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  • Don't care about VR? Neither did I

  • JohnnyWashnGo 08/05/2016

    Tried the rift many times and I find the fact that I need to be strapped into chunky apparatus just takes me away from any feeling of immersion. Having to wear that to enjoy 3D games doesn't work for me.

    Honestly, it's just too much of a hassle to have to gear up to play a game. If it takes more than a few minutes to get into a game then I am not interested.
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  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 10/08/2015

    Don't believe the hype. I wasted money on this at the weekend as I looked like my kinda game but in reality it's a pain in the rear to play.

    Voice acting is poor. The handling of the ship, while accurate, feels messy and hard to master. Insta kills happen frequently and usually at just the wrong time.

    Overall, an average and frustrating game. Wish I could get my money back.
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  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches with plenty of issues

  • JohnnyWashnGo 20/02/2015

    My retail PS4 copy arrived this morning and worked fine. All 5 of my USB madcatz fightsticks work fine on the PS4 via a cable. Even my old hand built fightstick with a dualshock3 PCB inside worked fine.

    I am happy with my purchase.
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  • Super Stardust Ultra review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/02/2015

    This is a great game. Loved it on the PS3 and am still loving it on PS4.

    This new review scoring system however is a load of nonsense. I don't visit this site much anymore and I don't intend to change that position based on this new system.

    Why not have a thumbs up/thumbs down system?

    Either a game is good enough to waste time on or it isn't. Is pretty black and white to me. No qualifications, no ifs and no buts, just good or bad. This game is good BTW and a nice way to waste time.
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  • The Evil Within review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 17/10/2014

    @kevboard - I have tried. For 15 years. I have given up now. So if a game doesn't let me change the controls, I just don't play it. You would think it wouldn't be hard to add it to a game but it seems to be pretty low on the list of priorities for devs. Reply 0
  • JohnnyWashnGo 17/10/2014

    @kevboard - Yeah I do. It's not something I can change sadly and it seems that some developers understand the idea of letting the gamer choose the controls that suit them whilst others, most in fact, don't seem to give a shit. Reply -1
  • JohnnyWashnGo 17/10/2014

    I picked up the limited edition for ps4 earlier in the week. Popped it into the machine and started playing.

    First thing I noticed was that only y axis could be inverted. Pretty much destroys the game for me as I need both axis inverted to play a game properly. Otherwise I spend the entire game turning the wrong direction.

    Second thing I noticed was the really bad dialogue. I don't expect much from a game but this takes the mickey.

    Third thing was the graphics. Character models look very poor. I don't normally care about this kind of thing but it did stand out to such an extent that I had trouble ignoring it.

    Finally loading times are really quite bad. You only have to die a few times before you get bored of waiting for the game to load again.

    So today I sold it. No regrets.
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • JohnnyWashnGo 26/03/2014

    I have no interest in VR headsets. The whole premise of wearing goggles to play games is so alien to me that I have a hard time understanding how anybody could be remotely up for it.

    But I do find this acquisition to be a bit odd.
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  • "Sony needs to show how good VR could be - not something like PS Move"

  • JohnnyWashnGo 19/03/2014

    @ecco I just bought a brand new 2014 Panasonic TV... No 3D. Manufacturers have realised nobody wants it.
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  • JohnnyWashnGo 19/03/2014

    Still not feeling VR headsets. Which I think is how the general public will feel. They are niche peripherals with very little to offer the average gamer. Much like the move was. I imagine they will have about the same longevity as 3D television has had. Reply 0
  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • JohnnyWashnGo 19/03/2014

    I really couldn't care about the graphics so much. What bugs me are the little changes made to the game that just annoy me when compared to the original dark souls.

