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  • Splatoon stock swiped in Nintendo lorry heist

  • Kami 27/05/2015

    Wow, that's... extreme.

    I mean, I'm desperate to play Splatoon, but not that desperate...
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  • Project Cars Wii U stalled, may be delayed until NX

  • Kami 27/05/2015

    @Triggerhappytel; Exactly. They have been talking this up for a couple of years and now it's like... were you lying then, Slightly Mad, or are you lying now?

    We could go back a little further to start of 2014 (source) - here's two quotes which are kinda cute now!

    Andy: I literally just had a blast racing around one of our tracks in the rain (the most graphically-intensive weather setting) and it held up pretty damn well. Of course, there are optimizations still to be done, but side-by-side, the Wii U version we have running in the studio is extremely promising.
    Every screenshot or video you’ve seen from Project CARS so far has been taken by an actual player – any one of our WMD community members. So there should be trust already that what you see on websites or on YouTube is actually what you’re going to see in the game. There are no plans to abuse that trust when it comes to the Wii U version.
    How about that time Lee Kirton tweeted that Wii U version was due 2015? (Source)

    I'll just leave Queen say my overall feelings.

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  • Kami 26/05/2015

    @Mr_V - I have no idea why they clung onto it either. I'm going to posit a theory that some people inside SMS will be asking themselves the same question right now - why did we keep up this pretence, and why didn't we do a little work months if not years ago where we'd have seen this as a problem?

    Pinning their hopes on the NX is perhaps indicative of this lack of forethought; we have no idea what it is, or what it will entail, or what hardware will be in it. But that they hope it'll port over easier to that... well, it's a little silly, isn't it? Chances are it will port over easier, of course, but after all this fuss - will NX owners be interested in a port of what will be a two year old game?

    This is all lose-lose for SMS. Probably avoidable but I do feel for them.

    (And you're welcome to the simile. :) )
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  • Kami 26/05/2015

    @Mr_V - It was on the table as they put it on the table. It's one of those things where they probably should have known better, but decided not to do the work until, you know, the game was made. And then they realised what they made wasn't going to scale back down to the Wii U (I hear Project Cars has a few performance issues with weather effects, which is a shame...).

    In some ways, I'm a little tired of this generations lofty promises versus the actual realities possible. It's become an irksome little trend, not just for the Wii U but for the PS4 and XBO as well. We're shown, or promised, something and then it just... doesn't happen, or is scaled down because they couldn't do what they showed or promised on current hardware.

    Frankly, I'm starting to call these things "Unicorns"; they promise us a unicorn, but they can't really deliver it because it was always a fantasy. Sometimes we get a donkey with an ice-cream cornet strapped to its head. I like donkeys. They're adorable. And therefore I should still love a donkey in a silly hat - perhaps more so. But you still can't shake that feeling that... well... we were promised a unicorn.

    And I'm not sure if that's entirely the fault of developers either. After all, we are the ones expecting the bloody unicorn even though we know it's a fictitious creature. We've had enough of it this generation (and some of it last generation) to be acutely aware that what we see and what we hear isn't always what we're going to get, and somehow we still expect delivery of a unicorn on the proscribed date.

    There's a serious disconnect going on. It's more acute on the Wii U, for sure, but it's still commonplace around the industry. Sure, they got money in their crowdfunding from Wii U owners (problematic and will dent trust), but we've only ever been shown "simulated" footage on a PC. At no point did they ever say, "This is running on a Wii U!"

    That's why I'm not surprised. I don't think the Wii U works as an afterthought in most cases. Perhaps that's the problem. But it's an obvious problem, and I can't help but think SMS were at best naive in their hopes, and at worst, don't really care...
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  • Nintendo hires Bowser as new US sales chief

  • Kami 21/05/2015

    @DrStrangelove; I will never ever accept that name. Ever. His name is, was and will forever be Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

    And to be honest, if Dr. Ivo Robotnik did get a job at Sega, chances are the soulless mechanical slaves he might create from the board would make some better business decisions in the long run... ;)
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  • Diablo 3 third anniversary adds cow level on PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Kami 15/05/2015

    Wow, everyone here earned themselves a pat on the head! Reply +4
  • Nintendo dates E3 Digital Event

  • Kami 13/05/2015

    I have to say I missed the cheesy comedy from Nintendo lately, and this scratches that itch...

    Other than that, they're sticking to what worked last year. And I can't say I blame them because barely anyone had a bad word to say about what they did. Probably saves them some cash too, which isn't actually a bad thing either.

    Would it be sad to admit I miss the corny Tomodachi videos?
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  • The Division set for an early 2016 release

  • Kami 12/05/2015

    @CatmanBegins; Technically, that was Shigeru Miyamoto but regardless it's an awesome quote and one the industry needs to have stencilled in every damned office and boardroom.

