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  • NCSoft layoffs claim 60 from WildStar dev - report

  • Jorendo 24/10/2014

    Well Wildstar wasn't the success they were hopping for. I guess its normal that this happens for that exact reason. The game doesn't bring in enough money, there is a bulk of people that are no longer needed, so 1+1 means those who aren't needed anymore will have to go.

    Its a shame for those who sadly lose their jobs. But it happens every where.
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  • Mortal Kombat movie company making Tetris film

  • Jorendo 02/10/2014

    @spongebob Cause the Dungeon Siege and Far Cry movies wheren't bad enough? Or any other of Uwe Bolls versions of those games in movie form?

    Ah well i guess that's the good can't get any worse then Uwe would do.
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  • Another Ultima game bites the dust

  • Jorendo 01/08/2014

    I didn't even know that game excisted O.o But what to exspect from a EA free to play game? They all die in no time. Cause they are SHIT! No one wants to play that. Reply 0
  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • Jorendo 01/08/2014

    @GreyBeard You don't really know the whole story do you? I sugest you locate the article about the orriginal law suit again. Sega is in their full rights to sue the shit out of Gearbox.

    Gearbox has been nothing but asshole during the production. They didn't gave a flying fuck about it. They even pushed it off to a smaller study. Who made the beautiful looking parts of the game btw...then Gearbox took over again when Sega put presure on them for the release as it took to long and they just used the beautiful working parts as a press demo while making the rest of the game look everything but as nice as the press demo.

    They been telling a lot of PR bullshit stories, o how the writer was so honored with his hipster face. Fuck that guy, honored my ass he didn't gave a fuck about it. Oh how mush of a fan they where......What fan would butcher their beloved franchise? They fucked it up and they been using a lot money funded for Aliens to make their over hyped Borderlands 2, a game that doesn't even belong to Sega. So what did you expect? And Gearbox can just as much show bullshit to Sega as anyone else. They fooled a lot of people.

    They burned their ass and now they have to sit on the blisters, serves them right for fucking with everyone and thinking they are some gods cause they made Borderlands.
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  • Jorendo 01/08/2014

    Awww booohoooo, you been a naughty boy and now you get punished..awwww i feel so sorry for Gearbox.....NOOOOOOOOOT.

    Really Gearbox, thought you where guys with balls. Just say "yeah we fucked up and take the responsebilities for it" but nooooooooo, you gonna go all 8 year old on it "I didn't do it! I swear! I didn't steal any chocolate cookies, He did it!" pointing too others while the chocolate all smeared over your face.
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  • Rust dev angers fans by announcing new prototype Riftlight

  • Jorendo 30/07/2014

    I wonder how many people who are complaining here have actually bought the rust early access or even bought any early access or kickstarter game at all?

    There is a lot of hatred towards these things cause a lot of people are just really stupid. Yes stupid, go read the comments at early access games on steam you will cry while laughing. How often you see people complain about bugs and features not working yet in THE EARLY ACCESS. Best example is State of Decay on the pc. During early access they stated with capital letters that there was no mouse and keyboard support yet, that they where working on it but wasn't there yet in their current version. A lot of people where complaining about no mouse and keyboard support and demanded their money retarded can you be?

    People simply don't understand how development works and think everything is a scam. People aren't patient and just jump into things without realizing what it means. Buying a early access isn't simply buying a game. You are giving money to a unfinished game that is nothing but a promise it will be one day be the game you hope its gonna be. You have no guarantee it will become that game, and it won't be that game for quiet a while either. You take a gamble when you decide to put down money into that project. Sometimes you gamble wrong.

    If you have to put down money in a early access/kickstarter project then be aware of things and only invest money when you are very sure you want to support the developers at this point of the development.

    - With early access check how often their update and what those updates are. There can be a long time in between them but if there is a lot of content added each time then it probably is trust worthy.

    - Do you know the developer? Check their background, have they released games before. I supported some devs i knew already and knew they had a good history of making games so that is why i trusted them with my money. I don't put money into people i don't know unless i see they make great progress in a later stage.

    - Do you really want to pay the price they ask? Don't do early access if you could have used that money on other things. It's a gamble, don't gamble unless you can miss that money.

    About Rust, well i haven't bought the game so no idea how their updates are and such. But what they are doing really isn't anything uncommon. Often you got a few people who are only involved in the early stage of development or aren't able to continue working till some other stages in the development are done. You can put these people on other projects for the time being till you need them again for your current project. This happens in both big AAA development teams as in small indy dev teams. The thing is now we as gamer know. We are able to invest money early in the project.

