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  • Japan's slumbering giants awake at Tokyo Game Show

  • JinTypeNoir 19/09/2014

    @redcrayon Yes, of course. Several new games were announced and a lot of promising games were shown, among them, my favorite being a new collaboration project from Final Fantasy VII scenario writer Kazushime Nojima and Final Fantasy Tactics composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, which is a side-scrolling multi-player RPG that resembles the beauty of Dragon's Crown or Muramasa.

    Phantasy Star Nova looked really good when it was shown off and it's nice to see the series start something new again after all the online focused titles. The new Luminous Arc looked interesting. Final Fantasy Agito will probably be really compelling for people who like both Final Fantasy and Persona. If you're into it, God Eater 2 Rage Burst looked just as fantastic as Monster Hunter 4G is looking. EDF is looking as crazy and scrumptious as ever in its new portable installment. There were also a lot of smaller downloadable or indie games, as ever, and there's a notable presence of Western publishers looking for games to publish in the West at the show.

    TGS isn't done of course and some of the notable absences in the above paragraphs (Persona: Dancing All Night, for instance) are because they have yet to be shown.
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  • Here's the first wave of Nintendo Amiibo figurines, due by Christmas

  • JinTypeNoir 29/08/2014

    Sign me up for Killager! I usually don't buy things like these, as I'm not into the whole collectable figurine thing, but a pint-sized axe-wielding psychopath with a gleam in his eye? It's like the embodiment of my forum posts! Reply +8
  • Nintendo announces new 3DS and 3DS XL designs with extra buttons, improved CPU

  • JinTypeNoir 29/08/2014

    It looks like from the Q&A, the only data users will be able to move back and forth with their microSD cards using the new PC interface will be music and pictures and the like. Only a part of save data or games rather than the whole of it, is not supported. Also, Nintendo says they've confirmed it on Windows 7 and 8.1, but the way it's worded makes it seem like it might work on other OSes.

    The physical Wi-Fi switch has disappeared, but users can still turn off Wi-Fi through a menu.

    The whole feature of preventing blue when moving your head does not work with certain software that use the camera heavily (I would presume like Chibi Robo or that Face Raiders game) and Nintendo also warns that if you're wearing accessories that could reflect light, it also might not work correctly.

    As ever, there is a manual way of transferring SD card content to your PC and then 3DS, and a way using wi-fi to send the information to the new system and card from your old machine. It doesn't seem to have changed other than the fact that you obviously can't use your old SD cards.

    That's all that was noteworthy for now, at least for overseas users. There is an interesting note that they might add Suica support for the NFC later on for us Japanese users.
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  • JinTypeNoir 29/08/2014

    Japanese website is up here: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/new/index.html

    Currently looking at the Q&A section. Will post again if any new relevant info pops up.
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  • JinTypeNoir 29/08/2014

    I'm not sure if Eurogamer is using October 10th as the day it will be in Europe when they launch in Japan, but the release date given by Nintendo in the direct was October 11th. Prices were 16,000 yen for white and black colors without tax for the New 3DSand 18,800 yen without tax for the New 3DS LL with metallic blue and metallic black colors. Also a Monster Hunter designed 3DS LL will release with the game at 25,600 yen without tax. Nintendo are also planning a Smash Bros. 3DS LL for November.

    Also, for those wondering about the dimensions and weight, until Eurogamer updates their news story, it is as follows.

    New 3DS: 80.6 mm by 142 mm, thickness 21.6 mm, weight 253g
    Old 3DS: 74 mm by 134 mm, thickness 21 mm, weight 235g

    New 3DS LL: 93.5 mm by 160 mm, 21.5 mm, 329g
    Old 3DS LL: 93 mm by 156 mm, 22 mm, 336g

    Battery times:

    New 3DS: 3.5 to 6 hours
    Old 3DS: 3 to 5 hours

    New 3DS LL: 3.5 to 7 hours
    Old 3DS LL: 3.5 to 6.5 hours

    Screen size:

    New 3DS: upper screen 3.88 inches, lower screen 3.33 inches, 1.2 times bigger than the old 3DS
    New 3DS LL: Same size, 4.88 inches for the upper screen, and 4.18

    It also looks like the resting charger for the New 3DS LL only comes in one color for slightly higher price of 1,200 yen.
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  • JinTypeNoir 29/08/2014

    Hey Eurogamer, a correction, the new models are not the same size and weight. I New 3DS LL is slightly less heavy, the New 3DS is slightly heavier and the screen is slightly bigger, though the screen size is the same on the New 3DS LL. You're also missing some details from the presentation. Specifically these things:

    -New design plates featuring different colors, Mario, Animal Crossing, etc. that can be interchanged on the New 3DS, but not the New 3DS LL. Nintendo plans to have around 50 available until the end of the year.