    As for The Division... we will see. UbiSoft is in that "Must Do Better" bracket of late.

    I'm still hoping one day they'll realise Beyond Good and Evil 2 is their main hope of getting back some of our favour...
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  • The Ł33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass

  • Kami 28/04/2015

    Oh dear. I think I'll be keeping my money until further notice, thanks WB! Reply +5
  • Sofa-nerfing Battlefield Hardline patch out now

  • Kami 28/04/2015

    Sounds like a fair bit of work has gone into this patch, which should cushion the blow somewhat... Reply +15
  • The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one

  • Kami 28/04/2015

    @ShiftBreaker - I like the one on the right. That's my personal preference. I think aesthetically it's youthful and flirty enough without being OTT.

    I do have some issues with this focus on Cindy (I still struggle not to say Cidney, because you know, what WOULD HAVE MADE MORE SENSE SQUARE-ENIX PEOPLE!), partially because last week's additions to Resident Evil: Revelations 2 went by with barely a whimper.

    Rachel is not radically different in design to Cindy; her wetsuit barely able to contain the two rather large floatation devices welded to her chest, splayed down the middle, hair drawn over her eyes so your focus is inevitably lowered to the twin buoys she brought along for shits and giggles. Rachel is even now considered as a fan-favourite addition to the series.

    Lady Hunk - sure, let's take Hunk, remove his trousers to reveal a pair of hotpants and call that a woman. What brilliance! I'd like to know how many bottles of expensive booze it took before someone had the bottle to bring that one up...

    Moira's "Urban Ninja" Outfit - okay, this was there from the start, but then, I've always felt Ninjas were slutty. No wait, sorry, silly me, I'm thinking of Dead or Alive. Ironically, despite using the same engine, the girls in the forthcoming Fatal Frame are actually clothed to a certain degree! Even Ayame, although she's still tarting it up a tad.

    But my problem is - who finds these things sexy? Teenage boys? The ESA Essential Facts of Gaming 2015 posits that in the US at least, teenage boys are NOT the games industries primary market any longer; the average male gamer is 35, and the average female gamer is 42. Do they think this is pulling in new gamers? Seems not, considering the average has been rising for several years now!

    The reason it looks so weird isn't because her (admittedly splendid) cleavage is on display; it's because it seems quite a few of us are old enough that we kinda know it's a little creepy now. It's starting to feel creepy because more of us are getting on a bit, and the characters are still young, and there's a stigma about older men here in the West leering over young women.

    But maybe that isn't such a massive deal in Japan still; maybe it's a cultural thing. It does seem every time this issue rears its head, Japanese developers and designers don't seem to fully understand why it's such an issue for us.

    I dunno. I might be reaching a tad here too...
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  • P.T. is being pulled from PSN on Wednesday

  • Kami 26/04/2015

    @orangpelupa; You talking about the disaster zone that was Ashes 2013? A game so broken that it was fully pulled from Steam and everyone who bought it got a full refund? Reply +1
  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • Kami 24/04/2015

    There's also been a few instances I hear of mods from Nexus being downloaded by strangers and reuploaded to Workshop by different people, although I haven't been able to ascertain if this is because of the new payday or because some people are just assholes.

    I do think modders should make a living from their work - because a lot of these mods are actual work. Hundreds of hours of work shouldn't go unrewarded. People need to get over themselves on that.

    But there are so many kinks and quirks and unanswered questions and odd angles and so much potential for abuse... as much as I do think it's right really good mods get to profit (means they can work on projects long-term, how many abandoned mods are there in the Skyrim scene?), this was clearly rushed out with no thought as to the subtleties and complexities that would come with it, that's before you get to the blunt fact consumers already feel hard done-by with day one DLC and additional content pushing their game costs skyward.

    A good idea, sure, but one that so far is poorly executed...
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  • Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

  • Kami 23/04/2015

    @George-Roper wrote;
    Like every other aspect of our hobby, this is open to abuse but it's also open to providing good modders, who have good names in the communities, with a means of income on the biggest digital delivery platform in the world.
    I agree that good modders should make a living from their work.

    I have questions about it though; where are these people when you need actual content in an actual commercial release? Oh wait, they're on the outside of the industry making commercialised mods, adding even MORE onto the cost of your already quite expensive game purchase!

    I've said this before; I did some Oblivion modding. I enjoyed it. I dabbled. But you know something? Take a look at Elder Scrolls Online and the huge amount of problems that thing launched with. For years, we've fixed the errors and issues in Bethesda's actual games without even once thinking about it. We just wanted the best experience possible, of course!