    People who say these guy's aren't apple and that apple isn't let you buy prototypes of their products so its not the same. Really? Funny cause the Iphone is one huge early access. The first one hardly had anything on it and every year they been releasing a new version that added a few extra things. And you can bet they already had those ones made before the first Iphone was even sold. Sure you buy a "finished" product when you buy the Iphone, but is it really that finished?
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  • EA responds to fan outcry over The Sims 4 missing features

  • Jorendo 09/07/2014

    So how about the Sims fans just not buying this game? EA goes worse with each game. The Sims get less and less features with each version...yeah they get more eventually when you paid another 1000 euro on DLC shit. But every vanilla release gets more and more bareboned.

    And we all know that the Sims 4 will be released in a pre alpha version seeing that's what EA keeps doing as well, just to fix some bugs that only are fixed when you buy a DLC pack cause only with that content the major bugs will be fixed.

    EA needs to get their shit together.....I hear them bitches cry and whine about websites that sell new games for cheap. Saying its unfair boofuckinghoo. Its a fucking crisis in the world and they still raise the prices and give you less and less for it. How about you just make complete games again without DLC bullshit and just release a moderate ammount of expansion packs that truelly are worth 15 euro's instead of a few new outfits for 3459669033 euro per pack.
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  • Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

  • Jorendo 03/07/2014

    Wouldn't Superman be the ultimate mainstream gamer game? Can't die unless someone uses Kryptonite. So probably only the end boss has it. The rest of the game you can just crush anything and maybe add a little stealth into the game on the Clark Kent sections where no one may see you are Superman! Reply 0
  • Age of Empires Online waves goodbye after servers shut down

  • Jorendo 02/07/2014

    Well they lasted longer then i thought they would. I was a huge fan of Age of Empires, but this one i had to skip. Stop the microtransactions, i believe the gamers have shouted more then enough that its not something we want. Then again to many idiots keep falling for it sadly to make it profitable enough to last for a few years i guess. Reply 0
  • Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar over allegedly using her likeness

  • Jorendo 02/07/2014

    Stop snorting coke and drink so much, maybe then you would have some money and don't need to sue companies to get some money again. Reply +2
  • NIS America Europe online store launches with "ridiculous prices"

  • Jorendo 02/07/2014

    Same problem with steam and other online retailers. They blame the taxes in Europe. When a game is 45 dollars they charge 45 euro's. In America you have a 15% tax, here in the Netherlands a 21% tax. So it would have to be 40 euro's and a bit. They charge extra money. Its insane really, especially when you block off European buyers now that you have a European store. You can also just lower your prices and still earn the exact same money on a the same product.

    Atleast is fair, they charge in dollars even for europeans. Recently they started the pre-orders for the witcher 2, to compensate the price difference between euro's and dollars the euro buyer will get to buy games on for the same value ans the price difference (15,98 dollars worth of games).
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  • Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2

  • Jorendo 02/07/2014

    "Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2"

    And yet the AI remains a brainless turd who stares at a grenade, then shrugs and looks for a target to shoot until the grenade explodes.
    Its 2014, there is no excuse their AI is so stupid. I played FEAR, that game is many years old and the AI was a lot better then in any CoD game. Punish them for that when they brag about technological leap...AI is part of that too.
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  • Enemy Front review

  • Jorendo 18/06/2014

    OUch that is a shame. Makes me wonder though why they make games like these. I mean i understand there is a money issue and such. But isn't there some point during development you look at your own game and think "this is unacceptable". Furniture spawning into a room seconds after you enter has nothing to do with your budget. That are things you can fix.

    Bugs and glitches i can live with till a certain point, and i tend to be very forgiving if the game is fun to play and had a lower budget. But when they are as bad as in this review then its just to much and to many that could have been fixed if they put a bit more effort in it.
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  • Spintires features trucks with soul

  • Jorendo 18/06/2014

    You know what i find so funny about SpinTires? This game is only 15 euro's and about 530 mb big. Yet its more next gen then those expensive 60 euro costing AAA games. And if the beta is any indication we will soon see a ton of mods with new maps and vehicles all for free (and incredible detail) instead of needing to pay a ton of extra money for some DLC packs. See publishers, you don't need to be super expensive to make amazing fun games.

    I do recommend playing this game with friends. Its just a blast playing together and help each other out :)
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  • "I understand the issue, but it's not relevant in Assassin's Creed Unity"

  • Jorendo 12/06/2014

    @Sicho You can choose the gender of the protagonist in LotR books. It just means you only get to read about 10 pages total? :P Reply 0
  • Jorendo 12/06/2014

    I would be more annoyed by the fact that they continue milking AC dry with short production times. Yeah it sucks there are no playable female characters in it. But what bothers me more is that they don't take their time for the game.

