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  • Kotick: Activision neglected Guitar Hero

  • InvisibleCrane 20/07/2011

    My guess is that Activision will probably look at what Harmonix did with Rock Band 3 (specifically the pro instrument mode) and try to apply that to Guitar Hero if they really are wanting to bring back the least if anything if they do this then I know it will be easier to find pro six string guitar controllers for Guitar Hero than the ones for Rock Band (let's face it if GH had anything over RB it was that you could at least find GH controllers pretty much anywhere compared to RB ones) Reply +4
  • Ubisoft readying online pass - report

  • InvisibleCrane 14/07/2011

    Does not surprise me, in fact I'm wondering what game companies have not jumped on the online pass bandwagon yet Reply +8
  • Sky Player becomes Sky Go tomorrow

  • InvisibleCrane 05/07/2011

    "Charging to watch something that should be free."

    You obviously don't know how a business works
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  • Capcom defends Resi: Mercs save system

  • InvisibleCrane 30/06/2011

    "vote with your wallet/purse"

    Honestly has that ever worked in gaming at all?, I mean if companies have shown they won't listen to us most of the time (which is not surprising because remember they are in this to make money which was and always is the number 1 priority of any business) why even bother doing it. Yeah I know not doing so could make other companies do the same thing Capcom did but does anyone here expect other companies to do the same thing regardless of how well this RE game does?
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  • COD Black Ops best selling UK game ever

  • InvisibleCrane 28/06/2011

    And once again the crybabies come out to bitch about something they have no control over at all. Get over it already it's not helping. I understand the frustration at certain games not getting the same kind of success at CoD:BO has but this happens all the time, I'm used to it Reply -6
  • UK Top 40: Shadows of the Damned flops

  • InvisibleCrane 27/06/2011


    I don't notice that where I live though...but what's that got to do with this?
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  • New COD Black Ops map DLC leaked

  • InvisibleCrane 15/06/2011


    Calling people who buy CoD DLC how "mature" of you to say that.
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  • Battlefield 3 DLC "not overpowered"

  • InvisibleCrane 13/06/2011

    "So why offer pre-order bonus items?

    "Because we believe in rewarding our shareholders, looking for as many pre-order and day one purchases as possible whilst fighting against the issues of pre-owned and piracy."


    I really hate this "fixed" attitude some people have around here
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  • FIFA 12 RRP is Ł54.99

  • InvisibleCrane 04/06/2011

    "The ony good thing about the Union Street Gamestation is the hot emo chick who works there. Drool."

    Hot emo chick?...wait that might the same one who told me that that particular GS store would not be hiring for a year a while ago.

    Besides I prefer G-Force anyway.
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  • New Syndicate to be an FPS - report

  • InvisibleCrane 03/06/2011

    I wish you'd all stop being such crybabies and just be glad an old franchise is being given another chance...seriously is the fact it's being made into an FPS that bad? Reply -20
  • CD Projekt defends Witcher 2 difficulty

  • InvisibleCrane 25/05/2011

    So just because a game is easy then it automatically sucks?...yeah that's a stupid thing to think I say Reply -1
  • Games can rival Hollywood

  • InvisibleCrane 24/05/2011

    If anyone is interested I found an interesting article about the whole "games as art" argument
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  • Guitar Hero gets Paramore tracks, more

  • InvisibleCrane 12/04/2011

    "Paramore suck. That is all."

    Actually for me, Hayley Williams sucks, the rest of the band (well what band that didn't walk out from what I've heard) is okay. I mean I feel sorry for them being in the shadow of that redheaded egotist
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  • Funcom "tinkers" on new Longest Journey

  • InvisibleCrane 08/04/2011

    They won't make a new one...accept it already Reply -1
  • Sonic Generations for 20th anniversary?

  • InvisibleCrane 06/04/2011

    "Bayonetta is indeed brilliant, yes make Shenmue 3 soonest please."

