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  • Ubisoft: Our DRM will "evolve, improve"

  • Jdoki 09/04/2010

    I'm just moving house and gonna be without internet connection for about 3 weeks... So in that time I'm apparently not allowed to play some single player Ubisoft titles.

    Shame, I liked the look of Settlers 7.
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  • Champions Online

  • Jdoki 03/09/2009

    As a subscriber to CO I'll answer your pertinent and interesting questions, mkreku...

    17:50:44 PM I once saw Magneto lift New York City by himself in a comic. And I've seen Superman carry an oil tanker out of harms way on his shoulder in another. Are any of your game's superpowers of that scale? Or is it just another stale world (which you can't really interact with) and generic enemies (dressed in spandex to cover this fact up) that you have to grind through using slot based attacks (that you have no real time control over)? Be honest.

    INDEED I feel like a superhero. I once assisted, Defender, the greatest Superhero in Millennium City defeat an entire invasion of enemies by... turning on a computer in a control room! You don't get more super heroic than that! I have also developed my index and middle finger to heroic proportions from spamming slot based skills.

    17:30:33 PM Are you jealous of Blizzard as they're sitting on their huge mountain of money bags?

    Who isn't! But this game isn't about making piles of cash, it's about giving a balanced, fair, interesting, original, innovative experience to the player base. One where every Event runs like clockwork, and they never make knee jerk changes to the game because of a whiny minority

    17:15:50 PM Everyone would love to be a super hero! But if everyone is a super hero, no-one is a super hero since that's what's normal in that world. What have you done to address this dilemma and make the "heroes" distinguish themselves?

    I feel individual and special and different from everyone because the biggest part of the entire game is the character creator. Also because no one can afford to Retcon/Respec everyone is locked in to the terrible decisions they made in the first 10 levels of the game, making everyone unique... and annoyed.

    17:12:11 PM If you were to suddenly turn your MMO into a single player experience, do you think you have a story-line in there strong enough to support such a change? Most MMO's don't. And most MMO's fail. Am I onto something here?

    Alien invasions? Hello!

    17:10:20 PM One thing that amazes me is that out of all these failed MMO's, they all had roughly the same monthly rate ($15). And they all went under without even trying to lower the rate! Would it not be possible to run a MMO at a monthly rate of, let's say, $5? Of course, for WoW, that would mean they'd only make ONE billion a month..

    This game doesn't rely on a monthly subscription, it simply makes offers to the community - let's say, something like a lifetime subscription - Then it suddenly yanks said offer to create hordes of rabid gamers desperate to throw money at something they were never going to buy until they were told they couldn't have it!

    17:04:57 PM Does the world in Champions Online stream seamlessly (like in World of Warcraft) or is it composed of zones with loading times between them (as in Conan)?

    When graphics are THIS good, streaming is just a dream... A dream fulfilled by better programmers. However, the loading screens are packed with handy hints, and give a nice moments respite from the SUPER HERO action. They don't impact on immersion at all!

    17:01:41 PM Does the world really need yet another MMO?

    Did the world really need Superman?
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  • Jdoki 03/09/2009


    Yeah, I'm a puny Gadgeteer, and often take on multiple enemies. It's pretty cool being able to fight a battle and handle any Add's as well. Setting off the Orbital Laser with Anvil upgrade is just fantastic (I sense a nerf coming for it - it's far too... super powered!)
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  • Batman: Arkham Asylum slips on PC

  • Jdoki 06/08/2009

    Agreed. Just played the PS3 demo myself. Was pleasantly surprised how much fun it is.

    Only downside to me is the use of the Unreal engine. Has that plasticy look of Gears of War, and rather static environments. Developers need to give Epic the finger and move on to better engines and middleware solutions.
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  • Overlord II

  • Jdoki 23/06/2009

    Underwhelming year for gaming so far? Bit of a blanket statement that.

    Guess you don't own a PS3! Been an awesome year so far... Started with Killzone 2, then Valkyria Chronicles. Just finished inFamous. Import copy of Demons Souls is amazing. Tonnes of Burnout DLC. Couple of solid PSN games like Burn Zombie Burn.

