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  • Sid Meier's Starships announced for PC, Mac, iPad

  • Kami 19/01/2015

    @Skirlasvoud wrote:
    Don't get me wrong: I think highly of Firaxis and the complete Civ5 edition and X-COM have done a lot to keep me on their side, but Beyond Earth was a somewhat of a bland experience
    I think they really need to evolve (ow, irony hurts!) from the concept. When you're dealing with space and aliens and the near-limitless possibilities and variables, there is no room for bland - it's fucking SPACE! It's time to deploy... IMAGINATION!.

    The real kicker for me is that Beyond Earth was effectively base-unit old Civ 5 with some alien textures. Which I'm sure could have been patched into Civ 5. But then, can't sell that for full whack can you?

    I can't help but be suspicious for this following a similar route. I hope it doesn't, but you know... fool me once and all that crap.
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  • Kami 19/01/2015

    I'm looking at it and all I'm thinking is, "Please don't be Beyond Earth."

    So... you know, please don't do that Firaxis.
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  • Sony offering refunds on H1Z1's alpha following complaints about "P2W" micro-transactions

  • Kami 17/01/2015

    4) you are not guaranteed to get a single thing out of the airdrop you called in. You could die trying and you're out the money
    That's the dumbest thing I've read this year.

    And I've been reading Twitter!
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  • Dying Light dev reveals 3D-printable zombie bikini figurine

  • Kami 15/01/2015

    @Frosty840; It's worse than that, the RE2 Female Zombie isn't THAT far removed from this model!

    So, MSPaint'd this little thing up. Let's go Compare The Zombies! (If that's an actual thing I think I give up on life, the universe and everything!)

    Seventeen years since RE2. It has been that long...
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  • Kami 15/01/2015

    @greenthumb; People who want to be offended will find reasons to be offended. It's no different to wanting to see Jesus in a piece of toast; some people have a desperate need to be "right", rather than just be content that they've made an independent choice based on the information they have at hand and how they feel about it.

    Personally (aiming out there), if you're one of this new breed of "Offendocrat", I think you desperately need a sense of humour transplant because you clearly weren't born with one. I laugh because this is stupid. It's ridiculous and silly and stupid and clearly little more than bait, which some people are eager to fall for hook, line and sinker.

    I almost feel sorry for the offendocrats because Christ on a seventies Moped, they're so predictable. Isn't that kind of sad? To be so utterly predictable that anyone with half a braincell to share between them can manipulate you into giving them entirely free press and social media coverage? You save these people hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year. You don't cost them anything. You're helping this stuff, if not encouraging more of it because clearly it's cheap and it works!

    Anyway, that's an aside. Like you greenthumb, I think it's trashy and it wouldn't fit alongside my huge Pokémon plushie collection or my WoW plushies or my 90's figures from games like Tekken, but to each their own.

    That being said, I am bloody sure as hell Resident Evil 2 had zombie women in very skimpy clothing like this. There's nothing new under the sun...
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the series at its approachable best

  • Kami 15/01/2015

    @dfernand; You can find randoms or go with friends.

    I'm always up for something in MH3U by the way. I'll have a room up in Free D / Lobby 8.

    Enter room "EG Hunts". Password will be "egx". I'll be around for about an hour or so if anyone wants to come along.

    (edit; gone now. Drop me a message for online hunts in future. I'm going to go make some G-Rank armour!)
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  • Kami 15/01/2015

    I wish there was a Wii U version coming too.

    I recently (FINALLY!) hit G-Rank in MH3U and my brain is exploding with all the options now available to me. It's glorious. And the Jhen Mohran fight is my new most favourite thing ever right now.

