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  • Never Alone review

  • Kami 20/11/2014

    @spekkeh; I believe the original code that went out had some pretty serious issues, the newer code appears to be much more solid. I understand that GamesRadar pointed that out in a recent footnote addition, although whether they'll re-review based on the newer more capable build isn't clear. Reply +4
  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed: Unity patch

  • Kami 17/11/2014

    @donteatmypanda; Watch_Dogs is released for the Wii U this weekend.

    They haven't shown any actual in-game footage of it either; or hyped it at all. Soooo... yeah, I'm very suspicious.

    Probably won't help that put up against Smash and Bayonetta, it's going to look like a pig had a fight with a belt sander... Ubi really isn't having a good time of it right now.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch debacle sparks Ubisoft rethink

  • Kami 14/11/2014

    @SeeNoWeevil; Yup, but durr UK politicians stoopid head up butthole ain't Teresa May purdy?!

    Gah. If we're being forced into the damned EU, let's at least steal their good ideas!
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  • Kami 14/11/2014

    The likes of UbiSoft have a problem; Blizzard showed the last couple days it has also got the same problem (which clearly it didn't learn from the Diablo 3 launch). EA have had it, as have Activision, and Sony and countless others. The problem is that these games simply aren't fucking ready. They really aren't. They reduced the QA stuff on their end because users could do the same sort of thing for nothing (GameSpy even proved you could charge for betas and early access!), but now people are being asked to pay a lot more money on top of their actual game for DLC, Season Passes, maybe Microtransactions. And consumers are getting more and more pissed off. People are getting frustrated.

    I don't think regulation via laws and court cases will help though; we need a change in basic consumer rights, especially in the area of video games and digital media. We can't return games like these to stores (generally, some are awesome enough to be exceptions!) because of some half-arsed law from 1979, which just says the product as sold needs to work (meaning; if the disc runs, it works). That is no longer good enough. Moreso with digital downloads becoming a growing thing; because there, you can't even get money back selling second-hand.

    If we get rules about returning actual broken games, stores will be more wary and developers will be held to account by the middle-men - stores and distributors who will have the most to lose having to refund all that money. Hell, if they have to give refunds on dodgy stock, they'll hate companies who put out broken pieces of shit. Publishers will inevitably at that point put more effort into ensuring developers have a "finished" product or face worse stock deals, or simply lack of interest in supply demand. Which means consumers will be less likely to end up with a pile of wank (although you'll always get some of it. Come on. We've always had shitty games; we always will have shitty games).

    You don't need huge expensive legal examples or moralistic crusades. We just need better protections in our consumer rights is all. For the vast majority of electronic products, the retailer who sells it is liable to refund or replace (some do both) it at the customers behest if it is faulty in the first 30 days.

    Video games should be no exception simply because of the medium they come on. We're not buying the disc. We're paying £40 for what's ON THE DISC. THAT is what needs to sodding well work.

    The distinction needs to be made. Then we'll see some change.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth teased for 3DS... and possibly Wii U

  • Kami 11/11/2014

    Uh-huh. Knew this already though. We had THIS little tidbit over a month ago (note the U-Pad firmware overlay right at the start), so it was already kind of obvious the game was running on Wii U hardware; the U-Pad in particular. Which meant they must have had a devkit and that an actual release on the hardware was probably the intention all along. Which then assumes that this U-Turn was made months ago, for them to (a) have a devkit, (b) port the game and (c) know Nintendo was likely to approve it this time.

    Unless you buy into the odd conspiracy of late that indie games are happening on the Wii U "by accident"; which I don't really understand. "Lol funny story guys, I was given this devkit to make games on and for a year I never once noticed the Nintendo logo on the front of it oh I so crrrrrazy!"

    As for the game, eh, it's not like I remember it. Not sure what it is. Probably the motion of the camera in those big rooms, makes my eyes wobble a little. But I had my fun with Isaac and his family. Good luck to those daring the basement now!

    If you plan to 100% this badboy, you'll need it.
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  • Is Overwatch related to Blizzard's failed MMO Titan?

  • Kami 09/11/2014

    @killuminati2911; Reusing assets has been a thing as long as video games have been around. Sequels are kind of easy to point out though.

    WoW has the same issue Dragon Age 2 did for me - you don't want the recycling to be too obvious. That's when you start feeling as if corners are being cut.

    But there are great examples of games which were built from recycled assets. Remember Link's Awakening? That was made from assets created in an ill-fated attempt to port A Link to the Past to the Game Boy. And Resident Evil 2; yup, the fan favourite Resi (I still wave the flag for Nemesis!) was built from recycled assets, after a prior attempt to make the game fell through! (Leaving us with glimpses into the ill-fated Resident Evil 1.5 and Elza Walker...)

    Even stripping games back has been done well. Vagrant Story was heavily cut back as I recall, because they were so desperate to get the game out before the PSX era ended (it was very late and extremely over budget by the time that order came in!). I don't think anyone felt cheated by the inhuman amount of content delivered in that game. I dread to think what the original vision would have been like!

