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  • Now there's a C64 mini

  • IronCladChicken 30/09/2017

    Though from the picture used in the article, that's not the version they are selling - It's a mini-version of the classic CBM 64 computer....I'm guessing the writer either didn't know or doesn't really care :)
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  • IronCladChicken 30/09/2017

    The C64 mini is described as a fully-licensed reimagining of the popular 80s console.
    The C64 was a console? - I thought it was a home computer.
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  • How Mad Catz used up its last life

  • IronCladChicken 02/06/2017

    "The video game market and consoles were going away."
    Wait - what?
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  • BBC iPlayer discontinued on Wii U today

  • IronCladChicken 18/01/2017

    Can you move content bought for the the 360 to the one? PS3 to PS4?
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  • Nintendo's wildest handheld is bowing out with style

  • IronCladChicken 01/01/2017

    @Kasjer 10 years agos video game sites (including Eurogamer) were saying the PC gaming was dying & that console only was the future - A five years earlier (when the original Baldur's Gate was released) - Video game sites (I seem to remember pre-murdoch IGN specifically) were saying that RPG's were a dead; a dated game style & for the type of gaming nerds that were no longer representative of the industry. Reply +2
  • The origins of the walking simulator

  • IronCladChicken 13/11/2016

    The Speccy wasn't THAT humble :)
    (Those graphics are pretty awful & simplistic)
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  • Bethesda opens new studio in Montreal

  • IronCladChicken 09/12/2015

    Fallout uses Americana pretty heavily - I'm not sure the game would feel like fallout if it was set in other countries?
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  • Gameplay of canned Star Wars Battlefront 3 shows impressive ground-to-space tech

  • IronCladChicken 24/10/2015

    Presumably it looked empty because it was being played on a test server - If it was Star Wars battlefield then there wold have been the same number on active players as a standard battlefield title once it went live - which would have filled the play area?
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  • IronCladChicken 24/10/2015

    Though sometimes games are cancelled from restructuring/internal politics/changes in the companies direction - Unless/until we knew why the game was cancelled - Not blaming the publisher seems just a egregious as blaming the publisher.
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  • Here's our first look at the Ghost in the Shell first-person shooter

  • IronCladChicken 17/09/2015

    @Mike1980 @Cimeas

    Maybe part of the problem was that it wasn't an 'intro' movie - It was based on an existing comic series & seemed to expect the viewer to be familiar with the series.

    There's a quite few characters who, in the movie, just seem to pop-up, provide some info\exposition, then disappear... without any explanation of who they are & why every one seems to know them.

    They are often pretty major players (& sometimes main characters) from the comic (& the subsequent tv show) - But if your only exposure is from watching the movie - it can seem a little confusing/disjointed - possibly even amateurish.

    I found the movie made more sense after I'd watched the TV series made in the early 200's (even though that set in a different continuity/universe) :)

    Alternatively it may just be that eighties/nineties cyberpunk isn't your thing? - Everyone has their own groove :)
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  • Star Wars goes F2P with space combat game Attack Squadrons

  • IronCladChicken 18/12/2013


    A new Elite is coming - Which, I would imagine would be a even more niche titles than X-Wing\Tie fighter... Most gamers probably weren't even alive when that game was originally released.

    People who are after the X-Wing\Tie-Fighter experience would probably be happy with a the original games being re-released with just fresh coat of paint (& maybe some minor interface tweaks) - The same way Baulders Gate was recently updated.

    It's cheap, keeps the fanbase happy & provides credibility for Disney as he new owners of the franchise... They already mentioned releasing the original theatrical movies on blu-ray, so it seems they are interested in some pandering.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • IronCladChicken 07/06/2013

    Valve have already stated that if Steam platform closes they will release a patch that will allow you to play all your games without needing to use Steam
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  • What is the point of Xbox One DRM?

