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  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered debuts in-game screenshots

  • InsoFox 24/10/2015

    If they do remaster another title, and I know they're keen on doing at least once more, the likely candidate is Full Throttle, because that's the other game that Tim Schafer was a project lead on. There's no reason that the Double Fine/Sony partnership couldn't remaster some of the other adventures too, it's just there's a bit less motivation for them when they don't have the people directly involved.

    Sam and Max would be a job on a similar scale to DOTT, but the rights might be complicated as Steve Purcell still owns the copyright to those characters.

    Fate of Atlantis would also be very cool but I wonder if Disney would worry about releasing an unrelated game when they have a film in the works. Could go either way.

    I'd actually really like a remake of The Dig, but I think it'd probably be much lower on their agenda, it was always sorta the odd one out.

    Curse of Monkey Island would be the most complicated in some ways to remaster depending on how much of the original artwork they have access to. Unless they have uncompressed versions of the cutscenes, re-doing that would be a whole lot of work.
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  • Double Fine announces puzzle adventure Hack 'N' Slash

  • InsoFox 11/12/2013

    @Sieroa Nah, they've been working on this since Amnesia Fortnight last year, and it's out next year. Spacebase is being developed by a different team in Double Fine (as is Massive Chalice and Broken Age). They have various different teams which share some resources but are also kind of seperate, like a collective. Reply +1
  • InsoFox 11/12/2013

    @ansionnach That's just video of the prototype they made in 2 weeks as part of Amnesia Fortnight. They've had over a year to work on it since then! Reply +1
  • Well-timed Valve leak reveals Half-Life 3 development teams

  • InsoFox 02/10/2013

    This isn't really news though, is it? I mean, they have never denied it's in development. So it's unsurprising to find that they have a development team for it. Game known to be in development is indeed in development. Reply +11
  • Pandemic review

  • InsoFox 17/07/2013

    @SleepyDeathFred On the other hand, he's often the dissenting voice in Shut Up and Sit Down, so maybe this is just a case that he liked Gears of War more than some other people.

    For example, watch latest review on that site - he seems perfectly fair and measured there, and I've seen him do the same thing in writing before.
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  • InsoFox 17/07/2013

    @Sunjammer I can't work out what he said that was so bad. He's enthusiastic about board games it's true - but that's because they're going through a lot of interesting changes at the moment that a lot of people might not be aware of.

    So sure, he is evangelising for them a little but that's because so often all it takes for someone to start taking this type of game seriously (in the sense of not dismissing it) is quite often one good experience to counter their memories of playing some bad board game with their family when they were 10.

    In my experience, logistics stops being much of a problem once you get over the hurdle of persuading a couple of friends that playing a board game might be a fun time.
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  • Double Fine is selling its Amnesia Fortnight prototypes in a Special Edition Box Set

  • InsoFox 02/02/2013

    @Gnort Some people missed Amnesia Fortnight, so it seems fine to me to have a way of selling this after the fact, and I think the documentary of the process was pretty extensive and very well done considering the schedule they were on. I don't really think they're marketing this to people who were there the first time :) Reply +2
  • "There is something we haven't told everybody about when you play the cube..."

  • InsoFox 02/10/2012

    @ShiftyGeezer No, the Data Protection Act only covers -personal- data. Reply +3
  • InsoFox 02/10/2012

    I find Peter Molyneux funny for all the reasons that Molydeux parodies. But there's an underlying truth to that parody, that the man has a genuine thirst for trying to do something exciting. It doesn't always pay off, but we need that sort of enthusiasm. I'm willing to indulge the guy with Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and so on on his CV, even if sometimes I think he should stop talking a couple of sentences before he actually does :) Reply +4
  • Tim Schafer on free-to-play, showing works in progress and Brutal Legend's misleading marketing

