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  • Play EG's Name That Game compo

  • James_Lyon 29/11/2008

    I really should stop playing this. I'm never going to beat that 64 in a row streak. Reply 0
  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 31/10/2008

    Bah! Foiled! Reply 0
  • James_Lyon 30/10/2008

    UltimateWarrior: Ouch! Harsh words indeed. Sadly though, no, I wasn't trying to be sensational for sensation's sake, just trying to give them the score they deserve as per the old Eurogamer scoring policy. They are something of a mediocre bunch overall.

    Campebell: Sorry, I just didn't spot that glint of a hidden gem in Subbuteo that you seem to have. Visuals aside, it didn't perform well enough to capture my interest either as a port of the tabletop game or as a turn-based football game in its own right. What do you like about it?
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  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 12/09/2008

    The Jamie Oliver comment was tragically prescient at the time of writing. Perhaps we should look forward to Gordon Ramsay's Piss Off and Cook next spring as well.

    The whole Marvelous / Natsume thing. Well, they don't make it clear themselves sometimes. It's best if we think of game development as Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright and all those other guys. Makes things a lot of easier.
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  • Rhythm Tengoku Gold

  • James_Lyon 27/08/2008

    I hate to admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed in the sequel. It's a funny thing to say about a game featuring cheering monkeys but it doesn't quite have the inspired lunacy of the first game. Nothing quite beats the GBA's baseball level where the camera zooms in tight to an alien in a fishbowl before pulling back to reveal your batter's head has been replaced with a giant rabbit, all while you bat balls in time to the rhythm. The remixes, too, sadly, aren't as good as the first game's where they stood out as the best part for me. I could play the original ones over and over. These ones don't seem to do it for me. I almost thought RTG had been farmed out to another developer, it doesn't feel quite the same as before, though that doesn't appear to have been the case as far as I can tell.

    That said, I agree with this being an 8 to that one's 9. It's still a brilliant concept and nearly all of the stages are fun to revisit. The spaceship one is one of my favourites at the moment, and the Easter Island one, too, if I wasn't so bad at it. The bonus rewards are great too - the hilariously pointless first one where you quickly shuffle a business card in a small box to make a beat made me laugh. I'd just implore people not to pass over the original because it's a GBA game. It's one of the finest GBA games and well worth seeking out as well as this.
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  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 22/05/2008

    Yup, you can get Shiren pretty cheaply now it's been out for a while. As for the DS version, pity they couldn't have used the mic to broadcast your cries to help to the online world. What a game that would have been (er, not necessarily a better one). Fingers crossed for Shiren on the Wii, then. Reply 0
  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 10/04/2008

    A bit of Bleach love going on in here. What can I say? It's solid and dependable, it just didn't grab me as much as it did for reasons written. But that's the nature of opinions, I guess.

    Put it this way, though: I'd rather play it again than endure another second of Fish Tycoon. :)
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  • Drawn to Life sentenced to Wii

  • James_Lyon 07/02/2008

    Yeah, THQ killed my dog in a hunting incident. From that day forward I vowed to give their games slightly mediocre marks. Curse you, THQ! Reply 0
  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 23/01/2008

    Whitehead: It's a cracking cartoon, yes. On the subject of great cartoon shorts, I also point you in the direction of this:


    Everyone else: Slitherlink! How soon we forget. And still no UK release. Pah.
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  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 09/01/2008

    "The way to figure out the meaning of the sounds is in the "rotating fortress" age."

    Then that's a dumb piece of design. Since I'd saved on the underground train I had no way to go back for reference beyond restarting the whole game. Including a puzzle like that is like the terrible days of adventure games in which you arbitrarily died eight hours later because you never put the shampoo on the cactus at the start of the game.
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  • James_Lyon 03/01/2008

    Calan: "If you really pay attention to detail (which you have to in Myst) you'll discover that the craft makes different sounds when it stops at a junction. These sounds tell you which direction to go next."