    I thought they had said that AC3 was the final one in the series. Closing the story and that was it. Sure i knew they would make others again cause it earns them money. But i assumed they would take their time. Instead a year later we got Black Flag...granted this is my favorite AC but still you could see they where in a hurry and didn't take their time. They could have done so much more (like not making the mini games instanced but rather part of the world) if they had taken their time. But Ubisoft thinks they need to go CoD on AC and pump out a game every year.
    And now we see this one, a year later and no matter how he dresses it up it is pretty clear they had to sacrifice things to publish the game in time. This is just wrong, this is the wrong way the game industry has turned into. Making games takes time and FFS we all know AC will sell great. We all know they will make millions of profit (PROFIT...the money they get extra when you subtract all costs they had on this game). Why not give it a bit more development time. Include the things you sacrificed now.

    That is where the rage should be. Not that the women aren't included as playable characters, but that the game industry keeps milking series dry and clearly don't give a flying fuck about it. They don't care, plenty of people will buy their game anyway.
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  • Your first look at Homefront: The Revolution gameplay footage

  • Jorendo 12/06/2014

    @Iron_Napa_76 Same here. It doesn't make a game bad when its generic. I don't watch action movies for their story either. But they have to be honest about it and don't come up with BS like "You will see things you never saw before in our game!" just to see you have a orange painted gun..yeah indeed i haven't seen that before..but that doesn't really make it a genre changing thing now does it?

    It is also why i hate CoD so much. The whole hype always claims how inovative the new CoD is gonna be. How much they changed, they got fish that swim away from you...whoooopi do....that is your big amazing groundbreaking thing? That is the thing that makes this new CoD totally different from other shooters? Fish that swim away....THEY DONE THAT IN MARIO 64 ON THE NINTENDO 64! Sure in their defense most CoD gamers wheren't born yet when Mario 64 came out so its new to them but FFS stop this BS and just say "We made a generic shooter with lots of explosions. You want something different then look somewhere else".

    Saying you do things differently in games is as much BS as dev's saying these day's "We made a game that will please both the core and the mainstream gamer". No it doesn't....when ever they say that you know your game got butchered to please the mainstream gamer. The fact that Dev's/PR people need to point out how different they are or how they gonna please everyone says enough that it's not gonna do that at all.
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  • Jorendo 12/06/2014

    @ToiletDuck And actually has a legit ending instead of a "Big battle is about to come....but you will never see it cause we end the game right here and right now!"

    I hated that ending so much. I know many people found the game bad, but i actually enjoyed it...till the end. The end was the worst fucking end in game history with the games that i finished. Really they didn't even try, you just knew they ran out of money cause a huge battle was to start but you only saw a fade to black and that was it for the singleplayer.

    I wonder if this game even picks it up from there or if we are left with a unfinished story in the first game. That was just stupid.
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  • Battlefield Hardline trailer reveals October release date

  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @Dantonir Christmas 2015, sure, i mean its gonna be a close call for them but sure it will be online by then. Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin release date delayed by 10 days

  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @MahtiK I wasn't negative to him. I said it was gonna be released on the mac (mac is apple last time i checked). Though the app store confused me as i don't know if he means the iphone store or if there is Apple has a store where they sell games that are meant for the Mac and not the smartphone.

    I have nothing against a mac release but the way he said it might be him making fun out of the game cause its isomatric and not the super shiny graphics of certain other games. And we lately see a lot of gamers bitching about graphics and making jokes that it are smartphone games or those games looking better. That's why i added that comment that if he was joking it was a poor joke. Not that it was a bad choice of them to release it on the mac. I find its great they also make a mac version. More people who can enjoy this great game.

    Edit: For the record, i didn't gave him a thumbs down.
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  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @Cyberlith I got into the early access only a few weeks ago. But it was nice to see how much work they done while i had the early access. I never played beyond the first half an hour or so..don't wanna spoil the story for myself, but i went early access to support their development.

    I get your point though. So many early access games on steam that you have to read very careful these day's if you buy a released or a early access game. And for some reason many early access games charge the full price. I remember buying early access for Arma 3, game cost me 20 euro's back then (now its 40 or 45 euro). Knowing i was gonna play it and wanted to help them fund it that way. But there are many games out there who release a alpha version for a insane amount of money just to see it lower during development. Like Planetary Annihilation, when released on steam for early access it was 80 or more euro's. For the normal edition, there was no special edition to order yet. 80 euro's to play a freaking alpha stage of the game and you helping them by testing and reporting things. Now its around 45 euro's and every now and then on sale on one of the many online retailer platforms.
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  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @bionutz It's appearing on the mac. If you where joking cause of its looks then....failed joke that wasn't funny in any way. Reply -1
  • Concursion review

  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @Olemak No no you see it all wrong. Its not as bad as some other games that score worse but not great compared to others that scored better!

