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  • CCP cancels vampire MMO World of Darkness

  • Jorendo 15/04/2014

    I have no idea why they canceled this. But it is never a good sign when a game is in development for many years and they don't show much at all. I mean they talked about in 2007, i got to hear about this game in 2009 myself and they never really had anything to show. How can you be working on a game for that long and not having a thing to show.

    You need to keep people informed and interested in your project.
    Sure i can understand you won't wanna overhype it as a ton of other games did before you. But 7 years without much of gameplay footage and screenshots is insane.

    Sad to see it being canceled. A sandbox game would always been welcome. Even though I'm not much of a vampire fan, i enjoyed Vampire bloodlines so got a bit interested.

    I hope that those who got lay off will find a new job soon. This isn't exactly the best of times to lose your job :(
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  • SOE's zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1 has been detailed

  • Jorendo 15/04/2014

    @Murton Yeah i suppose you got a point there. Would love to see a new Commando's game. In the same style as the old ones, not a fully 3d one.

    A nice tank simulator in the African theater would nice too.

    @those who are seriousely taking the zombies in doubt. Who cares? It are games/movies/books/etc. Dragons aren't realistic either yet we have fun slaying them. Also zombies do excist in nature. I don't know how those insects are called but they are the enemy of some ants. They do something with the ants, the ants die but their bodies keep working for a few more hours or days even while their bodies are a host to something else. Now i wish what the exact names are but i seen it a few years ago on tv so I'm sorry i can't link it :(
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  • Jorendo 10/04/2014

    @Mopzey If the World war 2 phase is any indication, in about another 4 more years. The game industry isn't known for its creativity anymore, they are known for cashing in on what is hot at the moment and tend to go on for far to long.

    World War 2 became one of the most annoying theme's in games for me cause they produced way to many of them and the quality wasn't always good either. I used to love the WW2 stories and themes. But with all the game doing the same it just didn't do it for me anymore.
    Same with Zombies, i love zombie movies, i loved zombie games. But they overdo it too much again. It has outstayed its welcome.

    Please make something orriginal. Don't all try to ride the trend train of Day-Z and the Walking Dead. Yeah before Day-Z there where zombie games and zombie modes but with the appearance of Day-Z we seen a huge increase of multiplayer zombie survival games.
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  • Is Overwatch Blizzard's new small-team game?

  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    @Bertie What bothers me is that card games are all the trend right now. We seen so many, so that's why i call it a small cash in game. Just like for a while we had so many tower defense games popping up.

    Not small in sales but just it comes over as cheap cash in. It can still be a good game but I'm just tired of all these hypes that keep popping up and everyone suddenly doing it.

    A new warcraft RTS in the same old style would be great. But i fear as long as WoW is there we won't see a Warcraft RTS anymore. I'm just a bittered old gamer who has fond memories about the old times and doesn't fit in with the new game industry world.
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  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    "We can't tell you exactly what the game is yet, but trust us, it's awesome."
    Yeah yeah, we heard that before. Where is Project Titan now? When the hell will you release information about that one. I don't need more card or other small games that serve only to quickly fill your pockets. We know you are deep into Activisions pocket, but what the hell Blizzard? Start making new Warcraft games again, release some info about your secret new MMORPG that is in the making for years now and never released any info about only that you restarted the project again.

    Really done with all these small cash in games the industry pushes out.
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  • Footage leaks of canned Star Wars game starring Darth Maul

  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    @poobob Agreed, we need SW games where we play the bad guy. Force Unleased started great, being Darth Vader and killing them damn Wookies.

    A level later you where fighting Stormtroopers. yeah you where covert op and the Emperor was not to know about your presence but you quickly turned to the rebels and again you are the good guy ugh. I wanna be a brutal Darth spreading fear over my enemies. I want to be a Stormtrooper fighting a war for the empire. I want to be a bounty hunter and be a bad ass jedi hunter (yeah there was such a game i know, but it never made it to the pc :( ).
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  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    Remember how Georgy boy was crying "I had enough with all the complainants from these so called fans about my work" THIS IS WHY YOU BEARDEDTURD!

    Really that guy, as others said, had no idea what made Star Wars. Hell his re re re re re release made that all the more painfully clear with cutting out things and inserting shouting and such. Yes it was his creation but that doesn't give him any rights to screw with the product. He might been a good movie director but he has no clue what he been doing.

    All the games that got canceled before Disney took over. Games that real gamers been waiting for. I mean you must be seriousely fucked up in your head when you cancel Battlefront 3 but release a Star Wars Kinect. Did he really think SW Kinect would sell better then BF3? That is as fucked up as making a Indiana Jones movie, give him a son that is played by Shia LaBeouf, no one would do that right....o wait...crap....yeah he lost it. No one should let that guy touch Indiana Jones and Star Wars ever again. Disney might be horrible but at least they don't do a re re re re re re re re rerelease and butchering everything out that made those movies great.
    Heck the Marvel movies became a lot better when Disney took them over in my opinion so i have trust in the SW movies. Hopefully the games will become more mature and good again as well.
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  • Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft-themed intro

  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    The problem i have with the Simpsons is that i been out of it for a while. On comedy central they used to air the Simpsons in my country (the Netherlands) and then they suddenly stopped doing that. I had no clue on what other channel it was on so for years i was out of it. In the mean time Simpsons gone HD and they became a modern family. The thing is this show is so old that i grew up with it. I mean they are about 26 years old i believe this year. I'm 30, meaning they where there for a big part of my life.

