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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 review

  • JoeBlade 24/09/2017

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  • The Overwatch dialogue that everyone remembers but doesn't exist

  • JoeBlade 27/07/2017

    Gnnnnn, seeing Mercy always wants me to get back into Overwatch.

    The feeling of saving other players in that game - not to mention the entire team - is just so incredibly satisfying.
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  • Victor Vran's tribute to Motörhead is wonderfully judged

  • JoeBlade 05/06/2017

    @Matthew_Hornet Van Helsing is closer to a traditional Diablo style hack & slash, Vran has a number of more 'arcadey' elements.

    Just one example: in the latter you can jump and even walljump (something - to my knowledge - unique in the genre), which is used extensively in environmental puzzles.
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  • Klei's space colony sim Oxygen Not Included arrives on Steam Early Access

  • JoeBlade 19/05/2017

    Bit strange this is "news" considering I've owned this game on Steam for, what, three weeks? at least.
    Anyhow, well worth it if you're into the builder genre, although it also has a roguelike feel to it. Id say it's a mix between Cities: Skylines and Don't Starve in the typical yet unique Klei style.
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  • After 13 years, Eve Online will become free to play

  • JoeBlade 31/08/2016

    I'm not sure this is a good move: EVE has been a game with a small - in terms of an MMO -, relatively static but very devoted fanbase for pretty much the past decade.
    I very much doubt making it F2P will change that, I think the game's too niche (in terms of gameplay) to attract sufficient new players who stay for anything but inconsequential amounts of time.

    At the same time CCP loses its monthly income.
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  • Blizzard changes Overwatch "gg ez" messages into something very different

  • JoeBlade 18/08/2016

    Is this really that big an issue in Overwatch?

    Genuine question; the vast majority of games I've been in have been very polite and respectful.
    Players were usually even completely silent at the end when a match was particularly lopsided, which happens occasionally (not enough players with comparable ping to make a balanced match?)
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  • Titanfall 2's open beta won't be on PC

  • JoeBlade 16/08/2016

    This bit of the dev's comments makes absolutely no sense to me: "Since our server backend is per-platform, it means we only actually need a single platform to test this"

    So the backend is per-platform? Doesn't that mean "each platform has its own backend software"? Wouldn't that in turn imply they precisely need to test each one separately?

    Also, doesn't the client software - which is implicitly platform-specific - need to be tested thoroughly before the launch as well?

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  • Can too much choice be a bad thing?

  • JoeBlade 23/07/2016

    Some examples mentioned are instantly recognisable for me but I don't agree the problem is necessarily choice per se.

    I have hundreds of games in my Steam library and I've only spent more than a few hours, if even that, on a handful of them. If I want to be entertained I'd simply rather play a game that I know for sure I enjoy, and the only reason I've got so many to begin with is Steam sales.

    I also tried to get back into Guild Wars 2 after a hiatus of a couple of months to discover they overhauled the UI, skills and whatnot. I fiddled with it for a couple of minutes, then gave up.
    The new mechanics weren't more complicated than the previous ones though, I simply didn't feel like spending many hours essentially being bad at the game (relative to other players) considering its cooperative/competitive nature.
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  • Voice actors strike has been authorised

  • JoeBlade 08/10/2015

    Jennifer "Bastila" Hale, more like.

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  • Prison Architect will launch with a brand new Escape mode

  • JoeBlade 27/09/2015

    This is the only early access game I own. I'm not in favour of the model but this game is more complete than some are on release and the devs keep on adding to it, the article being a case in point.
    Well worth it for any fan of builder games.
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  • The Paradox of Fredrik Wester

  • JoeBlade 23/08/2015

    I love Paradox to death but they still need to work on their QA, e.g. Magica and EU3 were a rather dodgy on day one.
    That said, my most recent purchases from them - the excellent Pillars of Eternity and equally excellent Cities: Skylines - were pretty stable and balanced upon release so I have high hopes.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!
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  • Shadow Warrior 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • JoeBlade 11/06/2015

    You've got the touch! You've got the power! Reply +4
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be completely ghostable

  • JoeBlade 16/04/2015

    @Madder-Max So you know when a lady ghost and a gentleman ghost love one another very much? Well, they may then... er, wait, children of all ages are reading this, right? Never mind. Reply 0
  • Gaming convention threatens to abandon Indiana if anti-gay bill passes

  • JoeBlade 26/03/2015

    A freedom bill allowing to refuse people based on their sexual preference.


