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  • PSN struggling under the weight of Black Friday

  • Kami 27/11/2015

    PSN has had issues all year. This doesn't surprise me, and just a heads up to Sony if anyone from the company wanders by to read this stuff - I get you're trying to cut a few costs, but on a purely consumer goodwill front, your PS4 online stability is not a place I'd be trying to take money away from. If anything, it needs more investment. Thanks for listening! Reply +9
  • Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival review

  • Kami 25/11/2015

    @fabio78 - I agree, Nintendo has made extremely poor use of its IP this generation. I mean, for the love of all that is sacred and bloody good in the world - sure, I like the idea indies are doing a Wave Race-alike and an F-Zero-alike, but I WANT THE REAL BLOODY THING!

    Nintendo has made noises that they're changing with the NX. As was mentioned earlier, the fact is that having two dramatically different pieces of hardware with no unifying firmware meant that the whole company has been trying to juggle two consoles and really only getting one of those right with any consistency - the 3DS, this time around. The NX is more of a unified "platform" than hardware, which means that what works on one Nintendo device will work on another Nintendo device.

    That said however, don't dismiss Amiibo so out of hand. You know that Cloud reveal for Smash? Yeah. Take a moment here - two Cloud Amiibo. One his Solider uniform, the other his Advent Children garb. They'll sell and they'll sell gangbusters, meaning sure. Nintendo gets some cash. But - here's the clincher - so will Square-Enix.

    I'll predict something Pachter never will - Nintendo is likely, in the coming months and years, to start opening up Amiibo for third parties. So they sell a game on a Nintendo platform and can also get in on a potentially lucrative market where they get a cut of the Amiibo sales too.

    It's pure bloody evil. But you look at how Amiibo are selling and you tell me, with a straight face, that the likes of EA wouldn't kill to get in on that with a future Sims title? Amiibo are going no-where, for better or for worse they seem to be a key component of their future plans.

    That said, Amiibo Festival sounds half-arsed for a full priced game with £13 extra characters. No excusing that really.
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • Kami 24/11/2015

    Bloodborne is the Alfa Romeo of games right now.

    TechFoundry earlier this year told me what I already knew; this game has dogs, and sadly is a bit of a dog. Frame rate dips, frame loss frame issues in general, coupled to controller input lag, in a game where split-seconds count is a recipe for fucking frustration all day, every day and thrice on Sundays.

    But holy crap when you hit those stretches where the frames are on your side, and the controller is behaving, and the AI isn't being a eight-bit-cheap whore - there's nothing this generation that can match the feeling Bloodborne gives, on any platform.

    It's just a fucking shame I couldn't and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. You wouldn't though, would you? This is a game for the top tier of self-hating masochists everywhere. Your friends will spend £40 and they'll get frustrated and say, "WHY? WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THIS?!" - your friendship will be ruined, they'll be out of pocket... it's just not something you'd do unless I dunno, you really hated your friends?

    To me this makes Bloodborne such an awkward thing. I do love it... but Amygdala in a Skin-Tight Fetching Onesie, there's a thousand and one things to loathe, hate and despise about this stupid game.

    And yet I still come back to it in the hope, the vain hope that I will get to that stretch where everything is working and nothing is ruined and everything is going great and I'm having the best of bestest times...

    This is the textbook definition of an abusive relationship! I wouldn't fucking take this from anyone else, for any bloody reason. So why, why do I still take it up the Old Yharnam for FROM?

    And why did I instinctively drop money on the DLC even though I kept telling myself I wouldn't?!
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  • Payday 2 developer apologises after paid-for boosts blowup

  • Kami 23/11/2015

    @arcam; All too true. No-one likes repeating themselves so eventually the journos just got bored of it.

    Sad really. But yeah, it's why I no longer think people should be silent. Consumers have to kick up a stink instead.

