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  • wipEout 2048

  • JammyB 03/06/2011

    Sorry but those screenshots are incredibly disappointing. The art direction is so dull. The guy above got it right - it looks like SF Rush and not like the Wipeout we all know and love. Surely there are still some ex-Designers Republic employees around who they could have hired for this? I'm sure the game will be great, but without that design aesthetic it's just not Wipeout for me. Reply +2
  • Flash in the pan

  • JammyB 01/08/2009

    I use my AAO pretty much every day for web, e-mail, messaging, some light programming sessions, watching iPlayer + other media and astronomy. I've got a few games on there like Worms Armageddon, Fallout 2, World of Goo, X-Com etc and all run very well. Very pleased, especially since the AAO is one of the cheapest out there at £200. This article just seems bizarre - battery life, USB, external monitor, build quality - has the author ever used one? Optical drives - please, I plugged a DVD drive in via USB (yes, standard on all netbooks! Amazing!) to install XP and rip some ISOs and have plugged it back in since. If I was a casual PC user I could happily use it exclusively (along with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor).

    The only people burned on netbooks are imbeciles who didn't bother to think about what they're buying, and didn't realise that these things won't run Crysis. Great, I feel no sadness seeing idiots like that divorced from their money.
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  • Rhythm Heaven - Japanese TV spots

  • JammyB 24/07/2008

    This was one of the best GBA games. Looks great. Reply 0
  • Wii points costs for Europe

  • JammyB 16/09/2006

    I think the games are still a bit pricey. Apart from some of the rarer games you can buy the carts off eBay for around the same price. I suppose it's convenient but it seems a shame that like iTunes, you're still basically paying the same price for the digital versions. Reply 0
  • Xbox modder on lockdown

  • JammyB 08/08/2006

    So were they done for selling chipped consoles or for selling pirated games, or both?

    I think softmodding is still legal in the EU thank god.
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  • $49.99 tag for Wii games?

  • JammyB 02/08/2006

    Nintendo with reasonably priced games? I'll believe it when I see them on the shelves. Reply 0
  • Electroplankton man's new idea

  • JammyB 25/07/2006

    I saw Toshio Iwai perform in Manchester last Friday using Electroplankton (x2), a light sensitive sound board (like a theremin) and these Tenori-Ons (x2 again).

    The Tenori-Ons were easily the best bit. My degree was in human interface design, in particular with musical instruments, so it was incredible to see these things in action and how the visuals related to the sound. They function a bit like a step sequencer and look like that Lights Out game from a few years ago.

    The music was pretty incredible too. I recommend you all check out that blog and watch the live video.

    I spoke to him afterwards, he didn't speak a lot of English but was thankful at my appreciative comments!
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  • Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

  • JammyB 19/07/2006

    As soon as I read the word "respawning" that pretty much instantly voided my potential purchase. I can't believe they've put shit like that in, and enemies appearing behind you is unforgivable.

    I really disagree with a few points in the review though:

    "last gen graphics" - it's a last gen game, what do you expect? Fair enough if the graphics are worse than the original, but the graphics in that were excellent and very well realised.

    "give us direct control any day" - you say you had fun with the original but this just makes it sound like you don't know what you're talking about. This is a puzzle game and the control scheme fits it perfectly. I don't want to play another 3rd person action shoot'em up.

    "showing half of their entire torso and still, apparently, be in full cover" - I can't believe people still make this complaint. It's a puzzle game! It's perfectly obvious when someone is in cover (they still have an icon above their head I assume).

    Good review otherwise though; what a disappointment. Guess I'll go and play the original again.
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  • Frogger

  • JammyB 12/07/2006

    I paid £1.38 for a pint last week here in sunny York. I could get two of them and a pork pie too and still have change left for the whippet racing!

    I don't think £3.50 is very good value for money at all, but then again I don't earn very much. I'd rather go for the above.
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  • Sony accuses MS of copying

  • JammyB 28/06/2006

    I hear the new Xbox 360 upgrade is going to have a 4 dimensional cell chip that connects to your toaster and can feel real emotions. Fuck you Micro$soft!!! Reply 0
  • Micro Machines v4

  • JammyB 14/06/2006

    Sorry but this and every other 3D MM game looks shit both graphics and gameplay wise (what format was that video from btw? Looked like a Dreamcast). MM2 was the best of the series and always will be. Huge scale multiplayer would be the only thing to improve upon really and they've left it out. Reply 0
  • Motor Storm

  • JammyB 12/05/2006

    I wasn't referring solely to the graphics. By shit I mean it's got no style, no substance and the gameplay looks dreadfully generic and boring. If people above the age of 10 are seriously anticipating this game for its shiny specular maps and polygon counts then I suggest they step outside their front doors instead. Reply 0
  • JammyB 12/05/2006

    My god that looks shit. Anyone ever played 4 Wheel Thunder on the Dreamcast? It looks exactly the same but with updated graphics. Generic pap.

    Now if we're talking terrain deformation and physics, how about Rollcage 3? Rollcage, more than any other racer, deserves a next gen update. Making fucking skidmarks in the track is boring as hell - firing guided missiles into buildings and spread debris all over the track - yes please! I demand more Rollcage!
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  • WarHawk

  • JammyB 09/05/2006

    Reminds me of Yager and Crimson Skies. Doesn't look much better than either graphically. Is there any info about the gameplay? Reply 0
  • FlatOut 2 details revealed

  • JammyB 18/02/2006

    Please get rid of the snow levels!

    Brilliant and underrated game otherwise though, exactly what a modern Destruction Derby should be.
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  • Vote for videogame style icons!