  • InsoFox 05/09/2012

    I think the weakest part of Brutal Legend wasn't the RTS battles themselves, it was that a lot of important information about them was poorly tutorialised. Once I figured it out for myself, got used to how important it was to use the banner to rally troops to the right place and so on, I had as much fun with it as any other part of the game. Reply +7
  • PlayStation Vita update locks memory cards to PSN accounts

  • InsoFox 29/08/2012

    Well, to be fair this is one bad thing in a month where a lot of good Vita things have been announced. Not saying it doesn't suck, but I'd say that comments along the lines that Sony are making the Vita less and less appealing are kind of poorly timed. Reply -2
  • Closure creator on why it didn't come to EU PSN

  • InsoFox 29/08/2012

    Understandable, but it really does show that SCEE, SCEA and so on really need to have a much better process for getting stuff out on all the various versions of PSN as often as possible, and as close to the same date as possible.

    It should simply be part of their process to operate in that way, otherwise you're always going to get this problem in a market that no longer sees any reason to distinguish so much between territories.

    It'll probably require a major change in their culture to do it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're working on fixing this in time for PS4 because they have to be aware that they can't operate in a way that is so punishing for both small developers and us people who actually want to play the games.
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  • GameStop wants to buy GAME - report

  • InsoFox 29/02/2012

    I hope they block the sale, so the headline can be "Game Shop GAME Stops GameStop's GAME Plot" Reply +61
  • Double Fine Adventure will likely be "old school" 2D

  • InsoFox 26/02/2012


    1) Kickstarter rules say you CAN'T end funding early, even if you want to. So if you get over-funded, you need a plan for that.

    2) The last 2D graphic adventure Tim Schafer made was Full Throttle. It cost about 2 million dollars. In 1995. And they had to cut about a third of the game because it was going over-budget.

    I don't think having 'too much' money is going to be a problem.
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  • Double Fine Adventure is DRM free, has English voiceover

  • InsoFox 16/02/2012

    @5h1nj1 This really isn't difficult. The beta will be on Steam. The final version will be released on Steam, too, but also there will be a DRM free option (currently stated for that it's an option for backers). You can release it on more than one thing... Reply +2
  • Happy Action Theater Review

  • InsoFox 13/02/2012

    Of course he had to give it that rating. It's a game... thing clearly aimed at his daughter, and it's pretty hard to second guess the honest-to-goodness enthusiasm of a small child. Are the people questioning the rating implying that his daughter was WRONG to love it? Reviewing a kids' game is tricky business, especially one like this which is aimed particularly young, but I'd say it's pretty much impossible to do without actually getting kids in front of it and seeing how they react. Reply +12
  • Double Fine Adventure raises $1m in less than 24 hours

  • InsoFox 10/02/2012

    @JosephB No, you're not buying shares, you're buying the game that will be released and funding the development of the game with that money. At higher tiers you're getting extra rewards for backing with more money.

    While it is true that indie developers have made adventure games without kickstarter et al, they usually do so in their spare time, over a very long time, and very few of those see profit from their efforts. Double Fine are professionals, and as professionals expect to be paid to make games. Like all studios, if they want to make games they need to pay their staff, and usually the way to do that is to approach publishers. But publishers are very risk-averse and at the moment adventure games are seen as a huge risk. Even if they do fund the game, it's in exchange for a huge share of the revenue. Tim has been burned by the publisher route on multiple occasions, so it makes perfect sense for him to look elsewhere now.

    I think the reason that people are willing to fund this particular adventure game is that the people behind it have a track record of making some of the best adventure games of all time, and yet haven't really been able to do so for well over a decade now.
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  • New Google TVs will have OnLive built in

  • InsoFox 12/01/2012

    @coolbritannia Your comment reaches fascinating levels of pointlessness. Do you sometimes walk into shops and announce 'I'M NOT BUYING ANYTHING HERE'?

    edit: this sounded a bit mean on second read, but I was only having fun. I do wonder sometimes why people comment to say 'I have no interest in this story' though ;)