  • IronCladChicken 01/06/2013

    Steam does/will allow you to sell/give away your games...

    soon all Steam users will be able to sell or give away their own “used” games off their Steam accounts
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  • Next Xbox to be released in "early November" - report

  • IronCladChicken 25/04/2013

    'The corporations appreciate your loyalty.'

    No corporation deserves anybody's loyalty.
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  • Frontier's cancelled Microsoft Zoo was an attempt to bring Zoo Tycoon to console

  • IronCladChicken 18/04/2013


    Bullfrog are owned by EA - So I'd guess they would end up playing like SimCity?
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  • Report: Microsoft in talks to revive Heroes TV show on Xbox

  • IronCladChicken 18/04/2013

    You sound like Sony circa 2006 - Or maybe IBM in the mid eighties...

    Just because a company was successful in the past, doesn't mean it will be a success in the future.
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  • Microsoft creative director Adam Orth no longer with Microsoft

  • IronCladChicken 11/04/2013

    'I can't honestly say what was particularly wrong in what he said - nor I guess could Manveer Heir.'

    Due to his position - Anything he posts publicly is as a representative of Microsoft - He wrote about the nextbox being always-on - which (as someone above pointed out) will be a breach of an NDA.

    It seems you are very lucky to be working in a forgiving environment - But I have absolutely known people who have been fired for indiscretions far less severe than this (generally sales & PR rather than tech guys - Though certainly I've known a couple of chaps from middle management who get the boot - one for actions at a companies Christmas doo, the other for being late to a meeting with a customer because he was getting his hair cut).

    I doubt it was nerd-rage that got him fired.
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  • Former BioWare boss: PS4 and next Xbox unlikely to cure "sick market for old-school gaming"

  • IronCladChicken 10/04/2013

    'Zeschuk, who was in charge of SWTOR developer BioWare Austin'

    Who could doubt the man who made such a great job of 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'... The only reason that game could of possibly failed is because of a sick market - Definitely not because it was a bland\uninspired WoW clone made years after the buzz of MMO's had worn off.
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  • Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

  • IronCladChicken 05/04/2013

    'they just don't get gamers the way Sony'

    I think Sony have learnt from the mistakes they made with the launch of the PS3 - Comments like 'the next generation doesn't begin until we say it does' didn't do them any favours.
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC

  • IronCladChicken 03/04/2013


    When the Wii/Wii-U were released - PS3/360 owners argued that it had primitive hardware with terrible graphics...

    When a current gen PC outperforms a next Gen console - PS3/360 owners argue that gaming has nothing to do with hardware or graphics and that only gameplay counts...

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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for Wii U confirmed, and yes, they've fixed the boss battles

  • IronCladChicken 03/04/2013


    The boss fights can REALLY be annoying... Though they are easy enough to avoid - just upgrade the Typhoon augmentation. A couple of blasts kills pretty much any boss in the first few seconds of the fight - Never used it outside of boss battles though.
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  • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct review

  • IronCladChicken 03/04/2013

    Different publisher & developers
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  • Thief dev explains why it ditched original Garrett voice actor

  • IronCladChicken 03/04/2013

    We at Eidos Montreal want a Thief with attitude. He's edgy, he's "in your face." You've heard the expression, "let's get busy"? Well, Garrett is a thief who gets "biz-zay!" Consistently and thoroughly. Reply +43
  • The big Battlefield 4 interview: DICE leaves technology behind

  • IronCladChicken 28/03/2013


    I suspect it's more to do with EA not wanting to support the Wii U.
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  • Metacritic score-weighing process revealed - report

  • IronCladChicken 28/03/2013


    'Do you read Eurogamer Spain and Italy?'

    I'd guess readership size is more important to metacritic than perceived review quality - The number of people who read reviews on will be much larger than the number of people who read reviews from
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  • Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar: What's the big idea?

