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  • Fable webchat tonight

  • JohnBye 04/12/2003

    Hope to see you all there tonight. Drop by and say hello. :) Reply 0
  • Wing Commanders

  • JohnBye 06/06/2003

    Yeah, it's a little .. er .. odd. Still, at least EuroGamer clearly say that the questions were from the publisher - I've seen some sites pass off this kind of interview as an original feature, cut and pasting all the hype verbatim from the press bumpf without comment. *sighs* Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • JohnBye 06/06/2003

    Mugwum - "nearly a year after John left he's still hanging around like a rotting fish, popping up to complain whenever we don't reference something he wrote five years ago and generally antagonising for the sake of it"

    The only reason I "hang around" here is because of the forums. I've yet to find a forum elsewhere which covers such a wide range of topics and has such an intelligent and open-minded group of people posting on it. Whatever else has happened since I left, the readers are still a cut above the rest.

    I don't read the site itself much anymore, I just pop in occasionally when I see something interesting pop up in the "more comments" list on the sidebar. Which is why I've only made 77 comments outside of the forums since switching to this account name several months ago. Only a handful of those could be considered "complaining" in any way, shape or form. If I was trying to be antagonistic you'd know about it! ;)

    I think you're being a bit over-sensitive about this. I know you've never really liked the comments system, but it's here to .. well, comment on things. Just because I used to work for EuroGamer, I don't see why my comments should be treated any differently to anybody elses.

    Chris - "Now strip to your pants and get in the jelly"

    The image of Tom in his pants and covered in jelly is one which I really didn't need. ;) *shudders*
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  • JohnBye 06/06/2003

    "oh look, he's reposted it"

    The original post was less confrontational, but as someone decided to delete that while I was having my lunch, I don't have the original text anymore. :( IIRC it was basically the same as the section of the repost from "so 8/10..." to ".. grenade popping good", but without the extra bits on the end. Not sure what in that could be considered to have breached the site's comments policy.
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  • JohnBye 06/06/2003

    Er .. as I said (somewhat more politely) about an hour ago, before someone decided to delete my post...

    "Red Faction 2, a slightly above average FPS"

    So [link=">8/10 is "slightly above average" now? Whatever happened to "explosive" and "
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  • The Fall Of Duke Nukem

  • JohnBye 01/06/2003

    George Broussard - "real development never started till early 1994"

    Typo of the thread? ;)
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  • JohnBye 31/05/2003

    "That has a lot to do with the fact that the games industry doesn't like real journalists, and pulls the plug on advertising the minute someone acts like one"

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  • EVE Online hits another milestone

  • JohnBye 26/05/2003

    Hm, Errol's top three online games. Let me guess .. Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament (2003)? :) Reply 0
  • Conflict: Blow up Iraq again

  • JohnBye 20/05/2003

    Yay! It wouldn't be EuroGamer without humorous alt texts. :) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 20/05/2003

    Mugwum - "Ah yes, Conflict Zone. Well done John, have a treat!"

    Thanks... FWIW, the game you thought he was talking about - Another War - is something completely different (a World War II RPG). Oh, and whoever ported that feature over to the new site design managed to put the intro spiel at the bottom of the page. ;) And what happened to all my lovely alt texts? *grumbles*

    Nick_F - "Apparently the "easy" and "hard" setting is determined by choosing to play as either US or UK troops"

    LOL! Sad but true...
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  • JohnBye 20/05/2003

    Conflict Zone Reply 0
  • EyeToy to make July appearance

  • JohnBye 20/05/2003

    It's a neat idea and works surprisingly well, but they need to dream up some more interesting games for it if it's going to be anything more than a novelty toy. Reply 0
  • Men of Valor: The Vietnam War

  • JohnBye 20/05/2003

    Anybody else seeing the thumbnails and comments text wandering off the side of the page and vanishing behind the sidebar and adverts? I'm using IE 6.0 in Win2k. This seems to happen at any browser window size - full screen or half screen at 1600x1200. Reply 0
  • 2015 are Men of (eugh) Valor

  • JohnBye 19/05/2003

    Oh great, another Vietnam game. Reply 0
  • E3 2003: Pac-Man

  • JohnBye 19/05/2003

    Different George Harrison. ;) Reply 0
  • E3 2003: The Fall of Max Payne

  • JohnBye 18/05/2003

    I'd like to think that the dialogue was intentionally tongue-in-cheek (surely that's the only explanation for those godawful Photoshopped comic book cutscenes, with the constipated facial expressions and cringe-inducing text), but I've a nasty feeling that Remedy thought it was good. Reply 0
  • E3 2003: Dungeons & Dragons goes... wait for it...