    Anyway as for this news, it seemed inevitable it'd end up in TVs one way or another. Still doubt whether OnLive will ultimately succeed, but I think something like it will at some stage, and being built into TVs is an interesting step in the right direction.
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  • Texture problems hit Xbox 360 Skyrim

  • InsoFox 14/11/2011

    To anyone complaining about Bethesda talking about textures 'temporarily scaling down' then 'not scaling back up', use a bit of sense, please. Clearly what they are saying is that the scaling down is supposed to happen, and is supposed to be temporary, and the problem is that for some reason when installed it isn't always temporary. Simple. They've stated what the problem is and say that they're working on it. That's all we can POSSIBLY ask at the moment. Reply +1
  • 3DS worldwide sales total 6.68 million

  • InsoFox 27/10/2011

    around the time of Eurogamer Expo I was so annoyed with the DS that I was trying to sell it to anyone who would listen. But since then I've mellowed on it. Sure, it's collecting dust, and I should have waited, and it was a bit of a poor purchase decision for me, but hey. There's a few cool things coming out, and the promise of more Layton and Pheonix Wright is enough to just about keep me on board. Reply -1
  • Sony: stolen user/pass info not from us

  • InsoFox 13/10/2011


    Well, I suppose that's a sensible enough suggestion, but it makes you wonder why they didn't do that last time, and instead initiated the password reset the next time the user logged in - I suspect the reason was because you had to get users to log in in the first place in order to be able to change the password download the required update. If they are going to reset the password automatically they need to actually have some way of getting the password to you so you can log into it the first time. They could have reset the passwords and then emailed out all the new ones to the users to log in with, but that's not a very secure way of doing it, so the best way is to get the user to change it as soon as they next logged in. Which is what they did.
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  • InsoFox 13/10/2011


    "Yes they can. And in light of this, they probably should do, sharpish."

    Um, no they can't. How can they force someone to log into their PlayStation? Go round their house perhaps? With guns? I suppose they could tell them their account will be deactivated if they don't log in, but if they haven't logged in for months ANYWAY, then that's probably not going to get their attention either.
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  • Ace Combat demo: 1.2 million downloads

  • InsoFox 05/10/2011

    Played this a little while back at Namco Bandai. Enjoyed the previous games and this seems like a cool take on them. I had to change the controls to make them like the originals though (in cockpit view, pitch and roll controls rather than the more arcadey variant it defaults to.). It sort of makes it a different game, but I'm glad the option's there. Reply +1
  • Piracy "ruining" PC, "forcing" it online

  • InsoFox 30/09/2011


    Basically it's what the article says. DRM doesn't really work, but sadly publishers need to be Seen To Be Doing Something by their various stakeholders, and so it goes on. Kinda sucks.
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  • InsoFox 30/09/2011

    Still, good to know when Football Manager 2012 is coming out, isn't it? Reply +13
  • OnLive

  • InsoFox 30/09/2011

    I don't understand what a lot of peoples problems are - I mean, I understand that it's not working well for a lot of people, but the model itself, assuming the infrastructure supports it in the future. It seems to me OnLive have never been anything less than upfront that you are paying for access. I don't feel like I need to 'own' every game I play, so I am happy to pay less to access it for a limited time. And the subscription model seems like it could grow into something really cool, even if the selection isn't quite there yet. The Full Passes aren't really something I'd consider right now with the service how it is, but in the future, if there's a game I think I'll want to play and replay but have no special attachment to, why not? There's a definite place for this sort of gaming, and you don't need to worry about it ruining everything, because... well... I guess. Reply +1
  • InsoFox 28/09/2011

    Yes, this seems remarkably similar to my experiences: infuriatingly variable, but like magic when it works. I put an account of my experiences in the first 24 hours here:

    But as I say in the article, OnLive have at least shown the tech to be work*able* even if it doesn't quite yet, uh, work. Cloud Gaming could have a healthy future alongside all the other ways we play, and I look forward to a time when I can use it with confidence - I think it's when, now, rather than if. I just hope that OnLive haven't killed themselves by jumping in too early, because as a first attempt it's pretty smartly done and it'd be a shame to see them fail.
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  • OnLive Launches in the UK

  • InsoFox 24/09/2011

    Are people in this thread really saying the speed of light is a limitation for OnLive? Do these people realise how FAST light is?

