    But it does mean, thankfully, anyone who did fund this project as of right now will not be charged. And that's a positive development.
    Reply +6
  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @AvatarIII; Haha, good PR? Whoever thought this was good PR is a pretty poor public relations consultant! Fake or not, my point stands that the timing of this is incredibly poor in almost every conceivable way!

    It'd be funny if it wasn't actively seeking public funding...
    Reply +2
  • Kami 21/07/2014

    ... this has been one of the weirdest KickStarter campaigns I've seen so far.

    Also, doesn't Mr. Putin have slightly more pressing issues to deal with right now than write letters to video game developers? I'd have thought any hint of his involvement here at this point in time would have crippled interest, rather than boosted it...
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  • The Last of Us getting more DLC, but none of it single-player

  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @woodyrulesok; I don't think they've mentioned it yet. I'd hope there was cross-play, indeed I wondered if that was why they put in a 30fps option, but nothing is concrete yet.

    One thing I do know is no saved progress will carry over; although if you buy DLC on one console, it will carry over to the other...
    Reply +1
  • Kami 21/07/2014

    @AwesomeWells; wasn't Ish just a reference to "Earth Abides" or something? I'm pretty sure we've been over that before here on EG.

    The only character in my mind that might be good for DLC is Bill; but it's not that Bill is gay that is the issue there, but that he is such a crappy human being that he drove his partner Frank to suicide (well, there's more to that story but you know, spoilers). In a sense, that's an interesting story to tell; but how much do we really want to know of that? I mean, there's also the problem underneath it all that can be summed up in a question; is the market really ready for a DLC campaign of a successful game focused on two openly gay male characters? I know, I know. I don't have an issue with it either but you know that's a question they're bound to ask themselves!

    (edit; Mind you, it might be interesting to see how two people in a relationship see it fracture under the weight of the apocalypse. I just wonder if Bill is too... unlikable for this to work though...)

    And if they were to think of new characters, I dare say that'd be best suited for a sequel than DLC - new people should equal new game, really. Overall though, I think TLOU really is solid. And any more single-player DLC would have to be a worthy tale to tell, following what we've already experienced.
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  • Kami 21/07/2014

    I can't see where they'd even take new single-player DLC, to be honest; the main game is so well done, and the DLC we have had was also quite final, that it seems that short of a pointless trip to Joel's 'gap years', or a coy and pointless look post-ending, there's not much left for them to say. And I mean that in a good way; it's so annoying when games don't tidy up after themselves and tease sequels that never come *glares at UbiSoft*.

    Good to see the multiplayer is still being kept up, it's not that bad. And right now, any venture back into single-player is going to require a seriously good tale to tell. If they can't find one, I'd much rather they didn't... we don't need (or want) it following Silent Hill and/or Resident Evil...
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  • Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, original programming

  • Kami 17/07/2014

    @Bauul; Makes sense, though they need to take a little more care with their wording.

    I don't envy Phil Spencer in the slightest either; it cannot be an easy task to be turning the XBox One around, and though I sort of agree with most of these decisions, it's always considered somehow "negative". I guess it's just seeing how much went wrong, I suppose, and/or how much needs to change.

    That said, still plenty more years in this generation yet. Hey, if I can give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, I can spare Microsoft some as well...
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  • Kami 17/07/2014

    Surprise to no-one, though I'm getting increasingly irritated by their comments about "mobile-first world" or such nonsense. It doesn't exactly spell out confidence, for me, in the XBox One. Which isn't a mobile device. You know. Just thought we could point that out to these people...

    Still, "XBox TV... Off."
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  • Autobiographical adventure Coming Out Simulator 2014 sure is tense

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @dean0null; It's very difficult to come out over anything, be it sexual, religious or even as simple as switching football team support. I think that's what this gets at; coming out is, at its very core, about honesty. Honesty is actually quite hard when you think about it; it challenges the status quo, and changes the dynamics of relationships with other people. So often, the lie is easier to live with, because you're not upsetting anyone.

    Still, that said, is it fair to string anyone along longer than you need to? I said this in another thread, there's never a good time to deliver bad news and, typically, most of us make a right meal of it, even when it should be so easy to do. The truth shall set you free, and freedom can be a scary proposition sometimes.

    I know what you mean though. My extended family have never really forgiven me, but that's the course one insignificant life took. The only thing I can do is forgive them. After all, nobody is perfect.

    And hey, as the old saying goes, let he without sin cast the first stone...

    edit; @Jayja - Yeah, but it's about respect. You are free to believe in whatever you want, as I am free to believe in nothing at all. It's accepting that we're all different and when it comes to things like death, the afterlife etc, no-one actually knows. I stopped fighting it ages ago, when it occurred to me that actually, I didn't particularly care (in a nice way!) what others believed in, especially when it affected me in no way whatsoever.

    I'd offer at some point to come back when I die and give you the lowdown on what the great beyond has to offer, but really, if you're going through the trouble of a damned séance, you probably don't want me showing up to dump all over your evening... :P
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  • Wii U version of Project Cars out in 2015

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @christopherdorn; Ahh, the old "you can't just do a straight port" thing. Funny how people forget that port work needs to be done to get it onto PS4 and XBox One as well. Come on, they're not THAT similar. The process may be easier, but that doesn't mean there's no process at all...