    I knew that, but how you're supposed to tell which parp or honk means 'go this way' I don't know.

    STKD: "Spot the now-rapidly-becoming-standard Eurogamer contradictory loigic of those two statements... "

    It's all much of a muchness, really, as far as Myst is concerned. In the interests of full disclosure, I hadn't finished the last 'book' when writing the review. I went back and finished it afterwards. Unbelievably, it gets even more buggy towards the end. I literally had to reset the DS several times to get past one part, and I'm not even sure if I finished it properly, such was its eagerness to throw me back to the menu once I'd clicked on what looked like the final object. Let's just say it got away lightly.
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  • Beowulf

  • James_Lyon 28/11/2007

    Obviously I was being a little facetious on my reasons for not reading the poem. The changes in the film still irk me, though, even if they did find a way to tie everything together.

    Then again, I didn't complain about them taking Tom Bombadil out of Lord of the Rings, funnily enough.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • James_Lyon 05/11/2007

    Only on Eurogamer could we argue more about who reviewed the game rather than the review itself. Reply 0
  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 26/10/2007

    Belated update: Just in case anyone points it out first, yes, you can turn the microphone off in Cookie and Cream, and thus not have to lose your breath blowing into it. Simply use the control pad instead. That one passed me by.

    Please apply this criticism patch to original review then restart your computer.
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  • James_Lyon 24/10/2007

    "I hear the pixel art graphic in Chronos Twin were blatantly ripped from various other games."

    Yeah, I just read the mild uproar on that subject. So the reason it resembles older games is because it literally IS older games? Fancy that.

    And more to the point, who were those dedicated people who noticed that the brickwork was cribbed from a years old game? I mean, that's some impressive memory work right there.
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  • James_Lyon 23/10/2007

    "Is Luminous Arc out at all?"

    I saw it in Game the other day, and Gameplay are currently selling it for 24.99:
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  • Beautiful Katamari

  • James_Lyon 26/10/2007

    Did I read that right? There's a level that you can only finish by giving up? Reply 0
  • Popcorn Arcade Roundup

  • James_Lyon 16/10/2007

    "Oh, and Ninjabread Man is the best name in the history of gaming."

    Still that comes up. Saying that it has a great name is a bit like saying syphilis sounds like a bit of a laugh.
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  • Ratatouille

  • James_Lyon 09/10/2007

    "Popcorn is a wholesome, fun food which aids digestion by providing necessary roughage, also known as fiber."

    Then again, would you really want to play a game that makes you want to go to the toilet more? I think the comparison still stands either way.
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  • DS Roundup

  • James_Lyon 27/09/2007

    True, you can't lug your computer around. As said, the concept's solid, it's just the game as a whole didn't click with me.

    Perhaps I should also add, since I didn't get around to it in the review, that the game features music by the late Richard Joseph, composer of such Amiga greats as Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer. An annoyingly catchy loop that gets in your head after five minutes.
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  • James_Lyon 26/09/2007

    Anyone still interested in laser beam puzzle clones, I'll also point them towards the shareware Aargon (http://www.twilightgames.com/aargondelux... which is a prettier looking title than Prism. There's probably a dozen others I can't think of right now. Reply 0
  • Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol

  • James_Lyon 30/07/2007

    "Does anyone know the UK/Euro release date for this?"

    29th September 07 according to Game Press
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  • The Shield - The Game

  • James_Lyon 23/06/2007

    "Review tries too hard to be clever, and fails miserably. 3/10."

    That's Officer Review to you, sonny Jim.
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  • Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

  • James_Lyon 07/05/2007

    "Two, and more probable, it may be that the pricing is actually directly influencing the score, and as such, that the score should be understood as a buyer's advice instead of a quality assessment."

    Well, yes and no. The fact that it's a full-price port of an old game with bolted on controls does come into it. Then again, the fact that there's a date at the top or review shoud put it in context with its contemporaries.

