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  • E3's press conferences are killing E3

  • IkariW 15/06/2017

    Here's a crazy idea, but why don't the organisers try to make it more attractive to companies to come and do their shows at the exhibition centre?
    There should be a hall that is dedicated to those publisher shows, and somewhere that is dedicated to eSport too... maybe even start their own streaming service to cover E3 as a whole?

    I'm just brain farting of course, but sure they could come up with something.
    As with retail constantly blaming digital media for their decline, E3 need to move with the times, embrace all the different ways of getting their show to people rather than being closed off.

    Easy for me to say of course I know...
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  • Nintendo consolidates an already special year

  • IkariW 14/06/2017

    I'm now convinced that EG have been watching an 'Alternate' E3 to me... Reply +3
  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • IkariW 13/06/2017

    Good grief EG, are you blind or something? All I saw was consistantly good looking software? And lots of it! Is there something wrong with that? I think you expect way to much sometimes, some of the games and CG on show was stunning. Someone else here said 'Spoilt', I'd agree with that, add 'Entitled' to that too... what the h3ll do you want exactly?!

    Personally, I'd take consistent software over 'peaky' hits with the rest of the games being rubbish every day of the week.

    Last of Us 2 not being shown was a disappointment sure, but they haven't canned it or anything, it's still coming out, don't worry your precious little selves EG.. jeez.. just enjoy games of the now.

    One day EG, you'll understand how hard it is to put these things together as well as you see at E3.... hold on, what am I saying...
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  • The story of Mean Machines magazine

  • IkariW 05/06/2017

    I know everyone rose tints about the past a little, but it really was an amazing time in video game history. I remember buying Mean Machines, G&VG and 'The One' Magazines every month... the writing and coverage was awesome, good times. Reply +1
  • DF Retro: Soul Calibur on Dreamcast - beyond 'arcade perfect'

  • IkariW 31/05/2017

    @Gizmopop DOA 2 was an awesome game, I remember the first time I flew kicked someone into that market cart on the street and saw all those apples roll off down the street.. superb. :) Reply 0
  • IkariW 30/05/2017

    Words cannot describe how much I loved and love this game... still a classic.

    Like the article says, was the first time I'd booted a console and had not only arcade perfection, but beyond. The DC became a good machine for that, Crazy Taxi, Ikaruga, House of the dead 2, *Edit Add - Dead or Alive 2... awesome.

    'Modding' the front end costumes and character appearance order by holding buttons etc in SC was a cool little touch too. The RPG mode (Missions) is still unbeaten in beat'em up imho. Just ledendary, they were happy days indeed. :)
    I miss Sega hardware... :'(
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  • PC Vanquish is every bit as good as you would hope

  • IkariW 26/05/2017

    What a game.... just awesome. :) Reply +1
  • Xbox Game Pass launches 1st June

  • IkariW 24/05/2017

    Seems a bit like a bill on top of a bill (From Bill) if you are an annual Live subscriber?
    Why not, for xbox live Gold members, scrap 'Games with Gold' and just have this as part of your subsciption bill instead?
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  • Square Enix trying to find a buyer for IO, future of Hitman in doubt

  • IkariW 11/05/2017

    Hope you find a buyer IO! Best of Luck! You shouldn't really 'Need' luck with your track record though, it's rediculous that you are in this situation. Reply +4
  • Vanquish confirmed for PC

  • IkariW 11/05/2017

    Great news, got to be one of Platinums best games imho. :) Reply 0
  • For Activision, WW2 ends Call of Duty's YouTube dislikes nightmare

  • IkariW 08/05/2017

    Here's a thought for Cod, maybe try something totally new? :)
    Cod: SAS, Cod: Navy Seals, Cod: Vietnam? something like that? like I say, just a thought.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holds off Prey in UK game chart

  • IkariW 08/05/2017

    Tell you what is more astonishing, GTA 5 still being number 3 in the charts 4 years on? (Ish?) What a game. :) Reply +21
  • Tokyo 42 and the unkillable charm of isometric gaming

  • IkariW 15/03/2017

    @Bush_Killa-73 Yep, Tornado Low Level! Although Cyclone was still my favourite of the two personally. ;) Tomb Raider Guardian of light is a great example of isometric gameplay done right too.

    Quazatron? :P
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  • IkariW 15/03/2017

    @badgerpog That was an awesome game, two players, on the Arcade version, just great. Amiga version was a really good conversion though for sure! Was that Domark? Reply 0
  • IkariW 15/03/2017

    @Sanxo Yep, all great examples of isometric games. :) Marble Maddness... ahhhhh... great game. Reply 0
  • IkariW 14/03/2017

    "but what really grips me about the game is how it revels in the possibilities of an isometric viewpoint."