    For example the stupid delay added to the time taken to drink from estus flash. Dark souls pretty much did it as soon as you pressed the square button but the sequel doesn't let you do that. Instead if you are being attacked it seems to take ages to have a drink. This has been the cause of many deaths for me.
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  • These Nintendo toys launch in McDonald's Happy Meals next week

  • JohnnyWashnGo 12/03/2014

    Great... More useless plastic crap. Just what I wanted. Reply 0
  • Microsoft announces Xbox One Media Remote

  • JohnnyWashnGo 20/02/2014

    Does the xbone not support hdmi-cec? Reply +2
  • Psychedelic space shooter Futuridium headed to PlayStation Vita

  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/02/2014

    Looks nice. I thought I would try the PC version but it turns out it doesn't support all PCs, just those running windows. Why no Linux? Reply -1
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 14/02/2014

    I am tempted to give this a go but the main game was dull and left me feeling cold. If I can muster the willpower to try it again I may buy this. But right now nothing can pull me away from TxK which is proving to be a great version of tempest and a bargain to boot. Reply -23
  • UK chart: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition top

  • JohnnyWashnGo 03/02/2014

    Can somebody who has bought the PS4 version tell me if it allows x and y axis to be inverted. The PS3 version only allowed one axis which made it very hard for me to play. Reply 0
  • Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • JohnnyWashnGo 27/01/2014

    Anybody know if they have altered the control system to allow for inverted x and y axis on the camera view?

    The ps3 version that I tried to play didn't offer the option to switch both axis and made the game unplayable for me. Looked nice though and I would love to play it through properly with controls that I can manage.
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  • In Theory: Valve and OpenGL: is PC gaming coming to mobile?

  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/01/2014

    Having switched to Linux in 2000 and not used Windows since then, it would be great to see games come to Linux properly.

    I am hoping the whole stream machine thing means that nvidia has an incentive to make their Linux drivers better. They already seem decent enough for playing some games but I reckon there is plenty of room for improvement.
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  • Watch the opening of The Last of Us' Left Behind DLC

  • JohnnyWashnGo 14/01/2014

    I may give this a go... though after playing the main campaign it will have to be something special to entice me back.

    TLOU was a thoroughly dull game. It looked pretty but played like a dog and was barely a game at all. You soon got used to the cut scene followed by exploring for ammo followed by enemy encounter template, after which the game became super predictable.

    I forced myself to play thorough it during the festive period due to the massive love it received since release and was left wondering what all the fuss was about. A second play through was attempted but quickly aborted due to tedium. As I don't really enjoy multiplayer games I avoided that part of it regardless.

    So if this dlc reviews well and steps away from the boring as hell gameplay of the original then I may give it a go.
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  • The Secret Developers: Wii U - the inside story

  • JohnnyWashnGo 11/01/2014

    I love Nintendo games but their hardware is usually too little, too late. I haven't got a wii u, despite our having done good software note, simply because I can't condone such cheap hardware for such a high price. Plus I want a games machine with a simple controller... not a second console as a controller.

    I'd they manage to pare it back for the next machine and focus on gaming without gimmicks then I am back in. As it stands the ps4 is more than good enough for me
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  • Hands-on with SteamOS

  • JohnnyWashnGo 19/12/2013

    Haven't tried it yet but am hoping it will lead to better nvidia drivers for Linux as a whole and not just for steamos. Reply +4
  • Shooting cars: The art of Gran Turismo 6's photography

  • JohnnyWashnGo 19/12/2013

    Typo... DLSR = DSLR? Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is more than a facelift, dev insists

  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/12/2013

    Have they managed to update it so that we can invert x and y axis because I tried to play the ps3 version and failed miserably due to the crappy control system. Looked like a nice game though. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Freedom Cry DLC dated

  • JohnnyWashnGo 04/12/2013

    Argh... I have only just started this on ps4 so I don't want to hear about new content until I have had chance too at least try to finish the existing content. Reply +2
  • Oculus Rift is heading to Android

  • JohnnyWashnGo 30/10/2013

    I have tried to give a toss about oculus rift before and failed. Still wondering what all the fuss is about to be honest. Reply -4
  • Dragon's Crown review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 09/10/2013

    Ignore this review, the game is great. If you enjoyed Odin Sphere or Muramasa then do give this a try.

