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  • Cult horror Pathologic being HD remastered for PC

  • Janyamik 09/10/2015

    Great to hear from this studio again. Bought this one, The Void and Chargo on their first day/week and got trapped by their imagination and their graphic art.
    Love first person horror adventures: after the hit in my brain of first Frictional Games work, I enjoyed both Darkness Within and Outcry (Sublustrum in Russia?). After 2007 / Penumbra Overture, I have found easier to find a video game which surprises me as in the 90īs first Thief or Realms of the Haunting did when they were released.

    I have been playing in english since Might & Magic II was released (Mega Drive version), but with this concrete tittle, if English native speakers may find some problems for understanding it due to the original translation...imagine how it could be for non English native speakers. Nearly surreal. Thanks, Robert, for the news!
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