    Except when it came to ESO, and for Zenimax to you know, actually fix issues in the game in anything like an expedient manner... they couldn't. Some of the issues I had at launch in the paid client are still in the F2P version (and Cthulu on a Sinclair C5 is the F2P Client Wrapper ever a fidgety piece of...). Why? Might have something to do with the nature of the Online Electric Fence. The magical technical tinker-fairies can't get past that to save the day.

    I equally want to also say that I think Bethesda and Zenimax should be HIRING some of these people. The actual Skyrim DLC was annihilated by some of the free adventure mods you could get hold of on PC. Why on earth wouldn't you want people who can make good quests, adventures, locales and characters in your company?

    On one hand here, modders might not want to because... hell, they're making money anyway. On the other, Bethesda - if it profits from these mods sales - effectively can shrug and go, "Alright, post-game support is down to the community now because we'll just profit from people buying these mods!" It seems like such a backwards-facing way of doing it to me.

    Finally; at a time when Bethesda are planning an E3 show (presumably to announce a new Fallout or Elder Scrolls), it seems a little odd that Skyrim now starts to be monetised this way (as said, one assumes Bethesda gets a cut from that 75%). Think about some of their releases... Skyrim had issues. Fallout 3 had issues. New Vegas... let's not even go there.

    I think the games industry has made me a little suspicious this generation. I hope there's no link... because that'd just suck.
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  • Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?

  • Kami 22/04/2015

    What I'm realising here is that gaming on an Apple Watch is all about "time", and managing expectations and challenges that can be attainable in that short space of time. The first thing that sprung to my mind was "WarioWare", actually. Seems like the kind of fit for it, no?

    But I also think that it's a bit of a stretch to consider this as a viable ground for games. I'm all for expanding our borders somewhat and opening up to new markets - heck knows that's a thing the industry needs right now (yes, I read the ESA 2015 PDF) - but sometimes the art is in knowing where to expand. This already feels like a bit of a misstep.

    I'm sure people will want to try and for new owners they'll want things to do on it, but my guess is the average 'Applephile' has three gaming-ready devices already, two of those are portable in a sense and one even slips inside their own pocket.

    At some point, someone does have to ask the question... "What IS the point?"
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  • You can buy Mortal Kombat X Easy Fatalities

  • Kami 14/04/2015

    To be honest, I only really enjoy Mortal Kombat for the fatalities.

    And whaddya know? EuroGamer has kindly provided me with a video of all the fatalities for my viewing amusement! Ace! Now I don't have to buy Mortal Kombat and can put that money towards something more important and/or interesting! Excellent!

    And as has been said, there'll be the inevitable Komplete Edition down the road anyway. This is exactly what grinds my gears... you just know the most sensible thing to do is, well... wait for that. Smart business decision. No wait, sorry, the opposite of that...
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  • Resident Evil 5 Steam edition "ripped out" code needed for splitscreen mod

  • Kami 08/04/2015

    @jamyskis1981; You should see what's happening with Revelations 2's Online Events.

    Lots of seemingly impossible times and at silly levels that wouldn't be possible playing fair. This morning, someone demonstrated how to get a stupid time at lvl 1, and it involved the Life Crystals reloading abilities like the rocket launcher to burn down enemies.

    My question was "Okay, that's exploitative, but alright." - then they paid MONEY, REAL ACTUAL MONEY, for more "Life Crystals" to continue doing this 'exploit'.

    Fact is, Capcom clearly don't give a toss. And no-one is going to pull Capcom up on this bullshit in the press either. This seems to be their answer to "F2P", except we had to pay for the actual game before we could enjoy the actual raid mode.

    I'll probably be negged for having said this though. It's not cheating, but it's exploitative from the players doing it.

    And let's be honest, it's unashamedly exploitative from Capcom's end too, because why on earth would they 'fix' an exploit that's clearly going to make them lots of money?

    edit; As for the split-screen, it may not be an essential for PC players, but sometimes options are awesome. And if fans can "hack" the feature into working, then it stands to reason Capcom could have done it. Should they? I dunno. But they COULD have.
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  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • Kami 03/04/2015

    @L_A_G; It's always the case when you challenge the status quo. People who are used to doing things a certain way will be as mountains to move.

    OnLive was a lovely idea but it wanted to take on big boys at their own game, with a fraction of the finance and not a name behind it. The likes of Steam grew from Valve, which already was well-established. Sony too was already well-established in the field when the PlayStation was being launched (after its Nintendo deal went south). Sega and Nintendo were also well-founded when they began, and Microsoft... well...

    OnLive needed time to build a reputation. But with what?

    See, I think OnLive's greatest issue was that it DIDN'T play the big boys at their own game - and by that, I mean getting their hands into games development and nabbing an exclusive or two along the way.

    Services/devices like this live and die on their exclusive content. It's as true for Amazon Prime and Netflix as it is for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. There's no point just giving people the same thing (at extra cost) unless you can get them through the door with something else. It's as true now as it ever has been, more so with how cut-throat the markets have become.

