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  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT review - fan-service fighter is charming but chaotic

  • Irvyne 03/02/2018

    Wait... MORE messy and chaotic than the PSP one...? (A game I just could not get into, due to how messy and chaotic it was...?)
    Yeah, I'll pass, thanks.
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  • How Final Fantasy's biggest failure changed the series for the better

  • Irvyne 27/11/2017

    FF14 is so great. A MUCH better Final Fantasy than that FF15 rubbish. I left the game shortly after the Heavensward launch (moved to a place with crappy internet - eurgh) but I'm hopeful I'll be able to jump back into Eorzea sometime in the new year and catch up. It really is the best FF since FF9. Reply -1
  • Sonic 3D's original developer is creating an unofficial Director's Cut

  • Irvyne 15/10/2017

    Downloadable patch on to a Mega Drive cartridge? Wow, the things they can do these days! 😛 Reply +5
  • The past, present and future of Final Fantasy 15

  • Irvyne 12/10/2017

    He seems like a nice down-to-earth guy. But it disappoints me that FF15 is being viewed as a success. That means we'll be seeing a lot more unfinished messes with half the story locked behind DLC in the future. I'm sorry if you enjoyed it, but I've played and finished every mainline FF and this was by far and away the worst entry in the entire series. At least by the end FF13's combat was really tactical and engaging. Not just "hold X to win." Reply +4
  • Square Enix is trying to get full-fat Final Fantasy 15 on Nintendo Switch

  • Irvyne 21/09/2017

    I find it hard to imagine there would be much of a market to bring a downgraded version of this divisive game to Switch, years after its release. Who'd buy it? The FF fans already got it, and we're mostly horrified. S-E would be better to put those resources into making a good FF5 or FF6 remake for Switch. Reply +2
  • The video game pacifists

  • Irvyne 14/09/2017

    I've played through all 4 main Uncharted games and enjoyed them (mostly - the first one is quite terrible for the most part) but I always had this niggling feeling that I should be able to work my way through the game without killing anyone. I hated that this loveable rogue I was supposedly taking control of was actually the world's most horrific mass-murderer. Reply 0
  • Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War

  • Irvyne 15/08/2017

    Nup. It just reeks of internet fan fiction. Shelob is a spider. End of story. Reply 0
  • Hey! Pikmin review

  • Irvyne 28/07/2017

    This feels like (hopefully) the last installment in Nintendo's era of giving gamers sub-par franchise entries that no one asked for or wanted.

    "Want Paper Mario? Here's Color Splash."
    "Want Starfox? Here's Starfox Zero."
    "Want Zelda? Here's Tri-Force Heroes."
    "Want Metroid? Here's Federation Force."
    "Want Mario Tennis? Here's Ultra Smash."
    "Want Animal Crossing? Here's Amiibo Festival."

    It really feels like Nintendo has been only bringing its B-game for quite a while now. Thankfully, it looks like things are starting to turn around again...
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  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition slated for September on Switch

  • Irvyne 25/07/2017

    Not exactly "definitive" if it's had features removed... Reply +1
  • Episode Prompto is Final Fantasy 15 in a nutshell, for better and for worse

  • Irvyne 29/06/2017

    I'm a massive FF fan - I own & have finished all of the mainline games - but I think FF15 might be down the very bottom of my list of favourites. It says enough I guess that I can't even bring myself to pay money for these DLCs. I have pretty much zero interest in spending more time in that world, and I honestly don't want to support Square-Enix anymore financially. On this game, anyway. Reply +1
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to Switch next week

  • Irvyne 31/05/2017

    Got 1/2 Genie Hero on WiiU and devoured it. Great game! But yeah. I think the previous game, Pirate's Curse, is better. Reply 0
  • Meanwhile, Square Enix just reported huge sales and profits

  • Irvyne 11/05/2017

    Eurgh. I was secretly hoping for FF15 to tank. It's probably my least favourite entry in the entire series, and now Square-Enix execs are gonna think that they "done good." (Having said that, I myself bought a copy so I'm not really in a position to complain. I own all the Final Fantasies though. I didn't really have a choice...) Reply +3
  • Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year

  • Irvyne 20/04/2017

    I'd be first in line to pre-order, but I'd hope they upped the number of games from 30, or else add in the ability to purchase more. Because there are way more than 30 amazing Super N.E.S. games... Reply 0
  • Six talking points from the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