    -American and European releases won't be within this year, according to a little black fine print in the Nintendo Direct.

    -Certain games can be developed exclusively for the New 3DSes to expanded CPU power, such as the Xenoblade port. Older games that are not designed for the New 3DS will not have any difference in quality. There will be old 3DS compatible games that run better or smoother on the New 3DS, so essentially three types of software. Iwata makes reference that there are several of these types of games in the works right now, but doesn't make any reference to who is making them.

    -The browser can handle HTML5 and watching movies within it, but perhaps due to that problem they had last year with the child getting exploited through the 3DS (of course no mention was made of this) a new filtering function was added so that children can browse without fear from their parents. This is enabled from the beginning, but so that children can't easily get rid of it, turning it off requires using a credit card and one-time fee of 30 yen.

    -The New 3DS and the New 3DS LL will not have a charger included, nor it appears the charge pad, which are now sold separately and apparently from the picture included, in different colors. There are priced at 1000 yen without tax, 1,200 for a New 3DS LL at black.

    -The micro SD cards require you to remove the battery shield to put in/remove and the system comes with a 4GB card, so people who already have a 3DS with a larger card need to be careful to buy a new micro SD of the same size, in transferring content. Iwata realizes that it is a hassle to switch cards by removing the battery shield, so there will be a new function to more easily switch files between PC and the 3DS with Wi-Fi.

    -There will be a new feature that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen if you walk from brighter to darker areas, which Iwata says will mean some players will experience even longer battery life than the proposed times from the presentation, which were claimed to be ever so slightly longer than the original 3DS and 3DS LL.
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  • PixelJunk dev Q-Games announces The Tomorrow Children

  • JinTypeNoir 12/08/2014

    Seems like somebody at Pixeljunk is considering that Minecraft, sort of like Monster Hunter did a decade ago, has forged a new genre based on focusing the action activity on a more creative building up of a society or community based on a specific action (hunting, mining).

    So...that's a promising sign of more variety, but Pixeljunk's always been kind of "eh" on execution, so we'll see.
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  • Sierra is back - and so are Geometry Wars and King's Quest

  • JinTypeNoir 12/08/2014

    I can't believe the majority of these comments are excited about Geometry Wars over King's Quest. You've got your priorities all wrong! Where did all the medieval martyrs go? Were they killed by snakes for not realizing a bridle is the only true way to handle a serpent, or was it by yetis because of the Great Cream Pie Depression of 2008?

    For me, it can only be a good thing that Graham has found water, the life-giving nectar of the gods and can feel strength and renewal flowing through his bones! Surely, if Ken Williams agreed to a revival it wasn't to make King's Quest into a trendy find the hidden object or Tomb Raider kind of adventure game. Rejoice! For medieval masochists no longer have just Dark Souls to look forward to!
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  • You can dress your Mii as a Nintendo character in Wii U Smash Bros.

  • JinTypeNoir 12/08/2014

    What is wrong with some of you people? Why on Earth are you negging somebody just because they make a facetious character request? It's a joke and expression of enthusiasm. These are good things. Lighten up, you filthy cunts! Ashley is a great character and would make a surprising addition, though unlikely. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

  • JinTypeNoir 05/02/2014

    The best and most reputable sources have reported very few details so far since the story just broke less than a day ago. Apparently the reason that this is just now coming to light is...I know it's news and time sensitive, but sometimes it's just best to wait until the facts shine through all the bullshit. I'm not sure I want to spread a nasty rumor when nobody with any journalistic integrity knows whether it's true or not.

    It seems you are assumptions are correct though. Between the person who seems to have "nudged" this story of deception into the light and the actual composer who is responsible for the work, it seems there is a more complicated story than at first appears. It doesn't absolve Mr. Samuragouchi of any guilt, but from reading around at the less reliable Japanese sites all I can find is a lot of unsubstantiated "news reporting" that isn't based on any facts, which is what the Japan Times article and parts of this one is taking their basis from.

