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  • SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U next week

  • Jmog 20/08/2014


    Rayman Legends?
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  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • Jmog 08/08/2014

    @riz23 "one who removes her clothes to release her most dangerous powers?"

    That's not really special. All females have that ability ;-)
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  • CounterSpy PS4, PS3, Vita European release date

  • Jmog 24/07/2014


    Ah, now it makes sense. Either a typo (since corrected) or I'm going blind.
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  • Jmog 23/07/2014

    What does it mean in the article when you say it is crossbuy and costs either 10 or 12?

    Surely with crossbuy there is only one price. Otherwise why buy anything else than the (presumably cheapest) Vita version and then download the others for free.
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  • Microsoft is heavily discounting Titanfall and more this week

  • Jmog 08/07/2014


    I don't think MSRP changes with age when we are talking digital. So essentially we are talking discounts of 33% off 60$. In other words, most of those prices are completely uninteresting compared to boxed copies from Amazon.

    Guardian of Light, Trials and Ducktales are the most interesting discounts in the sale.
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  • See what Metro's next-gen remakes look like in action

  • Jmog 22/05/2014


    Textures on PS4 version of Battlefield 4 look great.
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  • Jmog 22/05/2014

    "Both titles come with all of their DLC packed in for a total of 15.99 / 19.99 / $24.99 each digitally, or they can be purchased together in the boxed Metro Redux compilation for 34.99 / 39.99 / $49.99."

    So in the UK it's more expensive to buy them boxed together?
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  • Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, Vita editions due in August

  • Jmog 22/05/2014


    Yeah, a shame. Still, we will be able to use the upgrade offer. I was planning on getting the Vita version. No reason not to get the PS3 version right now since the Vita will unlock for free later.
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  • Transistor review

  • Jmog 20/05/2014


    Sure, but why wait when you can get it cheaper on US PSN :-)
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  • Jmog 20/05/2014

    It's available for download on US PSN right now.

    Make an account, buy 20$ digital PSN code on and you're set.
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  • Microsoft to remove Xbox Live Gold paywall for streaming apps

  • Jmog 13/05/2014

    Yes! Currently the only way to get decent image quality(*) from HBO is through the HBO Nordic app on my Xbox 360. My Gold subscription primarily exists to access that app. Would be great to avoid paying for Gold.

    *: On the browsers, streaming suffers from dropping one frame every second which looks choppy. On tablets it's smooth but only in SD. On the Xbox 360 it runs smooth and in HD but like all video on Xbox, there is black crush. It remains the best solution for people without Samsung TVs though.
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  • Korea's fighting passion: The rise and rise of CafeId

  • Jmog 11/05/2014

    Great article. Loving these peeks into Asian gaming culture. Reply +12
  • Hearthstone beta "validated" free-to-play approach, Blizzard says

  • Jmog 29/04/2014


    Oh, right. My bad.
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  • Jmog 29/04/2014

    Hearthstone is Blizzard's first attempt at a free-to-play game
    Isn't DOTA f2p?
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls shifts 2.7m in a week

  • Jmog 03/04/2014

    An expansion selling more than the average AAA blockbuster main game. I would hardly call that a failure. Expansions are usually in the hundreds of thousands. Reply +17
  • What Outside Xbox makes of Titanfall

  • Jmog 15/03/2014


    What do you mean? They've been on EG since Outside Xbox started.
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  • Tech Analysis: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

  • Jmog 09/03/2014


    You are forgetting the darkness and the need to use the flashlight to see where you are going. If aiming = shooting then you would constantly run out of ammo. Not to mention it being impossible to sneak up on a mob what with all the noise from your gun.

    Played the PS3 version and I am enjoying the PS4 version massively. Got a kick out of it when I noticed the voice announcing which weapon you've selected is the "save the last human" lady from Resogun.
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  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare won't have microtransactions at launch

  • Jmog 22/02/2014

    Resolution's been confirmed by the devs. 900p. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 VR headset finally coming at GDC - report

  • Jmog 21/02/2014


    Whether the new one only works with the PS4 remains to be seen. We haven't got a single concrete detail on it yet.

    What we DO know is that the whole range of HMZ 3D viewers work perfectly fine with anything able to output 720p or 1080p over HDMI. No matter whether it's 3D or 2D. I've used mine to test the 3D in Gears of War 3, I've watched blu-rays from my Oppo BD player and I've seen HDTV channels from my Samsung PVR. It's not the most comfortable thing to wear but image quality is leaps and bounds above the Oculus kits. Oculus need to go well above 1080p in order to get the same perceived DPI. 720p on a screen 0.7 inches wide is insanely good. (that they are OLED definetely doesn't hurt either).
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  • Psychedelic space shooter Futuridium headed to PlayStation Vita

  • Jmog 18/02/2014


    Game looks great, congratulations! Can't wait to play it. Is the trailer music indicative of the style you are using in the game? (if so, hurray!)
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  • What's next for Housemarque?