  • IronCladChicken 27/03/2013


    But he was vital in the production of the Ultima RPG's... The early Ultimas (especially 4, 5 & 7) have been hugely influential on all computer RPG's especially JRPG's (Final Fantasy borrowed a LOT of elements from the Ultima series) - As do Bethesda's RPG's... Large open world, non-linear RPG's were pretty rare in the eighties.
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  • Breathing life into BioShock Infinite

  • IronCladChicken 20/03/2013


    If it was any site I'd have guessed the deal was done between 2K & IGN - Since IGN are the ones who have been granted the 'exclusive' review
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  • Tomb Raider PC version patched again

  • IronCladChicken 19/03/2013


    Why are you so angry with PC gamers?
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  • Thief 4 hero Garrett less "gothic", more "mainstream"

  • IronCladChicken 14/03/2013


    I haven't actually played Deus Ex (1) since it's original release - So I'm working with very foggy memories here (I think I remember more about System Shock 2 than I do Deus Ex) - It was mainly the little things in DE:HR - like the inventory screen - Which I was very pleased they hadn't changed too much (I do enjoy a bit of inventory management/tidying up) - Did seem like a fairly brave thing to keep intact in a more console orientated world.

    Dishonored - I've not played at all so far - I'm currently more interested in getting hold of that, than I am looking forward to Thief4.
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  • IronCladChicken 14/03/2013


    I just meant that dishonoured & Deus Ex: HR were both successful without the need to streamline/or be made more mainstream to meet the demands (& wallets) of 'modern console gamers'.

    Also that gamers 'do' have good cause to be concerned when marketing/PR departments use phrases like 'made more mainstream' - It suggests that not only will the next game be generic; but that because of the (generally inevitable) poor sales - The publisher will decide that interest in the IP is too niche and not develop any further titles in the series... Lose-Lose for anyone who enjoyed playing earlier entries in the series.

    ...Also - I'm not so sure Thief 4 had any effect on the sales for Dishonoured - In fact I don't think the Thief IP has any value at all for 'modern gamers' (which I'm guessing means people who buy COD/GTA titles - but not really anything else) - Like you say some people already consider Thief 4 to be a Dishonored rip-off.

    As for DE: HR's success - Possibly due to the budget (though I don't know how many kids are going wild for eighties/nineties style cyber-punk these days?) - I was thinking of it more as just a demonstration that titles don't have to be developed with the 'mainstream'/'modern console gamers' in mind - Especially with established IPs.
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  • IronCladChicken 14/03/2013


    Dishonored seemed to do okay?

    Besides - If they are using an existing IP it's probably due to brand recognition - If people are buying because of the brand - They are automatically going to have gameplay expectations based on experience/knowledge of the brand.

    Deus Ex: HR remained relatively close to the original - It was pretty niche (& in many ways anachronistic) in the way it played - Still sold pretty well... The new Syndicate on the other hand changed everything and flopped completely.
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  • IronCladChicken 14/03/2013

    Thief 4: Assassin's Creed? Reply +75
  • What is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon?

  • IronCladChicken 07/03/2013


    90's? - I reckon more early-mid eighties.

    Bit of a BattleZone/Deathchase3D vibe.
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  • Gamer anger grows as SimCity debacle threatens to turn ugly

  • IronCladChicken 07/03/2013

    When EA release the next SimCity - Will the servers for this version be turned off? Reply +7
  • Redbox Instant coming to Xbox 360

  • IronCladChicken 06/02/2013


    You also need to be on another continent.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia review

  • IronCladChicken 31/01/2013

    It'll happen - I remember the days when I was looking forward to games looking as good as they did on Spectrum loading screens.
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  • Blizzard's Rob Pardo comes to Jay Wilson's defence as Diablo 3 forum turns sour

  • IronCladChicken 21/01/2013


    'PC gamers are spoilt, more so then console. Look at how PC gamers expect everything on a plate. And when it isnt to their exact liking they become vicious horrid people.'