  • JohnBye 16/05/2003

    I'm certainly interested, although I'm not sure how well D&D will adapt to a massively multiplayer environment, as it's essentially designed for small scale party-based gameplay. Still, with this, Middle Earth Online, Worlds of Warcraft and Warhammer Online all on the way over the next few years, we're going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to "beardy fantasy" MMRPGs. ;)

    "I always found it strange, one is this really goody goody paladin or something and he wanders around butchering people and looting their corpses."

    What's even stranger is that you keep finding magical potions and bits of loose change stuffed in barrels and crates all over the place. ;)
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  • Fable

  • JohnBye 15/05/2003

    When they release them at 1600x1200 and they're obviously blown up from a much smaller original screenshot and suffer from horrific aliasing and compression artifacts, it's generally ok to cut them back down to size. ;) Reply 0
  • New World Order

  • JohnBye 15/05/2003

    "I think the NWO shots look better"

    I think you need your eyes testing. ;)
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  • JohnBye 13/05/2003

    "I guess it's fun to slam a game that comes out of nowhere and where the publisher didn't court you with cups and t-shirts"

    Ooh, cups and t-shirts. *giggles* Let's face it, you've got to be pretty sad to leave the house wearing most of those freebie gaming t-shirts the PR companies keep foisting off on journos. Most of mine went to a charity collection recently, so if you see some starving African kid on TV wearing a 3dfx shirt, you know why. ;)
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  • JohnBye 12/05/2003

    It takes you to an old version of the new site that doesn't all work properly. :) For some reason that's the link that came up when I ran a search, so either they've not finished porting all the old content across to the new site design yet or the search system is throwing up the wrong links. Either way, you can read the review, which is what matters. :) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 12/05/2003

    It can't be as bad as this abomination, surely? Reply 0
  • Warner Bros., Ubi Soft bring Matrix online

  • JohnBye 14/05/2003

    Hm, you sure about that? Someone who shall remain nameless kept telling me to use [br][br] instead of [p] for some reason. :p Reply 0
  • JohnBye 14/05/2003

    Yeesh, all I do is cough and look what happens. :-o Just pointing out a story with more info about the game, seeing as the old related features system seems to have been dumped.

    "somehow managed to write in a form of HTML that breaks even our best HTML->XML conversion efforts"

    You mean I used the [p] tag? ;)
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  • JohnBye 14/05/2003

    *coughs*, then wonders where all the line breaks in the story went to. Reply 0
  • Halo

  • JohnBye 14/05/2003

    "Anyone know why Doom III's yet to be mentioned at E3 by Eurogamer?"

    Doom III is a PC game? :)

    As for Halo PC .. ugh. We were making less angular terrain than that with the Quake II engine four or five years ago. *sighs*
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  • Vivendi signs Middle-Earth Online

  • JohnBye 12/05/2003

    a) this was actually announced on Friday, and b) Vivendi cancelled a game called Middle Earth Online two or three years ago. I guess they changed their mind and decided to try again with a different developer, now that all things Hobbit-shaped are back in fashion... Reply 0
  • Halo review

  • JohnBye 11/05/2003

    Well that's one way of putting it. ;) Reply 0
  • Infogrames. Not sodding Atari.

  • JohnBye 08/05/2003

    Ok, let's see if I've got this straight.

    1983. Atari ships five million copies of a movie tie-in for ET. Nobody buys it. They end up burying most of the cartridges under concrete in a landfill in New Mexico. Atari makes a $500m loss, and a year later the company's owners have sold it.

    Twenty years later, Infogrames renames itself Atari and ships four million copies of a movie tie-in for The Matrix.

    Talk about tempting fate...
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  • "Oh my god, it's full of crates"

  • JohnBye 04/05/2003

    Not sure why you're bumping it, because the link to the game doesn't even work anymore. :( Reply 0
  • Halo 2

  • JohnBye 03/05/2003

    Well the entire feature is based on the magazine article, and it's peppered with fairly large chunks of text quoted from it (such as the bits from the developers). Depends what your definition of "ripping off" is, I guess, but it's certainly a bit cheeky... :) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 29/04/2003

    Er .. like I said in my last post, I "got to play all the way through to the end". And I'm not sure how you got a "wow" at the end of Half-Life - bouncing around in low gravity and fighting with a giant floating foetus firing death rays out of its hollow head isn't exactly my idea of a great ending for a game. ;) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 29/04/2003

    Just to set the record straight (again), I'm not sure what the policy is now, but when I was editor-in-chief of EuroGamer we always tried to play through to the end of a game before reviewing it wherever possible.

