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  • SoulCalibur 5 graffiti video decorates London

  • Inquisitor 31/01/2012

    Walk past this every day on my way to and from work. They always do awesome things with these spaces, some beautiful artwork up there sometimes (granted, it's always corporate but ho hum). Reply +1
  • Download Games Roundup

  • Inquisitor 06/05/2011

    I've not played the game (Laser Cat) but to claim the gameplay is '6/10 good' then not make any allowances at all for the 'best part of the game' (the humour) seems a little odd. Something like Portal wouldn't be nearly as great without the clever writing and story, in fact, it's probably the best part about it. The gameplay, again, is good but perhaps only 8/10 good yet that receives numerous bumps in score for the added value writing can bring. Reply +3
  • Bastion confirmed for XBLA

  • Inquisitor 10/03/2011

    Really liked the voice over and music, game looks perhaps less interesting but the creation aspect could be promising. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Bionic Commando

  • Inquisitor 06/03/2011

    I absolutely adored this game. It's one of the most satisfying titles I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It really is such a great feeling when you finally fully understand the swinging / combat mechanics. It looks stunning too, really lovely environments and pleasingly chunky robotic enemies.

    I take issue at the vitriol you levelled at the story line. It really doesn't take itself all too seriously, a giant mechanic spider captained by an outrageously voiced faux Nazi?. As for the ending, I actually enjoyed it. I remember it garnered a lot of snide jokes and comments with games media at the time perhaps because it was so jarring in relation to the rest of the game but I thought it was fairly interesting, daring and epic whilst retaining the games playful cheese factor.

    Best use of achievements in a long time too. Love the spread of points and the way it rewards you as you become more competent with each weapon. My biggest complaint comes with the horrible poisonous clouds though. I understand that occasionally they need to restrict your freedom but so often these clouds are placed so close to your path it beggars belief. For the most part they're completely unnecessary.

    It's a small tarnish on an otherwise fantastic game, one which easily made it up there with my best of 2009.
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  • Duke Nukem Forever: "This s*** looks gnarlier than Gears of War"

  • Inquisitor 23/02/2011

    Mega 64 really nailed Mr Pitchford.

    Seems even more relevant with Duke!
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  • Minecraft clone FortressCraft hits XBLIG

  • Inquisitor 23/02/2011

    Microsoft doesn't have to approve it, it's on the XBLIG channel. As long as it isn't considered 'offensive' MS have no say at all in what's released on there. Every game has to get a certain number of 'community reviews' before it can get uploaded.

    I've always felt Minecraft would be a good fit for XBLIG or Arcade, this actually looks alright, yes, it's a rip off but it's on a completely different platform at least. Doesn't excuse it but I doubt Notch had plans for an Xbox release (plus I'm being selfish and would like to play something like MC but my rubbish lappy crashes every time I load it).
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  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Inquisitor 09/02/2011

    Wow, certainly didn't expect a mauling of this level. To be honest, graphically it looks okay. It's certainly no powerhouse but the chunky geometry and weaponry remind me of a slightly prettier, cleaner Prey or Doom 3. As for the humour, definitely not my cup of tea. I'll probably pick this up simply because of the curio value, as Mr Bramwell rightly points out, it's been on my radar for so long and has had such an interesting development history. Plus, I kind of love slightly rough around the edges shooters. Reply +8
  • Retrospective: Blinx: The Time Sweeper

  • Inquisitor 23/01/2011

    That was a strange era for the Xbox wasn't it. I remember them floundering blindly around with various exclusives, vaguely trying to create one stand out game in every genre. They really did put rather a lot of effort into platformers. Yes, there were plenty of laughable attempts, ala Blinx, but it was also pretty exciting being an Xbox owner then. No doubt the quality has increased ten fold and third party support is second to none but it was interesting watching them try to launch new IPs or even take existing ones (Oddworld, Sega franchises, ToeJam etc) and try and give them a home on the console. Reply +10
  • Cheap Gears of War Triple Pack revealed

