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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta on PS4

  • KORNdoggy 25/08/2015

    @Volthis do a network test on your PS4 and check to see what it shows your NAT type as (it wants to be type 2). COD also usually shows NAT type somewhere in the MP screen saying whether it's open (what you want) moderate (eh) or closed (worst case scenario) Reply -1
  • KORNdoggy 25/08/2015

    @Volthis potentially. prior to upgrading my connection to fiber my NAT was strict and it caused all sorts of problems. disconnects. problems finding players. problems communicating via mic. lag...

    the framerate is solid as hell in this game though, so it's not that. it'll be a connection issue.
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  • KORNdoggy 25/08/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft with what? it's pathetic amount of maps and modes, and no single player to speak of? hmmm, consider me doubtful.

    what i am sure of though, is that COD will sell the millions is always does
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  • KORNdoggy 25/08/2015

    @Volthis sounds an awful lot like bad NAT type if you're being put into empty games. Reply +4
  • Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection is more than just a remaster

  • KORNdoggy 21/08/2015

    @geeza2020 unless you know...enjoyed playing them and want to play them again. or do the rules of movie narratives not apply to video game narratives? i guess i better not watch indiana jones ever again..lol Reply +5
  • KORNdoggy 21/08/2015

    oh, shocking. cloudskipa is here whining lol Reply +29
  • It looks like Telltale's Back to the Future will launch on PS4, Xbox One

  • KORNdoggy 20/08/2015

    this was back when telltale was at their jankiest (not that they've improved much since) animations are awful in this game. and the story is boring. didn't like it at all on PS3 can't imagine i will on PS4 Reply +2
  • Uncharted Collection will add two new difficulty settings

  • KORNdoggy 17/08/2015

    @jabberwocky not only that but apparently they work across all 3 games now. Love the improvements to drakes fortune. Its exactly what i wanted to see. Reply +11
  • Grip, the spiritual successor to Rollcage, takes to Kickstarter

  • KORNdoggy 13/08/2015


    That was almost nintendo PR. lol.
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  • KORNdoggy 12/08/2015

    @IronSoldier probably more a case of limited budget and aiming for the biggest markets with the most chance of being remembered (its remembered more as a playstation game then a pc game). I doubt it's a deal, or anything against xbone either. Just working with what you got and making the most of it. If it does well, there will be an xbone version a couple months later. Everyone wins...except wii-u but who the hell has one of those *shamefully raises hand* lol Reply +2
  • KORNdoggy 12/08/2015

    @IronSoldier much like rollcage then. Plus they havn't ruled out other platforms, but don't hold your breath for a wii-u version. It's a nice looking game and runs on UE4 which means it'll bnever work on wii-u Reply +2
  • Video: Where's the hype for these huge games?

  • KORNdoggy 13/08/2015

    "it's always a bit of a surprise when a video we expect to do well absolutely tanks - something we've noticed happening with a few prominent games of late. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Hitman and Deus Ex: Mankind divided, I am looking at you."

    personally i find it harder and harder to get hyped by games more then 2 months away. With how rampant BS gameplay video's and screenshots are becoming that thing we saw a year prior to release could be a damn sight different to what we actually get.

    Why even bother getting excited for something lile syndicate knowing the BS surounding unity? Why get excited about hitman after the BS they tried to pull last time with absolution, not to mention they havn't told us what the other half of the game they're selling will be...

    As for deus ex i'm actually looking forward to it. But it's too far away, there are closer games that deserve hyping more.
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  • Why Destiny ditched Peter Dinklage

  • KORNdoggy 11/08/2015

    nothing to do with dinklage being fucking awful then? lol Reply 0
  • Clearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • KORNdoggy 11/08/2015

    i'm hoping they've fixed the thing in human revolution where if you tranquilized or stunned a guy and they fell even SLIGHTLY awkwardly, they'd be classed as dead. because that was incredibly annoying. Reply 0
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • KORNdoggy 11/08/2015

    so buying this tonight. will be a nice change of pace after completing the witcher 3 last night. Reply +14
  • Crackdown 3 tech demo details destructible environments

  • KORNdoggy 05/08/2015

    @Britesparc especially when you're most entertaining feature is collecting orbs scattered around said city. Plus they probably wanted the game to be playable offline. Reply +7
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage features actual tombs

  • KORNdoggy 04/08/2015

    I like the fact there seems to be legit tombs this time around. Not so thrilled about the visuals. Its just the definitive edition visually, way too much da ja vu looking in general.

