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  • Amazon cans trade-ins

  • JamesUK 19/08/2015

    I have 57 orders on my trade-in account, over £800 traded in over the past 5 years. Only one item failed to arrive, for which Amazon credit me the money and the only time the price I received was different to what I was expecting was when they upgraded a games condition and paid me extra.

    Overall it's been a great service.
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  • Dead Island movie still alive

  • JamesUK 04/08/2014

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  • Xbox One dev kits receive more GPU bandwidth

  • JamesUK 05/06/2014

    "Better with Kinect"
    "10% Better without Kinect"
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  • PS4 gets Sky Go and Now TV from this summer

  • JamesUK 01/05/2014

    @TheEarlOfZinger NowTV isn't an ongoing subscription, access to the TV shows is £4.99 a month with no contract. That makes it pretty good value if you can hammer out a whole series in one month. There must be plenty of people that took that same approach with Netflix and Breaking Bad.
    I've not watched any TV shows using NowTV but I've watched plenty of films and the quality of the service has been excellent. Clearly though, if users are having no problems with Netflix/Amazon but getting shitty service with NowTV there must be something going on.
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  • JamesUK 01/05/2014

    @mattk84 NowTV split the Movies and TV shows in to two separate services, each requiring the purchase of a monthly pass to view. NowTV does have a decent selection of recent mainstream films but it's wrong to say that it is all they offer. You can browse everything here. There are a lot of great films on there but if you've been watching films regularly for a number of years then you may find that you've already seen most of what's on offer.

    The streaming quality of NowTV is not inherently bad. It's not 1080p but it looks like 720 to me, definitely better than DVD and the video quality remains consistent across all the films, regardless of their age. The lack of 5.1 is a disappointment but I've had no issues with sound quality. I would suggest that anyone having problems should check there setup. I have a 12Mbps ADSL connection and I did find a noticeble drop in quality when using the wifi on my PS3 fat but over a wired connection or using the wireless NowTV box the streaming quality is absolutely fine. Maybe it's just poorly optimised when compared to Netflix and Amazon. The HD video quality of Amazon looks worse than what I get through NowTV.
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  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • JamesUK 20/03/2014

    Is it possible for PlayStation owners to buy it without the bloat that is deemed unecessary for the other versions?. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC adds new mode Carrier Assault

  • JamesUK 14/02/2014

    We don't know much about how it will work yet,
    It probably won't. ;)

    I'm completely unfamiliar with Titan mode but that video has piqued my interest. It could be great but I hope DICE force players to view a similiar tutorial video in game. Otherwise half the team will be running around playing deathmatch with no idea of what they "should" be doing.
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  • GameStop UK selling PlayStation 4 for £20 off RRP

  • JamesUK 12/02/2014

    It marks the first time we've seen PlayStation 4 available at a small discount
    Echoing what others have said, it's always been this price at Gamestop. I placed an order in October and received it on launch day.
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  • inFamous: Second Son-themed condoms are GameStop Italy's pre-order bonus

  • JamesUK 08/02/2014

    This promotion will probably be quickly withdrawn. Forcing potential buyers to do the same. Reply +2
  • Savour the Wii U and Vita - they're our new Dreamcasts

  • JamesUK 01/02/2014

    Is it still the case that console manufacturers make the money from software sales and not from the sale of the hardware?. If so, is PS+ preventing the Vita from generating revenue. I own a Vita and the library of Vita PS+ games means that I've never felt the need to buy any games for it. Reply +1
  • Candy Crush dev King has trademarked the word Candy

  • JamesUK 21/01/2014

    I'd imagine that Candy, the domestic appliance manufacturer, would have a legitimate complaint. Reply +16
  • The making of RoboCop

  • JamesUK 19/01/2014

    Half man, half machine
    What does it mean?. What does it mean?