    The good news on that front is that for the most part, angry consumers = less revenue. It's why Overkill apologised here - Overkill has no idea why people are angry, it just knows they are and probably is watching their bottom line bottom out.

    Funny that companies listen when you hit them in their pocket, isn't it?
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  • Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

  • Kami 22/11/2015

    @djm99; I'd much rather a proper HD Update of Shadow of Memories.

    Now I'm going to go cry knowing this will never happen...
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  • Kami 22/11/2015

    A vote for Dark Cloud here. Oh, and Haunting Ground. Reply +7
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's Afterbirth DLC unlikely for handhelds, Wii U

  • Kami 22/11/2015

    @smelly - Indeed. Talking of business lessons we learned when we were younger, here's mine!

    Years ago, I was paying off my student debts selling at car boot sales across the South West (Pokémon was a newly big thing then, which now ages me. FUCK!). One of the most important lessons I got from that was the relationship I had with suppliers. It's easy to forgive a supplier that lets you down, or screws you over. And you should. Forgiveness is good for the soul.

    But you're a fool if you're not at that moment looking for a new bloody supplier - or several. A supplier that lets you down once is likely to do so again. And when your bottom line is at stake, you can't afford such a liability.

    Let's hope Nintendo forgive... but let's hope Nintendo never forget. After all... these third parties kinda lied about the Wii U. I'd still be pretty pissed at them. But then, that thing about forgiveness being good for the soul? I fail pretty bad at that.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @liveswired; Oh, I'll concede that much. Whatever the title, there's no such thing as a straight port; every system is different. And at this point, hiding behind the usual "But Nintendo..." excuse, especially with what we've been getting of late, is cowardly at best.

    I like the game though. It's a great rogue-lite, and there is a lot of fun in making do with the good and the bad of what loot is offered in any given run.

    That said - I play this mobile too, 3DS and/or Vita. So I won't be getting Afterbirth.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @FMV-GAMER - The way I see it is thusly; Nintendo has done twice as much with the Wii U as third parties said it was capable of two and a half years ago, whilst EA and UbiSoft - two of the companies who twisted the knife as it were - have shown they were capable of about half as much as they said they could achieve on rival "superior" hardware in that same period.

    Regardless of the hardware, I'd be pretty confident that history will be much kinder to the Wii U than we have been the last few years.
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  • Kami 20/11/2015

    @Daryoon; That's what I was thinking.

    I think I understand his point; the CPU isn't a huge step up from the Vita (Vita runs a quad-core clocked at 800MHz, Wii U runs a tri-core at 1.2GHz), and for the most part indie games like this utilise the CPU above and beyond the GPU. So it doesn't matter that the Wii U GPU is extremely efficient because Binding of Isaac doesn't really make any use of it.

    (Probably also not helped by the split-screen demanding more resources.)

    However, whilst I understand his point - the way he stated this was hopeless and clueless. There are plenty of ways to tell customers that something isn't going the way they want; those ways usually keep customers on side and hopeful that new developments can occur in the future.

    This isn't one of those ways.
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  • Resident Evil 6 PS4 and Xbox One listings spotted on Korean ratings board

  • Kami 20/11/2015

    The one thing I remember from RE6 were those snowmobile sections.

    ... they haunt me I can't forget the poor handling it won't leave me alone please make the bad things go away!


    Seriously though Capcom, screw those snowmobile sections.
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  • Don't Starve: Shipwrecked dated for December on Early Access

  • Kami 19/11/2015

    @Zepthire; Thanks for the info. Shame that they sold those double-packs on the back of "Together", though.

    Was a bit of a disappointment. But hey, we then bought Dying Light and co-op'ed the bejeezus out of that instead, so hey. Wasn't all bad!
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  • Kami 18/11/2015

    Sounds like a great expansion.

    But having got a free Wii U copy from the bundle-offerings months ago (Woo friends!), I think we're still waiting on "Starve Together". I wonder if there's an ETA on that...
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  • Final Fantasy 7's Cloud confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; This is true.