    But I think I just prefer my Monster Hunting on a bigger screen is all. I think that will be the real difference between the Japanese and Western markets for this series; and it's one Capcom and indeed, Nintendo will have to come to terms with in the future.
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  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty out on PC in Feb, Xbox One and PS3 in March

  • Kami 15/01/2015

    I think in regards to the Wii U version there was originally a desire to make sure it fit on ALL Wii U consoles, including the basic bundle, and it was posing a challenge. Last I heard from public feedback, they were dropping that focus and doing a straight-up port job.

    Still a bang-up job of a remake though.
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  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • Kami 10/01/2015

    Just feel like picking up on a couple of points raised;

    Thetick wrote:
    you can say a lot about ps4 and xbox, but they have a decent library after only one year. A lot was rushed, but i would take a rushed game, which is playable and getting improved over no games in the early life of a console, like the first wii u year, though obviously only from 3rd party
    This is silly. And that's biting my tongue and not using swears. The PS4 and XBO library has some gems but no more than the Wii U at the end of its first year. And yes, let's not forget that many releases have been... well, let's be charitable and say, "unfinished". And what does that tell the third parties? "Wow, we made millions despite the fact we didn't actually finish this game properly!"

    Hey, you'll get what you pay for. I'd also buy shares in a lube company. Might be a sound investment.

    Pirederas wrote:
    Apart from hardware specs, Nintendo needs to do one thing imho: let go of Mario et al. I don't mean to destroy the beloved N franchises or making them disappear, but rather not counting just on them all the time. There has to be something new in the Nintendo catalogue.
    I don't get this either. So, old game series need to be replaced by new IP?

    Metal Gear started in 1987, as did Street Fighter. Grand Theft Auto was 1997. Resident Evil was 1995/1996 (region specific). Mortal Kombat was 1992. Castlevania was 1986. Sonic was 1990. Tomb Raider was 1996. Heck, the first Call of Duty was back in 2003, so even that's 12 years old now as a franchise! And I hate to be the one to point out the somewhat obvious, but most of these companies rely on these names almost exclusively to generate sales, revenue and consumer goodwill.

    There is no mutual exclusivity here. Nintendo can do new IP and needs to. But not at the expense of already established money-makers. It's a lesson most third parties are all too aware of. So think about that when you play MGS5. Because what else has Konami got for us? Silent Hills? 1999, by the way. Just an FYI.

    picka_vi_materina wrote:
    They don't care if the gameplay moves like dead fish, only if it has the latest bells and whistles in graphics. I miss the days when games were played not watched.
    Which days were those? I remember watching games people were playing in the arcades, slurping on a Lilt, back in the early 90's. And I wasn't alone. Even when a student and we had marathon sessions of "Winner Stays On" - be it Super Street Fighter 2 or Mario Kart 64 - it was a big social affair, and with up to twenty boys and girls (gasp!) all fighting for control of those controllers, primarily because the sofa was comfy and you weren't standing or leaning on something then, there were plenty of spectators. And we all had a good time!

    Lots of people have always enjoyed watching video games being played. I remember the running commentary when Resident Evil was on, from what I politely termed 'Back-Seat Gamers' (Turn left! Grab that herb! I hear a zombie! AIEE A HUGE SPIDER HOW ICKY!). What we are seeing with YouTube and Twitch is nothing any more different to how it's always been; the technology has changed, and how we do it has changed, but what we're doing is as it has always been. Enjoying the spectacle, admiring the view and probably wishing we were playing it.

    If it doesn't look fun, you don't stay and watch. I'd say Nintendo's major issue right now is that dual-screen streaming requires specialised software, custom-built display frames for the stream itself and in some instances, quite invasive physical modding that can void warranties. I'd say that was quite an important thing to be thinking about for the future. Other consoles and machines need no specialised anything for streamers, which makes it cheaper. Which means they'll likely get more stream-time.

    But hey, that just makes sense. And people do mod their 3DS' for Pokémon Nuzlocke and Wonderlocke challenges. But again... warranties... voided... *doom clouds*

    Anyway. I'll leave it there.