    When i grew up with the Simpsons the Simpsons didn't have internet and mobile phones. Now they have all these things but the characters haven't really aged so its weird to see them being all modern. Their jokes are a bit different too now. Things that where okay back then are no longer done on TV it seems. And they used to be way more subtle with the sex jokes back then, making the joke way more funny for the older people while kids had no clue what was going on.

    I still like the Simpsons though. It's just more hit or miss these day's. Maybe also because my own sense of humor has changed as i grew up. Maybe it used to be more funny when i didn't get every joke as i was to young or it seemed naughty and when i was younger that was more funny. Now those jokes are way to clear to me and notice how many of them can be in one episode starts to work on the nerves instead of being naive and not having a clue that they meant sex with that joke.

    Still i admire them for running so long as they do, especially for a cartoon. And it can't be easy to come up with new things. South Park did it right with their simpsons episode where Butters lost it all "The Simpsons did it". They done most of the jokes now, it is hard to come up with new stuff. And the characters changed a bit as well. Guess they are just a family of this time, just like they where a family of the 90's in the 90's and a family in the zero's during 2000 - 2009. Adjusting to the humor of people today? I don't know if that is true but it would explain a few things for me.
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  • $499 Virtuix Omni VR treadmill shipping September

  • Jorendo 09/04/2014

    It might be a bit early in the VR days but come on people there need to be the explorers. Every tech starts with people exploring the idea and then work it out better. I'm glad to see that they actually have made something like this. Once VR becomes more standard it will be great to have these things around as well.

    My only worry for now is that VR and the treadmill might become like the motion controls. People getting all excited about it, and then Microsoft and Sony know exactly how to screw it up big time by not making it work properly and release crappy games for the occasional gamer and not the core gamer. Time will tell though and at least the VR headsets can replace the TrackIR on the pc so you can really look around in all angles in simulators without having to keep your eyes on the screen.
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  • Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance review

  • Jorendo 03/04/2014

    Who gives all those negs here when people complain about this game? Is the developer here or does this game seriousely has fanboys? O.o Reply +4
  • Jorendo 03/04/2014

    Can we please make these things illigal and punishable with jail time? I get so sick and tired of this complete rip off.

    And what the fuck Gamesworkshop, what the fuck are you idiots thinking when you hand over your precious licence to shitty fucktarded developer who hasn't made any worthy game at all? Do some fucking quallity control idiots or sell your IP to people who do care about it cause if you don't care anymore then fuck off please. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.
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  • Peter Molyneux's Godus problem

  • Jorendo 02/04/2014

    Fundamentally, being able to play and tempting people to spend money, in the same way that a supermarket tempts you to buy more than the cigarettes you came in to buy, that's really the art that we need to focus on.

    And there we have it guys. The art developers need to focus on is praying on peoples addiction. He said it himself. THIS is the problem with the majority of 'free to play' games.
    And yet how often don't you see people here on EG totally defend F2P and demand all MMORPG's are like that? It is a broken, rip off business model that is more expensive then any pay to play or sub based game as you have to pay a lot of money for a normal gameplay experience.
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  • Jorendo 02/04/2014

    there's this fanatical, almost paranoid fear of mobile that PC gamers have, which is crazy.
    Dungeon Keeper anyone? Sorry pc gamers are more then in their rights to be fanatical and almost paranoid when it comes to fears. They had to see how many of their beloved games where dumped down in favor for console friendlyness, and now they have to see how it goes worse, how games are made with mobile as main device and getting shitty ports with massive itemstores linked to them. Yeah we are paranoid, cause we haven't been treated that well the last few years.

    ps. this is not meant to sound elitair, its just something we had to experience, not the consoles fault, more the lazy attitude publishers had.
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  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • Jorendo 02/04/2014

    @houldendub I know right? A friend of mine works for a bank, he has to handle reports about stole money often. He can bang his head on the desk in most cases. Cause often it's someone being so naive that it was easy to steal their money.

    Your new boyfriend who know for a whole month already. Give him your bankcard and pincode cause you can totally trust him right?

    Grandparents who give their grandchildren access to the their creditcard.

    That foreign guy who plead for your help over the internet. Asking if he could pleeeeeease store 10 million euro on your account, he would withdraw it again in three days and after that you would be 10.000 euro richer as a thank you....needless to say your money is gone after he had access to it.

    And these things happen all the time. People really need to start using their good sense and not fall for these tricks. It doesn't excuse those who scam but in 90% of the cases it could have been avoided if you would just think for a moment. Does it sound too good to be true? Then it is to good to be true.
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  • Jorendo 02/04/2014

    @OliverH Sorry but how the hell am i suppose to respond on your weird comment. I never said i had issues or approved on either of their actions.

    1. He didn't play a naive character, he is a naive person. If he played one he wouldn't report them to the GM's. And you are pretty stupid if you hand over assets if you don't wanna lose them. That isn't me saying i have issues with him being like that. That is me saying you shouldn't blame the others for your own stupidity. Everyday i get emails from Nigerians scammers who come with promises of great money. All i have to do is give them access to my bankaccount. Anyone with half a brain knows that this is a way to take your money. EVE is no different, you don't give others access to your things because they promise you great wealth. A wise person once said "If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true".

    If its part of your RP to be a naive character then fine, but you break the Roleplayers rule to not take it OOC if you then report this guy for scamming to the GM's cause you go out of character then. I don't think its a good thing to do but hey you can't IC a naive person and then cry about it OOC, you did it all yourself.