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  • State of Decay dev signs multi-year agreement with Microsoft

  • JamesUK 11/01/2014

    I hate how cynical I've become. I can't help reading this and think that State of Decay, a game loved by many, is going to be turned into a subscriptions and micro transaction based cash cow. Reply +1
  • Myth-busting the murky world of video game trade-ins

  • JamesUK 18/12/2013

    I kept flitting between mental images of Gollum and an overweight black girl whilst reading this article. Reply +3
  • TV review: How Videogames Changed the World

  • JamesUK 05/12/2013

    I knew I rocognised that theme music, but going back to the Spectrum version for me. It's a good tune but it's a bit of a mismatch for RoboCop. Reply 0
  • Another 62 Blockbuster stores to shut, remainder at risk

  • JamesUK 05/12/2013

    Sure, they needed to offer a streaming service but there's still a demand for disc rental, I haven't got the monthly bandwidth for streaming HD movies.
    If the stores aren't profitable they should have put more focus into the postal service. When Lovefilm stopped games rentals were Blockbuster the only provider offering both games and movies?.
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  • Zen Pinball 2 gets PlayStation 4 release date

  • JamesUK 04/12/2013

    This is our way of saying thank you to all of the players who have supported Zen Studios on PlayStation over the years.
    Will they have anything to say to the players who have supported Zen Studios on Xbox but have have now abandoned ship and jumped aboard PS4?.
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  • PS4 sells over 2.1 million worldwide

  • JamesUK 03/12/2013

    Now continue to treat those customers with respect and you'll continue to receive their support. Reply +18
  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • JamesUK 02/12/2013

    @sanctusmortis and while people continue to pay more than RRP the demand is going to remain inflated. If Sony can get more stock in this week I'd imagine the prices on CEX, ebay, Gumtree will drop significantly.

    I think it is particularly low that there are people selling Argos reservation codes.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • JamesUK 29/11/2013

    So now we know what Xbox One's first "Games with Gold" offering is. Reply +49
  • Forza 5 offers half off cars this weekend and more

  • JamesUK 28/11/2013

    @busboy33 I'm not sure what there is to disagree about in your comment. Progressing from low end to high end cars is the same system used in practically every racing game. There seems to be some misunderstanding that this discount is for real £££s.

    Having said that, Turn 10/Microsoft deserve alot of the hostility directed at them for including Microtransactions in the first place.
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  • Forza 5 dev open to adjusting economy based on feedback

  • JamesUK 27/11/2013

    Micro-transactions bring a games design into question. I don't beleive any game, whether that is full priced or free-to-play can justify the option of a £64.99 transaction, as Forza 5 does with a 20,000 token pack. The fact that it exists immediately raises questions.

    But it seems to me most of the criticisms about Forza 5's economy are coming from people who haven't played it. Forza 4's high end cars were unaffordable at first but I gradually built up a healthy bank balance. I kind of agree that making some cars very expensive to increase their rarity is fair. If you make credits too easy to earn then there's little point in having a credits system in the first place, a player would quickly amass a small fortune, all content would become available and that bank balance would just continue to rise because you'd end up earning at a higher rate than your spending. If a player wants to jump into Forza 5 and expect to be able to drive the high end cars after 30 mins, I'd respectfully suggest that they're playing the wrong game.

    You could argue that these high end cars are the later levels of the game. You don't get complaints that Dark Souls forces you to grind through hours of play just to be able to visit Anor Londo.

    As soon as you add micro-transactions it is perceived that the game has been purposely crippled to force players into purchases. Again using Dark Souls as an example, if Dark Souls remained exactly the same but a micro transaction economy was added on, the designers would likely be accused of making the game difficult in an attempt to encourage purchases.
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  • Crimson Dragon review

  • JamesUK 21/11/2013

    I think Eurogamer need to start going in to more detail in a review with regards to micro-transactions. What is available to purchase?, What do they cost?, What is their impact on the game?, how much grinding is required?

    To simply include "grind" and "micro-transaction" in the same sentence is too vague. What is the reviewers definiton of "grind"?, how many times do you need to replay an area of a game to progress?, I've played games without micro-transactions where I've needed to go back to a level to collect extra stars or points in order to unlock the next section. I'm not saying the reviewer is wrong, I just think we need more clarification.

    This same criticism applies to Forza 5. What is consider to be grinding?, not being able to afford a 1,000,000 credit car after an hours racing sounds legitimate to me, however, having to repeat races multiple times in order to afford the 20,000 credit Ford Focus required for the next race is not.
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  • All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

  • JamesUK 20/11/2013

    Rynse Reply +10
  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida ponders mixed PS4 review scores

  • JamesUK 14/11/2013

    Only three buttons!?, pfff, what were they thinking?. Everyone knows more buttons = higher review scores. Reply +16
  • Football Manager 13 illegally downloaded over 10m times

  • JamesUK 14/11/2013

    Pope Up Pirate ....? Reply +3
  • Downloadable Xbox One games have 1000 Gamerscore

  • JamesUK 14/11/2013

    @Useful_Idiot ditto, but I never collected achievements because I wanted to improve my gamerscore. It was simply that I didn't feel like I'd "completed" the game without working throught the achievement list. A lot of them had become chores.