    Besides, the score is nothing without the words. Like I say, it's a good game and you can take that as read, but it's still an old game ported over. And yes, without stating explicitly, the (goal)posts have moved somewhat with Assassin's Creed on the horizon, Tomb Raider rising from the grave, and the leapy vertigo of Crackdown impressing us all.
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  • The Red Star

  • James_Lyon 29/04/2007

    "What do you want, a game to give out free upgrades because you're crap?"

    Well, yes. Help us finish the game if we're rubbish, but also how about rewarding us with bonus content at the end if we're brilliant and can do it on our own.

    The way it plays right now, since there's no difficulty level, if you do badly halfway through, you'll need to start from the beginning. That kind of thing can put a lot of people off. At least give them an opportunity to see some sort of end and gain some closure, while the hardcore can fight with the stabilisers off if they want to.
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  • Lunar Knights

  • James_Lyon 09/04/2007

    "So, has James really been fired?"

    Cripes! I hope not. Then again, if a bad pun is grounds for dismissal, I think most of the writers here had better pack their bags right now. Let he who is without sin, etc. :)

    "Wrong. You only needed sunlight to purify the bosses. I liked playing Boktai 1+2 at night."

    That's what I meant. Sure, the experience would change at night, but progression would be blocked when it came time to fight the bosses. It's the action-based equivalent of Animal Crossing.
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  • NFL Street 3

  • James_Lyon 08/04/2007

    "I wish they'd bring back NFL Blitz. I loved that game."

    Er, didn't you read my review of Blitz: The League?
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  • NBA Street Homecourt

  • James_Lyon 03/04/2007

    Speaking of this, I wouldn't mind seeing NBA Jam on Arcade right now. Reply 0
  • War Front: Turning Point

  • James_Lyon 27/03/2007

    Fantastic. Reply 0
  • Arthur and the Invisibles

  • James_Lyon 18/02/2007

    Bremx: "your horiffic misreading of Darwin"

    Well, l did say "not much".

    Edit: Please forgive me. I'm trying to write this on the DS web browser. Welcome to the 21st century,
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  • Little Britain: The Video Game

  • James_Lyon 17/02/2007

    "But I would like to ask James Lyon a question.
    Have you ever heard of humor?"

    In response to your question: by my own admittance I have a broad sense of humour. From scathing Private Eye-style satire and the likes of Frasier's whimsical bedroom farce to the time someone drew a comedy willy on the window of the bus. I'm not saying I haven't, in my life, laughed at Little Britain, I'm saying that in it's later days it's become more like a comfort food to its audience than it is trying hard to please them.

    Sense of humour has no relation to the quality of the game, however. Didn't you hear? They're selling you a flipping Pac-Man clone. They could put classic Bill Hicks quotes over the top of it and it still won't make it any better.

    And I mentioned 'unconvincing transvetites' because that's what the show calls them, don't you know.

    "I bet you drink in the pubs alone."

    Yes. Yes I do. *Sob!*
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  • James_Lyon 16/02/2007

    "Should of actually left a paragraph of space for the silence at the end though :) "

    That's how I originally put it! Tell you what, I'll insert it back in here for your satisfaction. Damn those sub-editors!

    There. I actually asked to review this. I'd had enough of games that were just alright. I wanted to give something a right kicking. I had no delusions that this would be the game to do so yet it exceeded all expectations. The fact, though, that it's actually selling - and selling well - that's what sickens me.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 10 - 1

  • James_Lyon 29/12/2006

    Save those irate comments for the Readers' Top 50, everyone. For those arguing about the position of each game in the charts, take note of what Tom said in his intro: it's not just about the best of the best, it's about the hype (or lack of), the talking about it with your friends, the what do you pick off your shelf when you've got thirty minutes or thirty hours to kill, what you'd impulse purchase in Gamestation when you've got thirty-five quid burning a hole in your pocket, what you blog about the most. That counts much more than a scientifically accurate list of games. And if that doesn't justify my voting for FFXII when I haven't played a single minute, I don't know what does :) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 50 - 41

  • James_Lyon 25/12/2006

    What kind of person posts on Christmas day? Oh...yes.

