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  • Is Blizzard scrubbing the internet of Overwatch porn?

  • Kageroth 28/05/2016

    How new to the internet are some of you, it is a really old meme, But its thrown around for good reason.
    "Rule 34"
    For the love of any character from your childhood don't use that and a name.
    You will either love or incredibly regret the results ;-)
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  • Destiny's Gjallarhorn to be nerfed in huge balance-changing update

  • Kageroth 18/07/2015

    @wikidd last I read roc strikes were still throwing out pre-HoW engrams, now I'll not say it will give out special weapon ones (I don't do roc strikes at all anymore, if I bother to do anything at all). But I've seen armour ones definitely, Id need to test but in all honesty. Fuck that. Reply +1
  • Kageroth 17/07/2015

    The problem with destiny which bungie just don't seem to want to admit to themselves is this, its the got the EXACT same problem as WoW had and still does have. Players will take the most optimal route with the least effort involved, to finish content and get their virtual trophy items.
    The problem isn't the guns, the problem starting with POE 35 was in all their genius, they added the burns as possible switches. Which made some weapons supremely powerful (first/second week was solar in POE 35 if I remember right, which made the Gjallarhorn/Icebreaker basically THE weapons to use). In general PVE weapon wise most are fine, even the shotguns (shotguns started as being absolute trash, even now in nightfalls etc you're basically asking to be sent back to that crappy director using one, also knowing how hard bungie likes to over nerf things (oh hey look suros regime is too good, lets nerf ALL autos into the floor, so you'll barely see them in PVE/PVP until the next "Balance" pass)).

    PVP is a whole different barrel of fish, while Thorn may indeed be over used, its not the worst thing in the mode and nerfing just thorns ability to get post mortems would probably make it less cheesy (the dot cannot kill for example), again thorn started out a bit bleh was ok but not great, then they buffed its reload speed and we get here. Then we get into things like final round sniper rifles (whoever on the dev team thought that'd be a good idea yea well...), which are specific to weapons no long available in HoW so if you want one have fun running about 200+ roc strikes.

    Personally I'd prefer if bungie just did small incremental changes every week to gun balance. If something is under performing or is being overused tune up/down its damage slightly, look at its weapon unlocks see if they're too powerful. Then adjust accordingly. But going by their track record that just won't happen and never will, so grab onto your socks gentlemen/ladies we're in for a ride.
    Dunno why they're even bothering with this though as lets be honest, the community will find the new OP in taken king anyway, rendering all this utterly moot.
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  • The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

  • Kageroth 09/12/2014

    @woochow Can the game be played solo, yes. Is it fun, moderately so.
    You will hit a point after level 16-18 when you've done all the story stuff, where the only way to level to 20 is to do the daily mission grind along with the soul crushingly boring reputation grind, or do the strikes (basically dungeons) with three other people. While some strikes can be "cheesed" so you can solo them, bungie seems to be slowly patching certain cheese methods.
    All in all, rent it at best imo.
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Kageroth 27/08/2014

    ugh this **** storm in a tea cup again....
    I'd hoped we'd gotten this out of the way already, are there problems with the way women are currently portrayed in games? Yes, I've no problem with that being pointed out but with EG and other sites/commentators suddenly crusading and pushing this gunk out every time they want hits/publicity. I just can't help but be sick of it.
    I'm one of those people plays the odd female character and shock horror I HATE the armours for them 90% of the time as they're about as realistic armour wise as wearing tissue paper. thankfully WoW and elder scrolls the two games I started out doing it in had OK armour or mod armour I could add in that didn't look like tissue paper. I even backed changing the armours in firefall as the standard female assault wears what can only be assumed to be a sports bra and hot pants, so much for being a "battleframe".
    So yea I'm all for parity, just not this furore over something already being considered by reasonable people.

    Can't we get past this "moral" crusading for click and publicity bait already.
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  • Warframe review

  • Kageroth 02/12/2013

    @FlyDungas I was going to go through your entire argument but then I saw you being a fool on the WF forums and decided you're not worth the time or effort. Also personal attacks really? Please I dare you to try that on the WF forums, call a dev or commod a name. Call them out on not doing something they said they would. See how long your posting privileges last. If you're willing I'll get the popcorn ready but let me know 2 mins beforehand as it won't even last that long. Reply 0
  • Kageroth 02/12/2013

    @telboy007 The best way to get forma and forma blueprints is in the orokin void key missions, survivals being the most likely to give more than one.
    it is however a grind to grind situation, as the keys drop from survival at 15 mins or have the possibility of dropping every 5 waves on defense.