    And its funny. Neogaf were recently wondering if this game had moved away from the hyper violence of the first game...lol...i guess not. Seems all it takes is a brush with attempted rape and you turn into a sociopath. Lol
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  • Here's Vega in Street Fighter 5

  • KORNdoggy 03/08/2015

    i've got ken but i want eagle too and then i'm happy. Reply -2
  • DriveClub overtakes 2m sales

  • KORNdoggy 03/08/2015

    deserved...great racer and my fave of the gen so far. looks unbelievably great too.

    hopefully we'll see a current gen motorstorm!
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  • Iron Man mod swoops into Grand Theft Auto 5

  • KORNdoggy 31/07/2015

    god, the animation is terrible. they had half decent hover and flying animations in the iron man GTA4 mod. where are they here? also. someone needs to re-animate the walking animation. iron man with a franklin pimp walk just looks friggin weird. it's a start though at least. Reply -27
  • The Talos Principle out on PS4 this October

  • KORNdoggy 30/07/2015

    sweet! been a bit jealous of this one since it came out on PC. excited to play it. Reply +5
  • Broken Sword 5 puzzles PS4 and Xbox One in September

  • KORNdoggy 30/07/2015

    didn't like this much. just wasn't as interesting as the first 2. also would have preferred to see hand drawn animation rather then badly done cel shading. but i guess it's easier/quicker. Reply +2
  • Capcom wants your "honest and frank" opinion about the Resident Evil 2 fan remake

  • KORNdoggy 30/07/2015

    i'd be interesting to find out how much something like REmake or Zero cost to make in comparison to RE5 or 6. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues

  • KORNdoggy 30/07/2015

    @Bluetooth but we do get to see more shu...and that's a worthy alternative. he's one of only a few corporate faces i don't hate Reply -1
  • KORNdoggy 30/07/2015

    @dogmanstaruk sony has the biggest presence at gamescom in terms of booth size just like every year. they're just not having a conference since it's so soon after E3. it's hardly lackadaisical, especially when the momentum of that almost surreal dream E3 (shenmue, FF7, last guardian) is still carrying them. instead they have TGS for the likes of persona, dragon quest, hopefully dark cloud 3, and then their stand alone event in paris for more western announcements which situated much closer to Christmas. giving them the most mind-share approaching the gift giving period. it makes more sense to me then MS's approach of announcing everything was missing E3 and going to gamescom. but i guess we'll find out if it's a tactic that pays off. Reply +4
  • Yager's segmented Dead Island 2 team files for insolvency

  • KORNdoggy 29/07/2015

    @robbiejc85 how about something to do with the 2000ad license. Slaine? another Dredd game? Joe Pineapples? Sinister Dexter? Finn? you guys were really getting into the swing of things with Rogue Trooper...then the 2000ad games kinda just died. Reply +3
  • KORNdoggy 29/07/2015

    @Porcupine_I based on footage, i think it was more the fact the game seemed quite "standard" when compared to dying light. it was a dead island sequel that didn't seem to really add much in terms of new stuff. dying light added free running and much more verticality. combined with dead rising 3 and sunset overdrive there were developments being made to that sort of game and dead island 2 didn't seem to be making any of it's own. i think if dying light never happened this would still be in production. it took a lot of wind out of its sails.

