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  • Watch us complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just 10 minutes

  • Jayja 18/03/2014

    The thing is whether a speedrun is done using glitches and the like, or just playing the game to the finish in the shortest time possible. If a game like this can be finished in 10 minutes doing the latter, then that is worthy of note.... Reply +5
  • How to install an Xbox One controller on your PC

  • Jayja 13/03/2014

    @technotica Me too. That horrid d-pad on the 360 controller. And the asymmetric sticks. Yuck.
    Main thing, people, is that we have a choice! So if you like the Xbox controllers you can use those, and if you like the Playstation ones, you can use those instead.
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  • Jayja 13/03/2014

    @arcam Yes, if it works the same way as I have my DS3 set up. Games think it is a 360 controller.
    EDIT: at least you CAN make it work that way. Depends how you set it up.
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  • The making of Red Faction

  • Jayja 09/03/2014

    That and Red Faction Guerrilla were great. Red Faction 2 was ok but they obviously had a different focus for that one, like Hollywood voice acting...
    Played them all recently and the older ones are still good fun.
    They should forget about Armageddon and make a sequel to Guerrilla where you can still roam the surface.
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  • Borderlands 2 getting Mad Moxxi Valentine's Day DLC

  • Jayja 05/02/2014

    @TeaFiend But the Hodunks' extended family was their own family... hyuck hyuck *sound of banjo* Reply +4
  • Nvidia G-Sync review

  • Jayja 25/01/2014

    What would be cool is if you mentioned that AMD have done this in software for laptops with their chips and that it's actually accounted for in the Displayport spec and shouldn't need any proprietary crap from either side... hardware triumph my arse. (I think I saw this discussed at PC Perspective but I don't remember).
    Just for the record I don't bat for a particular side. I buy from either one depending on what hits the sweet spot at that time (no childish sexual innuendo please...)
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  • As console ban lifts, China reveals "hostile" games block

  • Jayja 13/01/2014

    @Bluetooth Actually China was NOT an open nation. Foreigners managed to abuse the country not because they were allowed in but because they forced themselves in. For hundreds of years China felt certain in its natural superiority and tradition. It was complacent and Chinese society and technological advancement stagnated. The Chinese had disdain for othe nations. The farther away from China, the more barbaric. And I don't know where you heard that crap about Romans causing green eyes in China. It's not true either. Reply 0
  • Letter from America: Yo Doom! You's old

  • Jayja 15/12/2013

    @ansionnach For what you say about Gog, that only applies to the Dos games. Windows releases are reworked, and often very badly needed to be (e.g. Outcast, Anachronox). Wish Fallout 3 would get a release there!
    And for the Dos games, it is simple to take the files and make them work for other platforms.
    Some nit-picking on your nit-picking. :)
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  • Taking games seriously

  • Jayja 01/12/2013

    @HotCoffee I agree with a lot of that, especially the academic nonsense. I work in a university so I know it too well. Luckily it's not ALL like that. :) Reply +1
  • Jayja 01/12/2013

    Taking games seriously is one thing, but some people already take them too seriously. There's one website in particular that's a bit notorious for that (that is, pseudo-intellectual games analysis), rightly or wrongly.
    And then there's the people who think that anything in a game that doesn't accord with their world-view needs to be shouted at in an attempt at social engineering....
    Games can be funny, intelligent, immersive or whatever they want to be without necessarily being taken 'seriously'. And that's the way I'd like it.
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  • Donate to Philippines relief campaign and EVE devs will do ridiculous things

  • Jayja 27/11/2013

    @spongebob Charities have said on previous occasions (e.g. Boxing Day tsunami) they would like money, not volunteers. Because money is what they need. This is just a small gesture to encourage people to give what charities actually need. Reply +3
  • Blizzard dev apologises for "poor response" to female character design question

  • Jayja 25/11/2013

    I only quickly browse RPS nowadays. And I never bother commenting on articles there. Never have. The attitude of John Walker and Nathan Grayson in particular is pretty poor. For example, I remember Walker calling someone 'c*ntish' who disagreed with him on something involving women in games (pretty hypocritical reference to female anatomy, and I'm no feminist but I strongly dislike the word). And he wrote some nonsense about racism saying people in Bath, UK are so white they're afraid to spill red wine on themselves. Seriously! The irony...
    Anyway, don't get me started.
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  • Should Torment Numenera be turn-based or real-time with pause?