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  • Cities: Skylines sells 250K copies in a day

  • JoeBlade 12/03/2015

    I'm so happy to hear (well, read) this is doing well. I'm a sucker for builder games and for the longest time the few that were released were mostly bad.

    Hopefully this'll motivate other devs/publishers to embrace the genre again :)
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  • BioShock creator Ken Levine teases new first-person sci-fi project

  • JoeBlade 29/01/2015

    @null UPDATE: Ken Levine has decided to abandon this project and is now exclusively "working the internet from home" Reply 0
  • You've got male

  • JoeBlade 19/07/2014

    Why is this still a thing? Fictional Norse God persona is now female!

    Um, Oooohhh...kaayy?
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  • The grand strategies of Firaxis

  • JoeBlade 08/07/2014

    "Civilization V: Brave New World. 1334 hrs on record."

    Yeah Steam, about that...
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  • Down the replay rabbit hole

  • JoeBlade 24/02/2014

    Odd though it may sound 50% of all players finishing a game seems like a lot to me. After all, there are so many (more technical) factors that may potentially bother a player to the point of putting a game down.

    Simple things such as a frustrating difficulty spike, poor control scheme, motion sickness or a bad port arguably have no counterpart in other forms of entertainment but are all reasons to stop playing a particular game.

    I'd wager a player not finishing a game implies they didn't like it far less often than with those other media so the statistic isn't nearly as meaningful.
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  • Why Divinity: Original Sin might be the RPG you've been waiting for

  • JoeBlade 11/01/2014

    @Salaman It's actually even more of a missed opportunity for me as I work two floors above Larian Studios :-S Reply 0
  • BioShock 2 is the underrated human heart of the BioShock trilogy

  • JoeBlade 07/04/2013

    I've been playing Bioshock 2 on and off after having purchased it in a Steam sale. Despite even having finished it once I must say I'm very glad I haven't paid full price for this for a couple of reasons besides the story:

    Due to the huge amount of strict set pieces (Big Daddy fights, Big Sister fights, brute splicer fights, boss fights, protect little sister fights, ...) the RPG element is largely irrelevant, worse even than in the first Bioshock.
    Adam, plasmids and tonics feel completely tacked on. However, that RPG aspect was precisely one of the aspects that made the spiritual predecessor - System Shock - really interesting.

    Saying that, whoever thought turning one of the most annoying bits of Bioshock 1 - protecting a little sister from an onslaught of splicers - into a core mechanic deserves a kick in the teeth.
    Mini horde modes have little place in a single-player game and protection/escort is always more frustration than fun. Just don't do it devs!

    And it's so bloody short, no doubt because of the needlessly tacked on multiplayer. Five levels plus an intro level, seriously? That's only about half of the first game! Which was, arguably, a bit too long, but still.
    None of the levels feel as unique and memorable as the first game either. It's all just... more Rapture.

    Finally, several additions don't actually add anything at all to the game.
    E.g.: you can now walk on the ocean floor, whoop-dee-effing-doo. Those underwater sections could be cut out entirely and nothing would be lost. Except the game would be even shorter.

    Anyone calling Bioshock 2 a bad game is talking out of their arse, no argument there, but I still think it isn't nearly as good as the first game and has a high cheap filler to real substance ratio (yet is still fairly short)
    I've repeatedly gone back to Bioshock 2 hoping to recapture the magic of the first game and come out disappointed each time.
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  • Meet the Griefers

  • JoeBlade 05/01/2012

    This sort of behaviour is the very reason I don't play any kind of multiplayer games anymore.

    I don't have gamer mates and don't want to commit myself to clans or the likes so a closed community isn't an option.
    Telling people not to do something because it will get everyone killed then seeing some tard go on ahead and do it anyway and finding it hilarious gets very old extremely quickly however. Unfortunately there seems to be one such a twat for every five reasonable players in a random bunch.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble With Tie-ins

  • JoeBlade 23/10/2011

    I reckon tie-ins would work rather well if they were based on Uwe Boll flicks.

    ... oh wait.
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  • Retrospective: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

  • JoeBlade 18/09/2011

    I had a great time with this game, although I could never bring myself to finish it more than once due to the flaws mentioned in the article, despite restarting about 4 or 5 times. The somewhat bland and rather repetitive design of later levels and enemies in particular made me give up in my repeated playthroughs.

    Still, I wish modern ARPGs at least considered Dark Messiah for inspiration because it has a couple of excellent ideas and a very satisfying gameplay (occasional frustrating bits aside)
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  • Steam offers From Dust refunds

  • JoeBlade 24/08/2011

    There's naught wrong with Steam's offline mode.