    Assuming OnLive had got rid of all their other technical limitations and only the speed of light was left...
    ... light travels at about 186282 miles per second...
    Which after some quick maths means that assuming that your nearest OnLive server is within 1000 miles the round trip should take all of of approx 0.01 seconds. (Or, assuming I went wrong somewhere in my maths, very VERY quick)

    Of course, that's not including processing time, but since that's usually imperceptible too, I think the speed of light is the least of concerns for this sort of way of playing.
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  • Game of the Week: Xenoblade Chronicles

  • InsoFox 22/08/2011

    Well, NewbieZilla is right. Very few reviews have commented much on the story or characters. They're all very quick to say how big the world is, how much there is to do, and all the neat battle systems. And all of that stuff is true. But I'm about 30 hours in and I have to say, the plot and characters have been fairly forgettable so far. Not -bad- by any means, just a little unambitious and safe compared to the other things that the game excels in.

    Of course, all that could change, but so far I find myself uninvested in the characters, partially because they're not particularly strong and partially because the translation is a little by-the-numbers. Some people have said the voice acting is bad... I'm not sure it's that, it's more that they don't have all that much to work with. And while the environments are frequently beautiful, the cutscenes often appear as if acted out by mannequins.

    How much you like this game probably will depend how much you like the exploration/questing aspects of RPGs compared with the story/character aspects. The former is excellent, the latter is merely serviceable.
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  • Retrospective: Escape From Monkey Island

  • InsoFox 08/08/2011

    People don't forget Grim Fandango when they criticize EMI's art. The difference is that Grim Fandango had absolutely superb art direction. So many of EMI's backgrounds lacked attention to detail, the 3D models didn't even look good at the time (while the stylised ones of GF still suit it.)

    As for the humour, I'll just have to disagree that it is funnier than CMI. Perhaps it beats out the first game, in hindsight. But I remember going into EMI's demo and wondering why I wasn't finding it as funny as it thought it was being. I even tried various combinations of subtitles/voice to see whether it read funnier than it sounded and so on. It was tolerable, but not a high point for the series' humour I think. I think even Tales of Monkey Island is funnier - and I didn't think that was particularly funny most of the time.

    Anyway, I'll echo what a few other people have said here: it was a decent adventure game (a few terrible puzzles aside) but is not a particularly good Monkey Island game - it gets the mood wrong in several ways. Anachronistic references were always a part of the series not least of which the stuff that goes on at the end of the second and third games, but turning an entire major island into a modern resort missed the point. Anachronism always worked so much better when they were the exceptions rather than the rule - they added to a sort of mysterious atmosphere where you weren't quite sure who you were in this world... or something.
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  • Trenched trademark man vows to fight on

  • InsoFox 12/07/2011

    Everything else aside, it's actually a bit of a bloody pain changing the name of a game, especially at last minute. So everyone who is saying 'why don't they just change the name?' they are probably doing that, but you don't just flip a switch. Reply 0
  • What Developers Think of Wii U

  • InsoFox 28/06/2011

    I think Michel Ancel nailed it when he said:

    "Nintendo, for some time, was more like, 'We have one direction, follow us.' Now it's more, 'We have all these directions, do what you need to do.' Making games is hard – if you have too much constraint on top of making games it's much more difficult. I think there is a big ambition behind [the Wii U] and we will follow Nintendo to succeed in this because we have the feeling that it's the right direction."