    I'll PM you when the straight story comes out.
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  • JinTypeNoir 05/02/2014

    Not that it is erroneous to the extent that Samuragouchi is innocent, of course, because the news in its basic form is true. But you know, there are much better English sources to take the story from than the Japan Times, which is known for translating news in an erroneous, misleading fashion and has already bungled up several smaller details of this story that you're helping to spread.

    But then again, sometimes it seems Eurogamer is content to take leads from dubious places like Kotaku and is happy to spread tabloid-style news, so why am I surprised that the list of places it includes as sources include places like the incredibly shady and dishonest Japan Times?
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  • Nintendo's mysterious 3D Pokémon game is a detective adventure

  • JinTypeNoir 28/10/2013

    @LunaticPandora And just as you are fully within your rights to be an idiot, everyone else is fully within their rights to dislike your idiocy. Reply +7
  • Watch us play five Super Mario 3D World levels in full

  • JinTypeNoir 24/10/2013

    This is always such an interesting game when wrapped up in the next generation narrative. Next generation is about doing new things on new machines. It's about the hype generated from innovation in software due to innovation in hardware. While technically this game is not doing anything entirely new -- it's still a run and jump platform game where you choose levels on a map and advance to the end -- every time I see footage of it I see more new ideas, more new examples of fresh whimsy and wonder, more news types of surprises than many of the other "next-gen" games that are coming in the next few months.

    Good design: the eternal next generation.
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  • Wii production to end soon in Japan

  • JinTypeNoir 01/10/2013

    Soooo many awesome games. It was also kind of nice that close-minded retards didn't give them the time of day. That meant you could kind of enjoy the games without the great majority having the idiot fair of media frenzy around them to spoil their reception.

    Da Blob took me back to the days when 3D platformers were numerous and creative in their ideas. Zack & Wiki was an extremely adventurous departure and brave new world for the point & click style of adventure. The Wiimote made the Broken Sword remake and Resident Evil 4 even more brilliant games. Pandora's Tower was a sick and twisted action/adventure game that was a dime a dozen in the PS2 days, but quickly went extinct during this generation, so its presence was all the more welcome. Boom Blox was a joyous think-outside-the-box puzzle experience. Red Steel 2 was one of the few FPS that even I could enjoy and a real lovely throwback to the days when these games were silly and frivolous action games before anything else. Opoona wasn't much heralded, but remains one of the most innovative and charming RPGs of the generation with an incredible soundtrack. It's a shame Fatal Frame 4 didn't find a way to come west, but that didn't stop it from being a long, deep, terrifying experience and one of the best horror games of the generation. Sin & Punishment 2 is a near perfect love letter to everything the arcade aesthetic should be and why people who call that type of experience quaint and obsolete should have their balls ripped out and mashed into their eye sockets. Stuff like Trauma Center evolving into Hospital showed just how far the motion sensing ideas came in one generation for people who weren't neanderthals and could admit that through growing pains the idea would see a lot of merit if worked on. In that sense, Namco's increasingly awesome skiing games that eventually blossomed into Go Vacation, the end-all, be-all, unbelievably fun culmination of the mini-game craze was another good example of that. Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is another super innovative usage of the Wiimote that took adventure game and action RPG logic and twisted it far beyond the limits they were known to before. Dragon Quest X served to be both a perfect introduction to the MMO for newcomers and a unique RPG in its own right, preserving way more of the charms of the single-player RPG than any other MMO had managed to do.

    There's a lot more I could mention, and I wouldn't even have to start digging into all the good Wiiware titles. The idea that the Wii didn't build up an excellent library is one built up by morons and dipshits who should more time playing games rather than running off their stupid mouths.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD review

  • JinTypeNoir 18/09/2013

    People, there is no such thing as a version of The Wind Waker (which preserves the charms of the original) that does not deserve a 10. Reply +17
  • Blood Alloy is a Metroidvania inspired by Dark Souls and Vanquish

  • JinTypeNoir 12/09/2013

    There should be a law that you are not allowed to reference Dark Souls or Metroid in your game pitches. Reply +15
  • Sony offers refunds as Final Fantasy 14 launch catastrophe worsens

  • JinTypeNoir 05/09/2013

    The only thing shittier than MMO launches are Eurogamer news stories. Reply -8
  • Breath of Fire 6 announced for PC, tablet and smartphones

  • JinTypeNoir 01/08/2013

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Square Enix port War of the Lions to iOS platforms? So yeah, technically there is traditional tactics on the platform and its probably a pretty decent port too, judging by some of Square Enix's other iOS ports.

