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  • BBC iPlayer 3 for PS3 this year

  • Johnhost 23/06/2010

    iPlayer is available through Skyplayer on PC and we as license fee holders pay a premium rate for that content so yes it should come to 360 and should be free.

    Microsoft will be seriously behind if they don't put iPlayer on.
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  • $10 for MP in pre-owned EA Sports titles

  • Johnhost 11/05/2010

    I think EA deserves to get paid for each copy of it's games sold. Frankly there are doing the smartest thing and I expect all publishers will be doing this in the future. For people who buy the game new there is no change.

    This is not DRM.
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  • Passed Around

  • Johnhost 01/05/2010

    I am all for digital distribution and forget retail. Get digital prices to reasonable levels, keep the experience growing through download content. Sell your machines through Argos and Dixons and then sell the games direct.

    Screw the retailers!
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  • EA will test waters with paid-for demos

  • Johnhost 24/03/2010

    Sounds like Demo is the wrong term for it. Battlefield 1943 is basically four maps from Battlefield 1942 with the single player bots cut out. Battlefield 1943 also updated the engine to Frostbite. It is a tremendous game.

    Imagine this: EA decides to make an Ultima hack 'n slash RPG for Xbox 360. They first release a four hour game with a smaller plotline and let's say you can do a couple of dungeon crawls with a starter city. Also include full multiplayer arenas and co-op. Now imagine this project gets released for 1200 MSP and becomes popular.

    Soon EA gets the devs to work on the full game and maybe six months later you will see Ultima (insert subtitle) for £49.99 at GAME. It has more of what is in the release or perhaps a completely NEW game but in the same universe. Suddenly you get this cheep and fun little arcade hack 'n slash but you also get it's big brother with it as well in retail.

    If the game is a flop of the dev team fails at the vision then they can say it was a small loss and move on. However the groundwork for the engine and other parts have been laid.
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  • GameStop: Ten Dollar "not compelling"

  • Johnhost 19/03/2010

    EA's other ace in the hole is adding multiplayer content to every game. Games like Call of Duty which continue to have high resell values and people hold on to for a long time are due to good multiplayer and EA wants to follow that trend with every title.

    Here is an idea. Why not allow for subcription game model over Xbox Live? Players pay a montly fee and get unlimited games to download and play as long as they want. They could even offer a DLC subscription add on. To keep a game permantly you simply buy it like Games on Demand.
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  • Ensemble dev disputes "crunch" rant

  • Johnhost 18/03/2010

    RIP Ensemble. But I hope those devs can find it in their heart to create some more quality RTS like Halo Wars. Perhaps Gears of War? Reply 0
  • BFBC2 content added to BF: Heroes

  • Johnhost 17/03/2010

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

    I love Battlefield Heroes but my work PC can't quite handle it. Otherwise I play BFBC on Xbox.
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  • Will Wright gives surprise talk at GDC

  • Johnhost 15/03/2010

    Here is an idea...get Will Wright, Cid Meyer and Peter Molyneux together and have them make an action/adventure strategy game with NATAL. Then they could go on a PR tour and big it up. The press releases alone would be worth it! Reply 0
  • Hunted: The Demon's Forge

  • Johnhost 15/03/2010

    Hopefully a Dark Alliance-ish next gen game will come to 360..this might be it. Reply +2
  • EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

  • Johnhost 15/03/2010

    Most games have tolkin achievements you get for doing the tutorial and such. These don't really mean you have done much. Achievements should mean something it should mean you did something significant. Some are really silly and online achievements I hate (unless it's an only only game like BF 1943). But overall it should be there to show off your....achievements in the game. Reply 0
  • Cheshire: PSP is a "bollocking useless waste of space"

  • Johnhost 15/03/2010

    Not owned a PSP but I do want one. Problem with an iPhone is that it cost a bundle. Unless every game you want is DS quality or less then I wouldn't get it. What I want is a PS2 or Xbox quality game in the palm of my hand for under £200.00. The iPhone is nearly 4x the price. Reply +1
  • Free Bad Company 2 DLC dated

  • Johnhost 12/03/2010! Reply 0
  • EA to publish 38 Studios' new RPG

  • Johnhost 10/03/2010

    This could be my wet dream come true. I loved Everquest and played for years, but now to hear the 360 could be getting a EQ inspired single player Oblivion type RPG is amazing. Keep it coming! Reply 0
  • GTA V to be announced before E3?

