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  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Jac 07/11/2014

    No need for a remake on these since they were all released on pc and have been regularly sold as a triple pack on steam / PlayStation store etc.

    Much rather they invested their time in new games and I'm rather hoping this time next year we'll all be playing one.
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  • Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

  • Jac 05/11/2014

    "Good news everyone. The new generation of consoles will see sizeable performance gains over the last gen! They will be 9% faster. Oh yeah. That is what is known in the biz as a sizeable increase right there." Reply -3
  • Super bank breakers

  • Jac 02/11/2014

    I've got panzer dragoon saga - had no idea it was considered rare. Fantastic game.

    Would never sell it or any of my other games from over the years as they form an unhealthily large part of my childhood memories :)
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Jac 31/08/2014

    No interest in any of the nonsense going on about someone's private life and haven't read all the comments but the title of the article is very poor from Eurogamer. Don't think anyone is really arguing with the content.

    From what I gather depression quest was actually developed by two people so why not name drop the other one as well or just use his name? Very very poor but job done so it seems judging by the comment count. The dailymail salute you.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Far Cry 4

  • Jac 22/06/2014

    I have a 720p tv. Everything looks fine to me. Honest question now - does that mean I'll get a better framerate and if not why not? Reply +1
  • Watch The Simpsons' Minecraft-themed intro

  • Jac 07/04/2014

    "The Simpsons did a Minecraft couch gag. I'm not sure how I feel about it," Persson wrote on Twitter.

    "I STILL feel a bit like it's just this small game I made at home. It's so weird to have all these things happen."

    He says addressing his 1.5m Twitter followers.
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  • Luftrausers review

  • Jac 18/03/2014

    Is this best played with a pad on pc then or will a keyboard be alright? Have knackered my pad so hoping the latter is viable. Reply 0
  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Jac 11/06/2013

    Filthy vandal Reply 0
  • Jac 11/06/2013

    Bram stokers Dracula Reply 0
  • Jac 11/06/2013

    @unclebenny I spied queen Latifah in the wall montage of not games Reply 0
  • Jac 11/06/2013

    James pond. Reply 0
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Jac 10/06/2013

    Ootbreak has just displaced drivatar for me. Ridiculous word, Reply 0
  • Jac 10/06/2013

    She has friends AND followers. Christ. Reply 0
  • Microsoft sells 8.2 million Xbox 360s in Q2

  • Jac 21/01/2012

    That's right - microsoft never talks about profit or reveals any financial information to its shareholders.

    I guess they're ashamed of the $23bn they made last year in profit and $27bn in actual cash and i guess eurogamer didn't really actuall write about it in the article.
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  • Just one more go...

  • Jac 06/12/2010

    The more people play games the less they watch tv. Games are bad. Reply 0
  • Football Manager All-Star XI

  • Jac 12/11/2010

    Ivica Mornar in CM2 was unbelievable. Reply +1
  • Football Manager Handheld 2010

  • Jac 15/04/2010

    Can someone tell me whether players are rated with the same number of attributes as the pc version or has it been watered down? Can't seem to find any screenshots. Reply 0
  • E3: Rockstar North exclusive for PS3

  • Jac 03/06/2009

    Any wor don LA Noire? I think that was meant to be PS3 exclusive as well. Reply 0
  • Banjo-Kazooie 3 confirmed for Xmas

  • Jac 28/03/2008

    I've always found it hard to get excited about Banjo for some reason. I was never motivated to buy the first two despite the seemingly widespread acclaim.

    Most gamers view this as the last chance saloon for Rare's credibility but Viva Pinata suggests they havn't lost their touch by a long shot.

    Anyway hopefully it'll be good as the 360 needs a decent platformer and some more fluff.
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  • Game controllers are too complicated

  • Jac 26/02/2008

    I wonder about developers sometimes. Shigeru Miyamoto was spouting the same nonsense a while back. The industry is obsessed with making games accessible for everyone in order to make more revenue but they surely risk alienating the 'hardcore' who actually have the mental capacity to use a controller with more than one button.

    I look forward to fable 2 then which will no doubt only ustilise the A button in every single situation making it far more fun than these ridiculous games that use other buttons as well.
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  • GDC: Too Human

  • Jac 21/02/2008

    I swear this game orignally started off as an n64 game, anyone else remember that? Reply 0
  • 360 failure rate put at 16 per cent

  • Jac 14/02/2008

    I ate my 360 Reply 0
  • Spore release date announced

  • Jac 12/02/2008

    Well I chortled. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer gets a facelift

  • Jac 09/01/2008

    Yeah i don't like it. Specifically the news bits on the right with that new font. Take it back!

    edit: having looked at it for more than 3 seconds before posting i cant work out if its the same font!!! argh! Everything definately looks too long and stretched though!
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  • BioShock: A Defence

  • Jac 06/12/2007

    I've enjoyed Bioshock more than anything else this year. Cant believe so many people didn't enjoy it yet still played it through to the end without being paid to do so. Weirdos. Reply 0
  • X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

  • Jac 29/11/2007

    I don't understand why anyone would own a ps3 at the moment other than for unchartered which hasn't really grabbed me as a reason to shell out 300+. Give it a year or 2 and i'm sure it'll be worth owning (i'm quite excited about LA Noire) but at the moment i can't believe it is actually selling other than on name alone.