    But that new Tactics game? Obviously, its a spin-off and not a continuation of the tactical battle bloodline. If it were a Vita or a 3DS with the exact same mechanics and idea, some people would probably be quite intrigued by it. The platform causes the bias.

    I can understand that people are skeptical -- and skepticism that STOPS and ENDS at skepticism, you know the true meaning of the word, where the skeptic can be swayed by evidence tilting either way -- because, shall we say, less than honest money scheming iOS games. But that's like saying because EA exists, all publishers are money-grubbing, or because one game with bad downloadable brick-a-brack policies exist, the entire idea is shit.

    Right now I see a heavy similarity between free-to-play mobile and PC games and the arcade games of yore. BOTH formats offered games that were easy to pick up and play and drop at your leisure. BOTH formats also have constraints placed on how much the player can play before its likely that they will have to pay money. BOTH also have models where if the player is clever, they can avoid paying more money. ONE gets deified because of its history birthing classic games that already have a place in gaming canon, despite the fact that at the time it was new and big, it had just as many detractors calling it manipulative, money-grubbing and time better spent elsewhere.

    Anybody who has played a great mobile/PC game that can be played easily without taking out a mortgage (say Puzzle & Dragons, or Onimusha Souls -- which, BTW, is FROM CAPCOM -- for instance) can recognize that just like arcade games, or any other format, the potential for abuse or brilliance lies in the developer, not the format itself.

    But instead of being ambassadors of good taste, open-mindedly wading into this new frontier and using their knowledge to help less experienced gamers into hopefully more fulfilling games that will lead to a healthier industry, the great majority of gamers ignorantly turn up their noses on perfectly decent gaming experiences out of hearsay, assumption and prejudice. If we encourage the traditional game companies to be good examples of this new frontier by calmly offering good feedback based on evidence, you might get what you want. If you simply reject a game sight unseen, I guarantee they'll take an entirely different message from that -- you aren't worth catering to, because they can serve an audience who won't simply write off the game based on flimsy and inconsequential reasons and for less money than these so-called hardcore gamers who SAY they want companies to focus on a fresh game experience first, but then mock new games if they don't measure up aesthetically to the very same AAA blockbusters they are criticizing. Why would any sane gaming company want to cater to a customer like you who can't even be bothered to check out the actual quality of the product in question before dismissing it? Good luck with that attitude.

    I know of course I'll get negged to hell and back for this by people who diametrically opposed more Breath of Fire in any way other than the narrow parameters they insist Capcom adhere to meet their ridiculously moronic expectations. So in preparation for that, instead of saying, "FUCK YOU!" I'll add that you stupid numbnuts are already fucking yourselves over by sending a message to companies who try and revive franchises in some way to lead them to profitability and perhaps a healthier future when they offer more games to fans who have demanded them by refusing to be open-minded about they way they do so and write them off on the flimsiest of evidence. If you waited 10 years for a Breath of Fire sequel, why can't you wait one more to see it how turns out and actually, perhaps, I dunno, SHOCK HORROR play it before you condemn the thing you've desired for so long? What's that, that would be too reasonable and make too much sense?
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  • JinTypeNoir 01/08/2013

    Oh what complete and utter bullshit. I can't believe they are doing this. Will they never learn?

    What? Capcom reviving a series on new platforms? No. We'll see how that turns out.

    Brain dead idiots automatically assuming that because its a touch-controlled game aimed at multimedia devices means that it will be crap. Grow up and wait for some actual details about what kind of game it is and how it will play before you write it off, you pansy-assed insufferable stubborn jump-to-conclusion blowhards.