  • Jayja 22/11/2013

    I know it's not really practicable and would be hard to make work well, but it might be good to get a choice in the game to either let it run realtime or stop and issue orders in turn. I guess the closest parallel to that would be Fallout 3, where it's either normal shooter or enter VATS mode if you want (yeah, you could call that RTwP but it's the closest!)

    Anyway, I liked both styles in the old RPGs so they should just choose the one they believe is right.
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  • Xbox One controller prototypes included smell, projector devices

  • Jayja 19/11/2013

    @ZuluHero Some text adventures had scratch'n'sniff. I even think (but don't quote me on it) that some books had done it too. Every so often it gets brought up for movies and cinemas. Some theme parks had it (I experienced it once - environmental presentation about pollution. It stank!)
    Hardly original idea, but I think most people realised it was pretty stupid to make it a 'feature' :)
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time retrospective

  • Jayja 27/10/2013

    Don't freak on me, Zelda fans, because it's just my honest opinion, but after buying a Gamecube to play this, I spent 20 hours on it and gave up out of utter boredom. I don't see what is so great about it. :/ Reply -21
  • The trouble with female protagonists, and the influence of J.J. Abrams: Introducing Velocity 2X

  • Jayja 22/10/2013

    @Genius Well, a Google search finds a LOT of games. The Wikipedia entry has tons.
    There are heaps I didn't mention. (e.g. Portal! Resident Evil! Syberia! some people's favourite games of all time).
    And it's not the number of games that really matters. Total up SALES for those. Sure, games with males sell heaps. Hardly surprising, even if you leave out COD, GTA (games I personally have no interest in). Why not?
    But if one can make huge sales with female protagonists it shows there is no real issue in mainstream humanity, just maybe with some weirdoes hitting their keyboards on Youtube and similar comment threads. 'Woman make sandwich hehehe *grunt* *grunt*'

    EDIT: sorry to go on about it but there is also maybe a problem with the perception that there is a problem. Game company executives can have huge influence (i.e. interference). If they merely suspect a female protagonist might have an impact on sales (i.e. PROFIT), then they'd say screw artisitic integrity and reason, just make people play as a dude!
    Anyway, big topic, lots could be said...
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  • Jayja 22/10/2013

    They're using what a YOUTUBE COMMENTER said to make a point about female protagonists?
    Well, no problem there, no sirry bob... completely representative... no-one likes or plays Tomb Raider, Metroid, Bayonetta, Dreamfall, No One Lives Forever, Beyond Good and Evil, female characters in Borderlands, Left4Dead, Mass Effect, etc. Nope. And in Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit they skip those parts (somehow)...
    Yup, female protagonists real problem...
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  • The man you've killed the most

  • Jayja 20/10/2013

    Been a fan ever since Sands of Time. I always look for his name in game credits. Reply +11
  • Letter from America

  • Jayja 14/10/2013

    @Jaz_Rignall Interesting article, thanks.
    Good to hear bits of history.
    I agree with you on the Dualshock. Perfect for my hands. Gamecube was ok from memory. I do not get along with the 360 pad at all. The SNES pad was hardly ergonomic but my hand bones seemed to mutate and adapt. Don't even remember the Sega ones and any others I used. So long ago...
    Good memory you have! :)
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  • Assassin's Creed 4 director wants to take the series to ancient Egypt

  • Jayja 12/10/2013

    @AnsemsApprentice I'm not sure about that 'recent evidence' but there definitely was some. I'm not quibbling, just going from my own knowledge. I'd be interested in any references.
    I'm an historian but Egypt is not my field, except tangentially and somewhat later.
    Slavery was very very commonplace in the ancient world in general and the medieval world in certain places. Many people's ideas are badly skewed towards more modern slavery. Humans (of all kinds) have always been shit.