    I think.
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  • World's largest video game collection is being auctioned off

  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @ghostgate2001 And here i was quiet shocked when steam told me i owned near 400 games on steam....then i got many more games on disc or from other platforms. And that's just pc games, then there are the near 100 xbox 360 games, dozens of GBA games and dozens of gameboy games.

    And i got rid of quiet a few games when i moved out of my parents house.

    And even with all those games i still wonder at times what to play and feel like i don't own the game i really wanna play xD
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  • Tomodachi Life review

  • Jorendo 06/06/2014

    @ImpericalLegion Lame reaction. Sorry but people can't complain cause there are worse things to worry about?

    I'm sorry but people are in their rights to complain about no same sex marriage in a game that is about life.

    But hey now that we use your "there are worse problems" this review sucks! The reviewer said the game gets boring quick, even though their is child trafficking in Brazil. He should devote his review about that! Yeah you can't just say it to one person. Then everyone who complains about things should get the same speech from you.

    Gay people have rights to complain about them being excluded, just as woman may complain about how they are portrayed. You can agree or disagree but don't come with stupid reasoning like child trafficking. Cause that would apply to everything then. There is forced prostitution everywhere, people die of hunger, wars in several countries that cost many innocents their live on daily base and a new cold war is arising. Yeah all terrible things, but that doesn't give you the right to tell the gay community to shut up cause there are worse things in the world then their problems.

    Do you have any idea how it feels to be excluded from things? That you are that kid no one wants to play with? To see how everyone gets a nice present and you are skipped. Cause that's how a big part of gamers feel like when there are relationships in games. Hell will you also tell the straight people to shut up cause there are worse things to worry about when a game comes out where you play a male gay character? I doubt you would.
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  • World of Darkness reportedly reached alpha three times

  • Jorendo 05/06/2014

    I just kind of shook my head and wondered how this would ever draw in anything other than die-hard fans.
    Well that is the exact reason why every MMORPG today feels the same and doesn't do anything different. Cause it doesn't try to please the die hard fans, but tries to lure people in who haven't played the genre before yet. EVE Online we can safely say is made for the die hard fans. Yeah it doesn't have the same amount of players as WoW for example. But it has a very loyal steady fanbase. Heck EVE goes on for a while already and survived newer games that had a few million players at the start and closed down shorty after cause hardly anyone was playing as they screwed over the die hard fans.

    So i wouldn't say it's a bad thing that it is only for the die-hard fans. Those fan's are waiting for a legitimate MMO of their beloved IP. And they deserve it. That it might not be a game for me is not a biggy, i can play other games that i like. So can mainstream gamers and other groups that many publishers try to please at the cost of their loyal die-hard fans. We can all look at Elder Scroll's online. Where the game tried to please people who where not a fan yet, cause the fans where asking for something really different. And that game is already dying, shortly after its release cause of the many bugs and broken gameplay elements. The numbers dropped big time..where EVE has a steady healthy amount of players, all die-hard fans. And no i don't play EVE, its not doing it for me. But i love the stories around it and what the game offers to its fans.
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  • Valve issues warning about Steam Early Access games

  • Jorendo 05/06/2014

    I know its not popular to say but i stick to it. It is a risk you take when you buy a early access games. Its a investment you make into that game. Your pay off will be a finished game. But like all investments you are never guaranteed what you where hopping to get. Not every game will be released and some are scamming bastards (that earth 2066 game was just some criminal who used Unity basic assets and tadaa scammed the crap out of it).

    Yes, Steam has been very doubtful in the last few months. Old games that never where great to begin with suddenly are flooding the steam pages, pushing new games be it triple A or quallity indie games, aside with all that shovelware that was crap 6+ years ago and still is crap (dessert gunner anyone).
    But the early access is not something you can just blame them for. Cause frankly many steam users are apparently dumb asses. If you feel insulted by this then you probably are one of those dumb asses. And here is why. When i check the comments and negative reviews on early access games i often see "Its bugged i want my money back" no shit Sherlock you bought the Alpha version, wtf did you expect?
    Or with State of Decay where the devs warned people with a bigger headline "CURRENTLY NO MOUSE AND KEYBOARD SUPPORT THIS WILL BE ADDED LATER", the dominant complainant was "Mouse and keyboard don't work, fucking rip off want my money back".