    You're supposed to be part of a group of people who are more enlightened about games because you collect information to make informed decisions about them. Not because you make idiotic and illogical generalizations based on virtually no information because you are butthurt that you can't always have games in exactly the form you want them to be.
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  • UK publisher asks for help releasing Devil Survivor 2

  • JinTypeNoir 01/08/2013

    C'mon Eurogamers everywhere! Help the devil survive! Please? Can I get some sympathy for the devil? Reply +7
  • Project Maiden is like Mega Man in reverse, where you lose your powers

  • JinTypeNoir 31/07/2013

    Sounds like a match maiden heaven! Reply +6
  • BioShock Infinite sells over 4 million copies

  • JinTypeNoir 31/07/2013

    "Let me ask you this: if five years from now Square-Enix was to shut down, go bankrupt, and sell off all it's assets much like THQ did, what would have to be considered the catalyst?"

    Don't be a ridiculous dumbass, you and everyone else who jumps to insane conclusions like this. It wasn't enough to sink them in the fiscal year it released (2010) and it wasn't enough to sink them in the two fiscal years when they pumped a shitload of money into it one of them (2011) a year when the game pretty much didn't bring in any revenue at all.

    And they did it because Final Fantasy is their biggest franchise, the pride of the entire company and saving its reputation is more important to their long term success than letting it take the hit would be. It's a commendable thing to do, especially coming clean and admitting it was a fuck up.

    The rest of your post about Tomb Raider is really regurgitating the silly logic that just about every major publisher recently is spewing -- it isn't localized to Square Enix.

    The reason people should be celebrating rather than bitching is because maybe next time we get a Bioshock Infinite we can Elizabeth on the cover. Maybe next time we can have a Bioshock Infinite that can feel comfortable being more adventure-oriented and less action-oriented. It's one big win for color, imagination, inspiration and intelligence. That's a good story, worth expounding on. Screw the rest.
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  • JinTypeNoir 31/07/2013

    Dude, harp on Square Enix's forecasts as much you want, but there is much LESS shame in pouring tons of man (and woman!) hours into fixing a mistake than letting it rest. And don't act like Final Fantasy XIV is the only thing they've got on the cards to help their profit line. You know very well there is more on the table than that.

    But mostly, why on Earth are you people using time that could be spent being positive about a genuinely intelligent and gripping game that managed the puncture the stigma of bad sales and sell well by jumping off into more negativity about a completely unrelated company?

    If I see any of the people who are going on about Square Enix in this thread post "Its a shame we don't see people taking time to acknowledge the few bright successes in this industry and let them shine as a beacon they are instead of getting mired in twitter wars and gossipy negativity" in some other comments section, I'm going to hit you with the hypocrite stick and its going to hurt.
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  • Fez 2 cancelled, Fish swims away from the game industry

  • JinTypeNoir 28/07/2013

    Why is Fez 2 canceled because Fish is acting like a dick? Wasn't Fez a team effort? What about the other creators? Also, given the other things he's said before that turned out not to be true, I think this might be a case of hasty reporting. I think there's a 50/50 chance this will amount to no more than a twitter tantrum.

    Actually, it's too bad, whatever that team can accomplish is probably better off without Fish anyway. It's kind of like how there are probably some very talented people at Silicon Knights getting a bad name due to Dyack, or some excellent minds behind Shadow Complex, who unfortunately get associated with Orson Shit Card.
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  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP has sold over 1.5 million units

  • JinTypeNoir 27/07/2013

    Proof that if you have "super" and "brothers" in the title, your game will sell! Let's hope the next Call of Duty isn't called Super Call of Duty Brothers. Reply +9
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters review

  • JinTypeNoir 25/07/2013

    @darkmorgado Why on earth would they try to acquire Level 5 when 90% of all their output ends up on their machines anyway? Level 5 already willingly does most of their stuff exclusively for Nintendo, so what's the point?

    Beside, I'm not sure you are away, but in terms of development teams, Level 5 is almost as big as the internal Kyoto Nintendo teams. Acquiring them would be...challenging to say the least.

    Also, Nintendo needs to work on acquiring overseas talent. They've got oodles and oodles of Japanese talent. They're overflowing it, but their Western talent is lacking in comparison.

    By the by, I recommend if you're the type who appreciates games no matter how long the experience is, or love the "short experience as game" type stuff, or if you've always wanted to play one of these types of games but haven't been able to because this is the very first game of its genre to be translated. Its hard to escape the feeling that its wasting a bit of its potential, when there is only one Friday to experience, but that doesn't make it any less of a quality experience.
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  • New Strider announced for PS4, Xbox One and current gen consoles

  • JinTypeNoir 19/07/2013

    @CamberGreber There was a real Strider 2 made internally at Capcom that bears no relation to the earlier one. And there was technically a Strider 3, although they couldn't call it that because of copyright reasons, but the original development team made it anyway and called it Osman/Cannon Dancer. I suggest it you look it up, if you don't know about it. It's pure Strider. It's insane. It's everything this game should be.