    2. I don't approve on Erotica1 playing a sleazy character and scammer, i never said that. I think you are dick if you do such things be it in a game or in RL. But that said, that is a well known thing in EVE, hell all these stories are full of backstabbing, betrayel, drama, etc. It seems to be a great part of that game so why wouldn't you be extra careful. This is also why EVE doesn't do it for me. For me its to hard of a game with to much drama going on. I don't wanna work hard for months just to lose it all cause someone else destroyed my ship or tricked the guild I'm in.

    My issues are that one is very naive and like with those fake bank emails, you are warned for it. You know it happens, then why o why do you fall for it?

    Edit: I want to add to it that i don't approve on Erotica1 at all, he took it to far with making a podcast out of it and such. But i was responding to one person being rather naive in what he did and saying why i find that the blame in that case was with himself.
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  • Jorendo 02/04/2014

    The victim, a character called Sohkar, did so because Erotica 1 had all of his in-game Eve Online assets held hostage. He handed those over because Erotica 1 had convinced him he could quadruple them if successful on the Bonus Round.
    He also believes those emails where they say he inherited a million dollars from a rich guy who died and picked him to be the one to get it, even though he doesn't know that person?
    Really who with a sane mind falls for those things? Why would you give your assets to someone else, especially over the internet?
    His own greed caused trouble for him, if he wasn't thinking about getting more out of it he would have thought about "hm, why would he need my in-game assets exactly?".

    I don't play EVE myself. I tried but its not my game. Though i always enjoy reading the articles here on EG. And one thing is clear to me, that game is full of assholes who try to screw each other over. You would think people know that by now. Its all based about back stabbing, spying, scamming, etc etc. Why wouldn't you be more careful there?
    Well please don't cause i love the stories. It beats any drama show on tv!
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  • Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free

  • Jorendo 29/03/2014

    @tobystrauss If Notch can't stand the idea that OR got more money then him...then why would he invest 10.000 dollar in it himself? Your logic seems a bit weird.

    Also it's not like people dislike Cliffy B cause of his latest shouting. People already hated him for a long time since he left Epic for all the garbabe he been shouting. How he defended DRM and said other crappy stuff just to piss people off. Heck i seen a dutch game magazine who idolized him even raise their brows when he came with statements about DRM and how he gets pissed off so fast on twitter and starts shouting names.
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    @Avaloner Last time i checked we in the west lead a free life. So no need to agree for a whole 100% :) Would be boring if we all agreed with each other. Each has their own opinion about this and that is good. Reply +2
  • Jorendo 28/03/2014


    1. I said people who backed it back then could feel ripped off. They backed a idea and without the involvement of a corporation, facebook is one these days, they could fear that the idea's OR had back then could falter under the ideas of what the corporation might have. Doesn't have to go that way, but it can be. Or can be a fear of people. I didn't back it back then and personally this news isn't gonna make me step away form the OR at all. I was just mentioning things people might feel based on how people been responding to things in the past when projects on KS made certain choices. The people of OR have all the rights to sell their product. Its their creation. That said i can't speak for them its just a wild guess.

    2. I don't say facebook is evil. Read my reply to jefranklin18 where i mention facebook. But facebook does earn a lot of money on you, so too say you use it for They earn a lot of money by selling your private information, what you look for on facebook, etc. Facebook ain't the only one, google does the same and so many other internet companies do so. But nothing is for free, they earn a lot of money on you without you having a idea. Doesn't make them evil, they need to earn money some how, those servers don't pay themselves and you make use of their service so they deserve some money for it. And we all know they do it. And it is a bit strange yeah he shows so much hatred towards Facebook but does have a account. Then again if you want attention on your product you pretty much need a facebook and twitter these days to get more awareness. And there is a difference in having a facebook account and having facebook buy your product.

    3. I don't know what is going on in Notch his head, and I'm not some ultra Notch fanboy either. He has his reasons why he can't support the OR as they are involved with Facebook.
    Maybe he fears the device will not become a game focused device or will be used for micro-transaction games too. I don't know. Look don't get me wrong, i hope its like jefranklin18 said. That Mark likes the product and wants to support it.
    But what bothers me the most is that Cliffy B opens his mouth again. Really that guy has done nothing special yet he feels entitled to shout things. And really, its been a while since we heard form him, and the last few times we heard from where always in a negative way. He just seems to shout things knowing it will cause a buzz on the internet. He knows Notch has many fans, so saying things like Notch being a pouty Kid he knows will cause a lot of reactions. Meaning he is in the center of attention again for a while. Just like when he defended DRM, in a time many game developers where openly complaining about DRM not working and only hindering it for their legal buyers to play the games. Cliffy B used to get a lot of attention when he was working for Epic, that attention gone away when he left and he needs that attention apparently.

    Would be nice if people can act mature and don't need to call each other names. Cliffy B started with calling names, and that is pretty sad. That you need to do that to make your point. But we all know he is rather the hot head who gets insulted so easy. He could ask questions about why Notch decided to step out of it. Had said it in a another way then he might even had a good point people listen too, but not in this way.
    And really Minecraft is Notch his ball, so off course he gets to say who can play with it. Cliffy knows this very well. Look at Gears of War, the first one was released on the pc, the others don't cause he didn't support the pc. He did the same thing, not releasing his game on a certain device cause of his reasons why he didn't want too. Notch does the same, he no longer believes in the OR if Facebook is involved. Let him do so, its his loss if the OR sells millions. Could have been potential players for his game.
    Beside there will be other great games to play with the OR. Frankly i can't wait to get my hands on it and play EuroTruck Simulator 2, ARMA 3 and other great games with it where it really helps with the immersion. And like someone else said, there probably will be some modder who makes it possible.
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    @jefranklin18 Time will tell and i really hope your vision on it is the right one. Maybe he indeed thought it was a good product that deserves the opportunity. But you can't blame people for being sceptical if you see what facebook done to the game scene before.