    I was surprised myself to see Steambot Chronicles on the list. It's definitely not a name I would have even thought of, let alone considered. I'm going to furtively pick up a copy tomorrow and pretend I knew it was good all along.

    And someone mentioned Magna Carta...what a bastard of a game: I spent more than twenty-six hours trying to finish it off post-review, trekking through tedious battles, listening to awful voiceovers, only for a disc error to stop me ever getting past a certain point. Grrr.
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  • Made Man

  • James_Lyon 27/11/2006

    Hell, as long as it sounds Italian enough, I don't-a care. It never harmed-a Mario! Reply 0
  • James_Lyon 27/11/2006

    ""Johnny 'The Headhunter' Gazpacho"

    He drowns them in soup?"

    Or trying to think about vaguely Italian-sounding surnames at 4am that weren't just different names of pasta. Ahem.

    Seriously, play kill.switch.
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  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Knights of the Nine

  • James_Lyon 27/11/2006

    Nine: Nine? Nein!

    (Which would probably have been my attempt at a standfirst, readers.)
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  • Eye Toy: Play Sports

  • James_Lyon 20/11/2006

    Phew! Looks like I'm not going to be forking out that much after all. Reply 0
  • Barrow Hill

  • James_Lyon 20/11/2006

    Hang on, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure PC Gamer reviewed this a year ago. What happened to it? Reply 0
  • Lemmings

  • James_Lyon 12/11/2006

    "James_Lyon, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Amiga had a mouse... "

    The Amiga had a mouse.
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  • James_Lyon 10/11/2006

    "This thread is useless without pics of James contorting himself into the shape of a bridge."

    Is it consolation enough to know I had close friends and relatives constantly laughing at me when throwing game shapes?

    About mouse control: like I said, don't be sceptical, it works as well as it could. You have to pause frequently, but then, you could say that about the Amiga version couldn't you? This is a game that's survived GB, SNES, Spectrum and PSP versions amongst others. They've had enough chances to get it right.

    As for Lemmings 2 on PS3, I'm gutted it's nothing to do with The Tribes, and I'm also wondering if they're missing the point somewhat when the first bullet point in the press release trumpets the inclusion of 1080p HD visuals. An important feature? For a Lemmings game? Has the world gone mad?
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  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All

  • James_Lyon 08/11/2006

    I hereby nominate Walker for best strapline of the month. Order, indeed. Reply 0
  • Gothic 3

  • James_Lyon 20/10/2006

    I'm in ur thread answering ur commentz.

    Ooh, score controversy. Nothing new, I suppose. Suffice to say, it's not an 8 in terms of just being an 8, it's marked that way only if you take the actual words into account, i.e. read the caveats before you splash out. I'd agree it takes a bit of work to make the most of it, hence mentioning the awful combat and slight lack of innovation in quests. It's improved a hell of a lot since the last two, though. If they keep going this way, the next one should be far, far better (not that you should ignore this one, of course).

    UncleLou: I'm not sure I got that less sterile vibe. It's a beautiful world, sure, but I'm not blown over by the NPCs charm and individuality.
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  • Rhythm Tengoku - Rhythm Heaven

  • James_Lyon 27/09/2006

    I'm sure I'd have something to say about this if my copy hadn't got lost in a black hole on the way to my house. Grrr. Reply 0
  • The Da Vinci Code

  • James_Lyon 31/05/2006

    "I vote for James Lyon's mum to join the EG reviewing team!"

    I'm sure she'd love to, but she decided to retire from the gaming life after she 1-credited DoDonPachi and Smash TV on the same day. Ah well.
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  • Echo Night: Beyond

  • James_Lyon 02/05/2006

    I'm not entirely sure why it took the game so long to flop onto Britain's shores.

    Not quite getting those "mature themes", though. They may be there but they're slathered on like a little girl using her mum's make-up for the first time.
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