    PS3 has barely been turned off since Jan; and as much as I loved the first Overlord game, I'll be holding off buying the sequel until I've finished all the other games (2nd play through of inFamous; Persona 3 and 4 to finish on PS2).
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • Jdoki 02/06/2009

    I was seriously hoping that Ninty showed some interesting titles... But no, my Wii gathers more dust (although Metroid may be cool).

    MS had a fairly mediocre showing. Not enough games, too much focus on how they will infiltrate the living room. The Natal stuff was cool but uninspiring, and the BS Peter Molyneaux was spouting was a joke. Once again MS proved the best they can do it leech desirable games from Sony and make them multi-platform - Great if you only own a 360, but rubbish if you own a PS3 as well.

    Sony just nailed it for me. Even though most of stuff was already known, they still had a few surprises, like Final Fantasy XIV! But what impressed me most is that Sony do not seem to be going for a land grab of the casual market, and there was no desperation in their conference (unlike MS). It was solid 'Business as Usual' and the PS3 continues to pick up steam.

    And Jack Tretton wins E3 for being the most personable front man!
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  • Savage Moon

  • Jdoki 26/01/2009

    Not having a demo is stupid. But I bought this because I like Tower Defence style games.

    It's fantastic, but some levels are bastard hard!
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  • You're In The Movies

  • Jdoki 09/12/2008

    Looks like the Sony EyeToy dude was on the money when he said 'There's no fuckin way in hell that piece of shit game will work'.

    Turns out he was right, although he may not have used those exact words... but I knew what he meant!
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  • PS3 wireless keypad gets date, price

  • Jdoki 18/11/2008

    Does anyone know the following:

    Does this use the mini USB port on the controller for power/connectivity - or simply clip on to the controller.

    I'm assuming it uses the mini USB port, but it would be handy if it could be used separately, or tethered via a USB cable.

    Was just wondering as I like the lightweight SIXAXIS / DS3 and not keen to add bulk to it; also wondering if battery life is impacted much.
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  • Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Jdoki 27/10/2008

    The one thing GH and Rock Band reviews never seem to take in to account is the 'feel' of playing the game.

    For me the single biggest factor is the Rock Band note patterns feel much more in tune with the song than Guitar Hero 3's.

    I'm pretty shoddy at guitar games in general, but I can play on hard mode in Rock Band because it feels more natural - Guitar Hero 3 got it all wrong in my opinion, and nothing in the review really addresses that aspect in GH WT.
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  • LittleBigPlanet beta keys all gone!

  • Jdoki 23/09/2008

    Awesome... Just downloading it now! Reply 0
  • Dyack hits out at so-called trilogies

  • Jdoki 06/04/2008

    I think his points are spot on.

    Games/films which were not originally intended to be spread over a trilogy are generally sub-standard.

    Take Pirates of the Caribbean... The first one did really well at the box office, so suddenly two more are commissioned, which turn out to be shite. Same for the Matrix. Commercial success of the first one leads to another two which are quickly cobbled together. It's a marketing wet dream!! Even if the second one turns out crap, they can still push the 'amazing climax to the trilogy' in the final film.

    Stuff that is written from day one to span more than one film/game is generally better conceived and constructed. Lord of the Rings is a perfect example.
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  • E3: David Reeves Talks PS3

  • Jdoki 13/07/2007

    What a load of rubbish!

    So in the US they have a choice of 80GB HDD version to compensate for losing 22% backward compatibility.


    A 60GB unit with almost 100% backward compatibility for a lower price.

    What does Europe get... shafted!!

    He basically admitted that we'll get an 80GB version as soon as supply of the 2.5" drives improves, and that there will be another announcement regarding the price (or 'value') of the PS3 in October. That really makes me want to run out and stump up the money for the fabulous 'Starter pack'!

