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  • Arms gets a proper training mode and more in latest update

  • Inertia 09/08/2017

    Arms is very good despite not loving it at first but the more you play the more you see the small details that make it more complicated than a quick go might make it appear.

    Despite newer games [Splatoon 2] getting more attention, from me and the media, I have a feeling that Arms will always be good fun for quick blasts on multiplayer. With more characters incoming and hopefully more arms too then this can be kept fresh for a long time yet.

    It's also a good game to download from the store as you can just play a few matches between other games with ease.
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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • Inertia 20/03/2014

    Metro 6/10 Edge 7/10 EG 7/10. Three good review sites extracted from the general junk of metacritic. If they all review it at about the same score than that is what the score is. And out of those three Metro is the most reliable and the lowest! Reply -3
  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • Inertia 17/03/2014


    can you see how pathetic you are?
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  • In Theory: 1080p30 vs 720p60 - could next-gen let us choose?

  • Inertia 02/03/2014


    Correct. Extremely gullible.
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  • Inertia 02/03/2014


    It might be a little better but it is still shit. If you are happy with the PS4 then you are gullible.

    Nothing about the PS4 shouts quality on any level. I never get the love for the PS4 as it is under-powered and too expensive. At least the PS3 had ambition and power despite the difficulty in untapping it at first.

    Sony have taken an easy route and people applaud them for a cheap and obvious design. Why they are selling consoles, MS and Sony, this weak for over £299 is just greed.
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  • Definitely not on rails

  • Inertia 21/01/2014

    A beautiful piece of journalism that matches the tedium of playing Fable 3 with words. Reply +20
  • Dark Souls 2 Achievements list leaks

  • Inertia 20/01/2014

    "Snagging", it should have been 20g for fingering the king's ring. Reply +1
  • We've got another 2500 Hearthstone keys to give away

  • Inertia 13/12/2013


    You PM'd first so I've sent you the code.
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  • Inertia 13/12/2013

    First PM gets a key. Reply +1
  • Sony's wider problems heap pressure on PS4

  • Inertia 31/10/2013


    In our hearts like a blood clot.
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  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag review

  • Inertia 29/10/2013


    Very fresh breath of air. It was released in 2007.
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  • The Stanley Parable dated for next week

  • Inertia 10/10/2013

    I think Mr Matulef's naked pussy shot profile is very disturbing. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. Resogun

  • Inertia 31/08/2013

    Looks good. Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • Inertia 30/08/2013

    This bundle looks to be good value and worth an order as the camera pretty much comes for free. Reply 0
  • Xbox One FIFA bundle was not a reaction to E3 criticism

  • Inertia 22/08/2013


    Still overheating I see! You're going to go blue-screen soon. And then who'll be sorry.
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  • Whisper it, but Xbox One is finding its stride

  • Inertia 22/08/2013


    Or maybe just mad as demonstrated by beginning a sentence with haha... Does the ellipsis indicate a break in the laughter or just the end of your mental stroke.
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  • Inertia 22/08/2013


    Are you a girly-man? You sound like you have PMT.
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  • EA makes some Online Pass content free on Xbox Marketplace

  • Inertia 30/05/2013


    The price you pay in the shop for second-hand games is THE price. They may think second hand games are expensive but it will hardly be a shock. You can look in the shop and see the prices for yourself.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • Inertia 25/05/2013


    Footballers sometimes get sold on with the original club getting a percentage of the deal.
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  • Inertia 24/05/2013


    Well my opinion is that the consumer should act responsibly in what he/she buys. You cannot keep demanding prices go so low that an industry cannot sustain profits, and more so if the things they make are of value to you.

    You can't keep getting better and better for less and less. Something will break.

    Buy fewer games but buy them new. It serves everyone better in the long run.

    But ultimately, you are right, and I think the current attitude of the market will decimate the industry until all you have is FIFA and COD and then a few left-field indie hits.

    Unless the console makers step in to correct what is in their best interest to correct. So I applaud MS for taking this ballsy move as clearly it isn't going to be popular but I think it is necessary and the right thing to do.
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  • Inertia 24/05/2013


    It could well be that games are too cheap at the moment. In terms of inflation and in comparison to SNES games they are too cheap if we use that as a metric. So maybe they need to sell these games cheap but then use the second hand market to subsidise the long tail of necessary sales which at the moment is too short; and is the sole profit of cex or Game or whoever.

    No-one wants to pay more but games have never been so cheap and add to this consumers high expectations for high end graphics, sound, and innovation it's a big problem for the industry.
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  • Inertia 24/05/2013


    Yes, far too high. Though I saw Far Cry 3 for under £15 the other day; so getting better.