    And it will either cheer you up with its unbelievable creativity, or make you further depressed that it's so lacking these days.
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  • JinTypeNoir 19/07/2013


    It's not because its yet another example of a dodgy developer being asked to develop a game in a beloved franchise.

    It's not because the focus of the game seems to be changing from arcade action to exploration and action. It worked for Castlevania, it could work for Strider.

    It's all the stupid fucking blue and orange and "badass" music. Give me synth or give me death. Or at least give me colors and vibrancy, some sort of personality, some sort of uniqueness.

    Strider's a pretty humble franchise, beloved mostly because its just unassumingly fun, creative and wacky. The whole reason it should come back is to teach a lesson to the monochromatic, sleep-inducing zombification of aesthetics in action games.

    Color and sound, light and animation. Video games have a lot of great tools at their disposable, use them, you monumental dumbfucks.

    This and Wayforward's excellent-looking new Ducktales game make for such a brilliant contrast. Wayforward clearly seems to know what they're doing. Double Helix either buries anyone who has an ounce of vision or doesn't employ anyone with a drop of creativity.
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  • Wiird Channels

  • JinTypeNoir 06/07/2013

    Really, the 3DS has some of this surprise and weirdness to it as well. I love occasionally checking that graph thing that details your walking and gaming habits. Everyone is well aware how fun the various streetpass games are. The AR functions occasionally get a silly, fun campaign or update. The face raiders game is a great smile-generator the first time you play with 3D. The stop-motion editing movie suite and the mess-with-sound-files software are quirky and fun, and the photo editing has been there since the Gameboy Camera (a really hidden gem in terms untraditional sources of hilarious fun) and the DSi camera. Then there's free sharing software like the Swap Note and animation memo pads that can get quite addictive.

    Its probably impossible to say how much it contributes to the system's success, but my guess is that all this stuff just helps to differentiate the 3DS from other systems to an extent that it has such a clear identity as a fun machine.

    The only thing comparable to this is Miiverse on the Wii U. And its not like that isn't fantastic - it is - but they need more free, small cool things beside it. Super Google Brothers Maps and Panorama View need to be as accessible as Everybody Votes was.

    I'd much rather have these unique functions and the necessities to help with smooth gaming than all the extraneous Netflixes and Facebooks I can get on so many other devices. Gaming machines will never be able to keep with social networks and the way they evolve. But they can create their own little communities that make people want to come to them because they can't be found anywhere else.

    You cannot have the Streetpass experiences you can have with the 3DS on any other platform to near the same extent. That's exclusive to the 3DS. That's why a lot of people buy 3DSes. Back in the days of the Super Nintendo, if somebody had found out a way to allow IRC usage on it, it would be quite a technological breakthrough, but these days, nothing more than a small Youtube video people watch for a couple of minutes, say "Technology is amazing" and move on. However, people are still trying to emulate that Satellaview technology, because since then, there has never been anything like it again and there likely never will be. They want it because its unique. Nobody would be spending hours trying to figure out a way to get IRC to work on a SNES/SFC.
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  • Born slippy: the making of Star Fox

  • JinTypeNoir 04/07/2013

    It's a great article that provides some solid insight into the making of this legendary game, but some of the claims made by the people here strike me as awfully suspicious and could have done with some corroborating with the Nintendo. Iwata's Nintendo is not as closely guarded with their development secrets as Yamauchi's Nintendo was, so I'm pretty sure if the opportunity and situation was right, they'd be pretty forthcoming. As it is, I have a really hard time believing some of the claims here, because they sound a bit like boasting out of bitterness, which is a perfectly human thing to do, but not an entirely honest thing to do. Reply +3
  • A million registrations for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn beta

  • JinTypeNoir 02/07/2013

    No matter the fate of this game, one thing is for certain:

    One way or another, we're going to get a lot of good music out of it.
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  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD review

  • JinTypeNoir 28/06/2013



    You solve puzzles (mostly dialogue puzzles, but still puzzles). You navigate environments and explore them for clues. You can lose and have to start over. There is a game over scenario, but no multiple endings. There are no branches in the plot. You cannot continue the game until you solve a puzzle sometimes That is called an ADVENTURE GAME. It does not need to be PC point & click to be an adventure game.