    Hopefully whatever Sony does in October it involves a price cut rather than some other crappy bundle deal.
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  • E3: No PS3 price cut for Europe

  • Jdoki 13/07/2007

    This just seems like an effort on Sony's part to shift old stock.

    Both Motorstorm and Resistance have sold enough to be out on budget sooner rather than later. The other choices of game (F1, Genji) don't have a huge appeal, and didn't they get rather poor reviews?

    Then they throw in an obsolete controller, no doubt to clear inventory before the SIXAXIS with rumble launches.

    Wow, what a great deal. Isn't it great to be a European gamer!
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  • Sony E3 conference roundup

  • Jdoki 12/07/2007

    It seems the new E3 is as much for the investors and shareholders as for the gaming public. They all focused on the short-term and none of them announced anything major. Perhaps the E3 organisers gave the companies some specific parameters to adhere to.

    It makes me think that the TGS and/or specific events like Microsofts X0_ will be where the big announcements come from.

    From the conferences I think:
    - MS came out on top in terms of games, purely because so much good stuff coming before Xmas. I thought they needed one big surprise annuncement though.

    - Sony had the biggest announcements overall and gave me a bit of hope that buying one will one day be a good idea! Although the Haze and Unreal annoucements were a bit 'so what' (I was disappointed with the Haze footage - a.n.other generic FPS) it was nice to see the PSP revamp. I was also a bit annoyed with the whole 'this can only be done on PS3 line'. It's getting tired.

    KZ2 didn't wow me at all, the footage wasn't as good or better than E305 and the game looked horribly generic... dontcha just love bad guys who stand still while you shoot them! The NCSoft deal is exciting as I liked City of Heroes and love Guild Wars.

    - Nintendo was OK, probably great if you're an overweight gamer with agrophobia (wow, I don't need to leave my house and go for a run or to the gym to get fit!), or someone obsessed with firearms!

    If I was to mark the conferences out of 10, compared to last years E3..

    MS 5.5
    Sony 6.0
    Nintendo 5.0

    In terms of what I could be playing in the short term.

    MS 9
    Sony 6/7
    Nintendo 5/6 depending on whether the release dates are Worldwide or just US.
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  • Microsoft E3 conference roundup

  • Jdoki 11/07/2007

    The more I think about the conference the more I respect the approach MS have taken.

    Few of the AAA titles Sony will show will be out in 07, and many will be mid/late 08 at best.

    Big deal... Sony wins E3, but as a 360 gamer I win this Xmas! :)

    Arguably the biggest title (or maybe most important) Sony will show is Killzone 2, a game coming in 08 and has been been getting a mixed response.

    Sure, I'd have loved a massive announcement like MGS 4 on 360 or an exclusive Final Fantasy RPG, but they could be saving some news for the next X0 event; or maybe MS are just happy with where they are right now in the market. Lets not forget, regardless of RRoD and other woes they are currently the market leader this generation.

    Also, I don't understand the whole 'Xbox360 only has shooters and racing games' whinge.

    Right now I'm really enjoying Overlord and Carcasonne, and loved Viva Pinata, Dead Rising, and Command and Conquer 3. That may only be five titles, but could they be any further from shooters or racing? One is exclusive, and I don't see the other's on the PS3.

    Chuck in a load of great XBLA titles and you have a phenomenal mix of game types out right now, and a line-up set to really expand THIS year.

    If this E3 proves anything it's that MS has all the bases covered up until Xmas at least.

    So what genres are we really talking about? What's missing?

    There's no doubt I'll pick up a PS3, but right now it looks more likely that E3 '08 may be a better time to pick one up.
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  • Jdoki 11/07/2007

    I was really hoping for at least one megaton new announcement. So despite all the great games coming soon I felt a little disappointed.

    However I can console myself in the fact that as an owner of a 360 the rest of this year looks awesome for games I want to play. Mass Effect is the big game for me, and it just looks better and better. Roll on November!

    But I think MS left the door open for Sony to steal the show. As long as Killzone 2's graphics look better than Gears of War the Sony fanboys won't care if everything Sony shows is for 2009/10 and onwards.