    But boy oh boy, I'd like FF12 HD Remaster on Wii U. Pull the menus down to the touchscreen...

    Perhaps FF14 on NX?
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; They'd make perfect sense.

    The question is, how far has this kiss-and-make-up session between Nintendo and Square-Enix gone? Are we still at sharing the kids stage or are we at the closed doors "Je t'aime" stage?

    Either way, I can't wait to see where this goes!
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Nikanoru; Oh, that would be the icing on the cake. "Ohai, you can now buy Final Fantasy 1-12 on the Wii U/3DS."

    It's great to see. And I fully expect Sephiroth to also be added in Smash down the road too. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?
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  • Kami 13/11/2015

    @Daryoon; Consider this.

    Cloud's reveal was the TEASER for the December Smash Direct. Now - what on earth are they going to do for the main event?!

    edit; Also, was Cloud in PS All-Stars Battle Royale? If not, this might seem like a kick in the crotch for Sony...
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  • Kami 12/11/2015

    I did NOT see this coming!

    But I sorta like it...
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  • Nintendo censors skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles X costumes in West - report

  • Kami 02/11/2015

    @Kendrene; Technically speaking, if hypothermia were something Lara Croft could die from in Siberia, she might end up naked as a result. Biologically speaking, the human body often conflates extreme heat and extreme cold as the same thing because it reacts in the same way - rushing blood to the extremities making you feel hot.

    Medically speaking, there are countless cases of hypothermia victims so desperate to get rid of their "body heat" that they stripped naked or near-naked. As I recall, the scientific term for it is "Paradoxical Undressing".

    ... I'm over-analysing again, aren't I?
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  • Rich Stanton on: From Billions to Bedrooms

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    People will be back here in another thirty years asking the same questions and telling similar stories. Well, not me, obviously. The only way I'll last another thirty years is by supernatural means, but I digress. Reply +5
  • Performance Analysis: Batman on PC is still a disappointment

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    @togan - That'd be awesome, but they won't.

    Business is business and by this point, the likelihood is that it simply won't be cost-effective enough to fix this mess. Rebuilding the game in another engine is a great idea, but it is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, and the end results can still remain divisive. One of my friends is pissed at Larian Studios right now for the rebuild of Divinity: Original Sin - rebuilt in the new OS2 engine, but that means the mechanics and flow of the game is radically different. And that matters to some people.

    At this point, I think this just needs to be left alone in the gutter to die. WB Interactive need to make sure whatever they do next doesn't fall into this trap, and budget for it accordingly.

    Some things can't be saved. We shouldn't have to wait around forever, vainly hoping for signs of recovery and life.

    It's hard, but as someone who was hoping for better, I gotta move on.
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  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • Kami 31/10/2015

    @Peddie - And yet, that's what governments across the world have done for hundreds of years. To end wars, to dismantle terrorist organisations like the IRA and so forth. Sometimes to make peace, you need to sit down with some war-mongering bastards.

    Yes, I'm interjecting some politics into the situation. From what I've seen and read the last year - I may take no sides but it's bloody hard to ignore it - we have people on both sides who are more interested in the fight than the resolution. It makes it easy for third-party agitators to stir the pot when there is no intention for peace from these "leaders" (both sides), who march their troops onto the battlefield (whilst as I understand getting paid rather well).

    Yes, people have been hurt, harassed and scared (on both sides, although it's very easy to self-justify inflicting it on an opposing side). That's terrible and no, I can't and won't agree with it. But repaying that with vengeance only continues the cycle. At what point do we decide that justice has been done, especially when there are no laws and no boundaries to dictate where we stop? Where is the exit strategy? What is the end-game?

    What's that famous quote again... oh yes!