  • Irvyne 27/03/2017

    I played 6 rounds, and it reminded me why I hate shooters. Here I am, just trying to paint the walls & floor, and I get suddenly destroyed by some other player that was totally out of sight. Respawn & repeat until too frustrated to continue. I love the aesthetic, but these kinds of games are just not for me. Reply 0
  • Konami tries to explain the R in Super Bomberman R

  • Irvyne 08/02/2017

    F stands for "Formula" in F-Zero. Obviously.
    It's not Formula One, it's Formula Zero. As for R-Type, I have no clue.
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • Irvyne 14/01/2017

    I've become so accustomed to facepalming at Nintendo events, I have a permanent red mark on my forehead. Having said that, I've got a Switch pre-ordered with Zelda. I feel like I might be making a mistake though, a feeling I have never felt with a Nintendo launch before. I was so super-excited for the Wii and WiiU launches. This... not so much... or at all, really. I'm excited for Zelda... but you don't even need to own a Switch to play Zelda.
    Bottom line of this event: Stupidly expensive. No games.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Irvyne 13/01/2017

    /le sigh
    My nephews and I were literally bouncing with excitement to watch the presentation. And we left feeling very underwhelmed. "Wait... that was IT??" asked my nephew.
    I figured that we would see everything in this video: the console's interface, the way the cartridges work, and AT LEAST 10 awesome killer-app games that would be releasing in the next six months, including at least one crazy surprise. (Brand new Metroid would have sufficed...)
    But seriously, the only game that looks appealing to me is Zelda, and then there'll be a big long wait (almost another year!) until Mario!
    What have Nintendo's software houses been doing over the last couple of years?? Because they sure as heck haven't been making WiiU games!
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  • Yooka-Laylee cancelled for Wii U due to "unforeseen technical issues"

  • Irvyne 13/12/2016

    Yeah, I was going to get the WiiU version... Having the spiritual Banjo successor on anything other than Nintendo just feels a bit wrong...
    But fingers crossed they can get the Switch version out super-fast, hopefully even at launch with the other versions.
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  • Nintendo cancelled a home console Zelda: Wind Waker sequel

  • Irvyne 06/12/2016

    Wind Waker is beautiful to look at, but Twilight Princess is a much better designed game. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 15 playable at EGX 2016

  • Irvyne 09/09/2016

    But where are the FF5 and FF6 remakes that were hinted at around the launch of the 3DS??
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  • Watch: Ian plays Dark Souls, Johnny tries not to murder Ian

  • Irvyne 17/04/2016

    in watching someone else play, you realise how terrible the game's camera is. Reply +2
  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • Irvyne 13/04/2016

    While I think the WiiU has had a wonderful - though small - library of games, I've seen the real tragedy of the system that no developers actually made good on the "asymmetric gameplay" concepts that the system was supposed to be all about. Not even Nintendo has delivered on the promise of NintendoLand. Reply +2
  • Ken Levine's next game is a "small-scale open world"

  • Irvyne 18/12/2015

    @CatmanBegins 100% agree. Game prices have barely increased in the past 20 years, and gamers were perfectly happy with shorter games in the past; it just meant there was more incentive to play through them again at a later time. Reply 0
  • The ultra-rare PlayStation SNES console has been switched on

  • Irvyne 09/11/2015

    I still refuse to believe this is legit until either Sony or Nintendo confirms it. Looks like a fan-job to me. In all the magazines at the time there was never any mention of working prototypes; it allegedly never even got past the design stage... And here we have a working model with the circa 1995 PlayStation logo on it. Seems very fishy to me... Reply -6
  • Rare Replay review

  • Irvyne 04/08/2015

    I wish it was on '360! I'm a big Rare fan from way back, but I'm not buying an entirely new console just to play a retro collection. Reply 0
  • Triple-A is back at E3 2015

  • Irvyne 13/06/2015

    @smelly My understanding of the term is "AAA" = "Realistic-looking game where you kill a heap of dudes." Reply +3
  • The challenge of remastering Uncharted

  • Irvyne 10/06/2015

    I hope first of all they add an "Easy" mode to Uncharted 1. I love these games but I SUCK at shooting games, and I've never actually been able to finish the first one. I also hope they're keeping the 3D option in Uncharted 3, and maybe add it to the others? It looked amazing in 3D. Reply +4
  • Final Fantasy 15 leaves much of Versus 13 behind

  • Irvyne 06/06/2015

    "The end result is a gorgeous-looking game."