    This stuff happens and it probably happens a hell of a lot more than we're being told. Blizzard just need to make sure it's fun.

    Heck, they even have actual honest-to-goodness competition in this genre!
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  • Kami 08/11/2014

    Makes a lot of sense. Letting go can be liberating. It gives you new options. One of which they seem to have found in the smouldering wreckage left from Titan. Assets are/were made; guess there's no point letting them go to waste, right?

    I think Hearthstone taught them that bigger isn't necessarily better. They have one massive MMOG on the market which is also multiple styles of game in one, all fighting for attention; it's hard enough for Blizzard to juggle those elements half the time. A second MMO alongside it was clearly not going to work from the sounds of it; even if they could have found a compromise, supporting two big open-world MMO's just sounds like it would have been a terrible idea logistically.

    Will keep an eye on this, alongside Splatoon. Both team-based games where shooting the enemy isn't really the point; one of the EG staff said back-along after E3 that Nintendo and Blizzard have some points of commonality.

    I guess they've both been mining the same field for this. I feel like doing a Vicar of Dibley here, walking in on them and shouting, "OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE JUST KISS YOU MORONS!"
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  • Eternal Darkness dev Denis Dyack back with ambitious new studio

  • Kami 01/11/2014

    @adamjorgensen; Yeah, I was amused when they backpedalled on the connectivity of the two.

    Anyone who had any common sense prior to Defiance being launched could have pointed out the technical and logistical headaches involved in reflecting in-game events in a TV show that was in all likelihood recorded weeks if not months prior. And vice versa, reflecting events in the TV show in-game requires keeping the devs in the loop, and then there's debugging and testing and a whole heap of problems there.

    But at least they tried. I sort of applaud and admire the balls required to even attempt it, regardless of its successes and failures.

    Dyack... he's obsessed with Eternal Darkness. He's desperately trying to relive that one moment where he was respected and congratulated in the industry. He needs to move on.

    But he won't. The whole notion of getting fans to provide scripts and technical workmanship? Cheap labour is my guess. "The fans will WANT to do this for us!" Except, it's exploitative, no? And what "fans"? Most who give two shits still about Eternal Darkness trust Nintendo more than Dyack to do anything even vaguely associated.

    Dyack needs to try something new and let this whole thing go. Really. This is beginning to look desperate on his part and that doesn't inspire confidence.
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  • Kami 31/10/2014

    @darc; Defiance?

    Both the show (it was recently renewed for another season) and the MMO are still going. It is possible. But the full-fat cross-pollination they had been touting never really took off, the logistics of in-game events dynamically changing the TV Show (and vice versa) were a proper nightmare - as you could expect. I think that idea was quietly filed under, "Never to be reopened upon pain of being fired".

    Problem is Defiance was borne of a time when people wanted to make MMO games and find differentiation.

    We've had good horror shows in recent years, from American Horror Story to The Walking Dead and even small British stuff like In The Flesh. Oh, and Twin Peaks is coming back. Because, you know. That's a thing that is happening.

    And we are seeing a new influx of horror games as well, Alien Isolation and The Evil Within (with an interesting new Silent Hill/s game coming along) alongside great low-budget indie offerings.

    Dyack would need something pretty bloody special and imaginative to compete in what is becoming a rapidly competitive space.

    His last version of the project copied Eternal Darkness locales to the point of putting him on a legal warpath with Nintendo.

    That alone suggests Dyack might lack the imagination for this...
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  • Kami 31/10/2014

    Oh dear. I'm all for people continuing in their jobs but for Dyack, Eternal Darkness seems to be an all-consuming obsession, the only thing he thinks he can do, and damned with the consequences and damned be those who get in his way. Doesn't that suggest a real problem on his part?

    I'd have probably been interested in the idea others are running the show except for;

    He also expressed interest in involving a project's community in its development - even to the extent that fans could submit their own scripts or get involved on a TV project's set.
    I'm all for fan feedback, but whole scripts? Question #1; Will fans be paid for their work? I mean, I know scriptwriters are generally not as well paid as actors (generally, there are exceptions), but you will pay people for actual work done, right?

    Yes? No? Don't know? See, this is the whole problem.

    "We've got more going on that we're just not ready to talk about yet."

    You really don't.
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  • Ex-dictator's lawsuit against Call of Duty maker Activision dismissed

  • Kami 28/10/2014

    @IronSoldier; I just got home. Did I fall through a wormhole on the way back? This seems... wrong somehow.

    edit; On the other hand, a court siding with a former dictator might have been a bit weirder...
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  • Video: How does Resident Evil 1's new remake look on PlayStation 4?

  • Kami 28/10/2014

    @lancashirered; Reasoning Capcom have is you can already play this on the Wii U; they re-released this and Resi Zero on the Wii, and seeing as it's backwards compatible...