    To be fair, 3D Ant Attack on the Spectrum 48k already revealed the possibilities of that. Imo, a better comparison than Head Over Heals here.
    As it actually required the player to change their view to find items, or platforms.

    You could also argue that 'TLL' or 'Cyclone' by; now long dead company - Vortex Software (Lest we forget) achieved similar 'revealing' gameplay with isometric (ish) techniques.

    Like you say though, be great to see this style of gameplay return. :)
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  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • IkariW 14/03/2017

    Although the game looks nice, its hardly a grahpical powerhouse is it?
    Headline is just click bait if you ask me.... oh cr@p.. it worked.. :P
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  • Disney ditches Pewdiepie after anti-semitic stunt

  • IkariW 15/02/2017

    "I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary....."

    Err? really?
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  • Watch: Johnny and Ian get doubly disappointed by Double Dragon 4

  • IkariW 08/02/2017

    No surprises here....
    When is someone going to bring this genre up to date?!
    All I hear is 'It wouldn't sell' .. 'Its a dead genre'...
    I say 'B0ll0cks'... get some imagination and get it done right! :)
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  • Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

  • IkariW 10/01/2017

    Come on Sony, get this bought and make us Platinum fans happy! :) Reply -5
  • Dead Rising 4 outsold The Last Guardian

  • IkariW 13/12/2016

    Fast forward 5 years, where Last Guardian is heralded as a 'classic', and all the people who claim to be 'fans' and didn't buy it, say they all played it at the time and it was 'amazing!'.

    Like history repeating itself.

    You are simply missing out if you don't play this wonderful game. But hey, your choice obviously.
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  • Respawn "doesn't know yet" whether it will make Titanfall 3

  • IkariW 17/11/2016

    Awesome game.... it'd be criminal A)not to buy it, and B)for EA not to help make a sequel happen.

    Kudos to Respawn, superb game.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review

  • IkariW 08/11/2016

    Have to say, like others, played TF2 and BF1 before this, and they have kind of skewed my thinking a little, as they are so so good, especially TF2. Rarely do I play a game that is so player focused, superb.

    Anyway, COD, personally, and this is only personal opinion, I think they need to give it a miss for a year, and reset. Strip it back to basics, and stop worrying about making a 'different' war arena every time, or making the 'biggest' battles..

    .. think about the combat, the pitched fire fights, squads, the deperation of war, rather than the bombastic. BF1 does a good job with this, but its more like WW2 done in a WW1 skin, but having said that, I personally think COD should possibly look at WW2 again, there are so many amazing untold stories...

    ...or.. maybe, Call of Duty: SAS.. chart the rise of the SAS during WW2 as an effective fighting force, pink panthers, desert combat, through the 80s with the Iranian Embassy, all the way up to present day? Konami tried it, but IW could nail it.

    Or even COD: Special Forces - SAS, Seals, Gurkhas, compare and contrast styles through the years, in one game.... :) COD 4 was at it's best with the pacing of the Special Forces missions. (SAS)

    Keep it simple, concentrate on the AI, the fire fights, the feedback etc.

    But hey, no doubt see you next year for Mars Warfare! :P
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's campaign is slick, morbid and a bit dull

  • IkariW 03/11/2016

    @Jynxa Get both! :P But I'm totally with you, Titanfall 2 is all sorts of awesome... criminal it isn't selling better inho. What a game. Epic. Reply +14
  • SNK takes another step back to its glory days

  • IkariW 02/11/2016

    I really love SNK's Beat'em ups dearly.. but a new Ikari Warriors and Prehistoric Isle would be awesome too. ;P Reply +8
  • Titanfall 2 fails to beat Titanfall sales in UK

  • IkariW 01/11/2016

    That is a real shame, as its a really well put together game, really enjoying it so far. Like first comment said, release date possibly didn't do it any favours. Reply +1
  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • IkariW 25/10/2016

    I can hardly bare to be inside a GAME store for more than 5 minutes, let alone paying for it! :/

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  • Gears of War 4 is smarter than it is sensational

  • IkariW 06/10/2016

    You do realise that this isn't a 'review' right its a 'preview', 'pre-review', what ever, but not a review. :) Reply 0
  • New video shows Jon Snow actor in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • IkariW 16/09/2016

    I tell you what, I dont' care what side of the fence you are on regarding COD, and it being in space etc, there is no denying that looks pretty awesome.