    As for the 'controversy', you have to ask yourself if over sexualised characters are a disturbing trend then why are we not complaining the the massively disturbing trend of games that realistically simulate and glamourise war being released on every format out there. It's normally American sites that have problems with cheesecake T&A and are all over guns and stuff, not us euro folk.
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  • Vanquish retrospective

  • JohnnyWashnGo 22/09/2013

    Amazing game that came before it's time. It still brings a smile to my face when I pop it in for a short blast every now and then. Reply +6
  • Nintendo 2DS' twin displays actually a single big touchscreen

  • JohnnyWashnGo 29/08/2013

    @KopparbergDave here here... I been saying the same thing for a while and getting neg'd into oblivion. Reply -2
  • Wii U price cut announced

  • JohnnyWashnGo 28/08/2013

    @Nikanoru Some DS games are designed to allow decent control with thumbs and fingers, like Mario Bros DS whereas most others require quite precise touch input and are unforgiving when tapped with fingers.

    You don't get that kind of confusion with the vita or a phone because, unless you have a capacitive stylus, you are usually using a thumb or finger.

    Wouldn't you like multi touch on the wiiu? Lots of people would. Even some devs would. The only reason the wiiu doesn't have it is because Nintendo are cheap.
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  • JohnnyWashnGo 28/08/2013

    @Nikanoru I understand your argument but I disagree. If I needed a fine degree of input then resistive would be my choice but for a gaming device where I will be prodding it most of the time with my fat thumbs, capacitive is the way to go.

    The DS and 3DS suffer because of using resistive but I can kind of accept it due to the small size of the screen. The WiiU has a much larger screen which would really benefit from being capacitive.

    The only reason they chose resistive is because it is cheap, like the rest of the components in the WiiU. Built on a budget, sold at a premium.

    Personally I would rather have multi-touch in games than a high degree of precision but that's just my opinion.
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  • JohnnyWashnGo 28/08/2013

    It's this generations Atari Jaguar... Which is a shame as I love my 3ds and have always been a fan of Nintendo. Still, no matter how much I like a company, I won't buy a shoddy overpriced product. Reply +1
  • JohnnyWashnGo 28/08/2013

    Still has sucky resistive touch screen so no buy for me. Ditch the stupid big controller and I might think about it.

    Actually sod it... There is no way I am buying this with so much other good stuff coming out soon. Sorry Nintendo.
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  • Nintendo 2DS hands-on

  • JohnnyWashnGo 28/08/2013

    It's like watching a car crash in slow motion... Nintendo are imploding in front of our eyes. I don't know if I want to be watching it to be honest. Reply -5
  • Microsoft launches Xbox Music web version

  • JohnnyWashnGo 01/07/2013

    @TechnicPuppet Are you sure Google music isn't available? Reply 0
  • The most popular arguments in favour of Xbox One DRM

  • JohnnyWashnGo 21/06/2013

    I am glad Microsoft backpeddled... It helps consumers retain what little rights and freedom they already have.

    Also, the while idea of a used market for software licences seems odd to me. It's not like there are a limited number of licences or that they wear down over time... Surely a new licence is the same and a used one?
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  • The Last of Us' Season Pass and DLC detailed

  • JohnnyWashnGo 29/05/2013

    If it has just been the multiplayer stuff I would have been fine as I rarely play multiplayer anyway. But a single player story dlc takes the piss.

    It leaves a really bad taste in the mouth. So much so that I am cancelling my preorder. It's not like I don't already have lots of things to do anyway.
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  • It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

  • JohnnyWashnGo 02/02/2013

    I'm saving my time alright... by not buying this piece of crap.

    It already looked ropey with the lost emphasis on solo action and the inclusion of multiplayer. But this whole DLC and microtransactions lark pretty much sealed the deal.
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  • Resident Evil 6 sells a whopping 675k in Japan opening week

  • JohnnyWashnGo 11/10/2012

    I feel stupid for buying RE6. I Loved the series up to, and including, RE4. RE5 was a massive disappointment for me. The RE6 demo really turned me off of the game. But somehow I couldn't cancel the pre-order. It is Resident Evil after all and nostalgia for the series somehow overruled my usually good sense of what games to buy.

    So... I am playing it now and it's a real chore. The story is pretty poor, the game is rather non engaging and it's about as scary as a neatly trimmed poodle.