    That's just an opinion though. Gotta have power to move that mountain, and if you haven't got the raw power, then you gotta make some damned leverage...
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  • Kami 03/04/2015

    @StooMonster; OffLine, surely?

    edit; And I used this service briefly for a while when they had a thing with BT. It wasn't a terrible service, but I found the idea of people watching you play somewhat awkward - not least that some people could be absolute jerks and just jeer and boo you for whatever reason.

    Not to mention games were quite pricey. But the rental option was a great idea a little ahead of its time.
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  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U Mewtwo DLC release date, price

  • Kami 02/04/2015

    Voted for Plok.

    Seriously. I have no regrets.
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  • Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

  • Kami 31/03/2015

    @UkHardcore23 wrote;
    How on earth can the same glitch be in this as the previous games
    It suggests they probably test the game the same way each time; dupe methods like this are rarely glitches as much as developer shortcuts (old-fashioned 'cheats', if you will). In an ideal world, they turn them off before the game hits print.

    FROM clearly keep forgetting to do this.
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  • How to avoid Bloodborne's game-breaking glitch

  • Kami 28/03/2015

    @SuperFurryPhil; Good to know it's not my PS4 on the blink then!

    It's just irritating. Haven't got to that boss down there yet. Going for it now :)
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  • Kami 28/03/2015

    Has anyone else had some weird stuttering problems in Old Yhranam? It's like buffering lag.

    Which is really annoying when there's an asshole with a gatling gun watching over the whole area...
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  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U will not launch in 2015

  • Kami 28/03/2015

    @spamdangled; It's first annual loss as a public traded company was in 2012 (Link) just before the Wii U came out.

    And it followed with two more years of annual losses (Link), widely attributed to the Wii U.

    It actually made a profit in 2010 (Link), and in 2011 too - although both cases lower than predicted profits.

    edit; Anyway, I'm off to bed now. Play nice.
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  • Kami 28/03/2015

    @Spuzzell; Wii U has been by any measure of the market a failure. Sales wise, financially (caused Nintendo to get the first annual losses in its history) - hell, it even did the unthinkable and sank pretty much all third-party support - even from EA of all companies. EA! Christ, EA even supported the NGage!

    Wii U sales have spiked a few times on certain game releases but nothing has helped it long-term sales wise. It's now falling behind again in sales, to consoles which came out a year later. In May 2014, Nintendo said it was no longer losing money on each Wii U sale; but in July 2014, it admitted that the Wii U was still losing money overall. (Though that came from Kotaku...)

    Compare that to other consoles in the market, the 3DS - heck, compare it to Dreamcast sales. There's an eye-opener for you. From December 1998 to its official discontinuation in March 2001, the Dreamcast had 10.6 million sales (Link).

    The Wii U didn't even match this, the yardstick of "console failures". As of January 2015, the Wii U sits at 9.8 million. That's official Nintendo figures (Link).

    Are there great games on it? YES. Is it a nice console? YES! Is the controller great? Erm, I'll get back to you on that one. Last year I'd have said yes but my U-Pad certainly hasn't held up under wear and tear. That's a shame.

    But as much as I love Nintendo and it's always been there in my gaming life, I'm not dumb enough to sugar-coat this bitter little pill. The Wii U has been a disaster for Nintendo where it counts. Perhaps a good disaster; all companies need a slap here and there, and I'm pretty sure the Wii U sales numbers will be a hard enough slap across the cheek to knock a little more sense into the company as a whole.

    And yes, Nintendo has godly financial reserves. Yes, I am aware currently it's far more financially viable and valuable than Sony. The Wii U isn't going to sink the company; it would be stupid to say that. And I didn't.

    We will probably even look back with fondness on Nintendo's "little console that could", but right now it's even beginning to look like it will fail to match Gamecube figures (Link). At some point you do have to accept it; and the prognosis for the Wii U has been bleak for some time.

    Despite ALL of this though; I like the Wii U. I like it a lot. I wish it was doing better, honestly. Hyrule Warriors was my personal best game of 2014. And I wish Zelda wasn't being delayed.

    But Nintendo needs to keep the notion going that it's a place for top-notch games. Which arguably it is. Why on earth rush out a game for a short-term sales bonus (and so far, all big releases on Wii U have led to short-term sales surges) only to compromise your brand and image with a, "Well, we'll sell this shit because we need the money!"?

    It'd be lunacy for Nintendo to do this. But mind you, I still think it's lunacy to keep the recent Fatal Frame from our shores...
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  • Kami 28/03/2015

    @spekkeh; I disagree, it makes perfect sense business wise.