    EDIT: i predict in a year or so yager won't be around.
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  • Uncharted 4 pushes PS4 tech to the next level

  • KORNdoggy 16/07/2015

    @Antropie is this satire? it's hard to tell but the screenshots you linked to show aliasing, show low res blurry textures, and "targetting" 1080p/30fps isn't really confirmation that's what it'll run at. but maybe that was the point in the post? Reply +1
  • KORNdoggy 16/07/2015

    seems this gen sony are only competing with themselves when it comes to one-upping each other visually. killzone < infamous < driveclub < the order < uncharted < ? MS seems to have given up trying which is a bit disappointing really. i liked the back and fourth they had going with the 360.

    anyway, this game looks phenomenal. both visually and everything else. ND proving yet again that they really are the only ones in the business who really understand this sort of cinematic approach to gameplay. the competition are still catching up to what uncharted 2 achieved 6 years ago. i just hope that's all we see of the games set-pieces. uncharted 3 was amazing, but they ruined a lot of it by showing off all the big cinematic moments.
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  • Take a look at Uncharted 2 remastered for PlayStation 4

  • KORNdoggy 16/07/2015

    i know U2 and U3 will scale well to PS4, they were benchmark titles last gen so they're bound to look nice. what i'm curious about is the first game. it's texture work still stands up well, alongside its animations, but certain elements could do with tweeks. i'd like to see U2/3 gameplay changes retrofitted to drakes fortune. and i'd love to see that horrible explosion effect replaced with something better. maybe some colour balance fixes too since the first game was super high contrast...just make it look a bit better, and change the grenade controls to match later games. Reply +23
  • You can now play hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on PC

  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    @TOOTR i can't speak for Dubya, but for me the quests are all boring fetch-fests! characters and story are uninteresting! open world is rendered pointless when there is nothing but collectathons to do within it! the combat is shallow! and whats worse, is those really awful side "quests" are forced on you to accumulate enough "power" to activate the story missions...well, until around lvl 6 influence where they figure everyone will be sick of playing the "content" and let you buy power from a vendor.

    it's one of the worst RPG's i've ever had the missfortune of playing...and i've played the likes of two worlds and risen. lol
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  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    but the big question is...why would you want to? Reply -7
  • Devil's Third is a shoddy game - but can it be so bad it's good?

  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    @scuffpuppies i think it died when they published the likes of "hey you pikachu" lol Reply 0
  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    this really isn't the right way to go about winning over the more "adult" audience nintendo. back some violent games sure...but at least make sure they're good first. lol this looks awful, and has done from the get go. Reply -4
  • There's a new Shenmue 3 trailer starring Ryo and Shenhua

  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    @Shadders it's work in progress. they said it was work in progress and it will be work in progress until it's released in 2017. they're just showing the development process like most of them do via kickstarter. i mean, even the character models arn't final. it's all just placeholder. Reply +3
  • Amazon Prime day deals detailed

  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    @gravearchitecture there is no faff? it just supports a broader range of better supported, newer emulators, hence better dreamcast performance. shenmue was an example. dreamcast as a whole runs like shit on raspberry pi. but if you don't care for the dreamcast, then sure. raspberry pi is a good enough choice too. Reply 0
  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015


    best to go for the odroid C1, it has vastly superior performance for similar price. can actually run shenmue smoothly...something the raspberry pie 2 cannot.
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  • KORNdoggy 15/07/2015

    i was hoping the xbone deal would be lower then 300 tbh. it's the only way i'll bite given the fact there isn't a ton of reason to own it (already have a PC/PS4/Wii-U) and the fact there were deals earlier in the year that were way better (279.99 with a game) Reply +1
  • Face-Off: F1 2015

  • KORNdoggy 14/07/2015

    same results as always. maybe we don't need these face offs anymore? PC>PS4>Xbone Reply +6
  • Street Fighter 5 reveals Ken with a new 'do

  • KORNdoggy 10/07/2015

    Ken is my fave SF character and my go-to guy if i need to kick ass without much thought. He's looking awsome here. Can't wait for this game. Feels like a legit sequel this time around. They're actually changing things up a bit. Reply +7
  • Don't call the new Hitman an early access game