    There always has to be some sort of post-mortem for E3 to ascertain a 'winner'. Unless Sony and Nintendo have nothing to show I don't think MS will come out on top.
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  • E3: Sony meant to set Killzone expectations high - Harrison

  • Jdoki 11/07/2007

    I hope Killzone 2 lives up to expectations. Nothing GG has done before has been much good, so other than fancy pants graphics this game has a lot to prove in terms of gameplay.

    I'm not sure I like the message Sony is delivering... We all know the story....

    E305, they show amazing pre-rendered footage
    Sony get busted for showing pre-rendered BS
    Now Sony come out saying they intended to do that all along.

    It's starting to smack of overconfidence again, just when they seemed to have learned their lesson. I bet there's been a lot of sweating at Sony while they waited to see if GG have been able to deliver!

    KZ2 seems to be have become this albatross round the PS3's neck... If KZ2 looks and plays great then Sony wins... if it does not come up to scratch the the PS3 is doomed. There are so many other games in the pipeline from more established developers that seem to get less coverage. KZ2 wouldn't even make it on my Most Wanted list.
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  • Only epics should cost 40 quid - Charles Cecil

  • Jdoki 24/05/2007

    By 'epic' I can only guess he means epic development budget!! :)

    There was nothing epic about Gears except the name of the developer.

    I'm all for a variable pricing scale, but measuring a products relative worth is pretty hard. For some people Katamari on the 360 may be the pinnacle of gaming and worth every penny of it's (probable) 39.99 price tag.
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  • Marvel heroes go online

  • Jdoki 17/05/2007


    The Marvel MMO is being developed by Cryptic (who make City of Heroes/Villains).

    I have a feeling this deal is fallout from Marvel taking Cryptic to court over the charcter similarities in CoH (otherwise, why would they want to make a game that competes directly with their aging CoH franchise)?

    The Marvel TCG game is pretty good. I've been playing the US version for a while. It's just a huge shame they couldn't have incorporated the DC VS cards, or maybe released two versions (like the old Capcom / SNK versions of CardFighters Clash).
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  • PS3 "too big" - Parappa creator

  • Jdoki 15/05/2007

    The exact same comments came up when the original Xbox launched in Japan. It's just too big!

    Obviously that's not the only reason though...
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  • XBL: Catan, Centipede, Millipede

  • Jdoki 02/05/2007

    Why no demo for Catan?

    I've never played the board game and would like to try before I buy! MS could be missing out on 800 points here!

    Might have to go and hunt the PC version down on MSN...
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  • C&C3 demo on Live today

  • Jdoki 19/04/2007

    ...still not there... Reply 0
  • Boom Boom Rocket

  • Jdoki 13/04/2007

    This game may deserve a 7/10, but judging by the demo it's a 4 or 5/10 from me.

    Is this a fair judgment? Who cares! If EA want to release an uninspiring demo then they won't get a purchase form me. Eurogamer could have given the game 10/10 and I still wouldn't have bought it on the strength of the demo.

    And someone really needs to make an XBLA version of Fantavision.
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  • Expect more Viva Pińata

  • Jdoki 13/02/2007

    Now, if only they could get some sort of Xbox360 / Nintendo DS crossover going... be kinda cool to be able to upload a garden from the DS and continue playing it on 360 and visa versa... :)

    I'm sure it'd shift a few 360's in Japan as Viva on DS would really suit that market...
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  • Bizarre finally tackles Grid Wars

  • Jdoki 17/08/2006

    This seems ridiculous to me.

    Grid Wars 2 looks similar enough to Geometry Wars for Bizzare to exert it's copyright. Fine.

    However it plays differently enough that I wonder that if Grid Wars changed its graphics style would Bizzare still have a leg to stand on?

    If yes, then surely it could be claimed that Geometry Wars is similar enough to Robotron that it infringes on that game.

    What about all the other 'clones', rip-offs and 'influences', we've seen over the years.

    How many variants of Space Invaders have their been?