    I was away for a week not so long ago and installed Steam on my lappy along with a few of the less resource-intensive titles I owned.
    Despite having no internet connection whatsoever I could happily play whenever I wanted to during that period. No hiccups, pop-up boxes or being kicked out of games whatsoever, only a single notification about Steam running in offline mode after boot.

    No fuss either when I switched from/to my desktop; so long as only one Steam instance is active with a given account it won't complain.

    Ubi, however, can suck my balls.
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  • Razer takes on consoles in WSJ open letter

  • JoeBlade 22/08/2011

    Just what we needed: another cause for tiresome "PClol vs. conslols" bickering. Oh well...

    /opens concession stand

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  • Edge's Langdell returns with Edgebobby2

  • JoeBlade 04/07/2011

    Quite the heated debate going on here. You all seem a bit... wait for it... on edge. Reply +2
  • Blizzard talks Titan development

  • JoeBlade 22/06/2011

    So wait, in short Greg states Blizzard is working on a new MMO title codenamed Titan, which is not WoW and will be huge and awesome.
    Quite an enlightening piece of gaming news, that :/
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  • Latest Tropico 4 footage lands

  • JoeBlade 20/06/2011

    Ho hum, it actually does look very much the same. New disasters, edicts and buildings + the construction and management interfaces seem to have been spruced up a bit and, well, that's it really.I liked Tropico 3 but if that's all we're getting I'll definitely wait for a cheap gold edition. Reply +5
  • Rage: two-thirds sales to be on console

  • JoeBlade 13/06/2011

    Hmm, wouldn't it be more sensible (from any point of view, business included) to simply ensure the game works well on all supported control schemes rather than focus on just one?

    What he's saying frankly sounds an awful lot like a preemtive apology for lazily ported keyboard+mouse controls. Not exactly good marketing that, would've been better not to make any statements about it IMO.
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  • Star Trek

  • JoeBlade 11/06/2011

    @Apollo83: it's an added incentive to buy games full-price on release; purchase it at a bargain 6 months later and you may find nobody's playing it anymore. There's also the "pay again for multiplayer renewal" system some publishers are trying to force onto 2nd hand games. And with on-line requirement piracy is somewhat easier to weed out I suppose.

    But yeah, I don't like this horrible shoehorned multiplayer trend one bit either.
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  • The Witcher 2 update 1.2 detailed

  • JoeBlade 03/06/2011

    CD Projekt is quickly becoming the standard developers and publishers should be compared to in terms of customer relations. I'm genuinely inclined to blindly purchase whatever they may release in the future just to support their incredible level of excellence.

    Keep it up chaps! (y)
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  • Born Free

  • JoeBlade 28/05/2011

    MMO publishers need to sort their pricing out urgently regardless.
    A game that costs twice as much as a brand new AAA title for just the base package + six months worth of subscription is expected to be the best thing since sliced bread by most players, and rightfully so. However that's what nearly all MMO publishers ask, even for the mediocre, grindalicious MMOs that don't appeal at all to the majority. Often with no trial available either it's only logical then only few bite (unless the game receives rave reviews)

    I don't know whether F2P is the answer - like many here I found the LOTRO approach far too intrusive and distracting - but the full price + 10 dollar monthly sub model just can't be maintained in this already very saturated market. I for one much rather spend such an amount on the next big Steam sale, I'm bound to get much more value for my money that way.

    And yes, WoW can do it but for one reason alone: it's WoW. Other MMOs are not.
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  • The Witcher 2 patch 1.1 delayed

  • JoeBlade 26/05/2011

    Considering the amount of effort CDP invested in the first game - most notable with the EE - I'm confident the vast majority of issues will get sorted in the long run.
    Rather they delay a day or two rather than release a patch that requires an additional patch to sort out.
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  • CD Projekt defends Witcher 2 difficulty

  • JoeBlade 25/05/2011

    Truth be told, even the (W/C)RPG veteran I am was taken aback by the difficulty at first although in retrospect I feel that's mostly due to needless pandering of other games in thre genre in recent years.
    But I definitely disagree with the statement that Witcher 2 is unfairly hard. Challenging, sure, but in a true-blooded RPG way, which is exactly what I expect from a game of this kind :)

    So as far as I'm concerned: keep it up, CD Projekt Red!
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  • World of Tanks nears 3 million players

  • JoeBlade 24/05/2011

    "Is the game powered by the Thomas the Tank engine?" Robert is on a roll today :P