  • Johnhost 05/03/2010

    My wife made me sell GTA IV. She didn't like the idea of Serbian immigrants shooting people and then going to "titty bars" Reply 0
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

  • Johnhost 01/03/2010

    I think the review here is too harsh. It is true that Mario Kart pioneered this genre and indeed Sonic has pretty much copied it. But is that a bad thing?

    What we have here folks is a good Sega all star kart racer. It is the first kart racer with Avatars and includes Banjo as well! It has very solid online play and loads of room for DLC.

    The 360 is finally offering good family fare that is going to keep all ages busy for years!
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  • Downloading the Future

  • Johnhost 13/02/2010

    The sooner we cut out the retail chain and get 100% digital the more everyone wins. Digitial Delivery can give consumers quick access to content from their own sofa, set standardize pricing that can be lower for consumers but end up making more for developers and publishers. I see the day when GAME is gone and stores like Tescos is where you buy your Xbox 720 or PS4. The game content is digital and consumers can continue to get content delivered and game studios can continue to make games without downtimes or layoffs.

    What did it for me was when I bought Dragon Age brand new from ASDA and it was opened and treated like a used game. Also my wife and I pre-ordered EA Active. The store only had one copy left and it was a crumpled box with a tatty manual. That isn't new!!! GAME and the retail chain charge for new give you what might as well be used. I hope they all crash and burn. If other retailers treater their products like this the wouldn't be in business anymore.
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  • Disney turns away from high-end games

  • Johnhost 11/02/2010

    So basically Disney's crap games sell well on Wii and DS on brand name alone to mom's who buy it for their kids at Christmas and yet the games are total tat. No suprise that a more adult platform like PS3 or 360 doesn't buy the shovelware they release. If disney was SERIOUS about making good money and good games perhaps they should hire Traveller's Tales to make their games instead of their cut rate internal studios. Reply -2
  • EA's "Project Ten Dollar" explained

  • Johnhost 11/02/2010

    This is exactly why Dragon Age included the 1200 MSP DLC as a code with the game. And I think it's a brilliant idea! The next solution is to offer digital distribution for a slightly slower cost to retail but still higher then second hand sales.

    This is the facts folks. Imagine if you made widgets and sold them for £10.00. You had 100 people who wanted a widget but only 60 of them purchased it. However the other 40 people bought the widget second hand for £8.00 within six months of it's release. Wouldn't you want to also make some money from the other 40 people? Of course you would! EA is simply being smart about second hand sales. In the end they will still make money on DLC from second hand sales anyway so it's a win-win.

    In the end EA making money means games are produced. You like video games? They don't grow on trees.
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  • US Army tried to buy 360 units, told no

  • Johnhost 10/02/2010

    If Mickey Mouse can be used to sell War Bonds and fund Americas tanks and bombs in WWII, surely Xbox which is mainly a digital killing machine can be used to save lives. Reply 0
  • Xbox Live ditching Xbox 1 support

  • Johnhost 05/02/2010

    Port Halo CE and Halo 2 to Xbox 360 or XBLA and set them up for 360 servers...problem solved. Hell Halo CE could be easier still if they ported the PC version over. Reply +1
  • Xbox 360 getting 250GB HDD in Japan

  • Johnhost 02/02/2010

    It's a shame everyone is so afraid of retail. Microsoft should be selling their entire Xbox 360 library on demand including new games on release day. They should be offering a choice to upgrade to a 500GB drive and price games to the market allowing consumers a TRUE choice between a physical copy and digital. Reply +5
  • Ray Muzyka: BioWare's Illusive Man

  • Johnhost 28/01/2010

    Personally I love a game like Dragon Age more then sci-fi. Don't mess us about, Bioware make the next Elder Scrolls type game! Reply 0
  • Live BioWare interview today!

  • Johnhost 28/01/2010

    I want to know if Dragon Age or Mass Effect will every support multiplayer or co-op? Are we going to see The Old Republic on Xbox 360?? Reply 0
  • Green Man targets digital game-trading

  • Johnhost 21/01/2010

    What we need is some legislation that gives each consumer a digital wallet to keep game purchases in. They can be traded for cash or credit towards other products. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII cinematic trailer

  • Johnhost 26/11/2009

    now if they only starting shagging it would be like Mass Effect with subtitles. Reply 0
  • EA exec: MOH is "simply stunning"

  • Johnhost 19/11/2009

    EA is a much better bet then Activision for bringing something new without gouging you and then telling everyone you want fear and suspicion in your development teams.