    Have fun!
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  • Sony delays PlayStation 4 launch in China

  • Kami 09/01/2015

    @monsieur-Nike; Neither.

    Because (1) we all have a few reading hiccups. Heck knows I've had a few blind spots in the past.

    Oh and (2) because that would be freaking epic. "It's all because of those FURIOUS RAPTORS!"

    Of course, they could just mean Riptor from Killer Instinct...
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

  • Kami 02/01/2015

    Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam
    Colonial Marines should have vanished a long time ago.

    Still, we're in for some fun responses no doubt from witty people expressing how few f**ks they give to this revelation. But really, nothing of any great value has truly been lost there.
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  • PlayStation Plus reveals full January lineup

  • Kami 02/01/2015

    @MattEvansC3; Actually, that's really quite brilliant. Have a +1 and some of my thanks for simplifying it for future use! Reply +12
  • Kami 02/01/2015

    @MTM2; I try to explain it like a flashmob stampede. Normally, everyone walks in and out of something usually single-file without colliding, but then some people crash it with inflatable dolls and realdolls and mannequins and before long all the crap extras these idiots are bringing along stops people being able to go in and out normally.

    I don't see what's complicated about that. To this day though, my home help Meena has never asked me to clarify what a realdoll is.

    Perhaps she and I both know some things are best left unknown.
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  • Kami 02/01/2015

    @Uncle_Leo; You know this and I know this.

    But try explaining a DDoS attack to someone not very tech-minded and watch as their face literally blanks over as though you're sucking the life-essence out of them Dark Crystal-style!

    Wow, and that was an obscure reference even for me.
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  • Tekken 7 reveals Saudi Arabian character Shaheen

  • Kami 02/01/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77; Hakan was a bit odd, yeah. But I guess he was meant to be that way. Juri was the exact opposite - uber-serious and a little menacing. In a game like Street Fighter, you need balance in that kind of way. You need a straight man for every far-out concept. At least, that's what I'd like to think anyway.

    Shaheen really couldn't be any different from Lucky Chloe if they tried. One was really overdosing on the Avril Lavigne "Hello Kitty" Kawaii this-is-our-stereotypical-view-of-Japan (that Gwen Stefani did a decade ago, Avril) zany kookiness. The other, in Shaheen, a pretty standard Saudi chap with no real significantly identifiable features.

    Perhaps that's actually really sensible then. Keep Lucky Chloe and add Shaheen and balance is restored, right?
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  • Kami 02/01/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77; Oh totally. I guess it just seems hard to get beyond it now.

    But I dunno. I worry that between Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia, this design is maybe - and I say this carefully, MAYBE - a touch too "generic"?

    Sure, it's not controversial. But it's kind of also a bit safe. It lacks... something. I dunno what it is. It's hard to pinpoint. Hopefully this isn't the same crowd who jeered Lucky Chloe out of the way...
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  • Kami 02/01/2015

    Umm... am I the only person getting a little bit of an "Assassin's Creed" vibe from him? Not saying that's a bad thing, Ezio was kinda cool in SoulCalibur V, after all.

    I didn't get the fuss over Lucky Chloe though. We've had far weirder and sillier fighting characters over the years. Perhaps it was just her effortlessly effervescent attitude that wound people up?
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  • Games of 2014: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

  • Kami 30/12/2014

    @gingerlemon; I've had this on alliance too.

    If anything, the sensation from the playerbase is one of disappointment. Many feel underwhelmed by WoD. They sit around in their garrison, looking at content that has already been rendered obsolete, picking up work orders and managing followers and their missions in some evil attempt to bring some of the worst parts of the mobile market into Draenor. They leave sometimes to do a weekly mission, or knock out a world boss, or do an LFR, but for the most part it's players and their bases.

    As for the appreciation, the first thing I did as an engineer was get a Bling 5k. I dropped it outside the garrison for people to use, and stood back.

