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Incarta has most recently played Disney Universe, LEGO® Marvel, Shadow Complex, and WWE 2K14 on Xbox Live.

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  • Megaman fans

    For fans of Megaman Classic, Megaman X, Megaman Battle Network,
    Megaman Zero, Megaman Legends, Megaman ZX 2 Members

  • Okami Fans

    For fans of Capcom's Okami and its wolf God, Amaterasu 11 Members

  • Red Dwarf Appreciation Society

    Trouble with your groinal attachment? Want to Holly-hop?
    Power-up your lightbee and jump on in. 58 Members

  • Super Smash Bros. Appreciation.

    If you like the Smash Bros. games and want a place to talk about
    the old ones and the new upcoming Brawl then chat away my
    friend. 16 Members

  • The Wii JRPG group

    Are there any? 46 Members