    Could Nintendo claim that almost every 3D platformer plays similarly enough to Super Mario 64 that they infringe on their copyright?

    Seems to me that Bizzare are gearing up to release a PC version of Geometry Wars, and is making sure nothing gets in the way.
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  • Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive demoed

  • Jdoki 08/08/2006

    There's a couple of things bugging me about the HD-DVD drive. I guess its just the techie side of me...

    1. If the 360 is doing the output and processing, how is the data getting in to the 360? I assume the drive is connected via USB, but I thought that the transfer rate of USB 2.0 was nowhere near high enough for HD playback.

    2. Does the unit require an extra PSU or does it have a passthrough adapter to leech off the 360's main supply? (Another PSU would be annoying).

    3. If we are to believe the stories it appears that HDCP will not be implemented for many years (hence why the PS3 has a model with no HDMI interface) - but the delay in implementing copy protection was not universally accepted and some studios may implement the security token sooner - does this mean the drive may not play back some discs, or has MS managed the (apparently) impossible and sorted out an HDMI connection?
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  • XBL Arcade titles every week?

  • Jdoki 26/07/2006

    Sofalover... you hit the nail on the head! Reply 0
  • Forza E3 demo in-game

  • Jdoki 05/06/2006

    I always find these 'driving sim' labels a bit weird. GT and Forza are nothing like driving a real car, and for me a game is all about escapism and being presented with things I can not do or experience in real life.

    Playing Forza had to be one of the most boring experiences I have had in gaming. I want to like Forza, just as I loved GrannyTourismo up until GT4 which just compounded my boredom for this genre.

    And why are people so excited about the graphics? I normally play using a bonnet or bumper cam and when you've seen one race track you've seen them all.

    If they want to push the graphics they need to lock off the frame rate at 60 or 30 and work on the important stuff like damage models, dust/smoke/gravel, creating interesting tracks that are fun and challenging to drive - not motion blur and HDR.

    And to suggets the AI in Forza was good... well words fail me - the best I can say is, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the GT series!
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  • ATI exec talks Wii chip

  • Jdoki 05/06/2006

    Yeah, know what you mean.

    I used to work IT support for a University. One of the Professors INSISTED he have IBM ViaVoice software bought in so he could dictate notes to it. The Prof had such a thick foreign accent that the software never worked above 50% accuracy - he always blamed the software!

    I have used Dragon Naturally speaking with 98+% accuracy - but I doubt that the Wii will require such sophistication - I suspect it'll be stuff like back, forward, Home and only be there as an extra method of naviagtion rather than a necessity.
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  • Jdoki 05/06/2006

    once again @ Smelly

    Hello Wii

    Wii:- Hello -generic and probably offensive GamerID-

    I'd like some porn please

    Wii:- Ok, how much?


    Wii:- You're going to need a bigger memory card please contact Nintendo on 1-800 PORN-ATE-MY-MEM-CARD

    Hopefully it'll just give us more options using the browser - I find it pretty painful using the PSP's soft keyboard, so a combo of voice commands and gesture controls should make things better.

    Nintendo have dabbled in voice recognition before I believe - wasn't the Japanese release of Hey You Pikachu! voice controlled?
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  • Jdoki 05/06/2006


    I guess Nintendos recent announcement of a speaker in the Wiimote, and the rumour of a mic in there as well show Nintendo may still have a few tricks up its sleeve. Here's hoping they keep on coming!

    Slightly off topic - To those who keep mentioning that a speaker is a mic - it's true, but I don't believe a speaker can can work as a duplex device - i.e. you can hear people at the same you speak to them. A speaker/mic is simplex... which is one of the reasons walkie talkies (with one speaker/mic) require you to press a button to transmit and let go to receive. That's why the Wiimote would need a speaker AND A mic for VoIP transmission.

    Also, after the announcement that the Wii would use Opera as its browser I installed the PC version to have a look... lo and behold one of the options is voice control... interesting... very interesting....!
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  • Jdoki 05/06/2006

    I've kept away from the whole Wii specs debate, as I really don't care. The Wii is on my shopping list for first day release as Nintendo has never disappointed me before.