    I know it's a bit of a silly reason, but Capcom aren't making the brightest of decisions of late. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

    I'd still rather see an HD update of Eternal Darkness first on the Wii U. Chances of that are slim to non-existant but oh, how I want it. Gamecube had some lovely horror...
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  • Excitebike returns in Mario Kart 8 DLC track footage

  • Kami 28/10/2014

    *hums along to the tune* Reply +8
  • There's another fan attempt to remake Resident Evil 2

  • Kami 27/10/2014

    @Softie2k; And yet surprisingly it wasn't the first attempt at the sequel, I mean, we have the infamous Resident Evil 1.5 alpha still knocking about in places!

    I think this new one will run into issues. Rod Lima's was fascinating to see come to fruition, he really did get better at it as time went on (as you'd expect), but it was always more about education, teaching himself, not about remaking the game for other people. I think that is what kept it somewhat safe; there was no sort of threat that this was a thing people might end up playing.

    Games companies always get most twitchy when a fan-made game nears playable (or a solid release) state. This has been the way of things for years, and I don't doubt this will be another instance.

    But still, that trailer looks gorgeous. How fan projects have moved on...
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  • EA execs off the hook in Battlefield 4 'you lied to inflate share price' lawsuit

  • Kami 23/10/2014

    @ilikegames101; Red Bull GmbH settled out of court and agreed to compensate purchasers to the tune of (up to) $10 each. It never even got as far as a courtroom.

    However, it was not the "gives you wings" bit that spooked them. Easy to get hung up on it, but also part of the suit was an analysis on claims that the drink gave consumers "increased mental and physical performance". Such claims would, in a court, have to be medically substantiated. And it'd probably have cost them a lot more than the $13 million they settled on to do that alone.

    Still, I have to say the guy who complained about "not getting wings" did sound like a right tit. Would have been funny to see that bit argued in a courtroom...
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  • Kami 23/10/2014

    @dirtysteve; Shareholders, because the case centred around whether certain executives lied in/to the media to increase share values in the short term to profit from selling their own shares.

    As the article above states; EA top bods Andrew Wilson, Peter Moore, Frank Gibeau and Patrick Söderlund apparently made nearly $20m, collectively, selling shares during this period.

    But the problem with this is that whilst the comments, the judge agreed, were clearly puffery and complete arse - because they did not promise anything tangible or specific, they are not actionable grounds for misselling.

    However, whilst not actionable, I dare say the actions of said listed executives look sleazy as hell. But then, humour face on, this is EA we're talking about...
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  • Legend of Grimrock 2 review

  • Kami 21/10/2014

    @HunterSeeker; The problems stem from it's old-school attitude.

    There is a LOT of backtracking to be done in this game, and it tends to grate after a while especially with respawning enemies and the issue of enemies in certain areas getting progressively harder after key points.

    Some of the puzzles are obtuse to the point of utter stupidity, requiring either extreme lateral thinking OR a walkthrough. It's that old adventure game sensibility where there's only one solution to a given problem and you have to find it, however obvious (or not) it is. Oh, and digging riddles. *sigh*

    There are also moments that the game, in an attempt to further ramp up the challenge, will pit you against a pretty large swarm of enemies. In the likes of Doom, this is kind of okay because you have a freedom of movement. In a game like Grimrock, and it's grid-based system, this isn't the case, and if you get yourself pinned in (the AI loves to do that), it's absolutely brutal. This is especially true with certain bosses and "special" enemies who have adds as well as their own hard-hitting moves (some of which can bypass adds in front of them).

    Which wouldn't be so bad if the loading/saving wasn't extremely slow for me. It takes a lot longer to save and load; I can understand this to an extent, but when later swarms and puzzles require a little experimentation, it's teeth-gratingly sluggish.

    That's some of the flaws I've found in the game at any rate.
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  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • Kami 20/10/2014

    Good luck to Ms. Raymond, congratulations for all you have achieved.

    Would it be terribly poor form to point out this as the kind of person I'd like my niece to look up to as a role model?
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  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals first slice of I Am Bread gameplay

  • Kami 20/10/2014

    Oh dear, the puns have killed the conversation.

    Baguette and tag it already.
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  • Walking is the new shooting

  • Kami 18/10/2014

    @aryajedi; Please don't forget Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 1-3 (and maybe even The Room), Okami, Lufia 2 (which I maintain has one of the strongest endings in any game to date) Eternal Darkness, Beyond Good and Evil... heck, want a strong modern example of exquisite storytelling? DARK SOULS!

    Narrative is so much more than words. Jeffrey has wrongly confused key points of disarmament as "narrative"; they can contribute to it, sure. The Last of Us does that brilliantly at the beginning, there's no question about that. However, that sets up the person Joel is when the action starts - bitter and angry. It's a set-up; a "Well, this happened." The meat of the narrative, and the point of the story, comes MUCH later. The action drives key plot points too. But hey, you can prove anything with facts, right?

    This isn't an opinion piece though; it's a fait accompli, and that really irritates me more than anyone can ever know.
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  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Kami 17/10/2014

    @bobfish09; Maybe, maybe not. I can't really speak for America, but I can believe they're not all the right-wing Fox News loonies the world tends to see.