    Anyway, Japan or Russia, maybe Rome, would be my preferences, depending on how much they are likely to mangle history.
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  • "Basic functions" of PS4 controller will work with PC by default

  • Jayja 07/10/2013

    Good. I use the ps3 controller for the couple of games i don't use kb+m. Can't stand the 360 d pad or the asymmetrical sticks. But motioninjoy is dodgy and could actually be used as a trojan. Reply +2
  • Two new Wasteland 2 screenshots released as beta nears

  • Jayja 04/10/2013

    @el_pollo_diablo It looks like it. :) Reply +3
  • Microsoft secures Xbone.com domain

  • Jayja 12/09/2013

    My guess is that the domain was originally registered in case someone wanted it for a porn site. Xbone...
    And of course Microsoft would take it. Don't want someone else using it.
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  • Whore of the Orient branded a "disgrace to Chinese culture"

  • Jayja 02/09/2013

    @schnide He is from Melbourne. Reply +3
  • Jayja 02/09/2013

    It just means Eastern. As in the direction the sun rises from. From Latin for rises.
    Western is Occidental. Because that's where the sun sets.
    That's it.
    Stupid wanker.
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  • GameStop to restock out of print vintage titles

  • Jayja 14/08/2013

    It's an attempt to fool people into thinking they're from the original run and therefore more 'collectible'. Very dodgy of them. Reply +23
  • Inside the actor's studio with Nolan North

  • Jayja 02/07/2013

    Personally, I wouldn't actually know if a voice is Nolan North or not. He always sounds pretty different to me and does a good job. Yuri Lowenthal does heaps of game roles too and so do some well-known voice actresses. Never been an issue for me yet.
    I really enjoyed Deadpool. Wasn't perfect but was a lot of fun. And on hard difficulty it was a good challenge. As long as one re-maps the keyboard controls... The default was ridiculous.
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  • Oculus co-founder killed as innocent bystander during police car chase

  • Jayja 03/06/2013

    @cen4pgb No, you can be charged with murder in many places where a death occurs during the commission of a felony (felony murder rule).
    Anyway, the main point is what happened to the poor dude...
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  • Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC announced

  • Jayja 22/05/2013

    Woohoo! Earlier would have been nice but still... Reply 0
  • New GeForce driver provides big BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider performance boost

  • Jayja 26/03/2013

    Is that picture from the game (maybe concept art) or is it a photo of that cosplay woman? EDIT: just saw the alt-text is 'liz' so that would seem to answer that.

    Anyway, it's good nvidia were able to get optimised drivers done sooner than for Tomb Raider.
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  • Mass Effect 3 writer talks of industry "resistance" to creating diverse female characters

  • Jayja 20/03/2013

    These stories are being reported and read a little uncritically. In both cases, the writer comes across as a bit bitter. Perhaps they hold a grudge about not getting their way on certain things and put it down to gender? Games writers have to make changes to accommodate all sorts of things all the time. So it might be worth questioning more games writers rather than just accepting this as gospel. And if things prove to be just like they say, then it will stand on much firmer ground.
    I just find it really hard to tally with the following for games like Tomb Raider, Perfect Dark, No One Lives Forever, Beyond Good and Evil, Metroid and so on. Good games will find support.
    And as far as publishers refusing games with female leads, in my experience as an author publishers will make something up as an excuse when they tell you no. Usually whatever is easiest. So them saying 'the protagonist is a chick' might just be a cop-out way of saying they simply don't want to take on a particular project or plotline or whatever. A bit counter-intuitive to come up with such a stupid reason but it requires the least effort for them and it's hard as the writer to fight against superficial criticisms like that. :/
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  • Triad is a delightful free puzzler about three people sharing a bed

  • Jayja 19/03/2013

    'Delightful'? :/
    Just a very old sort of puzzle done on computer with a 'look at me' theme to get attention.
    I mean, this is a world full of free puzzle games on the internet where you get hentai or porn pictures as rewards.
    But if people like the gameplay then whatever. It's not like they wasted their money.
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  • Sony changes "misogynistic" God of War: Ascension Trophy name