    "War. War never changes..."
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  • The new My Nintendo reward program will let you earn points as you play

  • Kami 29/10/2015

    @DasManiac; Well, from GoNintendo, a proper unified account system has been detailed. It looks like it will completely replace the Nintendo Network ID thing.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to see and hear more about this in a proper Nintendo Direct sometime soon. Nintendo did confirm there is a Direct coming before the end of 2015. I just assume it's something they'll spend some time talking about.

    And yes IronSoldier, Pachter is still doing his thing. I mean, he does still seem to state the blindingly obvious but hey, it's a nice job if you can get it, right?
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  • Kami 29/10/2015

    @IronSoldier; I recall some fuss not long ago about NX Devkits having "industry leading chipsets", because the tech demos were running insanely well. Chances are it could very well be Nintendo looking at a proper new hardware generation (which'd kinda suck for Sony...).

    Either way, I'm really kind of impressed. It'd be fair to say that being so late to the party Nintendo badly needed to turn up with a little more than a basic account system.

    I said it ages ago though; companies often need a good bitch-slap from their market in order to realise they're not doing things right, or well enough. Nintendo got a proper home-console bitch-slap. And it seems the market hit hard enough that it knocked a little sense back into them.

    You don't have to be Michael Pachter to understand that...
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  • PlayStation Now launches in UK, priced £12.99 a month

  • Kami 11/10/2015

    Having tried it over the weekend, I will not be paying money for this "service".

    The amount of filler games is a tiny issue - I mean, fucks sake, how many versions of Blazblue does one person bloody need? - but the main problem is the technical side of things.

    Jesus H. Christ doing a sexy Charlston with Marilyn Monroe, waiting 5 minutes for a game to be allocated space is a bit off, but waiting 20+ minutes? Not a goddamned chance in the fiery shallows of Hade's sweaty pits, Sony. I don't care if your network is "very busy" - the same tired damn excuse everyone with a new online component uses. You should know this happens by now. You should be taking steps to ensure it's not an issue. We've done this year after year after year. I will not accept the excuses any longer.

    The menu layout is appalling, there is no search function or filter and I find the lack of decent RPG's on the service already to be quite a glaring omission. Sure, there are some gems that'll eat the time. If you got the patience to load them, of course.

    £12.99 a month for it in this current condition? Not in Sony's wildest, wettest dreams. Best thing Sony could do is stick this back into beta and work on it some more, because the service obviously isn't quite ready yet.

    I have no issue with the concept - I actually applaud the concept. I think there's a lot of life in the idea and I think Nintendo should be working on their own variation right now. Just as it stands, PS Now! is just too... damned... sloooooooow...
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  • Watch five minutes of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps gameplay

  • Kami 08/10/2015

    @brider - eSports is a thing.

    But games have to be fun to watch for eSports. Umbrella Corps. doesn't look like much fun to watch. It looks pretty generic and actually, looks like matches could be over in no time. Another thing that makes games like Splatoon, Starcraft, Street Fighter etc. fun to watch is cheering on the underdog, or watching as a team makes an impressive comeback to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. There has to be some kind of crunch-time, an opportunity to stage that comeback, to win the day.

    I'm not getting that from Umbrella Corps. Maybe Capcom can tune it a bit to make it look fun, but frankly I'd much rather be watching (and playing) Splatoon.

    Sometimes you really don't need to complicate a good thing. I think Capcom are trying too hard here.
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  • Kami 07/10/2015

    As always, trying to be something the series really isn't and alienating a lot of the core fanbase in the process.

    Still, hopefully the RE2 remake will be worth playing.
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  • Sonic Lost World is coming to PC in November

  • Kami 06/10/2015

    "This is the latest in a string of high quality PC ports of past Sega titles that we will be building on in the coming months and years."
    Do Sega pay bonuses to these people for getting through these marketing blurbs with a straight face?
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  • Rich Stanton on: Year Walk and the future Nintendo predicted

  • Kami 26/09/2015

    Nevertheless, the industry's history will be written by the victors. Leaving the future, once more, up for grabs.
    I don't think this is true. One of the advantages that games consoles have is the generational cycle, which wipes the slate clean for the most part. No-one cares that the PS3 was an expensive disappointment for so many years, nor that the XBox 360 was the place to go for third-party games, nor that the Wii was a sales monolith akin to the PlayStation 2.