    After a week of people barely acknowledging the generosity at hand, I stopped and did the same as they did. Sat around in the garrison, logging in to manage followers and do scheduled stuff.

    I'd say this isn't the best start to a WoW expansion. It's just... there's a point where less is actually less. It's just dressed up in missions. "Look, your followers can do this so you don't have to!"

    Uh-huh. Why do I get the feeling the AI NPC's are having more fun than I am?

    (Edit - to quickly elaborate on this; Raiding Blingtron's Vault. Why the HELL can't we be doing that?! Why can't we have this as a variation of the Vault of the Thunder King? But with sillier traps. And more robots. And 200 Gold reward? Sod that. It's supposed to be super-duper wealthy transdimensional robot deity thing. You're telling me that the best my super-squad threesome can do is bring back 200 gold from this treasure trove between them? Come on! And all those robots. All that engineering stuff. All the things to see and learn and do. Blizzard, YOU'RE TEARING ME APART INSIDE! Ahem. Anyway... yeah. All that I just said? What we COULD have gotten. Instead, NPC mission. Because.)
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  • Games of 2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Kami 29/12/2014

    @MrTomFTW; But that said, after the year we've had, making pass on that perhaps isn't and wasn't the smartest of things.

    Remember the days I was talking about the horrible messages in Gears of War and people told me I was the knob-jockey looking too deep into subtext?

    I do. Those were good days.
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  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • Kami 26/12/2014

    I never got into Destiny, but I know the attraction. I spent years chasing shinies in World of Warcraft, and just spent the best part of a year "Catching 'Em All!" in Pokémon XY/ORAS. Weirdly though, I wouldn't consider ORAS or WoD as GOTY contenders. ORAS is a remake done well but it just lacks the overall charm and niceness of X and Y. And WoD is the best WoW expansion for a while, but it's still sluggishly slow and dominated by a micromanagement system which renders most of the landscape obsolete. Which is a bloody shame.

    I don't think Destiny is anything like as bad as people have made it out to be, even if it isn't my cup of tea as a game. But I must say I do believe we've had so much better this year.

    edit; And no, I don't think I missed out either. The penultimate paragraph says it all. "Had fun, got broken, left." Sounds like most of the MMO's I've played over the years...
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  • Bandai Namco blocks access to Durante's Dark Souls PC mod

  • Kami 23/12/2014

    @IronSoldier; But I just GOT here with mine!

    *sniffle* What am I supposed to do now?
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  • Video: The Tekken characters more ridiculous than Lucky Chloe

  • Kami 17/12/2014

    @AoifeLockhart; Wasn't Gon technically a licensed addition to Tekken 3 though? I recall that he had his own comic and/or animation and had some success in Japan. Gon was probably canon to the Tekken series as Yoda and Darth Vader were in SoulCalibur 4.

    Which probably explains why Gon never came back. Ahh, the good old days when these quirky deals weren't actually removed for other territories and left us all scratching our heads in bemused silence...
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  • The Game Awards 2014 live report

  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Oooh, Zelda gameplay footage. Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Reggie. MY BODY WASN'T READY! Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Now, when they say "better"... Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Let's get this train wreck a-rollin'! Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Chiptunes, surely? Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    Look on the bright side. We probably won't have the Kranky Kong disappointment this year. Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    @zzkj; Now now, let's not give the industry something to work towards... Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    @TeaFiehnd; Keighley is anything but boring. He's guaranteed to piss off SOMEONE tonight. But who will that be. *gameshow lights dim* Reply 0
  • Kami 06/12/2014

    It's gonna be a long night. Reply 0
  • SteamWorld Heist is coming to all non-mobile platforms

  • Kami 04/12/2014

    Absolutely can't wait to play this. Dig was great (and part of the appeal is speedrunning!). Also, great to see SPG getting involved. I might have mentioned backalong that the two seemed a natural fit.