    People for some reason have the need to just buy things as soon as they pop up on steam without reading a thing about it. I bought a few early access games and only with one i feel like i burned my hands on it. That said it was my first early access game and i learned from it. When i buy a early access game i do that when I'm pretty sure i want that game. When i did my research, how often do they update and what's in that update. Just because they don't update every week/month doesn't mean they are screwing you. Some studios release massive updates every few months with a lot of new changes, where others pump out many updates that hardly have any fixes and content at all. Do check those things and don't go to their forums. Cause sadly there are developers who do not like negative comments about their game and ban everyone from it. Steam has a nice review option now and just read trough them. See what a general complainants is (and make sure it aren't all idiots who didn't read the release notes).
    Watch youtube, go look for let's play's of that early access and see what people comment there and what the youtuber has to say about it.

    But most of all people...YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A EARLY ACCESS ON THE FIRST DAY, IT WILL BE THERE FOR A WHILE! Some people are so rushed. They jump in without knowing a thing. They just read the description and find that reasons enough to buy it. Sorry but it is your own fault if you burn yourself with such a attitude.

    That said you can't always prepare for things. Sometimes a game in its early stage is fun enough to play. The devs seem to bring out updates regularly that are meaningful. And suddenly they quit cause of drama within the team or suddenly not in the mood to finish it anymore. That isn't steams fault, and that isn't you being naive to buy it. That is just how things go sadly and a risk you take with putting money into something that isn't there anymore. Investing is always a gamble and it will always bring a risk. If you don't want that risk then wait till the game is actually released. Cause i don't understand how so many people can be against supporting developers with early access. Yes there are fakers, though i would say there are more devs out there who do intend to finish the game but people have no clue how long it takes to make a game if you don't have millions of dollars to spend and 100 crew members. But most of all, early access is a choice, why hate it when you don't have to buy it? No one forces you and it is a great way to see more devs making their dream games again instead of being forced to make another game x in series x cause some people in suits say that's the only way to make games.

    Does steam need to get their shit together and focus on quality assurance more..yes they do. They have to begin with all that old crap they keep pushing onto steam lately where in the past it was really hard for a developer to get their game on steam if it didn't reach a certain quality demand. But with the early access it is up to you really. The money you pay is meant for the development of the game. Yeah it sucks when the game isn't released and maybe steam can make price agreements per stage of the game. So early buyers pay way less, while in beta you would pay more.

    I will finish this by saying that Steam shouldn't be the responsible one. I think some bigger organ needs to oversee the industry. Cause its not only early access or Kickstarter where games come out that screw the consumer. Activision and EA pump out many games that doubtful quality. The Walking dead from Activision was a total disaster. Alien Collonial marines was a pure lie-fest towards the consumers who pre orderd it. And this should be dealt with. The industry needs to be hold accounted for, for all these crappy released and quick cash ins. In the car industry they can't sell you a half finished car with a broken engine and missing wheels either, just to say "you can buy the wheels for a additional fee" while they don't even fix your broken engine. So why shouldn't the game industry been dealt with for their doubtful releases.
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  • Lionhead teases Fable Anniversary for PC

  • Jorendo 04/06/2014

    @sanctusmortis Ah okay, thanks for explaining. Reply 0
  • Jorendo 04/06/2014

    @sanctusmortis Ah i thought it was all the fable bundled together.

    But even so, MS pulled fable 3 from steam recently cause they removed GfWL.

    The PC already had a updated version of Fable 1 with the DLC and if correct that one was already on sale on steam. How is this anniversary different then? Beside maybe some new resolution options and the audio. Don't really see what extra it offers for the price they probably gonna ask. O well.
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  • Jorendo 03/06/2014

    If they don't put Fable 2 in it, then i may expect the game to be cheaper then the xbox version? Seeing you as PC gamer get a whole game less?

    But really, what is the point in releasing this if don't release all three games on the PC? Fable 3 isn't that old and wasn't that in HD already? I'm a bit confused here sorry. Fable 1 remasterd i guess could be nice, but still i fail to see the value of a remasted pack when you miss out on a whole game that they for some strange reason never released on the pc. Strange as in they did release Fable 3 on the PC, if they didn't believe in the PC sales then why would you release the third one after all?
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  • Watch Dogs loading bug blocks some users that have redeemed uPlay rewards

  • Jorendo 04/06/2014

    And another piece of evidence why DRM is only hurting the legal buyers where pirates have no issues what so ever playing the games.