    Oh my goodness, was that a comparison to gamergate? Honest guv'nor, I swear to God that I wasn't looking for it it just fell from the sky I swear I didn't take it from anywhere and I totally wasn't looking for one! ;)
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  • Kami 17/10/2014

    Oli, I'd also welcome more discussion beyond Anita Sarkeesian about equality in general across the gaming sphere. It says a lot when the only role-model for the disabled I can pluck out of my gaming hat is Jeff "Joker" Moreau (who in the story had osteogenesis imperfecta - or Brittle Bone Disease, and yet is still a damned fine pilot!). Most of the time it's either played for a cheap laugh (sorry GTAV, you did that) or they're given mystical powers/cybernetics in order to do normal stuff.

    It's telling that looking back at the last twenty years, you can see significant change in female representation in society. In the UK, the unemployment rate for disabled people is around 50%. And it's stayed at that figure for twenty years, despite the best efforts of governments and charities to change it. Did I mention that reports of violence against the disabled are up 13% on last year? And that the disabled are three times more likely to be the victims of violent crime?

    I approve of the idea of burying #GamerGate but I'd love for a more broad analysis of what we can do in terms of representation. I mean, do I REALLY need to point out what most lead characters are? Yes, male. Also Caucasian white. And built perfectly. With no defects of any kind for the most part. They are heroes, know about every weapon known to man (and often, sometimes those which aren't) and always succeed without any consequences to their often violent actions. #unrealisticstandards.

    I may get negged for this, but it isn't and shouldn't just be about Anita Sarkeesian. I'm sorry, but you know, someone should say it. I get that women make up 50% of society (Marge Simpson; "Well, duh"). The disabled make up 15% though, we're not that much a minority! And we're way more diverse culturally, ethnically and physically than our games would have us believe. We still play fat people as a joke card, after all. Come on. Let's grow up a little!

    I wonder if the notion and debate of female representation isn't actually the EASY option. I mean, why would we be against that, eh? Girls are awesome (unless you are gay, again, I can't say that representation has been great in recent years either). Disability? Ethnic representation? Ooh. Touchy subjects. Difficult. Can't talk about those in the same way, right? How do we represent the disabled? How do we get more racial backgrounds in without the notion of racism, either implied or construed?

    I am aware that asking for change of all of this will take time, and may indeed be tantamount to one more step up the evolutionary ladder. But I'd like to see us tackle those challenges together, rather than keep trying to ram down one door which is likely to open up given time and a little space. Change isn't immediate. Give the market time to adapt, rather than continue to be a jerk about it. Games aren't made overnight. Well, okay, Colonial Marines might have been...

    And failing that, let's all just team up and go Katamari on this thing. Get a ball rolling and crush the crap out of anything in our way, until we've cleared out enough space to rebuild something better on. We can work together. We all want the same thing; so why narrow the field?

    Let's aim for Gaming Equality. Right now, I worry people are thinking too small. You can't change the world by focusing on knocking out one or two bricks...
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  • Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire let you fly freely around Hoenn

  • Kami 14/10/2014

    @ShadowDarkrai; Seems they fixed it before I got to see it. Oh EG, how you tease... Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 13 PC gets a mod to overcome its 720p lock

  • Kami 11/10/2014

    @sidspacewalker; He's also showing up these companies by so easily implementing the options, as a complete outsider. Which might be considered a tad embarrassing, no?

    I mean, imagine the conversation at the office. "The boss wants to see you upstairs, something about a Durante putting in resolution support in a day when you said it would be too difficult..."
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  • Kami 10/10/2014

    Once again, doing in a day what some companies utterly forget to do at all. I get the feeling some developers must really hate Durante... Reply +40
  • Bayonetta 2 demo is out now

  • Kami 11/10/2014

    @mdeneuve; Exactly. I do this from time to time - I'm all for taking a shot or two at Nintendo when the need arises, but sometimes the problem is that it's so easy that people forget that Nintendo isn't always the asshole in the equation, and that letting others hide behind Nintendo to continue to be utter cocks is sometimes counter-productive as a whole.

    Nintendo picked up the pieces of Bayonetta 2 when no-one else would. If this was a spin on the Good Samaritan tale, this would end with the poor guy walking outside to a mob armed with torches and pitchforks, screaming, "BURN HIM! BURN THE HERETIC!" Because people have just wholesale bought into one train of thought, r.e. Nintendo is always wrong. They can't process the notion that the fault may not actually be with Nintendo, but the industry around them. But that's another issue entirely r.e. some people genuinely can't see for the sun shining out of their chosen ones cloaca.

    I just think people should think about it; when every chance was missed by so many, shouldn't we just be happy that Nintendo made this happen? Can't we be grateful for one small mercy? Can't we for once give credit where it's very much due without somehow trying to also talk down Nintendo at the same time?