    But here's my wild speculation...

    I recall that there was some talk about the Wii (nee Revolution) having a dedicated PPU - but as I've heard nothing since I guess it was just rumour?

    Anyway... If the ATI dude is hinting at there being 'something else' to the Wii grfx chip the only thing I can guess at is that if the Wii does not have a separate PPU (which is likely to keep costs down) it may have some funky dedicated physics routines hardwired in to the GPU.

    It's speculation and probably a load of rubbish - but wouldn't some sort of advanced physics ability compliment the Wiimote style of control extremely well? (Picking stuff up, throwing things, bashing things etc etc)
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  • Japanese gamers want Wii

  • Jdoki 30/05/2006

    IIRC in similar surveys Japanese gamers were also hugely excited about the Gamecube when that was announced... didn't make a particularly big dent in Sony's Playstation 2 sales...

    What people say and what people do are totally different things.

    Nothing would please me more than seeing Sony get taken down a peg or two - don't get me wrong, I'll be getting a PS3 at some point, but Sony have begun to show the sort of arrogance that lost Nintendo it's market leader position all those years ago - and look who was there to captialise...
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  • Big N not splashing for Wii.com

  • Jdoki 30/05/2006

    Ok, so this is pretty weak news (although I like the title - splashing... wii... geddit!? - will we ever accept wii as the name???), but I can't imagine why Nintendo wouldn't want the domain.

    Both nintendods.com and gamecube.com redirect to nintendo.com pages, so why wouldn't they want wii.com? (although I notice that gameboy.com uses it's own domain)

    Surely, even if they are not going to use it directly for their marketing they know that a lot of people looking for information may just type www.wii.com

    Microsoft went to great lengths to secure xbox.com - I really couldn't imagine going to microsoft.com/xbox or whatever.

    By the way Playstation3.com doesn't currently go anywhere - perhaps proving once and for all that the PS3 is vapourware, and those Sony E3 demos were actually running on Xbox360's! :-)
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  • Sam & Max

  • Jdoki 16/05/2006

    As someone who has played the original countless times (I even had it on 3.5" floppy disc before they re-released it with speech on CD), those voices sound a bit off.

    If I remember correctly the LucasArts trailer for the new version (the one that got canned) had voices that sounded much more like the original (maybe even the same voice talent), so perhaps Telltale wasn't able to use the original guys.
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  • Exclusive: Tabula Rasa

  • Jdoki 02/05/2006

    Looks like a cross between Planetside and Phantasy Star Online if you ask me. No bad thing if it is!

    Been looking forward to this one since it was an MMORPG, now I believe it's more of an MMOFPS with RPG elements.
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  • PSP devs must stop making excuses, says Daxter dev boss

  • Jdoki 13/03/2006

    The problem with the PSP has been that it's taken far too long for good games to surface. Remember, the PSP appeared in December 2004 (in Japan)... and I'm still waiting for a good RPG!!

    Personally I think that I wasted money buying a PSP so early (I bought it on release foolishly). The cons far outweigh the pros... horrible load times and poor battery life being my biggest issues. This negative experience has tainted my view of the machine - so now nothing really appeals as I already have the preconception that even if the game is great I'll only get a couple of hours at a time to play it, and will probably spend most of that time waiting for the game to load!

    I bought a DS a couple of months back and I play it a lot more - I'm completely console agnostic and I'll always buy what appeals... Wipeout Pure, Virtua Tennis, Lumines and Ridge Racer appealed... out of those the only one I would consider playing now is Lumines.

    Daxter kinda appeals because I like the PS2 games - but that's where the real problem lies... will Daxter be good enough to make me think 'Wow, that was at least as good as Jak 1, 2 or 3' - or will I end up thinking.. 'Wow, isn't the PSP's screen nice' which seems to be most peoples reaction to the handheld.

    I just don't think that developers 'get' the fact that handheld games should play and be executed differently to PS2 games.
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  • Nintendo patents new DS?