  • Jmog 23/01/2014

    So... the announced PS Vita version of Dead nation isn't coming? :-(

    Well, a superduper PS4 version with even more zombies is certainly acceptable :-)
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  • Saints Row 4 PC and Company of Heroes 2 are free to play this weekend

  • Jmog 17/01/2014


    Ahh, now I get it. I agree, the wording could have been a lot better.
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  • Jmog 17/01/2014

    I consider myself to be quite good at English even though it's not my native language. Even so, after reading this news story three times I still don't get it.

    How can it be free AND be available at a discounted price at the same time? Surely it's just "cheap this weekend" and not "free", right?
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  • Broken Age Episode One releases for backers on Tuesday

  • Jmog 11/01/2014


    You mean Disney. Lucasarts doesn't exist any more.
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  • Is 2014 the year of virtual reality?

  • Jmog 05/01/2014

    @coply23: "That's if you believe that the screen is the only way to increase resolution."

    ...well I... er... How exactly would you increase the native resolution of a display without changing the screen?
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  • Jmog 04/01/2014

    I briefly owned a Rift devkit. It's cool, it's something completely different... and it will remain niche.

    The actual VR-feel is glorious. Moving your head and having your view in the game world react to it feels spot on. That part really is fantastic.

    Comfort, the fact that many people with glasses won't be able to fit them inside the Rift etc. are all minusses but the one major drawback is the screen(s). It's too big and the resolution is too low. Granted I used the devkit which is 1280x800 but I can't see 1080p coming close to being enough. At 800p it's like putting your nose right up to an old school CRT television.

    For comparison, something like the Sony HMZ-T1 and T2 uses two 720p OLED screens at 0.7 inches a piece (Rift uses one single 1280x800 at 7 inches) which due to their smaller size have a DPI which is simply minblowing. It works perfectly even though they are even closer to your eyes than the Rift screen and looks fantastic.

    Now the HMZ series has other issues. This is not to say "buy this instead of a Rift" as it doesn't do VR/headtracking. I just want to illustrate how far Rift is from producing proper image quality. 5-7 inches screen is probably necessary if you want to get an immersive field of view/VR experience so Oculus really only has one way forward in order to get the DPI up to a level where the consumer doesn't feel image quality is significantly worse than using a TV or projector: They have to increase the resolution. By A LOT. 4k will probably be the goal. And it's doable, but will increase costs dramatically. As 4k screen production ramps up it will of course get cheaper to produce but what won't increase proportionally is average consumer PC hardware speeds. Yes, there will be some consumers able to run 4k@60fps on their computers but not many. And 60fps IS necessary for a pleasant VR experience. Tearing and framedrops are simply not bearable in VR for the user.

    That's why I think it will remain niche. Being a headset is in itself enough to make it niche.
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls release date announced

  • Jmog 19/12/2013


    And that even included the full original game.
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  • Jmog 19/12/2013

    Why on earth am I getting negged for wanting to wait for the PS4 version? Reply +19
  • Jmog 19/12/2013

    Not interested with the PS4 edition (includes D3 and Reaper) being most likely only a couple of months behind. Reply +25
  • Xbox One platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood out tomorrow

  • Jmog 19/12/2013


    Haven't got an X1 myself, but can't you use Paypal as a payment option? That's what I am doing when I buy stuff for my X360 on US Live using my US account (I'm Danish too).

    One of my friends is a Dane with an X1 and he actually told me that there is no validation between his Visa's info and the US address he has on file with them. He bought Forza and Ryse using his Danish Visa.
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  • PlayStation Store opens on

  • Jmog 12/12/2013

    MS points don't exist any more. Reply 0
  • Jmog 12/12/2013

    I got AC4 and BF4 for roughly 22 each for PS4. Download versions. From

    Bought the PS3 download codes. Redeemed them. Paid 10$ to upgrade to PS4 versions.

    So I'd say the pessimism regarding Amazon UK not being likely to undercut PSN is unfounded. Sony can't undercut retailers. It would piss them off. Amazon can and will.

    Basically by allowing Amazon to price as they see fit, Sony is aiding the shift to all digital while still having a good relationship with retailers. It's rather clever.
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  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • Jmog 10/12/2013

    Come on EG, don't make this more sensationalist than it is. Zavvi emailed the customers involved numerous times and never got a reply. THAT'S why they are sending them a final notice.

    While they might not have any legal rights to getting back the items they by mistake sent the customers, they definetely have a moral right.
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  • Techland shows Dying Light PS4 gameplay footage

  • Jmog 08/12/2013

    After playing it at EGX I was extremely impressed, hyped and also quite worried. Would the game looks this good on the PS4 or only on monster gaming PCs?

    After watching this playthrough I am very happy that it looks exactly like the demo I played.

    (but god damn, the part on the stream where Pewdiepie was playing.... he was making my ears bleed)
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  • Microsoft game sandbox Project Spark beta sign-ups live

  • Jmog 03/12/2013


    It definetely does but they've said that everything we've seen so far is in the free package. Considering the stuff people have made with it, we will have loads of great stuf to play without paying anything.
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  • Jmog 03/12/2013


    Stop being silly. People creating games can use Kinect to mocap their movements to NPCs in order to make them unique. Or do voiceovers. How is that a bad thing? It's bloody brillian.