    As an aside, Rabbit's new look is simply amazing. Massive respect to Bunny.
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  • I am Bread rises on Steam Early Access this week

  • Kami 01/12/2014

    Love it or loaf it, these games do seem to be doing quite well.

    Which is a pain for those of us who get tired of the joke fast. Oh well.
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  • Tengami PC/Mac delayed until January due to busy end-of-year season

  • Kami 27/11/2014

    Soooo... no-one is commenting on this, huh?

    Seems like a nice place for a picnic. *sets out spread*

    Sandwiches, anyone?
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  • Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness

  • Kami 27/11/2014

    @nectaris; I'd totally love a sequel, although perhaps made by Platinum rather than BioWare. I'm just not convinced it'll happen. A bit like Beyond Good and Evil 2, really. Reply +1
  • Kami 26/11/2014

    @nectaris; Nah, not hitting quit here. But just aware that perhaps I can see my time is wrapping up. I intend to draw that out as long as is possible like Alien: Isolation. And hopefully have more control over my actual ending than Mass Effect 3.

    And I love a good punchline. I don't think I can bear life without a little humour...
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  • Kami 26/11/2014

    Awesome write Christian. And I feel your pain. I was hit by a hospital superbug a few years ago which has left me with permanent (incurable also) problems. Not exactly the life you'd wish on someone else; but a life you have to deal with.

    I completely understand what you mean as well; we learn so much from video games. How to deal with the challenges ahead, facing and coping with loss, how to deal with failure and not take it too personally, the adversity of "boss fights". All of this can be tied alongside actual proven scientific benefits - video games can help with motor processes, for example, and are sometimes used in physiotherapy. Those who play videogames also are proven to have a higher pain threshold. I can deal with minor muscle spasms on my own without the need for painkillers, which the doctor likes because as they say, the problem with proscribing painkillers to people is that they can be horribly addictive alongside other issues (like overuse creating tolerance). She agrees video games are a much safer alternative.

    I'd also like to say it's given me a very solid perspective on, well, death. I know I will need organ transplants in the future - liver AND kidney. And I know, being a middle-aged man who is single with no kids (f*** you too cancer!), that really, I'm not going to be that important or of any priority on the list. You go on it, where they put you, and you wait. And most people on the list die before they get what they need. What chance do I have? I'd say somewhere between "zero" and "hell freezing over".

    But I don't really mind that. What can you do? You just do what you can, whilst you can, with what you have. The end credits are the full stop; the end, you finished, congratulations. I'd like to think my personal credits roll will be ten minutes long with a banging metal tune behind it, but still... enjoy what you got. Because it will be over at some point. Do you really want it to end like The Soprano's, where it cuts off in mid sent-
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter

  • Kami 27/11/2014

    60+ hour save files? Really? That seems... oddly specific as a requirement.

    I mean, call me suspicious here - if the save files were being corrupted, then I can understand wanting to see a variety of save files. But this sounds like a quirk in the code, or an error that is dropping the frequency of party banter. My first reaction would probably not be, "send me your save data".

    I just don't see the point. Well, there's a cynical part of me which could have a field day with it, but he's currently bound, gagged and in a gimp suit.

    I'm having a zen day whether he likes it or not.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Watch Dogs on Wii U

  • Kami 26/11/2014

    @Mr.Spo; Speaking of Zombi U, I've heard a rumour that Nintendo and Namco-Bandai are working on a sequel.

    Here's hoping there's some truth in it. Supposedly it was a leak via Amazon France (who pencilled it in for a release in October 2015 before removing it).

    The idea of Zombi U being that close to FROM Software makes my brain do laps of joy around Rainbow Road. But there's no official confirmation or denial yet...
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  • Kami 26/11/2014

    @northlondon01; The problem is that UbiSoft doubled down on this version; they had a perfect chance to dump this a year or so ago when the first delay hit, and they got Ubi Bucharest to help with the main console versions. But instead, once done (and the reviews came in with a big fat "meh" for the most part), they threw everyone on the Wii U port.