    And although what krudster said is sometimes true (publishers don't always supply review code in a timely fashion, and sometimes it is a rush to get a review done under those circumstances), in this case Microsoft and RED did a great job, getting us an Xbox review kit a full week before the console's European launch. I wasn't at all rushed to get Halo reviewed in time, and got to play all the way through to the end in my own sweet time. The problem wasn't that I was rushing through it, but that the mid-section of the game was pretty damned mediocre. What with all the pointless back-tracking, the repetitive cookie-cutter level design, and the dull-as-dish-water Flood coming as a big let down after the intelligent and highly amusing Covenant forces, it was essentially second rate filler in an otherwise AAA game.

    I'd also like to point out two things - 1) STOP FIXATING ON THE SCORE! ;) and 2) 8/10 is a bloody good mark given that we were working on a straight 5 average and weren't afraid to use the full range where appropriate. 8/10 from EuroGamer (back then, anyway) was worth a solid 9/10 from most websites or print mags. Read the review, then look at the score, and I'm sure it will all make sense. :)
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  • Deee-lite singer sues Sega

  • JohnBye 30/04/2003

    How can you not know who Dee-lite are? *shakes head and mumbles about the youth-of-today* Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2

  • JohnBye 23/04/2003

    "Taking place sometime after the events of the bizarre ending of Half-Life, the sequel is set in City 17, a fictional Eastern European location that has been overrun by an invading horde of spindly-legged aliens"

    Er .. this all sounds strangely familiar... *coughs*
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  • Pirated games don't die

  • JohnBye 20/04/2003

    Unfortunately they don't fade away, either... Reply 0
  • Games Stars In Their Eyes

  • JohnBye 12/04/2003

    Hopefully that's "late, as in the late Dent Arthur Dent". ;) Reply 0
  • Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

  • JohnBye 12/04/2003

    Nevermind the graphics, it was the horrific unit balance that killed the game for me. Reply 0
  • Human Head wants Doom III designers

  • JohnBye 11/04/2003

    It could have been better worded, but if you read it carefully, GameSpot actually said "Apart from Quake IV, Human Head's project is the first publicly mentioned game that will use the Doom III technology", not the first game from Human Head apart from Quake IV to use the Doom III engine. Reply 0
  • JohnBye 11/04/2003

    "It was already well known that Human Head were butting their way through the development of Quake IV "

    Er .. actually, as Genome pointed out, Raven are developing Quake IV. Human Head, on the other hand, are an offshoot of Raven set up a few years ago that developed Rune. The closest they've ever got to Quake (buddies or otherwise) is working on Hexen II before they left Raven.
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  • WWE RAW 2: Ruthless Aggression

  • JohnBye 10/04/2003

    *giggles* Reply 0
  • CT Special Forces 2

  • JohnBye 10/04/2003

    I reviewed it, and no it didn't have a proper save game system. From the conclusion -

    "Not only can you not save your position, but you are only given a password when you reach the end of one of the game's four missions. Needless to say this makes for a very frustrating experience, and there's nothing worse than spending twenty minutes on a mission only to run out of lives while battling the final boss, forcing you to start the whole thing over again from scratch. This was presumably done to make the game seem longer than it is, because if you were able to save more frequently you'd easily complete the whole thing in an hour or two."

    Let's hope they've learnt from that mistake, though judging from the screenshots I doubt it. I love that one with the guy in the dodgy beard doing the stereotypical evil villain "you have destroyed my secret laboratory, but I am not defeated yet!" speech. ;)
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  • Faust

  • JohnBye 09/04/2003

    Well I'd certainly agree with LaundroMat that it's not as well written or easy on the eye as my later work. :) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 09/04/2003

    IIRC it's a clip from a movie that you see during the game, showing Faust being tempted by the devil. Judging from the weird effects and over-the-top make-up it's a 1920's German film, but I could be wrong. :) Reply 0
  • JohnBye 09/04/2003

    "Don't you people think this review is a bit... bizarre"

    Well, it was one of the first reviews I ever wrote for EuroGamer. I'm happy to say I got a lot better over the next three years. ;)
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  • Command & Destroy Advance

  • JohnBye 08/04/2003

    Command & Destroy? Oh dear... Reply 0
  • Railroad Tycoon 3 this autumn

  • JohnBye 08/04/2003

    Proof that Darwin was wrong, and that the devil is alive and well and living in a trailer park in Tennessee. Reply 0
  • Patriotic Pinball

  • JohnBye 05/04/2003

    So was this an April Fool's joke that someone picked up on a little late, or is it for real? It's hard to believe any major publisher would stoop this low... Reply 0
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

  • JohnBye 04/04/2003

    Looks more like Jedi Night at the local disco - bunch of weirdos leaping around waving glo sticks around... Reply 0
  • Blizzard cracks down on cheaters

  • JohnBye 02/04/2003

    Not the first time they've done this, but it's nice to see them keeping it up. Reply 0