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  • 7 Things You Didn't Know About Wii U

  • Iceman_GB 11/06/2011

    This seems to have bags of potential, but if the past is anything to go on potential rarely equates to a good thing. The Wii had tons of potential before it was released, but ended up with very few games that actually used it to its fullest. Kinect again is filled with potential, but has anyone actually delivered anything to get excited about?

    The controller itself reminds me a great deal of the Dreamcast VMU. Before it came out Sega were showing of loads of great ideas with how it could be used, but i cant recall a single time where i thought to myself that it actually made for a better playing experience.

    I just hope Nintendo aren't swapping waggle for squiggle and actually encourage 3rd party developers to use the thing to its fullest.
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  • Grab a WOW: Cataclysm beta key!

  • Iceman_GB 15/10/2010

    Got mine, thanks eurogamer :) Reply 0
  • Making MMOs Massive

  • Iceman_GB 29/05/2009

    One of the biggest issues with most MMO's from a personal perspective is that so few of them release mac clients. As a mac owner who has no desire to own a pc to play games it leaves me with very little choice. Its the biggest factor in my continued playing of Wow, I would love to have tried Warhammer or Conan, but no mac client means no try for me. Champions online is likely to be the most interesting new MMO for me simply because they are bring it to 360 (which I do own for gaming), so I still don't need to move to a PC to play it. Fingers crossed it doe's actually see release on 360, and plays well too.

    While I don't think releasing mac clients of every MMO will save there bacon in every case, it would certainly give them a bigger audience to entice.
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  • Viva Piñata 2 demo on Live

  • Iceman_GB 03/10/2008

    I was enjoying it , till pester kept running in and wrecking my hard work. After a quick look on the internet revealed that there is no way to keep him out permanently I stopped playing and haven't been on it since. I loved the first game, but it was all about making the perfect garden for my favored pinata. No chance of that having happening with pester running in all the time (and the decoy pinata is ugly as hell, which is just as bad as having pester around). Reply 0
  • No DLC for Viva Piñata

  • Iceman_GB 05/09/2007

    I think the brand stands a far better chance on the DS. It seems strange that everyone says how good it was, and yet there sales figures suggest barely anyone bought it. I loved it, but found the build limit to be frustratingly low. Reply 0
  • Gears of War has 'zero innovation', says EA exec

  • Iceman_GB 10/11/2006

    When EA deciede to stop churning out updates to years old games I might be interested in there views on innovation, but until then they can shove off. Reply 0