    How many times does it need to be said, Sega will never, EVER make Shenmue with it!
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  • Sony: Don't call the PS3 a "game machine"

  • InvisibleCrane 31/03/2011

    Haven't Sony said pretty much the same thing since the PS3 first came out? Reply +22
  • Xbox Live Arcade "too small" for Farmville

  • InvisibleCrane 19/03/2011

    My god can't anyone here say something positive for once?...what's with all the Farmville hate all of a sudden Reply -13
  • Yakuza 4

  • InvisibleCrane 16/03/2011

    "When can we have Shenmue 3, SEGA?"

    I am so sick of people asking Sega is never making Shenmue 3, accept it already!
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  • de Blob 2 struggles at retail

  • InvisibleCrane 15/03/2011

    "Thats a real shame. I didn't actually get it but its depressing games like De Blob 2 flop and games like Call of Duty break records.

    WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GAMERS !!!!!!!????????????"

    Nothing is wrong with us gamers, we decide what we want to buy okay?
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  • SEGA will "probably" let Suzuki make Shenmue 3

  • InvisibleCrane 02/03/2011

    "How about stop making any more episodes of Sonic 4 (you know, cause it's shit)"

    No it's not, and also I honestly I don't think Sega will take a chance on Shenmue 3, I mean they almost pretty much went bankrupt with the failiure of Shenmue 2, what makes you think they'd want to go ahead with a third game if it's likely to do just as bad as the previous one did
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  • BC Rearmed 2 demands PSN connection

  • InvisibleCrane 03/02/2011

    "simililar to the DRM Ubiscum use" childish an insult
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  • Why The Last Story is Japan exclusive

  • InvisibleCrane 20/01/2011

    "They hate money."

    No, no, no, no, no a thousand times no. Nintendo do not hate making money, they've made more money than ever with the success of the Wii and DS and while I will say not releasing this game outside of Japan is a stupid move...what can we do about it. Face it no matter how much we whine, cry, bitch, moan and beg nothing is going to change. The Last Story will never come outside of Japsn so please just learn to accept that...but then again this is the EG community we are talking about here, you all have never been one to accept any questionable decisions from game companies at all
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  • Ubisoft kills always-on PC DRM - report

  • InvisibleCrane 04/01/2011

    "Fuck off Ubisoft"

    Oh come on now, Ubisoft does something that should make all you hard to please people happy and you still complain?!?...I'm going to facepalm now
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  • PlayStation Move ad poster banned

  • InvisibleCrane 22/12/2010

    "Lulz at the dildo that is the ps move controller. Poor design. Poor concept."

    If it's such a poor concept then how come it's doing well sales wise?...also can we all please stop with the "PS Move looks like a dildo lolz!" jokes, they wern't funny back when the design was first shown and they still are not funny today
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  • UK chart: Christmas number one is...

  • InvisibleCrane 20/12/2010

    "We conducted many focus tests and found that the UK in particular is full of retards."

    No that's not the case at all, stop all this bitching about how something like Vanquish and Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom didn't get the #1 spot and learn to accept games like CoD will always sell no matter how much the EG community trashes it.

    I seriously hate this place sometimes, nothing but whiny bitching and moaning everywhere
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  • Broken Sword 2 Remastered out now

  • InvisibleCrane 16/12/2010

    So what's different in this new version compared to the original version on the PC/PS1 Reply +3
  • Chrono Cross coming to Japanese PSN

  • InvisibleCrane 15/12/2010

    "but with Sony's evident disdain for Europe it looks like I'll be missing out on this one again."

    Oh stop being a pessimistic crybaby please, Sony do not hate Europe, the only reason we don't get many stuff as the US and Japan is because of licensing and translation and such
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  • InvisibleCrane 15/12/2010

    I find it kinda odd how Nintendo is willing to sell games that never orignally came out in the UK on the EU Virtual Console store but Sony won't do the same thing...then again we missed out on a lot of PS1 games in the UK including off the top of my head...