  • KORNdoggy 09/07/2015

    @VibratingDonkey you can't trade something in you don't physically own. Hence the digital first apprach. They saw how fast absolution dropped in price and was traded in/sold on ebay, and this...this prevents people from doing so...for a year at least, when they'll then charge full price again for a game that is a year old..lol It's smart on their end, massively anti-consumer for us though. Reply +1
  • KORNdoggy 09/07/2015

    @danger.to.others errr. Except much like the shitty idea of season passes, you're buying into content you know nothing about and could very well be worthless. There will be reviews of the content the game launches with and nothing more, potentially putting you in a position of "owning" half a digital game for full price and getting shit content added in the future. This is a bad approach for any game, hitman included. Now, if it was cheaper, like all other episodic games, it would minimise the risk and make it a valid approach. But 45 for half a game and who knows what the year later...that's just plain terrible. Reply 0
  • KORNdoggy 09/07/2015

    This approach has pushed me away. As a physical release gamer, i guess i'm left waiting until some undisclosed moment they release the complete edition, by which point i may not even care. Bad approach, and one that only serves as a means to kill trade ins. Reply +1
  • Can Halo 5 deliver on its 60fps promise?

  • KORNdoggy 08/07/2015

    @NYKilla80 obviously it could turn things around by launch. hopefully it will. but based on what we've been shown currently, it's hardly a looker. it has pretty bad effects with a low res framebuffer (gran turismo 5 level jaggies around objects with smoke effects in the scene), and it's one of the jaggiest current gen games i've ever laid eyes on with constant shimmering around everything. all that with a wildly fluctuating, often unacceptable resolution and not even 60fps...i genuinely hope it is a rushed demo, but i'm dubious. i expected better from a first party developer. Reply 0
  • KORNdoggy 08/07/2015

    it's good to see performance be a priority for 343 but it seems they're sacrificing too much or struggling to achieve it. the game doesnt look very impressive visually or scale wise. it's having to dynamically drop resolution to almost unacceptible levels for a current gen system. and it STILL isn't a locked 60FPS. they're uncompromising approach in regards to framerate has resulted in what appears to be a game that misses the mark across the board. it's not locked 60. it's not 1080p. and it's not very pretty. it's a lose/lose/lose result in my eyes.

    but worse of all for me personally is that they've lied to us about why split-screen isn't included. the simulations clearly arn't tied to framerate. otherwise the framerate would be a rock solid 60.
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  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • KORNdoggy 07/07/2015

    @UkHardcore23 forza 5 shouldn't have been released. It was a feature lacking "update" and felt rushed (it was) not to mention the DLC. don't like open world racers at all, they're tedious, so horizon was shit. Pcars was a bit of a mess on consoles, but at least achieved some basics in regards to weather and day/night cycles. and AC i can't say i've played.

    All of those i played lacked the one thing driveclub had in spades....fun!
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  • KORNdoggy 02/07/2015

    Still the best racer this gen though...which i can't decide if that's impressive or a little sad :/ Reply -6
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • KORNdoggy 26/06/2015

    i dont mind this being like the last one in it's more cinematic, action focused "uncharted-like" gameplay. but i didnt like seeing the exact same things we saw in the last game. like having to upgrade our equipment in the same fashion...AGAIN...by this point i figure she's be a bit more prepared. you know. maybe starting the game with a high powered compound bow. not bending a twig and tying a bit of string to it. it feels dumb. kinda like i'd expect her to be dual weilding her iconic pistols by now.

    i want to see her develop as a character. not stay as this whiney little english brat who falls over a lot. when does the lara croft we know and love start to bleed into her personality and actions? i dunno. what i'm seeing is TOO MUCH of the same. but maybe they've just demo'd it badly up to this point?

    on the plus side. it has nice snow and hair effects.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • KORNdoggy 24/06/2015

    @jerjef tbh a delayed analysis of xbox version is only doing the xbox version favours. we know it's sub 1080p, suffers a lot of screen tear and framedrops in the batmobile and even lacks some effects. keeping that hush hush is problably helping the game sell on that system. Reply +4
  • KORNdoggy 24/06/2015

    @jerjef it is? didn't oddworld run worse on Xbox? Reply +2