    One of the reasons the Wii struggled with 3rd parties was because it demanded a lot of developers working with those weird controls and trying to make games tailored for that sort of experience. With the Wii U it has a lot of potential for creative uses but it's really up to the developer how far they want to go with that, which has got to be more appealing to them.
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  • Randy Pitchford: "customers love Duke"

  • InsoFox 17/06/2011

    Customers certainly love trading Duke in, if a cursory glance around CEX last night is anything to go by. Reply +4
  • Have videogames lost the plot?

  • InsoFox 09/03/2011

    Further to what some other people said, it's not about whether the story looks good on paper. Most stories don't look good on paper. It's the storyTELLING that's important, and Portal manages to tell its little story in a way that's exactly fit for the medium, so much so that it's difficult to imagine it as a book or a film.

    Aaaanyway, I think games have done and can do traditional storytelling well, too. Grim Fandango displays some of the best storytelling I've ever seen in -anything-, but its methods don't stray too far from the traditional. You could imagine it easily as a film or book, unlike Portal.

    And sure, most games don't have that level of storytelling sophistication, and on the face of it it would seem that many more films have great stories than games (although there's a lot of rubbish on both sides). But while the vast majority of films have a story, unless they're experimental, plenty of games are of great intrinsic worth even with little to no plot. I think this ought to be taken into account when comparing how relatively mature both media are. Storytelling in the traditional sense is all-but-necessary for mainstream film, but with games it's just one of many possible things to shoot for.
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  • Retrospective: You Don't Know Jack Vol. 1

  • InsoFox 01/03/2011

    To correct some earlier comments, this isn't an XBLA release, it's full disc. If you have a PS3, you can import it like I did and it'll play just fine - and since it's so cheap, it's worth the import. Reply 0
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • InsoFox 19/01/2011

    @X201 No, I realise that -people, taken as a whole- are susceptible to the arbitrary so-called £200 barrier, that's just a psychological thing. But there's no reason for a single person to pay undue attention to that. If £200 works you, why not £210, are you -that- determined? Even £230 isn't unreasonably higher than £200, it's just a bit of a joke when you consider the US price. Reply 0
  • InsoFox 19/01/2011

    @X201 Yes, pre-ordering above £200, a nice round number due to the accident of the metric system, which you have set as the arbitrary point beyond which it becomes a rip-off would be bad. Reply 0
  • Why I Hate... World of Warcraft

  • InsoFox 13/12/2010

    I played WoW when it first game out. It was a bit more of a grind at the time and I had a lot of fun with it, getting to about level 45-ish before burning out. I never got to an obsessive or addicted stage with it, which is tricky now that I've jumped back in for Cataclysm.

    Really, I'm just curious about the changes, and a little nostalgic. WoW fills a neat hole in my gaming life at the moment, but when I tell people that, they assume (or just tease) that I'm in some sort of denial. But really, I figure I'll play it a bit, maybe get 40 hours of enjoyment out of it over the next month or two and then burn out once more. If I get that, I imagine I've already got my money's worth, and we can part once again on good terms.

    I think if you treat WoW like any other game (albeit a huge one - I was again struck by the sheer level of content), one which you'll play for a while, stop, maybe revisit every so often then it's a great diversion. I treat it almost like a below-average single player RPG that makes up for it in sheer breadth of content, and multiplayer that's there if you need it. If you're the sort of person to develop a long term addiction, I understand why you'd want to steer clear.
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  • All new Rock Band DLC only for RB3

  • InsoFox 10/11/2010

    A little disappointing. Even if this is old news, it's the first time Harmonix has done something I'd call a 'dick move.' I don't believe that they couldn't have made it compatible forwards and backwards if they had wanted to. Reply -3
  • Telltale's Back to Future for December

  • InsoFox 26/10/2010

    @CaptainQuint The reason you haven't seen much of the game yet is the same reason you don't see much of any Telltale games in advance; it's their unorthodox episodic production schedule.

    They work on their games right up until release day, usually on different stages of about 3 episodes at a time once a series gets going. That means that for the last few months they will have been working on writing, story, recording dialogue and creating a lot of the major assets. Right about now if previous games are anything to go by they should be heavy into actually building the first episode.