    How many people have actually bothered looking at someone elses achievement list?. It can be useful to see how far someone is through a particular game but I've never felt the need to check if someone has 100 generic collectables. There are a select few gamers for which achievements have become the game. I don't understand this mentality but each to their own.

    We've become slaves to achievements and trophies, free yourself!.
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  • Day one patch makes Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player 1080p on PS4

  • JamesUK 13/11/2013

    @Cringles88 but you can roll it in glitter. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 Reviewed: Games and Hardware

  • JamesUK 13/11/2013

    I'm disappointed to say that I've found all this PS4 news very underwhelming.

    It all looks ok but nothing's screaming "BUY ME, BUY ME!". All I have is the whisper in my head politely suggesting that maybe it would be better to wait a couple of months.
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  • PlayStation 4 doesn't support 3D Blu-rays

  • JamesUK 13/11/2013

    Perhaps Sony misunderstood when us gamers were saying "we just want a games console" and complaining about all the additional guff that Xbox One was offering.

    I've never watched a 3D Blu-Ray. I've never listened to CD's or MP3s on my PS3. I've never streamed media on my PS3. However, it does concern me that they're not supported.
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  • PS4 voice commands limited at launch

  • JamesUK 12/11/2013

    Is there actually any reason to get a PS4 camera?. I have a confirmed preorder for the PS4 Mega bundle @£430 but I could save a few ££'s by switching. I'm not interested in voice commands and I wouldn't be stupid enough to say anything positive on the internet about Kinect but at least MS are trying to justify it's existence. Other than the initial brief PlayRoom demo, details on the PS4 camera have been very sparse.

    And now in the run up to launch I'd really like to see more reports that don't feature the words "won't be available until 2014". This applies to both PS4 and Xbox One. I want to get a console at launch, please stop giving me reasons to wait.
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  • Xbox One's Kinect code-scanning is lightning-fast

  • JamesUK 07/11/2013

    Is it weird that I actually kind of like the process of typing in a code to receive a "prize". Oooh, I wonder what I've won. Of course I know what I've "won" already but it doesn't make it any less exciting.

    This isn't a criticism, it looks like a genuinely useful feature.

    And how long will it be before that clip is turned into a anti MS gif.
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  • Xbox One has free, ad-supported Xbox Music streaming

  • JamesUK 06/11/2013

    You couldn't make it up... Are you making it up? Reply +32
  • PS4 won't support YouTube integration at launch

  • JamesUK 31/10/2013

    It's a positive that the PS4 arrives here a couple of weeks after the US launch. We'll be able to make a much more considered decision about whether to hold back on a launch day purchase. Reply +1
  • Blockbuster back in administration for second time this year

  • JamesUK 30/10/2013

    Received an email from Blockbuster stating:

    As you may be aware from press reports, today has been a challenging day for BLOCKBUSTER.

    Contrary to what has been communicated in the media, all of our Blockbuster stores and online websites continue to trade normally and remain open for business.

    Our in-store offers are also available as usual.

    As a valued Blockbuster By Post subscriber, please be assured that the Blockbuster By Post service will continue to operate as normal.
    Hmmm?, but for how long?
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  • JamesUK 29/10/2013

    Blockbuster is a great option for games rental if you have a local store. I'm currently on a £5.99 movies only package but I can return my discs to the store and using their "Store Swap" feature get a 5 night game rental for free. I was hoping to use them for next gen game rentals.

    I've been with them for a couple of months and the service has been ok but their website and user management of rental lists is inferior to that of Lovefilm. However, the combination of an online account and a local store brings alot of benefits.

    I wonder if maybe they've thrown too much money at studios to secure exclusives and have failed to invest and develop the business. For a long time, films from Universal and 20thC Fox BluRay were unavailable to rent on Lovefilm. Some titles are available to rent from Blockbuster well in advance of Netflix/Lovefilm.
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  • There's a new Blur game! And it's out today! But...