    -Parasite Eve
    -Echo Night
    -Clock Tower 2
    -Juggernaut (IIRC a Myst style point and click game)
    -Fox Hunt (FMV game...yeah I know it sucks but I'm still listing it)
    -Chrono Cross
    -Arc The Lad
    -Brave Fencer Musashi
    -Threads of Fate
    -Thousand Arms
    -Final Fantasy Tactics
    -Azure Dreams
    -RPG Maker

    Actually now that I think of it a lot of those games I listed that never came out over here were released by Sqaure-Enix (back when they were Sqauresoft)...and I think also it was because a lot of their games had anime themes to them and anime was not as well known in the UK as it is today (but still somewhat pales to how well known anime is in the US)
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  • Acti: "Still a lot of talent" at Infinity Ward

  • InvisibleCrane 15/12/2010

    "Who needs talent when you can simply re-hash the same old game every year and still make a shit load"

    Considering the state of the economy this is honestly the way to go right now, I don't blame a lot of game companies doing this (and on a side note maybe Platinum Games should consider this as well since I'm betting the next game they make that won't sell well will put them out of business)
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  • PSP2 has "early PS3 game quality visuals"

  • InvisibleCrane 08/12/2010

    "PSP lacked the second analog nub"

    Oh FFS not this shit again, people still bitch about the lack of a second analog nub on the PSP like it's the worst thing that could happen to it's not. Yes I will admit a second one would have been nice but I got used to there being just one and at first it was awkward to get used to but I am now, I got used to it long ago and I've had a PSP since 2005...bottom line is people need to stop this btiching about the lack of a second analog nub, if the PSP2 does not have one then fair enough I won't complain...then again I feel I'm theo nly one here who does not bitch at game companies because of some self entitlment complex a lot of the commenters seem to have around here
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  • Actor blames gamers for rubbish movies

  • InvisibleCrane 25/11/2010


    It's Hollywood, what do you expect?, this whole "he/she's too good for him/her" mindset makes me laugh sometimes because it shows that people often forget about a little thing called personality which probably explains how they got together in the firest place
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  • New titles for XBL Game Room

  • InvisibleCrane 25/11/2010


    Sonic 4 is not awful, I think you just had way too high expectations
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  • Enslaved fails to meet sales targets

  • InvisibleCrane 08/11/2010

    "What a sad world we live in... rehashed formulas sell millions whilst original IPs struggle like this... "

    Oh boo hoo, look I'm a bit dissapointed that Enslaved didn't do well either, but am I surprised? Mainly because the main problem is that there is a recession going on and people want to be more careful with their money which means they won't want to buy games that even though they might be good, don't have replay value to them and Enslaved just does not have the replay value that say CoD (well in the multiplayer sense) has, I mean why do you think Vanquish flopped? (btw I chose Fallout New Vegas over Vanquish because of the whole fact that the SP in is so short)

    Look I'm all for new IP's as much as the next gamer, but you have to face facts, and whining and crying about it (much like what 95% of the EG community does) is not going to help, rehashing is the only way for companies to keep operating in the bad economy right now and we just have to accept it. I have so why can't other people do so as well?
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  • Where is the price of COD cheapest?

  • InvisibleCrane 08/11/2010


    Who do you think you are telling us what we are to buy and not to buy
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  • PS Plus subs get original Tomb Raider

  • InvisibleCrane 13/08/2010


    Is 50hz still a big deal?, I mean just be glad we got some PS1 games on the Euro PSN store to begin with
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  • InvisibleCrane 13/08/2010


    Hey it worked!, I just made a US PSN account, thanks for that

    How do I do the same with a US XBL account?

    EDIT - Just out of curiosity what does the US XBL have that the UK one does not, I know the US one has Netflix and some XBLA games that didn't come to the UK but is there anything else?. And I assume I need to pay for a Gold subscription for the US one right?
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  • New Modern Warfare 2 DLC dated

  • InvisibleCrane 13/05/2010

    "They can fuck off. Do they really think people are THAT stupid?"

    No the people who constantly bitch and moan and calling everyone who buys any DLC for MW2 stupid are, I bought the Stimulus DLC for MW2 and you know what I don't regret it one bit, but I also do like all honesty it always boggles me how single minded gamers are when it comes to companies like Activision.