    But the idea is we get the disc from the shop, at the marked price to play it, so shops can compete to gain our custom. XBL is a monopoly and so charges what it likes. This way is fine. It will allow for competition.
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  • Inertia 24/05/2013

    This is an excellent system. If the price is not too prohibitive for the retailers. As to be competitive they will have to give us more for the game we hand in if they sell it for more. It could in balance be no more or less than now. The margins, which current shops, make on second hand games is too much at the moment. They deserve this measure for being greedy in the past. And the money will, some of it, return to the developers which will help them invest in new IP.

    But of course the same old posters sing the same old tired songs. MS are innovating a lot with this system. In all kinds of ways. It will be interesting to see Sony's response, as I'm sure they will do something if not quite using this system to do it.
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  • Xbox One's Kinect will talk back to users ala Siri or Knight Rider - rumour

  • Inertia 24/05/2013

    It sounds OK to me. But it has to be a fluid switching of voice, gesture and controls to work as a complete system. I think it will do alright and as for all the complaints, which are more likely, and in the majority, coming from a vocal fanboy element there is nothing much to worry about for MS. To sell a 100 million consoles, the people on these types of forum hardly represent a single percent, I think the features will entice normal people on board more than the "tin hat" brigade try to make out.

    But it has to work well - or it will be a fuck up.
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  • Super Stardust spiritual successor a PlayStation 4 exclusive

  • Inertia 23/05/2013

    Does it really need a new system to make a lightweight game like this? It's a vita game. And not even as good as geometry wars 2; now that is a quality game. Reply -25
  • Civilization 5: Brave New World due in July

  • Inertia 24/03/2013


    Oh dear! Oh dear! And is 1984 about the Indians who died in Bhopal.

    Also "usage is usually used" - a thesaurus is a beautiful tool.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Christopher Nolan has ruined video games

  • Inertia 16/03/2013

    Just because Nolan is name-checked in marketing doesn't mean much. Marketing always tries to shoe horn the latest greatest thing in to their product whether it fits or not.

    You could argue though that cynicism is being too heavily introduced into games. The old games could be dark but weren't cynical with it. It all becomes very world weary and depressing without an injection of charm and fun and whimsy which games excel at by default. Even Nintendo seem to have lost their touch in this direction recently.

    Games need to become less like cinema and more like games again. The quiddity of gaming is fun and if you lose that it becomes something else.
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  • Destiny: Bungie unveils its shared-world shooter

  • Inertia 17/02/2013

    "Everything you do in life is more fun if you do it with your friends, everything you do in life is more fun if there are other people around doing the same thing with you."

    So it's official they do circle-jerk.
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  • With Project Godus funded, Peter Molyneux can finally get some sleep

  • Inertia 20/12/2012


    It's not that it is not newsworthy but is it worthy of so much news?
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  • Far Cry 3 patch will allow you to tailor the HUD/UI

  • Inertia 07/12/2012


    Oh and the game designers aren't to blame for the ever present UI it's the testers. :) Testers don't tell the developer how to make his game they just log bugs and errors. They can suggest things but the producer makes the call.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review

  • Inertia 18/11/2012


    I can almost smell the blood gushing out your nose as you wrote this.

    Anyway book an appointment with the doctor Monday morning he may be able to medicate you and stabalise your mental illness. It's worth a shot but it may be too late.
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  • After 70 days awaiting trial, jailed ArmA 3 devs refused bail

  • Inertia 17/11/2012

    I thought I had clicked on the wrong thread reading these comments. Off-topic isn't even close to describing this thread. We need a moderator to apply the rudders I think.

    And why the hate on the Greeks in general. It's very disappointing to see that nasty side of human nature that wants to believe that other people are bad and lazy and the problem. It's that kind of attitude that elects tyrants. I'm sure most of these comments are just people off-loading their daily frustrations. Try masturbation it's more private and less shameful.
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  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • Inertia 17/11/2012

    I wonder if we will get, literally, as many dicks and arseholes in this comment section as we did the last one. :) Reply +18
  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • Inertia 09/11/2012

    SO you were corrupt before, taking bribes, PR/advertising, freebies, and trips and felt the pressure, if not directly asked, to up-score games in your reviews. But now you feel you must change your ways. So the last COD review was done in a way you believe made you score the game more highly. OK, but nothing to applaud here. This should have been done day one because now you cast aspersions on your past reviews in the light of a revised policy. Reply -3
  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • Inertia 30/10/2012

    Who cares! Politicians, businessmen, judges, police, everyone is bought or on the payroll of someone elses influence. It hardly matters on games reviews as (a) you can get public feedback and if things are bullshit it soon becomes apparent (b) It's only an opinion anyway. You know what you like better than anyone. (c) Often you can play a demo anyway to see if it's your kind of thing.