    Anyhow, rather surprising indeed; this struck me as a very niche game in fact. Though I presume most gamers are very keen on new ways of blowing each other to bits.
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  • Hellgate closed beta keys available

  • JoeBlade 24/05/2011

    That's one hell of a long trailer O_O

    The website is rather... vague though, innit? I can't for the world of me gauge how much this will differ from the original HG:L (which I rather enjoyed despite being quite rough on the edges)
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  • Exclusive Star Wars: TOR trailer

  • JoeBlade 30/04/2011

    I had fairly high hopes for this but the animation and combat indeed look dated by at least 10 years and haven't improved one bit since the fist previews either./waves handThis is not the MMO I'm looking for.:( Reply +3
  • CD Projekt clarifies Witcher 2 console talk

  • JoeBlade 27/04/2011

    Once again CD Projekt gets it right. First by steering clear of needless DRM, now by producing a proper, unrushed and well-though out port that makes the most of the target platforms.
    Even though I'll be getting this on PC (and not at a bargain for a change because I genuinely want to support these chaps) I hope they manage a really good console version so a) more players can enjoy their product and b) to grant CD projekt some well-deserved additional income.

    Many kudos to them.
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  • Garry's Mod sets trap for pirates

  • JoeBlade 13/04/2011

    Bravo, good move! Let us indeed hope more devs and publishers notice and opt for this sort of approach rather than draconian DRM. Reply +10
  • Kingdom Under Fire II classes revealed

  • JoeBlade 12/04/2011

    I'm sure Robin13 approves of that third video.

    Anyhow, I must say I'm pretty darned impressed by the animation. Most MMOs tend to cut down severely on the number of frames and moves (not sure why to be honest) while this one apparently goes the very opposite direction. Combat actually looks really exciting whereas other MMOs tend to strike me as fairly dull or at least clunky in that department.

    The berserker reminds me a tad too much of War from Darksiders, however.
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  • Retrospective: Mirror's Edge

  • JoeBlade 10/04/2011

    @BigDannyH: The opening sequence of Half Life 2 was actually exactly like that :) Reply +2
  • JoeBlade 10/04/2011

    The article motivated me to fire up ME again quickly, still a lovely game. I especially enjoy the visuals, it's a welcome relief for a game to not try and be all "gritty". I also caught myself ducking and bobbing my head like an idiot while playing this, always a good sign! :P

    Even having finished the game twice I'm still struggling immensely with the disarming mechanic though, despite slow motion. Perhaps it's just me but a slide-kick or jump-kick followed by a couple of punches seems to be just as effective yet doesn't require expert timing.
    And I just hit a complete cunt of a save point too. Having to repeatedly go through a hot pursuit and two fights only to plummet do my death because my aim on a gravity-defying jump was off by a couple of degrees is sheer frustration.

    Assuming those quirks can be sorted out and combat - which is mostly an unnecessary distraction IMO - toned down a bit, a sequel could be a wonderous thing.

    Edit: removed borked tags.
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  • Blizzard boss stands up for Kotick

  • JoeBlade 28/03/2011

    This is actually all about darkmogado's interview, isn't it? :P Reply 0
  • Botanicula

  • JoeBlade 28/03/2011

    Was about to ask whether this is by Amanita but a quick search revealed as much :)

    Not much is known about this apparently, by the looks of it I'm not even sure about the genre. It'll probably be crazy and great again regardless though.
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  • From Dust

  • JoeBlade 17/03/2011

    Wow, that certainly came out of nowhere for me and it indeed sounds totally awesome. Reply 0
  • Microsoft admits Games For Windows flaws

  • JoeBlade 08/03/2011

    Unangst sounds as if the chap's been reverted to a gloomy teenager state through very unnatural means to me. Reply 0
  • Report: gaming causes sleeplessness

  • JoeBlade 07/03/2011

    Um... that Reuters link points to the Bioware DA2 patches page?

    Edit: never mind, I notice it's just been fixed :)
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  • SpaceChem

  • JoeBlade 05/02/2011

    Gah, what a delightfully clever game.

    Bloody indie devs, stop being so ingenious and original! You're hurting my wallet!
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  • The Dream Machine

  • JoeBlade 06/01/2011

    Perhaps I've missed it in the article but in case it wasn't mentioned there: (part of?) the first episode is apparently free to play. I've been at it for about 20 minutes now and it is indeed a solid point-and-click adventure, with a quite unique art style. Reply +3