    It may sound picky, but its quite important. These are not, in any way, shape or form, visual novels. They do not resemble visual novels as they exist now in any significant way. Calling them visual novels is misleading and leads those of us who are living over here, having to pull our hair out arguing against misguided people who get the wrong impression about these games because games writers are lazy. Don't say their visual novels and then say adventure games as if the two genres are the same thing. It's confusing and Phoenix Wright owes nothing to the visual novel genre whatsoever, so ditch that word entirely. It makes our life so difficult when we talk about games like Ghost Trick, 999, Hotel Dusk and others.

    Please, please, please make sure you know about a term before you go bandying it about lazily, so that we Japanese people can actually not have to fight uphill semantic battles when we talk about our games in English.

    Thank you, now all of you go out and buy Phoenix Wright ADVENTURE games, because they are awesome.
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  • In Animal Crossing, trust is a feeling rather than a commodity

  • JinTypeNoir 21/06/2013

    I guess I get to be the lone wolf who defends Yoshi's Island DS. A lot of that game was really weird and off-kilter in a way that Nintendo allows their games to be anymore, and I really liked that about it. While the beginning began as a kind of homage to the original, the game just got stranger and stranger as it went on.

    The gap between the screens was something I liked -- I really love it when games become subversive and do things you don't think they should do. I felt the same way when I played Super Mario USA and played the levels where you dug in the sand in the pyramids or had to ride the egg across the ice world to start the level -- a lot of those ideas felt like the Yoshi's Island DS between the gaps stuff.

    I guess I'm saying I like it best when games introduce some element that makes the player feel distinctly uncomfortable or get under their skin.

    I don't doubt that the invisible trust is there and also a great part of Nintendo's appeal, but I like even better the weirder, more unsettling Nintendo (the Nintendo of say, Freaky Forms Deluxe or Wario Ware, which are both so bizarre they give me headaches at times) who tells you he won't ever embarrass you in front of your friends and then proceeds to pull down your pants and run.
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  • Microsoft sticking with Xbox One Kinect requirement despite ditching DRM

  • JinTypeNoir 20/06/2013

    Oh come on, the "power of the cloud" is this generation's "blast processing." Reply +4
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS story mode won't be like Brawl, creator says

  • JinTypeNoir 17/06/2013

    @mr_bez That's not his argument. He's talking about how the cutscenes in Brawl were more like a reward for Nintendo fans than a story. I assume what he's getting at, is, in this age of content being posted to the Internet so quickly, if that's the main draw of the cutscenes, he's going to make them viewable easily instead of working for them and the story mode or whatever it is will operate off of some different dynamic.

    There was nothing about what he said where was arguing or implying anything about storylines in games and expanding his comments to mean that is quite frankly, a ridiculous interpretation.
    Reply +1
  • JinTypeNoir 17/06/2013

    Sounds smashing, bro. Reply -3
  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan on PS4, DRM and the next-gen console war

  • JinTypeNoir 12/06/2013

    @KnickKnack In Japan, you can get this information rather easily by paying the hefty sum of around 500 euros for a white paper. I've seen some of the statistics.

    It has confirmed for me that the second-hand market is vital, at least here in Japan. One factoid really hammered that in.

    According to the statistics Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 sold an extra million+ used copies on its already strong 3.5 million. Sure that's a lot of lost revenues.

    Until you look at Dragon Quest IX and see how it sold almost exactly a million MORE copies than VIII. I think a reasonable argument can be made that a good chunk of the extra new sales came from people who bought a used copy of VIII.
    Reply +18
  • Nintendo retreats into its shell at E3

  • JinTypeNoir 12/06/2013

    Oli, this is one of the finest and most spot-on E3 reaction articles I've ever read. A lot of your longer pieces that I'm sure you can take more time to write are great, but that the precision clarity of your words points to so much truth in such a reasonable fashion, when the tendency is let emotions force thinking off the train tracks at a high tension affair like E3...you truly deserve the title of wordsmith.