    And also I'm getting sick and tired of people treating Robert Kotick like he's a heartless and evil man who kills babies, he's just a businessman, yeah he can be a douchebag at times but honestly I bet there are people out there 100x worse than him
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  • COD: Black Ops for Wii confirmed

  • InvisibleCrane 11/05/2010

    "Oh wait, I forgot this is all irrelevant - because it's Activision. It doesn't matter if it's good, I'm still not buying it."

    Then you are an idiot then I'm sorry to say
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  • Aliens vs. Predator

  • InvisibleCrane 19/02/2010

    "Dan Whithead is the reviewer behind the 7/10 Dead Space review ( yes Dan it will haunt you for the rest of your life).
    Just wanted everybody to know and take it into account."

    And that's bad because?...why are you all still bitching like whiny crybabies over that
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  • Xbox 360 GOD delivers Crackdown

  • InvisibleCrane 01/12/2009

    For crying out loud can't EG do a GOD article without pandering to the crybabies who comment here who are under the impression that the entire gaming industry hates them?'s bad enough when gamers act like spoiled brats over this but when a professional gaming site joins in with them...I just don't understand!!! Reply -2
  • MW2 street date "most broken in history"

  • InvisibleCrane 09/11/2009

    "I'm just pissed off that I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in this cynical carbon copy shoot 'em up that doesn't do anything different etc etc. Why can't street date be broken and prices slashed for a decent game I actually want?"

    Oh wah wah wah you crybaby...the reason for this is simple, lots and lots of people want the game (including me) so that's why this happened
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  • Retailers furious at supermarket prices

  • InvisibleCrane 03/10/2009

    Can we please stop with the Robert Kotick hate posts please, we get it no one likes him, give it a break please Reply -3
  • Activison predicts console-free future

  • InvisibleCrane 15/09/2009

    So by that logic it's evil to make money in the games industry, because without money there would not be an industry to begin with Reply -14
  • InvisibleCrane 15/09/2009

    Am I the only person here who does not hate Activision, granted I don't have an opinion on Robert Kotick but honestly all attitude by gamers towards the company just makes my mind boggle. Boycotting Activision will not work and you and every other gamer out there needs to relise that Reply -29
  • XBL gets Burnout Revenge, NFS ProStreet

  • InvisibleCrane 26/08/2009

    " "Is Whinners Tuesday the new weekly event? Will all whinners complain about the price tag evrey single Tuesday when new games are released on GOD? I'm sure everyone got the message now and I'm sure Microsoft doesn't care. Just don't buy them and move on!"


    The entire gaming community these days is full of whiners, seriously I've said this before gamers these days are never ever happy with everything and anything
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  • Konami confirms PS2 re-issues

  • InvisibleCrane 07/08/2009

    I find it a bit odd that they are re-releasing ZOE The 2nd Runner and not the first one (I have both anyway) Reply 0
  • Wife made Legends director like Halo

  • InvisibleCrane 06/08/2009

    What was so frustraiting and embarassing about the Cortana scenes in Halo 3 Reply +2
  • Activision completes GH5 track list

  • InvisibleCrane 30/07/2009


    Typical elitist reaction to not liking the same music? It's more a case of I don't know 50%, don't care about 45% of the rest. You might think it's fantastic, enjoy the game. I'm going to remain irritated that one of my favourite songs is included in an otherwise mostly uninteresting (to me) list."

    I wasn't meant to be elitist, I can't stand those sort of people to be honest. I'm just sick of people saying a GH game is gonna suck because they have no heard of at least all of if not, half the songs on them, it's been like this since Rocks The 80s
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  • InvisibleCrane 30/07/2009

    "smells like teen spirit = sold"

    It amazes me it took so long for this song to show up in these games
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  • InvisibleCrane 30/07/2009

    "Oh Gods, I hated this track list until they put up Sultans Of Swing (which I hope is the live version). I've wanted that so bad... but I swear it won't make me get the game!... probably."

    Typical "Wah Wah Wah!, I HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW 99% OF THE SONGS" complaint I'm sorry to say
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