    It's a lovely adage, to be sure. It just doesn't work for console cycles.
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  • Nintendo names new company president

  • Kami 14/09/2015

    Some extra details from an interview with the Nikkei suggest that Mr. Kimishima has been given a one-year stint as President of Nintendo. He is not sure what will happen after that, but his role as President for the moment will be to set up a new structure for future presidents and new business ventures for Nintendo to expand out into.

    Not sure what to make of that, but the job is his for the moment...
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  • Kami 14/09/2015

    @Mr.Spo; It's a business decision at the end of it all really.

    The truth is, there isn't really an Iwata 2.0 in the wings right now, and chances are there simply won't be for some time (if ever). So they picked someone with a history of finance and some budgetary management skills. In an industry where budgets are growing and money is ever tighter, that may not be a bad mid-term strategy. Even Phil Spencer not long ago admitted they were cutting back on "timed exclusive" stuff so they can invest that money in their own studios! And that's Microsoft. The company that's effectively been buying their way through (for right and wrong) the last fifteen years! First-party content looks like it is going to be key in Generation 9, that's for sure. (Third parties kinda screwed the pooch this generation...)

    Iwata also managed to restructure the company before he died and set out a new plan and the NX direction. That takes a lot of pressure off Mr. Kimishima in the next few years, because the ground work has been laid out. Enough time for him to get a firmer grasp on his role, or at least give some people waiting in the wings a few more years to come through the ranks.

    Nothing here is shocking, it's all fairly logical and predictable. Mr. Kimishima will have Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Takeda overseeing their fields of expertise. That's again logical and predictable.

    It's all fairly textbook, really.
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  • Pikmin 4 in development and "very close to completion"

  • Kami 07/09/2015

    Surprised. But very happy.

    Also @GajKnight and @MrTomFTW, Full Metal Pikmin.
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  • Splatoon's original soundtrack is called Splatune

  • Kami 25/08/2015

    Totally would buy.

    Stay Fresh, Nintendo!
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  • Pokémon World Championship players arrested over alleged gun plot

  • Kami 24/08/2015

    Jeez, not even Team Rocket would have gone that far...

    Glad this was averted. How dumb do you have to be to tell people on Facebook you're carting a load of guns to a friggin' Pokémon event? Thankfully, such stupidity can be a blessing...
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  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • Kami 07/08/2015

    @zzkj; I must have been about three when that kicked off. Damn.

    CyberZone still was a decent-ish stab at VR. Was definitely no Knightmare though. Oddly, the series as I recall was never officially cancelled; just went into permanent haitus.

    Which gives me an idea; if Amazon Prime want to throw some money at a new show, they should totally get Knightmare back up and running...
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  • Kami 07/08/2015

    @SuperShinobi; Will it show my age if I say I can remember that BBC "Game Show" from the 90's called CyberZone? Yeah, the VR one, hosted by I believe it was Craig Charles? Reply +4
  • Kami 07/08/2015

    Thanks TIME for reinforcing what a "typical nerd" is.

    Sweet Arceus on a Back to the Future Hoverboard... *facepalms*
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  • World of Warcraft: Legion expansion adds new Demon Hunter class

  • Kami 06/08/2015

    @Pr0gen; I feel like this is them throwing out all the toys hoping it will all stick.

    But with all the lore they're putting in, and tying up, what I see right now is that the only story they'll have left after Legion is The End Time/Wrathion. So it'll be do the End Time, and bring Azeroth as we know it to a close, or delay the End Time and do something new.