    Excellent, excellent article.
    Reply +44
  • Extended Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer contains some serious torture

  • JinTypeNoir 12/06/2013

    To borrow the Americans' ridiculous little pledge:

    I pledge allegiance to Kojima, of the United States of OMGWTFBBQ,
    And to the snake, for which it slithers, one badass motherfucker under Outer Heaven
    Insanity forever, with fuck awesome trailers for all.
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  • Xbox One headed to Asia in 2014, no ETA for Japan

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    @Psiloc Sorry, if its joke, I don't get it. Sorry, sorry.

    EDIT: Ah! Bat switch! Batto tsuicchi! OK! *thumbs up*

    One abbreviation for Xbone is X1 and in Japanese, that works out to Batsu (X) and Ichi (1). Batsuichi is also a common slang term for your first divorce or counting a mistake.

    Batsu can also mean punishment in Japanese. Crime and punishment is for instance, called Tsumi to Batsu in Japanese.
    Reply +5
  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    @faselei We celebrate Christmas. :(

    By toasting with our family that we don't have to put up with the Batsuichi! ;D
    Reply +3
  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    @Alcifer Oops, thanks. ^_^;;;; Fixed!

    Disclaimer: I may represent our attitude toward the Batsuichi, but please do not judge our fine nation's math skills by me.
    Reply +5
  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    As a Japanese citizen, let me represent my fellow gamers in this far eastern island by giving Microsoft a helpful math equation:

    The amount of fucks you give toward treating consumers with respect, dignity and good sense = the amount of fucks I give on whether you release your abortion of a console over here


    zero =

    the amount of fucks the Japanese gaming public can be assed to give.

    And we're Japanese, we fuck a lot. We're quite famous for it.
    Reply +39
  • Sony: PlayStation 4 will not restrict used games or force you to connect your console online

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    Hallelujah, baby! The way it should be! Reply +11
  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    I think I can hear Kaz laughing in his mecha suit behind the stage. Reply +1
  • The Witcher 3 confirmed for Xbox One, has optional Kinect commands, SmartGlass stuff

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    For a multitude of reasons, I'm not much of a fan of these series (real quick: don't like overly political plots in any game, really don't like a great deal of adult fantasy novels and really don't get on with their ideas of complexity), but their heart is always in the right place, which is refreshing to see. It makes a nice contrast to something like Dragon Age 3, with a clear vision and an excellent sense of identity.

    Notice how, as a trailer, both games have a lot of hypetalk that won't pan out and is just for show, but CD Project's gives you an idea who they are and what their aiming for, while Dragon Age 3 is all, "FANTASY DOOD, ITZ THE BOMB WHEN WE BOMB THE ORCZES!"

    It's curious though, that the company in charge of this so vehemently against all forms of DRM, but don't seem to have a problem showing it at the Microsoft or also releasing it on the Batsuichi.
    Reply -1
  • Crimson Dragon is now an Xbox One-exclusive

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    Yukio Futatsugi has never seemed, at least not from what I can read, all that sad that a great deal of his games seem to get these bum deals and low exposure, trapped behind all sorts of unfortunate conditions for the day. I am sad for him though. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age 3: Inquisition pushed back to autumn 2014, alongside The Witcher 3

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    You know, there is way to convey the portentous and mysterious, to unfurl in people's minds the idea of a vast fantasy conflict that still feels new and delicate to the touch, even though we've probably seen or played many times before, but this is not it.

    You need some originality. Some sort of original detail. Ripping off Lord of the Rings-style cinematic style narration and cuts while backing it up with mysterious anguished fantasy language wailing and nothing but empty, tell-nothing phrases and words means that while the finished game may have all sorts of next generation technology behind it, the thinking behind it is not even to the standards of the current generation.

    If the object of a trailer is sell a game, this backfired tremendously. Its so amateur, awful and bleedingly 15-year-old writing garbled purple prose shlock in the basement as their parents call for the last time to eat their dinner, it makes me not want to have ANYTHING with the series.
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  • Rare announces Killer Instinct for Xbox One

  • JinTypeNoir 11/06/2013

    Wow, I feel like at any moment, the voice over guy was going to rip off his shirt, jump through the Youtube player and try to kill me with his chest hair, all well drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. Reply +5
  • Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play PS3 exclusive

  • JinTypeNoir 10/06/2013

    Namco is Tekken us to the revolution, and it will be televised. Reply +7