    Which was utter madness. It also doesn't seem to have produced a quality result as a product of that madness. It's embarrassing but not for Nintendo, who have had a damned fine year (let's not forget EG's game of 2013 was... Super Mario 3D World!) and even games which probably shouldn't really work like Hyrule Warriors have been freaking ace.

    It's UbiSoft who are looking a bit daft. I mean, for heavens sake, they tried sneaking this out a week before Smash Bros. hit! That's like trying to take a cheeky slash behind a car on a motorway hard shoulder. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, WE CAN SEE YOU!

    And we all know they probably shouldn't be doing it either...
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  • Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire sell 3m copies in three days

  • Kami 26/11/2014

    @fushimi; Absolutely. You do get attached to them. I like Pokémon Breeding; it's what I do best. My niece likes shiny Pokémon so she tends to get those from me (she just likes showing them off) but I am a perfectionist. I breed not only for IV's, but moves too if need be. Only the best.

    And then some bingmongler takes the 5-IV well-bred 'mon I put on Wondertrade and replaces it with a no-IV Chatot.

    Feel free to imagine me swearing and raging at my 3DS screen. It totally happens.
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  • Kami 26/11/2014

    Waiting for my copy this weekend.

    I have a lovely selection of 6-IV stuff to begin transferring over when it all goes live as well. Including my ditto. Ahh, my sweet, unassuming shiny 6-IV Ditto. It has a lovely life, lazing away in the day care centre as I scream over the fence for it to stop looking goofy and do it with the other Pokémon I've just put in there with it...
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  • Advertising Standards Authority warns YouTubers to flag promotional videos

  • Kami 26/11/2014

    Indeed, it's time. Times have changed and how we consume information has changed; in some cases, the laws and rules that should be governing this stuff have been caught with their pants down behind the bushes.

    Dare I crack a joke about ethics here? Or is it still a bit too soon?
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  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric review

  • Kami 24/11/2014

    @cowell; With the raft of games on the Wii U and 3DS of late which are also child-friendly, any parent stupid enough to buy this for their kid needs a good stern talking to.

    Sonic just... isn't Sonic any more. It's so watered down that to call the series "homoeopathic" would be extremely charitable. It's so alien as a concept to me now they could replace Sonic and co. with literally ANY anthropomorphic cartoon figure and it wouldn't actually make a squat of difference.

    I guess I am done with Sonic now. The poor blue blur turns 25 next year. Man, is that party ever going to be lonely...
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  • Never Alone review

  • Kami 20/11/2014

    @spekkeh; I believe the original code that went out had some pretty serious issues, the newer code appears to be much more solid. I understand that GamesRadar pointed that out in a recent footnote addition, although whether they'll re-review based on the newer more capable build isn't clear. Reply +4
  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed: Unity patch

  • Kami 17/11/2014

    @donteatmypanda; Watch_Dogs is released for the Wii U this weekend.

    They haven't shown any actual in-game footage of it either; or hyped it at all. Soooo... yeah, I'm very suspicious.

    Probably won't help that put up against Smash and Bayonetta, it's going to look like a pig had a fight with a belt sander... Ubi really isn't having a good time of it right now.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch debacle sparks Ubisoft rethink

  • Kami 14/11/2014

    @SeeNoWeevil; Yup, but durr UK politicians stoopid head up butthole ain't Teresa May purdy?!

    Gah. If we're being forced into the damned EU, let's at least steal their good ideas!
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  • Kami 14/11/2014

    The likes of UbiSoft have a problem; Blizzard showed the last couple days it has also got the same problem (which clearly it didn't learn from the Diablo 3 launch). EA have had it, as have Activision, and Sony and countless others. The problem is that these games simply aren't fucking ready. They really aren't. They reduced the QA stuff on their end because users could do the same sort of thing for nothing (GameSpy even proved you could charge for betas and early access!), but now people are being asked to pay a lot more money on top of their actual game for DLC, Season Passes, maybe Microtransactions. And consumers are getting more and more pissed off. People are getting frustrated.