    Wonder what they will say this they gonna blame the pc gamer again for their own fuck ups. Cause that is Ubisoft people, they force people into downloading their games with cracks even if they bought it legal so they can actually play their fucking game. But they always say "90% of our games get pirated by those asshole pc gamers" never do they come to the conclusion that 80% of those pirates bought the fucking game and just wanna play it without the DRM preventing them from playing cause its either offline or sees legal buyers as pirates (not the first time it happend).

    Hell Ubisoft even accused PC gamers for being stealing rats when their own technicians where noobish fucktards. They wanted to go steam/origin like with selling games on Uplay but they hired a complete idiot for it as Far cry 3 blooddragon appeared on the uPlay store for free. It wasn't a exploit, it was just there for free. So many pc gamers thought "awesome, Ubisoft gives a free game!" and downloaded/installed it. Then Ubisoft found out and blamed the pc gamer and closed down the service. For a long time you couldn't download uplay or even start it up..while you needed it to play your fucking games. And those thieves even had the guts to start a steam sale on their games while UPlay was down for a long time already. Selling games on Steam and people then finding out they, after installing it on steam, had to download Uplay and instal their games there but that wasn't possible cause you couldn't get Uplay.

    Yup Ubisoft knows how to fuck things up and consistently keeps blaming the pc gamer for it.
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  • State of Decay: Lifeline review

  • Jorendo 04/06/2014

    @wez_316 Then people should stop saying "But this game has a 7 while tripple A game x had a 7 too and that one was much better" aswell. Reply +5
  • Jorendo 04/06/2014

    @Sildur are comparing a horror survival indie game...with a tripple A big studio, big budget made stealth action game?

    Two completely different genres and how they where made. Beside i seen the horrible pop up in Watch Dogs, not very impressive for a game with such a budget and team. This game is made with far less people on a far less budget.

    But you can't compare them, as good as Watch_Dogs...pfft..performance wise this would be the better game then cause that is all you can well they perform based on the resources they had compared to Watch_Dogs.
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  • Ghost Recon Phantoms review

  • Jorendo 03/06/2014

    Can they please stop butchering what used to be great tactical games? It was horrible enough to see that mainstream friendly bullshit game called Ghost Recon Future Soldier that was no where close to the tactical game Ghost Recon once was.

    And before people gonna argue...NO JUST NO! A games does not have to adjust to people who want to play a tactical game but find it to hard even on easy mode. There are countless of games for mainstream gamers that they can play, but a great tactical game is rare these days. Rainbow Six, SWAT, Ghost Recon they vanished to be either mainstream friendly (R6 Vegas isn't like Rogue Spear at all tactical wise) or just being gone from the scene. All we got now is Arma.

    Ghost recon does not deserve this horrible treatment. Just give it another name FFS. Fans of Ghost Recon won't get this shit cause its not Ghost Recon. You can think that the name will sell a game, but fans are not pleased and none fans aren't buying the game for its name. Okay in this game its free to play but when i saw it was F2P i didn't even bother installing it knowing it would suck. And now the review is out and tadaa it got confirmed.

    This IP is dead cause of the fuck ups of future soldier and this crap. Offcourse the suits at Ubi will probably say that gamers aren't waiting for a tactical game as Ghost Recon anymore. But people are just done with publishers in general butchering great IP's with crappy games and just use the name to lure people in.
    Just make a normal Ghost Recon again please or at least stop using the name for games that are clearly not a Ghost Recon game.
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  • Mass Effect 2 and the importance of character

  • Jorendo 02/06/2014

    I had a huge problem getting into Mass Effect 1, never finished it before Mass Effect 2 came out. Yet even though i wasn't impressed with ME1 back then i still pre ordered the collectors edition of ME2. Played it till the end in no time, kept playing and playing till the credits rolled by.

    Replayed it again when all the DLC had been released and then ME3 was announced.

    With playing twice trough ME2 i saw the difference in how the story played out. So with ME3 comming i got motivated to play trough ME1, to see what effect it had on ME2 and then use that character to play trough ME3. And to my surprise i loved ME1 now that i finally managed to get really into it.

    Mass Effect is simply one of the best games i got to play, all three of them. Yeah i know many people hate on the end of ME3, and yeah they kinda lied cause our actions didn't really had any influence on the ending of ME3 as it was simply "you got some choices, choose one" no matter what you done before. But the whole ride to the end did gave me the feel that my actions had influence on the story between the start and the end. I felt like building up a relationship with the people around me and make great friendships over three games.

    Great games and recently started with the first game again, this time doing all the side quests too and another class then last time.
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  • Total War: Rome 2 Pirates and Raiders DLC announced

  • Jorendo 30/05/2014

    @Skirlasvoud Totally agree with what you said. I don't get it why people make excuses for Creative's massive flaw. What do they gain from defending Creative here? They don't get anything for free and what they basicly say is we all should wait atleast a year before buying the game. Guess those people don't understand that a publisher only looks at the first few months of sales. If it doesn't reach the goal in those months they concider it a flop. Even if a year later the goal is reached that is to late. Meaning if that happens a few times it bye bye developer studio.

