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  • Naughty Dog teased The Last of Us 2 back in September and no one noticed

  • Jmog 09/12/2016

    Is it REALLY "teasing" when it is 100% impossible to guess it was related to Part II before the reveal of Part II occurred? Reply +6
  • A fresh look at Ex-Team Ico developer's fantasy adventure Vane

  • Jmog 04/12/2016


    No reason to believe the PS4 version would be better had the Pro not existed. They've been developing this game for years and almost no game released in the months up to pro had pro support built in. They were told the pro specs very late. Also Team Ico have a history of releasing games with heavy framerate dips.

    This is not due to the Pro. The game would have been just as badly optimised either way.
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  • Death Stranding's second trailer is even stranger than its first

  • Jmog 02/12/2016

    @mushroomyakuza "I'm guessing babies are weapons needing to be sacrificed to fight whatever the fucked up liquid shit is. Looks awesome."

    It's a Kojima game. We always get to fight "Liquid" ;-)
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  • People are selling the out of stock NES Mini with a huge markup

  • Jmog 11/11/2016

    My local Gamestop (the most popular in the Capital) got one single NES Mini.

    Luckily I was the first to preorder, so it's mine :-)
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  • Face-Off: Skyrim Special Edition

  • Jmog 05/11/2016


    They aren't allowed to due to press embargo on the PS4 Pro. Embargo lifts this monday.
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  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • Jmog 27/10/2016

    @SBandy: "What I do hope is we don't have to start the Virtual Console process all over again ala the Wii U, and Gamecube games are finally included (looks the the joycons are analogue so I hope). "

    It's pretty much guaranteed we WILL have to start over. You don't own any VC titles on your Wii U. You never bought any. The purchaser was the console and the games are tied to it. Switch is the first console where they will use a real account structure like MS and Sony have done since the birth of PSN and Live.

    So the successor to the Switch will most likely be the first time we can redownload VC titles for free.
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  • Video game voice actors strike has officially begun

  • Jmog 21/10/2016

    I don't want to belittle their job but the bonus based on sales is bullshit.

    First of all you can't deduce that high sales were necessarily caused by the VA's performance.

    Second, the reason Hollywood actors get paid the big bucks is that a lot of people go see the movie due to the actor being in it. Regardless of perfomance. No one buys a game purely based on who the VAs are.

    Third, what's the thresshold? Some games have very little VA. Should the announcer in Rocket League be compensated because the game sold millions? Nolan North clearly has the most lines in Uncharted but what about those playing Sully and Elena? The bad guy?

    Fourth, this is not even how movies work. You make a contract on this amount of work in title x. There might be a percentage of earnings deal but that is something agreed upon in the contract. The studio is free to offer it and the actor is free to demand it. But no one is forced into it.
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  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • Jmog 21/10/2016

    Come on EG, you're better than this clickbait!

    The dev-kit has a touch screen
    EVERYTHING has a touch screen now
    DENA, a mobile developer, will release games for it
    Nintendo has announced they won't say any more about specs or hardware this year.

    And then you ask them about the hardware and they say "no comment". There is no story here.
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  • Panasonic DX750 ultra HD 4K TV review

  • Jmog 16/10/2016


    Thanks. Appreciate it!
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  • Jmog 16/10/2016

    @DanB24: "What kind of lunatic pays over a thousand pounds for a TV?

    One who cares a lot about image quality. Same goes for audio equipment.

    My last TV cost 1700 pounds (actually 2000 pounds if I use the post brexit conversion rate). I expect my next one to cost 3500 Euro. Am I a lunatic? Sure, but when I upgrade I want it to be both bigger and better than my current one. I can afford it so therefore I want to do it.

    Nothing really strange about this. Same impulse that drives people to buy a new graphics card, upgrading from PS4 to PS4 Pro, getting a projector, better speakers etc. No one want to get a new x that isn't better than the old x.
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  • Jmog 16/10/2016

    @WhiteUmbrella: "OLED TVs will never be sanely priced. All but one TV manufacturers abandoned OLED manufacture when they realised the manufacturing process couldn't be streamlined and made cost effective. 1080p OLED failed to anticipate 4K LCD at half the price. Even Samsung abandoned OLED. The only manufacturer still producing OLED panels for TV is LG. It exists as a niche, premium product, with other manufacturers buying panels from LG.
    Potentially, OLED will come that bit closer to obsolescence with the arrival of Samsungs quantum dot TVs. Reputedly, the performance gap between quantum dot and OLED is very small, with the blacks almost as good, but crucially potential for manufacturing costs to be reduced. Quantum dot TVs also consume significantly less power than OLED."