    I do approve of hunters getting a melee build - my old vanilla hunter has Rhok'delar and Lok'delar, go me. But the melee build should have been Beast Mastery, as it makes sense to fight alongside ones pets in a pseudo-beserker style than just have traps (and seriously, WTF Blizzard? Survival says a lot of things, but staves isn't one of them!).

    As for the artifacts... eh. I know, but at least rogues won't be abusing the system to get daggers anymore.

    Saying that, if hunters get a melee build, rogues need a ranged build. Blizzard needs to realise Assassination hasn't been end-game viable for a long ass time now, and it'd be much better to merge its abilities into the other two specs and make an entirely new one.

    Kinda like Rift's old Saboteur build. I'd love to see Blizzard put their own spin on that one...
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  • World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million

  • Kami 05/08/2015

    Ouch. But not surprising, WoW has been needing a kick in the arse for a little while now.

    WoD was another expansion which had a critical problem; this time, I think the story was wet. All the reasons to be interested were over by lvl 100, then they kept tossing out interesting bits of story until you got to a steady stable plot which wasn't nearly as interesting. To WoW's credit, they've always had some great end-bosses and villains. Just in WoD, they didn't make nearly enough of the "Warlords" in question, really.

    I suspect WoW has a couple more expansions before it's done. After all, WoW DOES have an end-time. Literally, it's called "The End-Time". We did that in Cataclysm. And throwaway or not, they did allude to this coming in Warlords.

    But they need to wrap up TWO Burning Legions, a Wrathion and a certain Bolvar before all of that.

    Unless they're planning a WoW 2.0, of course...
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  • Nvidia Shield tablet recall due to "fire hazard"

  • Kami 01/08/2015

    @KanePaws; It's okay.

    My first thought was; "An nVidia product with overheating issues? Surely not..."
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  • Splatoon's big August update raises level cap

  • Kami 27/07/2015

    @specialgamer; Easily mine so far.

    I mean, I like The Witcher 3, but I've had niggles with it. Splatoon has been answering my first question since launch, which was, "Sir, can I have some more?" - turns out, yes. Yes we can, and it's all you can eat by the sounds of it.

    I would also burst out in heaps of laughter if EG gave Nintendo the GOTY award for the third year in a row. Can you imagine the tears and tantrums?

    Stay fresh!
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  • Dark Souls 3 is familiar, and that's fine

  • Kami 23/07/2015

    @Yautja_Warrior; I hope so.

    Question; is this going to be 30FPS like Bloodborne tried to be (sorry, but it is still the reason I fell out of love with it) or 60FPS like Scholar of the First Sin?

    Contrary to what some think, it actually does matter, and Scholar of the First Sin is the game which taught me WHY it matters. So I'm hoping they won't take a step backwards on this front...
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  • Project Cars Wii U canned, "simply too much" for hardware

  • Kami 21/07/2015

    It's their decision at the end of the day.

    However, the constant promises of a Wii U version up to the release of what they did make and constant assurances of how it "looked great" on their Wii U build (source) are the real crux of what went wrong in this instance. They abused an entire consoles audience in order to grasp more money and have willingly cut it off when it got tough.

    Sure, if they can port it to NX, why not? Except, you know, actions have consequences. Randy Pitchford still got a ton of crap on Twitter last week during his Q&A over Colonial Marines. It's so often not the end result, it's the sheer dishonesty along the way.

    That's what will hurt them the most. They can try to sell it to the market they arguably just screwed over... I just don't think you could or should expect the money up-front; it'll have to be done on their own dime and their own time.

    I don't think SMS will ever do a Nintendo version as a result. Sorry to say it... but that bridge has been burned, salted and hit with a wrecking ball ridden by a bad Miley Cyrus lookalike...

    edit; And this is why I don't partake in crowdfunding, I'd much rather buy a finished product than a promise from what is to me a complete stranger. But I'm obviously the minority on that one.
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  • Faction-switching Mercenary Mode coming to World of Warcraft

  • Kami 16/07/2015

    @MrTomFTW; Grammatically speaking...

    he/she = whoever.
    him/her = whomever.