    I don't want to stop people being fanboys (Christ, I would aim for something more attainable before that, like swimming to The Moon, curing Cancer with whatever is growing in the back of my garden - don't ask - or willing the likes of IS out of existence with the power of my mind!). Just that, you know, sometimes it's very easy to hate on something. So much so that certain people can't ever see the good they can do. (Not aiming at you mdeneuve, it's just a general observation.)

    And if you think about it, that's a pretty sorry existence, wouldn't you agree? :)
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  • Kami 09/10/2014

    @mdeneuve; I think it's become very clear that this isn't likely to see a release outside the Wii U; Nintendo funded the whole project, after all. As has been said, you might as well ask for the new Zelda game on a PS4 at that rate for all the good it'll do.

    Just enjoy it on Wii U. It's a gorgeous, fun game. People who are upset at the exclusivity on this might want to take up their grievances with various publishers and Sony/Microsoft themselves, seeing as how no-one else was interested in funding this other than Nintendo.

    Sometimes it's worth getting to the root of why people are so mad. I get people are upset this isn't coming to their consoles... but really, shouldn't they be asking why their respective consoles turned down financing this in the first place? Because clearly Nintendo wasn't their first choice (though you wouldn't believe that playing the demo, sheesh!).

    But I suppose it's easier to blame Nintendo for saving something that might have never happened (and getting exclusivity into the deal), than to blame various other companies who simply didn't see the potential, or wanted to take the financial risk involved in it.

    That's not being horrible, just making an observational point. Feel mad. But Nintendo isn't the problem here, and it's silly to keep dragging this game down in this way.
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  • Kami 09/10/2014

    This demo has me so psyched for the actual release!

    I have to say I fancy Jeanne more. I know. I'm weird.
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  • Dark Souls 2 dev reveals which bosses people failed at most often

  • Kami 10/10/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25; Tip under spoiler.

    Turn around, nab summons around the grave area and then keep running straight until you hit the south wall - the whole area is boxed in. Facing the wall, follow it (running) to the right, and this will eventually take you straight to the boss entry spot (cutting out a lot of the other enemies in the zone except the Ixions) - you won't be able to miss it, a ramp leads down to a small bridge over a crevice (kill any Ixions before crossing as they CAN knock you or your NPCs/summoned help off!). You can let summons help take on the Ixions, but I think they begin to overwhelm after five minutes or so - the respawn timer just keeps getting shorter and shorter the longer you stay there, so keep the pace brisk. You can always come back later for exploration and items!

    I would say that the NPC summons certainly help with making it a little easier getting there, and they trivialise the final boss encounter there quite significantly, so it's worth the effort.

    edit; Not my favourite spot either though. The idea is nice; the execution was lacking somewhat.

    edit 2; What it should have been was a little like the old PS2 "The Thing" game; a tense trudge through a hopeless blizzard, with a selection of nasties hidden in various buildings along the way guarding nice rewards. The Ixions are a soft enrage and it makes it a bit too rush-rush, which just robs it of something.
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  • Kami 10/10/2014

    I maintain the Old Iron King bosses were the most "Dark Souls" of the lot; they required a little bit of relearning basics (even ol' Magic Smelter, who had some sneaky changes that would punish the complacent. "Oh, I've done this befor...SMACK!".

    Frozen King was far too basic in terms of boss structure (really, the only major challenge is taking on the first boss without finding the ring...), whilst I think Sunken King bosses relied a little more on "chaos theory" and randomness. Nothing says disappointment like Elana going, "AND NOW, I SHALL SUMMON... piglets? Uh-oh..."

    Take out the DLC bosses though, I'd say the main challenges would likely have been The Ruin Sentinels (the amount of whinging over those guys for so long was almost wonderful, and even better, they can be skipped) and The Lost Sinner (Again, this was probably because they walled off some of the lighting unless you beat The Gargoyle Swarm, which sadly by the time you're able to do that, The Lost Sinner shouldn't be posing an issue anyway).

    However, the most fun I had was The Pursuer. Co-operatively, that's a wonderfully clever little fight and it still stuns me how many people forget to use the ballista. But get it right and it's a doddle and just a bit of fun. Now, taking on the earlier (optional) Pursuer... that's a little more tricksy!
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  • LittleBigPlanet 3 release date delayed slightly in Europe

  • Kami 10/10/2014

    Maybe something to do with servers? Sony have been having some issues in that area lately, and a staggered launch might ease the load... just a thought. Reply +1
  • Catwoman gets re-imagined by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura

  • Kami 09/10/2014

    Nice dragoon armour, but I prefer the skimpy designs of Bayonetta.

    Speaking of which, is EG going to mention that a Bayonetta 2 demo went live today? (edit; they appear to have just mentioned it, hurrah! This armour is still Dragoon-like though. FFXI and FFXIV players will know what I mean.)
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  • WildStar calls off Christmas, Halloween content

  • Kami 08/10/2014

    @Pasco_ - Not a game, but Nintendo's handheld market has seen off its share of rivals... Reply 0
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth developer teases Wii U release

  • Kami 07/10/2014

    Noooo... don't get me hooked on this again! I have 500+ hours logged on the old Steam version and I don't know if my weak, hopeless brain could resist this on Wii U - and even less so a possible 3DS version for on-the-go gaming!