  • Jayja 12/03/2013

    @kinky_mong I think it's because gaming is more connected to the internet, where lots of sad lonely people live who love complaining about such things. Makes them feel important and/or oppressed (so they have someone to blame for everything). Anyway, the achievement name was stupid and I approve the change, but not worth waging war over, not least given other things in the series... Reply +2
  • Metro 2033 retrospective

  • Jayja 10/03/2013

    I didn't even know there was more than one ending!
    Certainly not a game I'll ever bother to replay. Very flawed but the atmosphere was excellent.
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  • Tech Analysis: God of War: Ascension demo

  • Jayja 26/01/2013

    His name is Stig, not Sig (it's wrong in the Destructoid article too). Reply +2
  • Wildfire Worlds Preview: Occupy Trumpton!

  • Jayja 03/09/2012

    Sorry, I did read his comments about the 'inspiration' for the game and try to identify with something he said, but I couldn't. It still comes across as immature and in poor taste. The riots were bloody shameful. Reply -14
  • Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC dated and priced

  • Jayja 03/09/2012

    Jeff, pardon me for being anal but there is a spelling mistake in the headline...

    Also, would you be offended if I said that your photo reminds me of John Malkovich's character in 'In the Line of Fire'? :)

    EDIT: Forgot to say that I for one will be waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition. :/
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  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Jayja 26/08/2012

    This is just my own impression, but after greatly enjoying Vice City, I found San Andreas to be very flat and unenjoyable. I didn't think the character or story was very deep or engaging, the gameplay was boring and it didn't capture the 90s vibe. Maybe for me it was where GTA started to take itself too seriously and place less emphasis on being a parody of American culture. Or maybe it was where they got carried away with scale rather than just making something fun? Whatever it is, I wouldn't rate the game well on any major aspect.

    And I didn't like the 'Hot Coffee' incident for what it seemed to say about gamers and the games industry. We didn't need fuel for the critics, and it seemed pretty puerile that they had even come up with the idea, let alone created it and included it on the disc.

    By the way, I thought playing as Ray Liotta (so to speak) was good, not distracting. Did decent voice work. Doesn't matter if an actor is recognisable to me.

    Just my opinion, remember.
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  • Retrospective: Habitat

  • Jayja 05/08/2012

    hey Joe, long time bit reader here. :)
    Interesting article, thanks.

    I was playing an old-style RPG with cruddy graphics the other day and thinking how immersive it was somehow. Sometimes great graphics really help and sometimes they don't.
    It seems to me that it's really a combination of a lot of factors as to whether a game draws me in or not.

    Also, lot of interesting things about this game I didn't know. Really foreshadowed the future in some ways, huh... :/
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  • Chris Avellone "very tempted" to do a Planescape: Torment Kickstarter

  • Jayja 25/07/2012

    Probably my favourite game of all time. 7/10?!
    I haven't kickstarted anything so far (even though I was tempted) but I'd definitely cough up for this.
    My only worry would be them messing it up, like Deus Ex: IW or something.
    And I'd probably want the Planescape setting. Want to battle the Lady of Pain or whatever her name was. :)
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  • Dead Space 3 Preview: Alone in the Dark

  • Jayja 25/07/2012

    According to RPS, the universal ammo is a placeholder.

    I suspect Dead Space 3 will be alright. The second one wasn't as good as the first, I thought (just my opinion). But I felt the best bits of the first were ripped from System Shock 2 anyway. Even down to having to kill the biomass to progress, and then changing ships later in the game. So maybe they should stick closer to the original inspiration and innovate with tweaks and subtle changes rather than mucking with the formula.
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  • Retrospective: Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2

  • Jayja 22/07/2012

    @Dabs Well, it depends on if he was saying compared to Half Life 2 or compared to Episode 2. Re-reading it I have to say I'm confused... You might well be right. I suppose one would normally say 'following' or something, though... Does Eurogamer have a grammar/spelling forum? :)