  • JamesUK 25/10/2013

    Freemium?, This is a Low, There's No Other Way? Reply +5
  • Apple to unveil new iPad models on 22nd October - report

  • JamesUK 16/10/2013

    I don't own an iPad. Does that mean I'm cool or not cool. I just don't know anymore, modern life is so fickle. Reply +5
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Killzone, Camera, second DualShock bundle for UK

  • JamesUK 10/10/2013

    This Amazon form does not necessarily guarantee your upgrade. It is effectively just registering your interest. Bundle choices will be processed according the preorder queue.
    I wouldn't get too excited until you have received confirmation from Amazon.
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  • JamesUK 27/09/2013

    @jetsetwillie I agree that GAME need to and are entitled to make money. To be honest I am making assumptions with regards to UK pricing of these official bundles but surely £399 for the Killzone bundle is not RRP. GAME have the PS4 console at £349.99, they have Killzone priced at £52.99 but it's available at mulitple retailers for less than £50. My Amazon preorder for the console and game separatley is £391.41.

    edit: I'm referring to the console and game bundle without camera and extra controller. Announced here PlayStation.Blog.
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  • JamesUK 27/09/2013

    So Sony is offering a value bundle with which Game has inflated the price to remove the value. Reply +23
  • PlayStation App will be free, triggers remote downloads

  • JamesUK 04/10/2013

    I don't really understand the desire to watch someone else play a game. Circa 1990s, sitting on a sofa whilst someone else hogs the controller was never a popular pastime. Reply +5
  • Check out this gorgeous GTA 5 timelapse video

  • JamesUK 03/10/2013

    I thought I had realistic expectations for GTA V but it's exceeded them by some margin. It is a very impressive game.

    My only criticism is the notifications that pop up in the top left corner in the middle of a car chase or gun fight. I read the helpful hint and then end up ploughing into the back of a cop car. For the first couple of hours as they popped up I just paused and read them in the pause menu.
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  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • JamesUK 01/10/2013

    Well it looks like Rockstar needed a little more time to prepare. It is available on 360 but I've been stood in a car park with a bunch of other blokes for about 10 mins whilst "Launching session" spins in the corner with no obvious way to quit apart from exiting to dashboard. Reply +1
  • All Battlefield 4 modes revealed

  • JamesUK 27/09/2013

    Having only played Battlefield on 360, it's difficult to comprehend the increase from 24 to 64 players on next gen. Reply +10
  • Mark Cerny: lead architect of... PlayStation Vita?

  • JamesUK 21/09/2013

    I think I've only ever read positive comments from Vita owners. I've been so tempted to pick one up but I'd only ever use it at home and struggle to justify it.

    Vita's integration with PS4 and the ability to stream PS4 games means it's inevitable that I'll get a Vita. It's just a matter of sooner or later?.

    I'm assuming that PS4 streaming can or will be done over a local network?. A PS4 promo video I saw showed Knack being played outside of the home but technically would an internet connection be required for streaming around the home?
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  • Gran Turismo 6 will have a large day one patch

  • JamesUK 18/09/2013

    @podgek293 Yes, that's a fair comment. I suppose I'm just thinking that Gran Trurismo is a flagship game and it needs to be represented on PS4. Which of course it eventually will be but perhaps without taking 90% less sales. Reply +5
  • JamesUK 18/09/2013

    Why wouldn't they just finish the game and release it Dec 2014 on PS4?.

    Obviously, not all PS3 GT fans will be picking up a PS4 on launch day but chances are a significant number of gamers will migrate to a next gen console throughout next year. Surely as they update it people will be moving away.
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  • Sokobond review

  • JamesUK 16/09/2013

    Yeah science! Reply +1
  • Games with Gold: Rainbow Six Vegas now available

  • JamesUK 16/09/2013

    To be fair, Rainbow Six: Vegas is a decent game. I vaguely remember playing it around 7 years ago.

    I'm curious to know just how many new copies have been sold worldwide over the past few years. If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say 42.

    As a long time Xbox/Xbox 360 owner it seems like every few weeks for the past couple of years Microsoft gives me a shove, pushing me further away. I think we just need to face facts and accept that "core gamers" are no longer Microsofts target market.
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