    Scares me more than Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs does...
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King review

  • Kami 02/10/2014

    @furrykitty; In defence, this is the only real weak link in the DLC. There's nothing wrong with DLC to enhance or further a game. And in many respects, The Lost Crown Trilogy is DLC done surprisingly right - far enough after release to add renewed interest, with enough new ideas and content to feel like a genuine addition, not something sliced off the main game.

    Sure, Ivory King leaves me cold. But despite being a bum note (edit; and even being a bum note, it's still Dark Souls 2 and probably better than many full releases!), the prior two were together well worth the season pass. It's never nice to feel somewhat let down, but in spite of that, I do think we've had enough additional content here to more than justify the expense.

    So there's always that.
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  • Kami 02/10/2014

    Sadly Simon, I disagree. I think Ivory King has been the worst DLC of the trilogy and by some margin.

    There are big reasons for this but to tackle (and muddy) a few points you made;

    1) The story is by no means tied up. The Silent Oracle leaves us many more questions than answers. There are lots of spoilery reasons for this, but she leaves the whole thing wide open for more DLC. Not that that string didn't, but she certainly does a notable job in giving scope to it.

    2) The final battle is a clone. And if you do get around to doing it properly with the knights, it's a pretty straight-forward clone fight with additional assistance. There seems to be little balance in it either; there's no sweet spot where it's neither too easy, nor too frustrating without.

    3) You missed out that area also, once done, doubles up as a souls grind area. A limitless souls grind area. Oh, but with reason - you need to farm Loyce Souls. And enemies down there don't respawn naturally, so you either need to teleport back out to force respawn, or log out of the game. And those Loyce Souls are super-rare at that, so say hello to a massive time-sink grind!

    4) Looping back makes the linear nature of Eleum Loyce feel like a racetrack, more than a place. It's a lovely looking track, with a few small offbranches (required for final boss though), but it's all leading back to the same place. A novel conceit, but not really strong enough in execution, because it seems desperate to kind of finish itself off. Presumably to get you to aforementioned time-sink!

    I could go on, but I am bitterly disappointed with this DLC. After raving about how awesome Old Iron King was - and it was BRILLIANT - this is a pretender at best. It's a cobbled together hash of "things", recycled and re-purposed, with some items now creating a headache in PvP (because of COURSE they had to drop in some OP PvP items!).

    The two prior DLC packs were so much more inventive and had real purpose. Eleum Loyce speeds you towards a conclusion only to finish itself with a time-sink grind. Ironic, really, that out of everything Dark Souls 2 and it's DLC has done right, it's this DLC pack that leaves me utterly cold...
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  • Project Cars shooting for 1080p 60fps on both Xbox One and PS4

  • Kami 29/09/2014

    @scuffpuppies; That's the problem with fanboys today. "You started the fire!" "No, YOU started the fire!" "No, YOU DID IT!"

    Uhh, whilst it's mildly amusing to see you all slap each other silly, can we just point out that the fucking thing IS ON FIRE! Simmer down, put out the fire, salvage what you can. THEN we'll argue about who did what, when and how.

    It's amazing how much the industry can get away with because of all the infighting. If people worked together, chances are we could clean up a hell of a lot in a very small space of time.

    But we can't. So we won't. And by god, that's so depressing I'm going to drag myself into that corner over there and cry, rocking back and forth whilst I do so...
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  • Someone's found a new loot farming cave in Destiny

  • Kami 26/09/2014

    @LordDemigod; We did at the start of Pandaria by the way. It was called "being a rogue" - Sra'vess was the playground, the Mantid the target and pickpocketing the skill. If you were really good at it, 8k an hour was a relatively easy achievement.

    Weirdly, that was first found out because rogues effectively discovered how rare their weapon drops were in Mogu'Shan Vaults (daggers had the lowest drop rates in error or something - an issue they only fixed when Siege of Orgrimmar was put in, which is a huge gap!), forcing them to find an efficient pickpocketing field to get their hands on the traditional smoke blade or krol cleaver. When they found out that the junk picked up from Mantids stacked and sold for up to 50g each... yeah. Things went from bad to slightly ridiculous.

    I think there's a parallel there. People are being driven to find loot (presumably to get to new parts of the game), which in turn invariably leads to arguably lots of people looking for places to farm and, inevitably, vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

    All to sort of get past a loot or ilvl wall. It's surprising how not-new this problem is...

    edit; Also, just to point out how this goes, originally it was a bunch of lower-lvl stealth mobs that didn't aggro that were exploited. Then it was the ones on the island who, if you got it wrong, were quite capable of actually killing you (meaning risk/reward was quite interesting). They fixed that with Siege, which forced rogues to find another one. And they did. Saurok Beach/Caves on Thunder Isle, and if you got the transform spell, they don't even aggro!