    At least that's how I've always been told to use it. So in this instance, whomever seems to be the correct term.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • Kami 13/07/2015

    I was up and about last night after feeling like utter crap for days, only to see this news and realise two things; one, that my problems are meaningless in the face of someone dying and two, even crappier because Iwata-san was just an amazing figure in the industry.

    Whatever we feel of Nintendo, there's no escaping that Satoru Iwata was there to grow the industry and by token, his company, when it mattered. The DS and the Wii were incredible sales powerhouses. And I have a lot of respect for the tonal shift during the Wii U, where 60fps became more important than 1080p.

    And in an industry which got increasingly po-faced and serious, trying so damned hard to be a respectable artform, there's something joyous about an industry leader who ultimately values fun as the primary motivator. He turns up to E3 to bring fun. And we've all seen his directs and all the memes. The man had a glorious sense of humour and an endless ability to poke fun at himself.

    Goodbye, Mr. Iwata. No, I will not understand why you left us too soon.
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  • Dodge bottles of bodily fluids in virtual reality festival sim Stage Presence

  • Kami 03/07/2015

    @AmorousBadger; Yeah, I remember they did a press tour recently where the pair talked quite fondly of the whole escapade, including how they even got to be on that stage (they spent months lying about headlining it before someone at the festival thought it'd be funny to go along with it).

    Utterly amazing, and more amazing the pair want to RETURN to Reading Festival in the future!
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  • Kami 03/07/2015

    Didn't Daphne and Celeste go through being bottled at Reading a while back? Nothing like grown men throwing bottles of their piss at two teenage girls, right?

    edit; Damn. They also said someone threw a wheelchair at them btw.
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  • Tale of Tales is sunsetting its studio following Sunset

  • Kami 24/06/2015

    Sunset's closest video game brethren is probably Gone Home. Why did the latter sell so well when the former didn't?
    Because that's kinda how the market works?

    In laymens terms; the reason is BECAUSE Gone Home exists. It filled a niche. That's been done. Congratulations! It's the same reason now most zombie-survival games on Steam are becoming little more than asset flips. Day-Z exists. It dominates that market so much that spending tons of money is no guarantee of shifting its place!

    You see this in the video game industry all the time; the best example I can think of is World of Warcraft. But it's true for many other games; DayZ, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Minecraft, Dark Souls...

    I suppose the PC market doesn't help by not having a generational cycle as well; unlike consoles, most PC owners just modify over time, rather than acquiring a whole new machine every few years. That makes many of these names harder to shift as well - because they still work. There's no attempt to one-up on new hardware; they're still there, silently being used to judge newer games.

    I won't comment on their "humour", or "reaction"; we're only human, and we all deal with pain and failure in our own ways. But this IS how the market works. It has no fundamental bias - believe me, those of us on sites like this are the minority!

    Try and change it all you want, but with 4000 sales of this game, I suspect Mr. Samyr may be barking in entirely the wrong forest, making his viewpoint of what is wrong somehow suspect...
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  • Splatoon datamine discovers dozens of on-disc details

  • Kami 23/06/2015

    @patchbox360; Probably placeholder code. Nintendo pushed Splatoon out and I'm going to just guess here the game wasn't entirely finished when they did.

    So all the extra stuff is being put in as time goes on. Kinda like an early-access game. And like early-access, the games initial cost (like others here, I got it for £25) was just low enough to be appealing.

    Does it suck we live in a world where games may have to be released a little unfinished? Sure. I'm not going to argue that. I hate it as much as the next person.

    But if you've got to do it, you can do a heck of a lot worse than the way Splatoon is going about it. Everyone wave to Evolve, which is charging you for another season of reskins... *rolls eyes*
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  • Square Enix E3 2015 conference live report

  • Kami 16/06/2015

    Even the audience had to pity-clap that... Reply 0