  • Inquisitor 18/01/2011

    Gears 2 was one long string of contrived set pieces and bombastically silly gimmicks, I loved the first for it's fantasitcally solid combat and engaging battles. The second went too far overboard in trying to mix the core gameplay up and suffered as a result in my opinion. I can barely remember any of the individual 'battles', just over the top one play and you're bored on rails sections. Reply -1
  • Journey dev: shooters are "not useful"

  • Inquisitor 12/01/2011

    Yep. To be fair he even goes on and praises Bioshock later on too, hardly the damming inditement of shooters I first thought. Still disagree to a point but the comments in the original article are much fairer, focusing more on peoples ability and propensity to play a certain genre given limited time. Reply -1
  • Inquisitor 12/01/2011

    Wrong! Not everything needs to have a point, sometimes games are just, you know...what is that word, oh, yea, fun!

    Don't get me wrong, I love his company and I love what I've seen of Journey but it doesn't mean everything has to be new or teach you some valuable life skill. Besides, the very best online shooters encourage team play and strategy.
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  • Best of 2011: Readers' Pick

  • Inquisitor 12/01/2011

    Brink has always been hugely popular at any show I've seen it demoed, it's a hell of a lot of fun too. Not sure it deserves to be there ahead of Last Guardian and Duke Nukem though, surely they're hyped to the hilt, apparently not! Reply +5
  • Amazon to launch Android app store

  • Inquisitor 06/01/2011

    I hate Google's App store. Google checkout is an absolute joke, this could be pretty good for me, at the moment I'm unable to buy any paid for apps with my phone thanks to the current structure. Reply +2
  • Why I Love… Doom III

  • Inquisitor 04/01/2011

    Doom 3 was wonderfully atmospheric. That intro was rather splendid too, I wish they'd spent a bit longer fleshing that out before the crazy hit the fan. The audio logs and diaries were a great addition, hunting for clues to open weapon lockers was fun but the real bonus they gave was in dragging you deeper into the game world.

    Doom 3 is also about the loneliest game I can remember playing. It really is depressingly desolate and deserted most of the time. The sense of human contact those audio logs gave you was always a massive relief. Minor spoiler here but perhaps my favourite of these was from a woman locked away in a room somewhere on the base. You picked up more and more of her logs begging for help and were eager to finally meet a friendly face. As you approach the locked room after maybe 30 minutes or so of this you hear the telltale sound of those horrible flying skulls and she collapses as you open the door :( (might not be 100% true but it was a loooong time ago).
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  • Tiger Woods not on PGA Tour 12 box art

  • Inquisitor 04/01/2011

    That's an atrocious cover. Looks like one of those ten a penny early 90's golf 'sims' you'd get. Reply +6
  • Developers' Game of the Year 2010

  • Inquisitor 02/01/2011

    Sure, but so what? It's a strange argument, picking something soley because it's popular. Some are screaming that games such as Farmville aren't getting the recognition they deserve amongst the 'hardcore' but why should they? They aren't particularly aimed at us nor interest us so there's little reason the core games media should be all that interested either. I get what him, and you are trying to say but for me the GoTY is your chance to recognise something you really enjoyed, not make a frankly irritating point which has been debated countless times before.

    Anyway, so as not to drag this too far off, I'm never the less pleased EG have gone out to try and get a few industry perspectives. Bravo Sirs.
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  • Inquisitor 02/01/2011

    He's really only chosen Farmville to make a point and appear all high and mighty / holier than thou. I don't believe for one second it was his game of the year, he pretty much says as much. He's just picked it because it makes a lot of money and he believes the 'hardcore' are out to get it. I won't lie, I did play Farmville for a fair old while but really there's not a lot there. It's gained most of its audience from the aggressive fashion in which it tries to publish stories to your wall, it's cynical in its cleverness, as a game I'm sorry but it's just bland. Reply +13
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2010: 50-11

  • Inquisitor 02/01/2011

    Good list. Happy to see Wake so high and Deadly Premonition get a mention too. Only disappointment is the lack of Metro 2033 which is personally well up there in my top 5 games of the year. Reply +1
  • Games of 2010: Mass Effect 2

  • Inquisitor 27/12/2010

    Surprised with all the downvotes for people saying they prefer the first, it's hardly raging fanboyism to hold that opinion. I'm torn to be honest, on the one hand there are certain things I loved about the first, some of them were unjustifiably complained about so much BioWare either had to drastically improve them or remove them (lifts, Mako), it's unfortunate they chose the easy option.