    There's really no difference between the attitudes of Console gamers and PC gamers - Both groups are equally good at being arseholes - I'd guess your primarily a console gamer - Which is why you are more likely to pick up on complaints made by PC gamers. If the situation were reversed, you'd see equally worthless comments being made to you by console gamers.

    I don't think this is an issue limited to gaming - Go to the forums of any non-gaming on-line community (especially for people who post on news websites) - There is the same whining/bickering/knee-jerk reactions there - I think it's more a stereotype that this is a nerd/gamer thing, since they were the first groups to became fully invested in internet communities.

    I'd guess it's something to do with being able to say whatever you want with little/no consequences.
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  • The Eurogamer Christmas Challenge

  • IronCladChicken 21/12/2012

    Sorry man - As a general rule - Eurogamer are pretty anti-Nintendo site :)
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  • Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

  • IronCladChicken 16/12/2012

    So... the difference between a kickstarter and a traditionally funded game, is that with kickstarters...

    The investors will NEVER see any of the profits generated from the title, but will experience all the risks inherent with game development (i.e. the game might never get released - money thrown away).

    The developer on the other hand receives ALL profit from the developed games (presumably the people funding the kickstarter will also buy a copy of the game for themselves putting more money in the developers pockets) AND receives risk-free funding to develop the game.

    So effectively it's game-development charity?

    This makes sense to me for small-indie developers who need all the help they can get & where a small amount of financial backing (I guess 10-20K) is enough to get the finished product onto the market...

    But for larger developers who have already established themselves on the market - surely if they want to speculate-to-accumulate they should be doing that with their own funds - Like every other business on the plant - & not expecting their customers to pay twice? - I guess this way they don't need to speculate, just guaranteed accumulate?

    Would anyone fund a kickstarter for Sony or Microsoft if they threatened not to make any more consoles unless gamers 'paid' for their development and production? it's pretty risky funding console development themselves after all.
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  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2 on Wii U

  • IronCladChicken 10/12/2012

    I'm, pretty sure launch games for all systems are fairly shitty... I'm willing to wait a few months before passing judgement (& possibly picking up a Wii U) - It's worked for me in the past (the 360 had a year head start, but almost no games that took advantage of its hardware until after the PS3 had been released) Reply 0
  • Chasing Aurora review

  • IronCladChicken 07/12/2012


    I felt the same way about their approach to the Wii.
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  • Oliver twins defend Dizzy Returns £350k Kickstarter

  • IronCladChicken 27/11/2012

    'And Giana was more popular than Dizzy back then, wasn't it?'

    It's been a few decades, but from what I remember the Great Giana Sisters was just a rip-off of Super Mario Bros (I think Nintendo may have even gotten it banned - Because some/all the levels were exact copies of Super Mario levels?)

    Dizzy was pretty popular in the eighties (For some reason I seem to remember Amstrad users/magazines pretty much took Dizzy as their platforms mascot?) - But only as a budget (£1.99/£2.99) title, not as a full price (£5.99/£7.99) game - So.. More like the old Magic Knight games.
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  • New Grand Theft Auto 5 screens show off world "five times bigger" than Red Dead Redemption

  • IronCladChicken 12/11/2012

    A GTA set in Tokyo might be kinda fun? Reply +1
  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • IronCladChicken 26/10/2012



    '...not the naming of people'

    I can't help but feel that the reason this article exploded isn't because of anything Rab wrote or because any comments by Eurogamer readers - But because of the responses made by Lauren Wainwright or her bosses (whomever requested/demanded the edit) & the gaming journalists who have commented here.

    The forced edits seem to be the primary reason for so much controversy/discussion here - & were a very bad move by whomever decided to make the request/demand - Since it has had such great ramifications for Ms Wainwright - The internet would probably have already forgotten that this article existed had the request not been made. The result of which has potentially tarnished a young woman's career for a long time to come. Young people often make mistakes (it's a part of being young) - Though I would have expected her managers to take a more level-headed approach in response.