    I don't think regulation via laws and court cases will help though; we need a change in basic consumer rights, especially in the area of video games and digital media. We can't return games like these to stores (generally, some are awesome enough to be exceptions!) because of some half-arsed law from 1979, which just says the product as sold needs to work (meaning; if the disc runs, it works). That is no longer good enough. Moreso with digital downloads becoming a growing thing; because there, you can't even get money back selling second-hand.

    If we get rules about returning actual broken games, stores will be more wary and developers will be held to account by the middle-men - stores and distributors who will have the most to lose having to refund all that money. Hell, if they have to give refunds on dodgy stock, they'll hate companies who put out broken pieces of shit. Publishers will inevitably at that point put more effort into ensuring developers have a "finished" product or face worse stock deals, or simply lack of interest in supply demand. Which means consumers will be less likely to end up with a pile of wank (although you'll always get some of it. Come on. We've always had shitty games; we always will have shitty games).

    You don't need huge expensive legal examples or moralistic crusades. We just need better protections in our consumer rights is all. For the vast majority of electronic products, the retailer who sells it is liable to refund or replace (some do both) it at the customers behest if it is faulty in the first 30 days.

    Video games should be no exception simply because of the medium they come on. We're not buying the disc. We're paying Ł40 for what's ON THE DISC. THAT is what needs to sodding well work.

    The distinction needs to be made. Then we'll see some change.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth teased for 3DS... and possibly Wii U

  • Kami 11/11/2014

    Uh-huh. Knew this already though. We had THIS little tidbit over a month ago (note the U-Pad firmware overlay right at the start), so it was already kind of obvious the game was running on Wii U hardware; the U-Pad in particular. Which meant they must have had a devkit and that an actual release on the hardware was probably the intention all along. Which then assumes that this U-Turn was made months ago, for them to (a) have a devkit, (b) port the game and (c) know Nintendo was likely to approve it this time.

    Unless you buy into the odd conspiracy of late that indie games are happening on the Wii U "by accident"; which I don't really understand. "Lol funny story guys, I was given this devkit to make games on and for a year I never once noticed the Nintendo logo on the front of it oh I so crrrrrazy!"

    As for the game, eh, it's not like I remember it. Not sure what it is. Probably the motion of the camera in those big rooms, makes my eyes wobble a little. But I had my fun with Isaac and his family. Good luck to those daring the basement now!

    If you plan to 100% this badboy, you'll need it.
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  • Is Overwatch related to Blizzard's failed MMO Titan?

  • Kami 09/11/2014

    @killuminati2911; Reusing assets has been a thing as long as video games have been around. Sequels are kind of easy to point out though.

    WoW has the same issue Dragon Age 2 did for me - you don't want the recycling to be too obvious. That's when you start feeling as if corners are being cut.

    But there are great examples of games which were built from recycled assets. Remember Link's Awakening? That was made from assets created in an ill-fated attempt to port A Link to the Past to the Game Boy. And Resident Evil 2; yup, the fan favourite Resi (I still wave the flag for Nemesis!) was built from recycled assets, after a prior attempt to make the game fell through! (Leaving us with glimpses into the ill-fated Resident Evil 1.5 and Elza Walker...)

    Even stripping games back has been done well. Vagrant Story was heavily cut back as I recall, because they were so desperate to get the game out before the PSX era ended (it was very late and extremely over budget by the time that order came in!). I don't think anyone felt cheated by the inhuman amount of content delivered in that game. I dread to think what the original vision would have been like!

    This stuff happens and it probably happens a hell of a lot more than we're being told. Blizzard just need to make sure it's fun.

    Heck, they even have actual honest-to-goodness competition in this genre!
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