    On the other hand the mechanics in ME2 are mostly far superior. I do miss the staid customisation options but again, they took the easier option of instead of refining the inventory system just stripping it back to it's most basic elements. So, you're right Mr Bramwell, in many ways this is a 'safe' sequel, instead of fixing anything people had complaints about in the first they mostly just ripped them right out. Still, the quests were mostly more enjoyable, the story was great if not as epic as the first and the characters were as fun and interesting as before.
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  • Hydrophobia: We did get a few things wrong

  • Inquisitor 20/12/2010

    Incredibly impressive work. Really nice to see this amount of effort being put into the game post launch. It was a shame seeing it fare the way it did first time around, I'd been following it closely for quite some time and to be blunt, the demo and reviews were frankly a disappointment. Can't say the initial reaction from inside the company warmed me to the game either but credit where credit's due this is a grand gesture. If nothing else I'll be checking out the demo again, hopefully with a view to purchase if it seems significantly better. Reply +3
  • What happened to Xbox 360 faceplates?

  • Inquisitor 16/12/2010

    Some of them were okay. I never bought one personally but got a few RB6:V2 plates from a launch event and some kind EGer sent me a rather snazzy Bioshock faceplate. This one was very nicely done, texturing on the plate to make it look rusty and aged and not fussy and overly colourful like many of the others.

    Unfortunately when my premium broke and I had to move to the arcade model the matte white disc draw looked awful in comparison to the silver one when combined with any faceplate so out went those things. Kind of a shame I think, the black plate my premium 360 came with (part of a promo at Play) meant I could have it alongside my Samsung telly and it didn't look out of place. Nice idea, silly pricing though and an inability to mod the rest of the case meant it never looked as good as it should.
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  • Team Meat skewers PETA spoof

  • Inquisitor 02/12/2010

    What a twat. I had a quick look at the game and it seemed like a fairly endearing parody to me to be honest. Someone has obviously played and enjoyed the original before creating this parody and, as he points out, it's a little bit of free advertising for them too. I don't know too much about PETA if but this guy obviously seems to think he does, he's clearly got a vendetta against them. Creating socks on their forums to bring attention to Super Meat Boy for the sole reason of getting a parody made so he could launch this foaming at the mouth rant at them, beyond pathetic.

    If it becomes apparent that PETA meant this as an insult toward Team Meat then perhaps I'd understand but as it is a company I had a huge amount of respect for (launching at a 'sale' price and giving out a bunch of free levels via Microsofts notoriously stingy Live service) have ended up looking pretty darn childish.
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  • Take-Two won't annualise GTA, Red Dead

  • Inquisitor 02/12/2010

    I really like Take Two, over the past few years they've published so many of my favourite games.

    The Darkess, Oblivion, Prey, Bioshock, Borderlands, Call of Cthulu, Bully, let alone the GTA series. It's encouraging that they're willing to take risks on more interesting projects.
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  • When Small Means Big

  • Inquisitor 16/10/2010

    Wow, how strange. I remember these guys (Ngmoco) being on a few podcasts around the release of Rolando (2008ish), proud of how well their new game was doing. Incredible that just a few years later their company is being sold for such an obscene amount. Not that I'll begrudge them that at all, I think it's fantastic. Reply +2
  • EVE: CCP Gives A Damn

  • Inquisitor 06/10/2010

    It looks very much like that photo of him has been taken in North Korea, you can see what looks like the base of the Ryugyong Hotel on the right hand side. Not relevant I know, just a bit odd. Reply +1
  • MS: Halo: Reach will outsell COD: Black Ops