    Ontop of that, CA been bragging about how this game was gonna be 40% bigger then any other Total War game, how beautiful the graphics where, how much more effort they put in this one then ever before. And then they release a total turd. Clitches and bugs that are simply not allowed in a released version. We are not talking about small bugs, we are talking about game breaking bugs. Ontop of that the graphics didn't reach close to what they been showing and they charged way more for the game then any other Total War game before. They also came with lame excuses like "We couldn't implament seasons cause YOUR computer would not be able to run it". Then the first DLC pack comes out and guess what's in it...SEASONS! Yeah sorry but when a studio out right lies to people they deserve every crap thrown at them.

    Next to that you can't say its the buyers fault and games will be fixed over time. Remember Stormrise? Also a RTS made by Creative, also a game that was released in a piss poor shape. They canceld the second patch. They simply did not want to invest money in fixing their game. They happely took money from the consumers and then not fix it. So that's the buyers fault? Paradox releases many games that are bugged, but they don't charge as much money as Creative does for Total war, and with Paradox they often give you a expansion pack for free or many other things. Like with Sword of the Stars 2, broken on release. A year later its fixed and everyone got the expansion for free with it. Witcher from CDProjekt same story, they fixed a lot of bugs and did a combat system overall. They gave the buyers of the first hour a free patch that would update the game with the overhaul and extra new content. That was more then just a new playable faction. They even done that with the Witcher 2 without anything being really wrong with the Witcher 2. So Creative deserves every shit they got thrown at them for simply being arrogant pricks towards their fans. And fans don't have to accept that crap.

    If you care for Total War, you want them to make more games in the future then make sure you point out Creative on their mistakes and don't go defending them cause you like the game so much. If you like the game that is good for you. But that doesn't change how they screwed the buyers and there is no excuse for that. If i buy another product i also expect it to work. If i buy a tv i don't want to find out my remote controll misses the buttons that will be send in the upcoming months, a few per time.
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  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • Jorendo 26/05/2014

    @Gunhappy23 *3 years later you get a reply from EA*

    Dear gunhappy23, that is okay, we stole your money with crappy unfinished games the last few years, let's call it even.
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  • Evolution addresses DriveClub micro-transactions concern

  • Jorendo 25/05/2014

    Get used to it people. Microtransactions are the new DLC. A lot of gamers hate it, yet developers/publishers are using it more and more no matter what people say. DLC started the same way and people where upset, yet for some reason it became normal to have DLC in games. I fear the same will happen with microtransactions. Reply 0
  • Coming home? The return to SimCity

  • Jorendo 24/05/2014

    @Niclistin No mr smartass, i complain because EA cared more about inserting DLC THEN FIX THEIR FUCKING GAME. Its not about being forced to download it. Its about them not fixing their goddamn game but surely love to take the money Nissan pays them and pretend to be nice guys for giving us free DLC.

    That's what it was about. It is unacceptable that a game gets released with massive bugs that break the game and them not fixing a single shit and only care to produce DLC. Cause that is what happeningen. That aint bitching, that is demanded they fix their game first before they start thinking of earning more money first.

    Try to see it that way. Complaining over nohting, ha, i complain because they sold me a broken product and i as consumer have my rights. Or are you one of those people who buys a car and doesn't care either that the steering wheel is missing, your back tires are flat and the engine is broken? But hey you get free sunglasses so shut up with complaining. And don't go "that is different" cause its not different. Only the game industry gets away with it where other industries are not allowed to sell you broken products.
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  • Jorendo 23/05/2014

    They can remove the always online crap....but that was only one of the many problems this game had. As you said, its not simcity, its simtowns. They also didn't really care to fix much of the game. Way to busy with shameless DLC. Sure some came for free, but you can bet EA got a nice ammount of money for the pathetic advertisement DLC with famous branches like Nisan i believe it was. Reply +1
  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons has been cancelled

  • Jorendo 23/05/2014

    EA sure has a rep of developing f2p and canceling them. Warhammer Aren games, Command and Conquer and now this one. They begin to realize gamers are not waiting for F2P with expensive cash shops? Reply +7
  • Samsung is developing a VR headset - report