    Fact is I would buy Medal of Honor over MW2 simply because it will not line the pockets of Activision-Blizzard.
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  • Two Worlds II trailer

  • Johnhost 10/11/2009

    Trailer looks like it will be horrible game. Avoid german games...avoid! Reply -2
  • Untethered Melodies

  • Johnhost 19/09/2009

    Kotick is a tosser. Sony controls a vast global empire that will probably be the first console/TV combo coupled with an already developed online network. Take Activision-Blizzard and compare it's clout to Sony and you find they are very small fish indeed.

    Every software and hardware developer that has taken on the giant known as Microsoft has been very bloodied and it took the likes of brilliant Google to win the browser/search engine war. However Microsoft could deliver Onlive type service through the Xbox 720 (if anyone can) and trump the next gen competion right away.

    If Guitar Hero and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and dare I say WoW were completely off Xbox 360 and Windows and on their own hardware microsoft will still be raking in the money left right and centre.

    Let's also remember EA is quickly growing vast amounts of new franchises (A new Medal of Honor also in the works) and I expect that Bioware will soon be kicking WoW's ass with The Old Republic. Rock Band is doing well (if only they could get some better hardware in Europe) and they will come away looking like heroes.
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  • Almost half SWG servers to close

  • Johnhost 17/09/2009

    Does this mean Lucas Arts is NOT pulling the license from SOE? Does this mean the game might still carry on post The Old Republic??? Reply 0
  • Mythic shares biggest mistakes with WAR

  • Johnhost 17/09/2009

    Guess what ever MMO developer is realizing...Everquest is the way you make an MMO. World of Warcraft is the ONLY MMO to copy Everquest's model for success. And low and behold they are the biggest. Everquest II even failed by changing the formula even more. Reply -2
  • ShopTo: PSPgo "almost dead" on arrival

  • Johnhost 17/09/2009

    I hate game retailers. They do nothing to get games in the hands of consumers unless it's called World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. They can grip all they want but people will buy games digitally and game developers will get a much bigger piece of the pie. Microsoft invested alot of money in the Xbox 360 and because console hardware is sold at a loss the profit comes from software. Game developers are weary of new sales being lost to the game trade industry.

    Personally I feel like video games that are sold new are treated no better then used and most game shops are crampt and horrible. Long ques due to people trading games and often smaller released titles or dare I say PC titles are nowhere to be found.

    When I buy digital I get the game right away, I pay the developers and console makers.
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  • Atari responds to D&D lawsuit

  • Johnhost 05/09/2009

    Personally I think Hasboro who owns Wizards of the Coast the license owners of D&D should pull the rights until they settle this. DDO free-to-play is a brilliant move for Turbine's aging and weak MMO games. However I would prefer to see Neverwinter Nights MMO to D&D Online.

    Publishers are alot more like record companies and Movie studios as the respective industries have grown and continue to want complete control over developers and IP's. EA is showing with The Old Republic and Bioware how a publisher can have a good relationship with studios and still develop multiple MMO's at once.
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  • End of the Land Grab

  • Johnhost 23/08/2009

    Nintendo's days are numbered. Yes they sold loads of Wii's and Wii Fit's and yes they sold loads of first party titles. But they have yet to do much for third party titles. Additionally most people who purchased a Wii only bought a couple of first party titles and now that NATAL and Sony's Motion control are coming to steal away the Wii's thunder, you can expect the Wii audience to shrink.

    Sony has put it's hope in the Blu-Ray to put it on top. And yet Micrsoft has clearly won the online battle. Xbox Live will prove to be a winner time and time again (assuming they don't ruin it with ads and increasing burdens on Gold Members) and I doubt Sony will ever be able to compete.

    Xbox 360 is this generations PS2. And I expect it will carry on for another five years when the economy and the market will be in a much different place.
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  • 360 GOD pricing varies by territory

  • Johnhost 11/08/2009

    I think the UK has got a fair shake out of this. £19.99 is the standard price for the "classics" range of games. All of these titles are apart of the classics range.