    I mean thanks too those facebook games now even AAA games implant micro-transaction bullshit. Or have those plans at least (yeah EA I'm looking at you). It's not directly facebook fault, but more that of the publishers who can't seperate things anymore cause they lack real knowledge. People at the boards of Activision or EA aren't gamers and they don't know the difference between an facebook game and game like Super Mario for example. So yeah people are worried some boardmembers will take control and steer it in another way then the OR was originally meant to be.

    But truly i hope you are right cause that sounds better for everyone.
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    I wonder if those who support Cliffy B here even heard of the Oculus Rift before this article. If you know the history of the OR you know that its a huge kick in the balls to the backers. People backed this, Notch included, from the start. When it was on Kickstarter. When others where laughing at the guys who where creating this cause it would have no future at all.

    The creators also had the idea to make it available for as many people as possible. They even said at some point that they would love to see the OR being free fro everyone to use and earn money on the games as they are produced for OR. Like MS and Sony do with the consoles, the console hardware is being sold for a loss, they earn money on the games as a x% of each console game goes to MS and Sony.

    Now facebook bought it. This changes everything. FB can say what ever they want. The only reason they bought it is because they smell big money. Those who think FB isn't after the money is blind. I see people say "but fb is free, if they where after money they wouldn't be free". But FB earns a lot of money on advertisement income and for selling your privacy information to these advertisers. FB aint free, you pay a lot more for it then you can imagine.
    With the OR you can't really sell privacy information, so they will surely find a way to earn money on it. They aren't gonna buy something they can't earn money on. Not saying this is a act of pure evil, its just how the business works.
    So i think they will do things that where no the idea people had when they backed the OR back then. Seeing Notch is one of the backers he is in his good rights to be disappointed and not willing to help OR anymore.

    Also people please stop this bullshit about "he is rich and acts like a entitled kid". Do you have any idea how many developers are out there that would love to do what Notch did but can't? Heck i wish more developers where in the position financially where they could say "Fuck you activision, this is not what we have in mind for Call of Duty. We take the title with us and screw you guys I'm going home". That would do a lot more good for the industry as big companies can't get away with just anything anymore.
    Yeah Notch is rich, does that mean he may not have his point of view on things? How rich do you think Cliffy B is? And Mark, my god, Mr Facebook has so much money that even Notch looks like a poor person. So really, of all three you bitch about Notch being rich? And with that feeling entitled?
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    @mattiassvensson You miss the purpose of VR. There are no VR movies. Why would any sane person want to wear a VR device to watch a movie that isn't made for it.

    For games it can really add something. Especially for simulators its great. There is something called TrackIR. Its not VR but transmits your head movement to the game so you can look around without using the mouse. VR glasses can replace that so you can really look around without having to keep your eyes on the screen still.

    Watching movies with the Occulus makes no sense what so ever. Movies aren't interactive. You can't look around on the set while being in the movie. Its linear in each and every-way. There is no purpose for the VR glasses there.
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    Funny how people say Notch is doing it wrong and call him a entitled brat. Then support CliffyB......if there is one guy who been a entitled brat it was CliffyB. The things he has been saying are just wauw. About the games he worked on as well as when he left EPIC.

    He for a while was considered to be a god among developers. Many game journalists where at his lips cause omg he knew his stuff cause he made Gears of War. He left Epic and quickly started become one of those selfproclaimed experts. Saying all kind of lame things. Hell he has often opened the attack on gamers who had another vision. Often saying things that made it painfully clear that he didn't know shit about how it goes for real. Like politicians, shouting what has to happen without knowing a damn thing about the reality.

    If Notch made a good or bad move with canceling only time will tell. At least he has his principles and stands by it. Something CliffyB can't say at all. It has been made way to clear again that he is the immature brat who needs to shout things to get attention. Otherwise he will be forgotten again. And he is just pissed off his guru status has been moved to another.
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  • Arma 3 review

  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    @Doncommie With other games i would say you have some valid points of concern. But with ARMA there is a huge modding community. Many things like better sound packs are modded in by modders. Nicer looking vehicles and such as well.

    The MilSim group i play with have a lot of selfmade mods, from weapons to vehicles and outfits. It improves the game a lot by installing mods.

    Doesn't mean they can get away with everything. But it find it less shameful then things missing in Battlefield or Call of Duty for example cause with them you know there are no modders working on it and that it will be released in a new version a year later again so you might have to pay a big ammount of money to get perhaps one or two things added where in ARMA you get them for free thanks to the mods.

    Also about the vehicle handling. ARMA is focused on the infantry simulation mostly. I heard, but i could very wrong, that its pretty hard to have a good simulation for infantry simulation, ground vehicle simulation and air unit simulation. Would demand a lot from the computers. Same why DCS has a poor simulation of ground units, and Steel Beasts a poor infantry simulation.
    It would be nice if its possible to see them do it. But you still get a hell lot more and better worked out for your money then in certain other games that claim to give you a feeling for war.
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  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    @mouse I can really recommend joining a ARMA community than. ARMA can be quiet danting to get into, but playing it with others learns you a lot about surviving in war.