    I just can't believe I bought it - this must be the so called buyers remorse that I have heard so much about.
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  • Bayonetta 2 confirmed

  • JohnnyWashnGo 13/09/2012

    Still not enough to make me buy a wiiu. It'll be a great game but I won't be buying a console to play one game. Reply +16
  • iPhone 5 revealed, runs "console quality games"

  • JohnnyWashnGo 12/09/2012

    5 rows of icons muthas - that's the way forward.

    But seriously, I imagine lots of tears before bedtime tonight - that new iphone is a real let down for a lot of people. They can cram in as much videogame friendly tech as they like but touchscreen devices are still horrible gaming machines for anything that requires precision and subtlety of control.

    Still, they will sell plenty to people too afraid of technology to try something different or too locked in to the ecosystem to move away from it.
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  • Google Nexus 7 Review

  • JohnnyWashnGo 24/07/2012

    The Nexus 7 is so good I bought two of them :)

    The 16Gb version is perfect for using in the home to consume media from a network attached storage device. I bought one for the house for this purpose alone. I bought another to put in my camera bag in order to show clients my portfolio as well as to use the excellent posing app for android to help get couples posed perfectly.

    For 200 you really can't go wrong. Jelly bean is great and a huge improvement over ice cream sandwich in terms of speed and responsiveness. This, and my Galaxy nexus running Jelly Bean, are the devices I could see coming in the future when I first bought my Google G1 years ago.

    Also, Shogun:Bullet Hell is a great way to pass the time in a truly hardcore style ;)
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  • Atlus launches impassioned defence of Persona 4: Arena PS3 region lock

  • JohnnyWashnGo 07/07/2012

    I don't like the decision that they took to region lock the game but I do understand the business reasons for doing so. That doesn't make it right, it only makes it understandable.

    Normally when this kind of action is taken by a publisher, I see it as a kick in the teeth for the loyal gamers who have spent their money on the publisher's products in the past. It's kinda hard to view it in any other way to be honest.

    But if, as Atlus are saying, this is a one off and the situation may not arise again then I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    To be honest, given the sheer amount of entertainment I have derived from Atlus published games in the last several years (80% or so of my DS games are from Atlus), I almost feel obliged to support most of their releases in order to show support for their company and the niche games that they take risks on.
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  • It Was The Best Of Times

  • JohnnyWashnGo 05/05/2012

    I have developed a sense of apathy towards games during the last year or so. If it wasn't for demons/dark souls, uncharted, Mario galaxy and maybe pandoras tower I may have given up games altogether.

    The pandering to the mass market in the form of ever more derivative fps and the mind numbing crap that comes out on mobile platforms has really turned me off gaming.

    As a consequence I have spent much more time reading books and much less playing games. I still love the medium but feel that the best examples of it are being pushed to one side in order to make way for the same crap in a different box.
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  • Metal Gear Solid HD Vita uses rear touch pad

  • JohnnyWashnGo 07/02/2012

    Love seeing debug output in the screenshots - area: title, fps: 30 ;) Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 "to be continued" ending explained

  • JohnnyWashnGo 06/02/2012

    I only just started play this at the weekend - looks like I can save myself some time now that I know the ending :( Reply +3
  • hacked, 21,000 users' details stolen

  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/01/2012

    @X201 Why am I thinking ROT13? Reply +6
  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/01/2012

    @Inmediasress Luckily, I have never used Facebook as I foresaw this kind of problem when it started to become popular.

    But I expect a bit more for online retailers who are supposed to keep our data safe :(
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  • JohnnyWashnGo 18/01/2012

    Just bloody typical - I may as well pop my name, address and date of birth on the internet for everyone to know. Reply +23
  • Best Android Gaming Smartphones

  • JohnnyWashnGo 17/01/2012

    Had the Galaxy Nexus for over a month now and love it. The lack of a metal body means that it is really light. Games also work really well on it. Its a touch big though. Reply +1
  • Amy headlines EU PlayStation Store update

  • JohnnyWashnGo 11/01/2012

    The reviews on the net for Amy indicate supreme shite-ness sadly. I shall be avoiding even though a large part of me wanted it to be great.

    FF and AW demos will be downloaded ASAP. I want to give them both a try this evening.
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