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"Rear Admiral Beige" - Dirtbox

"You keep talking about inquisitors post as if it were some holy post that we should all be damned for having never read." - Bill Gates is Evil

"When your best moderator is inquistor, you know you're fucked." - AltCtrlDel

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Inquisitor (aka FishyHorizon) has most recently played Grand Theft Auto V, Rez HD, Aliens: CM, and Borderlands 2 on Xbox Live.

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  • Syrette


    My 5 favourite games of all time are: 1) Shenmue (DC) 2) Shenmue…

  • Retroid


    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! (Use the ice beam) PSN: Ret…

  • dr_swin


    Not as mad about gaming as I used to be. I miss Gears nights.

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