    The singleplayer is okay, but the AI enemy are all elite snipers, they can be incredible dumb but their accrucy is pretty high. With your own AI troops not being the most smart lads in the world either you find yourself being alone against a army that seems to have something personal against you.

    When you go online and join a MilSim group you will like minded people who (try to) operate like real soldiers do. Increasing your survival odds and you don't have to fight the enemy alone anymore.

    I myself loved the ARMA games ever since they started as Operation Flashpoint. Always played it alone till about two months ago. I got to join a MilSim group that is world wide. Meaning there is always someone online to play with and every Sunday evening we got a operation with the entire group (about 30 or more members online at the same time).
    They also give trainings so in no time you go from a complete unknown to someone who can handle himself out there. They are all nice people so give me a PM if you are interested.
    We got all kind of players, long time ARMA veterans, people who are new to ARMA, RL soldiers and people like me who aren't a soldier but love the vibe.
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  • EA makes Dead Space free on Origin

  • Jorendo 28/03/2014

    3 hours ago
    I'm confused, EA are giving away free games (a really good game at that, though it is old) and MS are having a 50% off sale on some Xbox One games.
    Have they all come together and decided to just be nice for a weekend?
    Aren't our American friends able to vote again for the worst company of the year? ;)

    Way to suspicious that both of them play "nice".
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  • Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

  • Jorendo 24/03/2014

    I never really understood it why male gamers have issues with playing a female character in games. I play a lot of a MMORPG's and atleast 80% of the female characters is played by guys. Yet when its a singleplayer game guys suddenly have a issue playing as a female character?

    For me it doesn't matter what gender my character is. As long as the game is good and the story engaging i couldn't care less if its male or female. And i don't care either if they are straight, bi or gaysexual.

    It is about time though that female characters aren't sex objects. Not only in games, but movies as well. Many movies still stereotype woman like that too. It would be a massive win if the game industry breaks with standards the movie industry has set.

    For all the evil EA is i have to say i found them very strong with Mass Effect 3's gay sex debate. When the church and many American organizations protested against the fact that there was sex possible between two guys/woman. They didn't back down there to please these groups.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • Jorendo 24/03/2014

    @greghakes Euhm....Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 made it to the pc, so did Metal Gear Revengance.
    So i don't know what you are talking about that they never made it to the pc?
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  • Jorendo 22/03/2014

    @dogmanstaruk Even without a speedrun and doing every side mission people have clocked around a hour. Look if you are a metal gear fan fine, so am i. But im not gonna justify a full price for such a short game.

    No matter how great a game is. Asking the full price for a game that is less then 2 hours is just massive bullshit.
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  • Jorendo 22/03/2014

    So basicly 1 point for every minute it takes to complete this game? Cause the speedrun record is about 9 or 10 minutes. And only 5 side missions so for a new commer less then 2 hours gameplay and they ask 40 euro's? Sorry how does that score a 9? Is it because you are a huge fan of Metal Gear?

    I mean a good game is a good game, but this bullshit has to stop. The bullshit that is called screwing the gamers over. Sorry but the greedy pricing should be count as minor points no matter if its a great game or not. You can not ask so much money for a small game that is a freaking demo.
    I heard its a great game, but come on the price? Really? Is that where we have gone too? For such a short game they should ask no more then 15 euro's period. People drop the fanboyism and see that this is not the way games should go. 10 years ago this game wouldn't stand a change, it would be fired down for the short game time. Remember Sins episode one? That game was 15 euro's and took less then 4 hours to complete. People turned insane about the price and the short gameplay. Now we have entered a time where we pay 40 - 50 euro's for games less then 4 hours. Ugh.
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  • Spec Analysis: Project Morpheus

  • Jorendo 24/03/2014

    Its a good thing more companies are going to try the VR field. Especially when its a player like Sony. My preference would go to the OR for now. Not that i can say which one is better seeing they are both not out yet. The OR has dev versions out, but they aren't as they want them to be on release. But what i heard it is pretty awesome. Though in the current state it makes you sick quickly cause of the low res screens (in the released version it will be higher res).

    The reason for me to go for OR would be cause the developers want it to be a device many people can use. The price won't be too high and they go the console approach with it. With that i mean is that they release the hardware for a rather cheap price and earn money on the games made for it. It suggests that they really take it serious and want the support for it.

    that said, it all depends on when the VR devices are released what version i will get myself. It is a bit hard to say when you haven't been able to try them. I want one for my pc though. Not that i don't like the console, but on the pc i got simulator games that would really benefit from it (still on the fence to get track IR). I don't have a PS4 yet so no reason yet for me to get a VR device that is only on the consoles. Also wonder how they gonna implament them on the PS4, seeing many games aren't first person. I wonder how that will work out cause how can you be immersed when you look at the back of your character in VR? Still nice to see they are making one for the PS4 though :) More gamers who can enjoy the VR worlds! \o/
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  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z review

  • Jorendo 21/03/2014

    Gah, so i saw this one on steam yesterday and thought "awesome finally Ninja Gaiden finds its way to the pc" is it a turd of game >.< I will stick to my Ninja gaiden on the xbox and ps vita than.