  • JammyB 16/02/2006

    Some fair points made about GTA but I disagreed with how revolutionary it supposedly is. I think, much like the Battlefield games, many gamers had been dreaming of something very similar from way back in the playground and it was just a question of letting the technology catch up. I'm not saying it's not innovative but it's not particuarly inspired, compared to many other games at least. Definitely more evolution than revolution in my opinion.

    Still, other good points were made and it's an enjoyable game. I voted net though.
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  • Guitar Hero

  • JammyB 04/01/2006

    Someone please explain the hype surrounding this game to me. As the review states it's not much different than Amplitude/Frequency only the buttons are mounted on a guitar shaped controller instead of the regular one. Don't get me wrong, it looks fun, just not particuarly different to any other rhythm-em-up (which lets face it, we've got more than enough of these days) and not as fun as playing a real guitar. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360: Lots And Lots Of Questions Answered

  • JammyB 01/09/2005

    The media functions are worthless if they're going to restrict you to WMA crap which seems likely to me. Apart from that I'm impressed with the thought that seems to have gone into it, can't wait to have a go. Reply 0
  • Nintendogs

  • JammyB 23/08/2005

    Looks like someone at Nintendo was a little bit too inspired by Dogz. I'm guessing this game will be fun for a few days like that was (and the only fun part of that game was slapping your sisters dogs about to make her cry). Reply 0
  • The Master of Mastertronic

  • JammyB 13/07/2005

    Back in the day I bought Total Annihilation on a budget label - it came in the original box with an outer slide-off bit of cardboard with the buget label branding. If all budget games were packaged like that I'd definately buy a lot more of them. As much as I like the Sold Out range (Colin McRae, Thief etc), they look pretty ugly on my shelf. Reply 0
  • Criterion on Black

  • JammyB 10/06/2005

    I don't really see what seperates this from any other FPS but I suppose having one that's just really fun wouldn't go amiss. I appreciate the developer's honesty here as well. Reply 0
  • Buzz!: The Music Quiz

  • JammyB 01/06/2005

    It's just a You Don't Know Jack clone, there's no innovation here. Reply 0
  • Donkey Konga

  • JammyB 12/10/2004

    I tried to have a go on this the other day in Virgin but a horrible chav was hogging the machine (quite entertaining watching the idiot clapping along whilst still trying to look hardcore though).

    I was quite excited when I first heard about the game but the song list looked pretty terrible. For anyone who's played on the harder levels, are there any sensible drumming parts with interesting rhythms or is it all just whacking out the melodies then?
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  • Nintendo drops GBA SP price, launches new bundles.

  • JammyB 17/09/2004

    That's funny because the price is $80 in America, which is £45 here. Nintendo fucking over Europe again? Who'd have guessed it. The games are incredibly overpriced also, even second hand ones are generally £10-15 without box or instructions. Reply 0
  • Euro GBA SP price cut may follow new US price

  • JammyB 31/08/2004

    How about a price drop for the games? I can't afford to plonk down £20-30 for portable versions of my SNES games... come on Nintendo let's be reasonable. Reply 0
  • The Bluffer's Guide To Xbox Cult Classics

  • JammyB 24/08/2004

    With a fair few games you're better off buying a Dreamcast:

    Powerstone > Kung Fu Khaos
    Rez > Panzer Dragoon Orta
    Jet Set Radio > Jet Set Radio Future

    Voodoo Vince will appeal if you liked Rayman, it's very well done. I'd be annoyed if I'd paid full price but it's £5-10 now and is a good weekend's worth of gaming.

    Battle Engine Aquila reminds me a lot of G-Police, it's got a tough control scheme but I find it rewarding once you get the hang of it. Am a bit bored of it now but for a tenner it entertained me a lot.

    It's criminal that Yager has been left off this list, it's incredibly immersing gameplay and still looks fantastic today.
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  • Lagsters

  • JammyB 04/02/2004

    Looks a lot like Ballistics only with worse graphics. Reply 0
  • Halo sales top four million

  • JammyB 27/01/2004

    It shows what hype can do to a games sales. The single player definately didn't stand up to more than a few days of mostly frustrating play (I love playing through the same copy+pasted levels!). Multiplayer was fun but nothing compared to Quakes, Unreals, Half-Life etc. Reply 0
  • Halo

  • JammyB 19/08/2003

    Halo was number 1 on my most wanted list all those years ago. Who cares now though? Half-Life 2 is just around the corner, followed by Doom 3 and Deus Ex 2. Looking at those screenshots and having already played it on the XBox, I'm just not interested anymore.

    Microsoft's contempt for PC users just shines through completely. I couldn't even justify giving these people my money even if it was the best thing since sliced bread. (LOL gb2/.)

    I hate most console FPS's because of the controls.. though I was surprised with Halo, it's actually very useable. Keyboard and mouse will always win though thanks to speed and accuracy. The advantage may not be so apparent in a slower paced game like this but I'd love to see someone try and have me at Quake or some such using a joypad.
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  • id warns media over leaked Quake IV art

  • JammyB 21/07/2003

    Raven are the kings of the mediocre FPS - a day or two's worth of entertainment and some bland level design is certainly not worth my £30. I don't know why people get excited at all, it's not like they haven't been doing this for years now. Reply 0
  • Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

  • JammyB 02/07/2003

    By coincidence I was replaying the Dreamcast game just before I read the review. The camera is horrid, I couldn't play for more than 10 minutes, and half of that time was spent watching the unskippable opening introductions. I can't believe you even gave it a 5, it's totally unplayable. Reply 0
  • Midway makes Roadkill

  • JammyB 02/05/2003

    I don't even have a Cube yet but I've just ordered it now so that I definately get the bonus disk. As soon as my exams are over I will get my Cube and be in gaming heaven... I got Serious Sam to tide me over until then anyway. Reply 0