    It's a game creation tool, not a game in itself. And it's free. I can't wait to see what people do with it.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Don't Starve and Secret Ponchos will be free on PS+

  • Jmog 13/11/2013


    Yes. Through the webstore or the smartphone app.
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls PS4-exclusive features detailed

  • Jmog 09/11/2013


    On PS4 the expansion is bundled with D3.
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  • GTA Online car conkers vs. Outside Xbox

  • Jmog 02/11/2013

    They are featured on the Xbox dash. I imagine they would loose that slot if they started covering the competition. Reply 0
  • DC Universe Online graphics, gameplay improved for PS4 launch

  • Jmog 22/10/2013


    It is. Went free to play a couple of years ago. Download now on PSN if you want to check it out.
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  • EGX 2013: Game of the Show

  • Jmog 08/10/2013

    How can Dying Light be absent from this list? For me it was the standout of the show together with Titanfall. Reply +2
  • Dying Light isn't another Dead Island, Techland promises

  • Jmog 28/09/2013

    Played the game at the Expo and came away extremely impressed. It REALLY feels like Mirrors Edge with very satisfying close combat. It ran perfectly (PC), looked gorgeous and was a lot of fun to play. The controls felt polished too. In no time I was running straight at Zombies in hazmat suits, vaulting over them (making them trip), turning around upon landing and hacking my machete into their pressurised oxygen containers on their backs. That would then make them jerk around until exploding. Also feels great running around on rooftops, sliding under barriers and so forth.

    Stoked to hear they are talking about months left to polish it. I was dreading a late 2014 launch. Sounds like all the best next gen games (Infamous, Titanfall, Dying Light, Galak-Z) are coming out during the traditional post launch drought.
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  • See how The Elder Scrolls Online has changed for the better

  • Jmog 25/09/2013

    @null "Do you go to the movies at least once a month or more? To a restaurant? I'm sure these cost a lot more than a subscription to a game. What's $15 US a month? Two tickets to the movies if you're lucky."

    What an odd comparison. There is nothing wrong with making something subscription based. There is nothing wrong with making something 60$ retail. But combining them is downright cheeky. Imagine if when Netflix launched you had to pay 60$ in signup fee. That would have cost them quite a bit of potential customers.

    If Elder Scrolls Online didn't have a signup fee, then they would get a lot more subs from people willing to give it a shot. By having a full price barrier to entry it can't help smelling of them not having enough content to satisfy people for months.
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  • Jmog 24/09/2013

    Monthly subscription puts me off. Monthly subscription AND full price puts me WAY off. Reply +92
  • Infinity Blade 3 review

  • Jmog 20/09/2013

    There is only one worthwhile thing about this release. Chair is finally free to make Shadow Complex 2. I will buy it for whatever platform it is released but will literally squeel with delight if it came to Vita. Reply +4
  • PlayStation 3 Gaikai streaming confirmed for Vita TV

  • Jmog 20/09/2013


    Nothing official has been said but I would bet almost anything that those who think the Gaikai service is meant for streaming the stuf you have already bought will be disappointed.

    Everything Sony has said hints at a Netflix-style service. So we will pay a subscription and get ad libitum access to a specific selection that will grow over time as new titles are added to the service.

    I am fine with that.
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  • Ghosts 'n Goblins Online is a F2P PC RPG on Steam Greenlight

  • Jmog 17/09/2013

    Looks great.

    Would much prefer to play it single player though. And pay for it. And having it on PS4.
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  • Hyper Light Drifter recalls Zelda meets Diablo by way of Sword & Sworcery

  • Jmog 13/09/2013

    PLEASE make a Vita version. Would look glorious on the OLED. Reply +10
  • Sony unveils 1300 HMZ-T3 personal viewer headset

  • Jmog 06/09/2013

    @coffeemix: "The only advantage I see on this over Oculus it the 720p Oled screen for each eye. Which may or may not be relevant when Oculus consumer version came out anyway."

    It's a bloody huge advantage. Even in the 1080p model, the Rift uses a single 1080p LCD screen which both eyes share. On the HMZ you have 720p OLEDs for each eye. Perceived resolution is much higher than the Rift and both colour and black level blow it out of the water. Also, it can be used with both 2D and 3D sources. The Rift is only usable with 3D content that supports it.

    The article makes it sound like the HMZ only works with PS3 and PC. Not the case. It works with anything outputting 720p or 1080p over HDMI. 2D and 3D.

    The Rift is a VR helmet and great for that purpose. The HMZ is great for getting a big high quality 3D/2D image from all your devices. It only has two drawbacks: Price and comfort. Image quality trumps pretty much any projector setup below 2000
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  • Sony set to go big with virtual reality on PlayStation 4

  • Jmog 03/09/2013


    It would work. True depth perception in real life comes from your eyes seing different images. 3D not working with some people comes from their brain being unable to process being tricked into believing that a single flat image has depth. With the oculus or HMZ-T1 each eye is seeing separate images. The brain doesn't "question" whether the depth is real as the trickery functions exactly as irl. Two separate images without any ghosting artifacts combine to form a single image in the brain with depth.

    So yes, they will work perfectly no matter if the 3D in the cinema, on your 3DS or on your tv works or not.
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