    Nintendo knows the Wii U is over; it's failed, it's failed hard and at this moment save a universal second coming gaming event on the machine (Zelda/Dark Souls mashup Nintendo and FROM. Seriously. This dark amalgamation will be GOD-LIKE!) there's not a lot more they can do but grin and bear it.

    However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a long-term plan. Nintendo may not be able to save the Wii U, but it can do things right now with it to pave the way for some better success with the NX.

    Chiefly amongst which is to continually get the point across that it is a destination for QUALITY. In a generation of constant patching and dodgy performance on release (Hello Bloodborne, STOP STUTTERING ON ME! Love, Kami), Nintendo can now take the time to lay down a new framework and build a new reputation to slingshot into the next generation.

    Nintendo in rebuilding a new image needs to give the games it has coming the space to be the very best they can be. And this means that a flagship franchise like Zelda cannot afford to be rushed, or in any way "average". If it means it needs three months delay, six months delay even - fine. The momentary disappointment is nothing compared to a disappointing game.

    And if it ends up cross-gen, well fine. I have to say, I wouldn't be terribly upset to kick off the NX era with a Zelda title that looked this good.

    We've become accustomed to such a demanding and needy culture in this market. "I WANT THIS GAME AND I WANT IT NOW!" is often followed with, "WAAAAAH THIS GAME DOESN'T WORK I HATE IT I HATE YOU I HATE EVERYTHING!"

    I'd rather like Nintendo to, you know, not get involved in that... seems like the kind of vicious circle that can only really end in tears for everyone.
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  • Nintendo's free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle passes 1m downloads

  • Kami 23/03/2015

    My 3DS tried to push this one on me. I said "nope" and deleted that icon.

    I'm an old-hand Pokénut, and a hardened Pokémon Shiny/IV breeder (so no stranger to a prissy RNG system...), but... I don't think this is my thing really. I prefer to shout at my shiny Ditto slave and stick any number of strange things in with it...

    Still, it does demonstrate that Nintendo making a few smartphone games is a shrewd business endeavour. Obviously, this does appear to be popular and it does appear to be making Nintendo money on the 3DS. One might well ask why this wasn't shoved out on a smartphone in the first place...
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  • Bloodborne can be purchased with your actual blood in Denmark

  • Kami 20/03/2015

    @Smudger90; Yup. I guess I should be. And yes, I agree, I think we have. Let me just hit this little button here and...


    Sorry about the distraction. We now return you to your regularly scheduled appraisal of how Bloodborne will be awesome.
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  • Kami 20/03/2015

    @Smudger90; You're probably right. It's a PR Stunt at the end of the day (and my jab at "Bloodborne" was a little tacky, I know. Poor humour is poor, sorry @kangarootoo).

    And I can perhaps also appreciate if stocks are so unbelievably low as is suggested that even a short-term boost is better than stocks running out completely. That means cancelled operations and potential transplants not happening. And that WOULD be terrible. No seriously. That's a horrible thought.

    But yeah. Maybe I am thinking about it too much. But I guess I'm also in the position where it kind of matters too. I suppose I SHOULDN'T care. What does it matter to me who gives the blood and what reasons they had for it? It's given, gotten and life goes on for a little bit longer.

    But I do care. I just... I do care. I suppose it's just different angles.

    And I've always been partial to good angles.

    note; Also, thanks for giving blood. No really. Thank you. Seriously. I don't think people in my position get the opportunity to do it enough. So thank you.

    edit; And no worries about the negs. It's the Internet. I have a huge list of fucks to give; but I will do so in order. A few negs on EG will be the very last to consider, and I won't lament if I'm all out of fucks to give at that point... ;)
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  • Kami 20/03/2015

    @Smudger90, it's not about high-horsing here. Giving blood is important and Insert Deity Here knows that I've benefited from those who have. And fuck knows I'm grateful for it. I'm thankful for everyone who does. Really grateful. Like, I want to hug everyone who does grateful. Big manly hugs. With copious amounts of "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" thrown in for good measure.

    But it's because it's important that I raise an eyebrow to this; it should be something people want to do (aside all the complex practicalities of setting donor sessions up and then donors finding time in a busy modern life to actually go and donate). It should be a thing people feel needs to be done. And in some cases, I'll echo my community nurse on this; we need more than regular sessions, we need real change in attitudes on when and how people give blood. It's a 24/7 world. Donating blood shouldn't be a thing you have to go out of your way for. Or a special occasion day at work.

    Will this get people through the doors? Of course. Will they all be suitable donors? No. Of course not. And no-where in that promo does it mention that not everyone will be able to give blood (even regular donors can be turned away on any given day, even a recent cold can drop blood cell counts!). Will they all get games then? No. Clearly not. But hey, that's fine, as Herringson pointed out, small print can be fun like that.

