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  • Spies, lies and Eve Online

  • James-Caldari 16/07/2010

    Mingster! It's me, James :) Can't believe you've brought INCOM back to life; good on yer. How many member's are in it? Any of the original crew still around? I'd consider joining you, but WoW is taking up all my free time - a Kingslayer never sleeps you know ;) If you see that Nicholas Marshall, tell him I want my isk back (he's always taking the isk). Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Naxxramas Raid Guide

  • James-Caldari 18/12/2008

    I also agree with jstar. We all pays the same fees, we should all sees the sames things, ag ag ag. Reply 0
  • James-Caldari 18/12/2008

    Really useful guide. Unfortunately, as a casual player it makes me realise the only thing I will bring to a raid is a quick death.

    "Press that lever, then shoot that guard, then click your heels three times, then body-pop until he reaches 45% at which point make him a cup of tea, watch Jeremy Kyle, discuss the pros-and-cons of farting in a bath tub, then - as he hits 10% - RIVERDANCE!"

    Can't I just shoot them in the face? Repeatedly.
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  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • James-Caldari 17/11/2008

    Wow (pardon the pun), but what a load of tosh most of you are spouting. Could you lot be any more up yourselves? So the reviewer enjoyed the game immensely and didn't hide the fact behind some cynical games journo attitude. I found the review quite refreshing.

    Get. over. yourselves.
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  • WOW's Echoes of Doom patch out today

  • James-Caldari 15/10/2008

    Does this new patch include new graphical options/improvements, or is that purely for the Lich King expansion? Reply 0
  • Mass Effect

  • James-Caldari 19/11/2007

    @Drakorn - I was trying to point out that it's... pointless... trying to pidgeon-hole the game as people have been trying to. It doesn't actually matter when you get to the meat and patatoes of the game. When you've finished it, are you going to turn around to the Good Lady Wife ans say "My, that was a fine RPG I just played."? I understand the fundamentals of each genre, and can quote them just as easily as you... but again, so what? From what I can see, MA blends many elements from shooters, RPGS, etc... If you pidgeon-hole something, instead of taking it for the individual ride that it presents to you, you might come away disappointed due to your pre-conceptions (and when I say 'you', I mean the general 'you', this isn't aimed at you Drakorn).

    Try not to take things so literally next time sir ;)
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  • James-Caldari 19/11/2007

    What makes an RPG, what makes a shooter, what makes an action game? Who cares guys? Why pidgeon-hole a game? It's obvious that people feel passionately about the game and will take different things from it. Reply 0
  • UFO: Afterlight

  • James-Caldari 05/02/2007

    If memory serves, UFO Aftermath was built on the Dreamland Chronicles engine, which was developed by the Gollop Brothers (the creators of the X:COM series, and Laser Squad before that). Virgin dropped Dreamland Chronicles, so the Gollops went on to make Laser Squar Nemesis, whilst Altar Interactive took the project up... resulting in UFO Aftermath. So, there is a connection between UFO Aftermath et al and the original X-COM series. Reply 0
  • Hammer & Sickle

  • James-Caldari 19/03/2006

    When... oh when... will there be a worthy successor to X-Com? that's all I want. Oh, and Battle Isle. Reply 0