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  • Face-Off: Trine 2 on Wii U

  • JoelFB 06/12/2012

    And I think it already got covered pretty well above, probably should've read the whole thread before posting. Oh well, I'm not much of a tech guy personally so it goes a bit over my head, maybe it was still valid. :)

    In any case thanks a lot for the kind words and supporting us, it's much appreciated. :)
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  • JoelFB 06/12/2012

    @NimbusTLD Regarding FXAA on top of SSAA, here's what our guys told me (I think this is accurate at least for PC): Although 4xSSAA alone isn't enough for proper edge antialiasing, but combined with FXAA we can achieve perfectly smooth edges even with 2xSSAA. We apply FXAA on the supersampled image prior to downscaling, which in practice removes any blur introduced by FXAA. So there are really no disadvantages using FXAA in combination with supersampling, only visual improvements. Reply +1
  • JoelFB 04/12/2012

    @StueLDUK @icelt I'll tackle the Goblin Menace expansion console release confusion thing.

    Technically speaking, the Goblin Menace expansion is not "exclusive" to Wii U as such. It's exclusive as of right now because we haven't had enough resources to look into getting it to XBLA and PSN. The levels in the expansion are quite a bit more demanding than the original campaign, so we're not quite sure if we can squeeze them onto the older consoles properly. We probably could if we did some minor changes to the levels, but that can end up as quite a bit of work... And truth be told we're not very big fans of XBLA nor PSN at the moment, their processes are a bit too heavy to our liking and we also need to go through the XBLA/PSN publisher ATLUS, so it's all a bit more complicated. And frankly there's a big psychological factor as well - We had a very stressful time getting the game onto XBLA and PSN, and we feel like it wasn't really up to us, so we dread having to do that again...

    The fact is also that the game works fine on XBLA and PSN at the moment. To get the Goblin Menace released, we'd need to update the game, and we'd need to update it to the very latest version (that's roughly 20 or so updates that we've done on PC, with little regard to consoles - i.e. we didn't want to make any compromises on the outset). There's a huge risk that something goes wrong when we convert the content and updates to the consoles, and we might get stuck in a certification loop that is very costly (see e.g. the Fez situation). PSN might be slightly easier, at least in Europe, but frankly at this point it's all or nothing, because our effort is pretty much the same regardless of the amount of regions it's released in...

    January is the timeframe when we'll know our final decision on this. We originally planned to look into this earlier but things have kept busy. If the decision is positive, then we'll have to hope that everyone else involved on the business side also agrees that it's a good idea, and it will go from there.

    We know there's a lot of fans waiting for it so we're going to see if it's something we can make happen, but at this point I don't want to sound overly positive... We'll have to wait until January.

    -Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2
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  • JoelFB 04/12/2012

    @siro Hope so too, and we'll probably post some videos of our own as well to highlight the changes. :) Reply +2
  • JoelFB 04/12/2012

    @muscleblade Pricing on Steam/consoles is as follows:

    Trine 2 - $14.99 / 1200 MSP (US); EUR 12.99
    Trine 2: Goblin Menace - $7.99 (US); EUR 6.99

    Trine 2: Director's Cut Wii U (includes Goblin Menace) - $19.99 (US); EUR 16.99 (with discount EUR 13.49)
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  • JoelFB 04/12/2012

    Joel from Frozenbyte here. Great to see this, very nice. :) Worth of note is that the game actually has a dynamic resolution scaling feature on PS3 and Xbox 360 to keep a steady 30 frames per second. This shows in some levels (e.g. the 11th level Icewarden Keep has a scene in the beginning where this is somewhat visible, if I remember right). On Wii U the resolution is 720p solid.

    Just to be clear, we will indeed be updating the "washed out" look. The observation about gamma level is correct, as there was a bug in the game that applied excessive gamma to the final output. It went unnoticed until release but we have now fixed it. So the game will soon look even better (similar in colour to the other versions). We're estimating a mid-December release for the update, give or take a few days, and it will also include support for Wii U Pro Controller, Voice Chat, some languages, and some minor things.

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback too, glad to hear you folks are enjoying the game. :)

    -Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Director's Cut
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  • Sony explains discrepancy between US and EU PlayStation Stores

  • JoelFB 29/02/2012

    Hi guys,

    Joel from Frozenbyte here. I'd just like to clarify that localization has nothing to do with the Trine 2 delay. We haven't touched any localization strings since October, we have English, French, Italian, German and Spanish localizations (Italian not voiced though) on all platforms and in all territories, freely up to the user to select which combination he wants (and PC/Mac has some additional languages as well). Obviously any European developer knows about localization issues and I'd like to think that we handle it quite well nowadays.

    That said, I can't really go into too much detail about the Trine 2 delay, other than the fact that we really wanted to have a simultaneous launch and are sad to see that plan failed. :( We're not blaming SCEE QA though, there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that games have to go through and while SCEE QA can sometimes take long and they are actually pretty good at their job (which means they find more bugs), the Trine 2 delay has other factors, which I'm sadly not able to share in public.

    The good news is that we should have some positive news about the European release of Trine 2 very shortly, so fingers crossed. :)

    - Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2
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