    And you also demonstrate another inherent challenge here. You don't get to choose who receives the blood you donate; it goes into the system and shipped around. That's the thing about an altruistic notion of charity; people in need are people in need, regardless of age, sex and creed. Giving blood is a selfless act of charity; you will never know who gets it, but you should take it from me - those who do get it are unbelievably grateful for it.

    Giving games out for blood? It kind of takes away a little of the altruism, I guess. That romantic notion that someone has given blood because they gave a whole, honest-to-Odin, in the wild real-world fuck.

    Perhaps that's me being ostensibly overly romantic; the need is great, and maybe we've got to start appealing to the darker parts of the human psyche such as greed in order to better benefit those who are in greater need.

    But I have to say, if I thought my blood was being donated by someone who just wanted a free PS4 game, I don't know. I'd be conflicted. I don't know if my thanks would be as sincere or as profuse as it otherwise would be.

    (editing in a bit that was cut off)

    That does sound horrible, I know. Some may even wonder why I give a Flying Spaghetti Monster of a Fuck. It's hard to explain why without being so saccharine that people reach for the barf-bags.

    But it matters. I don't know how else to put it. For some of us... such details matter.

    You may now neg away.
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  • Kami 19/03/2015

    Hats off for a great idea, but as is so often the case - not just ANYONE can give blood. It's not that easy.

    Blood transfusions require healthy blood. A third of people are "deferred" for various reasons, the most common being low blood cell count (below 36% I think). This is becoming more common through poor diet and stress and other modern-life factors. Supposedly people also try to donate contaminated blood too. Because they are just assholes.

    It's also not going to be fixed by a short-term promotion. The (chilled) shelf life of a pint of blood is 40 days. Supplies are constantly needed, and what boost this will give will soon be used up. It's a punchy and clever promotion, but it's only a short-term boost to a problem which clearly demands a much longer-term solution.

    But hey, it's a witty campaign I guess. Just y'know... "Bloodborne". That's the stuff I definitely don't want in donated blood, thanks...
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • Kami 19/03/2015

    @KopparbergDave; If I were Nintendo, I'd go with the Nintendo NX and make sure it is a hybrid machine.

    Nintendo Cross (NX) just makes sense if this is their actual goal; it's punchy and to the point. Nintendo does have a habit of naming its consoles in such a way to represent the machine - NES, Nintendo Entertainment System. SNES - Super NES. N64 - Nintendo, 64-bit. Gamecube - a cube that plays games. Wii - as in "We", a collective. "Wii U" - A focus back on "u", the core audience etc. Even DS - Dual Screen, and 3DS - 3D-Enabled DS.

    As such, I don't see what's wrong with NX. It's on the money as a code-name, and is perfectly fine for me as an actual name. Hell, if we wanted to be REALLY clever, Nix. Ninth-gen Nintendo console, IX - Roman numerals for nine, NIX or Nix. But I think that'd be going just a little bit silly.

    Nintendo won't go with Wii again. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different outcome, after all. The Wii brand is dead. It's over. Finito. Buh-bye, so long, auf wiedersehen adieu. The Wii U will be the last to bear the branding (save backwards compatability/VC offerings in future).

    Question is will Nintendo want to bury the DS branding alongside it? I'd dare say with the benefit of some hindsight Nintendo might have preferred branding the Wii U as a Home DS instead. They spent a lot of time and money getting the 3DS moving after its originally shaky start.

    But it's semantics at this point. The great thing about hindsight is that it's 20/20, always and forever.

    (edit; Showed up as double-post, then not. Make up your mind, EG backend!)
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  • Kami 18/03/2015

    @smelly; To be fair, EG has a proud history of using the term "Nintendo concedes defeat."

    I should be ashamed that I remember that, but y'know... I'm not. :)
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  • Kami 18/03/2015

    @drucifer; Not at all. All consoles die at some point; progress marches onward. There'll be plenty of good Nintendo games for the next year to two years - Nintendo cannot afford to drop the ball if it wants to jump to the NX as a replacement.

    Just affirms what some were saying months ago; we're more than likely in for an old-school five year cycle.

    Nintendo's plans with the NX seem to involve a cross-platform concept, which could mean that you get a console/handheld hybrid.

    If anything, on that note, buying a New 3DS might have been the worst move.

    *looks at New 3DS on desk and quietly sighs*
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  • Kami 18/03/2015

    @kestral; It's easily forgotten the DS series wasn't initially going to replace the Game Boy brand; but it's clear success meant that the Game Boy brand was consigned to the scrap-heap.

    In some respects, Nintendo was chancing its arm with the Wii U, by continuing the branding of a system branch which had its success but, in the tail end, was also clearly on the downslide. It was a case of, "Hopefully people want a new Wii", but yeah, it seems they didn't want a Wii HD. Which is a shame, because - as said - the Wii U has some cracking games on it, some of the best this generation so far even. It hoped to repeat the sales success of the Wii, but it just didn't.