  • Inquisitor 10/09/2010

    His top tip is to use a gun not actually featured in the game...what a pro. Reply +29
  • Alan Wake

  • Inquisitor 22/07/2010

    Definitely enjoyed your review but I felt you were trying a little too hard to shoe horn the references to other games in there. It's definitely a game that borrows from the horror and thriller genres but I'd argue it takes far more from television and film than games. The gameplay whilst feeling familiar doesn't seem to owe an incredibly amount to other games bar the obvious fact that it is essentially a shooter and follows a predictable pattern in terms of design choices.

    Anyway, only a minor observation, on the whole, good review but for me the game was nearer a 9.
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  • Retrospective: Max Payne

  • Inquisitor 09/05/2010

    I love these games, especially the writing. It's not great but it inspires everyone who writes about them to imitate their style. I thought maybe this article did linger on the quality of the monologues and one liners a little too much, if nothing else it's different and interesting. Good retrospective though, here are my awful attempts at reviewing the games,

    Max Payne:
    The disc spun to life sounding like a jets failing engines struggling to keep it in the air. Ageing, decrepit graphics creakily loading up in a bordered screen, the blackness that surrounded it threatening to swallow it up like a cheap whore down on her luck.

    Thick, claustrophobic atmosphere swum around me, taking on a darkly comic tone as I struggled against archaic controls. A by gone era. I could tell this was the start of something big, or something lasting approximately 7 hours, time has a nasty habit of telling. Nightmarish visions haunting me, following blood trails, who thought that was a good idea...

    Eugh, sorry, I can't keep that up. Still, I loved the game. A very dark comedy, lovely noir styling's, great voice acting and dialogue for Mr Payne along with some awesome (and awful) dream sequences.

    Max Payne II

    Einstein was right. Time is relative to the observer. As the end credits danced across the faded backdrop my hours with the Max Payne series flashed by, a bullet from a rifle.

    Trapped in the emotion of the final scenes like a deer in the headlights, this time it was better than before. Controls no longer fighting against their master, a clearer vision, wider, crisper. Progress in the form of a corpse, crumpling like a puppet without its strings, physics had the last laugh.

    Somehow it all seemed like a joke. Smooth talking bad guys, pantomime in their mission. Bloodlines forgotten but the nightmares haunted me still. A stroll down an abandoned fairground a metaphor for the game. Explanation shouldn't be necessary, if you've walked the path I did you'd understand.

    Sorry, sorry, I just can't help myself. Another brilliant entry in the Max Payne series. I can tell why a sequel has taken so long, the way this ended I'm surprised there's even one on the drawing board. The long and short of it though is this game is a marked improvement over the original. I'm not sure if I can give it a higher score due to some frustrating 'escort' missions but what the hell, it deserves it.

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  • Better Than Halo: The Making of Halo 2

  • Inquisitor 12/04/2010

    Good article. Absolutely agree that the arbiter is the more interesting of the two playable characters, I just wish they'd gone further with that. It was a bit of a mistake introducing him fighting against renegade Covenant, a bit confusing telling allies from enemies. Would also have been much more daring and interesting having him fight against humans, though I understand why they didn't.

    I respect what they did in Halo 2. The first Halo was much more mysterious, the player was left very much in the dark and left to piece an over arching story together themselves. Halo 2 tried to explain and show things more often and was more movie like in its approach I suppose. I'm in the (small) camp that prefers Halo 2. Undoubtedly it's riddled with the gaps left by cut content but still works incredibly well and feels much more varied than the first. There are a lot of odd design decisions that feel distinctly un-halo however. The countless moving platforms and odd boss fights to name but a few. Makes for a brilliant game to do a retrospective on though, so many intriguing levels and encounters in there, hopefully this article is a set up for that.
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  • EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