    (What he forgot to mention was that the game wouldn't actually be much fun because 90% of the development resources were putting into making the game LOOK good...)

    Meanwhile, I was a bit shocked to see so many Westerners working on a Final Fantasy game. The world really has changed!
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  • The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one

  • Irvyne 28/04/2015

    It's great that they're addressing all of these issues, but for me the number one issue was that the fact that the battle system was garbage.

    Go and play FF6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. Elegant, sophisticated and clever battle systems that require timing, brain-power and the ability to see the big picture. Even FF12 and FF13 had clever elements to their battle systems, although they were much more "hands-off."

    FF15's battles were scrappy and messy. It was almost impossible to tell what was going on in some battles, and it was a matter of just mashing buttons and hoping for the best.

    As a test, I let my 9-year old nephew (who loves FF6 and has even dabbled in FF14) play the demo, and he really struggled. He could not figure out how to do the battles, even with the tutorial. He got frustrated and quit before he'd even found Deadeye.

    They need to fix this battle system. Give is a complete overhaul if need be, but fix it!
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  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • Irvyne 02/04/2015

    Well done for the teachers for at least approaching the problem. And yes, it is a problem. And the problem, as stated, is with parents.
    I too am a primary school teacher, and while I love chatting to my students about games, I cringe whenever I hear them discussing how they meet up online to play Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.
    The sad fact is, there are currently HEAPS of fantastic child-friendly games available on any gaming platform at the moment. There is no reason a child should be playing 18+ games.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 will let you play as a cat

  • Irvyne 06/02/2015

    Well... It IS a fantasy... Who's to say some mage can't come and cast a spell to turn you into an animal at some points in the game? Heck, even Kid Icarus had a level where Pit turned into a dog. Reply +1
  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • Irvyne 11/06/2013

    Wildly disappointed. My stream skipped, and when it returned and I was watching footage of the new Mario, I thought, "Oh, okay. A new 3DS game. We didn't need ANOTHER Mario game, but oh well, looks pretty cool."
    When I found out it was actually the WiiU Mario, I saw red.
    I'm sure it will be fun, as will the new Donkey Kong, but WHERE'S THE NEW STUFF?? Smash Bros. looks exactly the same. (albeit with Mega Man - an awesome addition)
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  • War never changes

  • Irvyne 11/06/2013

    Totally agree. If I was a drinking man, I could have had some fun by taking a shot every time a video game character was seen holding a gun. I daresay I wouldn't have lasted til the end of the press conference. I've been feeling for the past 5 years or so, that the oversaturation of shooting games in the industry is absolutely insulting to the intelligence of every gamer out there. When will the publishers grow up?... Perhaps when people stop buying shooting games, I suppose... Reply +1
  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • Irvyne 08/04/2013

    Nooo, we wouldn't want to confuse the customer, especially by calling our product the exact same name as another product we manufactured a decade ago... Oh, wait...
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  • Sony to drop DualShock for the next PlayStation - report

  • Irvyne 19/01/2013

    Well, it wouldn't be a PlayStation if it wasn't copying SOMETHING of Nintendo's! ;-) Reply -3
  • Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation

  • Irvyne 19/01/2013

    I just... I can't help but think that we'll see the graphics in motion and say, "Heh. It looks a bit more realistic than before." And that'll be it. I don't think I'm alone in saying that more detailed and more realistic graphics just aren't a drawcard anymore. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Escape From Monkey Island

  • Irvyne 07/08/2011

    There's not much else I can add, but I agree wholeheartedly with Sunjammer. I loved, loved, LOVED the first three Monkey Island games. The third one was my favourite. Never before have I laughed out loud so much at a game's humour, much of which came out of the brilliant 2D animation. It also had great comic timing.

    I can't comment much on the gameplay of MI4, because I honestly can't remember much of it. I only played it the once and I left feeling disappointed. I thought the controls were horrendous (honestly... there was nothing BROKEN to FIX!!) but the main disappointment was the lack of humour. I counted. I only chuckled three times in MI4. Three measly little times. And since I played it, the only laugh that I actually remember is the crazy old teacher running out of the school when Guybrush makes the bell ring. Over and over again.

    I look forward to playing it again sometime soon. Your article has inspired me. I hope I see it with new eyes. But from my first playthrough of the series, this was BY FAR the weakest episode for me.
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