    @swelt Also PVP is mostly made irrelevant because some frames and guns absolutely dominate most encounters, a rhino with an acrid will destroy most other players due to the poison DoT that acrid applies. Same thing with the soma rifle, if you mod spec it for crits it destroys players (it gets 87.5% crit rate), Put cryo rounds and fire rate mods on it and it'll destroy shields and health in no time.
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  • Kageroth 02/12/2013

    It's, well a passable game, I've cranked about 500 hours into it. Just messing around and getting into it. Managed to get all the warframes so far including the newest. It is however a time sink for me at best, there is no progression at all other than mastery rank. Which only opens up more weapons to craft. Most of which are locked behind the clan research. For example the current king of damage in the PS4 version of the game would be the Acrid secondary pistol, which requires clan research and a mastery rank 7.

    PS4 players will also soon (i'd imagine) be getting update 11, which changes the damage model of the game making some weapons pretty much useless against certain enemy factions, the warframe wikia will give more details on that (Acrid got screwed pretty hard here).
    While also containing another new warframe, which from my experience of hitting 30 with.... don't even bother buying with real money, it is currently an absolute mess stats and abilities wise. This is of course if you bother to play it for more than a few hours. Which if you do manage to get through, do not buy revive top ups with the 50 starting platinum you get, they restore every day. Buy warframe slots and weapon slots instead to give you options.
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  • Blizzard issues security warning after World of Warcraft suffers increase in unauthorised account logins

  • Kageroth 25/06/2013

    Ouch haven't used my WoW account since about 6 months into cataclysm and even I've had to go through the password resets, which I had to do again after reading this. Something clearly wrong with how blizzard handles certain things. Reply 0
  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Kageroth 11/06/2013

    not just television, movies and music too! :P Reply 0
  • Destiny gets a minute long trailer starring Breaking Bad's Gus

  • Kageroth 23/05/2013

    That's it? I know they're trying to build hype for this pretty early on, But that could've been a damn sight better. Although I don't think I've been impressed by any of the marketing stuff activision have done for the last few years. Reply +3
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Kageroth 21/05/2013

    Well lets just hope these 8 new IPs are worth one small amount of hope, as I've not bought nor will I ever buy another COD since MW1. Reply 0
  • Kageroth 21/05/2013

    Ok get the shovels out people, we need some shovelling done. Reply 0
  • Kageroth 21/05/2013

    its... its huge! Reply 0
  • Kageroth 21/05/2013

    15:58 is the next xbox designed by alienware :P So yes @spong definitely kill it twith fire. Reply 0
  • SWTOR expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel out 14th April

  • Kageroth 25/03/2013

    @twoism its not terrible, its just not "the new hope" :P in mmos, I waited a few months until after it released to get the initial patching etc out of the way and got a sith juggernaut to 50 (even managed to get the collectors ed for 50 instead of 100 odd, thanks game :P).

    Its very repetitive, it is very much World of warcraft in space, with some side missions and some talking npcs. Thats not to say its bad, the main "story" missions for your character are usually well done and for the most part fun. But you run into the typical Get X then go to Y and the obligatory kill X amount of Z as a LOT of side quests. Which killed it for me, I finished the story missions as my sith and then scratched my head. Then started as an operative, got bored then stopped playing.
    The ship as a personal base thing is a good idea, its just clunky last I played I had to run all the way back to the spaceport to get back to it (this is going back a while), which in the higher level zones is annoying as all ****. As stuff knocks you off your speeder (mount) really easily.
    The side missions to gain reputation boosts with the crew mates you can pick up were mostly well done also added a bit to the flavour, unlike say neverwinter or most other MMO's mute dumb companion characters. Although they do seem to repeat the same three bleeding lines of dialogue, during and after combat.

    The taxis also do the WoW thing of taking the bleeding scenic route :S
    (I am not into raiding so I can't say yes or no as to whether that was good or not and I tried PvP once, again it didn't suit me.)

    This is of course what I thought of it, different people will have different opinions.
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  • New Skyrim PC patch 1.9 "effectively removes the overall level cap"

  • Kageroth 21/03/2013

    @Murton I can understand that, theres unofficial patches out now that plug those holes (even for the hires dlc packs for PC LOL), well most of them. I'd recommend getting all of them if you've got or plan to get any of the DLC also get tes5edit to clean bethesdas esm files, as they include dirty edits in their own masters :S. That is of course if you're not doing this already, if not the game will become a large amount more playable from everything I've read. Holding out for the GOTY ed personally to get all the DLC. Reply +1
  • Kageroth 21/03/2013

    @Murton This is why you wait to buy, or if you can't wait to buy and get it on release. You get the unofficial patches as soon as they're released. Those guys/girls make bethesda games playable.
    I learnt these lessons with morrowind and oblivion.
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  • Thief 4 hero Garrett less "gothic", more "mainstream"