  • Inquisitor 15/03/2010

    I've always thought you should get around 55% for completing the game, (be that through level linked achievements or weapon / collectable achievements you can't miss, whatever) 20% maximum for multiplayer achievements and a further 25% for slightly more obscure things...Yea, quite sad to actually think about it I suppose but games like FEAR really take the piss when you complete the game and get about 50 points as reward, it's actually rare for many people to complete games anyway! Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup

  • Inquisitor 02/02/2010

    I put the memorial next to the Mako too, between there and the ship. Seemed like a fitting tribute. Reply 0
  • Podcast #2

  • Inquisitor 19/01/2010

    Ahhh, I'm looking at the EG artwork, my mistake... Reply 0
  • Inquisitor 19/01/2010

    Do the 4 spikes surrounding the mic represent the 4, erm, 'cast' members? I must say, it looks vaguely sinister but bravo Sir. Reply 0
  • Square Enix doing Deus Ex 3 cinematics

  • Inquisitor 25/11/2009

    I really, really don't like cutscenes that don't use the in game engine. It just takes you out of the experience completely, especially in a game like Deux Ex. I hope they're just animating the scenes rather than creating out of engine pieces. Reply 0
  • Sony declines to comment on Killzone 3

  • Inquisitor 20/10/2009

    Makes sense. The majority of the technical work was completed with the first so, like ODST, they could just concentrate on story and missions and produce a new one fairly quickly. Given the amount Sony probably spent on the game it makes financial sense too. No point spending years on a new engine when the first hasn't dated yet. Reply +3
  • Gamers don't want a new Xbox, says exec

  • Inquisitor 15/09/2009

    I don't think we need hear mention of a new 360 till 2011 at the earliest. An updated 360 in 2010 with inbuilt Natal and a smaller, streamlined, more reliable and quieter drive should push the need for a new console back even further. Microsoft are in no rush this generation. The 360 is doing well and making them money and they know the PS3 is in it for the long haul so no need to rush out a new but of kit this time around. Why jeopardise that with expensive new hardware. Reply +7
  • Section 8

  • Inquisitor 07/09/2009

    Obviously the fact that the reviewer went to great lengths to explain how this is likely a game few will love and takes patience and time to get into flew right over most of your heads. If you're not all that interested in the game skipping to the score is fine but jumping in to comment on that score without first reading the text does make you look oh so foolish. Reply +49
  • Serious Sam HD Supermercial

  • Inquisitor 28/08/2009

    It was a fun advert, loved the self deprecation with regards to the 'HD' graphics overhaul. Very different but, for me at least, it worked. Reply +1
  • Wife made Legends director like Halo

  • Inquisitor 06/08/2009

    1 had a pure story. It was quite simple but things like the shock introduction of the flood (as much as we grew to hate them) and Fohammers death were done really well. Halo 2 was interesting in that it dared do something different, exploring the Covenant side of the story was a brave move which paid off in my opinion, though many others disagree. 3 was the weakest story wise by far. The cutscenes are all fantastic but it just wasn't told quite as well as the first 2, too much to pack in, too many loose ends to tie up and those horrificly frustrating, embarrassing Cortana scenes.

    Oops, sorry for that, still, I'm a big Halo fan so I'll be checking these out definitely. Some of the books are pretty good so I'm hoping for something decent here.
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  • FIFA 10 cover features Lampard, Walcott

  • Inquisitor 05/08/2009

    I don't know, I quite like it, looks like a lovely snow scene with all that white. Still, it's infinitely more interesting than most Fifa box covers, the design (aside from the players, ahem) is a bit more inventive than usual. Reply 0
  • XBLC games not "financially viable"

  • Inquisitor 24/06/2009

    It's full of these strange applications because they're a bit of a novelty that don't exist at all on the 360 outside of the community games. Plus '3D Aquarium screensaver' or 'Massage 360' are much easier for people to understand than 'Clover'. It's not the place many go looking for good games, they expect crap so look for curios.

    I'm guilty of that myself, I've hunted downand played the demos of plenty of weird games on there. An adventure game with no gameplay, a game with no graphics, only sound and a few music creators and screensavers.