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  • Assassin's Creed

  • Jac 13/11/2007

    This game was always going to disappoint from the moment they showed that video with the terrible combat, you could see it wasn't going to be up to it. It had the much potential to be one of the greatest games ever and even though 7 is a decent score, for a game with a concept like this it's catastrophic.

    They blew it.

    (The graphics are amazing however so pat on the back)
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  • Get a free Sam & Max episode

  • Jac 07/11/2007

    I wasn't expecting to like this but it was pretty decent. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed at HMV on Sat

  • Jac 24/10/2007

    The game will be the biggest dissapointment of the year Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV unveiled

  • Jac 18/10/2007

    That music is awful. Reply 0
  • Football Manager 2008

  • Jac 12/10/2007

    Match engine aside most of the new features just seem to be old features that have been brought to the fore. The match flow as a main example is just the same screens as found in 07 but you now press a button to get to them in a certain order. The transfer centre is now just everything from the old transfer screen but on one page so you dont have to change from 'players in' and 'players out'. The team talks are still poor in my opinion, and other features such as getting told how many season tickets are sold are presumably just pulling already existing numbers from the database and converting them to word form. 'Features' such as this just seem easy to implement as do most of the new features. Even the scouting from last year is just putting numbers from the database into words, as is the coaching report from this year.

    Still a fantastic game but i find it hard to believe that a developer can dismiss peoples feelings towards the product with a list of 'new' features that frankly are rather similar to what was already in the game just re-branded.

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  • Wii Fit

  • Jac 22/08/2007

    I wasn't very excited by this until someone pointed out to me the possibilities of this in conjunction with the wiimote and nunchuk. Imagine road rash steering with your weight whilst beating people sensless using the wiimote or a proper boxing sim, this will be huge. Reply 0
  • Football Manager Live beta key giveaway starting soon

  • Jac 08/06/2007

    Well i'm still fuming. It's obvious people are gonna be angry when quite clearly the first 25 to visit the link did not neccessarily get a key.

    I was under the impression that my key was won and reserved as it said there were 25 left when i accessed the page. Surely a script could be made that only shows the 'claim freebie' screen to the first 25 to access it then all this rubbish would be avoided as there is no way i wasnt one of the first 25 to load that page and i dont gots no key!

    Total shambles. To take the bitterness to the next level i call for ip logs to be looked at or SI to run the beta as 2 x 1000 player worlds!
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  • Jac 08/06/2007

    man what a joke if thats the case, why put the tick boxes in!?!? My timekeeping was precise to a split second! GRR! Reply 0
  • Jac 08/06/2007

    yeah got the blank thing aswell, was under the impression that when you get that screen with the tick boxes the key was yours and not when you press clasim your freebie?

    Have i got a key or not? Said there were 25 remaining when i got the page with the boxes
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  • Halo 3 beta goes live today

  • Jac 16/05/2007

    marvelous Reply 0
  • Wii Virtual Console Roundup

  • Jac 04/05/2007

    I remember wonder boy from back in the day and it was awesome. Think i played it on the master system. Had pretty much forgotten that it existed which is crazy because i loved it! Reply 0
  • GTA IV details leaked

  • Jac 11/04/2007

    Hopefully the hand to hand combat will be taken from bully and improved rather than the one punch mechanic in gta.

    Also cant believe people actually care about a multiplayer for this game, i pray they dont waste too much time making it.
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  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles

  • Jac 05/04/2007

    Of course this lack of inspiration (just maybe) mean that Bethesda are pumping all their creative gunk into the newly resurrected cadaver of Fallout 3, which would really be a good thing... Wouldn't it?

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  • Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0

  • Jac 05/04/2007

    Partridge second series is immense. Better than the first by a mile. Reply 0
  • Nintendo boss says Xbox 360 isn't performing in Europe

  • Jac 20/03/2007

    I thought nintendo said the wii wasn't in competition with xbox or playstation anyway. Reply 0
  • GDC: PlayStation 3 - the next level

  • Jac 07/03/2007

    Game 3.0. I dont like it. I want to play games not network and share. Seems the world is obsessed with this idea. Reply 0
  • Shadowrun

  • Jac 06/03/2007

    With quake3 on the dreamcast you could go onto the dreamcast servers with the pc version. Lets just say it isnt very fair on the people playing with control pads. I imagine this will go the same way with xbox players unable to compete.

    Bad news brown.
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  • Episodic gaming doesn't appeal to id Software yet

  • Jac 20/02/2007

    episodic gaming is a terrible idea. I want complete games Reply 0
  • Super Paper Mario gets US date

  • Jac 13/02/2007

    I';ve interpreted this game through rigorous wikipedia research as the original super mario on the NES but with the option of taking the side on world and viewing it differently. Seems that way from the screenshots and looks like an exciting idea. No longer will we wonder why mario didn't just walk around the gomba's Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Jac 05/02/2007

    sounds good Reply 0
  • Virtual Console: N64 Most Wanted

  • Jac 26/01/2007

    Dunno why there's so much mario kart hate, i think the n64 version is about the best tbh- they got rid of the little hop you could do in the following games which just feels plain wrong. Diddy kong was a poor mans mario kart, a good clone(ish) but nothing legendary.

    Body harvest was awesome, easily up there on my best games ever list.
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  • Children of Mana

  • Jac 23/01/2007

    secret of mana 3 has been translated into english by some dudes somewhere if you do a search for it. Go buy a pad, get the rom and pretend it was released when it should have been.

    As for this i'm dissapointed.
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