    Yes it's always going to be cheeper used, but they are selling these direct to you with no worries about disks. Digital Distribution is the future and if games like Call of Duty 4 come out for GoD at around £29.99 that would be good too.
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  • Xbox Live GOD prices revealed

  • Johnhost 06/08/2009

    Does this mean Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will cost £20.00 when it comes to the service? Or only very old games will come to the service? Reply -1
  • ShopTo: MW2 price sets "worrying trend"

  • Johnhost 29/07/2009

    This will only reinforce piracy, exclude many many more people from buying at launch. This will mean that basically developers will LOOSE money because gamers will be paying the likes of GAME or CEX for a used copy of the game instead of buying it on launch. And their massive £120.00 Prestige Edition is nearly as much as a new Xbox 360 console. I know the game will be good, but damn that is too much money for a steel book, copy of an arcade title and some plastic goggles from china.

    An alternative: Release your games day of launch on Xbox Live Games on Demand for £30.00. Continue releasing DLC including single player campaign missions for another year. We don't need year on year CoD at £55.00. I think for a lower cost + DLC revenue they will make far more money.
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  • MS Spotify competitor could hit 360

  • Johnhost 14/07/2009

    The problem Microsoft has everytime is they try and make their "own" version of everything. And like LazyDan says it's balls. MSN was huge failure and google has happily taken not only most of the marketshare of online adverts, but they have stolen a good many Microsoft talent.

    Microsoft used to be successful by hiring the best and brightest, treat em like rock stars in Redmon, WA. They also used to be much more platform neutral. Windows was supposed to be the OS everyone would use, and everyone would develop for it, that was it's strength. Now they are trying to lock in MS brand on every service they offer. They would be much more successful partnering with Spotify themselves like they have with Sky to put the service on 360

    MSN music service will fail hard if uses the ads they been using for Bing (search service), MSN portal and Live Messenger. Also if they don't manage to offer a wide enough range of music and get those contracts like Spotify has. Microsoft will most likely set up a couple of exclusive deals with some 20-something popular bands, spends insane amounts of money on that, and the actually variety of the music will be hardly anything. JUST like their music store and radio.
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  • Two Worlds sequel this winter

  • Johnhost 03/07/2009

    Many flaws games become clut classics, like the original Everquest. Players took the broke game and made it their own. I think people did that with Two Worlds.

    I think we will see something better in the next two worlds, but I highly doubt any german developer will ever make a quality game like Oblivion. Even graphically they aways seem poorly done.
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  • Xbox Originals amalgamated by GOD

  • Johnhost 18/06/2009

    I am against second hand games (or super inflated new games prices on sites like Amazon for older titles).

    I believe digital distribution with a time sensitive pricing structure is the way forward. If a new released game cost £40.00 then a game 6 months old should cost half that.

    What I really think Microsoft needs to do to meet the demands of gamers who play and sell on is create a subsciption service. Pay a monthly subscription fee (like netflix or Lovefilm). Keep the game as long as you want, when you are done playing it you can activate a different title. Subscriptions will allow for 1, 2 or 3 titles to be activated at the same time.

    If you think about this it's what Netflix and Lovefilm and other game rental sites are already doing. This simply changes the delivery method to digital download rather then disks through post.

    With digital download to own as well as to rent the developers get the money and not Game or retailers.
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  • Console Crysis 2 a "breakthrough"

  • Johnhost 11/06/2009

    Now all you have to do is license this engine to every third party FPS dev and we should have truely seen the full power of the 360. I want to see more then great graphics. The achievements need to be well done, we need DLC that keeps coming for a year and we need truely stable and good multiplayer over live. If you can deliver that, and invent some of the cool bonuses like Call of Duty you might have one of the best shooters on the 360. But it's very stiff competion! Reply 0
  • Real-money trading for Vanguard

  • Johnhost 13/03/2009

    This is what everyone feared whe SOE bought Vanguard from Microsoft. And basically this is what everyone expected when Smed hired execs from illegal RMT websites. And basically this is route Sony is choosing to go.

    However besides destroying any reputation with MMO players completely (basically been done again and again already) SOE is going to post a major loss with their golden goose products in the future. If bad PS3 sales weren't enough, SOE is going to further destroy Sony Games division and unless they get new leadership you can expect Playstation and Sony gaming to completely implode.

    I tried to stick with SOE for years, but their lies aren't even masked anymore, they just go ahead and do what the players DON'T want and hope people won't notice. If Bioware did NGE to The Old Republic the producer would be fired in a heartbeat.

    SOE Sucks end of!
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