    Next month they'll be testing and polishing up that episode like crazy and there should be more to show for it. We'll get screenshots very soon and most likely the trailer will be about a week before the actual release, which is when review copies are usually sent out.
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  • Brütal Legend

  • InsoFox 13/10/2009

    "And don't get me started on the lame bit at the end where only a certain special move will progress the game, with no real clue"

    Yes. No clues at all. Well, except for the huge engines dangling ominously either side of you that look exactly like the ones that you have to use the earthshaker move on about 10 minutes earlier in the game. You know, the ones that are gleaming that little bit brighter than everything else in order to draw your attention to them...
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  • The Beatles: Rock Band

  • InsoFox 06/09/2009

    Are some guys up there seriously debating whether the Beatles were that big outside of the UK?

    ... Jesus.

    (More popular than Jesus, that is)
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  • Tales of Monkey Island: The Siege of Spinner Cay

  • InsoFox 25/08/2009

    I thought this chapter was a significant improvement on the already-good first one. Reply +1
  • Brutal Legend multiplayer has RTS twist

  • InsoFox 14/08/2009

    Fun fact: Brutal Legend was originally conceieved as a mainly-multiplayer game and the single player game we've seen so far grew out of that, not the other way round. So saying that they shouldn't wasted time on multiplayer is kind of silly. Reply +3
  • More Beatles: Rock Band tracks revealed

  • InsoFox 21/07/2009

    I agree, Ringo doesn't get nearly enough respect as a drummer and I'm mystified as to why. Most people seem to think he's a bad drummer because someone told them so.

    Interesting to speculate on how Within You Without You might work ... heh.
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  • Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

  • InsoFox 15/07/2009

    @Demiath Wow, I highly recommend you give MI2 a go whether LEC remake it or not. It's possibly the best MI game, but tremendously detailed - I think it'd be much harder to remake than the first game, there are a lot more assets to convert - especially in terms of animation and music (which in its use of iMUSE is probably the most complex MIDI score ever made in a game and will be difficult to translate). There are probably more than three times as many locations, too, and many more characters. It's a big game and not a project to be taken lightly - not that MI1 is, either! Reply +1
  • Monkey Island SE heading to iPhone?

  • InsoFox 13/07/2009

    I'll say it again - for anyone who has been disappointed with LucasArts completely ignoring the existence of their back catalogue for nigh on 10 years, their announcement was huge news! It continues the steps in the right direction that the company seems to be taking lately. And there's more to come. Reply 0
  • Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

  • InsoFox 09/07/2009

    I thought 7 is a little harsh, too. 8 seems fair for this episode - room to grow - telltale's episodes tend to get better as a series goes on. Reply +1
  • Monkey Island remake next week

  • InsoFox 07/07/2009

    For people not in the know this IS actually a big deal, if only for the fact that along with all the new Monkey Island it shows a marked change in policy for Lucasarts whose stance for years seems to have been to simply ignore these great old franchises - it's great news.

    Also, this is just the FIRST batch as was pointed out above. There are more to come, so why are people already moaning 'why no [insert favourite game here]?'

    Also, the price of Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is announced as 800 points, not 1200, as far as I am aware.
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  • A tale of Monkey Island

  • InsoFox 26/06/2009


    And when the hell did I say that the graphics would be a complete change in style? Of course they won't be. But I and a lot of other people don't happen to think that the style is bad at all - apart from being in 3D, it's kinda similar in architecture/style to the 3rd game's graphics.

    Anyway, here is a direct quote from Mike Stemmle, one of the lead designers:

    "One of the blessings and curses of the Telltale “Insanely Rapid Production Process” (that’s IRPP™) is the fact that we’re constantly tweaking the visuals until the very last moment. For example, the little bits of the season prologue that we leaked at E3, as cool as they were, now look approximately 9500x cooler a mere three weeks later. I mean, they’re freaking gorgeous."

    In other words, WAIT.
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