  • Jorendo 23/05/2014

    Normally i'm quiet the Samsung fan. But this sounds like a rush job. I mean they only now start developing it and hope to release it before the competition? And why waste that potential on phones/tablets? I don't see myself wearing a VR set to use my phone. Where the heck would i use a VR set for on a phone or tablet? For those 2d games? It makes no sense to release such a thing on a phone/tablet at all. Reply -1
  • Telltale's The Walking Dead writer lands Star Wars film

  • Jorendo 23/05/2014

    @Markitron It is horrible :( Godzilla hardly gets a role in the movie. And the main actor is dull generic soldier blergh. Some reviews say Godzilla with Matthew Broderick was even better...and you just know something is wrong when that one is better. Reply -1
  • Steam adds option to remotely stream games locally

  • Jorendo 22/05/2014

    Great news, now my laptop can work for modern games too! I got a Alienware MX15 (i believe it is). The feckers discontinued videocard driver support almost as soon as i got my netbook. Even though the hardware should be able to pull off better games then it can right now, thanks to not being able to update my videocard driver i'm stuck with modern games. Now i can just stream games from my pc onto my laptop weeee. Reply 0
  • The Space Hulk: Deathwing game looks like this

  • Jorendo 22/05/2014

    @Deionarra Cyanide you either love or hate. They are a creative bunch but i think they are limited on resources often and end up with less games.

    That said they present nice engaging stories though. Game of Thrones gameplay wise wasn't impresive, especially their combat sucked, there was no feel of power in it. Yet the story was nice to follow.

    Of Orcs and men, a rpg so linear it even decided for you when you lvled up. The combat poor but i loved the story and the setting.

    Confrontation, the predecesor of Aarklash. Not the best game but had its interesting moments.

    Aarklash, their first really great game on all areas.

    They might have a bad reputation but i would love to see this game being made by them. Story wise it will probably be nice as well as the mood they will set.
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  • Crytek reveals Arena of Fate for PC and consoles

  • Jorendo 22/05/2014

    @houldendub Yup,cause if you want to make big money you always should jump on the bandwagon with the genre that is oversaturated and disliked. Look LoL and DOTA2 rule the genre, next to them we got hundreds of others. Some try to be slightly different by being third person but in the end its all the same bullcrap.

    Moba has become the new Tower Defense. Thinking because a few did well and have a huge player base your game will do the same. Then off course they get disappointed as they fail to realize that LoL and DOTA 2 players aren't gonna leave their game for another. Why would they? It are the same games anyway just with different characters. Why switch when you know your characters in the game you already play?
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  • Jorendo 22/05/2014

    @DreadedWalrus Euhm Creative Assembly also made Viking or what ever its called and that horrible RTS game named Stormrise and they made a action game before set in the roman times for the PS2 if my memory serves me well. Reply 0
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order review

  • Jorendo 21/05/2014

    @Suarez07 Yeah true. Though i disagree with the medium not being suited for story telling.

    Games can be great at story telling, there are plenty of RPG's that give you a deep story who sometimes are the only good part about the game. Or Deus Ex (the first one from what is it 14 years ago?), it had a great story going on with many way's to experience the story and alter it. They just need to put time in it and don't try to be things its not.

    Or did you just mean with shooters when you said medium, if so then sorry for misunderstanding.
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  • Jorendo 21/05/2014

    @cruzkit Russia is looking West again cause the West didn't stick to the agreements they made when the Sovjet Union fell. Neither side would expand. Guess what Europe and America did as soon as the Sovjet Union broke up? They tried to get as many former east european countries into the EU....otherwise known as expanding. We came closer and closer to the borders of Russia and like we been total jerks. Just like we where against the Germans after WW1. You talk about history repeating itself, well you are right it is. And you can't just blame Russia for it, cause we in the west are just as guilty about it. But when we do it it is okay in our eyes and cause we got raised with the propaganda of our leaders. Reply +5
  • Jorendo 21/05/2014

    Okay, so let's make it simple:

    - Do you miss the old day's of shooters when shooters didn't take it self way to serious?

    - Do you miss the day's where they didn't slap on a multiplayer just for having one that no one would play anyway and focus purely on the singleplayer shooter?

    - Do you miss the day's where you could carry more then 3 weapons?

    - Do you miss the day's where it wasn't a arcade game that claimed to try and give you a real feeling for war but failing utterly in it cause it was still arcady and nothing like the real deal. Basically, do you miss the day's where a game was proud to be what it was, a arcady action SHOOTER with balls.

    - Do you miss the day's where games didn't talk about "We want to bring you a real battlefield/war experience" and place you in the position of a special forcer who by some miracle could become "the best of the best MERICA FUCK YEAH!" but CAN'T OPEN A FREAKING DOOR HIMSELF?"

    Then this game is for you.
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