    Really why do they have the need to butcher every great game with horrible newer releases. Have they given up? Don't they try anymore? Are they forced too? What is going on?
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  • Titanfall review

  • Jorendo 19/03/2014

    Sadly no sale for me. I was interested for a while. In a early preview in a dutch game magazine they talked about a integration between single and multiplayer. You would have a campaign going on and it would be easy to seemingly go online or just stay offline.
    Now it turns out to be a MP only game. Probably a huge mistake from that game magazine but it gave me the wrong idea what this game would be :(

    I'm sure the game will be fun. But there are to many MP games these days. I love mechs, but i'm done with multiplayer. Where are the days we had solid FPS games with a good singleplayer (that wasn't only 4 hours short!) and a nice Multiplayer mode so you could choose what you wanted to play?
    I used to pay 40 - 45 euro's for the complete package 10 years ago with mod support so it meant a longer life span of the game with new maps or entire games made by modders (Counter Strike started that way).
    These days i have to pay 50 - 55 euro's and only get one mode and require to buy DLC to get access to more content cause the MOD scene has been killed off by the greedy publishers who know fans make better content then those pricy maps the publisher let made.

    Still not meaning to bash this game. I'm sure its good in what it does. And hell yeah mechs in a western made game! We need more mech games! But please bring SP back too!
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  • Paradox and Obsidian: "We both know there's no BS"

  • Jorendo 19/03/2014

    @Eisenstein Yeah, actions speak louder than words. But to no one will a buggy past be more apparent than those at the head of the companies tarnished with that brush.
    @NewbieZilla In the sense that Obsidian created Pillars of Eternity to be without a publisher, and in every interview I've done, has distanced the project from ever signing one. So signing Paradox will inevitably raise eyebrows. But I think the partnership makes a lot of sense in this case, and will only be better for the game and, therefore, better for the people who backed it.
    That said, Paradox is one of those publishers who cares for games. I would have been angry if it had been EA or Activision. But Paradox is trustworthy. They support games much longer then the others. They are known for releasing buggy games but also know for having the game fixed to what it should have been.

    They also publish many games other publishers don't wanna release. Working with small developers and making it able for them to release their games.

    And let's be fair here. EA and Activision have way more money, and their games aren't bug free either, and they don't even care about fixing it. Why making only Paradox notorious for it when EA does way worse. EA doesn't fix, Activision doesn't fix, they just sell a new version later or include the fix in a pricy DLC (simcity traffic jam bug).
    Paradox has less money and works with smaller developers with lesser people. Offcourse the quality will be less. But at least they try to fix it.
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  • Gaming's middle-aged crisis

  • Jorendo 15/03/2014

    @riceNpea You are right, gaming used to be about entertaining first, business later. But then people like Boby Koytic found out that the game industry earned more money the Coca Cola and such. Then people like him started to get to work for publishers and turned a industry about entertainment and creativity in cow milking greedy money makers.

    Goodthing another game crash is comming. And last time this happened (the 80's) it was also because of the greed in the industry. After the crash the game industry florished into creativity again and all about making the games. We already see devs shifting from publishers to kickstarter or early access to get money for the making of their game.
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  • SimCity offline mode "almost there mayors"

  • Jorendo 14/03/2014

    @OneManAndHisDroid Or Banised, that one is great. Perhaps not a city builder with large cities (unless you are very good at it). But still a fun settlement builder where you need to survive the weather and hunger. Reply 0
  • Jorendo 14/03/2014

    @OneManAndHisDroid No worries we all felt like that.

    For your city fix i would sugest Cities XL the latest one. You can build huge cities with different themes. You can zoom in to street level and see it up close. Far better in my eyes.

    Or Cities in Motion 2 if you just wanna work with a transportation company. You can even use the editor to build your own cities so you can lay down public transport in it later. Both games are cheaper then SimCity 2013 and worked out much better.
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  • Jorendo 14/03/2014

    @OneManAndHisDroid But you could already do that. The gameplay doesn't change. You could lock down your maps so only you, and those you would want to invite could play there. But you could already own every zone on the maps alone without any players.
    The only difference now is that you don't have to login. But you still depend on the other zones, and the cities remain uber small.

    EA and Maxis aren't listening to the players at all. They haven't done any fixes to the traffic jams unless you buy the expansion (what i have to pay for a bug fix now?), they haven't increased the map size at all. Even though it shouldn't be that hard to fix that..i mean a modder managed to do that in a short time after release. But then again modders already made Maxis and EA look silly by doing a lot of things they claimed where imposible.
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  • Jorendo 14/03/2014

    Weeee we finally get to play a game offline without anyone around in a game that is build to have you work with others whoop whoop....wait...euhm....THAT DOESN'T MAKE THE GAME ANY BETTER IT REMAINS A POOR SIMSHITY!

    Really, they should have made this game with offline in mind. Now its rather pointless to insert that mode when the core game was never designed for it. Also some major bugs are still present and EA/Maxis have shown no will to fix them. Please let this game die.....its painfull to see how they keep it on the machine while the true fans already digged the grave.
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  • Arma 3's final campaign episode gets a release date

  • Jorendo 13/03/2014


    Before you accuse people of things you might wanna start using that brain you where given. I get sick and tired of Console fanboys always assuming the worse of others. PC gamers are always the elitair assholes etc.