    IW/Activision really know how to make a good COD trailer, and make you want their games.

    Nice work I say, regardless of whether I'll buy it or not.
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  • Mother Russia Bleeds review

  • IkariW 06/09/2016

    I'm not sure anything will ever get close to SOR2 and Final Fight for me, they are still awesome to play now!

    The Punisher arcade and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs are close though.
    (Guardian Heroes is awesome too though as mentioned, shout out to Speccy Target Renegade, and Moonstone on the Amiga too, which the graphics here remind me of.)
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  • There's a sneaky Half-Life 3 poster at Gamescom

  • IkariW 16/08/2016

    Not to be pedantic, but that is a 'Sniper Ghost warrior 3' poster, not 'Sniper Elite 3' one, (Which would make it old!) they are two VERY different games... Sniper Elite being a far better series of games imho. :)

    *Now Edited. :)
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  • Video: What does Project Scorpio mean to Xbox One?

  • IkariW 27/06/2016

    What does scorpio mean for xbox one? It means that the xbox one is dead in the water, simple as that.

    As soon as you tell console owners there is a better console on the way, they won't buy an inferior console.. I mean.. that is pretty basic stuff surely?

    They killed their own console at E3, stone dead, interesting move if they wanted to sell more of them? The 'S' would suggest they do.

    Who would buy as xbox one when you know there will be a better machine next year? I mean, you'd be bonkers surely? Just save your money... as it's going to be expensive no doubt!

    They've been spanked this Gen, and I think this is their way of admitting it. Amazing considering the position they were in from last gen. It's like ALL the people who worked on the 360 just upped and left... and a load of pure 'business heads' took their place... sad, and astonishing.

    I'm lucky enough to own a Xbone and a PS4.. but I'm already finding it increasingly hard to find a reason to play on xbone. I basically use it for exclusives, if it's cross format, it's PS4 every time, much like the majority of Xbox 360 games were compared to PS3.

    I don't expect anyone to like my opinion, but hey, it is just that.
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  • Trials of the Blood Dragon review

  • IkariW 21/06/2016

    Funny how ever since Ubi Soft got their hands on Red lynx they've managed to make their games worse. Same has happened with EA and Popcap.....Hmmmmm, Buy cool studio - put stupid demands on cool studio - end up with rubbish output, coincidence? I think not. Reply +7
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan review

  • IkariW 01/06/2016

    Turdle Power....

    Really shame, Platinum, Quality not quantity, please.
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  • Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is Platinum's most disappointing game

  • IkariW 26/05/2016

    Pah, I can forgive Platinum anything, they will bounce back I'm sure of it!
    Some of my best gaming moments ever have been whilst playing their games.
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  • Lumo review

  • IkariW 24/05/2016

    It's like Head over heals and Knight lore had a baby.. :) Reply 0
  • Everything the Assassin's Creed movie trailer tells us

  • IkariW 12/05/2016

    What is it about music with trailers at the moment, its either some crap mix of an old song, that is totally out of context with the subject matter, just to be 'edgy'. OR, its a really s-l-o-w-e-d down version of a popular song with some little girl singing it with plinky plinky piano backing it....

    ...just stop it all please!

    P.s. film looks... yeah.. okay...ish.
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  • Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer

  • IkariW 06/05/2016

    This comment in particular made me chuckle inside:
    "OMFG make a WW1 or WW2 game already not this futuristic bulls**t?" opined TYRANITAR THE DESTROYER.

    I'm pretty sure these 'fans' were saying the complete opposite not too long ago, after World At War, in fact, before World at War, now the circle of life is complete. WW2 comes back around again, some people don't know what they want, and 'Want' is the key here...
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  • Here's the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • IkariW 03/05/2016

    Didn't someone see a 'Modern Warfare Re-mastered Trilogy' appear online a short while ago or something? Then it was removed quickly? Has to be said, that is a pack I would buy, if the MP was unified, so the maps from all three could be played in one game, and Spec-ops too.

