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  • Dark Souls 2's weapon durability glitch fixed on PC

  • JeremyNSL 08/05/2015

    @Exceptional_leg It really depends on the weapons you use. On the Demon Greathammer I could only get Fume Knight down to 50% health before I had to switch to a different weapon.

    When I ran with katanas I carried 3 because of their poor durability. So for certain weapons this will be a huge annoyance lifted, but you'll still need to be careful as long fights could still cause weapon breaks.
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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

  • JeremyNSL 18/02/2015

    That video looks amazing! I'm so excited for this... I knew it would be a good game, with that team and that vision - but seeing it in action gives me goosebumps :)

    I'm also really impressed with the state of the graphics right now. The art and the engine look GREAT. Which is a bit of a surprise because Pillars of Eternity looks a bit dated in previews so far (I believe they share some of the same underpinnings)
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Halo 5 beta

  • JeremyNSL 06/01/2015

    what feels missing right now is a genuine game-changer - a truly revolutionary multiplayer Halo experience
    I love DF but Thomas - I think you may have had much too high expectations from a new Halo game's multiplayer suite. For the most part Halo fans are not itching for a total redesign here. In fact, some of the Halo games that did make the biggest multiplayer changes are the most criticized (Halo 4 in particular).

    There seems to be a running theme at DF here, criticizing next-gen games for not having next-gen gameplay. I'm really not sure that is appropriate at this time as next-gen gameplay hasn't really been defined. For example, after Mario 64 was released, we looked at games in a totally different way and it was apparent which games were lagging in the gameplay department. But that required an defining experience like Mario 64 being released first - knowing what we were missing.

    The new consoles don't really have that defining experience yet so all this clamoring for 'next-gen' gameplay seems empty and hollow. And it seems woefully misguided looking for it in Halo 5 - an iterative, conservative series if there ever was one.
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  • Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas: where death is a power-up

  • JeremyNSL 28/04/2014

    @Diazirine They have been tweaking balance for years already - first in private alpha,beta then the open beta.

    I'm sure they'll continue to do so, but from what I've heard their preferred method now of nerfing cards is to create a counter-card in an upcoming expansion
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins review

  • JeremyNSL 25/10/2013

    @Mugwum I am still in shock that you think Batman should carry a gun. Maybe I just have a poor sense of humour? Because it's a plain bizarre statement - somewhat unfathomable. I am by no means a superfan either... Reply +3
  • JeremyNSL 25/10/2013

    @rockavitch It's like saying Spiderman should be wearing a helmet - it's dangerous swinging around the city!

    Absolutely bonkers writing here EG. Doesn't sound like Tom has any interest in Batman - weird choice for a reviewer.
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  • In Theory: Can the Xbox One cloud transform next-gen gaming?

  • JeremyNSL 28/05/2013

    Truly excellent article David. This hype was unbelievable for most of us that have any type of tech background. Great job debunking it for the masses. Microsoft is trying to change the channel, politician-style, on it's performance deficit with the PS4. That's all... Reply -1
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic re-review

  • JeremyNSL 26/11/2012

    @IvorB I think one of the biggest fallacies is that gaming journalism is 'standardised'. Even if two reviews of the same (or similar) game are done on the same site - if its a different reviewer, why can't the scores be significantly different?

    Did you want Richard to attempt to somehow meld his opinions on the game with the original review? Wouldn't that be kind of bullshit journalism?

    So what we actually have here is two different reviews, with two very different scores, by two different writers. One might say, it could have been more useful to get Oli to write this re-review as well - but I'm not an editor at EG ;)
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  • The Walking Dead: Season One review

  • JeremyNSL 23/11/2012

    I want to preface my comment with the fact that I really don't care what numeric score EG gives The Walking Dead. 8 is fine by me.

    But I do take issue with the negative and dismissive tone in portions of Oli's review. Phrases like this game would make a "run-of-the-mill TV show", or the justification in the last paragraph that the game would not stand out if the rest of gaming storytelling was not so "impoverished" to begin with - are simply unfair and out of context.

    Game reviews are meant to be compared to other games. Whether or not a reviewer thinks the story compares well to a TV show or a movie isn't really relevant (though in this case I also disagree with that premise - The Walking Dead game compares extremely well across all media). Instead, its relevant how the story compares to its gaming peers. Oli himself admits that it "stands out" from other gaming storytelling.

    Oli has basically minimized the accomplishments of The Walking Dead with the justification that gaming storytelling is simply "impoverished". Really? Why have we not heard about that from gaming media ever before? Games with a narrative focus are constantly released with absolutely piss-poor stories and rarely much mention is given. So when a game like The Walking Dead does truly innovate gaming storytelling, its really disappointing for reviewers like Oli to use revisionist history to make it seem like this is a wholly expected and unremarkable occurrence. On the other hand -if the narrative in The Walking Dead game had storytelling good enough to make Oli realize the rest of the industry is totally out of step, I'd think a bit more credit is warranted.

    I fall into the latter category - this game has put into perspective just how lacking characters and writing are in games. I simply didn't know before. The Walking Dead made me feel something - other than just humor or raw excitement. I cannot remember the last game that did that. It is without a doubt my GOTY 2012, and I applaud the developers at Telltale for their amazing accomplishment in gaming storytelling.

    Bring on Season Two!
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