    Rather than knee-jerking a reaction, probably would have been more sensible to fix the original problem, because now people will always be looking for this stuff...
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  • Watch Dogs Wii U won't get the Bad Blood DLC

  • Kami 26/09/2014

    @Syrette; I think the issue is wondering if UbiSoft simply couldn't make the best of a bad situation.

    They don't HAVE to support the Wii U; but, that said, they chose to in this case and have spent a lot of time and money porting this game to the Wii U - even dedicating a whole studio to it, namely UbiSoft Romania. They're balls-deep already. They have been for some time.

    Truth is, I'm surprised they didn't can it when they pulled Ubi Romania over to fix the PS4/XBO versions, but that's just me. If ever there was an opportune moment to cut it off and save some cash, that was it. But for some reason, they've thrown even more people at the Wii U version since then.

    Now they've got to try, somehow, to sell the Wii U version to the Wii U audience (never an easy audience). They spent their money on this; as much as UbiSoft don't have to support the Wii U, guess what? We, as consumers, don't have to buy their games either! The onus in this situation is on UbiSoft finding a way to sell this product to an audience, somehow, to get something back from their time and expense.

    Does that have to be this DLC pack? I don't know. But then again, truth is we still know nothing about the Wii U version. I don't recall any official Wii U screenshots or trailers; just promises and words. UbiSoft have yet to try and sell this product. When you consider it'll be full retail price as well, UbiSoft Romania will have had to pull a playboy bunny from that little hat. But if they did a good job, then hooray. I'd be happy for them. I like a good two-fingers; a studio who, against the odds, actually did something surprisingly good.

    But it's still poor business sense to announce cut content, available on other platforms, before you've even shown any actual representative footage from your product... it's kind of just silly. Probably would have been smarter to stay silent and at least wait for sales figures in the first few weeks.

    They don't have to support the Wii U, no. But sending a game out there to die like this to prove a point devalues the hard work of the people who worked on it in my view.
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  • Kami 25/09/2014

    @Rogueywon; It's true, not counting that I could probably MSPaint a better ad campaign for the Wii U than Nintendo.

    Nintendo has fumbled the ball badly; without access to arguably sensitive documentation it's hard to say who shot first, or without a sensible research campaign to find a common causality. I don't think even the most hardened of Nintendo fans would argue the Wii U is doing pretty badly.

    But then, it should drive more creative mindsets to drive change than it is doing, and that goes for third parties as well. It's a shared responsibility on all of them. The games have been great for the most part; but it's a collective fumbling in the dark that seems to be making the situation a bit desperate.

    Oh god, please don't hold me to that MSPaint thing...
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  • Kami 25/09/2014

    Not a surprise.

    I just hope UbiSoft take a little responsibility for what we're guessing will be pretty dismal Wii U sales. Lacking content, uninspired extra features, months late, at full retail price and the game itself got a really awkward reception in the first place... oh, and no actual footage or screenshots of the Wii U version yet (despite the fact it was developed by a second team - at considerable expense - separately from the Montreal Studios version). Choices have been made, and UbiSoft will have to live with those choices.

    Even if the game isn't a Total_Dog, it won't be helped by it's release window; "Hey Dan, you going to buy Watch_Dogs on the Wii U?" "No, because I'll be playing Smash U instead."

    We all know this is a disaster waiting to happen, but disasters are good if lessons can be learned from them. UbiSoft has already decided that Wii U owners 'Don't want mature games'.

    I'd say it's for all the other silly reasons, but somehow I'm not sure UbiSoft care.
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  • Ex-Team Ico devs reveal trailer for exploratory adventure Vane

  • Kami 26/09/2014

    It looks really lovely actually. Even without the news story affixed, you kind of know from its art direction that this is of the same artistic pool of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It's that same simple, natural and open visual style that still somehow conveys an oppressive atmosphere.

    It's not much to go on, but glad to see they're moving on to new things and I can't wait to play it already.
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  • How a passion for Zelda is driving Dynasty Warriors to fresh audiences

  • Kami 24/09/2014

    @Raiko101; That's what I've said before, but you know UbiSoft... *sigh*

    I still hold out some hope that if not a sequel, someone will come in and do a spiritual sequel if nothing else...
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  • Kami 24/09/2014

    @technotica; I can sadly not preach about buying consoles for one game when I even bought a Dreamcast solely for Code: Veronica back in the day.

    Fortunately, Wii U has a stack of damned fine games so once you're done with Hyrule Warriors, well... Super Mario 3D World, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Zombi-U (sad proof that when UbiSoft do something right, we seem to ignore it. Insert depressed face here), Wind Waker HD... oh, and Smash U (love calling it that!), Bayonetta 2 and Splatoon (q1 2015 supposedly) all coming in the next few months. And that's before you get to the indie stuff, or the Virtual Console.

    Hyrule Warriors is surprisingly solid though. And it also serves as a reminder that, really, although Link is 'the Hero of Time', he really does need the help, power and wisdom of women along the way.