    The journalists who came out in force to attack the 'naming of some names' both created and (continue to) propagate this discussion -

    While most commenter's were concentrating on the context of the article, the journalists comments repeatedly forced the discussion back to the content - specifically to to the names Mr Cook and Ms Wainwright

    After making a comment on a PUBIC comment board many of these journalists then wearily complain that the public is continuing to take an interest.

    I can understand that offence may have been taken by journalists by the article - Should they have any grievances these should certainly be heard by the relevant parties -

    But as professionals I would expect them to conduct themselves in a professional manner and not wash their dirty laundry in public & directly under the noses of their customers - then acting offended toward any customers who disagree - (The readers of Eurogamer are all potential customers)

    As GAMING professionals I would expect them to understand the gaming community and not complain/feel shocked when they react in an expected manner - A hot button issue will remain as hot button issue as long as that interest continues to be stoked.

    I'm not a Rab Florence defender (I have mixed opinions on this article myself) - I didn't know his name before this article was written (indeed I think this was the first 'Lost Humanity' article I'd ever read) - I hadn't heard of either Mr Cook and Ms Wainwright before this article was written (I'd even forgotten their names by the time I'd originally finished reading the article - I'd guess because I, like most people originally read it quite casually) - It was only because of the repeated posts drawing attention to them that I'm so very aware now.

    'I'm genuinely saddened that Rab's gone...others might say prima donna'
    You don't seem that sad?

    'it is after all games we're talking about, not the future of the globe'
    People are allowed to feel passionately about things that aren't of global significance - Arguments with your other-half, arguments about sport, etc.. don't tend to effect world affairs - Though I guess they are more socially acceptable grievances?

    'So am unsure why you chose to reply to me particularly.'
    Your comment was at the bottom of the board when I wrote my original statement - Rather than scroll up to the top of the page I generally just hit replay to the closest comment and delete the @username tag - I forgot to delete it before I pressed send - my bad.
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  • IronCladChicken 25/10/2012

    Leigh Alexander at GamaSutra seems to agree with Rob...

    'Now in Eurogamer, Rob Florence critiqued the UK's Games Media Awards as a display of cronyism and amateurishness, and he was not necessarily wrong. At the GMAs, a minor scandal broke on Twitter when so called "professional" media were encouraged to try to win a PlayStation 3 by tweeting some corporate hashtag -- and like a bunch of fanboys, some did.'
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  • IronCladChicken 25/10/2012


    I've noticed quite a few people whose only complaint seems to be 'the singling out Dave Cook' - With no mention to their views on the content/intent of the article...

    I appreciate that people who know/like Dave Cook may feel offended or that this has overstepped a mark - Certainly this may well be an important point for future discussion...

    But(to me at least) - because these posts are so pointedly hostile - they are coming across more as an attempt to derail/misdirect the point of the article - Moving it more toward a professional (unprofessional?) mud slinging contest (no matter who may have started it).

    I'm not the smartest guy in the world (generally not even in the room) - So there may well be some valid connection I'm missing - But it seems like there are two disparate arguments being made on one comment board.
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  • IronCladChicken 24/10/2012


    Careful now - The Wall Street Journal is a Murdoch papers :)

    Eit: oops - not the New York Times
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  • If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay £76

  • IronCladChicken 23/10/2012


    I'd guess they still get profits from whatever version is sold...

    With BFG having just been released it's renewed interest in the game...

    & with the poor reviews for the PC version, the original might sell more copies - Admittedly not the greatest PR, but still more profit than they'll get with this strategy (along with far, far less whining fan-boys & dubious press coverage)?
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  • Xbox 360 SmartGlass app launches free this week

  • IronCladChicken 23/10/2012


    Hey cool, thanks - I've give it a try - Though I think there's still a week and a half (or somewhere around that) of the roll-out period to go before I start feeling really left out :)
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  • IronCladChicken 23/10/2012

    I'm still waiting for my dashboard update. Reply +4