    That's just how it goes sometimes. Personally I do think Nintendo needs to simplify its console naming strategy and going forward with a cross-platform ideal, it's likely going to be forced to do that. We're certainly not going to be getting "Nintendo 9", but it'll be a new curve to explore.

    And it's probably good that Nintendo are making all the right noises right now about IP and their habit of sitting on it. Seems somewhere in the bowels of Nintendo, someone might have realised that Nintendo has a ton of franchises that are extremely popular still and not being used. I mean, WHO FREAKING KNEW? (Apart from everyone, I mean.)

    I'll put money down on a 2017 release, but it'll be an early 2017 release. I don't think the Wii U will make it to its fifth birthday.

    For now, Nintendo has to do something else; it's got to make sure that it doesn't mess up the goodwill it's beginning to generate again. The Wii U may now be obviously on a timer, waiting for the end of days, but it's become a critical little darling and has avoided a lot of the PR fails that third parties have been exploding all over poor Microsoft and Sony of late. If Nintendo can continue to build up solid, critically-acclaimed games and tease a better account system, it'll make the jump across to the NX a doddle.

    All it has to do is keep its ship steady and not screw it up. And despite all suggestions to the contrary, that's not nearly as easy as it sounds and it could all go utterly Pete Tong...
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  • Borderlands 2 writer regrets nearly silent protagonists

  • Kami 16/03/2015

    Actually, I think the (mostly) silent characters was for the most golden and ideal.

    The problem with Borderlands 2, overall, was that yes. The world was full of crazy characters. Even the respawner quips at you. At some point, this is simply overwhelming and distracting. There's such a thing as "too much", and Borderlands 2 was perilously close to falling off the edge from the outset on this front.

    Not only that, but constant quipping and attitude doesn't really work. Krieg exemplifies this perfectly; he's got some fantastic internal quips and jokes, from the "voice in his head", but they come in the heat of battle or when things are happening on-screen and they're often just lost, drowned out in explosions and maniacal cackling and whatever another nearby character is saying. It's no good having wit or zest or zeal if when you say something clever it's being silenced and dominated by an overhead plane or big explosion or something.

    And when you do hear it, well, I present a game like Sonic Boom; where the character cast talks so incessantly with repetitive puns and punchlines that hitting the mute button is the only way to not end up with the sanity levels of... well, Krieg.

    But given the choice, I'll take a silent protagonist. If there's something witty about a situation, I (ergo, the player) want to be the one to make the clever quip, thanks.
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  • Discworld author Terry Pratchett dies aged 66

  • Kami 12/03/2015

    Jeez, the afterlife or whatever is there beyond is getting our best of late. But man, they've no doubt been waiting for ol' Terry for a LONG time!

    "It's not worth doing anything unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing it."
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  • Dead or Alive 5 tournament soft ban on "over-sexualised" costumes sparks heated debate

  • Kami 02/03/2015

    @TPoppaPuff; Frankly, I couldn't give a toss either way. A bunch of people want to have us take a game seriously but in a misplaced stunt only attract attention to the very thing they want to cover up. Streisand Effect, GO!

    Failing that, this is a fighting game and the costumes are aesthetic only; they COULD just limit the character costumes available to those defaulted by the game, right? I mean, Insert Deity Of Your Choice Here that someone use common sense about this! Could do that, no harm no foul, easily explained and if you were trying to PR stunt it, you could even call it "keeping an equal playing field". I should be doing this for a living!

    Also, you committed the cardinal comment sin. If you're so uneased by T&A in a fighting game, please refrain from abusing buts.

    No-one likes it when someone cheapens a but... ;)
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  • Kami 02/03/2015

    @monkeighy; To be absolutely fair on this, the extra costumes in SoulCalibur, Tekken and to some extent Street Fighter aren't exactly much better. SF has had a few mishaps, but Tekken and SC of late revel in the fetishistic...

    As for the maid outfit, isn't one of the new characters in Last Fight one of Helena's maids? Pretty sure that's an actual thing.

    I just know why they're doing this and it has NOTHING to do with making DoA 'more respectable'. It's the growing culture of easy-offended types who will start social media campaigns that are TOTALLY NOT HARASSMENT IT'S NEVER THAT WHEN WE DO IT OKAY overshadowing the event.

    I can't say I blame them for this. But then, I can't really say I wholly approve either.

    Oh, why'd they have to go and make things so complicated...
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  • Mortal Kombat X: Mobile announced

  • Kami 02/03/2015

    Great, because this confusion over what content we get by default and what we have to pay extra for or get in a totally separate app thing isn't at all confusing is it? I mean, we totally loved it in Watch_Dogs and Evolve, right?