    EDIT: Plus I agree with some of the comments here. I probably wouldn't quibble with more of the same, provided it was well-executed in terms of plot and gameplay.
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  • Jayja 22/07/2012

    Good retrospective, Marsh.
    Might want to fix the typo, though - 'Valve's proceeding effort'. Should be 'preceding', yes?
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  • EA joins coalition opposing the Defense of Marriage Act

  • Jayja 20/07/2012

    @BadFlounder Yo, ancient historian here. I have no idea what you're referring to. Even in the Greek world. :/

    EDIT: Whoa, why the negs? Did people take this as an opinion on gay marriage or something? Because there is nothing there of the sort. Just that ancient sexuality is part of my job. And I didn't even say anything. Sheesh...
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  • Retrospective: Anachronox

  • Jayja 17/06/2012

    One of my favourite games. First 6 hours or so are pretty boring but it picks up a lot after that.
    If Square Enix isn't going to use the IP, they should hand it back so Tom Hall can finish it. I wouldn't even care if it was in the old engine.

    EDIT: spelling
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  • Saturday Soapbox: In Games We Trust?

  • Jayja 16/06/2012

    First up, a spoiler tag would have been nice (thanks to work pressures I've been meaning to play Heavy Rain since release but put it off).

    Secondly, not a very good article I thought. Pretty superficial and one-sided analysis. In fact, if anything, it points to adult themes simply being accepted in TV and film and not in games (which is not the fault of games), and that the 'attempted rape' was very poorly promoted (for want of a better word). If the scene was played out a bit better and allowed to speak for itself, it would probably would be appreciated as an attempt at emotional impact and character development. Instead, the issue has become one person's misguided enthusiasm.

    It is not that games are not as mature a medium (although it continues to be limited in the way it can treat mature and complex themes exactly because of the reaction of some people who see such themes in games as dangerous), but that it is not a medium that is treated seriously.

    I might weaken my point by saying this, but what if Hitman's trailer was instead a trailer for a Tarantino film? Would it then be praised for style, as being a subtle and intelligent commentary on sex and violence, male-female power dynamics and other fancy terms that get bandied about by shallow pseudo-intellectuals?
    Consider the beginning of Kill Bill Vol. 1 - real rape... no big hoo-ha...

    Just saying that film or TV does things games could never get away with. For no good reason.

    Anyway, enough yappy-yappy from me.
    Point is, treat games seriously and not with disdain or embarrassment - and that's for people on both sides of the fence.
    Some of these 'problems' are a result of attitudes towards games and not something inherent to games themselves.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: At What Point Does a Game Become a Toy?

  • Jayja 09/06/2012

    @Triggerhappytel Beat me to it, you bastard!

    In all seriousness, however, Black and White 2 was probably the last game I mucked around with (was bored sh*tless). Hardly have time for games, let alone toys nowadays. :(
    Need something that gives a quick sense of accomplishment for my brain chemical fix.
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  • God of War: Ascension outed by Amazon

  • Jayja 19/04/2012

    @ToAks It's not whining to have a different opinion to yours. Reply +2
  • Jayja 19/04/2012

    I'm a big God of War fan but I'm sick of Kratos. He just became more of a tosser as time went on.
    Need a new setting!
    And a protagonist who is about more than anger and revenge... He mightn't have been shallow by the standards of lots of games but he sure as hell wasn't deep either.

    Edit: Oo, fellow God of War fans on negging rampage... Lighten up, guys. There are other rich mythologies that would be great.
    And some people wonder why game companies pump out sequels... :/
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  • Retrospective: Prince of Persia

  • Jayja 08/04/2012

    This is one of only three games I've bought from a brick and mortar store ever - I was trying to support the game extra hard because of Ubisoft's experiment with no DRM so I didn't get it cheap off the internet - fool that I was!
    Anyway, been sitting in the pile waiting to get played. But it pisses me off that the apparently quite good DLC was never released for PC and then that there's no word they'll ever actually follow up what has a lot of promise.
    It's almost as though executives at game companies only exist to screw with consumers. >:/
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