  • Kageroth 14/03/2013

    While I'll leave making assertions on what the game will be like, I'm not so sure about the "less gothic". He looks like he should be fronting some bleeding awful black metal band, with a massively obscure name for example "pagans of the left handed cthulu" or something equally bizarre.
    Its not how I'm sure most people would have redesigned the character, or have liked him to end up. But I'll leave it up to them and see what pops out game wise at the end, hopefully its as good as Deus Ex HR.
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  • Capcom hopes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will spark a "breakthrough" in the west

  • Kageroth 01/03/2013

    Currently debating whether to get a 3DS and give this a go, as there are finally more than two games on the 3DS I fancy trying.
    Don't think I'd get this bundle though, the fire emblem one is much nicer in my opinion. But I'll wait until I can get some impressions of the new fire emblem before making a concrete decision.
    My old fat original DS could do with a new fat friend after all.
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  • Destiny: Bungie unveils its shared-world shooter

  • Kageroth 17/02/2013

    The concept art seems to be channeling star wars with added spartans.
    I wasn't a halo fan, I played it and enjoyed what I did play. That said after reading this is basically firefall or any other mmofps, I'm left with a distinct feeling of 'whats the point?'.
    Ah well hopefully they flesh out more of the features, that they believe will make this worth well, even trying. As currently, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.
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  • Do you suffer from StarCraft 2 ladder anxiety? Blizzard hopes Heart of the Swarm will help you beat it

  • Kageroth 22/01/2013

    @Kalderyn You're pretty much the same as me then, I played through the campaign, was a bit miffed about it being damn similar to the original. Tried I think maybe 3 custom games, shook my head then uninstalled it. If I could sell this collectors ed. on, I would do so at the drop of a hat. But thanks to it being tied to my battle.net account I can't :( Reply +1
  • Borderland's 2's next DLC is Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

  • Kageroth 15/12/2012

    Nice to see there's another DLC been oops announced again, not surprising though.
    Couldn't care less about achievements really though, on my Xbox they increase a pointless number on my steam account they unlock pointless pictures. Either way they're head scratching amounts pointless. Although a level cap increase would be a welcome change.
    @UtherDoul if you're 50 on PC and don't mind a bunch of freebies(dupes) I can throw nearly every legendary available at you, this goes for anyone else sick of farming also. I did my time farming, keyboard face planted out of boredom a fair few times, so if I can stop that for anyone else I'll do it.
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  • Total War developer announces multi-game Warhammer deal

  • Kageroth 06/12/2012

    YAY some proper warhammer RTS games coming, colour me happy.
    Hopefully they can manage to pull off a good magic and magic item system.
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  • Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC out next week

  • Kageroth 11/10/2012

    Oh no, there goes more of my time and with XCom this friday aswell, goodbye weekends and late nights. Along with hair probably although mainly due to XCom I'd imagine.
    If you need a hand with anything in borderlands 2 on PC or fancy killing terra or vermi give me a shout, Kage_66 on steam.
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  • Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta announced

  • Kageroth 17/05/2012

    @sheepish47 the 3 words you're looking for here are, Published by Ubisoft.
    That pretty much explains everything, then again they've shown time and again PC isn't their primary or even secondary market.
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  • Gotham City Impostors fixes on the way

  • Kageroth 17/02/2012

    Heh happened to me in the PC beta, WAY back when (I was naughty and said I was from the US :p).
    Shame they haven't managed to fix it yet, it was quite infuriating in the beta to unlock a bunch of stuff, Only to have the game reset you back to rank 1.
    Can't imagine the annoyance after paying for the game, Oh well good luck and I hope for everyone effected its fixed soon.
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  • New Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC announced

  • Kageroth 03/11/2011

    Oh dear and the march of DLC'd space marine chapters continues in space marine, I was hoping they'd not do that after doing it in dawn of war. But at least they're adding in a new MP mode for free, thats something. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40K: Space Marine footage

  • Kageroth 04/08/2011

    @Death-Jester Not to be picky but the Grey Knights called they said "Hi" about marines being unable to use a Stormbolter one handed.Also the Twin bolter seems to be on chaos side, which would make sense as the stormbolter was I'm pretty sure, perfected after the horus heresy. Before that they used a form of combi-bolter with a lower fire rate, so calling it a twin bolter wouldn't be incorrect.On topic: Can't wait personally, just hope they don't go and do the same with the DLC race stuff they did in DOW2 retri, that'd make me sadface. Reply +4
  • W40K Space Marine heading to PC

  • Kageroth 27/07/2010

    Yay! The next yay comes when/if they announce a co-op and marine chapter choice, the smurfs may be the space marine poster boys, but I prefer the stubborn and shamed dark angels myself. I'll have to wait and see how the game plays before I choose a platform, always nice to have the option of a PC version though. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Galaxies to get vehicle combat

  • Kageroth 08/08/2008

    People still play this monstrosity!?! That alone is cause for concern of the mentally ill, the fact they PAY for the privilege to play it makes it even worse. Reply 0