    Look, if SMS knew a while ago the Wii U version was flagging behind a little, why didn't they say something? What's with the waiting, and then doing it behind a new wall of security with Bandai-Namco? It looks seedy.

    But then, I am aware there is no actual Wii U footage; simulated trailers, sure, but no actual footage or even screenshots. At this point, some probably were getting a little curious and I guess there is no good time to announce a delay. Still, they probably haven't helped themselves with sensationalist claims like they would show how powerful the Wii U really was.

    I am more interested in the consumer-side of it though, as always, because developers have to make these decisions sure. But they sometimes do make a meal of it...
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  • Kami 12/07/2014

    @liveswired; Problem with that is they've had the Wii U version in development the longest, and it was the first to get on board with the Wii U as well. They've promised a lot since then, talking at length about how things were going great, they'd got more power from the Wii U than they expected etc.

    It's not a case of power or performance (according to themselves, anyway). As mentioned earlier, do they have an obligation to Wii U owners, seeing as it is the console left from the original funding drive (not even taking into consideration it's the version people want most)? To me, the crux of this argument isn't if they could, it's if they SHOULD, after all that has been said and done.

    But then, if it needs more work, damned if they do and damned if they don't. Getting into this position is very careless in the first place, doing it just after the Bamco deal looks shady, and their lack of response except a cold "we hope our dedicated Wii U fans will wait" is laughably insincere.

    Really, it just looks kind of nasty and dishonest. And that's a pretty awful place to be when your game isn't even on the market yet...
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  • Kami 11/07/2014

    @Cosbuster; How so? There's clearly a market - their own poll shows them that. The Wii U is picking up in sales, slowly but it's early days yet. The Wii U also has no other viable rivals to eat into sales - Sony has DriveClub and GT, Microsoft has Forza and potentially another PGR. The Wii U has an entire market without any foreseeable rivals open for the taking.

    If anything, it's slightly mad to be even contemplating a delay of the Wii U version. If there's one thing that doesn't fly with the Nintendo community, it's being treated like trash by third parties, and here we go again - their own worst enemies, delay Wii U version, "Oh why doesn't anyone who said they wanted it want it anymore?" Uhh... yeah.

    Mind you, after a long time buttering up Nintendo fansites over the last year or so, I'm guessing we'll soon hear WHY it's been delayed, along with a "please don't hate us!" line. Whether a charm offensive will work, I don't know. It didn't for UbiSoft, but then, SMS aren't UbiSoft.

    Project CARS isn't my sort of game though, really. As some have said, the lack of ACTUAL Wii U footage for some time (aside a few 'simulated' trailers) may have been a clue not all was well with the Wii U version.

    Still, from a basic business standpoint, it's an odd decision nonetheless, especially since the Wii U version has been in development longer than the XBO and PS4 versions...
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  • Kami 11/07/2014

    Slightly odd, considering even the poll on their own website puts the Wii U version as the most desired, and it's been that way for some time now. Wii U owners as has been said don't have anything like this on the horizon except here - whereas yes, Microsoft and Sony have their own variations in GT and Forza (plus EA's NFS series) (edit; Also, DriveClub). Perhaps that's why those versions are "less wanted".

    I dunno. It just seems a little stupid, considering...
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  • Maia creator ponders two "game two" concepts, but which will he make?

  • Kami 12/07/2014

    the other an evolutionary life sim.
    And suddenly I remember EVO: The Search For Eden. *wistful sigh* I'd love that on Virtual Console...
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  • Chinese MMO house Perfect World buying Warframe developer

  • Kami 09/07/2014

    @CosmicGypsy; Always happy to challenge your expectations! :P

    As I said, the point of an MMO is business at the end of the day, but there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it, in much the same way that microtransactions as a whole can be done right and wrong. PWE came down quite hard on Champions Online; maybe they learned from it, who can say, but still... what is left is not the Champions Online I knew and loved.

    I must say the two MMO's in my life I genuinely loved were Champions Online ('irreconcilable differences') and Tabula Rasa (Deceased). Tells you a lot about my taste in MMO's. And I quite like FFXIV as well. I dare not fall in love though in case I am cursed in some way...
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  • PS4 fails to boost Japan console market

  • Kami 08/07/2014

    @melnificent; Yeah, there's plenty of talk that Nintendo is deep in R&D for the next console already, and they're looking to do a "hybrid" machine that's capable of being both a home console when you need it, and a handheld when you want it. That doesn't mean they're replacing the Wii U anytime soon though, because the logistics and technical challenges that will come with that are still enormous (we're talking battery life, display resolutions vs. cost-efficiency, then you need to be able to have content on both devices or one or t'other which means storage is a big deal, it also means Nintendo has to get cross-play and Virtual Console right in the coming years as well...).

    That said, the 3DS is still doing very well considering how it began...
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