    *sigh* I guess I can wait for the inevitable "Komplete" edition this time next year...
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  • Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

  • Kami 27/02/2015

    @ZoidbergForPresident; His wife stated he died from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

    I have no other words than that. I just feel sadness.
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  • Early Access games done right

  • Kami 27/02/2015

    I also liked Ziggurat; another early access game which has gotten better with community feedback and developers not out to scalp people.

    I approve of this becoming a regular thing though. It's important that if Early Access is to remain a thing, we need to cut through the BS of stuff like Slaughtering Grounds and hold up the shining examples, so that others may follow in their wake and those who don't can just die in the wilderness, alone and unloved.
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  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Kami 27/02/2015

    All I am hearing in this is, "We've got TWENTY YEARS OF DLC planned for the Assassin's Creed series!" Which makes me rather sad. Reply -2
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 might yet be great, but the episodic structure does it no favours

  • Kami 24/02/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77; I know the lore, hence the bunny ears around 'fight'. I meant the area around the mothers sarcophagus. That's a tiny, tiny little area with no room for error in a boss rush mode. Unless you want to find out what's at the bottom, of course...

    But totally with you on fighting some of those old bosses. The mutant forms of Birkin would be fun to see...
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  • Kami 24/02/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77; I'd like more variety though. One thing I learned from Evolve is there's such a thing as too one-note; having a variety of challenges and modes from across the series would make for an interesting experience, both solo and multiplayer.

    But still, that Resident Evil has the freedom and openness to get away with something of such scope is an enviable position that Capcom is frittering away trying to work out where to take the series next. Still think it's time to reboot!

    Tell you one scenario that'd be funny; Boss Rush mode. Spencer Mansion basement (the Lisa Trevor 'fight'). Not much room to move, not much room to dodge, making timing and accuracy important.

    Not something you'd want to be dumped into straight away though...
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  • Kami 24/02/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77; Well, for me Raid Mode in Revelations was 90% of the game. Mercs Mode kinda saved Resi 5 AND Resi 6.

    Mercenaries 3D on the 3DS was alright, but it was too small in focus. It was recycled content. Think about this;

    * Raid mode mission - get from the entrance of Spencer Mansion to Lisa's Cottage. The long way around.
    * Mercs mode - kill as many zombies as you can in the RCPD Main Hall (barricaded doors break over time).
    * MP Race; outside the RCPD all the way to the Tram to escape Nemesis. First one there wins. Loser gets a tentacle to the face.
    * Co-Op; The Ambush from Resi 4. Survive for 10 minutes.

    And so-on and so-on. They've got plenty of games AND spin-offs (the Survivor games, the Outbreak games etc.), and plenty of characters from across the series too.

    Capcom really has an unbelievable amount of material to work with for this kind of Raid/Mercs/Horde combi. And they could patch in new modes, new challenges and new stuff as time goes on. And hey, they could even throw in some Dino Crisis stuff in a pinch, right?

    But until the time we get this massive bit of fan-service, we'll have to make do with what comes with the games as standard...
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  • Kami 24/02/2015

    I think Capcom needs to blend Mercenaries and Raid modes into one huge fanservice game, with a big cast list and lots of iconic locales from across the series. Add in the multiplayer/co-op, support it via RE.Net with monthly challenges, charge $40 for it, cash in the freaking bank.

    It'd also give them some breathing space - and money - to work out just what to do with the next proper installment.

    Which should be a Resi 2 remake. I support a series reboot now!
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  • Nvidia facing legal action over GTX 970 specs

  • Kami 23/02/2015

    @Blacksun94; It's a bit of a fuss when you've got something which isn't as advertised.

    This is actually quite common though when it comes to PC parts; I have had numerous occasions where parts haven't been what were promised on the box, or on websites.

    I bought an SSD last year - advertised as using Synchronous NAND. What I got was their 'revised' model; which used asynchronous NAND. Massive difference - less than half the write speed. Utterly galling.

    I've also had PSU's which weren't as "silent" as they promised in the blurbs, case mods which wrote checks the product I got couldn't cash to save its life, CPU Heatsinks which couldn't chill an ice cube in the Antarctic.

    Building a PC is a bit of a faff - a faff I quite like, actually, even if I can't solo-build any more (need assistance in case of medical issues). But you should still be able to buy a product based on the actual description and get the thing that is actually described. That's kind of an important detail; being able to trust that the thing you see on a website and the thing you put into your computer are, you know, the same.

    I guess this is just for the principle of it. It's nothing especially new; but it's still a royal pain...
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  • Total War: Attila review

  • Kami 20/02/2015

    Bonus points for use of the word "abstruce". Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches with plenty of issues

  • Kami 20/02/2015

    @the_rydster; Sony have had mixed fortunes with digital tits of late.

    "The Interview", for example...
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