    Quite a bit of revisionist history there. Samsung and LG both invested in OLED because they knew it was the future. But they used different manufacturing processes. In theory the one chosen by Samsung would provide the best picture, but it was wildly ineffective and they couldn't get the yield (percentage of produced panels working) high enough for it to be worthwhile. LG's process on the other hand had much higher yields from the beginning and have steadily improved until it's almost as high as LCD. Everything points to it soon being just as high/cost effective.

    It was too late for Samsung to start over with the same process as LG, they knew their tvs would be too late to market to compete, so instead they doubled down on LCD and continously downplayed the obvious advantages of OLED. They keep trying to improve LCD to catch up. Sets with local dimming, more dimming zones, quantum dot. All great things that improve the LCD sets, but still only half measures. It imply can't compare with every single pixel being able to power off.

    As it is now, the only advantages LCD has over OLED is that the input lag so far has been lower on the LCDs with lowest input lag. That and price which has been dramatically dropping on OLED since it was introduced.

    When it comes to movies and shows, if you can afford an OLED then an LCD makes no sense. Image quality is better in every way. The only remaining question is input lag. So far i haven't found any impressions from OLED owners saying the lag is too high (not even John from DF who has one) but I'd love to read a thorough test of it.

    And regarding OLED being niche: Yes, it is right now. But last year there were 1 manufacturer selling OLEDs (LG). Next year there are 12. They are all buying from LG. They don't want brand loyal customers to jump ship (people are alway more inclined to get the same brand) so they buy the panel from LG as a temporary meassure until they can get their own OLED factories up and running. Makes perfect sense.
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  • Jmog 15/10/2016


    Well, I have done my research and basically know everything apart from the big unknown: Input lag. While there have been tests done on input lag for the OLED sets the results vary wildly. The prevalent theory is that the tools usually used for measuring input lag (the Leo Bodnar test) does not work properly with OLED. In the past when DF measured input lag, they didn't use standardised tools - they went oldschool with a controller, a game and slow motion video. I was hoping to see them doing one of those as the input lag is the only thing that worries me.

    Which model do you have, Vega? And did you notice any input lag compared to your old set and which model was that one?
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  • Jmog 15/10/2016

    DF, you keep saying nothing beats the OLEDs, and I believe you! But no gaming focused sites have reviewed one yet. I am hoping you will review one. Reply +4
  • What happened to Japan's once bountiful vintage game stores?

  • Jmog 08/10/2016

    Probably five years since I was in Super Potato. The selection and prices were nuts. Virtua Fighter 2 for Saturn in perfect condition for 50 cents for instance. It took a lot of willpower (and the thought "it will take up precious space in the suitcase!) not to buy their whole stock. Reply +3
  • Skyrim and Fallout 4 will receive mod support on PS4

  • Jmog 05/10/2016


    Better framerates in singleplayer games. More graphical effects. At a bare minimum, the games which "Only" do a 4k mode will be able to render in 4k and downscale to 1080p for those with 1080p TVs. Basically that means lovely anti aliasing without the blurryness that most types of AA introduce.
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  • US PlayStation VR demo disc has 18 games, 10 more than Europe's

  • Jmog 13/09/2016

    They will most likely be available on PSN so no biggie. Even if they are only on US PSN you can just log in with a US account and get them. Reply -2
  • PlayStation VR demo disc contains eight games

  • Jmog 07/09/2016


    If that is your main reason for getting it... cancel your preorder. The virtual screen part will be of such low quality I guarantee you won't be using it after the first week.

    Get it for the VR. Image quality sucks, but the immersiveness/interactivity makes up for it. Virtual cinema/giant 2D screen is terrible compared to a TV.

    (I have the Vive)
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  • Gran Turismo Sport delayed until 2017

  • Jmog 30/08/2016

    Makes sense. Why release it and Driveclub at the same time. They would have cannibalised each other's sales. Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub VR

  • Jmog 21/08/2016


    GT Sport supports VR too. Supposed to be out during PSVR launch Window.
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  • Nintendo NX - games, specs, release date and everything we know about the new portable system

  • Jmog 30/07/2016


    Absolutely no chance that it will be iPad sized. This is their next handheld and you're supposed to be able to carry it with you and use it on the go. It will be 6 inches maximum. Most likely 5.