    They aren't anti console, they are just realistic. This isn't pc elite talk, these are pure facts. The console is very limited compared to the PC, and this is why:

    1. Arma is a military simulator. It's no action game, its no CoD or BF. With being a simulator it comes with a bit more buttons then a trigger to shoot, a jump button a sprint button and a crawl button. On the keyboard you still end up with keycombo's to do certain things. It's just not possible with the few buttons on the console. And yeah you can say the console can use mouse and keyboard, but not many console games have that.
    And yeah Arma 3 has controller support but beside controlling vehicles with it, it isn't really recommended.

    2. It's a military simulator. Not a CoD of BF game. Accuracy is important. You have to keep many things in mind when shooting. A controller isn't as accurate. And why would a Simulator insert auto aim and less accuracy required? That makes no sense, why lower the standards to make it playable for a specific crowd? And you need to act fast, one shot can kill you. A controller makes you turn slower then a mouse does.

    3. As long as Sony and MS are jerks when it comes to uploading game content Arma shouldn't come to consoles at all. Arma is a nice game, but Arma isn't just made by the developers. Its made by the developers and the community. The devs make a base game. But its the community that makes incredible mods that make the game even more realistic, new vehicles, outfits, weapons, etc etc. I play in a Arma community and we don't use the vanilla weapons and uniforms. We use realistic weapons and have our own made uniforms based on the real deal.

    4. They released operation Flashpoint on the first xbox back then. Let's say it wasn't a success.

    5. On the consoles most gamers don't want games like Arma. It would costs them a lot of money to make a console version of Arma 3, for only a handful of gamers.

    6. BI isn't like those other traitors who all began to please the console gamers over the back of the pc gamer. We had to see how Rainbow six went from a hardcore tactical game to a Hollywood action game. No R6 Vegas isn't as tactical as its older brothers. We atleast have one developer who stays loyal to their loyal fans. Who don't go for the mass crowd and money on the console. And you call them console haters? Fuck that! They just stay to the pc as the pc gamer has been their loyal support and because the genre just doesn't work well on the console. If it did work well and the console had enough players for Arma then they probably would release it on console as well. But they aren't gonna low the standards just so you might can play Arma 3. Nor can you ever enjoy the real side of Arma 3 like the pc gamers can. Its meant to play online with other people. Not just deathmatch, but doing operations together again a hard AI. The console, even now with the next gen still locks you down in numbers that can play online together. Arma has MilSim groups (you don't them clans) that have over 100 members, who work together at the same time. The console doesn't allow that, nor can it handle it. That is not bitching about the console, the hardware just wouldn't pull it off having 100 of players and a AI army full of soldiers and vehicles.

    So please drop the bullshit that BI is against the console. Stop this typical console gamer behavior where its always "you don't release it on my system so you are a hater". It gets tiresome and as PC gamer i had to see how many of the games i made big with my money betrayed me to please the console gamer. Sometimes in a extend where they didn't even release the new versions on my preferred system anymore. Yet you don't see me keep saying that in console game exclusives articles.

    I do understand you want more tactical games on the console. But the sacrifices they have to make are to big. And it hits me really wrong when you say that BI is anti console. I'm really tired of gamers being like this these days. Not remotely understanding why things can't happen as they are. Rainbow Six could be a great tactical console game. You don't need as many keys as in Arma 3. Let them restore ghost recon and R6 to its old glory for both pc and console gamers. So the tactical fans on the console also get their fair share of tactical epicness. But Arma won't be that game for the console, the structure of the console simply doesn't allow it (MS is really weird in their rules about uploading content). I do hope there is a developer who dares to bring the tactical genre back to the console again as with the old ghost recon games. Just don't say that those who stick to the pc are against consoles. There is more in play then that.
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  • Jorendo 11/03/2014

    @NyxCloud Not everyone is a mainstream hype kiddie that only cares for the latest and most hyped games. Dark Souls is a great series but i noticed how many immature little kids have jumped on the bandwagon just to be part of the hype. Kids like you who have to post in every other fecking game article how they don't understand why people would care for it when they can play Dark Souls 2 or Titanfall.

    Also mega uber derp that you are. Maybe you can think before posting something. I know you mainstream kids have a minor brain that can't possibly understand that people do enjoy other games then yours. The Arma games might not have millions of players like Rip Off Duty and Bugfield 4 and such. But unlike those games they have a very loyal crowd who enjoys more realistic games over Fast action passed games. Now each to their own. But you mainstream fecks jump from game to game. I can't blame you, i mean Rip Off Duty brings out a new game every year, they aren't loyal to you either. But the Devs of Arma are very loyal to their community. And they get the same respect back.

    So leave others to their own game. Respect that other games have a fanbase too. That you don't like that game fine. That is your opinion and i respect that. But i have no respect for hype kids who get a huge bonner and think they are mega cool for posting in other articles how they can't believe anyone still plays that.
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  • Could you survive in a besieged city?

  • Jorendo 13/03/2014

    @LR100 Don't worry. As long as this game doesn't make US soldiers do bad things it will be released. Six days in Fallujah got canceled cause the Americans had a hard time believing their heroes could do horrible things too in times of war.

    Gotta love how they keep turning their heads away and trow people in prison who leak out footage of US soldiers shooting innocents but don't arrest the war criminals that are serving the US army.

    This game sounds interesting though. Seeing a war game trough the eyes of the often forgotten party...the victims.
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  • South Park: It all started with a suspected prank call

  • Jorendo 13/03/2014

    @Dynasty2021 Who wants to be a adult anyway? Being a kid is way more fun. Reply +1
  • Jorendo 13/03/2014

    What i don't get is that a Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, European comity for censorship, etc fuss about it all. That it might offend certain people. Hello this is South Park, its meant for South Park fans and no one else. Episodes don't get censored either here in the Netherlands as far as i know it. Hell the American version still bleeps out certain words where we just hear them.

