• Lucidity

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 09/10/2009

    So I bought this game by mistake, i chose buy game instead of get trial "cheeky micorosoft and the placement of options".

    The best thing about this game is the art style and the atmosphere that is including the music.
    Now gameplay wise the game is really really frustrating, there are no check points whatsoever, you die, you start from the beginning.

    All the stages are designed to be played more than once, as it is impossible to collect all the fairies on your first or even third try.

    I have the xbox version and the controls where meant to be played with a mouse, as you need quick reflexes.

    So my final verdict is that I regretted that I bought by mistake, could have got my arty doze just from the trial. maybe a patch with check points will make the game more playable
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  • Retrospective: Blast Corps

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 27/09/2009

    one of the best games i've played, it was very addictive. A remake will be very welcomed. Reply +3
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 12/03/2009

    Does this game have any online/quarter matches? It does look really nice and promising. Looking forward for this game Reply 0
  • Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers - Music video

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 24/01/2009

    What is this? Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 07/10/2008

    EG is comparing the game to racing games. which in many ways it sounds like one with a lot of things missing, like the option to change the camera view, a third person view is more than welcomed. What about racing against your friends? all racing games have that. I was really looking forward for this game but now it sounds like the game has an identity crises, It's not an action adventure game nor a racing game, and i like both genres but can't imagine having them together Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 04/10/2008


    Man thats exactly what i have been telling to everyone. 2D graphics in HD would be awesome, I really want a nice looking 2D game. The problem with that is animating that stuff, it will take forever. I am a 3D animator and if you want to have total control of your mesh, then 2D shaders is the only way. You can't have true 2D graphics with a none static camera. So you are stuck with just side scrollers, and puzzle games.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • I_AM_THE_DOCTOR 01/06/2008

    WTF is wrong with you people???? who cares what EG gave it? You all know that this is going to be one of the greatest games on the market. Other sites will give it 9s and 10s, and don't tell me that you judge a game by reading just one review???? If Halo 3 was given an 8 or even a 7, people wouldn't care, and will still buy and play it till their thumbs get sore, same thing will happen with this game. you all know it. So stop talking shit about this game because you all know deep down inside that this game will be great and will sell like hot cakes. Reply 0