    Think of 5 inch screens on phones. They don't have buttons next to the screen, analogue sticks etc which the NX has to have to be viable. You really can't make a handheld with all that and a size much bigger than the Vita. Which is a GOOD thing. If you make it 10 inches then you absolutely need a resolution of 1080p minimum on the screen to avoid it looking like crap. If they make a 5 inch OLED screen with 720p resolution on the panel then it will look glorious.
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  • DriveClub VR confirmed for PlayStation VR launch

  • Jmog 29/07/2016


    Not without buying a PSVR. You most likely won't be able to launch the game without having the PSVR connected. You also wouldn't be able to navigate menus properly as they would be formatted for VR. That means you wouldn't be able to see the whole menu on the TV connected to the breakout box without turning your head/the headset.
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  • Ubisoft wards off Vivendi by nominating two new board members

  • Jmog 05/07/2016

    "Last month Vivendi seized control of Gameloft, the mobile publisher owned by Ubisoft founders the Guillemot brothers"

    Again, this is incorrect. They bought Gameloft and not from the Guillemot brothers who did not own it. One of them ran it. They founded it but they did not own it. You can't buy a company from someone who doesn't want to sell. They bought it from the shareholders who are the real owners.
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  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • Jmog 04/07/2016

    With all the stories about copyright infringement the last five years I don't get how they can name their gambling site with an actual game title in its name. That just seems like lawsuit bait. Reply +17
  • What you need to know about Overwatch Competitive Play

  • Jmog 02/07/2016


    They actually announced that all DLC maps in Titanfall 2 will be free.
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  • Hawken mechs its way to PS4 and Xbox One in July

  • Jmog 28/06/2016

    If they are smart, they patch in PSVR support in october. Every single PSVR owner would at the very least try the game then. Reply +1
  • Watch: Seven games made better by DLC

  • Jmog 25/06/2016


    On mobile annotations are not something you can turn on.
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  • Jmog 25/06/2016

    EG, why have you begun ending the videos with the gameplay being out of focus? It's very annoying.

    Apart from that, great video. My own addition would be the expansion pack for the original Command & Conquer.
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  • PS4 Neo: release date, games, price, specs, and everything we know

  • Jmog 24/06/2016

    What a clickbaity title of this article. It makes it sound like you know price and release date which you DON'T. This article has no hard info we didn't already know. Reply +10
  • Vivendi now owns over 20% of Ubisoft shares

  • Jmog 22/06/2016

    "Earlier this month, Vivendi took over Gameloft, the mobile games company owned by Michel Guillemot, brother of Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot."

    Michel did NOT own gameloft. If he had, then Vivendi would never have been able to buy the company. He just ran it.
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  • Watch: Ian goes hands on with Serious Sam VR

  • Jmog 20/06/2016


    It breaks immersion. You will immediately notice that they don't look like your hands and any finger flexing/movement won't be tracked. The floating guns on the other hand make perfect sense to your brain because you can fel the hilts. Same reason why most VR games don't show feet or torso when you look down. You know what your own body looks like.
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  • The E3 bulletin: Monday

  • Jmog 13/06/2016

    The Star Wars segment being a highlight? EG, you must be kidding. That was easily the biggest disappintment.

    "We have three fantastic Star Wars games in development - some of them for years now and we have nothing to show you. Instead we will show you people pretending to do programming in impossible clean office environments so you at least know we are working in style".