    Hyrule, Lorule and plenty of other factions in the series suggest that it's a pretty matriarchal society.
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  • Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown of the Ivory King delayed

  • Kami 22/09/2014

    @Kaminari; I'd say players sort of know what they were hoping for.

    I don't think it's fair to criticise Dark Souls 2's level design and layout because, actually, I think logically speaking it was purposefully meant to be that way. Each section tells a story. Each area has its own specific things wrong with it. Each part has its own mechanics, it's own elements. It's way more Metroidvania than even Dark Souls was.

    But it needed a solid, overarching plot to go with it. Admittedly, you had to work a bit to find it in Dark Souls, but Dark Souls 2 makes it even more difficult to piece together a bigger picture. To do that, and this is to help those struggling to find one so no spoiler tags, you'll need to talk to all the NPCs at regular intervals, especially Queen Nashandra and Sweet Shalquoir, often interrupting what you're actually doing to go back to them and get more perspective on the plot. And yeah, I'm sorry but that's just a little bit silly.

    I actually think FROM are fantastic world builders. Drangleic is a really nice piece of work. But I think there's a fine like between being obscure, and just coquettishly teasing all the time. Dark Souls 2 never quite gets that balance right. I think FROM are pretty poor storytellers, and I think in some regards they're leaving gaps for us to just fill in. "We couldn't think of anything, go to a fansite and read a five thousand word fan-written essay and see if they can do any better."

    Again, there's a fine line between leaving gaps for us to fill in with our imaginations, and leaving craterous plot holes. I just don't think Dark Souls 2 quite got that balance right.

    It's very difficult to do though. And hell, Dark Souls 2 is far from a failure. It's ambitious enough to try it and 90% of the time, it does succeed. It's just that last 10%...

    Mind you, that is true Dark Souls in style so if that's what they were going for... well, nailed it FROM!
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  • Kami 22/09/2014

    @Arcturas; Link under the spoiler. Sir Alonne, NG+Max

    I first did it on NG+2. That was hard enough. And it really, REALLY forces you to learn about rolling..
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  • Kami 22/09/2014

    @Arcturas; Yeah, don't wear Velstadt's Helm, because that's kinda what pisses him off!

    Freeman76 - The Sunken King DLC I found a disappointment - the bosses weren't that challenging, or interesting. Which is odd because it was proper Dark Souls in locale design, with some really smart puzzles and traps. I think the pay-off just wasn't quite there, sadly. A tad anti-climactic, if you will.

    The Old Iron King has been way more fun and interesting however. Great story/lore, very nice location, some great puzzles, a few clever hidden bits, cursed sections and importantly, a couple of really great bosses (Magic Smelter Demon not included)

    Not to mention the second DLC has Sir Alonne, who is without question my favourite boss fight in Dark Souls 2. And if you want a REAL challenge, beat him without taking damage. The game rewards you with Sir Alonne having a special death animation! Because why not?

    I'm hoping Ivory King is more Old Iron King than Sunken King as a result. It'll be a pity if it doesn't hark back to the Painted World of Ariamis, because I still think that was one of the most interesting locales in Dark Souls...
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reveals adorable pet dog

  • Kami 22/09/2014

    why is he wearing an eye-patch?
    Because his eye is clearly very damaged as a cub.

    But more importantly, it makes his adult form look bad-ass as hell.
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  • Kickstarter updates Terms for successful-then-cancelled projects

  • Kami 22/09/2014

    @RGeefe; Problem is, they never did in the first place as Amazon take a 5% cut of that figure - so those asking for £50,000 would automatically be down £2,500, for example. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a cautious step forward for Capcom's troubled franchise

  • Kami 19/09/2014

    All sounds like a monumental step back to my ears.

    Revelations had tension building; it had surprises, and genuine moments of crystalline "WTF?!" Ooze Rachel was a great baddie! This sounds so much like it's taking Revelations towards the rest of the recent Resident Evil games, and that's... really sad. Truly sad.

    Couple that with a recycled plot (can Claire ever not be kidnapped and taken to a prison island rampant with undead? Or is this just her thing now? Will Anita Sarkeesian have something to say about this? Answers on a postcard...) and an engine which hasn't exactly been known for doing good stuff in HD (Revelations HD says hi. Well, it said, "Uuuurghhhngh..." but I suppose that's a greeting...) and it all sounds... well, a bit shoddy.

    Also, the season pass is more expensive than individually buying the episodes. Can we stop calling the extra content we're going to be paying for "bonus content"? It's not bonus content. People are paying extra for that. There's nothing about it that's a bonus. You pay more, you expect more right?

    Sorry if this sounds like having a downer. I love Resident Evil as a series... it's why seeing stuff like this happen breaks my cynical little heart. EG may see this as a step forward... but off what?

    I hope it proves me wrong though. I hope the gameplay is solid. Because the alternative is the realisation that Resident Evil may have stopped being a good series. And that would make me very sad. :(
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