    It'll be hard for decent products to get recognition on there. The good games don't get enough exposure, they're hardly reviewed at all on most sites. Microsoft need to allow developers to 'gift' games to reviewers, at the moment if you want to review a game on there you have to buy it. They need a better system of community ratings too, plus maybe something like a ratio of people who played the demo to bought the full game.
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  • Take-Two's Ben Feder

  • Inquisitor 24/06/2009

    Nice enough interview and I appreciated the attempt to ask some difficult questions but EG do tend to waste rather a lot of time continually pressing the same question again and again despite the interviewee clearly having no intention of answering. Presentation wise it makes the thing look a bit of a mess and it also means the piece feels hostile and a little uncomfortable to read.

    All the questions on exclusivity for example were basically the same.
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  • Overlord II

  • Inquisitor 22/06/2009

    I'd disagree that it's been an underwhelming year for games. Okay, so I didn't think Resi 5 was as good as it should have been but I enjoyed FEAR 2 and Bionic Commando and Prototype were fantastic games. Then you've got the stuff that I haven't played like Red Faction and Street Fighter 4 and it's hardly a poor start to the year. Reply +1
  • BioShock and Oblivion UK bundle dated

  • Inquisitor 18/06/2009

    What a strange bundle considering the prices you can get them individually. Not only that but these '2 in 1' games packages become essentially worthless in terms of trade in value. If they throw in all the Oblivion DLC (Shivering Isles et al) it softens the blow a little but it's not great. Reply 0
  • Trials HD

  • Inquisitor 10/06/2009

    Looks like a 3d version of a game I used to play constantly at school, 'Elastomania'. At any one moment you'd have half the class playing that. Reply 0
  • Zeno Clash heading to console

  • Inquisitor 09/06/2009

    Yes! I've only seen a few short videos on this game but I'm in love with the art style, it's just so surreal. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Best of E3 2009

  • Inquisitor 08/06/2009

    I'm excited about ODST and Reach of course but I agree with Darren, seems a shame for the first two games of their new found independence to be Halo first person shooters. I assumed they wanted to break away from MS to enable them to create what they wanted to, not what MS surely wants them to.

    Perhaps if they'd stayed these new Halo titles would have been centred around the Master Chief though, some relief we're getting new characters. In fairness to Bungie they weren't exactly telling a porky when they claimed it was the end of the Halo trilogy, the Halo trilogy (Master Chief versus the 'Halo rings' heh) is finished, these new titles are set on Earth and Reach and probably only reference the MC in passing.
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  • Retrospective: Earth Defence Force 2017

  • Inquisitor 07/06/2009

    I enjoyed it for a while but it gets fairly boring after a few hours. The graphics aren't great but the scale of things is still impressive, levelling the TV tower or fighting the huge spider were epic moments. However there was nothing there to pull me through the game aside from seeing how ludicrous they could make the next boss encounter.

    For a game based entirely around firing a gun I found the weapons lacking and without any punch, the core mechanic just wasn't satisfying enough to over come the slog of basically grinding through the game, it's a long game too. Huge levels and plenty of them don't do it any favours, if it had been sliced down, the filler and grind removed I'd have probably come away a lot happier.
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  • E3: Xbox Originals will stop soon

  • Inquisitor 04/06/2009

    But these are games that have already made a profit, there's no more development costs involved and no marketing, the only cost is the space required to host them and put them up on Live in the first place. They could charge Ł1 and be making profit I expect. The reason they don't is mainly to keep retailers happy I expect, also they wouldn't want to devalue games to the point that no one buys them until they're hosted on Live. Reply 0
  • Inquisitor 04/06/2009

    It's very expensive to put a game on store shelves. Not only do you have the manufacturing costs to take into account you also have shipping and the costs of the store (employment, rent and so on) to take into account. Infintely cheaper to put a game online, that's why Valve can do crazy deals on Steam games and basically be making profit on every sale still.

    Freek is right, a lot of it is down to retail pressure.
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