    What a waste of time.
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  • EA E3 2016 conference live report

  • Jmog 12/06/2016


    usually it's around 90 minutes.
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  • Today, Rocket League becomes the first Xbox One/PC cross-platform game

  • Jmog 24/05/2016

    So how does it work in practice for the PC players? When they search for Rocket League games can they then choose between which console network they can matchmake with or does Psyonix do some kind of load balancing between the two automatically? Reply +2
  • Cross-platform play confirmed for virtual reality game Eve: Valkyrie

  • Jmog 21/04/2016


    Except Eve Online doesn't have a VR version so what's your point? The gameplay in Valkyrie has nothing in common with the MMO.
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  • Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter to star in MGS fan tribute project

  • Jmog 06/04/2016

    You guys, they can't shut it down if it's non-profit. Reply -8
  • Xbox survey asks if you'd sell back your digital games

  • Jmog 21/03/2016

    It's low but right now we get 0, so it beats that. Reply +27
  • Five Sony-made games for PlayStation VR

  • Jmog 16/03/2016


    You might becwhen playing but you can't judge that by the trailers. Those make you nauseated because the viewpoints ate shifting around on something stationary you're looking at. In VR the shifting of viewpoint follows your head so it should feel much more natural.

    VR stuff that make people sick is unnatural movement. For instance a viewpoint changing without it being you doing it (forced cut-scene) or prolonged framerate drops.
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  • Witness the PlayStation VR in all its heavenly glory - gallery

  • Jmog 16/03/2016


    Well... probably not. Most games will likely either support using two moves or one DS4
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  • Jmog 16/03/2016


    It can. The reason why they made that big LED on the back IS PSVR :-). Some games will work best with two Move controllers though. Imagine you're having a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.
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  • Jmog 16/03/2016


    Need Move, no. Highly recommended for certain games. Maybe even needed for a few.
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  • In Theory: Does PS4 offer VR its best chance at success?

  • Jmog 05/03/2016


    So you've tried it?

    And even if you have, it doesn't take much research to see that user impressions from VR are nothing like user impressions from 3D.
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  • Watch: We play a horror game on the HTC Vive

  • Jmog 05/03/2016

    The horror game looked like the scares were a bit... cheap. But I can imagine that in a game with a proper story and more gameplay than just looking around, that kind og immersion could be thrilling.

    Much more impressed by the whale demo though. A deap sea exploring game in VR would be fantastic.
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  • Sony has filed a patent for a glove controller

  • Jmog 26/02/2016

    Absolutely brilliant subheader. Reply +1
  • IS Defense is the next game from the people who made Hatred

  • Jmog 11/02/2016

    I don't get it. You play a soldier gunning down terrorists. That's about as controversial as Mario these days. Reply +9
  • Ant Simulator developer accuses partners of stealing money for booze, strippers

  • Jmog 02/02/2016

    Why are people talking about hookers in the comments? A bit rich to say a stripper is the same thing. Reply +8
  • Looks like The Division will get an open beta this month

  • Jmog 01/02/2016

    Let's be honest here. Such a short time before release it is not a beta. It's a stresstest. The discs have already been printed when this second "beta" rolls out. Reply +26
  • Free Rift for Oculus dev kit Kickstarter backers

  • Jmog 05/01/2016


    How do you get to 900 pounds? Let's assume the PSVR is 400 pounds and a PS4 is 300 pounds. Move controllers are not going to be 100 pounds a piece.

    A lot of people with PS4s are going to want a PSVR after they try it and it is certainly not "low resolution" compared to the competition. The res is slightly lower, yes, but the type of pixels used is superior. With identical resolutions the screendoor effect would be lower than the competition. With the slightly lower res we are getting the visual end result is pretty much identical. But even if it weren't it would not matter. It's the "being in the gameworld" experience that will sell this to people. There is literally only one barrier: People need to try it to understand it.
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  • Jmog 05/01/2016


    Absolutely not. It will be a miracle if it's $400. $500 is the likely bet though $600 is quite possible.

    And they will sell everything they can produce on their first run. From then on great software and (potentially) gushing word of mouth will be the deciding factors of whether it sells. 400 or 600 - doesn't matter if the desirability factor is high enough. We pay a lot more for the latest smartphones which provide almost identical experiences compared to the previous model. This is something completely new. Price will not be as inhibiting a factor for success as people think.
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  • Space combat roguelike Everspace confirmed for Xbox One and Windows 10

  • Jmog 23/10/2015

    This looks good. Real good.

    Wish they'd waited 8 months more before announcing it. A year is way too long after watching a trailer as mouthwatering as that.

    Actually I'd like every developer to do that. Don't show gameplay until four months before release. That way we can have a proper hype cycle and there will be no "yeah, but will it really look like that...?"
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  • Volume: Coda expansion headed first to PlayStation VR

  • Jmog 22/10/2015


    Do you mean "does PS VR work with PC's?"?

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