    But I'm sensing this pre-order is a way of getting people to pay loads for the 'Infinite' pack of IW, but then they will release all three afterwards? I'm going to wait and see I think.
    Both look good though for sure has to be said.
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  • It looks like this year's COD is named Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • IkariW 27/04/2016

    'Infinity Ward-fare'?..
    .. sorry I'll get my coat.
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  • Gears of War 4 multiplayer changes things up in some cool ways

  • IkariW 14/04/2016

    @ihnm_aims Hey, have to say, I'm a massive Gears fan, and have been since day one, or emergence day, take your pick. But I can't help feeling you are bang on right in what you are saying, I think it's the lighting more than anything, it is currently making everything look flat, no surface detail at all. Map design also looks a little... basic for want of a better word. But hey, still time to turn it around I guess? Reply +3
  • No Man's Sky's cool soundtrack comes out alongside the game

  • IkariW 08/04/2016

    'We we're exploding away' the album that the track 'Debutante' is taken from has to be one of my favourite albums from 65d's, awesome stuff.
    New track sounds great too, can't wait for a whole games worth of it!
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  • Strange, slow and spectacular, No Man's Sky is proper sci-fi

  • IkariW 03/03/2016

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm excited for this every day of the week, can't wait to see what it's finally like, and get my grubby hands on it.
    There is only one thing that is niggling me...

    It's an exploration game, okay, I get that, and I'm cool with it. But surely, if I'm an explorer, and I'm seeking out 'new worlds', I should be able to do pretty much what ever I want without being 'over watched' buy a 'policing' mechanic on every planet?

    Doesn't it kind of destroy any notion that I'm the one discovering the planet?
    If there is a civilisation/intelligence there already, be it mechanical or not, that must mean its already been discovered? No?
    Also, if I wanted to destroy everything on the planet, not that I'm that way inclined, but lets say I wanted to, why shouldn't I be able to? Why should I have a deal with a cheap GTA style 'Wanted level' governing what I can and can't do at the far reaches of the universe?

    You aren't really 'free' in the larger sense then, at all?

    Also, I'm hoping the planets are far more diverse than I've seen so far. They all have land, they all have sea, rocks, crystals, creatures etc. Take Interstellar the film for example, they visit a handful of planets that are totally different to each other. A planet with just 'Sea', a planet with an Ice cloud layer etc... just hoping there is a more extreme diversity.

    You only have to look at our own solar system to see how 'radically' different each planet is both in looks and atmospheric conditions.

    Anyway, besides all that, like I say, still really looking forward to seeing/playing it, and hey, all my worries could well be explained away anyway. :)
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  • A big interview with Chris Sawyer, the creator of RollerCoaster Tycoon

  • IkariW 03/03/2016

    Transport Tycoon, and Roller Coaster 1-2 are great games, RCT2 being one of my favourite pc games of all time.
    To be fair, I would love another RCT that was 2-D on PC just like RCT2, but with HD graphics, and maybe with Multi-player on the same environment... persistent. (A'la OpenTTD) But hey, the originals are awesome all the same. :)
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  • Spintires pulled from Steam after "major bug" makes it unplayable

  • IkariW 03/03/2016

    So, lazy on the part of the publishers by the sounds of it then according to Pavel? Who'd have thought... with their stellar reputation too. Reply +1
  • Probe Software founder Fergus McGovern passes away

  • IkariW 29/02/2016

    @rebeccamartin82 Go and pedal your job spam bullsh!t elsewhere, we're in mourning here ffs.
    Really sorry to hear about Fergus, rest in peace. I was sorry to hear about Probe going at the time too, Savage on the ZX was a personal favourite, one of the games that pushed that little machine to its limits, colour clash frenzy!
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  • The bumpy road of Spintires development

  • IkariW 24/02/2016

    If the UK government has little or no confidence in what Oovee are saying or not-delivering, why the hell should we? Something dodgy is going on, and a talented Dev is caught in the middle, its a damn shame because Spintires is awesome, and has all kinds of possibilities that aren't being realised by it's publishers.

    Could we please have the other side of the story? I want to hear from the people with talent, the devs... not paper shufflers.
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  • DriveClub's latest update is its most radical yet

  • IkariW 17/02/2016

    I'd say they have hit on something here. People are still really fond of PGR. There is something really evocative about supercars speeding through City environments, could be the sensation of speed, or maybe because you can give cities identity a lot easier.

    Personally, I'd say make a sequel, City based, bring Gotham back for a new Generation. Done. :)
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  • IS Defense is the next game from the people who made Hatred

  • IkariW 11/02/2016

    Last week I made $23123121 just by 'Spaffing' into my own face from the comfort of my own home. I couldn't believe my eyes when someone handed me the cheque after just a few hours!
    Please, if you are interested, please click this link:
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  • Dying Light: The Following review

  • IkariW 10/02/2016

    Thought the parent title was one of the most enjoyable Co-op games I've played in a long long time. I'll be picking this up. :) Reply +3