  • Jdoki 28/02/2006

    Looks to me like Nintendo considered dual point touch screens, but probably due to cost decided not to go ahead with it in the DS.

    Companies patent loads of stuff 'just because it might come in useful one day'.

    If they had wanted to release the DS with dual point screens then they'd have just slapped 'pat pending' on it - companies don't have to wait for their patent to be approved before using the tech.
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  • Microsoft suffers big fat loss

  • Jdoki 27/01/2006

    This has probably been covered elsewhere, but I just can't get over MS's statement that they would ship 3million X360's in the first 90 days.

    As someone who worked in logisitics for a rather large electronics manufacturer, I just can't see how they got it so wrong.

    Normally when forecasting sales / manufacturing / distribution etc you can get it fairly close - even allowing for BS'ing from suppliers. But to be 1.5 million out is pretty amazing... I'd have been interested to see if MS could actually have fulfilled that claim if the 3million 360's had been available.
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  • Hackers decode X360 discs, but copy-protection remains intact

  • Jdoki 28/12/2005

    Although this thread appears to have died around the 22nd Dec, I wanted to get my opinions down.

    Regardless of peoples opinions on 'shit games', the industry or whatever justification they have for pirating games... the fact is that it's stealing. Piracy occurs because it's easy and fairly anonymous.

    My next point relates to the 360 and the PSP. Sony appears to have been fairly successfull at keeping up with potential security problems by updating the firmware... I'm wondering if Microsoft might try a similar tactic...
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  • Quake 4

  • Jdoki 10/12/2005

    While this is a disappointing conversion, I think there's still a place in the market for a 'no-frills' FPS. I played Quake 4 on PC, and it made a nice change to just run and gun mindlessly. After battling through F.E.A.R on PC and now playing Perfect Dark Zero on the 360 I can appreciate the simplicity of Quake 4.

    I think the big problem comes from the expectations. Quake was a genre defining game for those old enough to remember it :) So I guess many people were expecting the same again.

    As for the conversion - I think 6/10 is generous from technical point of view, but accurate from a gameplay point of view.
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  • Nintendo Revolution Controller photos

  • Jdoki 16/09/2005

    Adds massive potential for interesting new games. Just need to think a bit outside the box with this. The ability to sense motion/angle etc opens up fantastic gaming opportunities.

    However, I see this as potentially Nintendo's finest and perhaps final hour in consoles. It's such a massive step away from what MS and Sony are doing that it could fall flat on it's face.

    The controller is too different to appeal to some gamers (like the previous poster Corben, who doesn't seem to quite get it), and may not appeal enough to non-gamers - which seems to be Nintendo's new market focus.

    Personally I can't wait to own a Revolution!
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  • FFXI needs X360 HDD?

  • Jdoki 25/08/2005

    It appears the definition of 'casual gamer' has been lost on some people here... it would appear that some see 'casual gamer' as being the same as 'tight-fisted enthusiast who expects something for nothing'.

    FFXI is not a game for the casual player. It requires a huge investment of time to get any payback, it also requires a monthly subscription - these are not factors that fall in to the casual gamer category.

    So MS have got it on the money... games for enthusiasts require the the enthusiast version.

    Is it creating a multi-tiered market? Maybe, but nothing MS or Squeenix are doing is excluding anyone - any player who wants to play FFXI has the option of buying the HD later, or the more expensive console pack in the first place.

    If cost is too much a factor, well, that's tough luck.

    The core pack is a great option for those with a little interest in gaming, or like some of the added features the 360 will offer, it's for the type of people who want to buy 'little johnny' a cool Xmas gift - remember, that it's not just the cost of the console, there's games on top, and for the casual gamer the core pack, a game and a memory unit may be all they want to splash out on initally.
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  • MS' Halo film demands

  • Jdoki 08/06/2005

    Good on MS! Nice to see a company actually taking care of it's IP's. Would make a change to see a decent game to film production rather than the useless drivel we've been subjected to... Street Fighter, Resident Evil,... Reply 0