    People complain about the media and then amp every nothing into a soap operatic drama. It's hurricane Sandy in a teacup. You can make it matter but it doesn't.
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  • Forza Horizon review

  • Inertia 14/10/2012


    So now we know what happens when a whiny fanboy takes one cock too many up his hungry ass. And that's a metacritic 87% view. Indisputable.
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  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

  • Inertia 17/08/2012


    It makes sense to dial down the difficulty to get the game finished and write the review by a deadline but a little unfair to be judging the game on being too easy when you can change the difficulty anytime within the game.
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  • Zen Pinball 2 PS3, Vita release date announced

  • Inertia 08/08/2012

    I would consider getting a vita for this. 26 zen tables has a lot of life and depth to it. I'm always playing the XBLA version, it's my go to game when other games don't appeal. I can play the Wolverine table forever. Reply 0
  • Mafia 3 heading to next Xbox, PS4 - report

  • Inertia 07/08/2012


    I agree that is a perfectly reasonable expectation; if you are mentally retarded.
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  • Minecraft 1.7.3 update is out now

  • Inertia 13/07/2012

    Why do you have a redneck serial killer doing the patch round up? Reply +2
  • Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 release date announced

  • Inertia 06/06/2012

    It gives it legs to sell for the whole of next year without feeling you have the old version. A cheap marketing trick. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft discusses next-generation game budgets

  • Inertia 17/05/2012


    :) It's just a snide dig at people who add too much biography into arguments that demand none!

    I am married too but If people who have time on their hands want more games then why not? My way of life has no bearing on what other people may or may not want. That shouldn't really baffle you :)
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  • Inertia 17/05/2012


    Just because you don't use something *gasp* doesn't mean someone who's younger, and hasn't ruined their life with a wife and child, might not play more games!!

    So you spend just over 17 mins a day on gaming and wonder why people are complaining about lack of games. And you "guess" just a "guess" you say that people may play games for different amounts of time. Has that just occurred to you? A sudden epiphany that your arsehole isn't the new Copernican revolution ;)
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  • Global Xbox 360 sales down nearly 50% year-on-year

  • Inertia 20/04/2012


    Strict definitions are all well and good but first how accurate is the data for an economy the size of the UK to determine whether things have gone up or down a fraction of a percent. Accounting by firms is so complex and profits so distributable across other parts of an organisation and are often left hanging across two tax terms as to be very hard to nail down with any precision.

    But it is clear if you run a business that costs are increasing wholesale without a pick up of sales to balance things off. Unless you are Apple we are very much in a recession and the terms that determine this are precise but the data is being massaged by the government and other organisations to paint a rosier picture than is really being experienced. Remember it's in business and governments interest to keep a fake picture that is positive than a real one that is negative.

    It's was considered "common" knowledge before Enron that the American companies were cooking the books and inflating the US stock market. But as people, in general, were benefiting there was little political will to discourage it. If you want conspiratorial theories maybe the markets were deliberately crashed to bury the evidence of these fraudulent procedures.
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  • Inertia 20/04/2012


    If you go back in time, say late 2004, and put money on MS outselling Sony by 2012 it would have been seen as a ridiculous outside gamble. Only one winner was predicted when the consoles were announced.

    Nintendo and Microsoft are the real successes of this generation. Nintendo by virtue of revenue and getting the Wii to be a desirable product (years ago) and Microsoft by the increase of their brand as a credible alternative to Sony, in fact, these days the xbox is seen as the more complete gaming package. With more sales in units and in software.

    Given the success of the Playstation 2 and it's total domination of the games scene this is a remarkable achievement for MS. By contrast Sony have made error after error and if they repeat just a fraction of the errors of this generation in the next one then Sony are a spent force.

    Plus when the xbox, which seems the most likely, breaks the £100 barrier then sales will accelerate and it may well top 100 million units sold.

    The evenness of this generation is a good thing if you want competition. But even this seems irrelevant nowadays as software companies tend to ignore individual strengths of the systems and make a product that runs approximately equal on both systems. So they may as well have the same specs. The only difference here is in user experience through the UI and online architecture. Again Sony are behind the curve when they would develop home but have no cross-party chat. Why not try and get the basics right before you try the ambitious stuff.
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  • Why the Magic of Independent Stores Should Never Be Lost

  • Inertia 14/04/2012

    Ram Electronics on Fleet High rd. Now that was an indie shop from the mid-eighties. They even made their own (popular) joysticks and RAM expansion packs for the Spectrum. Reply +1
  • Fez Review

  • Inertia 12/04/2012

    Reply +133
  • Sony bracing for biggest annual loss in a decade

  • Inertia 10/04/2012


    If you look closely he's a bit paler in the second photo. That's the one where he's looked at his accounts.
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  • Xbox 360 entertainment app usage surpasses online gaming

  • Inertia 27/03/2012


    Well XBLA is good and the lineup is varied and interesting if you are tired of FPS's and racing games. Worth having a 360 for, especially with Trials evo out soon.
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  • Microsoft patents Gaming Helmet for Xbox

  • Inertia 20/03/2012


    Your friend's aunt is a dirty whore. We can't all go that route.
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