    Why censor content when its a game meant for the fans. If you can't stand such jokes then its most likely you don't like South Park and that you didn't buy the game. So you can't be offended cause you didn't even play the game. And if you did i wonder why you would play a game you know is gonna have such things in it. And why would you play a South Park game if you don't like South Park.

    I guess they had to censor it to get it released in certain European countries. That is the curse of Europe. Many countries have harder censorship rules then others. Germany censors a lot, where in the Netherlands we normally don't really censor a thing. Shame its not a option you can turn on or off. Europe or organizations who decide this happen should stop being my parent.
    I'm 30 years old, i think i can decide for myself if i want to see certain things or not. Yeah yeah i know there are under aged people who don't have the age to decide such things. But ugh i might sound like a old guy now, in my time we didn't even had age restrictions. Mortal Kombat and Carmengadon changed that. Its only since those games that they started to give games a age limit. Many of my generation turned out fine, we got to see violence all the time. In movies, tv shows, games, etc. Back then it was up to our parents to decide if we could watch it or not. And no, there wasn't more violence among the kids or anywhere in my country cause of that. That tv or games make you violent is bullshit haters keep using to ban the media. I would be a ultra violent person if any violence on tv or games would do that, seeing I'm a child from the 80's. We grew up with violent tv shows, and slowly it merged into game so we had two media that showed us violence.

    Great article though!
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  • Sci-fi MMO Wildstar out in June

  • Jorendo 12/03/2014

    @Acksaw There we go, i was already wondering when another person would mention how the subscription model is out of date.

    Guess WoW with 8 million + subs doesn't count anymore hm?

    Fine if you prefer F2P but its not a outdated system. And i rather pay a sub and get unrestricted access, then having to pay 6 euro's for a row of extra inventory or 10 euro's for a extra character slot.
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  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot beta review

  • Jorendo 06/03/2014

    Now the devs get away with releasing and getting paid for unfinshed games.
    So basicly, what EA and Activision been doing for many years now?

    1. Money spend on early access games is used to fund the game. The devs offcourse get a little bit of it, they don't work for free and like any other human being with a job they earn a monthly income so they can pay their rent, food, kids, etc. But most of the money is used to fund the game.

    2. EA has a habbit to release full priced games that are far from a finished state. Remember Battlefield 4 and SimCity 2013? Both games where far from being release ready and still those bastards released them for a full price with pre orders aviable. The early access games atleast are often much cheaper then the price they will ask on the day or release. Not all are cheaper but it happens often enough.

    The only thing i find weird is that i thought this game was being published by Ubisoft. So why is there a price tag to the early access when its a publisher published game? Unless I'm wrong off course about this being a Ubisoft game.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin alpha review

  • Jorendo 07/02/2014

    @UncleLou Im more annoyed with the people who complain about bugs on the early access forums >.<

    I bought State of Decay in early access. Back then there was a huge, i mean a huge warning "Does not work with mouse and keyboard yet". What do you see as number one complainment "Mouse and keyboard don't work well, this is fucking crap, horrible game, unplayable with mouse and keyboard i want my money back". So many people buy a early access and expect it to be a fully release game and feel entitled to bitch about obvious bugs and mechanics that are not implemented yet >.<

    And sorry perhaps i should have been more clear in my message that for me right now, for a game i won't be playing for a while its to steep. If you really want to play the alpha, beta, released version then i suppose 40 euro's wont be to expensive (i don't know how big the game is gonna be but i know the developers from their other games and it should be worth it. Its not some low budget RPG like the Game of Thrones one for example).

    That all said, i'm looking forward to this game! Look EA, games like these are welcomed!
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  • Jorendo 07/02/2014

    @UncleLou To be honest, you assumed that i meant something else as well when you responded to my message. You assumed i said you buy the rights to play the alpha. When i merely said i wasn't gonna play the alpha so investing 40 euro's now and not playing it for a while was to steep for me to get in right now.

    In the end i think we are all on the same side with the idea's about early access and such but just misunderstanding each other.
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  • Jorendo 06/02/2014

    If you're paying for the full game, not the alpha, then why do they take the money before the full game even exists?

    that is because the money is used for the development of the game. They can't finance a game on the promise of getting months or a year later. People need to get paid who work on it, they can't work for free for months in a row, they have their costs too to pay.

    And its a fair system, you do after all play the game, in a early state that often isn't near the quality of what the game is gonna be. But none the less you get to play it already.
    Sadly many people confuse the alpha version for a final version. They complain about the bugs as if its weird a Alpha version has them. And then they want their money back. So if a developer releases a early version, and people cancel their pre order after lets say a month perhaps two. They played the game for two months and suddenly pull out. Meaning the money they needed for the funding would be gone too. That's why you can't cancel your way out of a early release. And its a fair system, but only when you really want to support them and know you want that game anyway.

    I bought a few early access games before and don't regret it. When i don't like the state of the alpha i wait a little. But you need to have the money to spend on it as you pay right away.
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  • Transformers Universe is now a MOTA

  • Jorendo 07/02/2014

    So they went from a Browser based MMORPG, to a MOBA to a MOTA? What's next MOTG (Multiplayer Online Transformer Game)? Reply +8